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Babylon and on RQ

As i had some nice feedback from my assyrian/akkadian/sumerian god blog here is a few more bits.

Last party i ran was in Humarabi Babylon
Earlier i did Akkad
before that it was mythic Sumeria post Gilgamesh

First Dynasty Babylon Start

Lord Mardukbanipal, Champion of Babylon, Landed Warrior, Aged? 47
Townhouse with warehouse and garden on Nisaba Canal
 Farmhouse on river with orchards, barley feild and swine
 500 head cattle with pastoral rights
 300 head sheep with pastoral rights

The Family
Mishangal, 1st wife, Cursed invalid, fevered, posessed, aged 44
-Mushudad, 1st son, Noble and heir of clan, honourable, loves king, aged 28*
-Ibsima, 1st daughter, Married to priestly clan, wise and responsible, aged 26*
-Yesmina, 2nd daughter, Married to Malgelab merchant clan, aged 25
Matnashali, 2nd wife, Loves intrigue, superstitious, vindictive, aged 39
-Shamashbar, 2nd son, Honest, pious, friendly, unimaginative, aged 23*
-Ninsalmis, 3rd daughter, Flirt, daddies favorite, dangerous, aged 22*
-Nergalmar, 3rd son, Violent, vindictive, worldly, rude, charismatic, aged 21
Enlilabdar, Uncle, vetran, loyal caretaker of estates, dwells on riverside estate, aged 47
- married (twice), six children (mmffmf), thinks too many wives are trouble
Sinmat, Aunt, ex-Ishtar acolyte, now household scribe, , aged 44
-adopted 2 daughters, trained as scribes, Ishtar initiates, unwilling for them tgo marry
Marsaddru, Uncle, vetran, dock foreman, treasurer, warehouse master, aged 43
-divorced three times, now married to marshgirl slave with two young daughters
Sidaru, Aunt, widowed, runs sly grog shop and flophouse on the docks,  aged 41
-2 sons in the court of the king who occasionaly visit, prefers clan house to palace life

Concubines and their children (Players are the concubine kids)
Galtarri of Mari, Purchased from merchant father, civilized, weaver, worldly, fatalistic, aged 47
-(Dennis), Student of assasin/sorcery sect, lives on Nergal street, does odd jobs, aged 26*
Yatsama of Ururatu, War booty, barbarian, senior house keeper, pleasant, energetic, aged 40
-(JB), Soldier and Enki Initiate, accompanies 1st son as bodyguard, aged 24*
Karaswan the Gutian, Impulse buy of  mountain maid, primitive, house-slave, savage, aged 39
-(Kieth) Soldier and Marduk Initiate, accompanies Dad  as bodyguard, aged 24*
Kumatswari of Sudan, Valued exotic slave, nomad, diviner, mysterious, spooky, aged 37*
- Ku-Baba (JG) Assistant diviner and Enki initiate, lives in shrine with mother, aged 20*
Dilmanna of the Marshfolk, Purchased from ailing clan, nomad, house-slave, wise, aged 34
-(Dianna) Maiden and student of entertainer/sorcery sect, lives with 3rd daughter, aged 20*

Other Slaves
The clan own more than fifty slaves on its land and has thirty to forty plebeian tenants and contract laboureres. Guests visit frequently, from nobility to traveling sailors and merchants. The professional soldiers of the family  are absent 75% of the year. When present they enjoy the wild life and help with sewing and irrigation projects. The family head plans to retire next year........

RQ3 Pantheon Description
Not 100% finished but enough for players needs

The Gods of Babylon - The Children of Anu

Preserve Our City! : What the Priest King Says

Where did the world come from?
Tiamat and the Apsu came from primal chaos. They were the primal waters who bore the spirits of heaven and earth, then finally Anu. Anu fathered the gods, spirits and demons which populate the cosmos. When Apsu complained of their descendants noise, his minister and son Mummu encouraged him to slay the gods.  Tiamat objected but Enki made Apsu and Mummu sleep with a spell. He slew Apsu, took his power and captured Mummu the guardian of cosmic law. Tiamat grew enraged and spawned an army of monsters to kill the wayward gods. Anu asked Enki to repeat his magical feat but he could not. The gods sent Anu to speak with Tiamat but he grew afraid on his journey and turned back. Tiamat birthed Kingu to be her new consort and lead her armies. She pinned the tablets of law to his breast as armour andto  signify his authority to the rebel Gods.

Murduk son of Enki, agreed to face Tiamat and her armies if the gods would make him king forever. The drunken and terrified gods agreed and he went to battle. Tiamat and Murduk met with their armies who were demoralized at the sight of the two mighty champions. Murduk cast his winds into her open mouth, swelling up her body. His arrow then pierced her belly, bursting her open and running through her heart. He then created the world from the sundered body of the Dragon and finished her armies.

Where did we come from?
At the sugestion of Enki to his son, Murduk created mankind to labour for the Gods after the earth gods revolt. These spirits could no longer bear the toil and had revolted against the Gods and burned their tools. The villainous Kingu, the captured son and consort of Tiamat who led her armies and bore the tablets of destiny, was tried and executed by Murduk. Aruru combined his blood with clay and created humanity to serve the gods by sacrifice and worship. Enki priests say Enki made men with clay in moulds.

Why do we die?

Many things kill us. Disease, starvation, poison, war, flood, storms, beasts, earthquakes, blight and more. Enlil grew mad at the noises made by humanity and sent many forms of destruction to make us less. While other Gods like Ishtar protested, only sly Enki saved us from the great flood Enlil sent to wipe out humanity. Enlil punishes us for sin with his disasters and many demons. These keep our numbers down and prevent us from overpeopling the world.

Many illnesses and weaknesses were made when Enki bet Ninhursag he could make defective humans without function such as a senile crippled idiot.

Adapa was a mighty mortal who was called by Anu to heaven to explain why he had broken the wings of the south wind. His patron Enki advised him not to accept food or drink from the gods, only body oil and clothes. He did so and thus humanity was denied the food and drink of eternal life. Thus Enki maintained the status quo of humanities subservience to the gods.

What happens after we die?
As Gilgamesh and Adapa discovered, the gods keep eternal life to themselves and so when we die we go to Arallu the underworld. There rule Nergal and Ereshkigal, defended by seven walls with seven gates. Those who dwell there live in eternal gloom an dispair. It is the house of dust and darkness, the land of no return, the hollow mountain where the subteranean waters of the Apsu flows.

Why am I here?
You are here to labour for the Gods, providing them with food and wealth. Life is a constant struggle against death and evil. you should try to prosper despite the hardships the Gods send against us. Enjoy the company of your friends, family and children and lovers while you still live. If you act well and please the Gods you shall surely grow rich and powerful. By honouring your ancestors with sacrifice, you make their afterlife more tolerable. Your own children must do the same for you.

How do I do magic?
If you obay the gods well and show aptitude you may be granted power from the gods. As a priest of Marduk, I command many terrible powers and secrets. Obay me and I may teach you how to make the correct sacrifices and gain your own magic. Divinations, blessings, exorcisms and curses to smite your foes can be made available to the righteous initiate.

What about other powers I have heard of?

Shamen are folk magicians who deal with minor spirits. While they can be useful and even serve the gods, they do not command the power of temples and cities, thus they are poor and are not as mighty as priests. Some work as exorcist priests in temples.

Sorcerers are wicked people whose magic is used to curse and cripple others. Sometimes they may find favour to a lord or a temple but mostly they should be killed or reported to your temple.

...Other Gods?
Many barbarians and foreign peoples know other gods but as we are the oldest people in the world they are obviously mistaken as to how powerful and significant they are. They may still have some powers however.

Dragons are the spawn of Tiamat and served in her armies. Their are many dragons, some which even threaten or serve the gods. Enlil has sent Dragons to smite mankind. Babylons coat of arms is the scorpion dragon of Marduk.

Demons abound everywhere and cause every nuisance and problem imaginable. They are however inferior to the Gods. They are the offspring of Anu and Enlil rules many of them.  They are the bitter venom of the gods. Many demons punish the wicked for the gods but others are independant.

Our forebears in the underworld may be contacted in dreams and may even aid us. Sometimes they act as intermediaries between us and the Gods. Every household has a shrine to the ancestors so we can thank them.

If ancestors they are not honoured with burial, sacrifices, food and prayers they become angry and hungry, returning to the world to wreak vengeance. Ruins and forgotten graves often have ghosts attached to them.

They are powerful and benevolent beings such as shedu and lamussu, annunaki, cherrabim and seraphim, helping the worthy and punishing the wicked. They act as messengers and servants for the Gods. Many natural holy places have their own local genii like oasis and rocks. They make up the bulk of minor gods.

...Other Spirits?
Many other spirits exist such as the the spirits of heaven, the earth or underworld. Many bad spirits can possess people who defile themselves and a priest must be called in to exorcize the entity.

Gods of The Pantheon
Name Status Dominion 
Adad Major God Lower Heavens, Storm, Divination, War 
Anu Greater God Upper Heavens, Sky, Rulership, Father of Gods  Enki Greater God Waters, Wisdom, Life, Fertility, Civilization   Enkindu Minor God Wilderness, Beasts, Hunt 
Enlil Greater God Middle Heavens, Force, Authority, Air, Mists  Ereshkigal Major Goddess Underworld, Death, 
Geshtinana Major Goddess Wine, Poetry, Underworld Scribe, Dreams  Gilgamesh Minor God Heroes, Kingship, Ancestors, Wrestling   Gizzida Major God Prophecy, Trees, Healer, Wisdom, Underworld  Gula Major Goddess Night, Healing, Dogs, Harvest, Abundance  Ishtar Greater Goddess Sexual Love, War, Power, Heaven, Luck  Marduk Greater God Rulership, War, Farming, Storm, Sun, Magic  Nabu Major God Magic, Wisdom, Fate, Scribe, Messenger 
Nergal Major God War, Death, Underworld, Hunt, Pestilence  Ninhursag Greater Goddess Earth, Mother of Gods, Nature, Life 
Ninurta Major God War, Hunt, Farming, Heroes, Destruction  Nisaba Major Goddess Scribe, Vegetation, Canals, Reeds, Craft  Nusku Major God Fire, Purity, Craft, War, Guardian, Hearth  Shamash Major God Sun, Justice, Law, Truth, Order, Light  Sin Major God Moon, Trade, Dreams, Judgement, Night 
Tammuz Major God Vegetation, Fertility, Herds, Underworld 

Other Gods and heroes of The Pantheon

Pazzuzu - actually healing demon for exorcising evil demons
Adapa A mighty mortal and one of the seven sages before the flood who broke the wind, and lost from Anu eternal life because of his sly master Enki’s advice. Author of works of sorcery and astrology, patron of incantations and ceramonies.
Atrahasis super human sage who survived the flood
Apsu Primal sweet waters. Consort of Tiamat slain by crafty Enki to stop him plotting against the gods.
Alalu the eagle
Anzu bird man, dragon, storm beast, usurper,
humbaba merciless demon,
anunnaki spirits of heavens who relay prayers to the gods, built babylon for murduk, emphasize prevailing mood of the gods, hungry and burdoned until man created
anshar patron of assyria
seven sages
seven judges
seven fates
seven demons
seven cruel gods
seven gods
Asag defeated by ningirsu, turned to stone
Alu wicked ghost
Nammu goddess of primal sea, mother of enki
Damkina was Enki’s consort and mother of their child Murduk,
Igigi spirits of the earth who act as patrons of various crafts, each offering Precision (Skill
Hanbi King of Evil Wind Demons
Haia god of stores
kulla brick god
labbu dragon of enlil to kill humanity, killed with seal of life
Lilith Mother of Demons,  seducer of men, mother of demons
Mummu Cosmic Order, Law of Universe, Messenger of Apsu, creative word personified,
Namtaru Demon of Destiny, messenger of the underworld, death, disease
Ninsun sun goddess, anihilating lady
Pazuzu Wind and Plague Demon
Raibisu Demon, The Croucher, Lurker in doorways, spy
guddana bull of heaven, destroyer, brings drought, pulls plow star, brings good or evil
Kulla brick god
Kingu leader of dragons,
ishum messenger of nergal, always advocates mercy
ninbubu patron of sailors
nindubara patron of ship builders

Major God of War  and Tempest, The Storm Bull
Adad is the lord of violence, war, lightning and thunder. As the storm bull, he is a destroyer of monsters and a defender of the stead. He herds the black clouds and makes them rain which can fertilize the earth or destroy the wicked. He breaks the weapons of the enamy and persues them like an evil demon. He is the son of Enlil and lord of the lower air. He often at the command of his father a bringer of destructive storms to punish sinners and the wicked. He is a favorite god of divination and omens, particularly for weather. He wields the  thunderbolt in his right hand and the hammer in his right. His beast is the bull, his favored city is Habab and his number is 6. He is very popular and is sometimes the local Baal or lord of the land. In Canaan he is Hadad. In Egyptian Canaan he is Rimmon. To the Hurrians he is Teshub. The older and less popular rain god Iskur of Akkad and Sumer may also be the same.

Worshippers: Farmers, Herders, Warriors, Mercenaries, Barbarians, Diviners
Skills: Jump, Primary Weapon Attack, Primary Missile Attack, World Lore
Duties: Destroying enamies, Protecting home, Tending the feilds and herds.
Divine Magic: Berserk, Cloud Call/Clear, Command (Bull, Knowledge Spirit, Law Spirit, Sylph) Increase/Decrease Wind, Lightning, Rain, Thunderbolt, Warp Wind
Spirit Magic: Cast Fates, Disruption, Fanatacism, Jumping, Speedart, Strength
Associated Cults: Anu his grandfather (Wind Words); Enlil his father (Fly); Shula his wife,a weather goddess (Predict Weather); The Bull of Heaven (Become Bull).

Greater God of  Order, Heavens and Rulership, The Father of the Gods
Anu the Brilliant God is Lord of  the upper air, who dwells behind the sky and rules the universe. He is the first God, a bringer of order who invented political institutions such as royalty and Kingship. He carried the Tablets of  Destiny and the Food and Water of Life. With these he decrees the fate of all things and allots life and death. His word becomes reality. He wears the horned crown of kings, his symbol as is the crown of a date palm. He wields the sceptre or the shepherds staff. The bright one brings judgement, he knows all and makes justice. The dome of the sky is his domain and the stars are his army. He is the Pole star of the equator and his shooting stars are his supreme weapon. He commands manny minor gods, spirits, djinn and demons who are his children.

Usually he is distant and defers his powers to other gods, but he always appears first on any list of gods. He sometimes is called to judge a dispute between gods. The executor of his divine will is Enlil his son but his supreme power he gave to Murduk for defeating Tiamat. Anu laughed at human folly when Adapa the super sage mistakenly refused the food and water of eternal life. In Uruk his favorite city he is second to his consort Ishtar. Here she is known as Eanna and is the shining ones wife, the queen of heaven. In Sumer he is just An with Ki as his consort. His sacred number is 60.

Worshippers: Kings, rulers, law speakers, elders, shepherds, officials, warriors, judges, generals, sages
Skills: Orate, Speak Own Language, Evaluate, Human Lore
Duties: Leading, officiating, hunting and punishing the wicked, judging, herding cattle and commoners
Divine Magic:  Bless Worshipers, Call Followers, Charisma, Command (Bull, Demon, Human, Sylph, Spirit of Law, Various Spirits), Detect Truth, Morale, Sheild, Shooting Star, Sunbright, True (Mace or Staff), Vision, Wind Words
Spirit Magic: Cast Fate, Detect (Enamy, Magic, Species or Substance), Disrupt, Farsee, Glamour, Heal, Light, Lightwall, Mindspeech, Protection, Second Sight, Shimmer
Associated Cults: Antu his consort (Magnify Command); The Bull of heaven (Become Bull); Ishtar in her form as his consort Eanna the queen of heaven (Reproduce); Tammuz & Gizzida his gatekeepers (Bear Fruit & Knowledge); Ki the ancient Earth Goddess and a form of Ninhursag (Ressurect); Enki his son (Exorcism); Enlil his son (Fly); Adad a grandson (Cloud Call/Clear); Murduk a Grandson  (Thunderbolt); Ereshkigal once a consort who bore many demons and rules the underworld (Spirit Sever); and their daughter the goddess Nungal, who imprisons the wicked (Wound)

Greater God of Water, Widom and Life, Bringer of Culture
Enki is the power of fertilizing and creative wisdom which comes from water. He is a master of cunning, and technical skill. He is a counciler and helper of humankind and the gods. He is the father of civilization and culture. Enki defends life and is both a healer, a purifier and an exorcist. He is lord of the deep and the subteranean waters of the abyss. He is the bolt which bars the sea and controls it’s many spirits and monsters, as well as being the father of fish. He fertilizes the earth with his power and fathered the first plants. He knows everything and is a master of deception and magic although he always denies it. His sly mechanations help those in need, wether man or god. Water bodies in all forms are his gift, springs and rivers are his children.

He made Apsu and Mummu sleep, then slew Apsu and enslaved Mummu. He took their power and took Apsu’s house of water for himself. He fathered Murduk who defeated Tiamat in the god war which followed. His mother recomended the creation of mankind to allieviate the work of the proletariate gods the Igigi who had revolted. He made them on a potters wheel with clay from the body of Ninhursag who helped him. Later he used simply moulds. When he and Ninhursag were drunk he bet her could find uses for the defective ones she made in the moulds, which he did. When it was her turn Enki made an old and senile person which she could find no use for and in anger she cursed his intelectual arrogance and slew him. By denying him her eye of life, Ninhursag banished him to the abyssal waters beneath the Earth.

Later on the island paradise of Dilman he seduced Ninhursag when she was his brother Enlil’s consort. They fathered generations of plants goddesses who Enki also mated with. When Enki assigned the last generations magic powers and then ate them, Ninhursag cursed him with afflictions and sundered his body. Later she bore eight healing plant s to heal his eight afflictions as the world needed him.

Enki sent his the seven fish men sages the apkallu who taught all the arts of civilization to human kind including philosophy, science, astrology, irrigation, medicine, engineering, building, sailing, metalurgy, writing, geometry, fire, weapons, pottery and every other feild of knowledge and abstract concept. Nothing new has been found since the carp men came to Eridu. These secrets were called the Me, and Ishtar saught them for her city. She got him drunk, stole the me and fled. They spread like fire throughout the world. Despite this Enki battled the underworld to save Ishtar when she was trapped there. Eventualy he freed her by creating sexless beings to distract the underworld queen with flattery and give Ishtar the Bread and Water of life.

When his favorite sage Adapu angered Anu by breaking the south winds wing with a spell, Enki advised him on how to respond to his summons to heaven. Adapu as advised passed the guardians Tammuz and Gizzida with flattery but refused Anu’s offer of the Food and Water of life. Thus humans lost all hope of immortality and Enki maintained the status quo of human servitude. Enki gave peoples their trades and spread the worlds resources through many lands.

When Enlil grew mad at the noisy humans he ordered their destruction by war, plague and other colamities. When he sent a final flood Enki defied him and warned Atraharsis who built the ark and saved man and beast kind. He has helped many gods in trouble and uses subtleness instead of force like his brother enlil. He hid Nergal (unsuccesfuly?) from the minions of the underworld. He advised Ningirsu on how to defeat Anzu. He has helped many with his advice, magic and the Bread and Water of Life.

His symbols include the tortise, a ram headed staff, fish man robes, a ship, vessel overflowing with water and the goat fish. He rules the astrological constelations pices and capricorn, his sacred number is 40. In Akkad he is often called just Ea. Dagon of Canaan may be a form of his.

Worshippers: Farmers, scholars, magicians, healers, exorcists, crafters, city folk, water carriers, scribes
Skills: Fast Talk, First Aid, Swim, World Lore
Duties: Help, heal, protect, advise, craft, irrigate, make wells, use cunning, write, teach, avoid violence
Divine Magic: Bless Water, Breathe Air/Water, Clever Toungue, Command (Fish, Turtle, or other specific water Animal, Bull, Gazzelle, Goat, Intellect Spirit, Healing Spirit, Power Spirit, Ram, Snake, Undine), Exorcism, Knowledge, Mind Blast, Precision (Skill) , Irrigation, Sapience, Sea Strength, Water Walking
Spirit Magic: Beffudle, Comprehension, Coordination, Glamour, Heal, Invisibility, Mindspeech, Mobility, River Eyes, Second Sight,  Sleep, Spirit Screen
Associated Cults: Damkina his wife (Float); Ninsurhag his Lover (Resurection); His sons the Euphrates and Tigris rivers (Truespeak and Drown respectivly); Nanshe his daughter the goddess of canals, springs, irrigation and purity (Purification); Nisaba goddess of scribes and vegetation (Plant Spy), Ninsar his daughter goddess of legumes (Bear Fruit); Ninkur lady of fiberous plants (Accelerate Growth); Uttu spider goddess of weaving (Web); Ninkasi goddess of beer (Bless Brew); Abu father of pastures (Sprout); Nammu his mother the sea goddess (Whirlpool); Murduk his son (Thunderbolt); Ningirsu (Strike); Nergal (Conceal); Anu (Vision); Enlil (Magnify Command); Nebo his grandson (Translate); Tammuz & Gizzida the gatekeepers (Invigorate & Healing Trance); Mummu (Lie); Ishtar (Reproduce), Shamash (Detect Lie), Sin (Reconstruction), Various beast cults, water bodies, craft patrons, plants species and many others.

Hero of the Steppes, The Wild Man
Enkindu is a friend of beasts who was mad by the gods to challenge Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh sent a priestess of Ishtar to civilize him but this seperated him from his animal friends. He joined Gilgamesh on his adventures until the gods slew him to punish the arrogance of his friend. He was one of the first dead to receive worship when he died and his cult are on good terms with his companion Gilgamesh the judge of the dead.
Worshippers: Nomads, Primatives, Hunters, Friends, Herders, Mourners, Ancestor Worshipers, Heroes
Skills: Weapon Attack, Dodge, Scan, Track
Duties: Help or hinder hunters and herders, grow to manhoodand, gain education, kill monsters, help friends, learn from the dead
Divine Magic: Berserk, Draw Beast, Replenish Game, Speak to Animal
Spirit Magic: Call (Beast), Peaceful Cut, Strength, Vigor
Associated Cults: Gilgamesh (True Axe or Maul), Ninhursag (Earth Power), Shamash (Sheild)

Greater God of the Air, Authority, Force, Executer of Divine Will, Tempest, war, Lord of the mists, Demon, Hurricanes, Deluge, Nature, Fate, Wisdom, King of the Earth, Disaster, Lord of the World, Lord of the Mountain. Dispencer of Good and Evil. His Wife is ninlil, lady air  She provides him with Bless Crops, Command (Snake, Swine), and Regrow limb. Enlil commands the proletarian gods the Igigi who act as patrons of various crafts, each offering Precision (Skill). Other cult spirits include Sylphs, Gnomes, and Undines which dispence help or harm. He even rules disease spirits which he may drive away or inflict on his enamies. His City is Nippur.
Skills: Orate, Speak Own Language, Evaluate, Human Lore.
Divine Magic: Blast Earth, Cloud Call/Clear, Command (Bull, Disease Spirit, Gnome, Sylph, Demon, Devil, Undine), Earthtouch, Increase/Decrease Wind, Magnify Command, Oath, Rain, Shake Earth, Sheild, True Axe, Warp Wind
Spirit Magic: Coordination, Detect Enamy, Glamour, Demoralize, Fanatacism, Heal, Ironhand, Mindspeech, Protection, Repair, Strength, Vigor

Major Goddess of the Underworld, dead, wife of nergal, eye of death, negative of ishtar, carried on throne by 7 vampires
Skills: Conceal, Hide, Listen, Sneak
Divine Magic: Absorbtion, Blast Earth, Command (demon, ghost, ghoul, hyena, jakal, shade), Fear,
Spirit Magic: Darkwall, Second Sight, Demoralize, Silence

poetess, singer, interpreter of dreams, herding, healing, wine, scribe of underworld, she who weeps, mourning, lagash

Hero, Slayer of Monsters, Patron of Victory, Intermediary with the gods, Protector From Death, Discoverer of the Underworld, Judge of the Underworld, Founder of Ancestor Worship, Great King, Tyrant, 2/3 God, Seeker of Immortality,
Skills: Weapon Attack, Human Lore, Orate, Parry
Divine Magic: Berserk, Contact Dead, ,
Spirit Magic: Fanaticism, Protection, Strength, Vigor

Fertility, harvest, knowledge, Father of Tammuz, guardian of heaven, snake, tree, healing, underworld form of tammuz, underworld wisdom, tree god, hydra, lord of the good tree, draws sustenance from the earth, dwells in a dark pallace, pure prince, long haired, lagash pantheon, horned serpent, official in the underworld
Divine Magic:
Spirit Magic:

Major Goddess of Healing, Evening, Harvest, Abundance, Giver of Strength, Sickness, Great Daughter of Anu, Great Mother of Mankind, Wife of Ningursu, Mother of Lagash. Her Husband provides her with Replenish Game, And Her Dog companion provides Release Dog. Queen of Incantations.
Skills: Animal Lore, First Aid, Plant Law, Refine Medacine or Treat Disease or Treat Poison
Divine Magic: Bless Crops, Comfort Song, Command (Crop Plant Spirit, Disease Spirit, Dog, Healing Spirit), Heal Body, Invigorate, Regrow Limb, Restore Health (All),
Spirit Magic: Beffuddle, Detect (Disease Spirit, Dog), Endurance, False Healing, Heal, Second Sight, Solace, Vigor

Major Goddess of Love and War, The Queen of Heaven
Ishtar is the Daughter of the moon. She is mistress of fate and luck. Ishtar’s star venus rises before her brother Shamash the sun each morning in her more aggresive and martial form. Each night she cools down and is a goddess of sexual love and patron of harlots. She brings joy to all with her honeyed lips and bright eyes. Her local husbands vary from place to place, Tammuz is her favorite, but Ashur is most common in Assyria. Priestess orders consist of virgins, married semi retired senior priestesses or courtesans. Temples also employ Eunuchs which she invented to terrorfy her enamies. She stole the secrrets of culture from Enki making herself Mistress of the Me. She assaulted the underworld. She fueded with Gilgamesh after he called her a fickle lover and in her rage made Anu send down the Bull of Heaven. She wailed when Enlil brought the flood and other disasters. Enki once made an enamy for her the goddess of strife Saltu, who was even worse than Ishtar at her worst to teach her to restrain her battle love. Once she grew the Hatuppu tree to make a bed from but it became infested with a serpent in the roots, Lilith made her home in the boughs and anzu perched in the crown. Gilgamesh drove them away then cut the tree down for wood. She is a patron of Uruk, her symbols are the star venus, the Lion, the Dove, the Eagle, and a special banner.
Worshippers: Farmers, Warriors, Harlots, Hunters, Merchants, Crafters, Mercenaries, Lovers, Virgins, Poets
Skills: Any Weapon Attack, Craft (Ritual, Carnal or Courtesan sex), Fast Talk, Sing
Duties: Wailing and singing, sex rituals, poetry, warfare, blessing animals, crops and worshipers.
Divine Magic: Charisma, Command (Ass, Demon, Disease Spirit, Dove, Eagle, Ghost, Lion, Snake, Salamander), Erotocomatose Lucidity, Heal Body, Reproduce, Sheild, Shooting Star, True (Weapon)
Spirit Magic: Coordination, Demoralize, Fanatacism, Fire Arrow, Fireblade, Glamour, Healing, Strength
Associated Cults: Tammuz, Anu, Enki, Shamash, Sin, Ninhursag,

God of Babylon,ruler, magic, wisdom,  war, war, thunder, lord of the universe, demonslayer, Has four dogs Akkula, Ukkumu, Iksuda and Iltehu (Eater, Seizer, Grasper or Holder), Jupiter, spade
Worshippers: Rulers, Spies, Usurpers, Magicians, Farmers, Judges, Soldiers, Scribes, Hunters, Crafters
Skills: Weapon Attack, Human Lore, Orate, Speak Akkadian
Duties: Digging Canals. Uprooting Chaos, Slaying Monsters, Ruling,, Empire Building, Spreading Law
Divine Magic: Thunderbolt, Flame Breathe, Sheild, Bless Crops, Flame Spear, Sureshot, Extra Eyes. Extra Ears, Charisma, Shake Earth, Command  (Dragon, Elemental, Lion, Bull, Eagle, Dog, Intelect Spirit, Power Spirit), Warp Wind
Spirit Magic: Flame Blade, Flame Arrow, Multimissile, Entangle, Glamour, Disrupt, Demoralize, Light, Farsee, Healing, Second Sight, Strength
Associated Cults:  Enki his father (Irrigation), Nabu his son (Translate), Anu (Vision), Enlil (Magnify Command), Ninhursag (Heal Body), Ishtar (Shooting Star), Sin (Trade Spell), Shamash (Oath), his wife (Bless Crops), Ninurta (Tillage), Tammuz (Bear Fuit), Nusku (Accelerate Growth), Nergal (Strike), Ereshkigal (Command Dead), Girra (Bless Torch), Adad (Rain),

Scribe, magic, mercury, carries tablets  of fate, messenger, wisdom, books, knowledge
Skills: Fast Talk, Human Lore, Read/Write Summerian, World Lore
Divine Magic:
Spirit Magic:

God of Destruction, Hunt, War, Gloom, Disease, Death, Pestilence, Sterility, King of the Underworld, Usurper, Lies, Terrible and Murderous Sun, rage, Fire, Mars, Winged Lion, destroyer of mankind, ruler of the house of the dead, lord of the grave, summers heat, winters cold, judge of the dead, anarchy, rebellion,

Worshippers: Farmers, Herders, Hunters, Warriors, Leaders, Assasins, Theives, Undertakers, traitors
Skills: Orate, Weapon Attack, Conceal, Sleght
Divine Magic: Spirit Sever, Conceal, Strike, Morale, Beserk, Charisma, Command (Ghoast, Corpse, Disease Spirit, Madness Spirit, Passion Spirit, Command Salamander),
Spirit Magic: Fanatacism, Firblade, Fire Arrow, Second Sight, Wall of Darkness, Countermagic, Strength. glamour
Associated Cults: ishum is his messsenger/counciller who recomends mercy and peace and cleans up nergals harm

scribe, reeds, vegetation, corn, craft, numbers, sister of of ningirsu, holds lapis lazuli tablet, recorder of enlil, motherhood, married to and overtaken by nabu
Divine Magic:
Spirit Magic:

Major God of the Hunt and Agriculture, Smiter of Monsters
Ninurta the son of Enlil and Ninhursag, a popular god who has battled many monsters and beasts including the six headed ram of Elam, various dragons, Asag and his mineral kin, and the bull man of the sea. He helps the crops and domesticated animals with his fertalizing power and mastery over beasts. He built the mountains for his mothers home. When he warred with the rebel minerals he gave them purpose according to if they helped or hindered him. When Anzu stole Enlils Tablets, only Ninurta was brave enough to fight him with Enki’s help. After he slew Anzu he was purified and given many new names. He reveals the sly machinations of Enki to his father and weilds the flood weapon in his name. He defeated Imdugug the lion bird and used him to draw his chariot and even assumes his form in battle. At times his battles and boasting disturb his fathers rest which thankfuly has not resulted in conflict.He usurped the power of many of the beings he conquered. His many weapons provide him terrible powers. His symbols include the star Saturn, the constellation Orion, and an eagle or panther headed club, double headed lion, six headed ram, various sacred stones, and most importantly the lion headed eagle Imdugug. This was the emblem of his favorite city Lagash. His many names vary from place to place such as Ninurta in Akkad, Duku in Sumeria, Hurabtil in Elam, Shushinak  in Susa, Zababa in Kish, Tishpak of Uruk often he is the local Baal.

Worshippers: Hunters, Warriors, Farmers, Herders, Monster Killers
Skills: Animal Lore, Bow Attack or Melee Weapon Attack, Listen, Track
Duties: Hunt the wicked, Slay enamies and monsters, provide food, maintain order, expose deceptions, hunt
Divine Magic: Command (Lion, Eagle, Ram, Panther, Swine, Imdugug, Various Beasts), Draw Beast, Fly, Identify Scent, Replenish Game, Strike, Sure Shot, Tillage
Spirit Magic: Detect (Species, Mineral or Enamies),  Fanatacism, Farsee, Firearrow, Healing, Speedart, Strength
Associated Cults: Enlil his Father (Thunderbolt); Ninhursag his mother (Earth Might); Bau his wife (Heal Body); Enki (Water Walking); Nanshe (Purification); Local subcults are common including beast cults and monster cults of the species he has conquered, as well as many spirits of stones; Imdugug (Become Imdugug); Sharur the mace (Carry Message); Various Weapons (True Weapons spells and others); The Flood Weapon (Command Undine); The Seven of Battle (Command Sylph)

Great Earth Goddess Ninkhursag  the Great Lady and Mother of the Gods whose sacred milk nourishes kings, lady of the mountain, queen of the land, mother of vegetation, children with enki and enlil, many goddesses are her forms.creatrix, generative process, mourns the capture of wild beasts,

Skills: Climb, Animal Lore, Mineral Lore, Plant Lore
Divine Magic: Absorbtion, Accelerate Growth, Bless Crops, Bless Grave, Command (Plant Spirits, Snake, Bear, Cattle, Swine, Dog), Earth Might, Earth Power, Heal Body, Regrow Limb, Restore Health
Spirit Magic: Detect Enamies, Detect (Specific Plant or Animal Species), Endurance, Foodsong, Healing, Ironhand, Peaceful Cut, Second Sight, Spirit Screen,  Strength, Shimmer, Vigor

goddess of imprisonment, detention, rope, underworld, magic, persues the wicked, daughter of Anu and ereshkigal

fire, hearth,  sacrifice, hearth, lamp, destoyer of magic, slayer of sorcerors, burner of witches, torch, anger, messenger of enlil, arson, champion of the gods, purity, truth and reichiesness (2 sons kittu and Meshura), a feast celebrates his victory over a witch of elam who caused infertility and famine

Skills: Weapon Attack, Fast Talk, Devise, Sleight
Divine Magic: Bless Hearth, Fire Spear, Enhance/Diminish Flame, Teleport,
Spirit Magic: Disruption, Fireblade, Glamour, Healing, Heat Metal,  Ignite, Mindspeech, Shimmer

Major Sun God, Law, Light, Truth, Justice, blaze, lord who sees all, hates the wicked, hunter of evil, measurer of life, the suplicants god, day-light, heat, Lord of Swine, Shinning One, Bright God, helper, warrior
Skills: Evaluate, Human Lore, Search, Scan
Divine Magic: Detect Truth, Comand (Eagle, Hawk, Lion, Snake, Horse, Ass, Donkey, Swine), Oath, Sheild, Sunspear,
Spirit Magic: Glamour, Detect Enamy,  Disrupt, Farsee,

Major God of The Moon and Mystery, Lord of the Night
Sin was born to Enlil and Ninlil in the underworld and his parents bore other children there so he could leave. He sails the night sky in his moon barge watching the world below. The crecant moon is his weapon which he fights the seven evil gods who seek to eclipse him. As enamy of evil doers who act by night, he is the victim of many of their plots. His light is cool and moist, bringing life and fertility. His silver crecent horns make him lord of cattle. He makes cattle fertile and he makes the pastures rich. He rides at times a winged bull. He is mysterious and very wise, advising the other gods on all matters with his deep knowledge. His predictions are binding and his temples are oracles. He was ordained by Murduk as the monthly time keeper. He helps merchants ships and caravans by protecting them from evil, aiding navigation and his mastery over time. He courted Ningal who became a moon goddess and bore him many children including Ishtar, Shammash and Nusku. He bribed Enlil to spare Ur from the flood while his wife wailed. He irrigates the island paradise of Dilman. He refused to aid Ishtar when she was trapped in the underworld. He sends dreams to mortals through his servent Zaquar. His lapis lazuli bearded  is long, he holds an axe, a sceptre and a staff. Sometimes he wears a turban or a crecent crown or a round diadem. His sacred number is 30. In Sumeria he is Known as Nanna and his holy cities are Ur and Haran.

Worshippers: Kings, herders, farmers, sages, judges, guardians, sailors, merchants, soldiers, watchmen
Skills: Axe or Staff Attack, Any one Lore, Orate, Scan
Duties: Advising, Navigating, Trading, Protecting folk from evil, Record Times, Predictions, Council
Divine Magic: Create Market, Mindblast, Reconstruction, Sheild of Darkness, Shooting Star, Star Ward, Trade Spell, True Axe or Staff,
Spirit Magic: Cast Fate, Detect (Enamies, Magic, Direction, Cattle), Disrupt, Healing, Lantern, Second Sight, Spirit Block, Strength
Associated Cults: Anu (Vision), Enlil (Fly), Ninlil (Bless Crops), Enki (Irrigate), Ningal (Madness), Shamash (Detect Lie), Ishtar (Reproduce), Nusku (Bless Torch), Tammuz (Bear Fruit), Zaquar (Carry Dream)

Major God of Vegetation and Life,  The Dying God
Tammuz is the creative power of spring. He was a sheperd who became a great king before the flood. He became the lover of Ishtar, after overcoming oposition and help from shamash. He seduced her and advised her on how to lie to her mother. She later abandoned him, nominating him to take her place in the underworld when she was stranded their after a misadventure, because he had not shown enough remorse. He refused to die and wandered in dispair. With the aid of his sister and shamash he evaded them until he was captured by demons, tortured and killed. He was eventualy allowed to return from the underworld for part of the year by echanging himself for his sister. Each year he is reborn anew and wild celebrations abound for the return of life. In this form he is celebrated as the spring sun, a god of youth, joy, freedom and pleasure. When he returns to the underworld all mourn for him. He takes  disease and affliction back to the underworld. He watches the gates of heaven with his father Gizzida. Cult rituals include lamentations, lengthly burial rites, combat, wandering wich lasts up to half the year. He is also Known as Dumazi in Akkad and Adonis in Canaan.

Worshippers: Farmers, Herders, Lovers, Dancers, Kings, Hedonists
Skills: Sicle or Shortaword Attack, Plant Lore, Orate, Sword Attack
Duties: Spread agriculture and animal husbandry, nurture the community, celebrate spring, mourn its loss
Divine Magic: Accelerate Growth, Bear Fruit, Charisma, Command (Cockrel, Boar, Goat, Gazelle, Ox, Ram, Snake and Plant Spirits), Invigorate, Madness, Slash, Sprout
Spirit Magic: Beffudle, Bladesharp, Endurance, Foodsong, Glamour, Heal, Vigor
Associated Cults: Ishtar his lover (Reproduce), Various animal cults available localy (Become Cockrel, Boar, Goat, Ox, Ram, Snake or Plant Species), Gizzida his Father (Heal Body), Ninhursag the source of Life (Ressurection), His sister Geshtinanna (Clever Tongue), His brother in law and helper Shamash (Sunripen)


Major Goddess, Earth, Fertility, Nature, Creation, Cattle, Motherhood, Brewing, Joy, Music, Childbirth, The Womb, Mother of Mankind and Beasts, Creater of Gilgamesh and Enkindu, Mother of Sumer, Sister of Enlil,
Skills: Animal Lore, Craft (Brew, Cook, Clay, Midwife, Weave), Human Lore, World Lore
Divine Magic: Bless Beast, Command (Cattle, Various other Animals, Gnome), Comunity, Couvade, Earth Power, Induce Offspring, Shape Earth
Spirit Magic: Detect (Species), Heal, Ignite, Glue, Repair, Sleep, Solace, Vigor,

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Science and Sorcery in DnD

Went into game shop. Saw new eclipse phase book then found a whole section of OSD and Indy DnD - nabbed Carcosa. Saw Vornhiem and it looked good - alas i had already got book of mars attack cards inducing all the new ones. So i went for being careful with xmas and everypayroll officer getting holidays when i want to be paid.

Carcosa is basically if HP Lovecraft wrote john carter. Its simple, bonkers and a labour of love. I laughed out loud rather than was shocked - reminded my of 1st edition Stormbringer from 80s game. Kill a friend to cast a spell - wow. Needs mythos undead. Someone did a game where party from 30s germany crash a Nazi thule type saucer on carcosa.

Ive been reading about carcosa, reading the Dungeon of Signs blog and reading about many 1800s literary inspired DnD games. Gammaworld starts to overlap too. Mish mash of magic and tech is inspirational. So I may do a science and sorcery game next year. Carcosa would fit in well. I always thought cupolas Dracula was a bit DnD.

I always was fond of the hollow earth as a setting with dinos, nazis, mutants with plasma lances, robots, aliens and atlanteans as a kid so its all cheezy inspiration for now. I may allow talking animals and mutants in my game now. Tukemal does all this stuff too - i have the different worlds edition.

Ill probably digest this for a while.

Monday 29 October 2012

Monotheists in my RQ world

This was a 2000 year later version of my old rq games religions from my last post on the subject. Basically was an alternate dark age earth with a similar map but with obvious differences.

The Book of The Law
Books of the old Prophets (About 500 years before the supreme ones True Prophet) A legalistic text with lineage from the dawn of creation, the means of avoiding spiritual contamination, various histories concerning the old prophets, and their struggles in the shadow of ancient pagan empires.

The Nikeans claim true decent from these prophets and have their additional text of mystical doctrines The Alechem Magna. This includes numerology, alchemy, cosmology and methods of communicating with angels and the supreme one. Nikeans believe study of the scriptures and their hidden secrets offer the keys of the universe to the worthy and pure. Today Nikeans a mercantile and persecuted minority for their old ways.

The Book of the Nameless Prophet (year 0 After the Prophet). A book of new laws and moral codes combining the religion of the old prophets and ancient Agonian philosophy (natural philosophy, stoic ethics, Platonic theology). In his lifetime the Prophet spent fifty years traveling the world. In this period he battled demons, performed miracles, converted kings and spread his missionary zeal versus evil as influenced by Tarmaj dualists. There is an appendices in the gospels of the prophets followers which offer a variety of reinterpretations of the prophets words. Two major schools exist of this faith, Eastern and Western, with numerous heresies and minor schools. Both once belonged to the mighty Lamnutainian Empire which split into two empires in a civil war.

Western Church
The Western Empire collapsed after conversion from paganism but the church survived anyhow. The Hierophant rules from the holy city of Teshlun but his control has fluctuated. As the Reformers threaten the church, the Hierophant grows more brutal and extreme in response. The Western church has a major cult of thousands of saints incorporated and has become more extreme in the pursuit of heretics and evil.

Some Major Saints and their orders:
St Tastian - Patron Saint of Knights and Soldiers; Slayer of Dragons
St Minrani- Patron Saint of Healers and Hospitilar Knights; Martyr to the sick
St Astrius – Patron Saint of Inquisitors; Hunter of witches, heretics, and evil doers
St Himark – Patron Saint of Warrior Monks; Bankers, Protector of pilgrims
St Umelda – Patron Saint of Peasants and Farmers; Practice Poverty

 Eastern Church
 The Eastern Empire and church have remained one, the Emperor is the Earth’s representative of the Supreme Ones law. The holy city Tertizan is said to be the worlds greatest city. The Eastern church has a major cult of angel worship and prefers the use of scholarly debate and the benefits the eastern empires civilization to convert the heathen and heretics before turning to the sword.

Some Major Angels and their orders:
Seramkion – Archangel of War, Guardian of the Holy, Patron of the Emperor
Azatheth – Archangel of Death, Grim Reaper, Taker of Souls
Magion – Archangel of Beasts, Protector of Farmers, Guardian of the Hearth
Alshazer – Archangel of Life, Healer of the Faithful, Protector of Women
Telialnabur - Archangel of Knowledge, Patron of Scholars, Protector of Scriptures

The current surviving sect of heretics most are struggling to survive mainstream oppression or have thrived in isolation.

The Reformers in the west believe in a  more individualistic interpretation of the Book of Law, except have an extremist streak of moral purity, and disapprove of the use of saints and angels. Each reformer sects is named after a founder who claims to have a new more pure insight to the Book of Law. Their wars in the west with the mainstream church have left Dutainia a war and plague torn hell hole. They have so threatened the Western church that it’s policy has been to react with more violence and established inquisitions and crusades against all heretics.
Thelkonism in the east teaches that all major creeds are just aspects of the one true faith. They study the holy books of all major faiths as well as the mysterious religions of the extreme far east. Their teachings include reincarnation and how to commune with your personal angel who may intercede on your behalf directly to the Supreme One. They are hated by all other faiths for their tolerance and rejection of any one dogma, but their mercantile ability has spread them far and wide, especially along trade routes to the far east.

The Lost churches come from isolated regions where they became separated from the main church shortly after the first missionaries arrived. Paganism and the true faith became intermingled so ancient art forms are still practiced but now in service to their new faith. Many pagan rituals and teachings still survive and their mystery teachings seek to unify the old and new faiths.

The Hetori are a school of mystical rebels mostly crushed in the west. Preaching love and tolerance, hundreds of sects offering their own unique means to becoming closer to the Supreme Being. Oddly enough all these sects place men and women as equal before the Supreme One. These sects have produced original works of art in many fields to hide their doctrines from the Western Church. Many aristocrats and city folk practice these sects in secret.

Sects include:

The Klaresti who believe in carnal sex and nudity express true love for God best. The Mosgani who preach true love for other humans is the truest form of worship. The Pertori who preach love between man and wife is the purest form of divine love. Kelsorgi who mortify themselves with self mutilation and revel in filth to show their detachment to flesh and the worlds base nature. Pelegosi who revel with the beasts and tried to restore themselves to the pre-corrupted form of man by abandoning civilization and returning to the woods. Malatori who practice sinning so as to release their evil urges from within. Bagarani who live below the earths surface so as to be closer to the primal clay from which man was made by sitting in holes or living in caves.

Rival Religions
The Maxalad is the chief holy text of the Infidel faith of Kalanism, who claim a more recent book and prophet of the supreme one. Sindar the warlord of Heaven united the southern tribes against the Western and Eastern Empire in a brilliant campaign said to have been inspired by the supreme one to liberate his chosen. Sindar had a new, martial philosophy as well as disdain for representations of animals, man or God. Sindar teaches that foreign subjects may live in their own fashion, but Kalanites must live a life of dicapline. Several major sects exist including the Assassins of Klarteroth, a school of scholars the Melphithon who study natural philosophy (as a means of understanding the creator),  and the mystical mad dancers of Al Akun.

The Aduna texts are the holy scriptures of the Tarmaj dualists who are the most ancient by far and preserve many ancient and far reaching art styles. Tarmaj the holy prophet predates all other prophets by at least a five hundred years. The Supreme one also has an evil opposite who seeks to destroy the universe with foul chaos. There extreme dualism and the struggle against evil has influenced all the other schools of monotheism, most recent being the Western church. The Aduna asks the student to make the supreme moral choice and dedicate ones existence the destruction of the cosmic lie of chaos. The text also teaches the importance of not defiling sacred earth or holy flame (such as cremation), and how to avoid spiritual contamination by avoiding certain actions.

Major sects include the conservative Tarmaj purists who deny the worship of the old devas, the more populist state church which tolerates and even elevates some devas to the status of aspects of  the Supreme One. The populist sect believe most moral evils are spiritual while the conservative believe physical and spiritual evil require constant vigilance. The heretical Markanism sect teaches that Law and Chaos are parts of a greater unity, which if comprehended can help the practitioners recognize and confront the more extreme causes of evil rather than it’s peripheral side effects.

Year of the Prophet 1116
Twenty wears ago the founders of Drachenford fled the Dutainian town of Morthuleheim to flee the war with the Western Church. The Church elders afraid of death at the hands of the Hierophants Butchers, sent our elders to convert pagans to preserve our enlightened  path. They found a village of pagans, defeated the chief, burned their wooden idols and chased away their wicked demon worshiping priests.

 The war has grown worse and now the plague has ended most of our trade. Now Vikings are coming down the river, pagans are uprising, to town elders hope to recruit and convert more mercenaries.

Wisdom of the Morthulist Reform Church
Skills: First Aid, Human Lore, Orate, Read/Write Dutanian
Vows: Abstain Sex, Abstain Alcohol, Abstain Murder
High Vow: Always wear black, Use blunt melee weapons Only, Never Tolerate Pagans or the Western Church, Avoid finery and indulgences, Avoid Profanity, Destroy False Images, Avoid pride, Abstain Spirit and Rune Magic
Morthules Blessing 1pow: May be used to obtain magical skills such as intensity if the holy person has at least one vow and the high vow
Spell List: Worship Supreme God, Nuetralise Wound, Nuetralize Disease, Nuetralise Poison, Nuetrlise Magic, Palsy, Bless Rod, Bless Quarrel, Evoke Light, Mystic Vision, Produce Light, Protective Circle, Bless Water, Bless Iron
Sect Ranks: Laymember, Oblate (Student), Novice (Apprentice), Assistant Priest (Journeyman), Priest (Adept), Bishop (Magus)

Sunday 28 October 2012

Babylonian Gods for Elfmaids and Octopi DnD

here is some babylonian-assyrian-sumerian gods from my house D&D

Gods Name (Foreign Names) 
Holy Symbols   
Cult Alignment   
Power Sphere  
Additional Weapon Choice   
Holy Beast   
Holy Power (Instead of turning)  
Extra Spells

Ishtar (Venus, Freya, Isis, Astarte, Inianna, Athena, Astarte, Diana)   
Symbolic loop, knot, staff, instrument, sistrum or ankh or dawn star   
Any Alignment   
Love & War    
any bow, spear or sword or shuriken   
dove, cats and lions   
Lay Hands Can Heal 1d8+1/lv use once per day  per lv      
Ishtar Goddess of Love and War: Temples act as virgin nunneries, breweries and sacred brothels making her one of the most popular Gods. Just don’t confuse the virgins and prostitutes or they get mad. Range from holy pure palatial shrines of peace to bloody battle alters to filthy backwater brothels. Ishtar is also a soldier, a huntress, a healer, a wisdom giving barmaid a strumpet, a harvest queen and many more. She stole the essential knowledge of all craft from Enki by getting him drunk.
1st Charm Person, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Suggestion, 4th Charm Monster      

Ninurta (Saturn, Kernu, Herculese)   
Weapon or tool as symbol   
Any Alignment   
Farmer & Hunter   
any 1H Axe or Sword, Sickle, Scythe, Any Farm Tool, Short bow   
any useful domestic beast  or monster defeated
+1 weapon for 1d12HD Allies/lv once per day, +2 at 5th, +3 at 9th, +4 at 14th for 2d6 rounds      
Ninurta God of Farmers and Hunters: Aids hunters and warrior heroes especially those fighting monsters and animals bothering humans. Protects the common folk in the eternal battle with seasonal changes. Heroes kill monsters but commoners just farm and live simple lives.
1st Locate Animals and Plants, 2nd Bull Strength, 3rd Hold Animal, 4th Call Woodland beings      

Marduk  (Jupiter, Baal, Assur)   
Arrow of law – shovel, arrow head, spear   
Any Lawful Alignment   
Supreme Law & Power   
any Spear or Bow, Javelin, Dart, Net   
dragon or lizard or scorpion or warhound   
1d8+1/Lv Lightning once per lv per day with loud thunder clap
Marduk God of Authority and Power Seized the universe by force from older gods and monsters, He is the supreme god of all now controlling all the universes and world in the name of order. His city at the empires heart is the axis of the world. His clergy serve the empire and law.
1st Shocking Grasp, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Lightning Bolt, 4th Fire Wall      

Shamash (Helios, Ra, Utu)   
Sun disc or eye   
Any Lawful or non-evil Alignment   
Sun & Justice   
Any Bow, sword or axe
Swine, Eagle,    
Blind 1d12 HD x Lv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day with flash of light      
Shamash God of the Sun Lord of Light who sees injustice and helps the weak vs the strong. Councilor of kings who sees and knows all he sees from his flaming sky chariot. His sacred city invented king ship and all the emperors have acknowledged this by being crowned there.
Cult serve as judges, advisors and leaders as well as lawmen, just warriors and guards.
1st Magic Missile, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Ghost Armour, 4th Fire Sheild      

Nergal (Set, Mars)   
Panther headed Club or favorite weapon   
Any Alignment   
Death & War   
Can learn any weapon   
panther or cat   
Fear 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Nergal God of Death and Suffering Praise him before he destroys you! Beg him to kill your enemies instead. Lord of battle, Usurper of underworld, Blood God with 50 sacred weapons. He may seem bad but he protects his people from predation by undead by locking up the land of the dead. He kills monsters and ruins your enemies. He is also the terrible summer sun which kills all with desiccating wind and plague
1st Elemental Burst, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Hovering Skull, 4th Bone Wall  
Sin (Khonshu, Nana, Su'en, Sindar)   
Moon or staff or lamp   
Any non chaotic or or non evil Alignment   
Moon, Illumination   
any Axe or Bow, khopesh, sabre, scimitar
horned beast or bull for animal   
Peace 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Sin God of the Moon, Sin is a god of wisdom, illumination, trade, civilization, wisdom. Underworld, night, lord of dreams and Healing. a favorite of travelers and merchants he was born in the underworld and escaped as a child with much wisdom.
1st Pass Without Trace, 2nd Invisibility, 3rd Spectral Force, 4th Confusion      

Erishkigal (Lilith, Hel, Loviatar)   
Symbolic jaws or skull   
Any Alignment   
Death & Underworld Dungeons  
any bow, spear or sword  
owls, cats, hares, rabbits  
Command undead 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Ereshkigal Goddess of Underworld Queen of the Vampire Throne, mother of Monsters, Her father Enlil mated with her to create hordes of demons to punish the wicked. Nergal usurped and raped her and conquered her realm. She is the dark side of Ishtar who withholds life and death.
1st Corpse Link, 2nd Ghoul Touch, 3rd Vampiric Touch, 4th Wall of Bones      

Ninhursag (Gaea, Durga)   
Triangular mountain glyph   
Any Alignment   
Earth, nature, beasts   
Sickle, Scythe   
any natural animal or plant  
Command Plants, Animals or Earth beings 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Ninhursag Goddess of the Earth Favorite of the common folk. Cult are healers who care for the land and people. She is the great goddess and present within all women, but she may withhold the power of life from evil doers.
1st Magical Stone, 2nd Warp Wood, 3rd Summon Animal Spirit, 4th Call Woodland beings or Replace list with Druid as a magic option.

Adad (Thor, Perun, Indra)   
Lightning bolt, Axe or Hammer or Spear   
Any non-lawful
Storm & weather   
Axe or Hammer or spear or javelin   
horned animal and especially bulls   
Command weather for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day – at least makes wind      
Adad God of Storms Herdsman of Storm clouds, lord of the sky, destroyer of evil, loved by common herders and farmers,  he is a furious bringer of rain and life to the land with-held by monsters.
1st Feather Fall, 2nd Levitate, 3rd Fly, 4th Ice Storm      

Enlil (Baal, Odin, Jupiter)
Mattock or farm tool or weapon   
Any Lawful Alignment   
Underworld, Earth and sky
Any Axe, bow, Spear  
horned animal preferably a bull   
Command demon 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day, if double needed HD then can kill
Enlil God of Air, Earth and Underworld Previous ruling god and lord of the middle Air, Enlil is one of the great gods rooted in the foundations of the universe. He cycles the elements through the underworld and heaven making seasons and bringing life or disaster for the wicked. He fathers demons and monsters with Ereshkigal to punish wickedness. His demon children and monsters hunt the wicked or cull mankind when they grow too many.
1st Summon Monster1, 2nd Summon Monster2, 3rd Summon Monster3, 4th Summon Monster4      

Enki (Prometheus, Neptune, Amon, Ea)   
Staff or jug   
Any Alignment   
Water, Magic Knowledge
trident and net, shuriken   
fish, ram, snake or turtle   
Command water creature or elemental 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day, if double needed HD then can kill     
Enki God of The Deep Water Lord of the Deep Waters, magic & knowledge. While crafty Enki made humans it was to toil for the gods, he save us from the flood then stopped humans becoming immortal to keep the status quot. Unable to assume supreme power from his father or brother he made his son Marduk to be greater than them all. His temples include persons of all the sacred occupations. They restrain mortals from angering the gods or being harmed. Created the Melamu - the celestial encyclopedia and the basis of scribal wisdom and the Me - basic arts of civilization and culture.
1st Swim, Sleep 2nd Web, Ice Knife, 3rd Breathe Water, Tongues , 4th Ice Storm, Polymorph Self      

Anu (Ukko, Great Spirit, Odin)   
Shooting Star, horned cap, pole star   
Any Alignment   
Stars & Destiny   
Any Bow   
horned animal preferably a bull   
1d8+1/Lv Shooting Star once per lv per day with loud thunder clap      
Anu God of Heavens Master of the Universe. King of night stars. Lord of the upper sky. First human-god to rule the universe, now he is mostly retired above the sky in the celestial city where the djinn, angels and spirits administrate the cosmos according to the destiny he has fixed them in the tablets of fate.
1st Magic Missile 2nd Rope Trick, 3rd Fly , 4th Dimension Door

(Frey, Baldr, Dumazi, Adoni, Pan)   
Corn or beast horns or wine  
Chaotic, non-evil Alignment   
Vegetation and Life  
any spear, hand axe, hatchet, short sword, sabre, lasso
any natural plant or animal but herd beast like goats a favorite   
Spring: Grow 1d12x100xLv in pounds of edible or terrain chocking vegetation or in winter can destroy      
Tammuz God of Nature, king of vegetation and lord of rebirth, favored by herdsmen, nomads and barbarians. Dies yearly then returns with fructifying power of underworld. Cult practice ritual duels & ecstatic mob hysteria (spring) wailing (winder) Hunting and courting (summer), Scourging enemies (autumn) then back to weeping and mourning (winter)
1st Animal Friendship 2nd Charm Mammal, 3rd Possess Animal , 4th Sticks To Snakes      

Tiamat (Leviathan)   
Dragon or chaos symbol   
Any Chaos Alignment   
Sea, Chaos
trident, net, any spear, sabre
Dragon or scorpion or lizard   
1d8+1/Lv dragon breath once per lv per day with loud thunder roar      
Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon Mother of Chaos. Tiamat was the primordial dragon of the sea who tried to kill all the gods. Marduk defeated and dismembered her using her corpse to complete universe at the dawn of Time.  She ruled the elder age when monsters ruled the world and human ancestors were slaves.
1st Burning Hands, Summon Monster1, 2nd Flame Blade, Summon Monster2, 3rd Fireball , Summon Monster3, 4th Wall of Fire, Summon Monster4      

Snake or tree or fruit   
Any Alignment   
Healing, Wisdom, knowledge,   
chain, lasso, whip, blowpipe   
Snake or hydra   
Call 1d6 x HD xLv of poison snakes 1d4+lv in poison dam or snakes or form one constrictor with staff 1d6+1d6/6 lv  dam    
Ningizzida the Serpent Lord, The holy Hydra, brings wisdom to humanity and the fructifying powers of the underworld to the surface. His cult grow fruit trees and brew fruit wines. His priests are healers, prophets and farmers.
1st Speak Animal, 2nd Reflecting Pool, 3rd Charm Reptile , 4th Sticks To Snakes      

Rattle or drum or ancestral remains   
Trickster, Ancestors   
chain, lasso, whip, blowpipe, bolo   
Dwarf or ancestral spirits   
Contact 1d6HD/Lv of ancestral and other local departed spirits in a séance, 1/lv per day or use Shaman power      
Bes the dwarf trickster comes from the old times and is followed by many people as a shamanic cult. He is a comic clown but also deals with spirits, ancestors, childbirth, trickery, common folk. Many clowns hide their wisdom and use buffoonery to get close to power.
1st Friends, 2nd Knock, 3rd Summon Animal Spirit, 4th Bargain 
Nebo (Mercury, Thoth)   
Any Alignment   
Scribe & Messenger   
Any sword   
get +1 non-combat proficiency every level
Nebo God of Language Scribe and messenger of the gods. Patron of scholars, wizards, bureaucrats, librarians,  merchants, travelers, messengers  and even thieves. They operate the post and heliographs services of the empire.
1st Comprehend Languages, Run, 2nd Reflecting Pool, Knock, 3rd Tongues , Clairvoyance, 4th Magic Mirror, Bargain      

Bau (Baba)   
Staff, Dog medallion   
Any non evil Alignment   
Dogs & Healers    Any sword    Dog    Lay Hands Can Heal 1d8+1/lv use once per day  per lv       
Bau Goddess of Healing Healer and protector, guardian of the store house, the good wife of Ninurta. Don't stop to think-- Bite!
1st Summon Monster1 (Dog), 2nd Summon Monster2 (Wolf), 3rd Summon Monster (Dire Wolf) 3 , 4th Summon Monster4 (Hell Hound)       

Geshtinanna (Persephone)   
Staff, Wine vase, vine, grapes, snake medalion   
Dreams & Vines   
Any sword   
Snake, Hare   
Contact 1d6HD of ancestral and other local departed spirits in a séance, 1/lv per day      
Geshtinanna Dreams and autumn vines, she takes turn with her brother in the underworld, returning with life and wine. She mourns the dead
1st Sleep, 2nd ESP, 3rd Wraithform, 4th Hallucinary Terrain    

Saturday 27 October 2012

Impirial Dungeoneon Engineer Corps

During one of the empires many wars, Emperor Lutipold the 23rd noticed artifacts and magic treasure could sway a war. So a siege engineer unit became the first dedicated anti dungeon excavation force. With a staff of researcher scribes, librarian and wizards as support the corp is fully equipped to destroy and strip dungeons clean.

The dungeon advisory committee selects choice targets from a list prepared by the Imperial Dungeoneers Guild. Scouts investigate the site and mark the first stakes out for the survey team. While surveyors map out the area scouts locate as many entries, air holes, chimneys, garbage shutes and any entrances. While the topmost area if possible is flattened and a wooden fort is assembled from a prefab one with a whole support town. Monster holes are trapped and troops concentrate on letting the survey get to work. War dogs and exotic trained beast are used by the corp too. One force was fond of giant ferrets.

When ready most enterances are blocked and engineers pump smoke and gas into hole. This helps find more entries and drives creatures into traps and waiting troops. Then openings are dug down and troops sent in to destroy all inhabitants. If possible the dungeon is excavated leval by leval to stripped bare. Priests and wizards advise and assist in the process.  Ballistia and archers surround each exit ready to kill escapees. Sometimes they accept surrenders and send whole inhuman tribes to slavery. Some inhumans are kept by the corp as auxiliaries and inormants.

Some dungeons with say up to date evil wizards may put up more organized fights but a thousand years of dungeon open cut mining have made the corp document most tricks and behaviors. A few dungeons have withstood the corp - but ones on mountains and inaccessible places are more resistant. Some unspeakable evils were buried and sealed away untouched.

Sometimes the core press gang adventurers or local lords hand prisoners to the corp for the dirty work. In light of the Empires recent trouble and Exile Island being crawling with untouched dungeons, a division of the corp have arrived to seek war winning relics. The Barron is cooperating in hope if nicking a few relics for himself and to subjugate inhumans not under his rule.

Comparisons with open cut mines, siege war and rabbit hunting are made. Many traditional adventurers think the corp unsporting and against free enterprise. Underworld goddesses are displeased with the corp and preach dungeons are part of the natural order.

So far the corp have just begun to survey a dungeon sth of the city with 4 levels. Adventurers are welcome to apply for scout and dungeon delver positions

Any more ideas on how a civilized dungeon engineers would operate?

Kobold on a 30ft chain is the new tech replacement of a 10ft pole

How horrible is the Big Bad City?

I'll dig up some of my Marvel campaign stuff soon I recovered for original Marvel Superheroes game
Added more links on sidebars.

But for now here is some every day tables for use in my upcoming city adventures:

Main City Districts:

Martial Quarter - The Military District
You need a pass to enter hear. It includes armoury, training, barracks, mess and several dungeons.
1 - A patrol of soldiers who assume your meant to be here
2 - An officious sergeant requests to see your documents
3 - A snooty official demands you see your papers
4 - See prisoners on way to dungeons
5 - See dead body collection wagon
6 - Secret police tail party
7 - Soldiers sparring or shooting for practice
8 - A patrol of drill march past - might notice suspicious party
9 - Magical surveillance trails character
10 - Secret police stop and question party
11 - Monsters in cages being taker to be released in sewers
12 - Humanoids in chain gang working on wall repairs
13 - Secret police dragging off crying victims to dungeon
14 - Humanoid workers building a gallows
15 - Humanoid workers putting heads in pikes to decorate walls
16 - Secret police escorting elf prisoner
17 - War dogs on loose try to tear you new orifices
18 - A noble requests you meet him for work oportunity
19 - Barron's dungeon excavators setting off with wagons and soldiers and labourers
20 - Some workers feed something in manhole acorpse

Mariners Quarter - The harbour district
This includes the docklands, hulks and bridges and the warehouse and ship building wards.
1 - Drunken pirates looking for fun join them or fight
2 - Slavers driving coffle down the street with whips
3 - Dock workers moving goods to and from ship
4 - Dock patrol after thieves and gangs
5 - Gang out for criminal opportunities
6 - Press gang offer party free beer
7 - Harbour officials ask to see your papers
8 - Diseased rat swarm or giant rat attack then flee
9 - Cult try to murder you for their god (possibly fish men or sea demon cult or Tiamat)
10 - Bright eyed Tako (octopus folk) gang looking for adventure

11 - Seedy fish men hybrids take a fancy to you
12 - Free beer in a sly grog shop (run by press gang)
13 - Drug dealer offers what he knows what you need
14 - Dock watch mistake party for robbers
15 - See an old man jump slyly into water and not come back up
16 - Drunken sailor sure your his crew and follows you singing and belching
17 - A lost pet (parrot, dog, cat, rat with a hat, monkey) follows party hungry
18 - Seedy man with cape offers you amazing goods just down this alleyway
19 - Robbers desperate for food attack in great numbers
20 - A robber with 2 pistols tries to hold up party for coins or maps

Merchant Quarter - The guild district

Subdivided into market, wizard, craft, traders wards.
1 - Pedlar offering goods or street food
2 - Fortune teller
3 - Pick pocket
4 - Street gambling opportunity
5 - Hue and cry try and lynch a theif, hand to law if guild member
6 - Merchant thinks adventurers are a great opportunity and introduces self
7 - Guildsman demands to see your papers
8 - Offered illegal goods, children, surgery or magic in an alley way
9 - Mad serial killer stalks party
10 - Fight over crooked weights, measures or contracts
11 - Merchant guildsmen feud over who has licensed monopoly in this street
12 - Mercenary asks party if they need any guards
13 - Find an eccentric tiny magic shoppe that you can never find same one again
14 - A begger with a curse tells story of strange condition for coins
15 - Exotic creature in a cage hauled through street with great commotion
16 - Glimpse a sweatshop full of children, goblins, zombis or skeletons
17 - An uppity wizard on a slave carried palanquin zaps any who slow him with polymorph wand
18 - Impromptu street auction for amazing goods
19 - Magic carny offers prize for any who can overcome his strange challenge
20 - Goblins or kobolds offer to be your (cheap) servants so their kin can stay in city

Holy Quarter - The Temple District

A thousand temples shrines and and idols are said to be here from every corner of the world. More popular faiths have many temples for different castes.
1 - Flagellants preaching masses to repent and join their cult
2 - Preacher blocks the street with crowd
3 -Huge funeral procession
4 - A cult is having a holy day festival
5 - Acolytes are outraged by parties blatent heracy
6 - Sham priest tries to enlist party for treasure hunt quest
7 - Two cultists fight over ideology
8 - Cult ecstatic seducing or attacking passers by
9 - Priests perform a public sacrifice, possibly a defiler of the temple
10 - Pilgrims visiting local shrines ask party for assistance
11 - Priests dispensing free bread to poor
12 - Scruffy prophet declares world will be destroyed soon by adventurers greed
13 - Fair acolyte maiden/man seeks marriage partner they can convert to faith
14 - Priests and faithful having a sing off fills the street and stopping conversation
15 - Priests thow copper coins to poor and proise more for converts
16 - Possessed person is exorcised in street
17 - Free Healing being offered to needy with every holy symbol you buy
18 - Acolyte being flogged by peers for breaking sect rule
18 - Sacred holy day for some cult - food, festivities and danger if you stay too long
19 - Young Cleric asks to join you to learn your ways.
20 - A pretty nun or cult slave passes you a note asking to be rescued

University Quarter - The navigators district

An outgrowth of the navigators guild has grown into a full university. The uni has a nautical theme with sextants, astrolabes, anchors, hooks, tridents, fish, swords and skulls for symbols .
1 - Drunken frat-boy wizards molest party with cantrip
2 - Students playing crazy pranks provoke party
3 - Magical creature being moved by wizard and guardsmen
4 - Golem performing some task
5 - Bored familiars stalk party for hi jinx
6 - Wizard thinks party may be of assistance in a quest
7 - Party accused of being wayward students - penalty is castration
8 - Students offer party employment to pass their exams
9 - Tempting university job vacancy
10 - Students hassle party for tips and trivia
11 - Drunken student kegger - a carousing oportunity
12 - Fraternal ritual in progress
13 - Librarian asks party to confirm facts about them in journals
14 - A student bard decides to drop out and follow party
15 - An evil mid lv student practices a spell on a party member or follower
16 - goblin servants bump into each other and mix packages
17 - Scream and explosion from spell gone wrong
18 - Student chased by creature from spell gone wrong
19 - Student offers to groom and grow your beards with cantrips for small fee
20 - A wizard with their magical concubine glares at any who look too hard

Rich Quarter - The royal district

This is were the captains and nobles and any who can afford it live. Also called nob hill it is divided into allied house and corporate estate run wards. You need a permit from a resident to enter.
1 - Palanquin and guards herd party out the way
2 - Guards check your papers
3 - Secret police trail party
4 - Noble takes interest and demands party attend them
5 - Chariot of conquering hero barges through, doesn't break for riffraff
6 - Rich people cry help when they see party
7 - Rich youth gang attack party, cry to law and kin if harmed
8 - Rich youths tease party
9 - Invited to orgy by anonymous admirer
10 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
11 - Rich youth waves to party from a window, imprisoned by parents!
12 -  A noble accuses party of being his slaves with his stolen property
13 - A rich youth berates party for being unfashionable riff raff
14 - Guards say your sort are not welcome in this ward
15 - Noble thinks party can help him win a strange bet
16 - A bored youth shoots passers by from rooftop - then flees with secret door
17 - Exotic cult vice den sprukers tempt you to come and try the delights
18 - Servants being flogged on the street
19 - Unemployed servant begs party for work
20 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party

Scum Cove - The beggars ghetto
Fit refugees are allowed to squat in this part of town till they get a job. Jobs are put on offer and may start riots. Many just stay here and pay to get a begging permit from the city and the beggars guild.
1 - Gang beg for work
2 - Gang beg turn nasty if refused
3 - Beg party to take their children
4 - Beggar with no limbs in a giant rat powered cart (more than one in town)
5 - Riot over job offer nearby
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Giant rats or rat swarm attack from a drain
8 - Cult recruiting members with job and food offers
9 - Beggers guild are using this alley - go somewhere else
10 - Slime or ooze or trash elemental attack from a drain
11- Someone drops food scrap or coin and starts a riot
12 - Corpses in pile on corner awaiting collection
13 - Sly meat store in alley selling cheap sewer meat
14 - A Kindly acolyte casts purify food on bucket of sewerage to feed some starving
15 - Rat seller with his guards sell through barred window to needy
16 - Followed by an old man talking to his tattooed rats (also his spell book) 
17 - Spot some giant jungus in shadows
18 - find a fresh blood covered edged weapon - a dirty shiv or silver cult knife or magic dagger
19 - Prostitutes taken over alley to service customers en mass
20 - hobo market - weird trsh and broken stuff and odd shoes and orphans
Beggars guild follow your every move

Mutants District - The accursed place
This is wear those tainted by the blood and curses of the elder races are forced to live. All mutants are to wear a mutant third eye design painted on their forehead. They are desperate and hated, many serve horrible cults. Some kin breed true to type others are unrecognizable as same species. People see them as lazy, chaotic and untrustworthy.
1 - Mutant begs for help or healing
2 - Mutant is suicidal and attacks party
3 - Mutant in alley offers you mutant power
4 - Resentful mutants follow and abuse you
5 - Insane mutant asks for help, doesn't believe is a mutant
6 - Mutant offers self as a mercenary
7 - Mutant bounty hunter trails party
8 - Mutant prostitutes offer unique service
9 - Mutant cultists attack party to sacrifice
10 - See mutants talking to elder race member in sewer
11 - Mutants prostitutes offer unusual sex
12 - Mutant pets for sale - 2-headed fish, one eyed intelligent rat, talking ass,
13 - offered healing mutant symbiote to bond with
14 - Mutany cultists preach agaonst the unmutated persecutors
15 - Fall into dirty trash pit filled with dirty ooze and wollowing mutants
16 - Mutant baby for sale - guaranteed strange powers
17- severed tentacle twitches towards you
18 -  Mutant orphans beg for adoption
19 - Mutant old man begs for you to kill him
20 - Elderly ask you to evict mutant in the cellar

Grogtown - The vice district
This is where everybody comes to party, get drunk, get laid, then vomit lots and lots. It is divided into casino, red-light, tavern and theater wards.
1 - Colourful prostitutes make lewd suggestions at party if they dont come for a tumble
2-  Drunk adventurers pick a fight or drinking contest
3 - Drunk farmers visiting the big city are about to be horribly exploited and robbed
4 - Hobo vomits in front of party
5 - Chamber pot dumped on party, a youth for a coin will show nearest bathhouse
6 - Theif gang try to roll party
7 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
8 - Children looking for missing parents
9 - Secret police tail party
10 - Street performers distract while pickpockets attack
11- Slave being ofered on the street at discount price for quick sell
12 - Gang kid offers to take you to hidden sewer club where real action is
13 - Pimp offers increasingly weird whores till threatened with violence
14 - Student wizard offers depraved secret book of spells
15 - Desperate wizard offers cheap spells - he owes a gang
16 - Magical being in disguise pretends to be attractive prostitute and tries to lure adventurer off
17 - Offered cheap gender change or other potion by guy in alley
18 - Offered entry into secret drug den
19 - Alley full of passed out persons and a drug dealer
20 - Suspicious dealers in robes are actually not humans

Knotswarren - The gangland ghetto
This is were the gangs live and work. Whole sweatshops, brothels, secret prisons, illegal craft guilds, drug dens and worse are here. Multi leveled maze with ladders, ropes, scafolding and trapdoors everywhere. Many gangs here but a close knit community against outsiders or "top nobs".
1 - Youth gang pelt with rocks
2 - Youth offers to be a guide or sell treasure map
3 - Cheap potions being offered from alley way
4 - Counterfeit goods, stolen loot or other contraband on sale
5 - Giant rats or rat swarm attack from a drain
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Gang take interest and monitor party
8 - Crime boss wants to meet party
9 - Gang of bandits attack
10 - Secret police follow party
11- A good fairy offers to lead you out to safety (possibly an imp)
12 - Drug peddler with busy stall
13 - Assasin contracts 10% off this week
14 - Trap goes off if you leave main path
15 - Prostitutes offer services from windows
16 - Poison monger sale on henbane today
17 - Mob accuse you of being pigs
18 - Junior assasin sent after party member as a random test
19 - Were-rat cult take dislike to you
20 - Cult follow you home

Goblintown - The humanoid ghetto
This is were the goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears rule or rather are forced to stay. Ogres, orcs, kobolds and troll are also found in key positions. Orc pirates stay here when in town. The 7 humanoid chief meet with the barron monthly. Each tribe has a ward and the Bugbear chief is high king. It is surprisingly clean and has a military order about it except the trash ward which is the city's gigantic midden heap with tunnels going to stone ages scraps. Goblinoids use every scrap of bone, rag , dung and rats fear this area.
1 - Kobolds offer inferior goods at low low prices
2 - Goblins wizards offer to trade cantrips
3 - Hobgoblins want to know your business
4 - Bugbears want you to perform a service, pay in catnip
5 - Young orc heroes try to provoke into single combat
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Gang take interest and monitor party
8 - Tribal cheif wants to meet pary
9 - Monster spots kinslayer amid party and attacks
10 - Gremlins mess up your stash and pick your pockets
11 - Pelican eats a kobold and flies off
12 - War drums and angry shamen in the street
13 - Dung merchant offers his best stock
14 - Acidently get in gang war of interspecies killing
15 - Offer of goblin maidens cheap
16 - Humanoid celebration - cheerful but touchy
17 - Dog fight between humanoid dog breeds
18 - bizzare sport in progress, dont get too close
19 - Goblin hags offer abortion and matchmaking service
20 - Cheap humanoid wedding chapel - with kindly orc shaman and brides on sale

Gildedtown - The nobby slum
This is were the well to do poor dwell and flaunt their slightly superior status with hideous kitsch copies of what they think the rich would be impressed by. A grotesque parody of rich town with faux empire columns made from old sewer pipes, cheap gold paint and the cheapest colored fabric obtainable.
1 - Crappy palanquin and tubby eunuch herd party out the way
2 - Local gang pretend to be city officials seeking bribe
3 - Secret police trail party
4 - Local rich trash lass/lad decides player is her meal ticket
5 - Donkey wagon of uppity shopkeeper run party down
6 - Local rich-poor trash youth gang criticize party status symbols
7 - Youth gang attack party, cry to law and kin if harmed
8 - Youths tease party, cry to law and kin if harmed
9 - Players service as a cheap prostitute requested
10 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
11 - Harlots call at you from windows of monster home complexes
12 - Wedding coach with fake unicorn horns on donkeys painted white. Mock at your peril
13 - Cheap flashy peddlers have a fight in the street
14 - Old people look at party in horror and tell their friends in the watch later
15 - A wagon stops because of you, passenger gets out to sort you out mate!
16 - An obese spolied local wants to marry a party member at any cost
17 - Some cheap bejeweled thugs are having a dog fight
18 - Palequin accident, two overly made up women scream abuse and death threats
19 - Local youth out on town for mischief like beating hobos or finding lovers
20 - Local nut thinks your somebody who crossed them back in the ghetto days

Sewers - the horrors beneath
There are many levels and drains and sewers where humans maintain the topmost but the lower lurk degenerate elder races.

Upper Galleys:
1- Giant rats or rat swarm attack from a drain
2 - Gang attack
3 - Sewer workers on prison duty just passing thanks
4 - Rat hunters collecting pie ingredients
5 - Dung shovelers on way to unblock a drain
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Gang take interest and monitor party
8 - Sewer gremlins looking for food and fun
9 - Giant vermin  tick, bug, maggot, spider, centipede or slug 1d4HP
10 - Sailors smuggling goods
11 - Cultists en route to ceremony or murder or kidnapping
12 - Feral kobolds up to no good plot
13 - Feral albino goblin falls in love with your most precious item
14 - Rat Wizard and his pet giant rats
15 - Corpse found murdered and partially chewed
16 - Gang up to no good dont want any witnessess
17 - Gang fued between several factions of sewer
18 - Beggers looking for place to sleep
19 - Beggars on a delivery job
20 - Something from the lower levels comes up

Lower Levals
1 - King rat commands giant rats and a swarm, multi headed wizard beast man
2 - Goat men with sacrifice
3 - Serpent man wizard with lizard men looking for lost relics
4 - Giant mage spider looking for wizards to rob books from
5 - Bat folk assasin looking for manflesh
6 - Rat men spreading plague with unholy brazier
7 - Degenerate albino lizard men
8 - Fish or frog men looking for prospective mates or snacks
9 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
10 - Cultists having a secret ceremony
11 - Zombie on duty
12 -  Evil templar priests having a black mass with undead or demons
13 - Wights from a tomb breach in sewer
14 - Demon or devil or similar evil being
15 - Behir
16 - Purple Worm
17 - Adventurers party assume everything this deep a threat
18 - Draconian fiends looking for prehuman loot from genetic memory
19 - Otherworldly Hag
20 - Mystery magician from my earlier blog

town - the unclaimed necropolis

This is the semi inhabited not-patrolled district where many intact door seals from the ancient world still remain intact. Many dangerous types squat here and the dead walk at night.
1 - Otherworldly hag
2 - Bandits attack
3 - Undead attack
4 - Undead go about business unless stopped
5  - Gang from Goblintown of humanoid or mixed race
6 - Creature from Lower sewer levels scouting surface
7 - Beggars pour out of a squat wailing for help
8 - Cultists attack defilers of elder gods
9 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
10 - Beggars selling children to cult
11 - Mutant gone feral and on the prowl
13 - Serpent cultists and gangs search streets for victimes
14 - Secret police rounding up riff raff for secret purpose
15 - Stray dogs of many exotic breeds
16 - Cultist ceremony
17 - Two gangs meet on nuetral turf
18 - Thing from below crawls from sewer and eats a dog
19 - Earth swallows up a beggar before your eyes.
20 - Mystery magician from my earlier blog

Barron's Dungeon
Hope you never see this place and learn the Barron's terrible secret of power.

The Black Skull Barrows

This is were champions are sent in monthly and are viewed by rich who use wizard eye and illusions casting wizards to see actual events. The commoners get a puppet show or stage play versions later. Lucky heroes are rewarded with magic helmets as a gift (some conditions apply).
1 - Otherworldly hag
2 - Giant scorpions or spiders (1 in 10 groups clockwork or glass)
3 - Undead attack
4 - Goat men with a goat masked wizard attack
5  - Gang from Goblintown of humanoid or mixed race
6 - Creature from Lower sewer levels scouting surface
7 - Carrion crawlers and rust monster pack formed strange alliance
8 - Cultists attack defilers of sacred barrows
9 - Magical disguised being tricks and tries to destroy party
10 - Horrible devious trap
11 - Shiny robot with alien weapons from another world
12 - Wights looking for food desperatley
13 - Crimials offered freedom if they kill adventurers
14 - Gargoyles hiding near a deadly crossing
15 - Were rat gangsters and cultists
16 - Were wolf berserkers might offer to join party
17 - Were bear thrown here as enemy of city, quite friendly
18 - Dead hero with interesting loot used as bait by cave fisher
19 - Mimic pretending to be a door
20 - Mystery magician from my earlier blog

Magical Beings In Disguise
1 - Devil swine
2 - Rakasha
3 - Imp
4 - Undead
5 - Ogre Mage
6 - Elf
7 - Dwarf
8 - Wererat
9 - Humanoid spell caster (prior blog)
10 - Elemental spirit folk
11 - Familiar
12 - Serpent Man
13 - Mutant
14 - Golem
15 - Doppelganger
16 - Possession by ghost or spirit
17 - Clockwork horror
18 - Otherworldly Hag
19 - Mi-go in a human skin
20 - Minor divinity or great spirit embodied

How Corrupt is this official? 1d12
1 - Is smart enough to know is too dumb to be corrupt
2 - Thinks they are a master conspirator then blab about everything
3 - Could be tempted for a trifling matter
4 - Would sell own mother for enough loot
5 - Will go along then betray you and keep your money
6 - Shake you down for more money
7 - Will go along then blackmail later
8 - Is Barron's secret police informer
9 - Is being monitored by superiors in secret
10 - Bring it on business as usual here
11 - Prefers sex or vice to cash
12 - Demands some service instead of cash

Otherworldly Hags
Generally 1d4+3 HD and Level as a caster and needs a + to hit, 1d6 x 2 claws, AC+4. Hags can appear as old women with only weaker ones gathering in groups. Many have followers and pets. The may threaten the party as old women or manipulate party int performing evil or taking more dangrous route or going to their trapped lair.

1 - Wood Hag
Vegetal plant women or wood wives who defend the forests. They also punish bad manners, sleights against kin and all manner of transgressions. Use Druid and Wizard spells.

2 -Lesser Night Hag
May have a lesser nightmare or imp pet. Darkness magic hags from the underworld who also haunt dreams. Use reverse cleric or wizard spells. Crave treasure and flesh.

3 - Grave Hag
Vengeful dead who hate living especially lovers. They command undead followers and carry away young men to their crypts. Necromatic wizard spells.

4 - Bone Hag
Horror who builds her house from bone, often has giant pets like rats, weasels or skeletons. Can hide in bone pile till attack. Often steels victims from gibbets or stocks

5 - Sewer Hag
Transform into liquid filth elemental of equal HD. Otherwise appears as be dunged robed old woman. Spread disease and ruin food and water. Reverse cleric and wizard spells.

6 - Lesser Sea Hag
Horrible marine slimed body - a viscous marine predator who devours those lost at sea or sometimes just being near water.  Amphibious. Wizard and Druid spells.

7 - Stone Hag
Hide in the form of sacrificial menhir AC 0/+10, can pursue and paralyses on touch but only move 6" and for 3d4 dam. They grind victims to pulp but can be appeased by sacrifice which keeps them asleep.

8 - Bog Hag
Lives in mud burrow and can move through mud and clay like water by swimming. Will grapple and drag with 18 STR under mud. Use Druid and Wizard spells.

9 -Blood Hag
A pool of blood in a cauldron congeals and clots into a hideous dripping hag. She drains 1d4 STR with a hit or can vomit blood onto a victim for a fear attack. Blood hags just kill and drain blood - heroes or innocents blood is best. Use wizard or reverse cleric spells.

10 - Carrion Hag
Form from a mess of roadkill and meat slurry in a pit. Can summon a swarm, of demonic flies who inflict 1pt dam/rnd to all in 30ft. Wizard spells. Can breathe a stinking cloud once per battle. They pollute water and land.