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d100 Magical Pond Fishing Catches

My own campagn projects are mostly done at moment and making more comps for me to use of tables. If you think I need to d100 anything let me know. I have a big to do list still but basically, this blog is for stuff I feel like at the time and trying not to have too many megaprojects at the same time. 

So lots of people I know say more fishing in RPGs and I agree. Although I had one good week fishing on the Hawkesbury River and so much more life filled than the edge of a desert, polluted sludge, algal blooms and salt. Plus we get dregs three other states let us have. My other fishing alas is reduced to the dreamcaster console game with the rod controller. Also the computer game torchlight there are pools with magic fish and a mini-game using timing to catch them. Many if fed to your familiar turn it into some strange creature like slime for a while. With kids today fishing in-game gives you something else to do when avoiding all combat looking for pets to adopt and conversing with villagers.

Handy Gear
line reel 1cp/10m
heavy duty reel and line 2sp/10m
bark bucket 1cp
wooden bucket 2sp
metal bound wooden bucket 5sp
bag of worms or maggots 1cp
chumbucket filled with fish guts 1cp
joint of meat for monster bait 2sp
cheap fishing pole + line 10cp
quality fishing rod with reel 4sp
heavy fishing rod for sharks and sea serpents 5gp
deluxe fishing rod for nobility 15gp
small bone hook 1cp
small metal hook 1sp
large metal hook gp suitable for giant fish
whicker eel trap 2cp
lobster trap 4cp

All permanent abilities and attribute boosters only work on you once they don't stack, but same benefit from another type of fish can be cumulative. 

Many of the d100 results should only happen once some could be repeated and better suited to say a pond that has one type of fish. So in some cases, I will use this to find one interesting fish that a few could be caught in between some adventure scene. In other cases I want a Russian roulette kind of random gonzo slightly world and character breaking weird stuff.

d12 Where are good places to find a magic pool?
1 In a dungeon complex especially the more magical and chaotic kind
2 In a sacred druid grove, usually a dripping spring in a hidden cave
3 In sewer downstream from alchemist district
4 On borders of faerieland or near a faerie gateway
5 In a cave hidden in the deeps
6 Mear a place tainted or blessed by chaos beings 
7 Forms in ancient magical ruins
8 In a shrine of a fishfolk cult
9 Wilderness guarded by giant d6 1=frogs 2=dragonflies 3=otters 4=beavers 5=turtle 6=snake
10 WIlderness guarded by d6 1=nymph 2=water weird 3=elemental 4=naga 5=troll 6=dragon
11 In shrine guarded by d6 1=wizards 2=knights 3=barbarians 4=crime syndicate 5=witches 6=cultists
12 In a ruined temple guarded by d4 1=demon 2=faerie being 3=local land spirit 4=angry angel 

d12 How do you find out about a magic pool?
1 Part of a quest to find a specific magic fish for someone
2 A secret fishermen lodge where they share secrets and secretly deal with fish folk for the sex
3 Dungeon monsters have been coming to town to buy or steal fishing supplies
4 A hunter found it and will help you find it but wants a fee or help with a sidequest
5 A fishing mad noble offers you a reward to locate it and bring him there for the big score
6 Had mysterious dreams about your destiny unfolding in a strange pool
7 Meet an adventurer who tells you the story of visiting a pool once
8 Found a magic fishing that indicates local magic pools
9 Druids demand you try your luck to see if you are worthy, the fish you catch is a sign of your worthiness
10 A wizard wants rare fish for the menagerie and gives you a dusty ancient fishing almanack of where to find a magic pond
11 A magical being whispered the secret so your destiny will unfold as the desire of the otherworldly power
12 Record of a hero in a book or artwork depicts them fishing and several known landmarks

d12 Properties of a magic pool?
1 Fed from a sheltered spring deep in the earth
2 Water drips into the pool from strange stalactites
3 Has had a well with a bucket installed
4 Has pleasant herbs or fungus around it almost like a garden 
5 Pond sparkles and shimmers and glows in the moonlight
6 Ancient stone megaliths with carved symbols
7 Lit by fireflies or glowing fungus or lichen in the dark
8 Pond has vegetation and some strange Water Lillies and lotuses
9 Pond has unusual flavour d4 1=pure 2=sweet nectar 3=mead 4=demon ichor taint
10 Pond water is holy, keeps for d4 hours if removed
11 Shrine do some ancient divinity
12 Supernatural guardian d4 1=imp 2=sprites 3=cherebim 4=fairies

d10 Quick Catch Types
01 Item discovered
02 Pests critters
03 Arcane alchemy tainted
04 Mutant fish
05 Pollywogs
06 Faerie fish
07 Monsters
08 Draconic
09 Prehistoric
10 Planar

d100 Magical Pond Fishing Catches
01 An old boot

02 An old pot
03 Large fish with a gold coin in the tummy
04 Rusty ancient weapon
05 Human skull or corpse
06 An ancient warrior helmet
07 Scroll tube d4 1=treasure map 2=nobles secret 3=dungeon map 5=lost poetry
08 Small chest worth d6x5gp in mixed coins
09 Ring worth 3d6x10gp, 1in6 has minor magic
10 Petty long lost magic item
11 Waterbeetle attack
12 Giant leech attack
13 Giant dragonfly larvae
14 Giant pike or catfish attack
15 Giant snake attack
16 Giant lobster attack
17 Tentacled horror attack
18 Giant eel attack
19 Giant turtle attack
20 Giant frog attack
21 Arcane Redfish if eaten fire-resistant one hour 
22 Arcane Bluefish if eaten cold-resistant one your
23 Arcane Green fish in eaten acid resistant for one hour
24 Arcane Yellowfish if eaten resist all fear for one hour
25 Arcane Piebald fish if eaten cn breathe water for one hour
26 Arcane Magenta fish if eaten +d4 on all saves for one hour 
27 Arcane Indigo Fish if eaten heals 2d4 damage half if dried
28 Arcane Violet fish if eaten resist poison for one hour
29 Arcane Catfish if eaten reduces age by d4 years
30 Arcane Rainbowfish if eaten gain random spell one use d4 levels
31 Mutant 3-eyes fish if eaten gain a minor mutation
32 Mutant Slime fish if rubbed all over and eaten cures one disease 
33 Mutant Bog fish if worn on the head provides protection from evil one day
34 Mutant Oracle fish if eaten can comprehend languages as spell
35 Mutant Lamp fish glows as lamp for d4 days
36 Mutant Fang fish if eaten next fight or anger triggered go berserk
37 Mutant Trapjaw fish if eaten your unarmed damage bumps one dice for hour
38 Mutant Stinger fish if eaten the fish replaces your stomach and taxes you for food, making you immune to ingested poison or diseased food
39 Mutant Tentacle fish if eaten eater gains d4+2 facial tentacles and they can detect poison or bad food and allow you to track as a bloodhound
40 Mutant Polyp fIsh if eaten ugly lumpy fish devourer becomes white and lumpy but gains night vision and water breathing 
41 Huge tadpole will grow into giant frog of your very own or could be a tadpole form of a giant prehistoric euryops salamander
42 Tadpole heretic sorcerer will cast spells for you if you keep it in a bowl. Treating it better gets more results. Wears a tint pointy hat and cape with stars or occult symbols, 
43 Large tadpole offers you a golden ball with 120gp if you let them go but a talking tadpole is probably worth more and develops into a frog folk
44 Tadpole with a magic symbol on its head that keeps storks and nasty birds away even strange magic or demon ones if they fail a save. Tadpole must be kept in a jar but a frog deity claims it on adulthood to take to the celestial swamp
45 Magic tadpole that detects magic and can talk, can be kept in a bowl, eventually, it morphs into a frog folk sorcerer and loses the ability
46 Big tadpole offers to show you a mysterious cave in the bottom of the pool if you let them free with a d4 1=lost tomb 2=hidden treasure 3=hidden frog folk temple 4=stone monument indicating location of a dungeon
47 Royal tadpole with tiny gold crown begs for mercy claiming family important clan and they can offer a ransom of a suit of plate armour, a warhorse that swims well, shield and a d4 weapons. If betrayed a frogfolk army from faerieland ravage the kingdom
48 Large tadpole with insect wings, is a faerie frog creature able to shift from tadpole to frog or sprout dragonfly wings. It can be a mount good for land or water or air and it may rider the carry to faerieland but must be treated well and fed bugs on demand
49 Strange giant tadpole with intelligent eyes is a were frog tadpole and when touched it turns into a human baby. Eventually, as older likes eating bugs and has urge to perform a secret mission for the frog king
50 Large strange tadpole turns into a Nixie and if treated well and released rewards kind humans if mistreated it screams and more mixies come to save kin and might enslave or punish trouble makers 
51 Spirit Fish offers to marry you if you don't eat it. Gain d4 hp permanently if you do. Fish spirit folk fish can turn into a human or elf or fish or any combination
52 Elf Soul Fish if eaten reincarnates eater into an elf on death returning from elfland fully adult moments after death
53 Dryad fish if eaten eater can turn into a tree at will or back. They have the same mobility and sensory abilities as a normal tree
54 Mermaid caught and grievously offended. If suitable efforts to apologise like pearls gifts are made she will reveal a hidden magic item if offended she cries out for aid calling d6 1=water spirit folk in uniforms of underwater faerie ruler 2=tako octopus folk some in armour others are wizards 3=shapeshifting see dragon 4=seawolves that can adopt a wolf-shark form on land or part-human form 5=kelpie lover 6=aquatic dragon with shapeshifting ability from the court of underwater faerie noble
55 Nagafish if eaten opens your mind so you can see invisible faerie folk, faerie gates and phenomena most cannot as well as recognise faerie landlines, stones and mushroom rings
56 Monkfish if eaten gain an extra unarmed attack each round, also lose all body hair if any
57 Faerie pike of gold inside is a magical child who will become a mighty champion with extraordinary powers and friends if given a good upbringing will be good
58 Fish turns into a marine faerie if you can keep a hold of it it must serve you for a mortal year 
59 Glamourfish if eaten gain a point of charisma
60 Faerie Eel if eaten can transport eater to faerieland or if addicted to faerie food this can be cured in salet, vinegar or oil and last for a week, some smoke it for this effect. Tiny amounts can be taken as a drug with euphoria and flashes of mild otherworldly visions 
61 Slime fish if eaten eater turns into an ochre jelly for one hour
62 Goblin fish if eaten turn into a goblin for one hour
63 Horrorfish looks nasty if eaten save or turn into a marine ogre, some use on starving enemies 
64 Trollfish tastes horrible but you can keep it and eat half the fish daily and it regenerated nightly if fed any stray meat
65 Brainfish eating it swells your cranium with brain-shaped grooves, +1 INT, filled with fragments of ancient elder horror lore  
66 Gargoyle fish if eaten makes eaters skin stony +1AC 
67 Ogrefish if eaten grow muscles, sloping forehead, flatulence and d4 damage tusks, fangs or a horn +1 STR +1 CON -1CHA 
68 Vampire fish, snappy and can drain levels with a chomp, if eaten when you die you become a vampire the next full moon
69 Titanfish are vicious like a shark but if eaten gain +d4HP on permanent total
70 Seawolf a lycanthrope mixing werewolf with a shark (freshwater pike or catfish instead) if caught attacks. When killed it turns into a human. Eating it will only turn you into one
71 Vicious draconic tadpole of an aquatic species, if defeated can be captured. Eventually, other dragons will look for their child in human form. If eaten gain +1AC scaly skin with a metallic sheen
72 Dragon newt a young dragon living aquatic while small if fed and cared for will be friendly. Also is worth a lot of money but if mistreated other dragons will smell an unhappy baby dragon from miles away and may investigate
73 Spirit folk dragon from underwater faerieland is most unimpressed and demands apologies, change from a small dragon to human to full sized dragon, name drops its friends in court
74 Huge hideous snapping wyrm, will grow into a voracious serpentine limb and the wingless dragon and try and escape. If killed and eaten eater will regenerate 1hp/hour
75 Amused dragon pops from water with the fishing line in mouth, crosses arms and awaits your response
76 Aquatic faerie dragon pops out with fluttering insect wings, has a sense of humour but a bit mad. If befriended can grant a wish
77 Chromatic fish are metallic coloured shimmering fish unusually pretty, eating one reduces your age d4 years and gives your skin a lustrous glow, some say they came from Tiamat's blood
78 Platinum carp are huge ornate fish that glow like a lamp, if eaten the eater glows dimly as a candle for life. Some say they come from the tears of the celestial dragon of heaven. Carp dealers sell them for 1000gp to mostly wizard collectors
79 Jade heaven fish a majestic deep translucent green fish escaped from the garden of sky dragon, the dragon will reward who returns it and kings, collectors and cults will seek to bet it by any means. If eaten the dragon noble will be your enemy but you will no longer age. ALchemists can refine it into an elixir that can be kept longer than a dead fish 
80 Dragon Carp part dragon part fish and very pretty docile ornamental fish. If eaten you gain +1 Con but celestial and land spirit dragons will know and think you are a jerk. Highly valued by all kinds of spirit beings noble gardens
81 Trilobite if eaten devolve growing into marine arthropod with B&W vision +1 STR +1AC 
82 Jellyfish if eaten you become a jellyfish for one day but keep your intelligence 
83 Golden Crab will beg for release and will offer its 300gp crown, if wronged swarms of crab folk riding giant crabs and swarms of tiny crabs come from the pond to eat everything 
84 Blue royal lobster looks like lapis lazuli with golden claws and a crown. For freedom will offer aid from the giant faerie lobster kingdom if released and gives you golden horn to call for a rescue
85 Chaos leech if you let it drink your blood offers a pact where it clings to you and protects you from disease and poison as long as you eat extra. Sometimes it offers selfish and evil advice especially if it thinks its best for it and the host
86 Marine scorpion attacks, if killed and eaten the eaters become resistant to all scorpion venom
87 Small prehistoric marine monster could make an interesting pet d4 1=plesiasaur 2=tylosaur 3=kronosaur 4ichthiosaur
88 Baby catfishfolk unseen for aeons and worshipped by regular fish folk, will develop sorcery powers when an adult and has inherited lost prehistoric wisdom
89 Snake spirit in snake form that turns human and offers its wisdom and sorcery. It is a shapeshifting sorcerer from prehuman times and wants to travel the world hoping to find remnants of his species he can revive
90 Octopoid tako adventurer a bit lost d4 1=sea knight 2=water wizard 3=evil cultist 4=marine druid
91 Doomfish a black and slimy eldritch fish whomever eats this fish travels to the borders of the nightmare and shadow dimension and is given a border fiefdom of nightmare shadow keepers
92 Firefish burst into flames in the air and are hard to cook, if eaten become resistant to non-magical fire and half magic fire damage
93 Earthfish tastes like potting mix, if eaten become resistant to petrification
94 Skyfish tastes like metallic gas if eaten gains permanent feather fall ability which can be turned off while concentrating in case you want freefall or to do acrobatics
95 Waterfish tastes like the sea if eaten the consumer can walk through the surface of any water into underwater faeriland and can breathe and act freely until they leave the water
96 Hellfish swings on the line and smokes, offers to help you sell your soul to hell, it is an imp really its willing to help you out and tempt you with the benefits. If dismissed it offers a harmless large black hell kitten or red hell puppy. If killed and eaten in fish form your soul will be promoted to imp status when you go to hell
97 Chaos fish if eaten gain a major mutation
98 Law fish if eaten can make automatic success on one dice roll per day
99 Voidfish an anglerfish like horror from beyond tries to drain levels and if eaten become immune to negative energy attacks and when you die you become an eldrich undead knight
100 If you catch this fish minor divinity appears asking you to spare the life of the fish and offers a wish in return. If you offend the god it curses you and appoints an annoying petty god or demon is appointed to make your life difficult and not go to your plans

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