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d100 Dungeon Prep School Encounters

I used last article mystery table for major party for a term, with one of these rolls for each player. Also see my d100 Magic School encounters and d100 secret doors could be handy. I used my articles on urns and barrels and boxes tables handy too for crap in school and stuffed in wardrobes, attic cells and other places about the school.

In my game school is co-ed with no differences made but rival schools could be interesting and some could be same sex or for one character class only. University in city handy also. There are secret and illegal schools also which is a good place for school rivals to go and be seen later using evil teachings. Partied from same school tend to be polite and gentlemanly resolving arguments with a duel or chess game or a small fee. Lots of murder hobos, monsters and other folk dislike anyone with a fancy school background. Students in the city should wear school robes and avoid conflict. City guard favours students in uniform over street scum thankfully. If the school has to collect you from the drunk prison or secret police cells students will be fined and given punishment.

City militia code has legit students special privileged status but police are allowed to castrate male students caught in public coitus, a tradition hundreds of years old. They in most cases lock up student and call the school.

Students are expected to defend school property and interests and should defend other students and staff in public. Abandoning a student to a rival school, gang or cult is the most shameful error. Students are taught to call for the militia and not be afraid of the secret police. There was a time though when a student asked police orcs for help and they killed the rival school students dead and everyone blamed the student for many years.

If students are expelled it is a big deal and shameful. Many end up bandits and murder hobos. Failure is considered respectable as is dying in school. Failures often get administrative jobs in the city or enter officer training for the military. Many even sit the secret police exam with favoured ones being awarded with bridging programs to enter secret police school immediate.

Students are invited to participate in the dungeon sport labyrinth under the city which attract adventurers from all over the world. The dungeon is maintained by an army of professional monsters and trappers and events are monitored by scrying relics and spell users. Some witness the games via illusions made by magicians but the most common see puppet show versions on the streets. Only the richest really see what happens and the survivors are usually offered jobs including with the Barron. Some become gladiators or murder hobos. A few school teams have been wiped out.

Graduates are monitored by the school and occasional by the secret police if tagged by the school as dangerous.

Former students 4-5th level may stay on as tutors if they get o well with staff. 6-7 may get positions as part time teachers with 8th level benig accepted as master teaching staff. Any literate ex student can possibly get admin, scribe or assistant duties. Occasional a teacher leaves and takes several students with them as followers.

d10 Quick Trouble Chart
1 Bullies
2 Teachers
3 Staff
4 Shenanigans
5 Mystery
6 Joke
7 Monsters
8 Dream
9 Kinfolk
10 Hi jinx

d100 Random School Events
01 Bullies looking for loner victim
02 Bullies seek slaves to work off their punishment duties
03 Bullies seek literate types to do their written reports
04 Bullies look for someone to get ball out of strange hole in grounds
05 Bullies offer test to join a secret society
06 Bullies have a gang war
07 Bullies robbing younger students
08 Bullies high or drunk having a bender
09 Bullies mistreat school pets
10 Bully cries for help, stuck in a deathtrap
11 Librarian hunting book thieves
12 Alchemist looking for taste testers
13 Master attacking students by surprise to teach them to be wary
14 Language proff trying to find copyists
15 Metaphysics proff needs help finding hat
16 Pugilism master seeks helpers to train students in ring
17 Teacher suspicious that some students are really murder hobos
18 Headmaster shooting at students with bow to keep lively
19 Teacher awards student with encouragement prize
20 Asked to move masters collection of blasphemous idols
21 Cookie offers good boys to lick clean her spoons and pots
22 Groundskeeper spying on students
23 Sport master thinks you look weak and takes you on a hike
24 Steward offers spare key if you do him a favour
25 Steward lost and drunk, will reward if helped to bed
26 Gardener filling in mysterious holes on garden
27 Gardener chasing school pet
28 Nurse fusses over you because you seem so sensitive
29 Seen sneezing and locked in sick room for a week
30 School councilor thinks you look disturbed, interviewed to assess if murder hobo
31 School pet or artwork being stolen by secret society or rival school
32 Hazing new students in bizarre manner
33 Students meet in secret with dungeon models, monster figures and dice
34 Students breaking into exam office
35 Students sneaking about with stash of booze
36 Students in nightclothes sneaking to kitchen for midnight feast
37 Student club actually cover for a make out session
38 Students hunting for secret hidden cache of allowances and candy
39 Students on scavenger hunt to impress secret societies
40 Students trying to hide a corpse (possibly biology assignment)
41 Phantom seen scratching at walls
42 Odd noises heard from outside by night
43 Student heard screaming but source never found
44 Disappearance from dorm only a few beds away
45 School pet fleeing something in terror and whimpering
46 Secret society in robes spotted gathering for ritual
47 Cult or secret society book found, they will want it back
48 Letter found mentioning secret black college of evil wizards of devil hill
49 Groundskeeper or students faking supernatural appearance
50 Missing apples has cook upset, can any one find the thief?
51 Someone sabotaged your potions in alchemy lab d6 damage
52 Frogs in your bed
53 Poop in your boots
54 Your underclothes are all missing
55 Gossip about you round school
56 Graffiti about you on toilet walls
57 Corpse under your bed d4 1=sheep 2=monster 3=student 4=tutor
58 Accused of crime by rival students, truth can be uncovered
59 Fake love letters sent to you supposed from staff or student
60 Fake invite and challenge from a non existent secret society
61 Imp in secret offers to help you join a secret society
62 Doppelganger among your dorm killing and eating students
63 Were rat seen in student robes squeezing in to crack in wall
64 Rats chew on you in sleep and scurry in wall or under floor near your bed
65 Giant centipede in footlocker or latrine
66 See a phantom of a past suicidal student in hall at ight
67 See ghoul dragging and snacking on corpse late one night
68 Gremlins torment you and your property, might make a deal
69 Strange croaking from latrine cistern while you are sitting on at night
70 Goblin scout sneaking in school house, flees if spotted
71 Dream of being tempted by dryads, nymphs and satyrs
72 Dream or encounter with incubus or succubus, feel tired next day
73 Dream of home and d4 1=trouble 2=beating from parents 3=disappointed grandma 4=family pet
74 Dream of tiny hairy men living in walls
75 Dream of nightmare entity inviting you to dreamland adventures
76 Dream of past student hiding something d4 1=3d6gp 2=love letter 3=map 4=past exam answers
77 Dream of fellow dorm mates torturing you
78 Dream of nice warm bath, wet your bed, 1gp fine for first offense
79 Dream of goblin ritual in their hidden lair in the hills
80 Dream of secret police questioning you about school life and other students
81 Mum or someone sends you desirable d4 1=ham 2=smoked fish 3=fruit cake 4=boiled lollies
82 Grandparents visit tell everyone embarrassing personal details about you
83 Mum visits and tells everyone your special and sensitive and better than them
84 Dad visits and disproves of your shameful wicked wasteful life
85 Sibling visits for entry exam, other students d4 1=tease 2=lust over 3=secretly initiate 4=make a slave
86 Kin visiting kidnapped by bullies who want d4 1=cash 2=food 3=public humiliation 4=homework done
87 Letter from home, family d4 1=all murdered 2=taken by monsters 3=in prison 4=got plague
88 Letter from home, kin d4 1=died 2=arrested by secret police 3=eaten by monster 4=lost everything
89 Grandma sends you a lovely vest with ducks and bunnies on it
90 Sibling comes to school joins bullies or hostile secret society
91 Midnight panty raid afoot, most garments of opposite gender wins
92 Midnight pantry raid afoot, most impressive stolen food items wins
93 Contest on to steal school mascot and keep hidden for a few days
94 Students trying to steal most blasphemous document race
95 Oportunity for secret amorous encounter with d4 1=student 2=tutor 3=professor 4=staff (dinner lady?)
96 Find a map of school in dorm with puzzles and secret doors, scavenger hunt is on
97 Find a secret door in school
98 Discover a secret society stash of robes, rings and documents but no real names found
99 Dorm plan to steal from the masters grog stash
100 Plans to brawl with one of other dorms or a rival school

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Tables for Dungeoneer Prep School

 I saw this when landed at Adelaide Airport
So while on plane over here I wrote up school and mapped it and wrote some tables to fill in between adventurers. The point of this was that zero and first level adventurers could use school as a base early on, recruit extra help and even get emergency aid quickly. I figure they will graduate about third level if they dont run away and become unqualified murder hobos.

Players happy to just ask in local pubs for adventure now. A bit wary of Shadelport city which is sensible.

Player reminded me that witch familiar not killed and hey shopped her to bits and dumped them in different locations the witch house moved to.

Hmmm d100 cheap possibly cursed city houses might be needed...

Also will do a d100 small cult table also many with junior versions. Junior versions under different names might hide dark secrets or might engage youth in anti social acts. A small able for some youth ones included here.

Characters at first level recruit and hire other students as followers. Could try and get a professor interested in your research so they help with further discoveries or pay them to fireball someone for you or to identify relics. When leave school may (3rd level max), adventurers who remain respectable may invoke the school name and possibly gain the school and masters as contacts, possibly getting employed as guest speakers, demonstrators or tutors. 

Hillfast School
A Preparatory school for professional Adventurers (no murder hobos allowed!)

Roll up 4 zero level heroes, each is 16 and each character can speak their native language

To create characters roll 3d6 for each stat but get to arrange them in order of choice.

INT bonus gives a bonus number of slots points that can be allocated as pleased among the three types of skills: WP weapon proficiencies, NWP non weapon proficiencies and languages. Characters could use to gain writing before attending school starts which could be handy or get a weapon that your character class does not normally teach.

So next pick a career background from Fighting to a Skilled Career Background. Roll your HP (You will get to re-roll them when you turn first level). Then pick a background type and pick from the recommended  WP, NWP and Languages. Finally give the student some tools, weapons, armour and other stuff they receive from their families or found in a ditch and.

Then the students are ready. Various incidents encounters are rolled per character every term. As  secrets of the school get discovered by the meddling kids some will die. Entry into the tunnels should be enough to get them turn first level. After they turn first level they can quit but most graduate during third level with honours. The school monitors all students after graduation and if any are embarrassing murder hobos they put their names on a kill list. The characters have been funded by a mysterious benefactor. Fees are 120gp a term and most students receive a d4gp per term for books and beer.

Fighting Career Background 
Bandit, gladiator, pit fighter militiaman, guard, marine, trooper, street fighter, barbarian, templar, archer, hunter, bailiff, beadle, mob thug, dock worker
1d6 HP can wear up to medium armour or sheilds
Two WP weapon proficiencies (can buy a 2 slot martial group of weapons)
One non-weapon-proficiency

Skilled Career Background:

Gardner, scribe, cook, shopkeeper, farmer, sailor, actor, student, teacher, monk, criminal, shepherd,
1d4 HP not used to armour or shields
One WP weapon proficiencies
Two non-weapon-proficiency

Each is described by the following sets of common choices: WP, NWP & Language. group. The weapon group of four can be used as a WP Group making you skilled a if in all for for only 2 slots
Spend two slots and have access to whole group or just use for idea of weapons used by social class

Poor Dirt FarmerWeapon Group:
Sling d4 can use stones for ammo, carry several slings, or get lead bullets +1damage but cost a sp
Spear d8 can fight melee or missile
Club d6 cheap, easy to improvise
Sickle d4+1, can cut off a head

Spot, Listen, Hide, Sneak, track, First Aid, Hunting, Survival, Climbing, Brewing, Herbalism, Farming, Animal Handling, Drive Cart, Leather Work, Carpentry, Weaving, Mining, Stone masonry, Fishing

Speak Common, Speak Empire, Speak Goblin, Speak Dwarf, can choose one animal language

Crop Farmer

Weapon Group
Shortbow d6 two attacks
Polearm d10 farm tool on a pole type with long reach
Handaxe d6 can fight melee or two missile attacks
Knife d3 can fight melee or three missile attacks

Animal Grooming, Animal Husbandry, Animal Handling, Animal Training, Drive Cart, Plant Lore, Animal Lore, Farming, Herbalist, Carpentry, Redsmith, Trap Lore, Brewing, 

Speak Common, Write Common, Speak Empire, Speak Hobbit, Speak Elf

Yeoman FarmerWeapon Group
Two handed sword d10 to attack mass pike and spear formations
Longbow for two long range attacks per round
Dagger d4 can fight melee or two missile attacks
Staff d6 can carry anywhere

Animal Grooming, Animal husbandry, Animal Handling, Animal Training, Drive Cart, Plant Lore, Animal Lore, Farming, Herbalist, Carpentry, Blacksmith, Trap Lore,  Bowyer&Fletcher

Speak Common, Write Common, Speak Empire, Speak Orc, Speak Hobbit

Urban Poor Weapon Group
Club d6 easily improvised
Rock d3 (both thrown or to bash)
Chain d6 can fight melee or missile attacks
Knife d3 can fight melee or three missile attacks

Animal Handling, Drive Cart, Sneak, Hide, Climb, Listen Streetwise, Pick Pockets, Begging, Nightvision

Speak Common, Speak Empire, Speak Orc, Speak Goblin, Speak Kobold, Speak Hobgoblin

Urban Craftsman
Weapon Group
Hammer d6 can fight melee or missile
Staff d6 can carry anywhere
Dagger d4 can fight melee or two missiles attacks
Crossbow d6+1 missile

Blacksmith, Redsmith, Rope Use, Weaving, Tailor, Drive Cart, Numeracy, Evaluate, Lock Lore, Trap Lore

Speak Common, Write Common, Speak Empire, Speak Dwarf, Speak Goblin, Speak Kobold

Urban Citizen Militia Weapon Group
Javelin d6 can fight melee or missile (two shots)
Spear d8 can fight melee or missile
Sling d4 can use stones for ammo, carry several slings, or get lead bullets +1damage but cost a sp
Dagger d4 can fight melee or two missile attacks

Drinking, First AId,

Speak Common, Write Common, Speak Empire, Speak Orc, Speak Goblin, Speak Kobold

Urban Man at Arms
Weapon Group
Spear d8 can fight melee or missile
Sword d8 standard weapon of law
Dagger d4 can fight melee or two missile attacks
Crossbow d6+1 missile

Spot, Listen, Trap Lore, Lock Lore, Climb, Intimidate, Guard, Muscle, Trap lore

Speak Common, Write Common, Speak Empire, Speak Orc, Speak Goblin, Speak Kobold

StudentWeapon Group
Knife d3 can fight melee or three missile attacks
Staff d6 can carry anywhere
Club d6 cheap, easy to improvise
Dart d3 three missile attacks, fast and easy to hide

Numeracy, Ancient Lore, Scribe, Research, Bureaucracy, Kingdom Lore, Elder Lore, Herbalism, Healing, First Aid, Fast Talk

Speak Common, Write Common, Speak Empire, Write Empire, Write Ancient, Write Elder

Urban Nobility
Weapon Group
Rapier d6
Dagger d4 can fight melee or two missile attacks
Crossbow d6+1 missile

Ettiquette, Drinking, Eating, Fast Talk, Scribe, Poetry, Play (Instrument) , Taunt, Command, Evaluate

Speak Common, Write Common, Speak Empire, Speak Orc, Speak Goblin, Speak Kobold

About the School
Founded 30 years ago by a public company with permission to operate a charity. Rich sponsors built the school to train the adventurers of tomorrow who would apply modern methods of exploiting dungeons. This was in response to the increasing appearance of dastardly murder hobos who would drive the humanoid tribes to constant warfare by exterminating their family stronghold dungeons. Many new villages have been spreading in recent years and chance for a better life in a quiet village has become a viable dream.

Modern gentleman adventurers bring a large group of followers into the fray and will even sell real state on top of the dungeon and use the builders to seal every entrance then strip mine te complex. Pumping smoke into a sealed complex so underworld horrors flee one exit into a gauntlet of caltrop filled trenches and archers. Poison monster baits are popular too. Even these modern dungeoneers can make good use of a scouting party. Murder hobos on the rise have caused unrest with the humanoid populations and made the wilderness more dangerous. Concerned guilds and substantial support from the Barron's Secret police established the school committee. Once established it was quickly seized from public committee and now ran as a asset by the state.

The hope of increasing adventurers of the more responsible kind had some successes. The school produces 3-6 adventurer parties every year with fairly good success rate.

The school is a cheap refurnished mansion built on a ruined monastery of murdered summoner warlocks. The school has had some problems with hauntings and several masters have been accused of actually being monsters.

The House is a three story mansion with two wings. The gardens include a house cottage garden where much of the fresh food is grown. The gardens have turkeys, geese and peacocks roaming the grounds. The garden also grows many magical and medicinal herbs. The midden heap is a trashheap that covers several prehistoric barrows possibly from the age of necromancy. A graveyard has over a hundred and twenty marked plots and possibly more. It includes 14 crypts several predating the school and a spiked iron and stone wall around the outside. The entry also has a multi faith burial plot. Their is a small orchard of apples forbidden to students. The teachers use it for cider. A great fir tree and oak tree (rich in mistletoe) with a game field in front is a popular feature for stickball and lawn darts and other youth sports.

The ground floor is mostly the great assembly hall, common dining hall, a study hall and the first year dorm of over a hundred. The first floor also has the admin. The second floor is where the sixty odd second year students have semi private stalls (the hutches). Also school tutors and admin live on the second. The third floor is where the library, labs and masters live. The twenty third hear students get private rooms. There are three compartmented attics many sealed for a few decades with weird stuff brought back from dungeons and failed experiments. The basement has three levels with the upper one used most especially as a gym or meditation room. Lower one for storage and a boiler room with bottom one off limits to students. Lots of secret doors about school many left as tests intended for students to find in study notes.

City university snubs the school but the cities fighting men and those investing in exploration hold the school in high regard.

School Rules
1 No Murder Hobos
2 Obey all master and
3 Respect all school staff
4 Thievery among students forbidden, especially apples
5 Murder among students forbidden
6 Duels must be registered in the school office
7 Curfews are strictly enforced
8 Cheating in school tests forbidden
9 Students must report bites and wounds to the office
10 No cultists or secret societies permitted

d12 Tunnel Encounter (Includes Midden pit and Graveyard at night)
Tunnels under the school include the following

1 d4 Giant rat HD d4 Bite 1d4 SAV vs disease after battle
2 d4 Giant Centipede Bite 1d4 + CON poison save+2 or take 2d6 damage
3 Giant Toad 2HD 2d4 bite swallow smallish foe on a 20 critical
4 d6 Skeletons
5 d4 Zombies
6 Ghouls 2HD d2/d3/d6 claw plus CON save vs paralysis 
7 Demi Wight 2HD needs silver or magic or holy or fire to hurt, d4 dark weapon plus level drain
8 Giant Beetle 1d4 1HD+1HP d6 bite breeding here have glowing glands alchemists want
9 Gremlins taunt and sabotage you for days
10 Long gone wild lost familiar d4 1=Imp 2=Spider 3=toad 4=gremlin

d10 What is the thing that lives between walls?
1 Horrible were rat midget that used to be a student
2 An attractive lady ghost who murders anyone who makes out
3 A demi wight formerly a teen student lost searching for secret crawlspaces
4 A scrawny old carrion crawler that has learned to be careful
5 Giant trapdoor spider 2HD d8 Bite and venom, can build secret doors with web and scraps
6 Mr Grinchykin a lost evil familiar gives terrible advice and dodgy ID on cursed magic relics
7 A mummified cat undead that hunts the rats and mice or any who follow darkness
8 Barney McGoogle is a hairy goggle eyed old man goblin who steals hair and undergarments
9 Wall goblin clan of ma and pa and dozens of children, giggling, drooling, farting and stealing
10 Tentacled shoggoth thing lurks and spies from cracks and drains grew from bacterium

d20 Staff
1 Theron Hubbard master of magic
2 Zarius Kane master warrior
3 Dorian Blake master priest
4 Mistress Doran Zorg, rogue
5 Groundskeeper Nasrun Barj (Orc)
6 Magdar Windlow school cook
7 Ziogarn Drun, librarian and rumored lich
8 Tornigan Vanderan Alchemy master
9 Trecia Ran hall mistress
8 Horigan Pudd hall master
9 Borizan Karg hall master
10 Ron Ham sport and fitness coach
11 Sister Perpetia school nurse
12 Fresh young attractive tutor with a dark secret in past
13 Cranky brilliant disturbed tutor with secret project
14 Dirian Piule school bard
15 Brother dorien, monk and custodian
16 Zulan Karg assistant headmaster, in charge of punishments
17 Henudra Pnaargax school custodian and care taker
18 Kradak Jar security custodian
19 School pet or mascot
20 Current Headmaster, last months or a few years at most, most are grumps

d6 School pets
1 Captain Horatio the school bulldog worth a notable inheritance connected to is well being
2 Scrags the cormorant sits on roof from time to time cawing or flying off to nearby bog
3 Mr Jink the cat actually a Imp reporting to hell, advises students of how to join the black college
4 Mr Fluffy a big fat old ginger tom in the library, actually librarians familiar
5 Monty the school goat, popular kidnapping victim for secret society battles
6 Ur-El the salamander a great flaming lizard in a pit in the advanced staff lab, occasionally goes for walk supported by student with a floating disk spell so he doesn't burn floor

d12 Mysteries

1 Who stole the apples? something has been nicked
2 What bit the school mascot? mysterious injury what caused it
3 What ate  who? somebody is misssing
4 Who vandalised graves in school or local graveyards
5 School bullies looking for d4 1=slaves 2=victims 3=money 4=party
6 Someone needs help d4 1=with homework 2=with finding love 3=being bullied 4=with home life
7 Strict teacher bullies student for mysterious reason
8 Secret society targets student for d4 1=sacrifice 2=torment 3=information 4=help with a crime
9 Spooky staff member gives unwanted kindly attention in front of everyone
10 Scratching in walls at night, croaking in cistern or other strange noises
11 Goblin raiders cause mischief in school attacking students and other mischief
12 Some experimental thing goes out of control resulting in surprise combat test

d12 Punishments for a term

1 Care for school pet for a term
2 Help groundskeeper for a term
3 Help the cook for a term
4 Clean for a term the d4 1=graves 2=latrines 3=labs 4=dining hall
5 Forced to city charity mission on weekends
6 Join Choir for a term
7 Play Sport for a term
8 Help Librarian for a term
9 Serve a Master for a term
10 Monitor duty d4 1=blackboards 2=hall 3=sport equipment 4=books
11 Fine 3d6 gp
12 d6 damage worth of flogging

d20 School Secret Societies
1 Grey Skulls are privileged rich useless youth who dream of easy power, members graduate to more serious power cults with parents, Students receive a extra d6gp each term
2 Esoteric Eidolons are mysterious scholars of magic who abuse drugs and mystical rituals, many become wipe out losers, some just grow out of it, they put on best parties with weird rituals
3 Wood Brethren meet in woods to discuss mysteries of nature and politics, some become bandits, rangers or druids, actually train members in outdoors and combat
4 Sisters of the dark are a ritualistic cult headed by girls interested in necromancy and summoning
5 The horned brotherhood help you discover your ideal demonic patron through wicked cults and ordeals and tests dedicated to the million screaming ones
6 The order of the Trident are a band of cruel youths who flaunt their influence and power while holding depraved secret parties, you join by providing a new exotic entertainment or victim
7 The back hand are a criminal group who aid each other and help members join a gang on maturity
8 Blood princes teach brutality and serving the hidden masters goals of conquest
9 Inquisitors hide and try to find evidence of cults, mutations or secret societies which the anonymously report, others know them as squealers, many hope to join secret police they think school linked to 
10 Dark Bretherem practice secret rituals but especially like costumes, wine, make-up, drugs and porn
11 Forest dancers who practice under the old oak, dancing and performing in seasonal costumes, have some secret nocturnal chantings but mostly like parties, performing and theatrics
12 The Golden Hourglass Sect meed in secret to ponder celestial mysteries observable in natural phenomena for divination. Have many books of prophecy and preach enlightenment

will do d100 school encounters

Monday 29 December 2014

Adventurers Prep School

So in Adelaide got to run game for 3 old friends. One builds life sized daleks who make appearance in public lots. Another has a 3d printer i want to ask about. One had a baby on hand which was fine.

Each generated four zero level characters from common to poor backgrounds who had received scholarships from an unknown source. Ranged from street louts to rural hunter lads, urban craftsmen and several who could read. They were enrolled at the Shadelport Adventurers Preparatory school by someone. Some thought the Barron wants more dungeons cleared to expand his control and settle more rural areas. Others postulated the 800 year rule by the Barron is proof he is a duke of hell in disguise.

So the youths were shown the school grounds with a cottage garden, graveyard (with several fresh student plots), sports field, forbidden apple orchard and a grove of old oak trees. Inside were student labs, dining halls, dorms,lecture rooms and more. Was explained they were to be trained for making a living as noble adventurers not just grubby murder hobos out for grubby loot.

Given student robes and floppy pointed caps for uniform and given room in first year dorm. Thuggish older bullies and a few mean rich kids eyed them off as they settled in the first year dorm. It was just a big hall with military cots and a foot locker with bedroll and blankets. There was little privacy. The second year room had lacquered paneled wooden hutches with nice beds, wardrobes and chests of draws. Third year students had a private room with a door but rich kids in velvet were strutting about like jerks, many with thugs in tow.

So settled into learning basics, most studied to read and those that could already learned goblin and ancient and other exotic dungeon tongues. Apparently language study established a basic test of student potential. One day while out playing stickball, the dozen new youths with a few extra students when a few saw something spying them from the woods. It was goblins who furiously charged. Several students bolted away including Wheezie the sickest kid int the dorm. Others wondered if hey were goblin servants of the school. A number of kids stood their ground with bats, others threw rocks and sticks. The first three kids were butchered horribly and a few of the tougher kids made their first kills. Some kids had brought slings and daggers and joined in too. A few youths fell wounded but most of the ten goblins were pushed back. Masters impressed by students and a few of the school orcs chased few surviving goblins away. A master explained a goblin hole nearby had been producing problems.

After that many more student talked to them no doubt seeking people to rcruit into a adventuring party of their dreams. Most of them could read now and began to look at possible adventuring class programs coming next term. Kids had some fun finding secret passages in school Did get attacked by a rat swarm, saw some gremlins, and found a imprisoned demon all in secret doors in the library. Got into attic and found lots of weird barrels pulled from dungeon. Inside found food, tools, short swords, strange foodstuff and a small bomb. One heard croaking in toilet block late at night and they found and killed a giant frog in a group next day. Eventually heard off haunted midden heap full of rats and creepy graveyard. Found a buried pit in middenheap and explored a root filled dark hole with lots of huge rats the size or farm dogs. Found entry to graveyard and fought goul who paralysed several kids.

Over holidays some had parents visit bringing kids ham, pies and fruitcakes. Other got embarrassed by hugs and kisses and parents boasting about children's superiority. Most other students returned to families over holidays but had a few days enjoying treats. Got to have run of school mostly empty so looked for more secret doors. Found a creepy stairwell behind a secret door where found a stone crypt. A wight came out and several school masters and librarians killed the beast but two students disapeard.

Got to meet some of the school secret societies by late in year and a few joined in. One joined the stick dancers who practiced in the woods. One found a brotherhood of archers. Others were offered inductions into creepier groups who demanded they stab people around the school and steal school mascots. Eventually decided to go into tunnels again taking a different route. Killed a giant frog and a huge beetle. Found bowling ball size grubs and took them. Finally came out in graveyard and heard odd noises and hid. Saw former students who went missing in wight hole being let inside the run down crypt.

Next day blacksmith among group silvered everyone's arrows, clubs, daggers. At night bashed door down and fought the two dead students now demi wights. Was a terrible battle and two kids died but monsters killed. Lead survivors were graduated to middle stream (a fighter and a rogue) and met a halfling. Became best friends over term and next term began asking old men about ruins and treasure in the nearby village pub. Went poking after a witch house and climbed in the roof. Took some loot but house moved and every hour moved to a new location in a strange dreamy interplanar phase shift.

Eventually went through cycle and witch returned. Managed to kill her and her toad and escape. Back to school to study and relax for a while....

Saturday 27 December 2014

D100 From the waters deep

Monsters found in the deep sea could be in undersea caverns as well. You might catch something from deeps on your anchor or magical fishing rod or net. Some creatures surface and hide in the cavernous underland waters and migrate to other realms such as the deep sea or the surface occasionally. Some deep sea air breathing monsters may get access to air in deep sea caves and never surface under the sun. Fish men hybrid creatures such as dolphins, marine dinosaurs, dragons, sea serpents are granted the ability to breathe water as true amphibians so they never need come up from the depths. Albino specimen are common in the great depths as well as creatures having bioluminescence, antenna or tentacles. Evil gods and demons and fey folk and more lurk in the depths interbreeding with local spirit folk like elves, abhumans and changeling’s as well.

Anyway the point is evils underwater death darkness chaos monster encounters. Has been on my to do  list for a while.

Use these tables for when:
Deep sea fishing
Deep underwater exploration in the dark depths
Strange things at sea at night, often attracted to lights
Exploring deep underground water ways
Deep in a well or sinkhole or aquatic caves
In a backwoods lake or stream
In pool near a time portal
In a alien saucer hight pressure tank
Pool in the frog cult temple
In pit under newt kings bed

d10 Quick deep horrors
1 Hybrid horrors
2 Giant sea monsters
3 Tako folk from good or evil kingdom
4 Slimy spineless horrors
5 Exoskeleton horrors
6 Cephalopoda and tentacles
7 Undersea abhumans
8 Fishmen up to no good
9 Other humanoids of the deep
10 Weird stuff

d12 Deep Water Species Changes

1 Albino
2 Blind with white eyes, but rely on other enhanced sense
3 Thermal vision, can see body heat
4 Bioluminescent, some have luminous lamp from forehead or use to communicate or scare
5 Facial tentacles are superior touch and can act as a hand for motor skills
6 Poison bite or sting extra attack or combine with existing one d4 1=paralasys 2=sleep 3=dead 4=disease
7 Additional sense d4 1=sonar 2=huge eyes with nightvision 3=pressure sense 4=direction sense
8 Biolelectic powers, can see other living fields and can cast a stun spark every turn, save or stun
9 Chaos Sorcery powers
10 Chaos mutation
11 Glasslike transparent flesh and bones
12 Extra d4 tentacles can make unarmed grappling attacks at long range

100 Deep water water chaos horrors
01 Undead chaos mermaid part deep sea fish casts spells
02 Sea ogre with net and trident tries to kidnap for slavery or snack
03 Sirens using magic to be amphibious
04 Sea-lion actually half fish and lion hunt in packs and can flop about on land
05 Chaos crabman torso on giant crab body like a centaur
06 Blood kelp sea plant plant that swims, entangles and eats prey. 1in6 intelligent and use illusions
11 Cruel plesiosaur 1in6 intelligent with spells
12 Angry tylosaur 1in6 intelligent with spells
13 Crafty ichthiosaur 1in6 intelligent with spells
14 Giant turtle or tortoise some are hostile with hostile humanoids living in shell
15 Huge manta ray one in six surrounded by court of evil chaos worshipping intelligent spawn
16 White whale bristling in rust harpoons hates humanoids, will return as ghost if killed
17 Sea serpent hostile to humans and can crawl on land to nest or eat sheep or children
18 Giant fish hostile to humans who make tiny snacks and may survive in wreck filled stomach for years
19 Island fish beast resembles a land mass from a rock to a island with possibly vegetation growing
20 Degenerate magical sea titan with elemental servants, demands sacrifice, worship and food
22 Tako chaos sorcerers riding a giant d6 1=eel 2=lobster 3=crab 4=trilobite 5=man-o-war 6=baracuda
23 Tako knights riding d6 1=seahorse 2=cheeky dolphin 3=nautilus 4=ammonite 5=flying fish 6=seal
24 Tako hunters of good or evil kingdom with hunting beasts d4 1=shark 2=eel 3=huge squid 4=serpent
25 Tako wizard with another sea horror companion
26 A vampire tako from the dark seeks victims to drain of life
27 A band of young tako tribal hunters good or evil
28 A tako swimming with human spell caster lover, with magical means of breathing
29 A tako servant of a nymph or hag with band of her guards looking for enemies
30 Tako adventurer band from good or evil kingdom
31 A horrible flesh eating polyp rooted rock, lures prey with illusionary mate, food or someone in trouble
32 Huge spine covered star fish with savage beak that grabs victims
33 Horrid huge worm that hides under debris or burrows into floor, ambushes with snatching jaws
34 Horrible red worms that live in calcium tubes may ooze out en mass if flesh nearby
35 Huge beautiful luminous jellyfish with long tendrils groping for food
36 Gigantic aquatic slug can flatten self over large area when swimming or grappling
37 Huge worm nests in burrow and can swim or crawl out of water, or burst through ground
38 Huge tentacled anemone can grow move out of water often in groups to seize creatures
39 Man-o-war with trailing tentacles dragging out a huge distance 1in6 have magic to lure in victims
40 Gelatinous horror crawls on land or swim in sea, paralyzes and engulfs prey
41 Giant nautilus with hostile undersea humanoids or monsters live inside and protect home
42 Kraken overlord of the deep with spells and minions of a servitor race
43 Giant Wiley squid tries to snatch a snack by stealth at first 1in6 intelligent with spells
44 Giant ammonite looking to steal some snacks
45 Young kraken looking for slaves to steal to his undersea cave
46 Giant octopus angered by humans turns crimson and goes beserk
47 Octopus pulling chariot clam shell with catfishman sorcerer and his sharkman bodyguard
48 Flying giant squid seeks prey he can drag back to lair to eat (skysquid)
49 Mutant octopus with thorn tentacles and swollen brain and magic powers
51 Aquatic centipede like thing chases, poisons and snatches corpse to lair
52 Aquatic Scorpion aggressive preditor
53 Lobster tries to snatch victim and flee to lair
54 Crab crawling carefully with precise yet brutal flesh shredding claws
55 Trilobite savagely attack often in groups flopping about biting wildly
56 Aquatic Spider lurking in ambush or staling creepily tracking a victim
57 Dragonfly larvae with possible adults near or adaptation for permanent aquatic form
58 Giant sea urchin rolls on poisonous spines and can impale them into victims
59 Giant hermit crab possibly with family of creatures in shell who defend home
60 Horseshoe crab with might armoured shell
61 Sharkmen berserker mercenaries out killing for their master
62 Crab men with nets who live to eat tasty meatpeople for the surface world
64 Aquatic tribe of lizard men like sea iguana, savage hunters of deep or land
65 Lobster men wearing hand necklaces excitedly close on party
66 Squidmen performing foul rites to summon aquatic or amphibious demons
67 Jellyfish men attack mindlessly flinging stinging tendrils at humans
68 Serpent men amphibious science/magic team on a dread mission of evil
69 Newtmen angered by humans will become enrages and form a growing mob that peruses party
70 Eelmen stalking prey and making sleazy comments to enemies
71 Fishmen with captives being taken to temple in the depths
72 Fishmen tribe carrying holy leader on submersible palanquin with gold statuettes
73 Catfish man sorcerer with gang of minions d4 1=eelmen 2=fishmen 3=sharkmen 4=crabmen
74 Fish men commandos with spell caster riding mechanical bronze fish automaton
75 Young fish men gang playing with severed human head, winner gets to eat it
76 Sharkman ogre with fish men gang looking for loot and food, enjoys terrorising prisoners
78 Fishfolk witch coven call upon d4 1=manta ray 2=seademon 3=sharks 4-sea serpent
79 Fishmen druids call sea creatures and create sargassums of weed with magic
80 Fishmen with dolphin hybrids
81 Sea dark elves horrid chaos cultists try to cruelly torment and kill with magic
82 Chaos sea horse men riding flying sea horses
83 Sea goblins riding d4 1=goblin sharks 2=chaos tako 3=manta ray 5=
84 Sea unicorn half fish half unicorn protected the under sea kelp forest
85 Giant jellyfish with sea goblins living inside
86 Mermaid royalty with shark chariot guards
87 Chaos merman berserker tribe looking for a fight
88 Selkie seducers lure to place of human sacrifice
89 Kelpie beautiful amphibian horses actually dark changeling sorcerers, children of great sea hag
90 Demonic sea changelings with d4 1=pet giant animals 2=lamprey men assassins 3=barracuda men
91 Sea dragon from sea king court in human form in shimering robes
92 Sea spirit folk changeling connected to 1=seaweed forests 2=fish court 3=darkness 4=sea dragons
93 Kleptocrabs follow sneakily to steal equiptment, if spotted will scatter, grab stuff and flee
94 Hostile bird men warlock adventurers d6 1=puffinmen 2=dodomen 3=gullmen 4=ibismen 5=penguinmen 6=albatrosmen
95 Sea lycanthrope turns from men into amphibian monster d4 1=wolf/shark 2=seal (selkie) 3=shark 4-
96 Philosopher jellyfish man with tiny limbs on bloated body, gives wise advice advice while eating victims
97 Swarm of killer krill eat everything in path for 8 hours a day and lay millions of eggs (tasty)
98 Sea hag in hut who might provide knowledge in return for something shameful of horrible or both
99 Slimy swarm of electric eels with collective consciousness formed from their bioelectric swarm aura
100 Undead crewed ghost treasure ship with phantom marines and a spectral captain attack the living

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Exile Log: Mystery of level 17 revealed!

Last game for year but my players in Adelaide requested oldschool DnD this year. Probably will not get to be in Adelaide this long for a while as my current job would employ me in that time period despite what manager said before I booked tickets. They since quit and have given me the spare days I had in their new centre (they didnt even tell other staff where they went too) when i get back so 4 employers for 20 days then I have no idea. Health good and feeling more sociable than last few years. And I still get to game.

Last time party badly wounded and retreated. Called to Orc kings dining hall where Acula and Olga were there with king also battered. Apparently they tried to catch up with party with some orc recruits but orcs all killed by spores and chased Olga and Acula about on the mushroom levels til they escaped. Party agreed to not split up and head straight for the entry ol level 17, where no green orc had ever returned from. King was pleased and Acula began to wonder if his wife on surface would like to be turned into a orc like he was. She was ugly enough already.

After a few days rest they departed and found the gates to the citadel upper levels open and drunken orc layabouts and guards chillin out. They leaped to attention when they saw Acula now well known as a orc hero as was his wife the orc beauty Olga. Nahme the Angel and the Tako kid Serren where getting sick of being known as Acula's strange followers.

Anyway the Nahme (with her orc guard, her theif boy, her bodyguard warrior and priest and bugbear assasin she hopes to eform) Serrin with his eelman buddy and Acula (with olga, two orc recruits and 5 grunts) went upstairs. Past the haunted bandit levels that orcs inspired by party had mostly cleaned out and int the next four former temple leves. Noticed things were a bit quiet. Heard some moaning sounds and found strange hoof prints. Acula went up stairs alone sneakily but slipped. He stuck his head around corner to face the gaze of a wierd elongated hairless cow-molerat thing.

Others wondered where Acula was. Thief boy was curious and went to fetch him. Found his dead body and saw rear end of monster guzzling a dead goblin. It's slobbery jowels where drooling on goblin then sucking up gelatinous flesh. Well Acula being dead was a bummer so they fled.

Met the court of the king who called forth his greatest holy men and shamen and healers. On wiseorc told of the dreaded gaze of the cateoblas. Offered one form of raised dead but party pushed for the best possible treatment. Priests of hell lords took the body and Nahme sighed and went back to inn. She didnt want to see this. Serren watched the holyorcs call on the power of hell and Asmodeus.

Acula awoke and seemed a bit diferent. He mentioned a funny dream where he sold his soul or something. Nahme could see he was lawful evil but to her lawful good eyes that was better than his pure chaos he worshipped before as an excuse to act as he pleased without restraint. At least he was lawful now.

Party returned to the ormer holy level. Nahme was determined to kill the beast that ought not to live and migt harm the innocent. Acula wanted revenge. Serren as usual was along for the thrills of the surface people. Followed beast tracks and tried to ambush it from behind but it was ready. The air was charged with it's fell gaze and the party charged mostly not looking under the cover of a silence spell. Acula took the risk and just kept shooting his deadly bolts into the beast but it had tough hide. Other swung at it mostly missing and Serrin cast magical bolts and a fire ball and Nahme shuddered almost succumbing to the death gaze. Olga bashed it with her flail and Serren finally killed it with a flaming shuriken.

Acula took the beasts head and they went looking for the fell beasts lair. In it's shit filled nest were three chests. Wondered why beast accumulated look but orcs supposed it was to be used as bait. Gelatinous half filled sloppy corpses surrounded the nest. Found a barrel of lard, box of tin snops and rivets, boots that increased leaping range by 20%, a tiara that made wearer sparkle, a +1 staff and some other crap. The thief boy opened them all safely but the last was most complex. First chest was filled with 12000 copper and party gave to the guest flunkies who were thrilled. Next was silver an gold. Finally found in last hundreds of platinum, several bejeweled items including a vulgar cod piece and several magical items. First was a sword of the empire never used +6 but would lose a plus every hit time enchantment faded. Many of these made by empire to kill magic monsters cheaply hundreds of years ago. The ther items were wands. One a red slender beauty with fire runes nobody could read. Last was a twisted black stick with cobwebs and dead flies on end. Nahme wanted to save her power to identify item for healing and go on.

So pushed up the mushroom levels stairs till came into the lost levels where nor orc had returned from. Came into a great chamber with many barricaded exits including a stair level up blocked with rubble. So marched into middle of room to see if they could look down halls. Then the savage white orc cannibals popped up. 25 archers fired away pinning party and wounding many. Flunky or all few and Nahme bless all while Serrin fireballed a blockade killing ten archers and their spearmen guards. Rest of party confused took another volley before fleeing, many grabbin a wounded party member first. Acula managed to pick off a few more archers and pull back so only one group could see him. Serren was not touched once. He destroyed another blockade before pulling back. Orcs were ringing alarm bells and summoning help.

Wounded battered party retreated back to the green orc kings palace. Told him of the white orc savages with bone and stone tools and he was outraged. Commanded party to prepare to lead his army into the 17-20th levels (was still a spherical structure left after that).

Party battered but wiser trained up to the next rank of power. Acula finally learned sword and (?) recruited a dibolic orc devil worhiping priest. Nahme while in payer was startled by a flash and her kid brother had been sent to join her. Serrin found the brother of his crab man and adopted him (from a clutch of hundreds of siblings). Many of their flunkies were beefed up also. Trained with green orc heroes for a week preparing to exterminate the vile white orcs, the most recent tribe who were men who chose to be orcs to adapt to the deeps the gods had imprisoned them in.

All keen to resolve this and return to surface. Acula worried about wives and what the evil sorcerer Chandaru has been up to. One of the wands was a fire ball which Rerin could have single handed killed all the white orc barricade brigade. The other was a cursed arachnid wand that could hurl a web spell daily but would turn wielder into a spider centaur next full moon. Sold most of the loot and came out pretty rich.

Chodaru went to visit his mom in the city and discovered she had been visited by party claiming to be school friends. They had crossed aline so he visited Acula's wife and pressured her to try and see if the man Acula was still alive by divination. As he was technically a orc not a man the results said the man Acula could not be found. Chandaru comforted the widow and made her an offer....

I had battered party worst ever this session and felt a bit bad but all had fun.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Babylon log: To the city of Kartulu

My last for the year of this game

So in palace of king of Umma party decided to check out city of Kartulu to see if deserved the wicked rep it had as a sinking mess falling to corruption with unwholesome citizens. Spoke to agent of king in common clothes who advised dont explore city alone. Also they dont really grow enough food but do well in fish and have plenty of gold. They seem to bribe away Gutians and Elamites from invading them. They have funny version of Dagon more fishy and draconic and possibly far older than the Dagon cult of the north. The source of the gold was a mystery neighboring areas disliked them greatly. Many persons had vanished in city and area.

Went to docks where there was a warf used by men of Kartulu and a street adjacent where trade houses, warehouses, fish markets, a pub and brothel. Known as Fish street it was a dirty street of shifty men in loin cloths with a few poor merchants and shopkeepers. There was a house of Dagon which acted as a embassy and shrine for visitors from Kartulu. Went to brothel first and were unimpressed to see ugly people having sex in courtyard for few fish. Next to the pub where they drank beer from pots through a straw then got to drinking palm wine. Ariana was a former pirate and she got very drunk. Toth talked to a few men and heard the feast of Dagon was in city and men longed to return before the nigh festival began. Party intrigued so all took a hired boat to the city of Kartulu. Left non essential followers and money in palace of Umma. As swampy a chariot trip seemed unwise. Thi richest in party (Ariana, Toth, and now Kull) too the VIP trip with fans, food and more wine. The cheapest barbarians (Sobek, Pek and Kull's backward brother) took the working mans ticket and helped to row.

Boat arrived in 4 hours and captain took them to a good inn. The dykes were leaking, the fields were in array, the common folk ugly and hunched. Sighs of bad kingship or some curse. The festival folk were all buying masks with fish and frogs and eels being popular. Toth bought a panther in honour of Nergal. Rest got frogs and got robes. Kull wore his Marduk dragon warrior uniform and refused to dress down or leave his huge axe.

Ariana was a bit hungover from morning so accepted drinks from strangers who liked her breasts so she got very drunk. As festivities continued floats of fish monsters, dragons, sea serpents and kraken flowed though the crowds. Every one was banging drums, using whistles and rattling cistrums. Pek got a drum. Shift men kept trying to lure Ariana from group but saw she was under watch. Toth saw a really realistic fish man mask in crowd that unsettled him. Kull pretended to hang back and was invited into one of dozens of guild halls for extra drinking and feasting. Saw a ox get dragged in screaming into one and it was rapidly silenced. Pek kept being friendly but insisted his friends come in. They said was too busy and told him to wait. He was outraged at others getting in first. Finally invited in but he would not put down axe so got kicked out. Town was now quiet and rest of party admitted and Pek politely put down his maul as requested. Saw a dragon outfit with leggs of four men playfully snapping at other revelers. Four other in corner chanting in croaking voices with gold tipped warped looking spears in robes and masks. The cultists bolted door and Pek asked why?

"Oh to keep out drunks", they replied

"I am the octopus queen", shouted Ariana drunkenly

Finally the chanting increased. The robed men revealed their true faces of deep one fish men. The dragon dancers turned into a real wingless dragon, possessed by a liogor spirit forming flesh from magic power of the city rituals. But the party were not afraid and drew their hidden weapons while kicking and punching at cultists. Pek ran to his maul, his guardian spirit of Ninurta told him to be wary of the dragon spirit. Kull out side heard commotion and his spirit grew angry. Ariana called a lightning bolt from heavens through roof and struck the dragon upsetting it.

Our heroes cut and bashed the men senseless but the fish men sat back sending evil eyes, even demoralizing Pek. Pek's spirit countered the spells and Pek returned more violent than ever. As minions fell with ease the dragon and fish men edged closer but Kull smashed door down with axe and cast the command dragon spell of Marduk. The  liogor discorporated it's vulnerable fleshy form and angrily cast spells at Kull but his guardian spirit warded him from spells.

With no dragon the fish men were batterd. The dragon tried to reform and kull banished it again wasting the Dragons prescious magic so it fled in spirit form to alert other dragons and deep ones. Party killed deep ones and took one cultist captive and fled for docks. Ariana said she had never fought so well and should get drunk in battle more. They ran with a mob behind them and Pek dropped out to claim the party goods. At docks most held of crowd while drunken Ariana selected a fast boat. All jumped in and set off rowing hard. Burbling deep ones came at them from the water and Ariana shot at them with her bow. As they sailed past walls into swamp, Pek leaped from wall thirty feet up with all party loot. The got to nab some deep one gold medallions and had a cultist prisoner.

Escaped back to Umma and celebrated victory. Learned much from cultist about the fowl city and relation to the lords of the deep and other horrors.

Was a lot of fun as all players knew what they were facing, the Insmouth of 1751 BC

Sunday 14 December 2014

d100 What is that Master of Magic up to?

Ok here is a final monster R&R table, I promise. Hmmm but perhaps one more for unintelligent bestial ones in lairs?....

So this covers what sorcerers, evil priests, shamans and wizards in a dungeon or lair might be up to.

d10 Quick what is spell user up to?
1 Dealing with students
2 Engaged in ritual
3 Researching magical secrets
4 Forbidden vice
5 Dealing with business
6 Receiving magical guests
7 Every day drudgery
8 Working on hobby
9 Making magical thing
10 Something ghastly

d100 What is that Master of Magic up to?

01 Beating apprentices
02 Teaching apprentices
03 Practising Tantric ritual with unhappy apprentice
04 Sleeping while apprentices uses cantrip petty spells to clean up
05 Reading while apprentices stir cauldron and make dinner
06 Drinking while apprentices made to perform humiliating show
07 Researching spell while apprentices stripping flesh from corpses
08 Having a nice smoke while apprentices copy documents
09 Testing applicants for new apprentices
10 Telling apprentices to stop crying over fellow student accidentally killed
11 Preying to other planar being
12 Practicing divination ritual
13 Deep in trance
14 Contacting the spirits of the dead
15 Chanting names of planar beings, spirits or ancestors
16 Talking to familiar
17 Sacrificing a victim to planar being in return for knowledge
18 Drawing magical symbols
19 Painting symbols on face, hands or whole body
20 Casting runes, bones or engraved sticks for divination
21 Dissecting a monster corpse
22 Dissecting a human corpse
23 Building a model
24 Drawing up plans for alchemical apparatus
25 Drawing up alchemical calculations
26 Studying astrological charts
27 Measuring skulls with callipers to determine intelligence of deceased
28 Setting up lab for experiment
29 Tormenting a restrained creature to learn about magical abilities
30 Reading blasphemous tablets or books or scrolls
31 Turning animal into attractive sex slave
32 Inhaling magical vapours and powders for otherworldly visions
33 Trying to summon a succubi or incubus just from curiosity
34 Entertaining self with lewd illusions
35 Tormenting sexy imp in bottle
36 Practicing appearance enhancing illusions on self in mirror
37 Scrying on distant bath house with magic
38 Charming a attractive prisoner for sexual favours
39 Enhancing appearance of ugly servant for sexual favours
40 Promising a youth they can magically restore virginity after and other claims
41 Dealing with grave robbers for fresh corpses
42 Counting money
43 Writing letter to fellow caster about magical matter
44 Dealing with merchant for exotic supplies
45 Dealing with criminal for illegal goods
46 Dealing with slaver or kidnapper to buy someone
47 Being visited by prostitutes
48 Boss monster (or a servant) visiting for advice or a spell
49 Negotiating with cultists for forbidden lore books
50 Talking to guards about need to be alert for nosey adventurers
51 Playing chess with visiting caster
52 Visited by lover really trying to steal secrets
53 Communicating with distant spell caster though magical means
54 A peer come to exchange magical secrets
55 Arguing with rival about territorial claims or some offence
56 Talking to planar creature about a pact
57 A charming visitor offering power actually a outer planar being
58 Selling soul to visiting outer planar being in disguise
59 Making a deal with stranger actually a shape shifting monster
60 Talking to cult leader about an alliance
61 Writing in journal
62 Writing shopping list
63 Eating dinner alone
64 Sitting on toilet
65 Reading fiction in front of fire in comfy chair
66 Grooming in front of mirror
67 Getting dressed in front of mirror
68 Having a nap
69 Cleaning up lab
70 Cooking a meal
71 Polishing and sorting bone collection
72 Assembling a skeleton for display
73 Stuffing a animal
74 Pinning insect into display case
75 Alphabetising collection of blasphemous books
76 Feeding pets and familiars
77 Making artwork
78 Looking at stars and making notes
79 Sorting out collection of fetishes
80 Examining collection of erotic art
81 Brewing a potion 
82 Creating a monster
83 Summoning something from beyond
84 Raising the dead
85 Making a minor magic item
86 Making a magic weapon or armour
87 Making a wand
88 Making a magic scroll
89 Making a magic tool
90 Making magical jewelery
91 Communicating with a horrible being from beyond
92 Sacrificing people in bizarre ritualistic manner
93 Crossbreeding a monster with a human
94 Performing horrid rite to activate a vile relic
95 Growing nightmare creation in a vat
96 Growing a beautiful person in a vat as d4 1=child 2=lover 3=slave 4=to torment
97 Turning victims into monsters and putting in caged pits
98 Watching monsters devour screaming victim
99 Mating with otherworldly horror so it's spawn may dwell on earth as a native
100 Releasing a planar being into world in return for a service or curiosity or just fun

Saturday 13 December 2014

Even More Off Duty Monster Antics

One advantage of Reddit gazing on my no1 all time hit post (4100 last count) was their nitpicking was actually good for editing - usually my blogger readers tell me when my numbers out on my tables but this nitpicker did me a favour in spotting number repeats so Im going to have to do a third table for what off duty monsters up to. I also learned difference between prey and pray which seems to have stuck and being alert for homonym errors. I am borderline brain damaged with numbers and vowels so I appreciate kindly and helpful editorial tips (but not the: "I should quit writing forever for my word crime" ones).

d100 Yet more pastimes for monster layabouts in their barracks
01 Looking at treasure map of dead comrades stash
02 Making a toy to send to kids back home
03 Discussing first time they murdered
04 Discussing what underworld like
05 Explaining to peers how all monsters are equal
06 Laying in bed blowing nose with filthy old rags
07 Making a dummy to take place in bed or guard spot
08 Polishing weapon or armour
09 Making improvised weapon like a shiv or spiked club
10 Masturbating
11 Peeling root vegetables
12 Eating eggs
13 Eating groats
14 Snacking on rat on a stick or huge bug
15 Having a nap
16 Praying to gods
17 Plotting with peers against boss
18 Dreaming up a evil scheme
19 Trying to solve puzzle to open a secret lock they have found in dungeon
20 Mixing drinks to create horrible cocktails
21 Entertaining some monster strippers one brought back home
22 Trying to cook a giant monster egg
23 Trying to remove gunpowder safely from dwarf land mine
24 Torturing a kobold for information on his tribal treasure
25 Monster showing of cantrip or petty spell he learned
26 Superior trying to teach grunts more refined accents
27 Monsters trying to learn to count over 10 by frustrated leader
28 Cracking nuts intently with mallet
29 Celebrating a monsters birthday
30 Telling adventurer jokes
31 Deep frying grubs and caterpillars
32 Passing around huge centipede or spider to build up immunity
33 Soothsayer disemboweling a goat warning monsters that a dark force is looming near
34 Monster performing astrological readings from charts he pretends to be able to read
35 Monsters playing with adorable pet giant ferret
36 Monsters playing spin the bottle with prisoners
37 Shaman giving medical inspections while monsters standing naked in line
38 Restraining bunk mate berserk from eating wrong shrooms
39 Monsters trying to find which of them is a thief
40 Monsters trying to find which of them blocked the toilet
41 Leader started a surprise inspection
42 Monsters squabbling about what to do with unconscious prostitute
43 Drunkenly skinning something alive rubbing blood on faces laughing
44 Scrubbing floor with brushes and buckets of filthy water
45 Leader abusing troops for modifying uniforms
46 Monsters discussing who among them worships the wrong evil god in secret
47 Monsters sitting on top bunks drinking to see who can stay up the longest
48 Monsters eating delicious spicy goat brains in flat bread
49 Monster whingeing about food quality while older monsters laugh
50 Monsters giggling over sexy naked imp trapped in bottle
51 Monsters trying to figure out who is the doppelganger among them
52 Monsters boasting about children
53 Monsters worrying about how dead body got into barracks
54 Monster telling others his mother will be angry if they tease him anymore
55 Superior asking troops if anybody has seen his missing child
56 Band practice on home made instruments from bones, skin and sinew
57 Monsters debating if they should eat strange possibly magic pie they found in dungeon
58 Locking drunk dorm mate into chastity belt
59 Sarge yelling at monsters to clean up for visit from the boss
60 Sarge bullying monster in front of peers to humiliate them
61 Sarge beating trooper into submission
62 Healer visiting several sick monsters
63 Priest come to talk about leaving wealth to temple
64 Priest come to talk unnatural urges in barracks
65 Priest consoling monster whose family were killed by adventurers
66 Muttering about haunting in dungeon  d4 1=mummy 2=vampire 3=ghost 4=wight
67 Muttering about unwelcome thing in dungeon d4 1=murder hobos 2=dwarves 3=elves 4=cultists
68 Monsters cruelly tormenting a pet d4 1=giant rat 2=dog 3=cat 4=goat
69 Vets explaining to green recruit "what happens in dungeon stays in dungeon"
70 Telling stories of abusing prisoners and having a good laugh
71 Wishing that adventurers here so they could teach them a lesson
72 Talking about current prisoners held in the dungeon
73 Discussing bosses plans and pointing out weaknesses
74 Torturing a adventurer and telling them the bosses master plan
75 Discussing that one of them is possibly a were beast responsible for murders
76 Talking about injustice of humans on monsters ancestral lands
77 Telling dirty jokes about popular gods of outsiders
78 Playing with kittens then swallowing them whole
79 Applying poison or infected gore to weapon blades
80 Having a spitting contest
81 Trying to convince new guy ok to cheat on your wife with a goat
82 Planning to sneak out of dungeon to abuse some nearby villagers next break
83 Complaining the dungeon is boring and they never get any action
84 Monsters listening to stories of human cruelty and brutality
85 Mounting human heads as trophies to decorate barracks
86 Convincing smaller monster how lucky he is to be ball in tomorrows match
87 Skinning rabbits and making stew
88 Trying to make gunpowder like one saw a wizard do one time
89 Bashing strange glowing metal relics together with hammer to see what happens
90 One trying to convince buddies to sell souls to outer planar being of evil
91 Evaluating each others turds in chamber pots
92 Grooming their pet giant rats while gossiping about upcoming best rat contest
93 Flagellating selves as penance for failing evil tribal god
94 Drawing dicks on walls and laughing loudly
95 Debating if old practical or new fancy uniforms were a better look
96 Complaining how new leaner monsters all look skinny and used to carry more fat
97 Questioning what weapons are best and why pole arms seem less effective nowdays
98 Elders telling younger monsters not to question why they looked different 30 years ago
99 Vetran monster explaining why monsters must wander around dungeon
100 Debating if alignment is inborn or choice

Dungeon Decor Revision - bricks and floors and walls

These are just some quick ways to make Redbrick dungeons have variations when your players start thinking they are best avoided. Mixing with some other dungeon zones a good way to vary like a bit of the gothic or goblin mine. Obviously I can upscale humanoids from kobolds to something more deadly in scale with adventurers. I mixed dwarf decor with undead to table generate a lost dwarf city once. Some of the core Redbrick mechanics I will put on a single sheet for convenience. Making record forms to document random dungeons on before hand. It's fair to say i have not had a party clean out a dungeon properly since I started playing again probably 5 years back so sandbox tools with modular variations seem the only way to go. Even buying a dungeon seems a problem. Party does tend to miss half the treasure too mind you. Nobody wins in a dungeon sigh.

d20 Bricks and surface variants table
This table is if everyone is suspicious of red brick by reputation or just to have changes in different areas.

1 Grey evenly cut large stone slabs
2 Yellow sandstone with fossil ammonites and shells
3 Black basalt huge slabs fit perfectly
4 Irregular perfectly packed and fitted rocks
5 Plastered walls, possibly fresco murals
6 Muddy walls supported by logs and planks
7 Green round slime covered rocks
8 Walls of soft loamy soil, packed full of worms and bugs
9 Ancient glazed or plastered mud brick with relief art
10 Covered in graffiti, rubble, and crap
11 Dripping wet, semi flooded in parts
12 Dried mud surfaces, wooden door frames, all angles smoothed
13 Mass of living roots
14 White marble slabs
15 Riveted metal walls shiny, rusty, copper or black soot covered
16 Wooden panelled neat carpentry over rubble and rock
17 Smaller orange, grey, red, brown or green bricks, some glazed
18 Plaster wall embedded with coloured ceramic cones forming patterns
19 Tiny tiles, mosaic or plain coloured like rail station or hospital or swimming pool
20 Concrete with stencilled signage

d20 Floors and corridor additions table
This is to ad some extra detail to the walls and surfaces table. Could vary per level or area. Dungeon slime creatures and scarabs are commonly employed to clean up many dungeons.

01 A few inches deep in clear water
02 Dirty filthy water with bugs
03 Water and raw sewerage
04 Covered in garbage,
05 Remains of bones and stinking fragments of monster food
06 Dried and dedicated bones and human or monster remains
07 Crawling with bugs or rats
08 Covered straw mixed with vomit, sewerage and garbage that the locals change seasonally or yearly
09 Scoured clean by hard working slaves, monsters or some gelatinous horror
10 Blood spattered everywhere, some corpses in varied states
11 Chunks of monster dung and puddles of urine
12 Worms writhing and crawling about
13 Mud spattered all over floors with footprints everywhere
14 Dust and dirt all over floors
15 Moss and lichen with patches of fungus
16 Floor worn smooth from aeons of footsteps
17 Floor worn smooth from water, puddles, slippery spots and even streams cutting into floor
18 Chunks or rubble and stones scattered over floor
19 Cobwebs everywhere up to ceiling
20 Cracks everywhere with animal or gremlin burrows

Friday 12 December 2014

DnD flunky form

This was something i whipped up for my dnd game by request - is one tiny typo but fine for now.

Exile log: Return to the Mushroom Kingdom

So Acula the archer was busy with his wife Olga in their orc love hotel so The Tako octopus and Nahme the angel decided to explore with some flunkies from the orc king. Tako recruited a one eyed eelman bounty hunter.

Returned to the great doors sealing the upper forgotten levels of the orc citadel to find friendly drunk guards laying about the open doors. Aparently orc adventurers spurned on by heroes success had almost cleared out the next level up of bandits and were killing the heretical demon worshipers of level after that. Party of heroes were four levels beyond that so went for stairs to mushroom levels.

Went upstairs and as rounded corner huge cave lobsters bigger than pones attacked chopping one orc's head and legs off. Party killed them and as they were fireballed several were well cooked. Sent for help from lower orc guards and hauled lobsters back and sent best ones to orc king.

Met some gnomes in fungi garden having a tea party. Decided to hunt the rooms they ha missed when they last fled wounded. Found a chest with shiny gold coins so sent orc ahead and a pit opened dropping him two levels below. some friendly orc adventurers found him and Nahme flew down to stabilise his wounds. She paid them to take wounded back to orc town level to a shaman healer.

Had a few minor fights searching about before they discovered a tribe of 59 dark faries who offered them a wish. Tako requested the return of his last follower squinty the crab man who was taken by bear sized rats to their nest. Nahme knowing they were evil was content. Fairies said to wait but party followed them using Nahme's sense chaotic evil power and saw them fly over rat nest raising the chewed corpse of poor squinty as a zombie. The angry Tako fireballed them, killing the zombie crab man and a third of the fairies and wounding the last three rats. Fairies fled past party grabbing several orc weapons and party followed.

Wandered about following fairies to upper level and eventually they found upstairs floor was a mirror of below. Saw fairies dump weapons in fungus garden room and were unable to find faries or weapons. Orcs improvised clubs. Had a few more fights and party was running low on spells but glad they had realized layout of two levels without too much fuss. Found a temple to Arioch and Xiombarg, two lords of chaos. Bugbears worshiping Xiombarg so party pulled back and the sneakiest ones hid in ambush. The others called out insults and the religious bugbear cultists charged. They were split in two groups by the Ambush and most of the orc hirelings fell but did not die. Was a tough challenging fight but party won and headed home. Expect to sweep the two levels and get though the next two into the unknown floors above next crawl.

Revised Redbrick A-Z Dungeon Key

I will have Internets at my accommodation in Adelaide for first time in 7 years so I will be updating blog aplenty. Mostly playing oldschool DnD while there as players want to see my grimy horrible exiles setting
at work. Will be landing there on 18th with little to do but read and write and a game a week.

The original idea of this was to be able to slap descriptions on geomorphs without elaborate instructions. Since then I did these other zones and thought id better revise original. Im removing secret doors and traps from this now. Ive gotten pretty good at ad-libbing from these tables now. Really ive used same dungeon for mostly 2 years.

As I have enough content to last a while in current game I thought Id better finish off a few item for my redbrick dungeon zone book.

redbrick to finish
who built and why - convert to d100
entrances & locations - convert to d100 dungeon documents - convert to d100
common monsters
vermin table  - convert to d100
mid and high level encounters
monster market
convert barrels and boxes to variable containers
false traps and secret doors - animal nests, repaired leaks, etc
possibly refine traps to architectural, temporary snares and booby traps, magic traps

d100 Room function key
01 A Artifact room
2-5 B Barracks
6-10 C Construction site
11-12 D Dungeon cells
13-14 E Executioners block
15-20 F Factory
21-23 G Galley
24-26 H Hospital
27-28 I Library
29-40 J Junk
41-45 K Kobold nest
46-47 L Latrine
48-50 M Armoury
51-53 N Night garden
54-60 O Office
61-65 P Pit 
66-67 Q Lab
68-70 R Recreation area
71-72 S Summoners chamber
73-77 T Throne Room  
78-81 U Guardpost
82-84 V Vaults
85-88 W Workshop
89-91 X Treasury
92-95 Y Shrine 
96-100 Z Temple 

A Artifact room
This room contains an extraordinary artifact which possibly cannot be destroyed. Monster making machines, remains of saints, fabled magic items or gates are examples. Other magical resources or strange boons may be attainable here. Often with guards, traps and magic defences. Surrounded by artworks and finery. May be accessible by dungeon residence or forbidden to them and awaiting liberation.
1 Holy relics hidden here in more peaceful times locked behind cage door

2 A sealed gateway inked to another plane or dungeon complex
3 A great casket or machine that creates a monster type, often unmovable and hard to destroy
4 Remains of a saint or villain locked inside a altar that repels opposite alignments
5 A statue and shrine of a past hero of good or evil, a hidden relic awaits secret to be found
6 A font or altar provides blessings or healing for correct alignment ad repels or curses opposite
7 A spring or well or magical foodstuffs found here grant strange random effects to consumers
8 Remains of a champion of good or evil with famous magic item, disturbing them could awaken dead or call guardians
9 Body of a champion of good or evil with famous magic item, in a state of magical preservation with some means that could restore them to life
10 An evil thing lays here awaiting some fool to discover, this room is understated and remains of last bearer probably nearby. Locals all avoid place

 B Barracks
This area is where creatures rest, sleep and recuperate from wounds. A few coins, sleeping creature, half empty grog bottles, monster foot lockers, barbers tools, bunks, laundry sacks. Barracks depending on local time cycle will be occupied by sleeping or resting locals. In between work and sleep locals drink, gamble, play games, maintain equipment or other pastimes. Some might have a servant or pet or vermin when users are elsewhere. Some also where other monsters sleep. d2 1=monsters sleeping 2=monsters on duty elsewhere or wandering about 3=monsters on R&R

1 A dormitory with double or triple bunks, trunks, soiled laundry, grog bottles and evidence of gambling
2 Filthy nests and piles of chewed bones on floor
3 Straw mattresses on floor with food scraps, dung and chewed corpse
4 Hammocks, a few barrels and crates for furniture
5 Rows of clean straw mattresses, blankets and trunks
6 Several beds, a table and chairs with dice, grog bottles and plates
7 Filthy overflowing beds with fleas, dirty laundry and stack of dishes, buckets of stinking slops
8 Depressions in filth and dirt covered floor, garbage and broken bottles strewn around
9 Shallow pit filled with organic slops for wallowing in, bones and other garbage around outside
10 Wooden benches hanging from walls, neat bundles of property and small trunks underneath, table with trunk of clean plates and neatly stacked bottles and bucket of clean water and cup

 C Construction site
This area is incomplete and has building supplies like bricks and doors in stacks. Sheds with spades, wheelbarrows, pits, rubble, ladders, traps still in boxes. Various half built projects awaiting completion in some stage. A big area could have several of these. Some chance trades monsters or slaves or kobolds at work. Sometimes blueprints and drawings on site also. Some might include warning signs if lawful.

1 A crudely carved out quarry with rubble piles, digging tools, and waterlogged ditches
2 Semi completed walls, pile of sand, huge buckets with scraps or mortar, loose and stacked bricks and tools
3 Crude walls with incomplete plastering, tools and buckets and pallets with dry plaster
4 Piles of tools, sacks of sand, wheelbarrows of dirt and rubble, a portable toilet shed possibly in use
5 A shaft or stairs being chiseled in, going up or down, piles of rubble and scaffolding
6 Artwork like a mural, fresco or mosaic or architectural feature being worked on by artisans in ome stage of completion, sometimes just being repaired from vandalism or graffiti being removed
7 A architectural trap being installed by trappers like a pit, pendulum or concealed bank of darts and pressure plate. Some bait objects under tarpaulin.
8 A secret door installation in progress with bricks, chisels, plaster and partly dug doorway
9 Area has been ruined by spells or quake or water and is undergoing repair. Rubble heaps strewn about and support braces in position.  
10 Bored monsters have been vandalizing area with graffitti and digging holes and smashing stuff, a clean up and repairs in works, possibly using monsters being punished for petty dungeon crimes

 D Dungeon cells
Cages for prisoners or food animals or slaves. Some may have corpses from forgotten inmates or live prisoners like missing henchmen.
Some monsters end up here for failure, d6 1-2
living human 3=monster 4=dead monster 5=dead human 6=empty  

1 Prisoners chained to walls
2 Prisoners manacled by ankles to walls
3 Wooden locked boxes with possible heads sticking out of holes
4 Cramped pits with bars or lids, often full of filth
5 Cattle stalls possibly with food animals or prisoners
6 Stocks where prisoners clamped in by neck and wrists to be tormented by casual passers
7 Gibbets hanging from ceiling, human shaped cages with locks
8 Metal cages on floor or hanging from ceiling or built in walls
9 Wheels with manacles on floor or hanging from walls
10 Well constructed cells with bars, possibly manacles inside

E Execution and torture block
Where prisoners and disobedient minions are punished and killed. d6 1-3=empty 4=prisoner awaiting torment 5=prisoner being bullied by small group with a boss 6=cheering crowd enjoying slaghter

1 Huge stinking block covered in old blood with axe or sword or great club next to it or hanging on rack
2 A frame punishment block where prisoners are flogged and beaten, whips and sticks on bench or hanging on wall
3 Disemboweling stakes with impaled corpse on several and swarms of flies
4 Rows of spears with severed heads on display near chopping block and axe
5 Crude block and huge clever with buckets of partly chewed severed heads, limbs and hands
6 A huge cauldron of oil where prisoners boiled alive
7 A collection of wracks, iron maidens, thumbscrews, chairs and benches with straps, various torture tools
8 A fire pit and great metal bull or oven where prisoners cooked inside or just tormented with heated metal tools
9 Posts with piles of faggots where prisoners and heretics burned alive
10 Apparatus that tears strapped in prisoner into quarters or chops them up or drives spike through them, powered by spring torsion or muscle from beast or monster

F Factory
A large scale workshop with tools, furnaces, kilns, vats, benches and other goods on production line. Sometimes with manacles, walking wheels and dangerous contraptions or chemicals. Dungeons can be very productive and often pioneer mass production sweatshops. Slaves and inhuman workers keep costs and often quality down. Weapons and armour tend to be in armouries. Smaller specialists use workshops instead. Precocious materials usually kept in vaults for safety. Workers are present 2in3 times and many sleep in shifts while other work keeping production around clock. Some trades have many or mostly females but also children, aged or disabled

1 Dye pits with dozen of pits half full of coloured liquid where workers tread on fabric in toxic pools
2 Leather workshop where skins are flailed, tanned, cut and made into goods, toxic stinking and filthy
3 Metal smith with furnace, bellows, hammers, many anvils, forges in rows, fuel and tools. Also items in various stages of completion
4 Stone mason or with great blocks of stone and ornaments being chiseled into shape
5 Ceramics or brick maker with piles of clay, moulds, glazes, kilns, wheels and stamps
6 Carpenters workshop with wooden or giant mushroom logs, benches, tools and incomplete projects like doors, barrels, doors, chests and furniture. 
7 Artists workshop with paintings, sculptures, and other art works for boss luxuries, sale or even bootlegging from originals
8 Rows of spinning wheels, looms, spinning wheels, bolts of cloth, rugs and tapestries in states of completion
9 Tailors workshop with piles of incomplete clothes, robes, curtains and other goods
10 Mill for grinding grain with animal or slaves chained to machines, sacks of flour

G Galley
A food preparation kitchen area where inhabitants cook and prepare food such as feasts, daily meals and make campaign rations. Kitchens are busy and workers often sleep and rotate shifts while different food prepared at various times. Servants and possibly children or aged help. D6 1=cold and long empty  2=cold with cooked scraps 3=fires started and piles of raw food ready to cook 4=typical mess hall meal for barracks 5=feast fit for boss 6=feast for upcoming holiday or important guests;
also how full is larder d4 1=almost bare poor monsters eating bark and bones and rotten scraps 2=gathered foodstuffs and mostly preserved food like dry meat and beans 3=plentiful with meat, cheese, eggs, bread and possibly livestock 4 =monsters have bounty from a raid with fancy treats and rare ingredients

1 Brewery with great vats and barrels and sacks of raw food stuff for making grog. Possibly also for mead, wine or distilling spirits. Smells of fermentation and sounds of bubbling vats
2 Abattoir and butchery where living beings executed, skinned, gutted and chopped into cuts. Axes, cleavers, buckets, chopping blocks and stocks for keeping victims in place. All grimey and smelly
3 Kitchen with tables, big fire place, cauldron, spit, ovens and usually a collection of knives, pots and stored food stuffs
4 A huge bubbling stew pot with a fire pit, a bench with crudely hacked foodscraps, usually something foul floating in pot or even living victim awaiting next meal
5 A huge fire pit with great spits, and possibly a wire grill, many with charred bodies and burned chunks in various stages of cooking or consumption
6 Vats of brine and vinegar and drying racks where things are preserved for future eating, dozens of jars and pots with pickled eggs and onions , sauerkraut, centipedes etc
7 Smoke house hanging with meat and sausages and fish or possibly huge bugs and giant rats
8 A large larder with secure door, collections of cooking equipment and firewood
9 A snack stand where a monster cooks and serves snack foods like sausages, rats, eel stew, buns, etc served with beer, popular eatery for common monsters
10 A mess hall with rows of tables and service area where humourless ugly (even for monsters) dinner ladies dole out mostly terrible food

H Hospital
Medical and nursery facilities where injured, infirm and baby inhabitants are kept. Smaller ones mostly unmanned unless a crisis at hand but larger ones staffed around the clock and larger ones will have patients. Booze is a common anesthetic and steriliser but healers happy to knock out patients to keep budgets in order

1 First aid post with box of filthy bandages and poisoned spirits (stop monsters drinking it)
2 Locked box with clean medical supplies, bandages, herbs, and even a healing potion
3 Doc room with bench with straps, branding irons, saws, tongs, bone needles, sinew thread, barrel of grog, fireplace and a big mallet. Manned by healer/barber/butcher/torturer
4 Multiple beds and a healer with a d4 assistants and well equipped with medical supplies, herbs and grog
5 A shamans room with several assistants, with cauldron,dried herbs, fetishes, musical instruments, a few bodies to be animated as zombies or prepared for burial
6 A rooms with filthy straw where sick and weak are left to tend selves
7 A room where elderly and lame monsters in beds recovering, resting or enjoying retirement, mostly tell rambling stories and complain about young monsters and how much more polite adventurers used to be
8 A nursery where babies are born and cared for. often in tiny cages or pits. A few pregnant moms, eggs and possibly a milking goat here. Mothers or elderly nurses care for children and mothers. Hurting anyone here will send monsters into frenzies and make adventurers infamous
9 Mad house where insane, disabled and brain damaged kept locked up or restrained by nurses, often screaming and noisy area
10 A priest and guards operate a magical healing idol or well

I Library
A depository of books, scrolls, tablets and maps in storage with scribe desks, copy stands and paper making book binding equipment and even museums. Often illiterate monsters cant appreciate contents but they often invite wizards and cultists to curate them in return for services

1 A locked vault with reading stand and crumbling blasphemous books of unspeakable evil
2 A chamber stacked with ancient tablets in mostly lost language, covered in dust
3 Shelves with mouldy records of dungeon payrolls, tax records, loot divisions, births, deaths marriages, boss family trees, legal records and other documents here often locked with poor filing system
4 Map room with walls and tables covered in charts and tables, cartographer documents local territory and usage of areas
5 Scriptorium where documents copied including forgeries, wanted posters with adventurer portraits, maps and other documents. Often employ a slave or eunuch or monk
6 Old shelves with tattered scrolls, books and rubbing from ruins and monoliths made by wizards over generations while researching spells, often includes a wizard lab and a wizard and even a spell book and other fragments of spells
7 Piles of dusty books stored here with little comprehension but vague understanding of value, monsters come here for toilet paper, looking at pictures or kindling for fires. Many sources for these may include lost classics, cult manuals, pamphlets, menus, theatre programs, old maps, anything
8 A classroom where some monsters like boss monsters children re educated possibly by captive tutor or wizard or evil priest
9 A locked room with remains of sculptures, monster bones, paintings, interesting vases, fossils, scrolls, tablets, books and other curios often found by monsters while digging or looting
10 A room with bundles of bark and animal skins rolled up with crude pictograms used by shamen to teach children
J Junk

Storage room filled with crates and barrels and trash. Sometimes a monster sets up a shop here and acts as a trader. Rooms like this often have undervalued, damaged or forgotten treasures. Monsters might live here also feeding on scraps or those looking for interesting crud and tat.

1 A formerly functional room smashed to bits by vandals and covered in graffiti where surly teens like to hang out to smoke and drink and tag
2 Piles of garbage many in stinking pits, some burried, often ancient midden pits date back to stone age
3 Piles of dried bones dating back to early days of dungeon, sometimes in sorted piles
4 Boxes, barrels and urns covered in dust
5 Furniture covered in tarpaulins
6 Sacks of old clothing and laundry long forgotten
7 Old pots and bottles stacked to ceiling, piles of broken ones
8 Mounds of composted food scraps crawling with worms and bugs and rats
9 Junk shop with monster shop keeper who sells whatever people can find among huge pile of junk
10 Rambling old monsters with hoards of broken crap tinkering and collecting and mending things

K Kobold nest
Home base of diminutive knockers, fanatic builders and trap building humanoids otherwise known as kobolds or koboldi. Many dungeons keep a colony just for mining and crafting and trap maintenance. Some use goblins instead or other diminutive humanoids like evil dwarves or gnomes. Many dungeons are infested with gremlins who are mostly unwelcome and uncooperative opposites of kobolds who ruin tools, spring your traps and set their own. Some monsters leave their young to build their own nests and let them to run wild in feral colonies built of trash. Locals tend to avoid such nests unless hungry or feeling sadistic. These sort of desires often thwarted by nesters

1 A pile of crates used as homes in a shanty town for diminutive monsters
2 A cluster of wattle and daub (sticks and mud) domed huts built stacked on each other where poor small monsters live
3 Cubby houses built of garbage with hidey holes and trapdoors everywhere
4 Mostly empty room but creatures have built false ceiling and live in loft in secret
5 Creatures have built shambling scaffolding and walkways near ceiling where they live and hide for defence
6 Tiny little cottages and houses where mini monsters live own village life
7 Holes and pits each one a tiny monster burrow
8 A monster is tied and gagged and being exploited by diminutive monsters who hve surrounded prisoner with huts
9 Room full of whirling spinning gadgets, gizmos, tracks, traps and crawlspaces for tiny builders
10 A collection of tiny tents and portable huts with lazy grumpy mini monsters laying about drinking

 L Latrine
Toilet facilities for inhabitants. 1in6 some monster occupies it.

1 A bucket or old pot full of crap
2 A pit  of squirming worms eating sewerage
3 A stone seat above flowing sewer or underground stream
4 A small hut with toilet inside
5 A pit to lower level being misused 
6 A giant pile of dung and crap covered in bugs
7 A pit with hungry happy feces eating creature
8 Hole into giant dungeon dung beetle tunnel
9 A stinking sewerage filled pit
10 A stone privy padded seat, with keeper and complete tool set of tongs, funnels, douches, laxatives, bucket of warm soapy water, towels and tip jar 

M Armoury
A store room for weaponry and ammunition and armour. Alo could be manufacturing and specialist craftsmen working on military projects, defence and other manufacturing. Areas have good doors, locks and guards. Craftsmen more dangerous than those making the common sort of civilian goods. Slaves and servants often above average specimen. In peace areas often less defended and unmanned. Goods could be dated. In wartime such areas always operating.

1 A solid strongroom filled with lockers and chest with weapons and armour in new condition, well maintained and packed in grease and oiled
2 Old but still solid room with weapon and armour racks with common weapons on display and ready with a bit of maintenance and sharpening
3 Cluttered badly sorted trunks, barrels, chess and crates, most unlocked. Weapons and armour are rusted and need work before battle ready
4 Room is trashed with broken trunks and mostly emptied racks with a few usable finds among rubbish
5 Bowyer/fletcher workshop making bows, arrows, crossbows, quarrels and other weapons with stacks of wood, molds for missiles, benches, tools, finished weapons and missiles
6 Armorers workshop with metal ingots, tools, benches, a forge and other materials for undercoats. Finished samples on racks
7 Shields and wood and carpentry supplies plus crates of ready shields
8 Spears, javelins, polearms and hafted weapons made here with metal, forge, wooden shafts and finished weapons
9 Leather armour workshop with hides, cauldron of wax, tools, benches and finished suits
10 Specialist sophisticated weapons (usually one of these) such as siege weapons, barding for war beasts, chariots or other elites with spare parts, tools, moulds and finished weapons.

N Night garden
A fungal forest where monsters grow food, magic mushrooms and graze livestock. Some grow wild, others are cultivated as typical food and grazing area for monster livestock. Also produce sacred drugs and medicine valued by witch doctors, shamen, priests and other wonder workers. Some have natural defences, alarms and dangerous guards.

1  A neat garden with giant toadstools, altar, shrine, monoliths and often a holy person in prayer
2 Neat rows of garden grown for specific effects of herbs and food, often tended by gardener
3 Thick overgrown mass crawling with bugs, lizards, rats and other critters. Farmers with sickles at work singing, gather edible vermin and fungi for food
4 A luminous thick fungi coated garden of lurid colours
5 Thick squat fungal growths being eaten by grazing fauna to be fattened by monsters
6 Overgrown tangle with large dangerous monster guarding treasure in lair
7 A bubbling brook or well surrounded by fungus jungle, where aquatic monsters land to eat bugs and fungi gatherers
8 A fungi garden with giant toadstool hut village, where inhabitants are oblivious to world beyond garden
9 A overgrown corpse filled fungus garden where undead walk, themselves growing with mushrooms possible even animated by them
10 Huge fungal mounds tended by insect colony who defend their food, often grow defencive exploding or alarm fungus, might have slave insect species

O Office
Administrative desk and paperwork where dungeon bureaucrats manage payrolls, supply orders, monsters shifts and injury compensation payments. Mostly boring receipts and bookkeepers plus a bed and desk and chair. Monsters might make paper or vellum or clay tablets. Documents are recycled quite often. Some copyists or clerks are illiterate but copy fairly accurately. Surprisingly they often use common as it involves better business recording and maths than monster pictograms

1 Copy desks where scribes copy documents like forms used by other monsters by hand or primitive printing methods (cylinder seals or woodblock). Basic clerks also might make or recycle paper by scraping off old text
2 A clerk at a desk who processes and files documents, takes copies and records and then takes to archive in long term storage probably never to be seen again. Also specialize in d4 1=food stores and production 2=manufacturing production and supply 3=taxation 4=trade goods
3 Secretary of the boss who records great thoughts and schemes of master and checks progress with work of subordinates. Keeps diaries, wall charts and calenders and reports too boss daily
4 Payroll who record monster time sheets and collect wages from treasury and puts in bags for workers, keeps elaborate records and reports and has guards at all times. Locked door often has barred window to distribute payments through
5 Births, deaths and marriages office keeps track of dungeon monsters and lineage with huge family trees, and other documents, often is a holy person of minor rank able to perform quick marraige or funerals too
6 Office of dungeon security keeps personal details on population in case needed by boss in a purge or to persecute potential traitors or he needs a scapegoat. Keep tedious watch on population, spying on outspoken or whining monsters. Often has several spies, agents and a cheif who has retired from spying ad now is a analyst and directly reports to the boss. Well locked and guarded. Also operate spies to rival tribes and dungeons and other communities nearby
7 Building and mining office where architects draw plans and file them for reference. They also keep records of building materials, minerals, air vents, cleaning rosters, maintinance shedules, room allocation and to some degree architectural traps and defences
8 Post office where documents and small packages or brough to and sent by runner within or beyond dungeon. May interact with other freight offices and deliver paperwork and memos around territory. Some also use messenger bats and rats and a tube network (or just air vents). Staffed by clerks, runners and post master day and night, staff sleep here. Often employ children and also keep stockpiles of stationary and stylus
9 Abandoned dusty desks with piles of notes in bundles
10 War office where military clerks keep records of fighting men, stores, defences, able bodied monsters that could be drafted, competent spell casters and other trivium. Always locked and guarded, often staffed by a hero or champion of the boss immersed in maps and charts, contemplating every possible attack or weakness

P Pit
Pits might include shafts to lower levels, places for prisoners and monsters, wells and other holes.
Possibly hidden under trapdoor and straw. Typically 1d4x10 foot deep. 1in2 covered with trapdoor often hidden

1 Monster pit where cult throw victims to sacred beast
2 Crude fighting pit where monster gamble over fighters in the pit, often with spiked walls and at least two portcullis on sides to dramatically free inhabitants
3 Slave pit where unwilling workers are stored until needed
4 Monster pit where monsters are kept and stored or bred until a use is found for them
5 Well with natural fresh water supplying dungeon, often guarded to prevent poisoning or contamination
6 A vile pit of garbage often home to vermin or a monster
7 A pit into a deeper level or separate cave system d4 1=smooth deep shaft, 2=ladder or handholds 3=lift or basket with pulleys 4=stairs
8 A covered pit used as storage area, full of barrels, crates and other goods
9 A prison cell for special prisoner such as for ransom or used as local monsters toy to abuse
10 Pit is actually a burrow of some huge digging monster or colony of monsters

Q Lab
Alchemy or wizard lab or experimental site for exotic research. Some might be long abandoned and now no longer understood. Others operated by dungeon leaders as research or manufacturing of secret weapons.
Can vary from crude, simple and unreliable to highly competant operation. 

1 Gunnery technology with alchemist lab for gunpowder, mines, bombs, rockets, fireworks, cannons, rocket propelled arrows, handguns and more. Gunpowder often kept in copper lined strongbox or room with fire forbidden.
2 Incendiary lab where greek fire and weaponized flammables made including fire tubes, flame arrows, flammable pitch or tar for use in siege attacks or defence
3 Alchemist lab specializing in potions and drugs to enhance consumer with exotic ingredients in jars
4 Apothecary lab making healing drugs or potions, collection of herbs
5 Alchemist lab specializing in poison for enemy food and water, traps, weapons or vermin, possibly with live animals, plants and mushroom samples
6 Wizard magic research lab with ingredients, crumbling books and recipes
7 Drug lab for recreation or slavery purposes, might be for revenue selling to local city for cash and softening up for attack, conditioning slaves, attracting sorcerers or other reasons. Have many exotic pants and fungi
8 Lab for production of magic items often empty between jobs or might have maker deeply immersed in project
9 Monster breeding lab with animal pens, mutagens, cages, mutants in pits and other horrors
10 Lab specializing in creating undead, slimes or golems or other type of creatures

R Recreation area
Where monsters drink, relax and sport. Grog, crude entertainments and food scraps.

1 A bar where monsters gather to drink and talk about problems
2 A gymnasium where monsters exercise, train, spar and perform target practice
3 A bathhouse and or sauna where monsters bathe together and relax after days work
4 A crude whore house where monsters tastes are accommodated by brazen strumpets and rentmonsters, all seasoned professionals offering massage or sexual favours managed by a pimp or madame
5 A harem where unfortunate prisoners are kept as sex slaves under guard. Often for use of the boss, his guests and his chosen ones rather than typical one grunt chumps, cheap but flashy furnishings available
6 A monster strip club where monsters watch novelty acts, mostly no touching or guards beat you
7 A gambling den were monsters play games of chance like knuckle bones, dice or cards
8 A drug den with comatose monsters laying on mats, often private stalls for elites with hatches where fresh drugs delivered
9 A monster music hall where music, dancers, comedians, revue shows and other mostly terrible shows are performed for small entry fee, food and drink sellers work the room also
10 A large food outlet with tables, waiting staff, and a cook with crude menu, often where better off monsters come for family meals or important personal celebrations, some have special dishes like elf heads, , grilled babies, roast hobbit or spit roast dwarf

S Summoners Chamber
A chamber used to contact and summon other worldly power often with a symbol market on floor in chalk or silver or copper, braziers, an altar, or possibly a upright free standing circle or symbol on a wall. Some might even have lockable doors over symbol or in bottom of a pit. Some have exotic ingredients or a sacrifice on hand for ritual. Others semi active and only requite a intruder to cross the symbol threshold. d4 1=long forgotten and unused 2=haunted presence felt 3=ritual in process now 4=symbol activates  being if crossed

1 Circle is actually a teleporter or gateway to d4 1=other dungeon room 2=other dungeon 3=other plane 4=surface in a mundane local location near road or in town
2 Symbol is dedicated to elemental plane and used to conjure beings to this world as slaves
3 Symbol is dedicated to outer planes of alignments and used to conjure beings to this world as slaves
4 Symbol used to contact planar beings for advice and request their support
5 Symbol used to contact a god like being or planar lord for updates on beings worldly plans
6 Elder gods contacted and summoned here by madmen and cultists seeking communion with madness beyond
7 Souls of dead are called here for information or to create undead horrors
8 Monsters are called here to swell the ranks of the dungeon and to serve other worldly powers
9 Nightmare realm powers of shadow and darkness are contacted and called here
10 Room has many circles and has 1d10 beings imprisoned in objects for later use

T Throne Room
Boss monster court where they impressively show of and boss around minions

1 A large room with big fancy but crude chair, braziers and a old rug
2 A large room with pillars, throne and a fancy carpet, with reasonable artistic decor
3 A highly ornamental room with decorative urns, spectacular throne, mirror, murals
4 Great crude throne on pile of skulls with huge monster skins on floor
5 Great table, tapestries, large wooden throne, suits of armour and weapons on display
6 Throne on a pile of weapons and shields captured from enemies, walls decorated with weapons
7 Throne in front of great statue, with incense burners, chained captives or pets nearby
8 Impaled corpses and heads on pike surround bloody stinking throne
9 Decayed finery with crumbling carpet leading to throne under artistic canopy depicting planar beings
10 Great over sized stone throne built somewhere else in primordial times covered in strange sigils

U Guardpost
A position where guards watch area looking for internal trouble or intruders to the complex. Range from simple niche to well fortified defensible position. Often near boss throne, level entrances, treasuries and other important places. Some have a desk where the senior guard questions visitors, might have a tiny cell for locking up troublemakers or insubordinate troops

1 Niche in wall with chair, pot of water and a lazy guard or two, possibly napping
2 Multiple niches with guards standing alert, one will have a drum, horn or gong to signal a crisis
3 A heavy reinforced door with peephole or small hatch to inspect visitors, a bar to secure extra and a group of guards. A sergeant typically questions visitors
4 A solid door in room with guards behind it and false ceiling with murder holes in front of door to attack any unwelcome visitors from above d4 1=archer 2=boiling water, oil or lead 3=rocks 4=burning oil
5 Bridge over a pit before heave door with guards behind it. Arrow slits allow guards to shoot at those crossing pit. Pit is d4 1=chasm leading into depths 2=lava 3=filthy water with possible monster 4=has hungry monsters. The bridge is d4 1=two or three ropes can be crossed using both hands safely if not in hurry 2=wooden slat bridge with rope hand rails, can be cut by defenders 3=stone solid bridge 4=drawbridge operational by guards inside
6 Walls full of slits for archers and spearmen leading up to secure door with guards inside
7 Niche with one or more guards with noisy viscous alert guard beast or several on chains
8 A wall splits room with gate, guards on other side can shoot through slits and have walkway on top of wall to hurl rocks and missiles from
9 Portcullis with mechanism controlled and locked or barred from other side where guards hang out
10 Concealed guardpost with hidden door, spyholes and signal device to alert reinforcements, might also have hidden secret weapon like gas, use a spell, open secret door with hostile creature or manually activate a trap

V Vaults
Stores of valuable goods or resources like metal, clay, food, wood, mortar, leather, uniforms. May be locked with possible vermin traps or cat locked inside. Some monsters might be on guard disguised as goods

1 Food store mostly grain, cooking oil, emergency or trail rations, kept in urns or sacks
2 Water storage with urns and barrels of water
3 Full of sealed crates of miscellaneous goods 
4 Full of wine and grog in barrels, urns and bottles
5 Mortuary where corpses stored on plinths in wall niches or neatly stacked bones
6 Stacked barrels of miscellaneous goods
7 Fire wood, torches, candles and lamp oil stores

8 Clothing in heaps and in chests, bolts of cloth, rugs, wool, sewing, weaving and knitting supplies 
9 Incense, religious paraphernalia, cult robes for initiates and sacrificial victims
10 Stacks of old documents and unused paper

W Workshop
Specialist craft workshop like blacksmith, cheese maker, redsmith, carpenter, jeweler, more specialized than the factory areas often for a single worker with a few apprentices

1 Trap shop where traps designed, tested, built, demonstrated and packed for instillation
2 Candle making shop including fat rendering cauldron for tallow, pots, a firepit, moulds and drying racks
3 Metal smith specializing in single metal making attractive tools and possibly weapons
4 Dairy goods like yoghurt, cheese and butter made here with whatever monsters use for milk
5 Jeweler workshop with locked chests of materials, tools, workbench, a small crucible and moulds
6 Locksmiths shop where locks made and repaired with bench and tools
7 Glassblowers workshop with furnace, tools and many crude bottles and moulds
8 Cobbler shop making shoes, sandals, clogs and bots for monsters, stacks of finished goods, materials and a bench of tools
9 Workshop for masks, costumes and floats for festivals and holy days made here, seldom used unless event coming and off duty monsters merrily making stuff
10 Barbershop where monsters get hair cut and shaved, piles of hair, several chairs, crude mirror, blades, soap bowl and shears. Also teeth pulled and first aid given.

X Treasury
Treasure storage chamber for gold, fur, pearls, jewels, ingots, silk, tapestries, artworks etc. Having wealth in low currencies protects it from theft but a vault door, guards and traps are pretty standard. Monsters might be locked in with treasure even as final defence.

1 Strong room for grunt monster payroll, mostly copper and ledgers, often in small bags but sometimes replaced with salt, onions, bread or beer 
2 Silver coins in chests and sacks for dungeon bosses treasury for paying heroes, constructions and other larger budget items
3 Gold coins in locked chests with some platinum, gems and jewels
4 Coins fused in corroded masses with rotten artworks and crumbling books in heaps
5 Ingots of metal for convenient transport locked in strong boxes
6 Room full of precocious furniture, clothing and artworks stolen from nobles
7 Museum of curiosities, collectables and exotic goods from far off places
8 Gems, jewels and art objects made from gold studded with semiprecious stones
9 Religious relics such as saint body parts and scriptures in gold boxes covered in semiprecious stones
10 Magical treasures from potions to armour, weapons and magic books

Y Shrine
Small statues, menhir, gravestone, icon or other personal devotional site. Often have humble offerings and lit candles. d4 1= 2=priest and assistants maintaining shrine 3=single monster cultist in prayer 4=group with priest gathered for prayer. Often god protect shrines with curses.
1 Ancestral shrines to monsters or original locals, graves and skulls
2 Shrines to natural spirits including plants, fungi, beasts and other totems
3 Shrines to petty minor gods or saints, some forgotten or unknown to humans
4 Shrines to elementals and beings of elemental planes
5 Shrine to heroes, rulers, saints, magicians and great warriors often quite local
6 Memorial to heroes a demons, devils or outer planar beings
7 Shrines to family members or servants of great gods
8 Monolith to forgotten elder gods with worn script and stained with blood
9 Shrine of the hunt with collections of beast skulls, pelts, teeth and hunter weapons
10 Shrine with many statues of worshipers in prayer

Z Temple
Large official worship facility of a major cult.
Often with guards, clergy, cultists, worshipers as well as treasure like incence burners, candelabras, ritual tools, artworks. Gods and worshipers will defend. Gods curse defilrs and cultists will hunt cult enemies to punish sacrilege. Sacrifices might be on hand also. Monster guardians often magical beasts or spirits or elementals or undead. Cults often serve needs of local monsters but sometimes cults get a private sanctuary and cast some spells for monster boss in return for room. d4 1=empty 2=worshipers engaged in sacrifice or dark rites 3=common followers in prayer 4=priests praying with guards
1 Monster god most favoured by local faction with huge statue with cursed gem eyes, surrounded bu burning braziers
2 Elder god temple with massive monoliths, bloody sacrificial altar, idols and monster pit
3 A statue of deity in fighting pose on blood stained steps, mechanically articulated to execute sacrifices or unwary intruders, altar with offerings of treasure just in front
4 Large statue surrounded by smaller statues which are magical guardians activated by disrespectful intruders, piles of shiny copper and brass vessels and candle holders on altar might look like gold first glance
5 Large statue with mummy in open coffin on altar before it, other sarcophagi line walls with gold leaf and semi prescious stones, murals depicting cult and afterlife on walls
6 Great fire pits with crude multifaced statue, cage with winch can be lowered into flame pit, statue surrounded by ash heaps full of burned bones
7 Cruel smiling god with great altar in front where victim is manacled, torture and butchery tools on rack next to it. A bowl before god full of human hearts or other organs, drains for blood flow into channels forming a magic circle
8 Huge statue is also a cage where sacrifices locked in then burned alive, when lit the gods eyes and mouth burn and their hands hold a flame, the room is smokey and filed with screams when in use
9 Large statue has victim chained to it and a cage for sacred beasts who gnaw at victims near by, statues of beasts and chewed bloody scraps scattered around room
10 Statue in front of well where bound and weighted victims thrown in as sacrifice to drown or be eaten by beast, ornamental bowls and monster idols around room