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Foulness Underfoot for VIllage Cult Hideouts

Cults are pretty common in my setting and most villages have one or had one in memory.

In Chagrinspire this might include older villages outside the waste or some of the increasing settlements on the borderlands. I might make a list of d12 New Settlements for the wastes.

I've done lots of cults and I'm happy for every sect to be a bit different but I will provide a few sets of quick cult tables. Most of this is to generate what kind of secret chapel and meeting place they have.

Each cult has a d4 local locations one is a shrine
Any that can be in the village should be with entrances to some or all the cultist's homes, Special expert witch hunters are best to be deployed in these trap and cursed-filled passages.

Roll a d4 times on each of these tables

d12 Cult Lair Locations
1 Ancient caves
2 Abandoned old mine
3 Catacombs
4 Prehistoric monument
5 House possibly basement or attic
6 Abandoned building
7 Graveyard
8 Cistern
8 Industrial site
9 Barn or shed
10 Private club or tavern
11 Creature burrows
 Prehistoric tunnels
d12 Defences
1 Crawlspaces for most adults
2 Underwater entrance
3 Secret doors
4 Poison spikes 
5 Cursed figurines require a password
6 Cult pets, familiars or monsters
7 Wasp nest trap
8 Pendulum trap with a scythe blade
9 Poison dart or crossbow trap
 Locked doors or bars 1in4 wizard locked requires a password
11 Deadfall trap with tripwire
12 Alarm and defensive spells

d12 Secret Entrance
 Under a workplace
2 In an old tree or woods
3 In a stone crypt or tomb
4 Underwater or behind waterfall or in sewer
5 In a civic official or common house
6 In a granary or mill
7 In a mine or cave
8 In an ancient dolmen
9 In a field or under a bridge
10 In a bathhouse or brothel
11 Under the chapel or shrine
12 In local manor or house

d12 Cult Shrine Chambers
roll a d12 and take that room and all the lower number rooms also
or roll d4 times as per other tables, good for secondary sites

1 Shrine room
2 Priest's private room
3 Antechamber
4 Barracks
5 Library
6 P
et room
7 Dormitory

Council room
9 Prison
10 Common room

d12 Does anyone know anything?
1 Village idiot wants quality time and friendship
2 Town drunk but needs a drink first
3 Town gossip but she is afraid
4 Shunned old person on edge of town hates everyone
5 Bartender heard wild stories some might be true
6 Bard or a scholar  or storyteller has heard old tales
 Children play strange games or sing odd songs
8 Village storekeeper or scribe is afraid but likes bribes or 1in4 is in cultist
9 Secret agents investigate town for a faction d4 1=crown seek treasonous plots 2=inquisition seek heretics 3=bandits seek victims or allies 4=another cult potential friend or foe 

10 Former residents in a nearby town left because of cult
 Sherrif or mayor or clerk has heard stories or 1in4 is a cultist 
 Priest is suspicious of any new people or wickedness or 1in4 is a cultist 

d12 Cult Clues
1 Someone finds an old mass grave explaining old mysteries and making new ones
2 Vanishing people just happens here, paths are tricky you see
3 Evidence of a fake monster or spells used like illusions to cover murder
4 People all look afraid if questions asked about cults and strange happenings
5 Trail of blood or personal items found of missing person
6 Goblins turn up asking if locals have any more delicious unwanted corpses for them
7 Find a secret door or trail and items of the cult
8 Paintings and signs in public have occult clues for cult members
9 Unusual animal behaviour 
10 Graves were tampered with in burial grounds   
11 Robed figures scurry about at night to secret meetings
12 Witch hunter vanished in the area

d12 Local Opinions: Local cult for local people
1 Many locals see as harmless folk customs best left alone
2 Most don't take it seriously or believe is still around
3 Insulted at anyone criticising local integrity and digging up dirt
4 People have heard of it but don't really know much
Witness tells wild tale of d8 1=kidnapped by flying witches 2=supernatural orgies 3=nightly visits from a sex demon  4=turned me into frog 5=demon walks streets at night and shits down my chimney 6=someone put a curse on them to make them a loser 7=charmed me into loving them 8=has a map of village and notes about each neighbor 
6 The witch hunter came through and we are too poor to pay his fees
7 We sent a message to the inquisition and we are on a list for purging
8 Tight-lipped to strangers on this topic and turn hostile and yell abuse
9 Chatty on topic of cults then reports to the cult leaders for action
10 Has a small collection of cult items to show you in their house, come for dinner and meet some other concerned locals
11 Tells curious adventurers about a dungeon then tells cult who warn the dungeon
12 Never heard of a cult, nothing happens here, then goes and tells a cult leader

d12 Cult Influence
1 Nobody ever heard of them, everything is normal here
2 Discussed in hushed tones and whispers, most disbelieve 
3 Told to scare children and adults to go to bed and stay in
4 They burned a witch here once
5 A witch used to live in that old abandoned house
6 People fear familiar spies and spirits are listening and watching
7 Cult well hidden and community witless
8 Locals live in fear of murder and curses, highly suspicious  
9 Locals have seen robed strangers at odd hours and shun them
10 Major business or guild involvement in cult
11 Organised crime and bandits controlled by the cult
12 Mayor, priest, noble or other civic leader is the cult master

d12 Quick Cult Leaders
1 Mara Willowwood - wealthy serial widow looking good for her age restored an old house
2 Dornan Vortagern - well-liked posh noble scholar donates to village causes 
3 Arkan Meldorg - local baker a popular jolly lusty fellow with a large vigorous family
4 Korag Nargent - wise woman on the edge of town offers cheap cures and curses
5 Doctor Vorgan - surgeon and scholar with interest in supernatural and folk lore
6 Corky Bungle - village idiot is touched by other side and desires must be filled
7 Palah Panderlus - mytic prophet, scholar and poet with her mysterious servant
8 Hank Bonebroth - butcher loves hacking bodies, making sausages and feeding pigs
9 Nanna Bolga - oldest woman in the village, seems healthy but harmless and has cats
10 Maphus Than - local wanted bandit who helps locals and keeps away undesirables
11 Sam Pickle - local child curious about adventures, really possessed by an old witch
12 Tammy Thatcher - older goodwife, gossip, snob and a bully, village for local folk

d12 Cult Champion
1 Dorn Kudge - musclebound idiot with horrible lusts who does muscle work for cult who cover up his crimes, seasonal labourer who will doe awful crimes if he thinks nobody looking
2 Blarny Fengul - bardic poet and goatish sleezebag,spreads gossip and annoys strangers away with creepy sleaziness. Has terrible VD
3 Gorb - beast folk abuman who cult hide in lair a seven foot tall hulking brute who cult mistreat
4 Ken Vadder - assassin for the cult who kills to cover up the cult and kill enemies. Cult supply with magic items, poison and even cast spell on Ken for each mission like invisibility 
5 Rabon Kleft - drug dealer sells all the cool city drugs and addictive d4 healing potions, former alchemy apprentice 
6 Ernest Blargnard - older vet cult thug in it for the torture and kidnapping and always wanted to run a prison. Expert fighter with whips and chains and tattooed with gang and prison tatoos 
7 Vamak Tarj - brewer, herbalist, barber and poisoner makes delicious beer and knockout drugs
8 Granny Varja - elderly woman with several brutish sones she bullies into vomiting cult crimes, they are expendable sacrifices in her cult ambitions
9 Lanath Vulpine - an attractive older semi-retired prostitute who meets some rich lovers here monthly so she lives well and spends lots of money locally. She has several shifty servants and a huge footman and a creepy coach driver. Has criminal contacts like assasins 
10 Bora Muldana - large musclebound loud strong woman. Keen to defend the faithful and has had millitary training in imperial guard
11 Negas Gran - thief and serves cult leader in throat sliding, kidnapping and more. Cult have placed apprentices in his hands and he knows local criminals and bandits
12 Ooras Neglam - an underland gnome who the cult keep in a lair to build traps and gadgets for them. Ooras was a prisoner but delights in making nasty traps and torture devices and the cult have come to include Ooras as family. Ooras is also a master of illusion magic and alchemy. He has own secret tunnels and and makes a good spy with invisibility  

d12 Cult Special Secret
1 Have a magic weapon used by the leader or champion
2 Allied to monsters of the wasteland and call on them for help  
3 Have magical means of concealment like invisibility or illusions
4 Have a summoned being under command like an imp
5 Cult have a cursed loot pile and there are stories about treasure
6 Cult blackmail local officials of the crown and nobility and keep a ledger
7 Idol is actually magic with blessings for allies
8 Infiltrated criminals and use them fr unwitting allies
9 A lesser entity or living statue guards the shrine
10 Can extract potions from murder victims with a relic
11 Means to create monsters with machine or lab or surgery
12 Communion devices like mirror or globe to speak to other cults

d12 Local Welcome Wagon for Strangers
1 Kidnap and murder visitors as enter or leave town
2 Drug or poison strangers with food and drink
3 Flirty fishing from the hottest youths in the village, lure people away
4 Warn of a fictional creature they blame murders on
5 Kidnap victims asleep
6 Offer dinner in a cultist home
7 Invite to a village celebration with ceremonial roles for folk ritual
8 Use divination to study guests to see if they require murder and robbing or recruiting
9 Have friendly drinks with strangers and goad them into boasting 
 Get bandits or monsters to attack the party in return for cut of wealth
11 Tell adventurers about a dangerous local dungeon and warn monsters
Tell adventurers about the local abandoned hunted murder house they would like to use

Auldwood is east of Chagrinspire so cults from there often cross over

d12 Auldwood Cult
1 The Green Man - sacrifices blood to restore the green, aid and consort with the wild folk
2 The Black Goat - fornicate with demons, murder innocents, plunder the loot of victims
3 Black Annis - appease her to avoid her wrath, keep away monsters, help revenge at a cost
4 Wood Knights - secretly aid druids and faeries and demihumans and protect the forest
5 The hanged man - murder to appease old gods, strangulation and incite angry mobs
6 The Demon Boar - the cult of ancient berserks, cannibals, eat outsiders
7 Dark Druids - use the power of nature to drive away outsiders and kill enemies
8 Frog Cult - spread frog grog and swamp weed, ready a vast frog army for war
9 The Owl Scions - vigilante murderers who cleanse non-neutral troublemakers
10 The Ancient One - an old witch cult who seek knowledge and power over communities
11 The Grey Mystics - an order who commune with strange beings from the stars
12 Elder Magi - worship a formless outer god incomprehensible to even most wizards

d12 Chagrinspire Cults
1 Orcus Cult - prince of darkness and undead, make undead and study thanotology. Also make chaotic orcs
2 Scarlet Assassins - who operate as a secret training camp for recruits in other lands, they kill for hire but also for their own reasons if you start trouble with them, worship a blood demon
3 Fish Cult - usually near water, help breed with fish folk and to keep water pure, worship fish demon ancestors
4 Infernal Order - serve hell, teach magic and tempt people with sell soul contracts  
5 Unseelie Ones - aid dark elves and faerie beings, avoid being tormented by evil
6 Iron Brethren - love guns and ancient weapons, steal what they can't take
7 Bat Cult - aid the bat goddess, her lycanthrope children and vampires who serve her
8 Xor Cult - calling some being from beyond to the world to save it, help plant seeds of the new world of flesh, pro-cannibalism and shun vegetables
9 Fungus God - plant and spread giant and magical fungus and befriend goblins
10 The Chaos Goat - a monstrous menace spreading mutations, disease and foul miasmas
11 Alchemists - secret agents of the guild seeking forbidden lore and power of Chagrinspire
12 The Black Sphere Cult - secret agents who communicate with the secret masters in Chagrinspire

d12 Exilon Cults
1 Fish cult - hybridize with wetlands peoples and in docks and harbours of civilisation to help restore the ancient fish folk land empire, Their ruins are common near waterways
2 Snake cult - various snake cults exist but this specifically is a cult of voluntary thralldom to snake folk who resent and even eat humans or hide among them with sorcery
3 Asag - a great stone giant who united spirits and beings of rocks against the gods and lost, hates the gods
4 Anzu - great bird who stole tablets of destiny and was defeated by Ninurta, help hidden winged folk and bird monsters and cause the gods trouble
5 Hydra - cult of the hydra enemy of the gods and heroes
6 Tiamat - the dragon of chaos her cult seek to avenge her and kill people
7 Scorpion cult - cult of torture and poison, scorpion demons of venom serving Tiamat
8 Lamashtu - demon goddess cult crave infanticide, cannibalism, sickness and death
9 Vulture god - craves carrion and death and food for vultures and bloody sacrifice
10 Bronze Bull cult - the punishment of the gods, worship berserk minotaurs and the underworld, cult build mazes and provide victims for monsters
11 Death Templars - a corrupt order of death cults who dominated the world with undead once
12 Dragon Templars - order worshipping Tiamat, of dragon thralls who aid and worship dragon rulers, the chosen even become dragon folk and get to see the dragon spawning pits of Hell

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Magic Weirdos - reprising old 2012 stuff

Ive been posting and sharing some old posts of late to look back at my project and see how much I've done. So I thought I would revisit this for Chagrinspire. If anyone wants me to look at some past incomplete thing or idea let me know. Had over 7k hits one day this week which is nice. 

Origional post:

I was probably just trying to be weird here originally but I do like the idea of weird alien magic beings of uncertain origin. The battlefield wasteland there are remnants of the previous ages and even far-off lands all coming here to fight for a millennium. So any weird stuff from the multiverse might end up here. 

These guys are good as weird magic assassins that can be sent after characters. Maybe they are the last of their kind so when you kill them their kind is gone forever.

2nd version of Chagrinspire book up on patreon now 124 pages

Wizard of Nekhaba
Lesser outer void being CE (not a hag or faerie)
AC +5 HD 4d8   MOV 15  
Att fire two d4 magic missiles per round or two silver knives d3
Spells as a 4th Lv Wizard
- no spoken words are required for charm or illusion spells only dance
- can disguise blank face with a mask spell and clothing at will
- ESP as spell at will (they communicate to each other using this)
- scares under 4HD creatures who fail a save for one round if they see reveal blank face 
-their location cannot be detected with magic or divination. 
Usually in disguise, they will reveal their true forms when close and casting spells. They act silently and in unison dancing to cast their spells. Each wears a d4x 100gp gold or silver jewellery. Their real form is blank-faced, with pale yellow and golden tattered robes and bandages covering their skin. They may adopt the face of one they intend to kill, especially sinister if several share the same face.

They seek some sinister quest for a magic relic or knowledge for some mysterious reason. They also seek to destroy some knowledge often by killing.  Some believe they serve some outer darkness entity. When they die they shatter into smoking fine porcelain fragments. They often have a magic ring or jewelled item or a magic knife. For years they battled adventurers at the ruin of Nekaba, but found what they wanted, and now sought some new treasure or secret elsewhere.

d12 Plot Hooks
1 A spellbook or relic found by adventurers is coveted by the wizards 
2 A scholar wants to see them so has found a book they want and needs adventurer bodyguards
3 A locked book on the secrets of Nekhaba is found and the wizards don't want any to read it
4 Wizards of Nekhaba are trying to steal a corpse from a church and have besieged it intending to kill occupants with minimal loss to themselves
5 Brothel a mile from a city has become popular thanks to the exotic foreign prostitutes who are said to be from far away ancient Nekhaba
6 Mysterious silent strangers have been following your party 
7 Street performers doing tricks with fire and juggling get in the way of the party 
8 Witness a stranger killed in an accident with a wagon shattered into smoking fragments. Then other witnesses start being killed
9 Dream about a mysterious white and yellow and gold stranger rifling through your dreams searching for something. Someone else in the inn says this and locals warn them they are marked by the Fiends of Nekhaba who dwell in local ruins
10 Someone is killing apprentices of a wizard. Turns out one found them mentioned in a book and tried to do some divination about them and showed some other students
11 Strangers keep drawing magic sigils and signs in places you visit
12 A stranger in your room is going through your belongings searching for something

Hag of Gerberrack*
Lesser outer void being NE (not a hag or faerie)
AC +4 HD 5d8   MOV 12 Jump 2 Fly 12 (if on broom)
Att 2x punches d4 or grab and 1x tentacle grapple if quit human appearance
-each round held by a tentacle save to resist being implanted with an egg
Spells as a 5th Lv Wizard
- no material components or spoken words are required for charm or illusion spells
- can disguise tentacle face with a mask spell at will if not attacking with it
- three or more can generate a fog cloud 1km across if they chant for ten minutes
- requires magic or silver weapons to hit and normal fire causes minimum dice damage
- plane shift twice per night under any single full moon

Any victim implanted notices nothing for a d4 months before bursting open and releasing worm-like larvae which tries to flee. Mostly this is fatal or save to survive with half HP lost. Larvae AC+3, HDd8, d4 bite, Mov15. When they die they explode into a sticky protoplasm. 

Robed shrouded figures as they get closer appear attractive and friendly needy pilgrims who need food and comfort. Really they came to this world to use humanoids as part of their alien life cycle then return to the outer void beyond the celestial dome. The hags were most frequently seen near one village Gerberrack where a cult summoned them once allowing them to visit this world when the stars were right. Some sensitives feel the mist the hags produce is evil and alien. Some tales say they come to deliver messages to those damned by the outer gods of the void. They aid cults in trouble but take a member as a sacrifice each. They also appear to rescue larvae

d12 Plot Hooks
1 As cultists are killed one calls upon the hags for revenge
2 On the road or in an inn peaceful pilgrims ask if they might travel with you
3 A desperate cult sacrifices three of their own and call on the hags to destroy the witchfinder and local officials including mayor, magistrate, bailiffs, sherrif and chapel priest
4 A sick travelling companion dies horribly at the dinner table and the larvae feed and hides. As people hunt it mysterious-robed pilgrims arrive who are of course nursmaids for the spawn
5 A cult disguised as merchants have larvae in jars and accidentally break them so they escape
6 After the funeral of a local man who exploded a fisherman caught this hideous worm and is trying to sell it to adventurers or evil wizards or cults
7 An old tome "The Gerberrack Chronicle" has been found which holds secrets the hags think are best forgotten. Local sages and wizards and cultists all want to read it
8 Each full moon by a standing stone several hags appear and terrorise the locals and eat pets, mutilate livestock and whisper horrible threats to residents through walls
9 A stranded hag awaits a full moon to escape but is a bit hungry so killing a local daily
10 A knight is guarding pilgrims who are really hags who stir up trouble for the knight constantly. He has killed three strangers accusing the pilgrims of evil deeds
11 A theatre is putting on a play about the "Hideous Hags of Gerbarak" and some real hags come to see the show to see if the performers and audience need to be killed
12 Isolated rural people have folk dolls and woven fabric depicting hags all over cottages and say the hags protect them. In reality this is a giveaway the village is a cult and will call hags for help by sacrificing prisoners of cult heretics in their under village cult tunnels

i will do some more of these soon

Monday 27 May 2024

d100 Ruined Street Trash & Treasure

Chagrinspire pdf 124pg on patreon now

There is something about Chagrinspire that preserves material goods somehow so many items survive. This is for looting Chagrinspire ruined streets. 

Any found item should often be with other smashed and spoiled goods

d100 Ruined Street Trash & Treasure
01 Steel or cast iron pot
02 Knife d4 1=pewter table knife 2=dirty shank 3=stilleto 4=pocket knife
03 Crockery jar with flour or beans
04 Tinned cans of nutritious alchemical slush
05 Fruitcake or biscuits in a tin
06 Small mill with ground valuable spcie
07 Broken taps and pipes
08 Jar of spread for bread d4 1=chutney 2=butter 3=jam 4=vegemite
09 Instant beverage powder in a tin d4 1=tea 2=cofee 3=co-co 4=
10 Kitchen golen d4 1=stove 2=dishwasher 3=well pump & sink 4=icebox
11 Steel folding chair
12 Folding wood card table 
13 Gold leaf baroque chair with carved erotic satyr scenes
14 Small table with an accurate map of the world inlaid on top
15 Drink trolley with d6 bottles of posh spirits intact
16 Four-person table folds out to 8 seat table for extra guests
17 Exotic traditional carpet from faraway land with unfamiliar designs
18 Hunting trophy of monster or beast d4 1=stuffed 2=sninned as a rug 3=head on plaque 4=bones in a case
19 Writing dest with rolltop and multiple locks, with a d4 magic scrolls and other documents and a bottle of rum
20 Comfortable golem chair with face, gives massages, self heating, tells stories
21 Dragon foot umbrella stand with d4 umbrella 1in12 chance magic one
22 Chess set 1in4 with intact ivory pieces and inlaid marble board
23 Ceramic large fine vase from the mysterious west
24 Strange cursed ugly idol brought back by some colonialist ancestor
25 Boxed board game d4 1=Serpants and Sinners 2=Nullopoly 3=World Domination 4=Escape from hell
26 Jigsaw puzzle with 1000 wooden pieces 1in4 has all pieces others d12 short
27 Cabinet of humanoid skulls and preserved heads in jars of fluid
28 Lacquered wooden box with d4 1=dice 2=playing cards 3=100gp gold or silver ring 4=clay pipe and d6 doses of black lotus resin
29 Clock with 1in6 really clock golem with face can call out times as instructed and remember dates d4 1=grandfather clock 2=bedside alarm clock 3=gold carriage clock 4=cuckoo clock
30 Card-playing golem built into card table and can't walk, just wants a game
31 Box of books and some other documents
32 Wax cylinder recorder with d6 recordings of ancients speaking
33 Framed alchemical "drawings" printed on paper and slightly toxic depict d4 1=millitary unit 2-school photo 3=family photo 4=nudes
34 Painting of d6 1=aristocrat 2=family 3=atractive youth 4=obese farm animal 5=flowers 6=landscape of area when green long ago possibly a clue to a ruin
35 Piles of newspapers with headlines about war and death tolls and ammunition factory explosions
36 A suit of full plate armour on a mannequin
37 Archaic melee weapons, steel replicas or knight shields with heraldic designs
38 Telescope or binoculars
39 Music instrument d4 1=mandolin 2=harp 3=accordian 4=trumpet
40 Golem music box can play over 50 popular ballroom dances of the ancients and likes to talk about music theory
41 Tennis racket
42 Fishing rod
43 Picknick basket with plates, cutlery, blanket, tinned ham, bottle of wine
44 Watering can
45 Cake tin with sewing supplies and ivory buttons
46 Revolver with d6 bullets
47 Insect collecting kit with specimen jars, kill jar, bottle of ether, bug spotters journal
48 Dumbbells for exercise
49 Electric therapy belt, absorbs 6 points of electric energy per round up to 30 points at a time and stores it for slow release keeping your sexual thought pure for an hour per point absorbed. Also improves muscle tone and looks over a year of use. An electric hat variant (fez) prevents and reverses baldness and makes you smarterer. Instruction books included
50 Box with golem head with encyclopedia knowledge of world a thousand years ago by nullist scholars. Personalities vary wildly but bossy school teacher is common and can be used to teach and give formal lessons
51 Wooden box of tools d6 1=carpentry 2=automaton repair 3=jewlers 4=taxidermy 5=boot repair
52 Adding machine weighs 12 enc and ten times better than an abacus plus some financial record books
53 Painting set in box with easel, paper, canvas and paint
54 Foot-cranked sewing machine 40 enc
55 Doctor's bag of fine surgeon tools, mallet, bottle of rum, poppy and hemp pills
56 Box of matches, bottle of fuel, d4 incendiaries
57 Hand-cranked d4 1=siren 2=meat grinder 3=pasta maker 4=spice mill 
58 Apron, a collection of butcher knives and a clever
59 Steel pry bar or set of thieves' tools
60 Sewing mannequin golem 1in4 intact and good condition, it does whatever told
61 Collectors journal for d4 1=stamps 2=butterflies 3=menus 4=matchstick books
62 Porcelain figurine d4 1=animal 2=cottage 3=patriotic soldier 4=deity 
63 Chagrinspre souvenier d4 1=snowglobe 2=desk toy 3=pen holder 4=rum bottle 
64 Cigarette card collection of d4 1=athlete 2=war 3=celebrity 4=nudes all numbered in a set, collect them all
65 Ornamental box with an ashtray, d4 pipes, tobacco, d6 cigars and a packet of cigarettes
66 Box of ration book stubs and catalogue
67 Box of paper money of ancients, d6 bundles of 100 notes plus d100cp and d12sp small change  
68 Box of love letters from many lands by a busy lover with a bottle of perfume
69 Box of strange seed pods and bulbs from faraway lands
70 Box of golem parts and a d4 spare heads with different personalities and specialities
71 Monster skin boots reduce landmine damage by one per dice
72 Leather monster skin trenchcoat as leather armour, all piercing attacks -1 damage
73 Hatbox with d6 1=ladies race day gala hat 2=officers fancy hat 3=bowler or derby hat 4=gasmask 5=top hat 6=fez
74 Pilot helmet and goggles with a leather jacket
75 Scarf, raincoat and a cap
76 Metal flask with hot coco, preserves food and temperature 
77 Trunk of rubber and leather costumes, manacles, chains and a whip 
78 Bronze fireman helmet +1 protection and a steel fire axe +1 +2 vs wood
79 Mechanic jumpsuit
80 Golem shoe cleaning machine folds into a 12 ENC box and expert on footwear and feet and can talk about them for hours
81 Silver decorative tray worth 30sp
82 Copped decorative wall hanging depicting rural labour
83 Silver ice bucket and tongs
84 Steel cocktail shaker, bottle of gin and vermouth, d4 unbreakable crystal cocktail glasses
85 Gramaphone record player and a stack of d100 bakelite records (highly flammable)
86 Brownie film camera and a bundle of terrible blurry poorly cropped photos
87 Box of postcards d4 1=millitary 2=saucy beach holidays 3=propeganda 4=picture of Chagrinspire before buried in ash and filth
88 Novelty ceramic beer stein d4 1=naval scene 2=millitary scene 3=saucy nudes with articulated breasts 4=hunting scene
89 Paper-wrapped parcel d4 1=tooden toy 2=severed head for sweetheart 3=fruitcake in tin 4=volume of obscene magazines 
90 Ventriloquist dummy but its a golem and a jerk who wants company
91 Silver holy symbol worth 30gp
92 Gold candelabra worth 120gp has a permanent light spell cast on it
93 Chest of tinned hams, each has a picture of an ancient general
94 Bottle of sparkling Null cola destroys your sense of taste and smell for a d4 days, save to resist addiction, curable with magic. Immune to stench attacks while working
95 Samovar heats and boils water for dozens of hot drinks, has a golem face that obeys instructions
96 Dusty box with occult sign d4 1=undead severed hand 2=demon name talisman 3=d6 magic cigars each gives you +1 initiative for d10 minutes while smoking 4=imp or spirit trapped in a bottle
97 Magic mirror or painting can be used as a communicator with a matching item in the wasteland, The object is sentient and can locate where the twin item is
98 Ornate walking stick does 2d4 damage  and +1 to hit d4 1=hidden sword 2=hidden whiskey bottle 3=magic scroll 4=spy code
99 Wizards skull with a pentacle and inside a patient wraith hides. Holding the skull lets you detect corpses or undead in 3 range even under soil or through stone. The wraith waits for a good moment then creates thralls and escapes with the skull. It seeks to grain greater power and undead thralls
100 Golem if fed tin and food will produce canned food. It offers cooking tips and will complain about canning horrible things like monster corpses

Sunday 26 May 2024

d100 Ruined Street Features


I guess i will think about mech and kaiju for this game.

Crossroads roll d3 features
Village d4+6 features
City d4+2 features per block

d12 Ruin Occupation
d4-1 of these in a cluster of ruins or 1in4 chance per building

1 Scavenger hideout
2 Murder hobo adventurers resting
3 Monster lair 
4 Traps (or 1in6 cursed)
5 Mutant gang hideout
6 Cultist's secret temple
7 Ogres or trolls
8 Orc or barbarian or beast folk tribe camp
9 Faction outpost
10 Faction soldier
11 Hidden killer lair
12 Haunted by unhappy spirits, the dead and possibly worse supernatural beings

d12 Quick Ruin Plot hooks
1 Hidden faction secret documents
2 Underground transit tunnel access
3 Sealed underground vault
4 Basement connected to other passages
5 Wanted criminals hiding here
6 Found remains of ancient magical machinery or vehichle
7 Ruin is a source of poison and a contamination hazard
8 Tower projects mind-altering auroras must be stopped
9 Hidden treasure cache of ancient artefacts
10 Weird mutant clan of farmers growing chaos crops
11 Cult holy place for seasonal pilgrim visits
12 Ancient documents or artwork reveal the location of an artifact

d12 Ruin Damage
1 Flooded with water or mud or sand or ash
2 Craters from artillery barrage or explosion
3 Fire damage
4 Bulletholes everywhere from firefight
5 Remains of barricade vs a seige
6 Contaminated by vermin and disease
7 Covered in garbage
8 Overgrown with mould and fungus
9 Overgrown with nasty plants
10 Earthquake or stomping kaiju damage
11 Fortified and repaired in past
12 In good condition

d10 Quick
1 Roads
2 Fences
3 Poles
4 Park
5 Hospitality 
6 Resident
7 Retail
8 Civic
9 Scholarly
10 Magic

d100 Ruined Street Features
01 Remains of a trail covered in dirt from ages
02 Animal tracks 
03 Muddy tracks in silty muck 
04 Deep muddy ditches
05 Muddy with wooden walkways
06 Scattered stones and weeds
07 Weed-filled cobblestone
08 Battered cobblestones and scattered garbage
09 Blood-covered cobblestones
10 Cratered cobblestones
11 Iron rail fence d3 metres high 
12 Wooden slat fence d3m high
13 Log palisade wall d3m high
14 Trench for shelter 1in6 with dugout shelter
15 Moat a flooded trench
16 Sandbags d3m high
17 Wire fence d3m high 1in6 chance electrified d3 damage
18 Wooden steaks limits vehicles and cavalry charges
19 Landmines
20 Barbed or razor wire
21 Iron lamp posts with permanent magical light
22 Telegraph poles
23 Radio antenna
24 Windmill
25 Watchtower 
26 Hidden sniper post 
27 Iron bollards to stop vehichles
28 Flagpole with tattered flag
29 Airship landing mast
30 Checkpoint with shack and boom gate
31 Small patch of weeds with damaged heroic statue
32 War memorial arch or plinth or stelae
33 Small park with weeds, bench, pond and rusty old vehichle
34 Small park with rows of trees
35 Small park with now muddy damaged fountain
36 Small park with rotunda shelter on hill
37 Small park with dangerous children's playground or fitness machines
38 Garden beds of thorny flowers overgrown
39 Park with slow stream and pond  and remains of small shallow bottom boats
40 Maze garden 
41 Small brewery and sly grogshop
42 Small seedy tavern 
43 Fancy tavern with grade, stables and beergarden
44 Roadhouse Inn
45 Coach house with stables
46 Large hotel for caravans
47 Music hall 1in6 with pipe organ
48 Theatre
49 Guest house
50 Feast Hall
51 Small hermit shack
52 Thrall hovel
53 Poor house
54 Quaint cottage
55 Boarding house
56 Rows of worker cottages
57 Orphanage
58 Townhouses 
59 Convalescent home 
60 Apartment building of flats with penthouse suites
61 Pushcart stall
62 Small wood retail stall 
63 Market square
64 Specialist market
65 Shopping centre
66 Bank
67 Workshop
68 Warehouse
69 Caravan base
70 Retail mall market
71 Mayors house
72 Townhall
73 Guildhall
74 Barracks
75 Prison
76 Noble manor
77 Post office 
78 Custom house
79 Clock tower
80 Secret Society Hall
81 Schoolhouse
82 Shrine
83 Temple
84 college
85 Healer or scholar townhouse
86 Museum
87 Monastery
88 Hospital
89 Cathedral
90 University
91 Necropolis
92 Mausoleum
93 Wizard tower
94 Reliquary vault
95 Rail station, possibly underground
96 Alchemical Factory
97 Power plant or power transmission depot for magic energy
98 Portal Station
99 Auruara broadcast tower
100 AIrfield for flying machines with hangars

Friday 24 May 2024

Homebrew d20 Game Prep


Ive always quite liked skill systems and stat rolls and for me peak TSR D&D was 1985 with the Dungeoneers Survival Guide which probably kept me playing D&D a few more years before I went Basic Roleplaying Playing BRP and TSR Marvel which I still play and is my current game. I got back into D&D 12 years ago as ppl were becoming interested in playing it so while sick I wrote my version of BX from memory and started this blog. This became my Elfmaids & Octopi homebrew rules which I rewrite every few years. 

I really liked the Dungeoneers Survival Guide for giving you additional things to do and face but also for the skills and even the survival and crafting rules. I didn't like they had various pluses or minuses unique to each skill that were negligible and petty so we dumped them. I thought lots of stuff in OA could have been in more settings like martial arts skills, family and honour (Pendragon does it). 

I got back into old D&D because it had smaller stat blocks than BRP for enemies so i could prep a adventure and stats on one sheet quickly. Modern DnD5 is not really like this. As I have been solo testing some stuff the complexity of these games increases by 5th level and that is like breaks on being fun to play and more like a job. I quit XP as it also consumes time and encourages players to crack the game-advancing system by killing and looting not live in a campaign setting. I find money is at least interesting and has game world effects. Possibly high level play works better with 2-4 players. I usually encourage all those low level followers and meatsheilds to be minding your property by 5th lv rather than adventuring due to this time increase at hight levels.

I like d20 stat based rolls for saves and skills and use the above table. A seasoned level of skill (actually having a relevant skill) with a typical challenge gets a full attribute score to roll under on a d20. Prime attributes for classes also count as seasoned. Unskilled but plausible skill attempts are half (round up). A clueless idiot can try a hard skill task but only has their ability score bonus if any as a chance. This last one is how unskilled people find secret doors while moving quickly in a dungeon. Mostly I let people try stuff at a reduced chance and consider other penalties to help or hinder characters. Good plans and optimal situations always help. 

If a character searches hard the exact right place they should find the hidden secret there. Skills are more of a shortcut and not always a replacement for gaming.  

Easy task would be one a skilled person would do in their job without thinking about it but more challenging for someone without professional skills. 

An average task usually has an element of haste, rush or risky vs doing the same job with lots of time in a lab. These tasks do have an element of risk and danger or expertise making it harder for someone without professional skills.

Hard tasks are risky and dangerous for experts and very hard for the inexperienced and very unlikely to make it.

I have considered changing combat more but for now it's roll high for a target number. One change I am making is no mortal can get more than +20 total to hit or AC. You can keep increasing your total but only +20 total can count. Divine monsters and demigods can go higher. Gods in my game don't like +5 weapons and having a +6 one gets gods after you. One result of this is fighters with the highest scores can do increasingly reckless stuff and lots of hit penalties don't stop them much which helps for swashbuckling stuff like hit that guy on the head while swinging with a prince under your arm. Various abilities adding a +1 or +2 become more meaningless as does -4 to hit an invisible foe when your fighter has a very high plus.

I do want my game to at least to be playable to 20th where you are at risk of being made a demigod. Worse still your apotheosis will be painful and tragic for gravitas when the gods painfully pressgang you into immortality. As I make ppl start with kinda meek stats each level will get you +1 on a stat. I'm fine with going from a wretched sewer urchin at 1st to a paragon of perfection by tenth. Im incorporated Lv0 into my core character gen literally for plying session zeros with and making simpler starting characters for noobs. It can be skipped for people later joining in or replacement characters. It kinda gives you a few benefits for suffering as a weakling.

Im also thinking basic monster stat blocks could just have class levels added to them like at least fighter or thief. Works for all kinds of creatures simply. A basic goblin +1 level fighter might be a veteran or a dragon + 12 level wizard seems fine really. It's quick and simple really and will make dangerous villains fast. 

Thursday 23 May 2024

d100 Features of the Star Wall

The star wall or Star Fortress is the name of the walled fortifications around Chagrinspire. A third are mostly destroyed rubble or buried in mud. The lakefront wall is partly flooded and badly damaged but occupied by fish folk and worse.

The wall is not just a circle but made of star point projections allowing the cannons and artillery in the walls to overlap in fields of fire. The walls have watch towers, gatehouses, cannon towers, artillery bunkers and trenches surrounding them. Some parts of the wall opened into awful traps like courtyards with mazes, minefields with no cover and safe shooting positions for defending 

Most of the apocalypse war was fought in no man's land between two lines of trenches, AT the end the Black Sphere soldiers withdrew and as the allied powers poured in they were largely wiped out by new war machines and guns and gas.

Actually, it's all a bit murky at the last battle who won and how but both sides were heavily depleted of basic resources, materials and willing fighters. People like to think the Black Sphere was stopped and is now non-functional. There are books about it being stopped but they cannot be verified and it is uncertain who really wrote them.

These are for exploring the outer walls and some provide entrances, hazards or defences.

The wall is 60m tall and 20-40m wide. In many areas is fused into the mountain where cliffs have collapsed or been buried by rubble and mudslides.

These are quick handy tables for exploring the wall perimeter

d12 Wall Defenders of the Black Circle
These are the kind of creatures attacking from the walls
1 Orc soldiers with bow, spear and sword
2 Clone soldiers with muskets and bayonets
3 Rabble of filthy commoners, mutants and beast folk 
4 Lycanthrope mercenaries d4 1=bat 2=rat 3=wolf 4=apes
5 Zombie and/or skeleton troops led by a more powerful undead, 1in6 with cavalry
6 Mutant berserk soldiers with mixed equipment of any epoch
7 Abhuman beast folk troops d4 1=dog 2=hyena 3=lamprey 4=ape with muskets and bayonets
8 Troll or ogre gang wearing iron helmets with maces
9 Hill giant with a pet or followers
10 Gargoyles
11 Wizard lord with magical students and d4 1=elemental 2=undead 3=demon/devil/daemon 4=land-knight mercenaries 
12 Gnome grenadiers with automaton soldiers with muskets and bayonets 1in4 have a vehichle or heavy weapon golem

d12 Creatures living in rubble
These are creatures living in rubble and holes in walls
1 Stirges or giant bats
2 Mutant dogs
3 Ghouls led by a ghast or a wight with thralls
4 Goblin gang with pets d4 1=giant bats 2=wolves 3=
5 Giant toads or lizards
Giant beetles or carrion worms
7 Giant spiders or scorpions
8 Owlbear or hook horrors
9 Manticores
12 Chimera
11 Shoggoth
12 Shadows led by a wraith

d12 Patrols outside
1 Barbarian warriors on horse slaughter any magicians they can
2 Orc berserk warband
3 Crusader knights and templars led by paladin on horse scouting
4 Harpies or perytons
5 Manticores or wyverns
6 Pack of intelligent mutant dire wolves 
7 Cultists hunting rival sects
8 Scavengers looking for loot
9 Goblins looking for food
10 Mutant scavengers and cannibals
11 Chaos warriors mounted on mutant horses
12 Autonymous machine d4 1=tripod with heat ray 2=armoured hover car with black powder swivel guns 3=drone golem flyer that drops cast iron grenades with lit fuses 4=

Roll for on-the-fly explorations and hex crawls around the wall.
Roll to prep a section of the wall in advance for characters to explore.

d10 Quick Features
1 Defensive barriers
2 Defenders posts
3 Entrances
5 Living matter
6 Monsters   
7 Damage
8 Occupied
9 Propaganda
10 Weird

d100 Features of the Star Wall
01 Trenches for defenders to man or an obstacle
02 Earthern ramparts are steep slopes of earth
03 Spiked steaks stop charging cavalry and formations
04 Concrete tetrahedrons stop siege machines and break formations
05 Moat d4 1=poluted filth with mutagens 2=murky bog of dangerous wetland animals 3=undead and rancid water 4=
06 Thorn hedges or barriers of other dangerous plants
07 Minefield of explosive or magical traps
08 Pipes that release d4 1=choking smoke 2=stinking clouds 3=disease miasmas 4=poison gas
09 Colonies of giant critters live here d4 1=ants 2=wasps 3=worms 4=leeches
10 Vermin swarms common d4 1=wasps 2=ants 3=worms 3=flies
11 Sharpshooter skirmishers team with spotter and marksman with bow or crossbows or guns 
12 Observers from scouts signal that enemies in the area attracting an encounter of wall defenders, often in a tower or high window
13 Archers or musket or crossbow troops defending from wall cancellations, usually a squad 
14 Extension from wall overhanging possible attackers where attackers can use to attack under cover d4 1=drop rocks 2=boiling oil 3=slime 4=shoot arrows. Often manned by a d4+4 troops 
15 Cannon in tower or walls still works and has a clumsy inexperienced crew that needs target practice
16 Catapault or trebuchet with crew flinging d4 1=rotten corpses 2=rocks 3=burning pitch 4=garbage
17 Patrol on top walkways throw abuse and cruel personal attacks
18 Mob of mutant rabble hurl faeces off walls and relieve themselves 
19 Defenders throw nests of wasps or carnivorous flies at intruders
20 Grenadiers hurl crude cast iron grenades with fuses, incendiaries and smoke bombs
21 Blasted section of wall partly collapsed reveals an opening
22 Several floors up stone cannonballs are lodged in walls and in one place have made an entrance
23 A structure on the wall has collapsed leaving a crudely barricaded hole several floors up
24 Portcullis gate closed
25 Double huge metal gate
26 Drawabridge with moat currently in the up position
27 Heavy door on the narrow walkway well covered by wall defences
28 Small gate to a tunnel that goes under the wall well secured
29 Secret door in a location used for espionage
30 Several stories up is a huge hole now a lair of winged monsters
31 Huge tattered banners of the Black Sphere and allied powers
32 Giant gloomy serious human face or figure in the wall
33 Giant text in the wall of a Black Sphere maxim or epitaph
34 Mural of heroic soldiers fighting for Chagrinspire
35 Walls with names of thousands of soldiers and death tolls of ancient battles
36 Graffiti left by defenders and enemies
37 Warning signs about free fire zones or hazards
38 Relief hemisphere in the wall a reminder of the black spheres promise to destroy everything soon
39 Bodies nailed to the wall, some flensed, some old, some just heads on poles others are in gibbets or partly bricked in walls
40 Pyramids of skulls wearing helmets of ancient alliance against Chagrinspire
41 Vines and vegetation growing up walls 
42 Slimey dripping algae, moss and growth make wall harder to climb 
43 Stream flowing has cut through building leaving alluvial deposits of mud and silt with some vegetation growing in it and slimy algae over the walls. Cutting through the wall may opened an entrance into the structure. Can be hard to climb but also has cover
44 Thorn bushes have grown over the wall inconveniencing defenders and attackers. It is hard to cut and burn. Fire only damages leaves and gives off poison gas clouds. Will damage siege monsters but skilled climbers can use to reach top swiftly
45 Covered in swarms of slimy slugs, snails or worms some giant and menacing 
46 Carnivorous monster plants of various types that compete to eat meat
47 Fungus including giant mushrooms which attract various creatures to eat them like bugs worms, or lizards. Goblins might encourage these areas to grow food and craft materials
48 Slimy gelatinous protoplasm from some dead god or kaiju, possibly jellies and slimes thrive here and covers walls
49 Flesh grows all over the wall with tentacles, eyes and mouths that attack anyone who gets close. Maybe some idiot chaos demigod or an ultraterrestrial alien of the outer void or could it be Xor the world eater entering our world to eat it 
50 Fused mass of humans covered in grasping arms and screaming heads which seek to draw humanoids into their mass covering a section of the wall. A horrifying living monstrosity will be attacked by automatons
51 Gargoyles live in colonies on wall tops and defend the walls they live on
52 Mimics often pretend to be stones in the wall or fill in cannon ball holes pretending to be an intact wall. Some might pretend to be something shiny in a crack between rocks a short climb above ground out of reach
53 Shadows come from the cracks in walls where their cursed ashes were interred in the wall
54 Giant geckos like cracks in walls and other holes and they are good at camouflage and pack tactics
55 Huge beetles or spiders or scorpions live in cracks in walls which feed larger monsters or bigger relatives
56 Swarm of critters live in cracks in the walls d4 1=rats 2=wasps 3=bats 4=ticks 5=flesh eating maggots 6=carniverous flies
57 Giant ants live in the walls and will defend their home. Some only 30cm to a metre but can be up to 3m for the fighting majors
58 Crawling swarms of hopping undead body parts like hands, intestines, feet, hearts and so on that live in the cracks of the wall
59 Gremlins live in cracks and love to torment or even eat big folk. Often they just smuggle their babies into traveller's luggage to grow into mischief-making saboteurs. Will eat rations, foul blankets, shit in your pants, cut cords, undo stitching, tear book pages, misplace tools and worse
60 Living statues of ancient heroes are usually relief sculpted into walls and will activate if they don't see the right uniforms, hear a password or have a Black Sphere millitary banner or flag
61 Wall semi-collapsed leaving a pile of rubble and exposing multiple interior floors reachable by a sloped heap of rubble
62 Stone cannonballs some enormous stuck in walls and in some places leaving holes in the interior
63 Mud and alluvial deposits of ash and filth on the Charginspire mountain have overrun the wall from the inside burying the interior and making the wall passable up a muddy steep slope. Earth elemental creatures lurk here and there is a berried portal to the elemental plane of death that burrowing creatures can operate
64 A huge siege machine or land leviathan or juggernaut has crashed into the wall in the final stages of the apocalypse war. The destruction makes climbing wall or entering it easier
65 A stumbling kaiju attacked a wall and died here breaching the wall and its remains are buried in the rubble of the wall. There may be some taint of chaos or divinity remaining
66 Thousands of skeletons piled into a gentle ramp burying many of the the lower levels of the wall and breaching it. Anyone doing the maths here will be depressed and necromancers will be mining this for millennia to come and have pilgrimages here
67 Volcano has erupted under a wall leaving a bubbling volcanic vent releasing smoke and ash. It can be used to breach the wall or enter it. Fiery beings live here and there is an elemental gateway node that heals and sustains such creatures and provides reinforcements
68 Water pours from the wall forming a small lake that drains into a channel that reaches one of the many rivers coming from Chagrinspire. Water elemental creatures and bitter nymphs frolic here and there is an underwater portal to the plane of elemental water. The wall interior levels can be reached behind the waterfall 
69 Wall is split open and pounded by fierce winds making movement tricky. Air elementals here soar around with glee and protect a gate to the elemental plane of air. Sylphs will greet strangers to determine their intent before letting any being pass
70 Some god or kaiju walked through the wall here leaving a channel of rubble and footprints tainted by their essence. Thousands of bodies lay scattered of both sides
71 Occupied bastion held by orcs d4 1=cyclops obsidian skinned with lightning bolt wielding heroes and magical smith 2=blood red skin swine faced serve devils and demons 2=green chaos berserkers born of gods blood 4=grey skin cave tribe use no metal or fire
72 Occupied tower held by clan of elves who establish their own ecology of dangerous pet animals with mixed goblinoid lower caste who do most of the fighting working and dying and are most of the population d4 1=wood elves grow vegetation over the area 2=dark elves grow fungus everywhere 3=bright elves place magic lamps, holy wards and seals everywhere 4=moon elves leave invisible protoplasmic monsters and series silvery light
73 Dwarf bastion where a clan have taken and continued to hold with reinforcements from home. Also, they make money here recovering ancient relics. They are wary of strangers but good dwarf manners will get you in the door to be tested
74 Overun by trolls who have made their own doors, windows and scaffolding structures. Most are in same gibbering idiot but their king claims to be of the kind long thought extinct who were as mighty as the faerie 
75 Goblinoids have built their own civilisation with a ruling council of various goblinoid peoples. Leaders elected by elders include the monarch, the war chief and the boss shaman but all available to bugbears, goblins or hobgoblins. Other exotic goblinoids are ineligible. They have made a magnificent dense mushroom filled gobloinoid town of traders and crafters. Goblin markets are most nights but other feasts and festivals keep them lively.  Wary of elves or other faerie
76 Ogres have taken over the area smashing new openings and making various ramps. They smashed open structures exposing many floods and tearing the place down. These are chaos ogres with axes and clubs opposed to the black Sphere Cult. Occasionally their former kin attack, Black Sphere allied ogres in iron helmets, iron cuirass, a blunderbuss and a halberd. They now believe this heap of rubble was always here and they are rulers of the centre of the universe on the primordial heap of rubble. Forgotten the mission of their ancestors mostly
77 Mutants occupy this bastion complex and are overcrowded and smelly. They collect scrap and spread contaminated alchemical waste to keep away everyone. They have a monarch and a chaos wizard preacher
78 Beastfolk have taken over this area modifying it and adding entrances, windows, burrows and places to climb and leap about. They have a monarch and a shaman. Tribal allegiance to d6 1=chaos 2=demons 3=druids 4=monster kings 5=hell 6=faerie 7=cosmic law 8=black sphere cultists
79 Gnome airship tethered to a citadel surrounded by intact walls. Grey gnomes include paratroopers with gasmasks, supported by aerial bombardment of poison gas and smoke. Automaton soldiers and fighting machines guard their walls
80 Black Sphere Cult barracks, still occupied after a thousand years and now just patrol the wall and skirmish well-established other faction-occupied zones. Have advanced firearms, some automatons and an artillery wizard
81 Covered in chaos and demon cult insignia 
82 Relief sculpture in the wall has been vandalised or defaced or painted with obscenities
83 Thousands of names of pilgrims who visited here and a well
84 Walls gruesomely covered in impaled corpses of hundreds of Black Sphere Cult soldiers
85 Huge phrase painted of a Black Sphere Cult maxim, visible miles away 
86 Wanted posters for various maniacs of the wasteland someone pastes all the way out here from many lands. How they get here nobody knows. Being listed here is a matter of pride among warlords
87 Statues and relief sculptures have been shot to scarify beyond recognition
88 Propaganda posters and murals
89 Loudspeakers exhorting Cult of the Black Sphere maxims loudly cut with music and news of the glorious war on the front
90 Cults paint huge 3d embossed gothic script demon names and demon portraits and their lewd rites and tag demon sigils to mark gang cult turf
91 Cut stone walls melted by some terrible force long ago with petrified remains if inhabitants in the rock. Possibly turned into mud then back to rock
92 Burned rubble with a crater of some terrible burning impact long ago
93 Wall is imprisoned in ice with frost creatures from some elemental subplane. Unnatural cold radiates from the area and doors are surprisingly brittle 
94 The forces of hell have warped this area and features decorated to hellish decor fashion with fiery pits, chains, screaming prisoners and pools of burning lava. Doorways here may actually portals. Imps offer you spells for contracts with hell
95 Walls are bleeding some strange substance d4 1=blood 2=slime 3=poison 4=oil
96 Automated artillery piece with a golem face fires shells up to a mile per ten minutes with a team of loaders and a hundred workers melting scrap and making ammo. The gun is their god 
97 Recently exposed bunker elevator doors containing a complex of the ancients to survive the apocalypse war that ended a thousand years ago
98 A tower hurts to look at. It broadcasts an aura of fear that also prevents plants from growing. It is part of the Black Sphere doomsday apparatus that may inform factions how to beat the wasteland
99 Crystalline region frozen in time by law in the final days of the apocalypse war entrapping a fighting force of ancient veterans. Some groups want to free them
100 Pristine Black Sphere citadel complex surrounded by a dome of defensive darkness. Inside there are hundreds of outer void cult wizards doing some huge ritual