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d100 Wilderness landmarks

This was going to be more ruins before but Ive expanded it to landmarks. As I was driving back to city I saw a few colonial ruined buildings. These are intended to generate lonely remains of human habitation rather than possible dungeons or adventure for a hex. More landmarks and things mappers might mark or be visible from a road. This is more for crumbling old farm houses in the woods rather than epic scale wonders. Though mostly window dressing it might beg questions about the area and lead to adventure but lest obvious than my other posts. These are mostly by roadsides and often marked on maps as guides or used as places to meet of give directions from.

In my setting Ghostwood is a haunted woodland covering a vanished kingdom cursed with destruction and would be littered in such locations.

Ive had a bit of beef with gamers of late which diminishes my urge to write so thank you to ppl who were supportive and kind.

Some old posts with stuff like this

d100 Occupants?
01 Shepherds watching flocks
02 Merchants resting on travels
03 Religious pilgrims or hermit
04 Militia hunting bandits having a break
05 Local youths getting drunk or runaways
06 Homeless old drunks possibly once adventurers
07 Bandits or criminals in hiding
08 Refugees or escaped slaves
09 Humanoids or demihumans in hiding
10 Monsters

d100 Rumours?
01 A great tragedy happened here long ago
02 A famous local once lived here
03 Some say the location is cursed or haunted
04 Wicked travellers sometimes hide here
05 Witches or cultists meet here on certain nights
06 Some kind of faerie being haunts area 
07 Some have looked for buried treasure here 
08 Travellers were all murdered here once 
09 Murder hobos have been camping here
10 A fugitive was seen hiding in area  

d10 Quick Wilderness Landmark Types
01 Natural landmarks
02 Prehistoric monument
03 Farm dwelling remains
04 Temple remains
05 Burial Site
06 Monuments
07 Abandoned Houses
08 Military remains
09 Pre human ruins
10 Strange things

d100 Wilderness
01 A stone spire reputed to have been a giant once
02 Stone footprints of a great being like a god or demon
03 A pool with a stone pillar in the middle
04 Stone spires resembling fingers attributed to a giant or god
05 Three huge rocks known as the sisters, transformed by some ancient wizard
06 Rock formation with regular hexagonal pillars many think was made by dwarves
07 A great stone arch that was used in rituals in the past but now shunned
08 A huge boulder balanced on a stone pillar that seems precarious
09 A bubbling pool of mud with calcium formations around the edge
10 Huge stone block with vegetation growing on top

11 Cliff with ancient rock carvings, some defaced with modern holy symbols
12 Chalk carvings in hillside of mythic creature or god

13 Stone dolmen once used by druids long ago
14 A stone circle erected over thousands of years
15 A artificial hill with a unnatural shape once a fort or temple
16 A ancient abandoned quarry where monoliths were once carved
17 A line of knee high stones along side trail
18 A dry stone wall of stacked rocks thousands of years old
19 Stone lined circular pits remains of a prehistoric village 
20 Carved niches in rocks that once held ancestral remains 
21 Ruined wooden barn overgrown with weeds and vines
22 Crumbling farm house wall with scraps of farm tools and bones
23 Ruined mud brick shack with remains of fences and struggling wild crops
24 Ruined mill possibly with windmill or waterwheel remains
25 Crumbling old shack and weed choked well
26 Crumbling overgrown foundations where several village houses once were 
27 Overgrown fields with wild crops and remains of wooden fences
28 Remain of stone storage buildings with rotten wooden floor
29 Crumbling granary with nothing but dust inside
30 Partially collapsed dairy shed with animal pens inside
31 Overgrown shrine covered in weeds and badly worn
32 Shrine with tiny shack for Pilgrims
33 Crumbling walls from remains of temple
34 Broken tower and foundations of temple 
35 Worn statue of divinity or religious symbol
36 Crumbled remains of large statue lying on ground
37 Temple foundations now flooded and overgrown with vegetation
38 Crumbled remains of burned monastery
39 Mound of rubble from a temple with a single broken wall standing
40 Remains of outer walls of temple with broken statues and altar
41 Mausoleum thoroughly looted long ago now often used by travellers
42 Burial headstones in a style unfamiliar to modern people
43 Great stone beehive like tombs of long ago now mostly empty
44 Stone tomb with worn carvings still sealed
45 Earthen boat shaped burial mounds surrounded by stones
46 Small stone pyramid a copy of a much more ancient style from abroad
47 Earthen mound with stone lined tunnels once housing human remains
48 Series of rectangular stone crypts, most ruined and looted
49 Round tomb long ago looted but remains of carvings inside
50 Huge earthen burial  mound with gaping pit where looter dug way in long ago
51 Carved border stone from past with symbols of old gods
52 Memorial column carved with text commemorating some battle
53 Worn equestrian statue of some military leader
54 Stone sphinx enigmatically watching the road
55 Collapsed statue some forgotten king
56 Rows of worn giant statues heads erupting from ground, most non human
57 Great stone head of some unknown deity or king
58 Cliff with carvings in several long dead languages with figures of gods or kings
59 Huge stone block dragged here by ancients inexplicably
60 Remains of ancient fountain no longer working choked with weeds
61 Crumbing foundations and walls of burnt manor house hundreds of years old
62 Crumbling old alehouse with mostly rotting collapsed thatched room
63 Rural villa with courtyard and partialy collapsed roof
64 A turf roofed cottage in hillside long abandonned
65 A dilapidated feasting hall where warriors once made celebration 
66 Dilapidated wattle and daub huts
67 Walls of ancient cottages and rubble
68 Remains of large stone house looted for cut stone for generations
69 Tiny prospectors shack built from scrap near collapsed mine shaft
70 Hermits shelter carved into rock face with religious carvings
71 Remains of wooden stockade where settlers once sheltered
72 Blackened soil full or bones and ash  
73 Collapsed remains of guard tower
74 Bare earthen square from military camp from long ago
75 Scarred earth from battle long ago with fragments of bone, rusted weapons and armour
76 Mounds where massacred soldiers and civilians were buried en masse 
77 Gibbets with rotting corpses hanging for trees as a warning to criminals
78 Heads of executed criminals on pikes as deterrents to criminals
79 Mounds of ashes where witches or heretics burned every few years
80 Corpses of bandits hanging from trees by nooses
81 Worn stone altar on hill with worn prehuman writing
82 Stone skull carved into cliff face
83 Basalt sealed tower with inhuman inscriptions
84 Great stone carved with pre human symbols and depiction of monster
85 Stone colossus with head long missing, signs it does not depict human
86 Dwarf relief statues carved into cliff face worn smooth with age
87 Huge statue of elf maiden reclining near a spring
88 Squat crude stone statue of reptilian humanoid
89 Great stone slabs carved with reptilian figures
90 Niches in cliffs with rotting exposed inhuman corpses
91 Giant monster skeleton half buried in ground 
92 Ogre bones exposed by erosion
93 Gigantic mushrooms and toadstools
94 Gigantic tree with remains or elf tree house
95 Slimy grotto of chaos with tainted fluid and slime with foul odour
96 A spring pouring from mouth of a ancient stone cliff carving
97 Broken statues in poses of fear trying to flee something
98 A great stone arm some say is from a petrified god
99 A stone statue of petrified giant or trolls
100 Fused glass slab from some great source of heat long ago


  1. I think this stuff is really great, FYI. Thanks for all these ideas!

  2. Table 1.06 makes me wonder about a good idea (maybe?) for a table: what kinds of secrets do old homeless drunks that were once adventurers have?
    I mean, they could know some amazing locations and secrets, were the only survivor of a near TPK; but how does one get past the issue of trust, on both sides...seems like something you would come up with at least d100 ideas for :)


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