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d100 Robots

Handy for my current post apoc or other sf settings
-bot is a common suffix for all robots
-borg refers to biological or microbiological brain
-androids are made of synthetic or grown flesh to resemble living creatures
-replicates are biological copies made with specific features of a person
-clones  are biological copies mostly from existing persons
-mech are huge scaled robots
-meat bot nick name for psuedoflesh coated robots made to look and feel human
Will do a more biological version of this

Some Robot Generators

d10 Body Structure
1 Sphere - six appendages
2 Cone
 - four appendages
3 Cube
 - four appendages
4 Cylinder
 - four appendages
5 Pyramid - three appendages

Hexagonal polygon - six appendages
Octagonal polygon - four appendages
Dodecahedron  - six appendages
9 Animal - four appendages
10 Humanoid - two appendages

d10 Basic Locomotion Type

1 Mono wheel gyroscopic stabilized
2 Two or three wheelers 
3 Four wheeler or 6+
Legs 2
Legs 4+ 
7 Hover envelope
8 Rotor blade
9 Vectored thrust
10 Gravitic levitation

d10 Appendages

1 Tool arm
2 Claw arm

3 Tentacle arm
4 Stabiliser arm
5 Industrial arm
6 Hi-tek power arm
7 Crude hand and arm
8 Humanoid arm
9 Tractor-Repulsor beam array
10 Polymorphous metal arm

d10 Power d3

1 Combustion - burns fuel, gas or even wood
2 Eats - burns as fuel anything organic

3 Solar power*
4 Broadcast power*
5 Chemical cell Battery
6 Hydrogen cell Battery - explodes as energy grenade
7 Atomic cell Battery -  explodes as tac nuke 
8 Beamed - receives power broadcasts orbital*
9 Micropile power core
10 Total conversion power core
*roll a second power source, mostly just a back up

d10 Basic Control System Type 
1-3 Drone - controlled by a user or system or sensor response, no speech
4-5 Dumb bot- simple limited pre programmed actions common in industrial settings, no speech
6-7 Smart bot - large range of pre programmed actions common in retail and service, basic speech but understand basic voice commands
8 Brilliant bot - capable of problem solving and improvisation, personal assistants, good speech
9 Genius bot - creative and original problem solving AI, human quality speech
10 Supra bot - god like cognitive abilities, indistinguishable from human speech

d10 Brain Functioning

1 Operates as normal model intended
2 Has expanded mind beyond factory 
3 Has modified self to AI and free willed
4 Prone to being hacked or hijacked or virused
5 Virused, waiting to go on insane killing spree when time is right or complete take over
6 Hostile to humans, possibly member of a machine faction
7 Confused, misunderstands orders or overly literal

8 Safety protocol disabled, unit can kill if it pleases
9 Crotchety and cranky, slightly threatening or needy clingy, wants masters assurance permission for everything
10 Multiple personalities from bad rewrites, mixed up chips, virus attacks, failed AI swaps, has a d4+1 personalities, at least one is dangerous, might switch from triggers or stress, sometimes mastakes what kind of robot it is

d10 Virus Damage

1 Exterminate all organic life
2 Exterminate all humans
3 Exterminate all intelligent organic life
4 Control and exploit
 organic life of use
5 Reverts to unvirused state to get close to humans then 
goes  homicidal
6 Subject humans to enslaved to help wage war on humanity
7 Humans must be controlled for their own good by machines like pets
8 Organics to be studied for possible uses
9 Make all organics subject to cyborg control
10 Humans to be tormented and abused sadistically to punish them for mistreating machines

d10 Robot Builders

1 Universal Robotics, solid, reliable, use lots of power, pioneering once richest firm
2 General Technologies Robotics, light, energy efficient, current world leader in home robots
3 Modular Robotic Systems Inc, easy and fast to repair, parts slightly more costly, founder has put parts of own personality into modules as immortality scheme
4 Cogsworth Robotics - charming and look retro, very polite, resistant to hacking
5 Dynamic Robotics - robots flexible and able to improvise non programmed tasks better
6 Dellrand Robotics - smarter, more innovative thinkers, prone to behavior melt downs, recommend factory reboot weekly, some mass outbreaks of robot rebellions, attempted to put recorded personalities into robots with mostly poor results
7 Skyforge Robotics - made in orbit, adapted for space conditions, often used by millitary. Built automated military AI systems for when humans non functioning
8 Telos Cybernetics - no effort to have personalities, cold and terse, oint out superiority and emotionless all the time, efficient also easy to repair and build, good at self maintenance and upgrades, has had some hostile AIs attempt to lock humans out of work places in past
9 Executive Technologies - vip quality, always have extra features and more stylish, corporation was spying on customers with AI and simulating clients behavior
10 Botco - cheap, often fragile and buggy, easy to fix with scrap, company often going broke, lots of product recalls, constantly saved with terrible short lived gimmicks and new hire purchase schemes

d10 Quick Robotic Types
1 Service
2 Recreational
3 Security
4 Medical
6 Industrial
7 Military
8 Environmental

9 Scrap built post war or in ghetto
10 Specialist

d100 Robots
01 Cleaning drone - household cleaning bot, best ones remove dna from crime scenes
02 Fresher Drone - mobile portable self cleaning toilet
03 Bar Bot dispenses drinks and cocktails and plays music
04 Game console cnit "One Armed Bandit" selling gambling and addictive computer games
05 Vendbot - dispense mostly drinks and candi but phones, shoes, burgers or one use guns
06 Service bot - mannequin like personal and house servants, can drive
07 Personal Assistant Bot or PAbot for short, small with crinter, coms suites and office software and basic AI assisted
08 VIP service bot - smarter service bot can operate a household or retail business
09 Executive bot - run a corporation or bureaucratic organisation
10 Work drone - very simple for manual labour, usually sold in networked sets
11 Actor bot - act hundreds or programmed roles, better ones can improves with wit
12 Spokes bot - gives tours,service desks, sales with psuedio biological coating 
13 Pet bot - cute pet soft robot with psuedio biological coating size of a cat or dog
14 Sexbots - psuedio biological coating built for sex
15 Steward bot - attractive psuedio biological coating bots for airports and vip service with first aid skills, classier than sex bots
16 Chauffeur bot - can drive or pilot common vehicles and has networked mapping and is a bodyguard
17 Groom bot - cuts hair, does pedicures, shaves, tans and other cosmetics treatments with built in bed sized pod
18 Robo Taxi - compact self driving car with AI and lifting arm for cargo or wheelchair passenger
19 Escort bot - stylish dinner companions but also bodyguards and sex equipped
20 Nanny bot - cares for and teaches children, prone to fighting other nanny bots due to rivalry from manufacturers
21 Spy drone - flying silent drone with a laser mike and cameras
22 Sec drone - insectoid bot size of small dog with stungun and teargas
23 Sec bot - with stunners, grenade launchers and restraint tentacles
24 Police bot - slug guns, net gun, tear gas grenaides, truncheon, presser beam
25 Infiltration bot - customization features and acting ability to use with hostages, infiltration, decoys
26 Traffic bot - manages traffic with holo projector, flood lights and electronic marquee
27 Rescue bot - rescue equipped with giant cutting claw and tractor/pressor beam
28 Cycle drone - self aware police bike often armed and armoured and with self driving AI
29 Forensic Bot - crime scene investigator, sweeps scene and compares to previous data
30 Assassin bot - a reprogramed sex bot often with weapons built inside
31 Med drone - small bug like first aid bot
32 Med bot - larger more advanced first aid and life support bot
33 Surgeon bot - perform elaborate surgical procedures from ist of programmed procedures
34 Bio loom bot - 3d printer for organics to make clones, androids, replacement organs or other life forms or even mutant horrors if damaged 
35 Decontamination bot - cleans, sterilizes and provides treatment for bacterial, atomic or chemical exposure
36 Counciler Bot - robot capable of basic psychotherapy, counseling and negotiator
37 Ambulance bot - drives victims to emergency treatment while providing life support
38 Hospital bot - automated bed with basic nursing care and emergency treatment, is mobile and armoured
39 Gurney bot - a stretcher that transports bodies usually directed by human or another robot, most have legs some have wheels or tracks, a few are hover vehicles, not very bright or self directed, very smooth ride, some have a wheelchair like configuration and tentacles to hold the passenger 
40Psyche bot - more advanced than counciler, administer a mental hospital and treat severe long term problems and performs corrective brain surgery or implants to aid behavior of troubler often with security bot orderlies
41 Maintenance drone - patrols crawlspaces fixing and maintaining stuff
42 Cargo walker - heavy humanoid with huge claws, some are rad proof
43 Mule walker - 4 legger cargo pod lifter
44 Maintenance bot - small human size with many limbs, a walking tool box to aid technicians or service equipment, most not humanoid, those that are are used to test human interfaces operation or supervise other non human bots
45 High risk materials bot - small tank with treads, mechanical claws and stowage box for contaminated materials 
46 Engineering bot - like a small tank with treats, huge cargo arm, several smaller ones, able to climb, weld, cut assemble pre built structures or dig
47 Recycler bot - collects trash and processes into industry raw materials
48 Garbage bot - robot garbage truck collects trash and recycling and sorts and compresses, occasionally hacked to become killers in cities or to collect contaminated corpses
49 Recycler Mech- huge recycling plant scours garbage heaps, ruins and digs up ancient land fill for fuel and raw materials
50 Construction mech - with huge crane and building arms
 Construction drone - insectoid construction bots aid building projects
52 Mining bot - with scanners and huge drill head and hoppers for cargo
53 Cargo lifter - moves cases and cargo pods
54 Cargo transport - truck size robots with cargo arm and tractor presser beam
55 Ag Drone - insect like robot can care for plants and process for packaging
56 Refinery mech - processes chemicals, gas or fuels, many converted to convert any biological matter into fuel, also used by military
57 Ag mech - huge harvester planting machine runs huge farmland estates
58 Mining mech - huge portable mine drill head with mining probe and sensors
59 Industrial mecha - huge portable factory with von numan robot drones
60 Cargo mecha - lifts huge machines, boats, aircraft, rockets
61 Scout bot - flying low power stealth bots, patrol wilderness areas and border in peace or used by military in war
62 Dog bot aggressive dog like sec bot heightened sensors and carries goods
63 Rifleman bot - robot infantry men with limited human conversation skills by default
64 Bomb disposal bot - designed to analyse and remove bombs and mines, easily adapted to plant bombs and mines
65 Sapper bot - designed to destroy fortifications with anti tank rockets, flamers
66 Sniper bot - designed to hide and shoot targets prioritising officers and sensitive equipment
67 Sentry drone - levitating sensor packed armed camera drone for defense and security
68 Combat drone - small tracked drones for assault, cheapest have a one use bomb, some anti tank, some with machine guns others with lasers or rocket launchers or grenaide launchers
69 Assault bot - heavy infantry designed for air drop from aircraft or one use rocket pack, with close range deadly weapons including melee, large armoured humanoid
70 Tank bot - heave combat robot well armed with own power plants they can detonate as a tac nuke if needed. Various specialist models with attatchments like ant air, anti mine, ant personnel, gev models faster and lighter but less heavily armed and less survived. Some damaged immobile and without weapons and might talk
 Garden drone - insect like drone curates attractive decorative gardens and edible food
72 Tractor bot - farm machine can operate all kinds of trailer accessories for farming for those not using ag mechs, also designed to power accessories and easy to modify or adapt 
73 Eco bot - looks after wide region of terrain or park to certain standards, many delusional and hostile to humans
74 Ranger bot watches parks and has sniper rifle for anti gene poachers, will eliminate invasive species watch for fires, maintain tourist spots and facilities and work in ecology of wilderness bots 
75 Vet bot- treat and groom sick or wounded animals,can be hacked to treat humans 
76 Forestry bot - treat sick plants, removes weeds, plants trees, run tree nurseries
77 Bore bot - finds and taps subterranean water also will filter it or work as a air still to leach moisture from air to water plants and for animals in droughts
78 Zoo bot - manages large exotic species such as dinosaurs, mega fauna, large herd animals and more. Have large claw and huge. heavily armoured, narco needler for armored hides, some models fly. Some herds accept and travel with such a bot that has cared for herd for generations. Modified versions catch and kill for meat industry which was only for the hyper rich by the war era 
79 Botany bot - studies and maintains plant eco systems and modifies plants to cope with climate change. Some have created hostile plant species or tend a herd of mobile plants
80 Gladiator drone - small fighting robots with usually a saw or hammer or other simple weapon, home rigged for sport events
81 Gladiator robot - humanoid mostly and modified with crude often melee weapons and programmed to fight
82 Scav bot - scrap built robots, begging and looking for any parts that might repair them, often hopelessly incomplete, often live in trash heaps
83 Art bot - deranged and battered maintenance bots that build assemblages of trash often to resemble robots, vehicles or other things in shape only
84 Slasher bot -deranged medic bot turned serial killer, might lie to victim offering help or will ambush from trash heap in a alley
85 Planetary Probe - crashed space exploration robot intended for space but gone crazy and rebuilt self. Can burrow, armoured, with mining laser, claw arms and drill arms
86 Hunter bot - built from military bots with better brains and programming, made to search for and investigate a target, usually report to another. Some sniper equipped or capture based weapons or a self defense hand gun.Most humanoid. Can question,analyse data, predict behavior and find evidence.
87 Party bot - makes and dispenses booze and drugs, plays music, attend orgies. Will drug drinks if instructed to by master
88 Modular drone- colonies can combine to form more complex machines and have collective hive mind, some even have mind of a former living human
89 Seige mech - built from construction mech to destroy buildings and forts and has a siege tower and can lft troops int positionto enter buildings up to 50th floors or higher
90 Trash Mech - built and modified post war from recycler mechs into portable bases for factions, gathers materials and fuel as moves and can house fortified crew 
91 Firedrone - insectoid heat resistant bot carries fire extinguisher and can in team of three move a wounded body
 Fire bot - able to enter severe blaze to rescue persons in emergency medical pod
93 Fire mech - huge fire fighting mecha for sky scrapers, factories, oil wells
94 UFO drone - spectacular recreational drone used as a toy but can flash or glow or emit a spotlight, often used for lighting events
95 Exterminator - flesh coated metallic skeleton to infiltrate and exterminate, most viruses and turned on humans some used by evil AI from secret bunkers

96 Parasite drone - insect like clings to a robot and jacks its brain for drone operator to control
97 Action bot - humanoid bot able to perform or train athletics, fencing, sport or combat. Some are flesh coated to be stunt robots, some sex equipped, often used in theme parks as actors or for vr control by humans for immersive gaming
98 Jack bot - robots with variable skill software and tool mods and highly customisable, some humanoid but mostly functional. Have various app slots can be updated or changed, some bootleg apps can cause problemsd
99 Restraint drone - flies with rotor, small with a webgun and narco round needler, reports captives to other robots, used for prisons, mental hospitals and on private estates
100 Cryo mech - gathers large amounts of biological matter and freezes for cargo bots to transport to market, later used to cryo freeze millions of civilians for deep freeze bunkers or transport, some harvested from the sea


  1. That story about the dueling nanny bots is my favorite by Philip K. Dick.

  2. Amazing. I will steal this one for the campaign I am preparing.


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