Tuesday 24 March 2015

Exile Island: Those Darned Evil Wizards

So the master of the tower above hobgoblin halls has stopped communicating. Since the crystal forge was taken little from the evil spell casters has been seen. Adventurers watching a shanty town grow. A group of Templars came to defend the portable shrine of the sun god. A trader set up a adventuring supply store and snack shop from his wagon. A wagon with four prostitutes arrived. The murder hobo colony grew to twenty. So party watching this happen and priest of shrine moaning this is just a step in re civilizing the area.

Skullcrusher the giant took a necklace that turned him into a bird but makes it impossible to stabilize wounds below zero. Nahme took the holy bell that could turn undead for her temple to go with the warning bell. It had feature that if risked life for another would attract gaze of the gods of good. Serren the octopus sorcerer nabbed lots of cash and some petty magic baubles and a dagger.

So a kobold flunky came running to camp
"help a wizard came and cast sleep on us - help!".

Into the upper explored tower they found all the kobold guards had been bespelled then fed into the furnace. It is very close to the apocolypse count down the great crystal skull furnace will summon. So Nahm the angel flew to city and hired a wizard a few thousand gp to cast cone of cold to qunch the furnace fire (requires a ritual to re-ignite) the cast rock to mud on roof to collapse on top then cast mud to rock. hould hold for a while but post kobolds with good hearing here the wizard suggested.

Up the stairs to break through the next wall of stone and into the necromancer hall. Undead came and Nahme rang the bell driving undead wights and zombies into a dead end wall. Debated if they could team work the dead and whittle down with missiles. But needed silver on wights and would take too long. So Serren thankfully fireballed them and they easily killed the last two standing by hand.

Into the necromancer hall that smelled of gore and chemichals and musty odl crypts. It was dark. Students were missing and found barracks and room full of mortician rites stuff and stacks of coffins. Nabbed a fortune in anatomical charts on walls.

Next was a library nook Serren got hot for. While he couldn't use spells he loved to read vile human books in his underwater grotto reading room. Began to figure all students turned to undead or fed to the soul furnace below. Apparently souls, magic items, spell books and spell levels memorised in a corpse were the fuel it needed to start doomsday. Past that was a great silver spirit summoning symbol on the floor they told the murder hobos was to be their pay. Something to do with summoning and communing with spirits. In middle of room was a fancy crypt on a plinth and beyond that was a shrine with the school book in chains and a skull on one altar and another. There was also a chest with a huge iron padlock with a skull on it. Near the crypt was an alchemical apparatus. Serren was a bit of a necromancy fan an a alchemist so he got near with Skull crusher.

The sarcophagi lid opened and bolt upright sat a black robed sunken faced necromancer with a pointy hat. Skull crusher joked at him so the Vampire used it's charming gaze which he was able to resist. His joy was sapped though. Others fired some arrows that boucned off him. Skullcrusher dropped his maul (actualy a 8 foot long small magic tree he uprooted as a youngling) and drew his shiny magic one.

The vampire fired a lightning bolt and Nahme silenced him with a spell. The down side was now she couldn't get near giant to amplify his armour with more magic as they usually did. He stabbed vampire and Serren threw a flaming shuriken spell both hurting the fiend. Skull crusher was touched and was mortally hurt by it's evil touch. Was starting to hope he could kill it in time before it would die. The vampire began to regenerate. Finaly vamp missed and Serren hurled fire Nahme and Nahme thre holy rocks killing it. For a moment. The bashed and stabbed it while Nahme smashed a splinter of wood from a coffin and steaked it. Skullcrusher cut its head off. It screamed and gushed torrents of scarlet then black blood before burning rappidly into a carbon shell. This crumbled and millions of bugs and worms and vermin crawled from the crumbling husk.

Among his ashes were a ring a dagger and a medallion. Serren realized the apparatus was to transfuse vampire blood with human. Vampirism had only happened in last few days. The Necromancers felt doomed days ago. No sign of the towers master? Among apparatus was a black demon heart that if fed with blood will pump.

So decided to give chained magic book that killed any who knew not the pass word to the Necromancer that Nahme brought over to help with sealing the crystal skull. Roderic the boy thief opened it. Others remarked what a foolish kid he was to pay a necromancer to age him too teen eager for his pocket money. Inside was a obsidian dagger and sword from the necromancer empire. Also was a wand used by necromancer police apprentices in the same empire. Finally was a relic Serren Knew of - a black glass and

So the a ring of protection +2, a dagger was +2 and a medallion that absorbed magic missiles.
The obsidian blades were +3, the wand shot a d6 missile 3" that always hit with infinite charges of life draining ray. Finally the iron tankard with skull motifs that could turn blood into a healing potion over an hour three times a day. Potions had t be drunk from flask before making a new one. It gave strange dreams but he was ok with that. Most of the items had bad mental influences but Serren kept dagger, tankard and medallion. Serren was feeling like a magic item hoarder but really would have had more but only took one evil mid altering item as more would be confusing. The wand did turn user towards evil. Many were in fact resting places of creators spirits. Some shufling of magic items went on around party followers from hand me downs. Most items were sold to the necromancer. Murder hoboes joined his service.

After worrying about all that the party went through the next magic stone wall with the priest dispelling it with his magic. Upstairs was a ransacked elemental wizard hall. Most was looted but four circles with coloured gems werelayed out with obvious elemental attachments with fire circle with red gems etc. Each had a altar too. Debated what to do and ignored the kitchen. Finally stepped in circle to grab the brownish gems  and a hungry xorn appeared and gobbled gems. Were atempts to argue with it but it aggressively demanded gems and threaten to enter other circles. Nahme taunted it, flew around it while it swum through the walls and ceiling after her. Then she banished it after it called some water maiden while snacking on water circles gems. Nahme banished that and wanted out. She did not want to risk going on with her best spell powers depleted.

Party stomped got Kobolds to nab books but they looked greedily at the gems in the last to circles. So Skullcrusher blocked the stairway with rocks.

Monday 23 March 2015

1/72 Mini O.D. and my Wish List

Arg pile of boxes came in other day.

Caesar modern special forces including a frogman - usable in mod and sf settings
Caesar modrn militia which are a bit terrorist with rpg7s and several busty skirt wearing ladies(?)
Pegasus gladiators - hardest yet to assemble but has midget gladiators and some women
Airfix WW2 russian without mortar stands two sets cheap better than ones i had as a kid 2for one sale
Zvesda Vikings actually well made, good poses and history - they look like they wanna shield bash you
Orion Vikings a bit more horny and squat generally but have some interesting weapons and poses including monks on ground begging for lives.

My 20s gangsters and cops are pretty fun. Several sets of early 20th c armed civilians including boxer rebellion, ww2 partisans and Russian revolutionaries. Robin hood set has lots of shifty thieves, monks and rangers. English pirates from Orion were very fun too.

Based up a heap of newer stuff and found to dragons and some other monsters. Will base up dome bugs, lizards and snakes too. finding toys to hack into 1/72 monsters is kinda fun. Lizard men were great set so will get rat men. Gladiator sets have some lions and panthers. Am getting some farm animals and farmers.

Wanna work on my bronze ancients a bit more and did the maths - big stores in the UK can get me $3-4 cheaper if i buy bulk. So I will stick to sales on ebay and look for loose lots of interesting stuff or out of date stuff like Tarzan and zoo sets. Got Herbie Revel cowboy and Indians. I have a box if Indian infantry (from India) and a GURPS Rome book almost a month late sigh.

Many sets of ancients in every day life mostly roman but some farmers and Egyptians available. Even a pilgrim set.

So here is a list of things I wish companies would make

1 Generic slingers in loin cloths or simpe robes - not enough slings in sets - sling auxiliaries should be quite common

2 Wolves or dogs - is a rare eskimo set and wargs but they are with saddles - could make up huge war dogs or just wild dogs

3 More Tribal representatives - Maori warriors would make a good wargame vs redcoats - American Indians and even Africans well done already. Cave man sets are rare but id like.

4 Mythical Monsters - tried Arcan Armies and got a few good things but sets after basic seem tricky to get. They have a centaur set, women riding lions, mummies and bear riding romans and some sphinxes. A set of greek and roman mythic creatures, a European one etc. I have dragons, huge trolls, giants, but more non humanoid sets.

5 Action Movie Heroes - any genre exploitation, Shaft, James Bond, cat suit super spys and more. There is good 25mm like this but more needed my scale. Boilersuit villain base mook set would help.

6 Some good sf sets - are starwars in this scale, are some astronauts and space war sets but some cooler modern sf heroes, fighting robots and even power armour. Judge dredd would rock and could cover any genre or most of the wish catagories really

7 Super heroes would work well given scenery to throw around battle fields from train scale and toy cars work well. Hot ppl in skin tight suits, a few capes, a few battlsuits and mutants.

8 Police and civilians from current era - perhaps riot cop, hippie protesters and mounted police on horses and bikes would make good gaming

9 Motorcyclists, road gangs, road warriors, punks for post apocalypse games - gamma style mutants

10 Witchcraft set with coven, dancing witches, demons, pagan altars, tied to burning stakes, flying on brooms - straight out of Goethe and Goya and other arts.

Stop Press

Just got bag of western civilian farmers with cattle, pigs, workers, campfires

Thursday 19 March 2015

Exile Log: Send in the Murder Hoboes

So Far:
The unnamed dungeon company started as some city poor although not all were human. After dealing with some gangs and a few youthful looting sprees, finaly they came to a kobold redbrick maze run by Chondaru the Mystic. A sorcerer who they have had run ins for years. His wickedest feat seems to be running away with treasure invisibly.

Now the party owns Chondaru's dungeon and have their own manour houses, towers, pubs, poor houses, boarding house for virtuous women. They know nobility and non human kings in their thrall. Many competent loyal henchmen and followers.

After the party tried to get Chondaru through his mom he came up with his own schemes. Party tracked him to Hobgoblin Halls where they discovered that the halls were a lost bastion of good Nahme wishes to restore. Party rejoined by Dark elf buddy and he told them wonders of the Underland. While lost down below for a few months clearing out a orc citadel, Chondaru proved in a court of law Acula was dead as no such man could be found (he was by now a orc). Then He married Aculas widow. Chondaru was exposed and fled back to hobgobin halls to his new masters lap. Meanwhile the party have eliminated the non human buffer truibes from the dungeon clearing out the Halls for good. But the sorcery tower of a new masked master goes beyond. Each floor a school of magicians with some humanoid flunkies and monsters.

Questioning the increasingly common fifth and eighth rank wizards from the tower advising the boss monsters, they told of a giant crystal skull artifact. It was a magical furnace that when fueled with sacrificed souls and spell levels in minds of casters and magic items would have power to call fire from sky to cleanse the land. The Master tried to bribe away party with Chondaru and stall for the time but Nahme strictly says you must leave now or die.


The Tako octopus faerie with his trusty one eyed eelman bounty hunter, out to explore and experience the surface world

The Angle with her theif boy, bert the bugbear (She hopes he will turn good without coercion), priest assistant and younger brother, establishing a angelic bastion on earth as a mission from paradise

Skull Crusher
The giant at a mere under 9 foot tall he is considering changing class as growing taller not so appealing (+1d12 inches /lv). Has a bandit gang, a bugbear, a stray dog pack and has recruited the goblin king a flunky

And Guest Starring:


The orc with his wife orc warrior olga. At home he has five kobold princess brides and his original wife who like him was once human. Acula started as a starving forest hunter. His dad was a poacher. Now he is rich and a bona fide secret policeman of the Barron of Shadelport and a servant of hell.

So the party started hobgoblin halls and have pretty much destroyed them. They came here to find their arch enemy Chondaru. Nahme wanted to reclaim the halls as a great temple. But the uppermost levels of wizards seem to be running a artifact to ruin the world so they can unite monster bosses to wipe out Shadelport.

Around the treasure mine er I mean dungeon a shanty town of a dozen murder hobo's, a tent running a sly grog shop and a portable shrine. The priest was a important upcoming priest of the eighth rank to the gods of Law and Good. Other riff raff like the pary kobold friends, Skullcrushers bandits and a few curious villagers came to see what all the fuss was.

Serren met a murder hobo with grey whiskers and tattered pis scented armour. He seemed keen and said couldn't wait to have his pleasure with monsters. "Seems keen" thought Serrin aloud.

Skullcrusher met a murder hobo who claimed to be a specialist in counter humanoid terror tactics and was pleased to help out and ket to do some killing.

The first was a sexual pervert, he second a race murderer who is wanted by law for instigating border wars with humanoids. The second espoused that party should trick men monsters out then kill and rape the old weak and womanly ones while distracted. Party said they had own plans. Men accepted 7gp a day merc rates claiming they would prove how valuable they were. Both Chaotic Evil third veteran rank warriors.

So Serren and eelman, Skullcruasher and bugbear, Nahme with her thief and bugbear delved into the hollow mountain, through the empty humanoid lairs and up to the bugbear level they last battled in days ago. Shrine priest came and dispelled the latest magic stone wall and let party enter. Most of bugbear halls were empty and abandoned. Theif boy returned from a room reporting room whith doorways favoured by enemies last few attacks on party for cross fire. Party used a fog spell and Serrin with the power of sonar gained from a magic pie eaten years ago fireballed a room including the female sorceress that attacked them and they did not have time to kill her unconscious body.

So party attacked the other room of bugbears with ogres killing them swiftly. One of depraved murder hoboes tried to molest the half burned sorceress but Nahme said she would kill him. Yet another fued between Serren and Nahme broke out about who we should kill or capture. The octopoid sorcerer claimed as a disciple of chaos he was a better lawful good role model than Nahme. Nahme was also not bothering with money as it was just trash to her. She also makes them attend church for healing spells and tries to save every monster to sell for slavery (for their own good). To be fair she regularly offers monsters a city house and job contract and cares for all kinds of city poor in her missions.

Anyway went to next level and had priest destroy one more stonewall so the could enter the ogre operated crystal furnace. There was a quick and deadly series of battle with fireballs, rooms split by stonewalls with arrow slits which party got good at crossing. Murder hobo's were pretty well behaved except the second one who skinned monster faces to pin on his shield. Bad wizards seemed surprised the master didnt aid them before Serren killed them. Was a brief fued over cost of letting monsters live and be reformed. Nahme planned to put her new followers to work on the task and recruit more. Killed the copper furred bugbear king whose body burned like magnesium on death. Then from inside the ash husk was a bugbear faced larva crying like a baby.
Put the thing in a sack to trade with demons later.

Serren was revolted by all this mammalian compassion. Monsters are for killing not providing with infrastructure, education and fair wages.

Party called up kobolds and guards to consolidate gains in levels. Finally chased ogres into the crystal furnace room and killed them all. The king begged to be killed and Acula arrived and gave him a spare knife. He cut his throat and exploded with a frigid blast injuring Acula. All shrugged by Nahme displeased. Turns out the only way to stop fire is with a at least third rank cold wizard spell or something similar. Party all a bit frustrated but thousands in ogre gold.
Found a magic holy bell that scares undead. A necklace that turns men to birds but cursed if wrong bloodline. Some other nick knacks. Coudnt stop furnace but had loot and ogre workers dead. So had to leave it.

Back outside dungeon to rest. One final battle with wizards to go! Chondaru and the Master were going to pay. The forces of lawful good would recover a might bastion again.

Wizards and sorcerers and the master seemed to not be very aggressive.....yet.


Has been a very fun dungeon crawl game with three big dungeons of various sizes, politics, intrigue domestic drama and more. Mind you I prefer when they spend time in city and get into trouble. They really hate Chondaru. Higher levels = more dice and more better but more fatal save throws. Will look forward to them setting up domain choosing titles and such at name levels.

Crikey! Perhaps it will be time to go on a new high level mega dungeon and possibly some plane hopping. Party interested in going to explore by sea as Serren has a zombie warship.

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Savages

So this is for tribal folk, nomads, orcs, beast men and other savage non text using people.

I could do a similar table for barbarian nobility and town dwellers or vikings. For the slightly more posh barbarian.

I'm working on a big set of monthly farmer and seasonal domain tables. Also another class of magic items to make players suspicious - Otherworldly Treasures.

Pardon the dino erotica. I'm assuming they are consensual tingling tales.

d10  Childhood Tragedies for Savages
1 Genocide survivor

2 War survivor
3 Hunting tragedy
4 Wilderness survivor
5 Great Journey
6 Clan lore
7 Clan life
8 Will of the gods
9 Spirits of the wastes
10 Magic problems

d100  Childhood Tragedies for Savages
01 Your tribe were wiped out by other evil tribe leaving you last of your race
02 Your tribe were killed by civilised forces leaving you last of your race
03 Your tribe were killed by humanoids leaving you last of your race
04 Your tribe were killed by a monster leaving you last of your race
05 Your tribe all perished in tribal warfare leaving you last of your race
06 Your tribe were killed by starvation leaving you last of your race
07 Your tribe were killed by plague leaving you last of your race
08 Your tribe were enslaved by other nation leaving you alone
09 Your tribe joined a evil horde-cult leaving you alone
10 Your tribe lost honour and you left from shame
11 Tribal duel was fought and lost, banished by tribe
12 Failed tribal gauntlet ritual and banished
13 During battle you were horribly maimed and left for dead, tribe wont take you back
14 During a terrible war you showed cowardice and were banished
15 During a terrible war you were left behind and lost tribe
16 Your tribe were mercenaries for others and lost tribal ways
17 Your tribe were scattered in war and are still hunted by enemies
18 You were captured and tortured and your tribe failed to save you
19 You were enslaved as a war prisoner for years, home tribe rejected you on return
20 Foreign adventurers destroyed your tribe with war, booze and disease
21 Failed to return from initiation with questing beast and banished
22 While hunting terribly injured and left for dead by tribe
23 Accidentally wounded important person in hunt, now banished
24 Hunting party attacked by monster and you were blamed for deaths
25 While hunting was kidnapped by spirit beings for years, tribe fear you now
26 Killed a tabu animal on hunt now banished for murder
27 While hunting was lost in forbidden sacred lands and cursed by tribe
28 You divided up kill wrong way and leaders banished you
29 When hunting was tracked back home by enemies then blamed for those killed
30 A monster craving revenge for your hunting it's kin killed your tribe
31 Lost for days exploring caves when you escaped tribe thought you were undead
32 Poisoned while gathering food and lost tribe while recovering
33 Trapped and lost tribe d4 1=under a tree 2=rock slide 3=in a pit 4=sinkhole
34 Shelter collapsed and tribe assumed you were dead, now they fear you
35 Tribe insisted you be new taste tester so you fled
36 You prepared bad food and many died, tribe banished you
37 You over-harvested a valuable species wiping it out and were outcast by tribe
38 You shamed others finding more food and water and they resent and malign you
39 You accidentally spread a species which impoverished natural food supplies
40 You destroyed a magical resource forever by your sin
41 Tribe crossed a great deadly wasteland over a year
42 Tribe crossed a great body of water fraught with peril
43 You were carried away and wandered half the world trying to find home
44 You left your hidden tribal lands and never found your way back
45 Lost for years in secret valley full of monsters, family didn't want you back
46 Travelled for months in a great cavern complex filled with wonders, lost your homeland
47 Travelled spirit roads across the world, you were among last mortals to use so one way path
48 Discovered a fabulous resource and others want to torture location from you
49 Your chief discovered a cursed treasure mound of the old ones and your tribe were wiped out
50 You were tested with ordeal and failed, outcast from tribe
51 Tribe members spread rumours about you using evil forbidden magic
52 Your siblings claimed you breached tribal lore to take your birthright
53 Tribe leaders tortured you and murdered your kin for breaking tribal tabu
54 You were obligated by honour to kill your d4 1=best friend 2=parents 3=siblings 4=self
55 Your family killed for defying the chief
56 Uncles killed your family to assume your parents wealth and status
57 Couldn't pay legal damages for killing would be murderers so you fled your death sentence
58 Spent years negotiating a hostage settlement to save your family that left you paupers
59 Terrible divorce and custody battle between d4 1=parents 2=ex lover 3=dead sibling lover 4=shaman
60 You discovered innovation but were outlawed for breaking traditions
61 At a great tribal gathering you were humiliated and your reputation is ruined
62 Inter clan blood feud has diminished both tribes to near extinction
63 Refused demands of shaman who banished you
64 You loved someone tabu to your bloodline and your lover was killed
65 You loved someone from another tribe and both tribes hate you now
66 Married against your will but you hated them so much you fled
67 Your tribe traded you as a slave when times were tough
68 Your close family or lover sacrificed themselves to save you
69 Your beloved wonder beast chum was killed and you killed the killers starting a blood feud
70 Other tribal members kept trying to murder you over some grudge
71 A tribal god visited you and bid you slaughter your corrupt tribe
72 You became inhabited by a divine avatar during climax or a tribal war
73 You wiped out a race in a tribal war, you were praised then but nobody likes your company now
74 You met a great chosen of the gods hero as a child and your legend seem to live in their shadow
75 A god made you bear a relic for a times and you didn't seem to do a adequate job
76 A god laid waste to your land and their cult enslaved the survivors
77 Tribe found to be hybrids with servitors of the elder gods, other tribes wipe your out
78 A tribal cult wanted to sacrifice you and kept you prisoner but you ran away
79 Your tribe converted to the new faith except you who fled
80 Only your unique bloodline may kill a evil god so they torment you with tragedy and danger
81 Spent years with tree and spirits and tribe did not welcome you back
82 Spent several years possessed d4 1=ghost 2=demon 3=spirit 4=ancestor
83 Nightmares of great primordial spirits seeking to return haunt your dreams
84 Ancestral beast spirits turned on your tribe facing a battle for breaking a tabu
85 A evil shaman terrorised your community with disease and spectral possession
86 Mighty evil spirits haunt where ever your clan stay too long anywhere
87 Your tribe had a special relationship with folk spirit lords which made them outsiders
88 Beast spirits raised you and human wish to force you to tell the spirits secrets
89 Evil spirit of elder times was disturbed, it tormented then killed your tribe
90 A spirit loves you, ever stalking and trying to trick, seduce and kidnap you
91 Travelled through a magical gateway and lost far from tribe
92 Lost in fairy land, when returned your race had long died off
93 You carry the last taint of pre human bloodline and non humans treat you differently
94 A wizard killed your tribe then built a tower on top of your clan burial grounds
95 A sorcerer sacrificed your lover to summon a demon
96 Your tribe became lycanthropes, evil animal monster men
97 A necromancer killed your tribe and turned them into undead minions
98 Your family was killed and their souls and heads taken by the killer
99 Your tribe had many magicians and worked with many wonder workers out of mostly awe
100 Your tribe hate spell users of all kinds and prefer them dead and burned

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Roadwar: Salt Flat Speed Demon and other stuff

Finding matchbox cars at a jumble sale - a couple of matchbox off road cars that are pretty good. Got 1920 gangsters in which have been stand ins for my modern/sf era stuff. Have a good bunch of ancients and have English pirates set from Orion which is great. Gladiators for start of my Rome era (got gurps Rome too). Improvising animals creatures and putting bases on toys. Awaiting for ancient Indian army and robin hood set with good thief/rangers/monks for my fantasy games. Trees on way too and I hope I can use in my mars attacks and marvel. Might need a few bigger trees, some street lamps and telephone polls and stop lights. Seeking vikings and special forces and any bargains i can find. I cannot have enough teeny people.

I got a friend into 1/72 scale now I'm getting him cowboy sets but we just missed an amazing deal of 9 sets of 40 men for $70. He is a big Warhammer collector and has seen benefits of smaller scale 1/72nd for RPGs. Hunting him a wild west town too.

Ive run my roadwar game a few times without blogging in time and my memory has not been kind. Running Babyon, Planet Psychon DnD (running anomalous subsurface environment) alternating with Roadwar and my tuesday Exiles game has been a bit more work. Ive also been resuming my Art career and my hours at work increasing as my health is normal (or slightly better). Ive been a lot more social too. So sorry about my infrequency and less blogging in general. I will be renting a art studio again for a few months so will be spending time there to use up my mountains of art materials i have accumulated. One of the companies that sponser me wants to give me $500 in materials and i dont have the room.

Anyway I have runn two sessions of roadwar. The first was crossing half of Australia to get to the South Australian salt pans to assist the racing teams. Managed to avoid various road hazards, traps and gangs. Met a famous death racer and sanctioned op. Sheriff managed to spend night with her. The cyborg beserker got into a fight in a small desert road house and as he went into cyber psychosis the owners turned up to stop him. He killed them and would have gone on but others warned townsfolk to hide till he cooled off. Finally got to the salt flats at end of session.

So team at the race track for a corporate high speed figure 8 race.  Was a showcase for high tech racing and team were to protect Gentech interests. Found many teams sabotaging each other but Exotech was the worse. Cyborg vet discovered Exotech built him and possibly tap and bug him. Plans to work on some interference in future. Mutant ended up racing for Gentech and cyborg for Exotech. In first few seconds the drag racer performed well but the rocket and jet cars zoomed to sonic speeds rapidly. On the turns in the figure 8 most lost and the Exotech car ended up winning. All got good pay outs and Gentech mostly pleased but a bit miffed at the Cyborg who was offered a bribe to come second to them. Current plans are to go to Woomera rocket range and receive astronaut training to go to hunt zombies on the moon.

After all this players should be able to afford serious vehicles

Friday 13 March 2015

d100 Tragic Old Murder Hobos

Hey Pip, when we go adventuring lets not take anymore runaway kids to hold our torches and teen gangs to be scouts or accept people the militia wouldn't take, lets get some competent hirelings.

You mean mercenaries?

Well I guess they would be expensive but i thought more like some experienced adventurers.

Well they might accept us as their  follows or take all our loot.

Why I meant more just some washed up old guys who need the money?

Oh you mean murder hobos.

When you want a vet dungeon raider but without the attitude or cost, look around your graveyards, parks, alleys and that really cheap sly grog shop near the edge of town. Quite a few work at the abattoir too. Everyone has a sob story best discovered sooner than later.

d10 Quick Tragic Old Murder Hobos
1 Broke and down and out - usually needy

2 Mutilated on the job - disabled but a willing scrapper
3 Imprisoned - spent years imprisoned
4 Enslaved - spent years performing humiliating back breaking work
5 Sole Survivor - all comrades long gone
6 Legal Problems - has some problems with authority
7 Sickness - has some problems with illness
8 Madness - has some problems with sanity
9 Cursed by something - a magical burden placed on you
10 Tainted by something - a strange secret best kept hidden

 Tragic Old Murder Hobos
01 "Ive been homeless for years but I know all the local dungeons" needy and possible exaggerates or underrates danger
02 "For a few years business was good then my partners robbed me" bitter and paranoid, might stab and run first chance for loot
03 "I need help paying off my gambling debts, the mob are really unforgiving" desperate to pay off mob, might sell out part to them
04 "I just need enough for a really big fix so i can get really high then i can quit for good" hopeless drug fiend
05 "Prostitutes, I cant get enough, I will follow you anywhere for money" sleazy pervert will harass party members of any gender and will harass prisoners and monster corpses
06 "For a while everything was lovely, then my partner and kids died" bitter about family loss now has nothing to live for but revenge
07 "I invested everything in a farm but it was was eaten by (d4 1=kobolds 2=rats 3=gremlins 4=undead)" bitter and ruined warns young to not bother trying life is hopeless
08 "Do you have anything to drink for an old person?" will do anything for booze, mostly unreliable
09 "Nobility took everything as tax. Said it was a social climber tax for living outside my class" bitter to rich and authority and likes to get in fights with lawmen and nobility
10 "I invested everything in a ship and cargo but it was (d4 1=sunk 2=pirated 3=lost 4=crew mutinied)" desperate and broken with do anything to get cash even rob party
11 "Oh yes I spent quite a while in dungeons" Has terrible whip marks and torture scars, winces often
12 "If there is a chance I can kill a wizard Im in" Has terrible burn marks, mutters something about hating wizards and fire
13 "There is plenty of life in me yet" Has a artificial leg or walking stick with a compartment for d4 1=grog 2=weapon 3=map 4=potion
14 "Yous hould see the other guy who did this to me" Has a artificial hand or arm d4 1=claw 2=weapon 3=advanced functional hand 4=buckler
15 "I dont want to talk about me eye but I can see well enough to kill" Has a missing eye and possibly eye patch d4 1=glass 2=gem 3=glowing gem 4=magical stone
16 "Im keen to take back what I lost" Has no hair blames it on d4 1=time in dungeons 2=wizards 3=monsters 4=fear
17 "Sniff, I will fowwow yoo to tha unnerworld" Nose missing, hideous especially when sneezing
18 "You need a barrelwright? No sonny I'm a murder hobo by trade" Ear or ears missing or hearing lost, might use a ear horn but misunderstands everything
19 "Yes I long to come with you and kill things in the deep" Hideous mutilated face with bite marks, sweats when thinks can hears monsters
20 "One last trip eh, well Ive been lucky so far" Wrinkled and old, time has not been kind, a bit deranged and limpy but still dangerous
21 "I was kept there for years by a cult of madmen, if I ever find them..." Imprisoned by cult or monsters as sacrifice awaiting till the stars were right
22 "Ive lots of experience fighting humanoids, bit of an expert actually" Imprisoned by state for instigating humanoid tribal unrest
23 "Sure but we should leave the territory when we have loot" Imprisoned for tax evasion and everything taken
24 "I know a guy who can lend us some money" Imprisoned for debt need help to buy self out of prison
25 "Why yes I love to kill monsters of all sizes" Imprisoned by monsters as pet or toy to abuse and amuse monsters kids
26 "Don't get caught! Always be ready to slit your own throat" Imprisoned by monster that thought captives were offspring
27 "Don't forget to have your finances ready and your kin informed" Imprisoned by bandits for ransom for years while they bargained with state and kin
28 "Anyone touch our loot we're gonna kill em all" Imprisoned for looting a dungeon claimed by a nobleman
29 "Yes, I can help you he he he!" Imprisoned in mental hospital for outlandish adventurer talk
30 "Oh I will come, nothing on earth scares me anymore" Imprisoned and tortured by planar beings like devils for years
31 "Ive spent so much time down below I think I prefer it" Enslaved in a mine with horrible conditions
32 "Monsters aren't so bad" Enslaved as a house servant and came close to monster family
33 "Any chance I get to kill those scum" Enslaved as jester by monster noble
34 "I have been dreaming of killing hem again" Enslaved as a concubine or eunuch in dungeon harem
35 "Ive lots of experience in dealing with monsters" Enslaved as expert adviser and translator
36 "All those years of kill or be killed, now it's my turn" Enslaved as a gladiator or pit fighter
37 "Im gonna break some necks and strangle some sucker" Enslaved as oarsman in a galley in ocean or in under ground sea
38 "Lets go straight for the boss, the rest will crumble" Enslaved as personal slave of a boss monster
39 "Ive got lots of unfinished business" Enslaved as skilled laborer helping to craft goods for years in sweatshop
40 "The things I have seen and done nobody should" Enslaved as magicians servant performing ghastly deeds
41 "Well these new monsters are soft, we killed toughest ons years ago" Sole survivor of famous mega dungeon crawl of yesteryear
42 "Can you pay me with letting me take all prisoners" Sole survivor of ship crew that raided islands for slaves and gold
43 "I am last of a doomed band perhaps i can attach my fortune to yours" Sole survivor of a expedition seeking a famed relic
44 "Ive never felt safe on the surface since old days" Sole survivor of heroes who destroyed and robbed a strange cult
45 "Ive seen remnants of bygone ages and horror best left forgotten" Sole survivor of trip to Underland and battle against the hidden races of the deep
46 "Ha haha ha! Ive been to the land beyond and here is nowhere to hide"
Sole survivor of expedition to Faerie Land, all others lost to elves and madness and time travel

47 "Things in the wilds, they are vile and watching us, we must kill them first" Sole survivor of explorers who went searching the mysterious woodland
48 "Perhaps hey remember me" Sole survivor of army who lost against humanoid hordes
49 "Trick their warriors to leaving then kill their women and children" Sole survivor of famous non human tribe massacre
50 "The fighting never ends it only has pauses" Sole survivor of borderland battle long ago
51 "Sure, I am keen to get somewhere underground" Wanted fugitive known by many lawmen
52 "Nothing will catch us mates" Escaped from several prisons and is wanted
53 "There is non more loyal than me clever masters" Legal Problem was in prison for murdering fellow party members
54 "Yes Id love to see you youngsters in action" Member of secret police pretending to be a murder hobo
55 "Ive had plenty of military and underground fighting experience, you will need me" Awol military man wanted from long ago
56 "Yes we will rob those stupid monsters shit poor or dead" Wanted bandit leader from years ago
57 "I will follow where others would not dare follow for glory" Hunted by family assassins embarrassed by washed up murder hobo kin
58 "Ive worked with dozens of parties" Will inform rival adventurers about party actions for a few beers
59 "Sure Id love to follow yous guys, will catch up after I do some legal business" Will try to make legal dungeon claim with city officials then sue party for treasure or offer them jobs with pay cut
60 "Treasure me hearties, thats what it's all about" Wanted for back taxes, taxman will try to claim party loot
61 "Urp, sure better than sitting around here, err urp" Carries huge dungeon parasites d4 1=worms 2=fleas or ticks 3=fungus 4=baby monster
62 "I recon I'm a goner anyway" Looks hideous and smells bad, actually dying of mummy rot
63 "I feel not pain from the blows of fiends or scorn of men" Leprosy victim is deformed and shunned even by monsters
64 "Ewww hic yeah, sure lets do this!" Is a plague carrier whose fleas may spread to others near by
65 "Ya reacon they got any attractive prisoners we could break out?" Has terrible VD, insane, paranoid and dangerous, sex mad
66 "Caugh! caugh! atchoo! Yea lets make it happen!" Always sneezing and coughing from cold or snuff powder
67 "I claim all smoking pouches found" Always smoking stinking pipes
68 "Yeah! Lets go kill and rob those bastards!" Serious drug addict, likes to get high on guard duty or boring times in dungeon
69 "Ok I feel like some action, Ive been laying about for weeks" Fungal infection, will explode with spores if killed, a bit dopey and slow normally
70 "Me help you kill bad monsers and bad men, you tell me who to kill boss" Brain damaged and living as village idiot
71 "Yes I can see a pattern here yes I will follow you" Madness - has some problems with sanity
72 "Great to meet you, It would be great to get out of town for a while" Cannibalism, likes to eat anything killed
73 "Were gonna show those bastards! When I get my hands on them!" Likes to torture and abuse prisoners or wounded foes
74 "Sure im game, Id like to get some damned monsters" Sexually abuses and torments monsters if they can
75 "This will be no problems guys" Narcoleptic prone to sleeping in inappropriate situations
76 "The tales I could tell, the years of wisdom I could share with you" Pathological liar actually never went adventuring just a town drunk
77 "I know the signs that lead to great treasure, I would love to take you" Is a insane cultist will try to lead party to cult in need of sacrifices
78 "Monsters are dirty double crossing bastards eh, but we will have each other" Will try to sneak off to make deal with monsters, hopeless compulsive traitor
79 "Yes why not end it all, Im too ashamed to go on" Broken spirit with low morale - will run screaming if anything too scary, has shakes
80 "Heh heh! Stabbin monsters is what I do! Depends what you call a monster. Heh heh!" Serial killer, seems fine until gets chance to go on murdering spree, possibly after all wounded badly
81 "Things can only get bettor for me now with you guys" Cursed by god and hunted by a cult
82 "The drums, the idols and strange gods, we've gotta kill em! Dont trust their mumbo jumbo" Cursed by shaman, attracts extra wandering monsters
83 "Change just falls though my hands, but their is always another dungeon" Cursed by spirit, treasure is always smaller when around
84 "Im bringing plenty of stimulants for guard duty, do you want some?" Cursed by wizard, turns into monster when asleep
85 "Seems like today's monster are so much more viscous with no respect or honour" Cursed by demons, rarely hits anything
86 "Dam the lords of order, let us loose anarchy on those fiends" Cursed by Archons, fails every saving throw
87 "In my dreams, it's as if something is coming, I must ready myself" Cursed by chaos, devolving into a shoggoth, will instantly burst from skin if killed
88 "Beings from beyond damn us but we fight onward as best we can" Cursed by elementals d4 1=pyromaniac 2=falls into water 3=falls from any ledge 4=attracts cave ins
89 "I will not die easily and those that try to kill me shall regret it" Cursed when sold soul, when dies planar being enters world to make havoc
90 "The voices every night at sleep, but I can still kill" Cursed to be haunted by victims spirits, screams from night terrors in sleep
91 "I love to fight" Berserker who once fights starts goes on murder spree till killed
92 "I have survived near death, other things frighten me less now" When dies returns as undead d4 1=zombie 2=ghoul 3-wight 4=vampire
93 "There are always surprises on adventures" Lycanthropy d4 1=wererat 2=werewolf 3=wereboar 4=weretiger
94 "Yeah lets just get going" "Mutated but keeps hidden d4 1=extra face 2=tentacles 3=tail 4=stinger with egg implanter
95 "I have a taste for adventure" Actually a doppelgänger hoping to kill eat and rob party with buddies
96 "Horrors everywhere, there is no escap" Haunted by invisible entities from beyond (possibly mad)
97 "Ive got some surprises that can help us out in a tight fix" Carries a evil relic slowly working evil to bearer and surroundings
98 "Oh yes this is normal adventurer custom, enjoy lads" Sold soul to planar entity now seeks to corrupt young adventurers
99 "I know where there is loads of treasure, a secret room, If we could just get to it" Agent of the dungeon boss who lures dupes into dungeon
100 "Yess we have no incongruous motives for the moment let us work together" Warlock in service of dark powers has own dark secrets they are searching for

Yes I'm talking to you murder hobo!


Hey Pip did those murder hobos work out for you?

Well I won't forget that lesson! Took 12 madmen with us each worse than the last. Utter scum.

So you have given up on the plan?

Oh no a couple of them were useful. One got eaten instead of me. One found a cursed relic. One found a bottle of poison wine. One ran away with some party money but if I can find him at the pub I will take him again. 

Why is that?

Well he says he knows this really fat sleepy dragons lair and has great tips on making a demonic pact.

Pip you are well on your way to being a murder hobo too.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Exile Log: Magicians fight back

So into the orc level with Nahme the Angel and her bugbear, Skullcrusher the giant and his bugbear and Serrin the Tako with his wiley eelman bounty hunter. The orcs were wizard made and had never been out side. They were unlike everything killed so far not just lodgers but loyal slaves of the sorcerer.

At first they massacred the first batch of orcs but found them increasingly using doorway choke points, poison arrows and had the support of wizards and sorcerers of the 5th rank from the magic cult upstairs. Several times the heroes were caught in crossfire of arrows and fireballs and other spells. Managed to catch a enemy spell caster and found out the upstairs magicians were actually working on an artifact to destroy the surface world and take over. Ogres operated a artifact furnace which would call fire from heave when enough souls and magic items had been burned and the stars were right.

Found a room where wizards had made battlements and walls inside room with more wizards. Party deftly crossed the walls and used fog spells. Serren had gained sonar from a magic pie and thus fog was no obstacle to him. As they overran a wall with hid fireballs Skullcrusher charged a eighth rank wizard who shrugged off spells and missiles and even cast a fireball on himself in self defence. Nahme said to hold him but Skullcrusher dragged him over the walls and killed the wounded wizard. Found several interesting barrels with food, tools and enraged kobolds who savagely attacked when opened.

At least wizards had some magic items including a helm to understand languages, protection rings, magic daggers.

When they returned after a rest and handed the prisoners to priests, the orcs had cleared out.

So into the bugbear level. All was dark and quiet.

Place seemed abandoned and they looked about. Found a kitchen with a pot of pea and orc head soup and some gristle chunks. Skulcrusher thought it wa tast and wanted to work on it but others protested. Found lots of barrels to search and skullcrusher loved barrels. Found a whinch mechanism, hay, brine, mouldy bread, a screaming alarm fungus and other stuff. Serren peeked though a door to be ambushed by two bugbears. Others helped and Skullcrusher was going to go first from then on. Two more doors had bugbear assassins but he smooshed them and others fired arrows into what was left. Nahme kept tying up bugbears and healing them Serren considered murdering her as all wanted to do was kill monsters.

Finally the giant crossed a large room to look through a door to have four bugbears attack, plus three archers shoot his top half. From another door across hall more archers shot him in the back. He was a bit unhappy about this and Jimmy the eelman ran behind him and skewered a bugbear left only injured by the giants swings. Nahme ran up and fog clouded the other doorway and her bugbear defended her from bugbears who ran out to kill her. Serrin lobbed fire shuriken about gleefully and was pleased after battle hat Nahme couldn't tie them and heal them fast enough saving only three.

After a look about found level ended but suspicious so searched till found a hidden door. Through the door area was well lit and looked occupied. As moved into a large L-shaped room bugbears poured from behind two corners and a door. With them were a 5th rank sorceress and a wizard. Battle was fierce and fireballs softened up party. Skullcrusher went for sorceress guards and Serren vapourised wizard with fire shuriken. As the giant knocked out the sorceress and bugbears were almost defeated they heard ogres coming and could see two charging with some more behind. With most injured by fire and bugbears the party fled and the giant moaned sorceress still alive. Ran through secret door and giant held it while ogres beat on door from wrong direction to open it. Nahme healed everyone and giant kicked door down.

"Surprise" He said as he gleefully killed one. Serrin finally lobbed a fireball and killed two extra crispy and finished the others. Nhame was not too fussed at ogres demise and reanimated two as zombies. Ogres gold sacks were a welcome find. The best one he sent back to party loot and stairs for later and the lesser one he sent first. Party returned to last battleground to see some bugbears and sorceress gone. Serrin sent charred ogre corpse ahead and watched it walk through a hail of arrows till it dropped.

"I think we need more spells" said everybody and pulled back.

Got minion kobolds to hold the secret door while party rested and tormented prisoners. Apparently old party foe Chondaru was lapdog of the master. There was a celestial conjunction needed by the artifact that the master was waiting on. 

A apprentice necromancer came under a banner of truce to talk. They offered chondaru if party would leave. Thought about it but the plan to call fire from stars down had party unwilling. Nahme offered if they got Chandaru and left now that would be acceptable. Apprentice was mindlinked to a senior wizard and said was acceptable but needed 5 months to pack up and finish project.

"Leave now or you will all die" was Nahme's final offer.

Apprentice left with Serren and Skullcrusher grumbling we should kill him.

Monday 9 March 2015

d100 Dungeon Vice

So a reader asked for a d100 monster sex club table which is kind of odd and some others when i mentioned it suggested such a table need not exist. So after a bit of a think I modded it to this. In the dungeon monsters get up to funny stuff the boss monsters dont always kow about. Some dungeon communities even have a thriving criminal underclass and black market, robbing their co-lurkers and skimming from the boss. If adventurers wander into these areas monsters might just treat them as typical dungeon dwellers and even help wreck the joint for a proffit or sell information. Some bosses tolerate a little fun among minions but sly LE types in turn skim off the mob and even run them in secret to give the illusion of freedom and prevent other criminals setting up shop. Some occupy unused areas or set up in corridoors. Others take over multiple rooms or build structures in open areas. You could use these for shifty side of town or sewers too.

Tiny Operation 50% chance of a d4 customers and 50% chance of a thug enforcer nearby
Typical Operation has 2d6 punters and 1d4 security thugs
Large Operation has 5d6 punters and 2d4 security thugs

Most of my sex worker entries are gender neutral so you can apply your own preferences
Shadelport is fairly sexist but comparable to Caligula era Rome for sex trade
d6 1-3=for hetero males 4=non hetro males 5=hetro or non hetro women 6=all clients welcome

d10  Quick Dungeon Vice
1 Gambling - various games of skill or chance

2 Sly Grog Shop - place to get a drink, possibly a meal or sleep
3 Shopping - Unregulated shopping
4 Fight Club - fights for entertainment with man or beast
5 Drug Den - drug abuse, first hit for free!
6 Redlight - sex traders
7 Bath House - relax with a scrub, 1in3 also offer drugs and sex
8 Cult - quasi religious groups using popular entertainment to get members or perform secret vices
9 Club House - relaxing private clubs for shared interests
10 Black Magic - shonky magic dealers

 d100 Dungeon Vice
01 A cup and ball man - a flimsy table, punters bet on which cup has ball
02 Toss Up game - 2 coins tossed into chalk circle on ground, punters bet on heads/tails combinations
03 Card Carny - with a crude table, a dealer plays various card tricks with bets for money
04 Card Game - four or so monsters playing poker or some other card game
05 Potion Guzzle - patrons bet on what happens to a goblin who drinks a reject stolen potion
06 Carny Man - operating a rigged game of skill for novelty prizes, many customers are children
07 Chess Challenge - two monsters play and others bet, other boardgames or local rules might apply
08 Gambling Den - with many tables with games of chance, drinks and criminal gang members
09 Carny Stalls - with various mostly rigged games of skill for novelty prizes fro whole family
10 Casino - multiple games of chance and skill, restaurant and lots of kitsch faux glamour
11 Sly Grog Shop - a lean-to where a ale wife offers company and drinks for a few coins
12 Goon Barrel Man - has a barrel and a cup, offers cheap grog but rents out cup if you dont have own
13 Sly Pub - several monsters around tables drinking with a barman and a wary bouncer
14 Seedy Bar - long bar with choice of drinks and lonely drinkers in a row
15 Ale House - with several long tables with benches and monsters serving large beers from a barrel
16 Tavern - with counter meals and boarding facilities for visiting monsters (possibly just floor space)
17 Bar and Grill - long bar with flame pit with meat o the spit and various forms of charred mystery meat
18 Strip Bar - overpriced grog but dancers on podiums or tables and aggressive bouncers
19 Dungeon Inn - a quaint eatery and drinking place with private booths and even place for pets
20 Hotel - large scale busy hall full of eating drinking monsters and adjacent rooms for rent
21 Dungeon Butcher - with push cart and mystery meat, will pay for found meat no questions asked
22 Pet & Familiar Stall - bedraggled rats, bats, cats, wolf pups, rippy fish, huge snails & bugs from cart
23 Junk Dealer - from pushcart sell and buy bits of traps, broken locks, rusty weapons, rag and bone
24 Pornography Dealer - wears a long coat and hat, offers dirty scrolls, smutty prints and erotic etchings
25 Relic Dealer - from his stall sells old holy symbols, shreds of holy scrolls and body parts of saints
26 Idol Shop - sells small idols and statues of many faiths, some obscene, many fake to look ancient
27 Poison Shop - sells venom for blades, pests, monster bait, wells whatever of various quality
28 Slave Post - sells humanoid of many types, specialize in d4 1=kids 2=women 3=eunuchs 4=labour
29 Sly Potion Shop - selling coloured unpleasant fluid in bottles d4 1=quack 2=petty fx 3=poison 4=real
30 Sly Magic Shop - selling magic items d4 1=fake 2=petty fx 3=cursed 4=real from a cart or counter
31 Critter Fight Booth - bet over tiny animal fights on a table top, d4 1=crab 2=spider 3=rat 4=scorpion
32 Cock Fight - punters betting over two aggressive he chickens or other birds, losers get eaten
33 Dog Fight - group around a pit or fenced off circle bet over animal fights
34 Monster Fight - punters betting on captured dungeon monsters who will pay for interesting creatures
35 Knuckle Fight - a few gather to bet on two humanoids in a bare knuckle fight 1in6 female
36 Duelists - crowd gather for knife or sword fight with bets, snack sellers and pick pockets 1in6 female
37 Gladiators - slaves are forced to fight often with exotic weapons to the death 1in6 female
38 Target Shooting Contest - crowd bets and contestants compete with missile weapons for prizes
39 Fight Pit - venue has bar, food and pit with all manner of staged fights
40 Kill Club - all manner of restrained creatures and humanoids can be murdered or tormented for a fee
41 Dealer - Humanoid with long coat and hat selling catnip, pipeweed, hemp, shrooms and herbal highs
42 Lotus Den - Humanoids laying about with pipes in drug comas while servants refill pipes
43 Drug Lab - wary humanoids brewing and refining drugs and selling fresh and large batches
44 Love Adviser - old woman selling love potions, erotic charms and love tips
45 Shroom Den - tended by goblins and/or mushroom men, a fungi garden with layabout high monsters
46 Addict Den - sickly addict monsters waiting for dealer, beg for d4 1=coins 2=work 3=drugs 4=death
47 Rehab Den - addict monsters are locked in cages or chained up, orderly cares for them
48 Dodgy Dealer - dealer offers drugs in booth, d4 1=braineater 2=vampire 3=doppelganger 4=demon
49 Warrior Potion Hut - bar serving pain killers and fear nulling kava-like drink from dirty bowls
50 Pleasure Garden - decorated in fanciful style with servants selling exotic expensive drugs
51 Creepy Pervert - humanoid has a farm animal on leash, offers it's questionable services
52 Lone Prostitute - walking corridors up for a quick knee trembler against a wall
53 Prostitute Booth - prostitute has set up a small booth with mattress, water jug and love deity idol
54 Pimp - in flamboyant dress offers favours with his workers catering for all tastes and prices
55 Crossroads - gathering of street walkers offer to come to their house or quickie in side passage
56 Dance Hall - bright coloured hall with band, workers will dance or perform other favours for cash
57 Whore Den - pornogrphic murals and booths line walls with pimp and gang on hand to collect cash
58 Debauchery Den - lavish erotic mural entry into lavish booth d4 1=succubi 2=vampire 3=werewolf 4=dopelganger
59 Brothel - madame parades customers her workers with private rooms for customers to enjoy them in
60 Follies Show - rich nightclub with dancers that the rich can buy for night after a show
61 Bath Attendant - humanoid with buckets and sponge and soap will scrub you for a copper
62 Delouser - attendant offers to remove lice with chemicals folk remedies and good scrubbing
63 Bath Barrel - attendant with barrel of water charges more for clean water, soap or warm water
64 Bathing Shack - with large warm bath and attendants serving cheap grog and thrashing with birch
65 Steam Bath Room - with brazier, water buckets and wooden benches with attendants
66 Steaming Love House - a luxury bathhouse with erotic murals frequented by prostitutes
67 Peepshow Bath House - puts on erotic shows viewers can watch and drink with option of private booth
68 Gorging Pit - pit full of rotten food, mud, corpses and other muck popular for monsters to wallow in
69 Deluxe Bath Club - with decorative fittings with aquatic and sexual themes restricted to classy patrons
70 Public Bathing House - a large pool possibly with separate male, female, boss and religious areas
71 Sorcerer Cult - patrons offered sex and drugs while master tries to recruit them with offers of power
72 Mystery Cult - offer delights of membership if you go through secret initiation
73 Sex Cult - offer new paying members to attend orgies, demons only attend the important gatherings
74 Love Cult - offer varying degrees of sex and money to finance their church of a love deity
75 Monster Sex Cult - secretive nature religion where members fornicate with sacred monster
76 Wisdom Cult - offer to teach initiates secrets of universe, commune with slumbering elder gods of evil
77 Blood Cult - offer initiates secrets of life and death, mostly just murder people in horrific rituals
78 Knowledge Cult - offer to study mysteries but really leaders keep to themselves and abuse low ranks
79 Demonic Cult - offer members promises of power and magic, mostly sacrifice victims to demons
80 Necromantic Club - necromancers offer members undead sex rites and promise immortality
81 Swingers club - opulent dining hall where members swap partners for orgies
82 Torture club - with a dungeon where members can d4 1=be tortured 2=torture 3=both 4=just watch
83 Warrior Brotherhood - feast hall divided into areas by rank, lower ranks submit sexually to leaders
84 Skull Brotherhood - private feasts for members to discuss control of area by fair and fowl means
85 Devil's Clan - debauched secret vice loving feasters who plan conspiracies to gain power
86 Hunters Club - where members feast and display trophies from victims, drink and eat
87 Sisterhood - where female monsters and humanoids meet to talk free of male harassment
88 Art Sanctuary - monsters work on and contemplate depraved sculpture dedicated to vile gods
89 Torment Club - monsters and creatures come here to torture, maim and mutilate themselves to please horrid gods
90 Man Slayers Club - were monsters unite for the purpose of slaying intruders to their realms and ritual human sacrifice is a art form
91 Witch - lone wandering woman offers treatments, advice, curses, identifies magic and other services
92 Witch Coven - like the witch but more power and services and more dangerous with guards and pets
93 Chaos Wizard - dwells here and offers gifts of mutation to any willing to take the challenge
94 Necromancer - has a workshop and servants where monsters try to get their fallen chums resurrected
95 Golem Maker - has a shop where he creates automatons, not just guards but builds lovers   for rich and alone
96 Priestess of Love Deity - channels the divine power through her body for dangerous love rites that drive survivors mad
97 Archon Servants - where beings of Law enhance supplicants with lawful features and abilities
98 Dream Trader - where priests of secret long forgotten gods help dreamers contact the dream lands or the nightmare kingdoms
99 Dark Druids - perform wicked services for the desperate such as reincarnating lost friends, or allowing unnatural sexual unions to bear fruit
100 Reptilian Wizard - offers to help awaken your inner reptile and ancestral memories, unleash your inner dinosaur Raaawr!

Saturday 7 March 2015

d100 Lone Roadwar Drivers

These are guys to meet on lonely roads, race pit stops, roadhouse diners, garages and anytime you see fit. Exact car stats up to you.

d100 Lone Roadwar Drivers
01 BBQ Billy, drives to promote his chain of fast food restaurants. Obese, disgusting and currently a cyborg. Drives a 4wd pick up with flamers called Griller
02 Dan "Croc" Nielson, daredevil crock wrestler and racer. Overconfident jerk. Drives a 4wd pick up that is also converts to a boat and has a biofuel plant fed by meat grinding hopper in front
03 Bloody Widow aka Celia Hawkings, a low ranking sanctioned op for hire with a high death toll. Bloodthirsty she drives a early model well armed and armoured V10 interceptor 
04 Donna McKenzie,  a low ranking sanctioned op for hire with a high media presence. Tough and independent. Drives a Chrome older interceptor, always tailed by media drones 
05 Donny Thunder a racist loudmouth and popular hero among his kind, drives a retro body car named rebel devil, always plays loud redneck rockabilly 
06 Susie Screamer a punk rocker with a following of girl gangs. Angry and violent with a soft spot for underclass and poor. Drives black renegade buggy with lots of rocket packs   
07 Zoran Zoran, duelist and mercenary with some fame. Dresses in black with eyepatch, smokes, grunts and has a smart ingram and lots of fancy Ammo. Bit of a jerk but honorable and gets job done. Drives a high performance black ex police interceptor with MG   
08 Black Cobra a independent op. Doesn't talk much and prefers to strike by all out attack with ambush or range. Has lots of enemies and is paranoid. Drives a green sports car with concealed weapons. Often uses remote rocket artillery drones
09 Chase Swerve likes dangerous stunt driving and has a brown retro hull car with fire designs built for jumps and other trick moves. Likes to act like a cowboy and carries two HP magnum revolvers. Has a sense of fair play and chivalry, prefers machineguns
10 Don Tetsudo "The Turtle" drives a V12 heavy armoured retro black hull, known to have gangster affiliates and fashion. Even likes to use retro thompson smg with a drum 
11 Sabaran Katana a showy sanctioned op who likes samurai and robots. Futuristic interceptor with energy weapons. Carries a mono blade and full body armour. Dreams of car that can transform into a light mecha
12 Sarah Savage, tough army brat drives chamo 4WD with heave weapon turret 
13 Danny Zero, cocky young and lucky. Drives a white Porche with lasers, likes the ladies
14 Barron Von Blitz, dresses as WW1 German general in his heavily armoured half track racer with a light cannon. Has some cyborg parts, flamboyant facial hair and outrageous accent
15 Yukio Fukenada sanctioned op drives a yellow sportscar with advanced computers and handling. Has many corporate sponsors and rumoured to be genetically modified. Likes lasers best
16 Kyan Kennedy, drives a nondescript roadster with concealed weapons, uses dirty tricks off the race track. Was kicked out from a good family and desperate to make his own name
17 Sarah Tanner drives a red sportscar and is popular on the track as a death racer and off the track as a adult film actress. Her car is kitted out in gifts from her fans 
18 Dorian Slade, driving detective has solved many mysteries and always in the right place and time to meddle in plots. Drives a van with built in crime lab and has various companions
19 The Duke drives a huge retro hull monster with jet engines and a advance power plant. Heavily armed and a great shot. Always has a attractive navigator
20 Hannah Hellcat drives a cat themed car and wears a bizarre cat costume. Actually a cyborg who can mentally control car and personally attacks cars with acrobatic dare devil antics. Car well equipped with high tech surprises. Has strong fan following
21 Rick Canyon, square jawed war hero, actually a cyborg with dermal plating and a reinforced skeleton. His battered jalopy is a surprisingly durable beast buit for ramming with linked machine guns. Rick likes to light dynamite with his cigars and hurl them from his window
22 Black Alice is famous for occult antics and her black interceptor has a Ouija board on her bonnet. Fancies herself mistress of the night but uses high tech tricks like holograms, sub sonics and narcotic gas
23 Sparky Cunningham dresses in a steam punk motif and his vintage roadster is actually a high tech marvel. He is a brilliant mechanic, fencer and has a sense of fair play 
24 Tony Scarpioni a criminal hitman turned death racer. Uses dirty tricks and traps, his car is equipped with mines and miniguns. Likes to have explosives planted on rival cars  
25 Quasimodo a hideous scarified mutant liked by wasteland and urban sprawl scum. He preaches revolutionary fervor and drives a odd looking custom off-road light truck. He has a unique boiling lead dispenser in the rear of his car and he is super humanly strong and resilient.  He uses a executioners axe and noose up close
26 The Dread racer a mystery racer in his skeletal theme interceptor is actually a undead cyborg and his car is a necrovirus corrupted organic hulled vehicle that converts flesh into fuel. The fiend is never seen outside his black jumpsuit and helmet and he rarely speaks in his rasping voice. Many claim to have killed him and destroyed his car 
27 Redhawk, a pyro maniac with a red sportscar equipped with mostly napalm based weapons and a infra red laser. Will start a forest fire as a distraction happily and his car is fire proof. A well known sexual pervert and very vindictive
28 Rex Cars, a dinosaur obsessed vet uses variety of cars outfitted as monster reptiles. Like flamers and exotic weapons in well armoured novelty cars. Has a pet raptor in his car called mike
29 Diemos a greek theatre masked racer in purple robes, uses fear gas and ultra sonics and other tricks, proclaims he is a great wizard serving the god of fear, very unhinged but has a cult of followers and often has one as a navigator/co-pilot
30 Mephisto Jones, dresses in a vintage devil costume and has a electric pitchfork. Drives a red racer with a flaming oil dispenser and other weapons. Theatrical and a daredevil athlete who attaches mines to rival cars in motion  
31 Annie "Digger" Jones, ex military special forces now death racer with great flair. Hides her professionalism with theatrics driving a yellow and blue 4W Drive coupe  with a MG and GL
32 Black Knight, a medieval themed death racer always with a squire navigator. A dirty varlet with a panache for kidnapping female drivers as hostages. Heavily armoured cars with ram plates and gatling guns. Uses powered archaic melee weapons up close. Rumoured to be a cyborg or robot as never takes off helmet in public
33 Platinum Divine, a celebrated blonde racer who always wears a silver armoured jump suit. Drives a white V12 interceptor with advanced polymer hull with nanite repair system. Armed with vulcan machine guns and grenade launchers
34 Drake Hunter, safari themed death racer wears hunters outfit and drives a off road buggy with ram horns and machine guns. Likes to run down animals to feed to his bio fuel tank. Films himself for reality TV show, always acts as if on camera. Often supported by 4WD truck of mutant savages
35 Steve Savage, muscle bound brute wears torn shirt, ammo bandoilers and Hercules arm bands and belt. Actually genetically modified. Popular on TV and as women's pin up, actually oversexed bisexual. Drives a armoured buggy with grenade launchers
36 Calum "Brainbug" Dahan, racer with degenarate mutation, now limbless inside armoured pod in laser armed buggy becoming increasingly deranged. Has neural link to vehicle and android for interacting with others and to hide horrid secret
37 Mandala Kane, self professed master of magic and nightclub entertainer. Actually a Hastur cultist who uses spells and psychic powers on other drivers. Strange inexplicable deaths happen to his opponents and weird mists confound those searching for him. His coffin shaped hotrod hearse is popular with goths but he prefers to visit otherworldly libraries riding on the backs of star born demons
38 Kantor Payne a clinical sadist, cold and methodical who customises his cars for every mission and foe. Failed medical doctor worked as torturer in zone wars. Drives a heavily armed ex ambulance with anti personnel buzzsaws and a grenade launcher turret
39 Blake Thorn a former V8 racer turned death racer as career ruined.  Heavily in debt to mob and mega corps, Blake is on the edge and adrenaline fueled. His car is well equipped with surplus arms and weapons. He might do anything in desperation and he still has a high media profile 
40 Mina Silver, "the Countess" a veteran death racer from Europe rumoured to be a industrial spy. Her black custom Bugatti Nova and jump suit are famous trademarks, along with her long silver cigarette holder. Her car has advanced targeting computers, missiles and sensors. Rumoured to have an AI and advanced EM warfare suite 
41 Brutikus, a huge mutant wearing roman gladiator armour in a spike covered 4WD buggy. Also has a back up chariot pulled by team of 6 motorbikes. Likes to fight from roof with powered melee weapons while navigator drives. Not really a talker but a mutant supremacist 
42 Killrazor a serial killer from the prison death race league who earned a pardon on condition he only kill in races. Armed with gauss flechette cannons and grenaide launchers, car also has wheel scythes and spikes on ram plates.  
43 Mantigore a mutant who has fused with a lion and scorpion DNA and turned him into a monster. He drives a animal themed off road coupe with a 20mm cannon, turret with a twin linked MG and rear flamer. He is a jerk and hates scientists and science fans. Unstable DNA may may manifest different creatures  on different occasions and uncannily returns from dead
44 Zara Astra a Persian princess in a gold Porshe Like loud music, gold chains and prize money. Her car has concealed armour and weapon systems including a laser and satellite targeting system
45 Crazy Chrissie a cyborg mutant punk girl with. Angry at everyone, likes girls, guns and goggles. Drives scratch built buggies with MG and cluster packs of disposable rocket tubes 
46 Harmione Glittershot in her pink SUV likes to drive with her automaton plush unicorn Eric. She is a crazy valley girl who candy coats her killwagon and concealed weapons. Car has rear paint projectors, laser guided missiles and a machinegun mount on the roof eric sometimes uses
47 King Tutt, a portly delusional madman believes he is reincarnation of king tut and destined for greatness. Has driven a armoured wheeled sphynx but generally drives a tan Pontiac with a gold pheonix and hieroglyph designs. Likes to use linked cannons and a rear MG turret operated by a cyborg thug from his cult
48 Jenny Gorgon a biological android escaped from a lab built for uncanny survival and unkillability, drives a off road buggy cannibalized from road gangs. She likes machineguns and disguises herself as typical gang trash
49 Jooran Huxley a drug addled millionaire testing his R&D office mad science lab. Grey hair and old with a clone insurance police. Drives advanced sportcars with lasers and a AI which controls all a cars systems and EM warfare
50 Natasha Karnak a famous magician and industrial spy. Cool, charismatic  and cunning. Drives a hotrod retro hearse with her guardian, a mechanized titanium armoured skeleton android with backpack laser. Car has 4 linked machineguns and a flying rocket escape coffin
51 Dane Gordon, athletic bogan suburban slob who loves mullet hairstyle, torn denim and flannel checkered shirts. Loves pitbulls, guns, ciggies and goon. Brews and drinks his own biofuel. Drives a station wagon with rockets, a grenade launcher and machinegun turret. His genetically engineered pitbulls can tear armour plate and drag 800lb 
52 Blake Bromley a soccer team hero playboy in a sporty coupe. A bit of a dickhead, believes he is awesome and loves the ladies and celeb status. Car has ramplates a light cannon and a MG. Smoke and caltrop droppers in rear
53 Tara McMahon ex military hover tank driver. War hero from the zone with cyborg parts. She is a bitch but fair minded and less mad than most cyborg vets. Drives a station wagon with a auto cannon in the front and a MG turret. Has smoke grenade discharge packs and very heavy armor and a truck engine
54 Spiron Melmach a cultist in yellow hooded robes with strange powers to call demons and raise the dead. Claims to use ultraterrestrial power but drives a panel van with cult symbols, a sacrificial airbrush painting and satelite dish. Has several cultist machine gunners sides and rear, with a laser and hologram projector in the front
55 Zondra the great a sorceress with flowing black dress. A goth scientist used alien necro-biotech to modify herself into a life draining psionic undead. Her sports car has a  biological hull and other parts turned into undead horror show. It eats corpses to heal and refuel.  . Produces black clouds of smoke, has a rear flamer and fires biological cannon shells with hyperacid rounds
56 Igor88 a unique robot racer who has faked ID and records, most think he wears a clunky old zone battlesuit. His armoured heavily armed van iis his main vehicle and he has back up bodies hidden on his secret mountain base  
57 Dorian Bloodseed a heavy rock star with surgery to tear and ejaculate blood as part of stage act, death racing is just a hobby, drives battered retro body but really a modern v12 charger with autocannons
58 Red Demon a satanist who plays the villain as demanded by death race TV networks, has a superior rocket boosted sports racer but wastes time cheating and playing dirty, always willing to run and take a dive, has huge cult following who often die in his schemes
59 Blaze Henderson a rich pretty boy who the ladies love. He enjoys betrayal, murder and car collisions so death racing is his thing. Black sportscar with a light cannon and rocket packs
60 Cinnamon Moontree a new age romance writer looking for love in all the wrong places in her retrofeflc crystal armoured v8 interceptor Unicorn1. She likes lasers and long range rockets
61 Kane Duster a ex cult leader and long time convict, now he is out and keen to legally murder all comers. Has a armoured 4WD Renegade usually with a gunner manning a swivel mount .50cal with a shield
62 Tammy Star a once popular country singer looking to renew her career by death racing. Has a lot of mechanic fans who replace her car often. She prefers twin link MG or gauss guns if she can afford it with caltrop droppers. Always puts a ox skull on bonnet and is lies convertables convertibles
63 Horrick Stormwind a eastern European glum hero with a deathwish unless he can fall in love again. Drives a silver-grey skull motif interceptor with all the mod cons and a AI provided by the Black Lodge. Armed with computer assisted linked machine guns and a rear flamer. Plays death metal and Hawkwind
64 Bazza Stanton a beer swilling Northern Territory yob, a sexist and xenophbic but he likes animals often has pet dingoes, mutant monitor lizards and has a crock hybrid mutant navigator. His 4WD Hummer has grenade launchers in all directions and a swivel mount shielded .50 cal his croc chum uses. Despite his trash talk he is more old fashioned country redneck and focuses on winning more than prejudice
65 Alvin Starstreak in his glitter purple 4WD off road coupe has had enhanced pheranomes and other sexual mods and now women chase him everywhere. A favorite pin up in women's skin mags, his insane fans have suicidally attacked any who hurt him. He regrets the surgery and concentrates on running. Has a heavy MG and a mine dropper
66 Mariah Damelza a middle eastern beauty driving a armored porche with linked MGs, anti personnel flechette grenade launchers and a smoke caster. She is out to prove she is best and excels at driving high speed
67 Sister Mirian Donally out to prove the power of faith can move mountains and win death races especially against the depraved sinners who appear in such events. She is a cyborg driving a advanced Alpha Romeo equipped by the Vatican. She is actually more interested in eliminating occult targets but keeps this and her divine visions quiet. She wears a full body anti las reflec coated heavy body mesh armour.
68 Elvis Lee Ozmond with his huge toothy grin and spectacular hair and jumpsuits is out for sex and fame. He prefers retro model car bodies with huge modern engines and armour. He is also a cyborg and his suits are heavily armoured and fire proof. Has twin linked machine guns and a mine dropper
69 Jimmy Axeman a Aboriginal racer and ex convict who drives jellopies pushed over the limit and repairs them with incredible bush mechanic improvisation and help from his mob. Uses ram plates and armour but also has linked MGs and nitris boosters. Up close he users a mono blade edged axe with a captive bolt that can cut through armour plate. He has had a few axe murdering moments on TV and always helps out a brother against the man
70 White fox is a well sponsored interceptor sanctioned op with a penache for experimental weapon systems like a cryonic laser that freezes targets and a unit that slicks up road behind her with ice. She has been bio modded to handle cold and punishment for space travel but project abandoned by Aelita Aerospace. 
71 Lorna Doom, a lady mutant with superhuman strength, speed and body armour. Drives a 4WD truck with improvised rocket packs and a swivel machine gun she hires mercs to use while she operates car from a sealed armoured bathtub. Takes no guff from anyone and likes to ram. She is very religious and covered in bible verse tattoos and the face of Jesus
72 Jill Scarlet a popular sanctioned op who is frquently tailed by media because of her amazing skills. She has a boosted nervous system and she is smartlinked to vehicle and weapons. She drives a V12 interceptor with linked MGs, a smoke caster, a selecta-shot GL and pop out scythe blades she likes to kill pedestrians with. She just wants a few more million to quit but keeps getting sucked back into the life style
73 Elron Crowly a black magician in a armoured limo filled with armed cultists. Has MG's, smoke caster and a swivel mount cupola above passenger cabin with a 50cal. Car painted with Goeta symbols and he claims car is demon powered and blessed. It also has had lots of cash spent on it. People thought he was cool till he gave lots of other racers mutated VD. Has a pet mutant goat named Black Billy
74 Lance Stallion, a long haired body builder who advertises lots of products for housewives and appears on covers of romance novels. He is actually a cyborg with a reconstructed body frame, dermal armour and force grown muscle. He drives anything red and sticks to linked MGs as he is not very imaginative
75 Morgan Beltane with her cyborg panther prowls the roads looking to unite cultists, seeks strange relics and is preparing for the dark lord from the stars. She drives a gloss black stealth interceptor with a auto laser turret and a rear flamer. Is reputed to be psychic and other enemies have crashed due to bad luck near her too often. She often recruits allies to sheild her and distract others from her
76 Mutantstien a masked scarified canniball freak who seemingly heals any damage and now feels no pain. This has driven him mad so now he inflicts it instead. His 4WD utility truck usually has a few muties manning a swivel mount shielded .50 cal and he likes to ram and use thrown grenades and molitovs
77 Donny Low-Lie a sleazy seducer and confidence man actually has gen mods including a hypnotic voice and pheromones. He always has a different car that he cons from a sucker and loses pretty quickly. Now everyone is suspicious of him and life is getting harder
78 Kalen Von Dark dresses in black heavy body armour made to resemble a stylised crusader order knight. He has a eye of Horus on his bonnet and tabard. 
79 Kharus Green in his reptile theme sportscar uses IR frequency lasers and a cannon of hs own design that spits a superheated hydrogen fuel cell. His vehichle has a AI and posibly biological componants. Actually he is a shape shifting serpent man sorcerer who has awoken and uses the racing circuit to cover his attempts to find and revive his race. he also loves to kill and eat people and adopt their form to rob them to fund his cause
80 Charlemagne Joan a deeply catholic racer who seks to eliminate evil and exorcise the devil from from other competitors. She gets visions from god and has uncanny miracles save her. She is actually a biological android built by Vatican but doesn't know it. Designed to lurk in seedy end of occult to kill targets. Car is a V10 interceptor armed with a universal laser turret and a autocannon and AI equipped
81 Captain Talos is a bronze skinned cyborg vet with a body based on greek erotic statues. His car has limited shape shifting to allow aerodynamic profiles to change with speed. Has advanced AI and automated systems including IR frequency lasers and rocket packs
82 Mellisa Morningstern drives a spike covered renegade named the Iron Maiden. It also has ram plates, caltrop droppers and linked machineguns. She is out for murder and hates men. She often has a few corpses rotting on her car hull and her car has a biofuel plant run from roadkill

83 Veronica Steel a cyborg vet in a heavy 4WD camouflage buggy with a rear flamer and a .50cal MG and grenade launchers. Her sanity is getting low and gun fire sets her off on a killing spree
84 Doomlord drives a car themed to look like a spacecraft and has advanced computers and lasers and performs like a interceptor with rocket boosters and lasers. Mysterious helmed driver has been occupied by a alien consciousness transforming him into a shapeshifting alien monster. He seeks to destroy the human race and often tries to use his cover to a access nuclear plants, chemical weapon dumps and germ warfare labs. He has tried to replace military personnel at Pine Gap to finish WW3. He has considerable psychic powers and will find a new host body if killed
85 Morgan Black a descendant of pirates likes murder and mayhem and has replaced highway banditry with death racing at judges warning. Preferring the deathracer life to being hung he has developed a huge following and commands a criminal gang who enjoy pirate gimmicks and follow a strict code. Always decorates cars with skull and crossbows likes big caliber guns
86 Leopold Ritzhoffem a glamorous magician and showman took up death racing as the ultimate art form of survival and escapology. His car has a holographic field projector, lasers and sophisticated EM warfare suite and magnetic EMP grenaide launcher. A great trickster he has escaped death many times
87 Diablo X a masked ex criminal turned vigilante, now roams roads killing gangsters and corrupt civic officials and the untouchable rich. He has grown into a folk hero and there are huge bounties on his head despite the evidence he gives police about his victims. He mostly travels in disguise with hijacked vehicles of victims but if you see him in his Jaguar bodied high tech interceptor best stand back. It mostly uses rockets and missiles and has a mine caster
88 Jasper Cunningham appears as a bespectacled rich nerd but secretly is a serial killer with a new legitimate lease in life through popular murder motor sports. He drives a well armored mini with MG, a mine dropper and a grenade launcher. He tries to act harmless but has a killer instict. He is still good with a knife
89 Egon Vril claims to have given himself awesome psionic powers in sunken city. He seems to have uncanny reflexes for avoiding attacks and his vehichle uses a sonic frequency laser that ruins armour plate. Employs other sonic weapons like stunners and repulses. He claims to have developed these with his superior occult science. Very handsome and flamboyant lover
90 Tori Magister a Hollywood celeb turned death racer, appears as a bimbo but actually she is a witch. Drives a red sports coupe with lasers. Drives to publicly kill legally and to recruit cultists for her coven. When the stars are right her cult plan to awaken a demon from beyond time
91 Juan Cortez the Black Dynamo drives a space age V12 interceptor with rocket boosters, a minigun and a laser. He likes fame and sex but is renown for killing and looting other race drivers
92 Pastel O'Neil a glamour star and heiress who always looks the best. Drives a pink V12 armoured limo with twin gatling guns and a pink spray paint sprayer in the rear. Her bodyguards are always gene spliced with dogs and very damage resistant. She drives out of boredom with the controlled world of the policed zones. She is followed by daddies high altitude kill drone that helps her occasionaly 
93 Seth Killraven a crazed mutant fanatic who can always scav a 4WD buggy and entry fee when a race is on. Otherwise he roams the wasteland with his small crew tormenting family tourists and isolated towns
94 Sapphire Nevermore drives a green sportscar with a single molecule hull impervious to most weapons. She is really a cyborg agent of Kemelcon a petrochem and biotech company with military connections. More interested in rival vehicle schematics tech secrets than racing. Her car has smart linked MGs and mine dropper and she is a well known sanctioned opp. She has a insurance policy that includes cloning and has used a few leaving her a caricature of herself
95 Killian Thrush a huge man who looks soft but is actually bio modded to have dermal armour, skeletal reconstruction and superhuman strength. He is a millionaire head of a crime consortium who misses getting his hands dirty. His gang love him and often try to assist him unbidden often with sniper fire. His white limo with gold trim has linked MGs, a rear smoke caster and a pop up laser turret
96 Rayne Winters lost her family to gangs and now roams the roads killing any she can find. Her kitted out sedan looks humble but has concealed machine gun, a RPG launcher pack and a mine dropper. Her bloody rampage is only just beginning and growing fans send her more and more money
97 Aston Martin a suave James Bond wannabe with delusions who imagines he is at war with hidden villains and agents and thinks he lives in a bond movie. Drives luxury sports cars with different weapon systems from his inheritance. Addicted to booze, women and casinos. Only feels normal when life at risk
98 Conrad Hule a racist and mutant hunter who leads a gang of thugs across the wastelands. He imagines himself as a heroic crusader. Drives a retro body coupe with MG and a swivel mounted flamer used by one of his thugs. Often attaches a live mutant to his bonnet or drag mutants by the neck from behind from noose. He likes to wear a hood
99 Elaine Glass a scientist who likes to roam the wastes vivisecting strange new creatures and mutants she finds. Her android bodyguard Gregor silently assists her every desire. She drives a modded ambulance with mini lab and twin MG turret, rear flamer and a laser. Sometimes they pretend to be medical evac team to steal a body
100 Veronica Ortega a amazonian bio modded superwoman from Canada, possibly test subject for military bio tech corp. Drives a cam v12 with a cannon and gattling gun, smoke caster and mine dropper. Has a big fan following and makes a big show of murdering sexists on the road