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Exilon Factions

Part of my Exilon Project

Guide to War in Exilon
Play Area
Development maps
Reptilian humanoids
Land Use

Strange Wizard Missions
Remnants of Lost Empires
Races of the Monster Empire

Wizard Wars 1 Causes and forces
Wizard Wars 2 Encounters and links
Wizard Wars 3 Rumours and treasure

Barbarian clans & decor + races and men of the wastes


Will do more wars tables. Had some thoughts of a narrative wargame system for roleplaying games where players can act as heroes for a front line view of battle.

More War table sets

Amazon War - The Amazon citadel declares war against the Templars and lizards
Cythron Horde Invasion - innovated barbarians with horse archers and chariots
Wasteland Warrior invasion - anti wizard and against arts of civilization
Witch Wars - secret supernatural anarchy unleashed
Fishmen Wars - evil sea peoples and secret cultists and sea demons

There is a amazon metropolis central to my normal game area. Its a alliance of free cities allied against many enemies but evil is spiting the alliance. The other cities struggle with fish and lizard cults. I guess a fishman wars and snake man wars tables would be cool.

Necromancer and dragon war tables ive done but one for more religious dragon templars and death templars might work. These cults and lands invade by force and by building dungeons as secret bases. Dragon cults serve mostly sleeping dragons and conquer on behalf of the sleeping great beasts they worship. Amazon Wars, Death cults are classic warmongering black clad evil cult often serving a demon or underworld god. Barbarian invasion tables would be good too. Wasteland warrior primitives are anti wizard and hate civilization and the more advanced Cythron type ones flirt with technology and even innovate. They may become a great power.

Their are Cythron barbarians with clever technology like horse riding and chariots. There is even a amazon tribe of Cythron. Unlike most great waste barbarians who are advanced stone age, Cythron are technical innovative with horse archers and chariots and waggon trains. They have weapons and arms akin to civilization and will fight for a fee. Their women are witches according to outsiders. They trade with free peoples and war against monster kingdoms. They are allies and increasingly overlapping with Free Cities League and wage war against bad nations including two human empires in the far east. Many wear masks. They have ingratiated themselves into cities and serve as mercenaries and settle with herds near cities in return for military service. Some fear Sythron might seize cities one day or build their own.

Some of these factions sound like elder horror or cult infiltration
Which ones and how much up to you

Similar or identical factions from other cities often welcomed by locals

Factions of Cythron Tribes of the North Waste

1 Sun Tribe - fight chaos and darkness and use chariots
2 Sea Tribe - sail and raid and war by sea to fight fishmen
3 Horse Tribe - worlds only horse riders and use horse archers in war
4 Sky Tribe - foot archers are scouts and hunters and can run all day and fight
5 Fire Tribe Tribe - demon purging fire cult of purity
6 Skull Tribe - wage war on dead and underworld but look grim from ceaseless war
7 Earth Tribe - are settling and using farmer slaves for permanent homes
8 Chaos Tribe of mutants hated by everyone
9 Amazon Tribe related to the city amazons, ride horses with lance, javelin and bow
10 Snake Tribe - use poison and treacherous, employ espionage the most
11 Golden Tribe - rich in gold and honey, merchants and mercenaries
12 Storm Tribe - war like heavy axe men who fight in disciplined units like cities

Free City League

A huge sprawling metropolis surrounding an ancient citadel where tribes first settled
Three large Ziggurats in holy district and a park district with druid hanging gardens
Great underground complex and cistern from a prehuman civilization
Amazon clans serve the god queen incarnation of the goddess of love and war
Amazons recruit women and welcome refugees from anywhere
Male prisoner of war slaves can leave if they bear a son they can take them and leave
Highly advanced in warfare and technology with some elf lord relics like ships
Amazons spread charity for causes they approve of through trade embasies
They use phalanxes, archers, some exotic cavalry including 
chariots and unicorn riders

d12 Factions of Amazons of the Metropolis of Kassus
1 Sythron Amazon - advanced barbarian tribes of north waste

2 Unicorn Cult Amazon - horse cavalry with magical healing 
3 Citadel Amazon - worship city goddess of arts of science and war
4 Dawnstar Cult Amazon - worship the dawn star goddess of love and war
5 Moon Amazon - nocturnal navigators and astronomer astrologers
6 Guild Amazons - trading and training guild recruits new amazons and spread culture
7 Lion Amazons - use cats such as dire lion chariots and domestic guard cats
8 Dragon Amazons - dragon riders who guard the holy citadel
9 Wild Amazons - live in woods as savages with satyrs and centaurs drinking
10 Witch Amazons - practice magic in various sects and cults for war
11 Wolf Amazons - live with wolves and some are werewolves
12 Sea Amazons - trade by river to the sea but are also great explorers with elf ships

Is a sea port and rocky coastline with fishers traders and farmers
In olden times fishmen rule over the land. But the bad fish are gone now
It has a great harbour and fishing fleet and famous merchant heroes
The harbour built over crater to the deep abyss with a great decaying ziggurat
Statues of fish men and men in fish robes and alien script of older city common
The core citidel is built on a maze where they breed Minotaur for elite troops
There is a great Colloseum for death games are held
The city is slowly sinking and has several old ziggurats from pre human times
The city is unseemly, greedy, busy, corrupt
It is famous for libraries of elder lore from prehuman times cared for by monks

d12 Factions of Merchants of Ikathon, City of the Sea Lords
1 Sea 
Clan -worship the great sea god lord of the briny deep
2 Merchant 
Clan - serve the trade and commerce goddess
3 Winged Bull 
Clan - follow the weather and war and kingship god
4 Fish People 
Clan  - sea mother goddess who helps fishermen and sailors
5 The Kracken Clan - sacrifice to an evil under sea demon with fish and squid folk
6 Beast 
Clan  - animal masks and have many animal cults
7 Sea Dragon 
Clan  - breed monsters for the Colosseum and warfare
8 Brotherhood of the Briny Deep - use slave newtmen and teach wizardry
9 Fishy Sages - fishmen mystery knowledge cult serving the elder water god
10 Brotherhood of the Maze - dungeon cult of wizards, alchemists and monster makers
11 Dagon 
Clan - serve fisherman farmer god who sews fish & seed into the land
12 Moon 
Clan - worship trade and night god also healers and sages


Settled by barbarian mercenaries hired by declining desperate city
Barbarians became civilized but still enjoy warlike ways and violence
Three generation of civilization now they hire other wild tribes
Herds and some crops but poor irrigation and rocky soil
Powers of Sky, lower, middle ans upper heavens, death and herds
Constantly at war with dragons and undead also exports mercenaries
Large ziggurat park and hanging garden for druids
Chariots pulled by oxen or onager or donkeys or terror birds
Many beastmen and demihumans living in city

d12 Factions of Warlords of Stormhome City of sky gods

1 Polestar Clan - worship the great celestial master of the cosmos beyond the sky
2 Mountain Clan - worship the lord of middle air, earth and underworld
3 Storm Clan - worship the lord of weather, farmers and lower air 
4 Dog Clan - follow the hearth and earth goddess a healer and hearth keeper
5 Cave Clan - worship the terrible demon ogress who hoards the good things in her cave
6 Panther Clan - follow the underworld war god who uses plagues and storms to win
7 Blood Clan - return the dead where they belong for the queen of death
8 Earth Clan - administer ho;y temples of the earth and mountain goddess
9 Fire Clan - worship the cult of fire and purity who hunt chaos and evil
10 Beast Clan - of great hunter heroes who serve the monster fighting hunter god
11 Vine Clan - grow grapes for the great drunken public orgies for the vine goodess
12 Lion Clan - serve goddess of love and war who stole the arts of civilization

Said to be source of kingship
Ruled by a new god king every seven years
Each is an incarnation of the sun god lord of justice and kingship
Has large temples and several smaller ziiggurats and a large one dedicated to the sun
Wage war with evil and chaos
Have a lineage of kings going back to the emptying of the seas
Many great sciences originated here
Cult dedicated to protecting weak from strong through good laws
People very pious, law abiding, educated and moralistic

d12 Factions of Sunhome City of the sun throne god king 

1 Sun Clan - worship sun god king and representative on earth
2 Lamp Clan - worship goddess of light and hearth, queen of heaven
3 Star Clan  - worship the star godess of war and peace
4 Holy Fire Clan - worship the fire god of purity and the forge 
5 Herd Clan - herd beast in wilds for vegetable dawn god
6 Eagle Clan - follow conqueror king who appeased the great bird of chaos
7 Crown Clan - cult of kingship and the great wall builders and monster killers
8 Winter Clan - cult of the underworld goddess on her vampire throne
9 Barley Clan - cult of brewers who serve the bar goddess aspect of the goddess
10 High Clan - serve the lord of the upper heavens, lord of cosmos and order
11 Moon 
Clan - serve the scales and those who journey through the land of night
12 Sage 
Clan - prophets and scholars who make best wine and deal in herbs


City of snake cults liberated by grandfather horned serpent
The snake brings underworld wisdom and bring forth the underworld fructifying powers
Druids in great garden ziggurats worship snake altars
There are prehuman ruins from when snake men rule in and under the city
Snakes feature in art everywhere
Younger generation of gods more human looking
Some reptilian beast men and beings live in the city since its prehuman glory days
A great prehuman citadel looms over the city ruled by the snake cult
The serpent king or queen is selected every three years
Sacrifices to now long forbidden demons were once common
Huge orchards well irrigated surrounded city then great herds
People whisper more and you can hear snakes hissing
Decadent fertility cults and ecstatic cults thrive
Snake cult shrines are commonplace with thousands of snake and reptile spirits
Harming snakes is taboo and they are common in shops or carried as pets often
Other statues are commonplace and ruins are commonplace
City surrounded by huge earthworks and artificial hill tombs
Snake mutations are common among poor

d12 Sakasis - City of the horned snake lord and his kin

1 Horned Snake Clan - serve the lord of underworld wisdom & holy tree god
2 Border Clan - operate ranches on borderlands serve lord of spring, herds and herbs
3 Snake Mothers - serve goddess of fertility, motherhood, revenge 
4 Snake Masters - serve the old snake hunter god a conqueror and black magician
5 Dawn Clan - serve the vegetation spring god son of the horned snake
6 Mirage Clan  - prophets, sages and wine makers serve daughter of the horned snake
7 Dragon Clan  - warrior cult who turned on dragon masters and fought monsters
8 Snake Brotherhood - are wizards who use the two headed snake banners and torcs
9 Thunder 
Clan - keep and breed dinosaurs domesticated by serpent men long ago
10 Naga 
Clan - worship nagas mostly local petty god like beings, some are wicked
11 Gorgon 
Clan  - worship medusa, basilisks and gorgons and stonemasons
12 Leviathan 
Clan - serve great dragon of the sea, mother of rivers and reptiles

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