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Where do i find an oath-giver around here

My Patreon has an 84 page version of my Exilon setting right now

Dallas one of my players has been using my oath system and putting locations in his setting tempting players to take them as a world feature. I quite like this. I am also considering use my oath system for most religions and how clerics pick a specialty cult but fo could a fighter or thief. 

These are presented as rumours and you could set a frequency of unreliability 1in3or 1in4 or 1in6 etc are really deathtraps with cults.

You can help facilitate an oath with a lower-tiered person possibly with rituals and you may demand goods or a service of some kind intended to be a test.

also see this

Oath Basics
Most oaths are alignment ones but there are also elemental and specific religious versions

The more points of oaths you put in an alignment your fanaticism increases. You can use this to impress others of the same type. The higher a score in Law the more trustworthy their word should be. 

Some alignments and powers are incongruent like law & chaos, good & evil. Elements vary per local cult wildly with tolerating alignment or other elements. Some deities or spirits or powers hate each other. Usually Good-nuetral-evil are opposed to each other as are Law-balance-chaos. If you take more than one element some sects will brand you a heretic. You can have an element and any alignment but might conflict with some sects whos idea on the right element and alignment are more serious.

You can have an oath and a gift derived from it per level 

Each Patron power or alignment has a table of basic oaths and a list of possible gifts

Being forced to break an oath is more forgivable than casually breaking oath out of convenience.

You can break or renounce an oath with supernatural consequences and loss of benefits
If you change alignment and oaths and deal with all the oathbreaker risks and a new demanding patron who might abandon you if you fail them. Finding a patron power is harder once you've renounced an oath and lawful beings might not forgive this. Chaotics are more likely to forgive this and some chaotic evil ones only accept traitors and betrayers.   

You find a person or relic or spirit or place who will help you make the oath and provide them whatever they desire or require of you. 

Roll a d10 on the oath table for the patron power
If you roll the same one twice you can choose any you don't have on the same table
If you have all ten oaths or you choose to roll on the second oath table 

Now select one gift, you can pick the same one more than once in most cases though some have a specific gift for each level. 

Once you have the gift be careful not to lose it by breaking your oath, renouncing your oath or losing any material gifts. If this happens the oathbreaker may get a warning or 

Gifts are ranked in tiers
First (1-4th Lv) from local shrines or weird loners 5th+ Lv 
Second (4-8th Lv) from a priest in a small temple or a 9th+ Lv loner
Third (9-12th Lv) from priest of a large temple complex or 13th+ Lv loner
Fourth (13-16th) from the church leader of nation or a 17th+ Lv loner
Fifth (17th-20th) given by direct communion with powerful patron entity

The gifts improve with higher tiers

Items you adopt at lower tiers can be improved by later oaths and if you replace an existing lower tier item with a newer one you get bonus abilities. For example improving a +1 sword to a +2 sword you would qualify for a bonus ability live the weapon leaps into your hand at will instantly within 10m. Intelligent weapons are a common product of this. 

If you lose a unique item as part of your oath you are required to find it and will receive warnings if you don't. Avoiding searching for your item is breaking the oath.

d20 What does the oath-giver want?
1 Take these drugs in a ritual and report your dream visions
2 Hunt a dangerous monster or unusual animal
3 Hold a ritual festival day and perform a dance
4 Perform a generous act of charity or aid to a community in need
5 Presents usually cash or some symbolic treasure they like
6 Fight a ritual combat or duel (usually non-lethal)
7 Perform a feat of physical strength or endurance or survival
8 Enter this mysterious dark hole 
9 A magic item or multiple disposable ones (scrolls or potions)
10 Treasure, piles of nice looking loot
11 Requires a feast with vast volumes of food and drink and company
12 Win several contests in local games (or tavern games)
13 Produce a work of art such as a song, painting or rock art
14 Run a gauntlet of attackers and survive
15 Run them an errand or side quest
16 Answer a riddle or have a scholarly debate or poetry contest
17 Punish enemies of the oath-giver 
18 Meditate in a certain place undisturbed for a period of time
19r Your soul or a sacrifice provided to them (perhaps a rare animal)
20 Wants to romance with the applicant (maybe they fancy someone else and want help hooking up or maybe they want you to marry someone they know or symbolically marry some deity or the land or a tree or river or monster)

d12 Places to make an oath on the frontier 
1 Visit the old hermit who lives among the old dolmen on a plain of ancient strange stones
2 Go to the valley of stone heads and find one that is not a liar and obey it
3 Find the river spirit at their holy place or they will flee your advances
4 Visit the shaman in a dark cave complex with ancient art and ancestral remains
5 See the lone llama at the ancient ruined stupa in the haunted wasteland
6 Visit the earthwork and log temple of the tribe on a feast day when they kill strangers 
7 Visit a demihuman, humanoid or abhuman tribal holy folk but beware they don't just kill you
8 Visit the sylvan woods on full moon and find one of the kinder woodland spirits 
9 Perform this secret rite and contact a totem animal or plant spirit in the wilderness
10 Visit the prehuman graveyard ruin and speak to the undead or demons there
11 From a fellowship of hunters who have a secret lodge house you must find
12  A supernatural being living in ancient ruins has been known to help some people

d12 Places to make an oath in rural areas
1 In a small crossroads shack there is a wise woman healer who can help you if she has time for strangers
2 A woodland forest hermit often is seen at the standing stones and dolmen sites
3 A small shrine on a roadway has an old priest who might help
4 An ancient shepherd in an isolated valley they say knows the way
5 Near the local common lives a quaint village elder who can help you but they do like to interfere in your personal life after
6 Beast folk elder living in a nearby wild place who can help you if they let you find them
7 There is a secretive hooded order of some kind who some see moving at night
8 Their is a haunted old cave where a monster dwells that can advise you if you crawl on your belly into the chambers under the hill for three hundred paces
9 Their is a spirit in animal form will whisper secrets through a crack int he wall, just say this name three times when alone at night when you stay in the village and it may answer
10 There is a wise but shunned elder living by the swamp who might help you 
11 Visit the witches of the fell woodlands but watch for evil false witches who will eat you
12 Some say if you visit a faerie place on a full moon they might help or take you away to be their pets (a mushroom or flower circle, a bridge or crossing or in a wood clearing)

d12 Places to make an oath in the city
1 In a small hard to find shrine dedicated to an obscure saint
2 In a small hard to find shrine that has relic visited by swarms of pilgrims
3 In a small secret shrine in a sewer or a poor area alley
4 In a guild hall shrine dedicated to a patron god, guests must be with members
5 In a secret door to a shrine guarded by a cult   
6 In an obscure shrine built into a bridge or docks or lighthouse
7 In a small temple with lines of pilgrims, may see groups or long waits
8 In a small temple graveyard at midnight call this name and a spirit will comee
9 Temple complex but by appointment only with the patriarch or matriach
10 Temple complex but applicants are searched for impure bodily marks or mutations
11 Large temple complex if the theocrat in charge approves or will even see you
12 Ziggurat ot local wonderous holy monument such as wall or statue but only nobility or heroes approved by the ruler 

Atonement, Punishment and Renouncing Oaths

Breaking an oath thoughtlessly will result in punishment
If coerced or forced or ignorant might get a warning and you'll know its a sign
this table is for a first offence or warning. The ones in link for serious breaches or renouncing the oath.

d12 Warning Omens of dangerously close to oathbreaking
1 See an animal that is a symbol of divine wrath
2 Develop a d4hp wound won't heal for a month
3 Bolt of lightning or thunder or earth rumbles
4 Food and drink all spoil for a d3 days on touch
5 Receives dreams at night and has difficulty sleeping
6 Wracked with d4 rounds of spasms and pain
7 Vission flashes before eyes of the patron's anger
8 Gifts don't work d4 days
9 Attacked by an enemy sent by the patron
10 Agents of patron appear to bring you to trial
11 Spirit of the patron appears to warn you of patron's wrath
12 Transfixed by eerie light and a booming voice scolds you

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Why TSR marvel has been in my top 3 games since 80s + some villains + 1949 gameplay

I had some questions about TSR Nechanics and my version of it
I ran a game for 20 years of this

FASECRIP page on sidebars i updated with a few links to lots of free fan stuff

 TSR Marvel superheroes replaced my previous go to superhero games. I did play champions as clubs played it and you could buy book for 5 dollars and box for 10 in 1984. I came to like Superworld because you counls add to BRP stuff and because it copes with using money and buying normal gear without needing points on a character build. Ive found this issue with other hero games. Why cant i loot that guys death ray? There was a DC villain in 80s Justice league who gambled at a bar for washed up villains and ran amok with all the villain power objects. I did like Nightman show the hero learned a new weird skill every episode. 

When I first Played Marvel i was impressed by speed and simplicity and fun of punching people through walls with less dice to roll than champions and less maths. One table did most of the work and despite ppl complain about this it is very fast for players to learn and are able to use it after a few dice rolls. People complain it had no character gen system which is just untrue. It did - even first edition had several Advanced version had 4. Every campaign I've made new character generation systems for the power level i want. 

My first 20 year campaign was gritty with heroes being a secret early on until players helped to blow it in play. It was influenced more by Zenith, Wildcards, New Statesmen, Martial Law, and Watchmen than marvel comics. In Many ways it was like Marvel Ultimates comics with more gritty explanations, deaths and only one oragin. Everyone was from bloodlines made by waring aliens who planned to harvest superhumans for some galactic-scale arms deal. I started with 4 types of superhuman with a default Gd Power and list for others with set stat mods. After a 20 year game we ended up with a dozen of these "classes".

In more recent years, I opened up the types of oragin and realism and used my River City setting a fictional city between Adelaide & Melbourne Australia formed by mobsters and industrialists in the 30s that was used after the war for industrial immigrants for post war construction and it boomed. Also its a city where lots of former Nazi scientists were given jobs as the Cold War heated up. These later games had one system to creat all characters and worked for several years.

In my current campaign, I have set it in 1949. Partly based on Golden Age WW2 comics and Alan Moore;s 49ers comic and Terra Obscura. My current system allows for people to have no powers as humans which has been good finally. 

I did offer to run a Justice League Style worlds best team with higher power ranks and players have never been interested. They are happy with kinda street to xmen level characters. I ran as a Kaiju game where everyone had a city smashing monster and their human contacts were used for human drama but monsters did the big fight events. Was awesome. None of these games used the Marvel Universe. I did play it but I rapidly made my own building on ideas from Champions SUperworld and Supersquadron. Id seen V&V ads and some books but not many to pick from (i now have a few). 

One series of modules based on the x-men future past story where terminator like time travel shenanigans happen and robots take over to protect people from super heroes. It was darker and grittier and had rule mods for the karma system. This in part got me using darker comics than Marvel or DC. Probably many ideas in this game I ended up becoming mainstream by end of 90s. I did work in a comics studio also and tried to be a writer.      

Mostly its a table with dice number vs your rank number giving you a colour outcome.

Red yellow green white - quite a few ppl add a fumble black - on mine this odd drops to 1% chance at Excellent

Really its like a prettier easier version for d100 BRP critical special success fail fumble

Why it's so good? People learn the basics very fast and learn basics in one fight
Is the system evocative? the attributes and power ranks have names to describe power levels
Everything is ranked - My version is a bit meaner as I cap humans at Excellent
I'm pretty sure martial arts in comics makes you have superhuman attributes  

Feeble (2) - for people in comas or hospital
Poor (4) - for children, elderly or low-average people
Typical (6) - for most competent people 
Good (10) - id rate for professionals, experts, athletes, scholars
Excellent (20) - id rate at Olympic, Noble Prize, top tier humans
Remarkable (30) - Strength lift 1t
Incredible (40) - Strength lift 10t
Amazing (50) - Strength lift 50t 
Monsterous (75) - Strength lift 85t
Unearthly (100) - Strength lift 100t

You can add a rank to another if equal or one rank less
Talents mostly add +1  some cost two slots and do more

These are the attributes
We added a charisma stat after playing the X-men dark future stuff
Most ppl call it FASERIP my variant is FASECRIP
Most humans have Poor Fighting and Strength if no real training or exercise

F Fighting - most punching and hand weapons use this 
A Agility - missiles, dodging and athletics stuff uses this
S Strength - lifting and breaking stuff, base damage = Strengtth
E Endurance - surviving bad stuff and labour, helps foot speed
C Charisma - convincing people stuff
R Reason - inventing, using gear and fixing stuff
I Intuition - noticing clues, who goes first
P Psyche - resisting mental effects and powers 

Health or H is first four stats added and is HP
Zero is not death but you might need a doctor to save you at some point and you might have to stop to do first aid to your enemies might want to run while you stop to save some injured people. It would be rare to die but you can make players fearful of failure or death.

Karma or K is last four stats added and are used to make successful rolls when needed or improve your character which is well paced. If your hero disobeys comic code this you may lose some or all karma. One book had a treatment for wolverine that he didn't lose as much karma but he jeopardised the whole party getting any which worked. We played with some alt Karma systems for heroes (defender or avenger) and villains (based on destruction or conquest).  In my current game and the era is just pre code but sighns are it is coming. If you don't directly kill mooks but say shoot a cliff which crumbles and kills 40 gangsters its totally ok and the coroner calls death by misadventure. In my game public reaction to stuff is changing as they move into 50s coldwar paranoia und unheroic affairs committees. Im finding popularity works as a goad also. Basically, you can make the game no killing easily or you can make more complex. In old Marvel villains had ways of earning karma you tracked and some amusing things for them to earn karma like explaining to a hero your plans and putting them in a deathtrap. Various good deeds like catching up with a contact and charity can earn you karma - I made a dependant contact type just for those kids, parts or elderly that get into your adventures and cant do much except bait bad guys or get kidnapped but they earn you karma if you work them into play. I also give players their base karma every session to their current karma and makes smart people do well.

Popularity is a measure of how well-known you are. Negative pop is for villains and can make people afraid. Mostly heroes are used to persuade people and to see how far your fame has spread. Australian Realms magazine in 80s wrote an article claiming it had no such stat and proposed a system that is a core stat in the game already. We found it inadequate for the more espionage tone of our game which for years the public knew nothing. You can gain or lose POP in game. I allow you to stack it with Charisma. Your various identities can have own POP scores.

Resources is a stat for money. In old marvel, it was points to buy stuff, in advanced you just roll vs rank of what you need so a millionaire will auto-succeed at stuff many ranks lower. When I ran a fantasy varient of game we had treasure heaps in hordes with a resource value and you could split and add to your personal stash. I quite like this stat that works against treasure hoarding in game. Our players end up always donating cash to charity and doing personal appearances and using powers to help public all to earn karma and popularity. Inventing and gadgets resources are handy. Having a rich contact like SHEILD might help.

Talents are skills - their are ones for fighting, sciences, technology and certain occupations. You can learn one a year and each should make you basically an expert. In my games occupations give you wide range of professional knowledge id give most ppl a penalty to do plus give you a bonus contact. Martial arts come in types ABCD. We added more and made amount you could start with based on fighting. We also added a similar meditations which are more your semi-mystical abilities and linked to Psyche.

Contacts are people you know but could be organisations. Some have money or skills or influence or are linked to your occupations. Could be clubs, secret societies, cults, spy orgs, fan clubs, gangs police also. I also put cultural groups also here for language and culture groups so you could get French or German as a contact and it would help a bit dealing with a big group.  I would allow a city or a suburb or some specific region also. Contacts are one of the cheaper things to buy with Karma at 400 a pop so you can adopt ant NPCs you meet in play. I have a dependant class of NPC that basically help earn karma doing stuff for them but also they miraculously are danger magnets and plot hooks. You can pick a villain who is a jerk but might answer your questions for various reasons. 

Powers are based on ranks and cover a wide variety. The Ultimate powers book and the missing bits that were in Dragon are essential to make own powers. Usually every character profile of a MU character which most people play have own versions of their power. Home made heroes tend to conform to the book.

Character in the game can be chosen from a pregen, made with Referee and player negotiation, random tables or built based on evidence in a comic. Some people made own systems or claimed there were no systems. In the X-men Dark Future you were encouraged to make game your own town and possibly make selves as older bitter revolutionary. That module series opened lots of doors. I used a Sentinal rip off robot type in my games for decades. I used Dire wraiths from Rom in my own game for a players personal problem and it was awesome. Players still linked to that mythois 30 years later.

I have played a few games with random powers and I might again just to see how ppl brand their weird heroes. I once had a patriotic were lion sorcerer from Britain who could make villains sleep or banish them to a plane of torment for 50 years in Super Squadron (kinda a V&V rip off).

I include options in my character gen to cover some weird stuff powers don't quiet work with providing wealth, headquarters, bonus abilities or talents, one to make contacts cheaper, immortality, probability control dice, utility beltsm vehicles, costumes that survive fights and other hero stuff. I most recently added disadvantages to get extra options.

One mechanic i like is developing power stunts - a new version of your power usually one rank lower which you buy spending karma in play that gets cheaper as you go until its a regular thing you can do. We probably added some stuff here too.

The weirdest game was a fantasy campaign where each power was a spell list and stunts were new spells of the school. Also made evocation rules based on supernatural contacts and the more power they had the better help but more likely they would snub you or be angry. I may still bolt this onto my current game with an evocation magic talent. There was a very good book on magic before the advanced edition but its pretty interesting.  

So basically the system is simple, removes all kinds of issues like murder in games if you want and greed and has players focused on action, investigation and roleplaying. We also now give +5 karma anytime someone does anything cool or says anything awesome in play like a hero catch phrase or moralizing to a villain. 

So I need some famous city heroes for Players to meet in a Vice raid - rumours are hero team holding a party to audition new sidekicks. 

Golden Gladiator
Powerful visitor from another planet, Alar Glorion lives as Millionaire Alan Glory   

F Fighting - Excellent (20)
A Agility -  Excellent (20)
S Strength -  Remarkable (30)
E Endurance - Remarkable (30)
C Charisma - Excellent (20)
R Reason -  Good (Gd)
I Intuition -  Excellent (20)
P Psyche -  Remarkable (30)

H 100
K 80

POP secret ID 20/ hero ID 40
Resources Remarkable (30)

Flight - Excellent (20)
-levitate (can float without moving)
Heat Ray - Remarkable
-second emission point a second shot at Ex(20)
Body Armour - Remarkable (30)
Hyper Senses - Excellent (20)
-penetration vision
-telescopic vision

Martial arts B, Blades, Body Building, Astronomy, Pilot, Astronaut. Planetology 

Governor General, Archbishop, Banker, General, Doctor, Planet Goldar High Command, 
Golden Boy (sidekick imbued with some of his alien essence) 

Rich, alien technology, secret HQ (trophy room, pool, gym, dining hall, office, guest rooms)
Vulnerable to radiation (Alpha, Beta, Gamma ignore defences)

Golden Boy     
F Ty A Ty S Gd E Gd C Ty R Ty I Ty P Gd
H 32 K 28 POP 10 Rs Gd
Talents: Martial Arts B, Pilot
Flight - Typical (6)
Heat Ray - Good (10)
Body Armour - Good (10)
Hypersenses - Typical (6)
-track by scent
A strange visitor come to our world during WW2 and uses superior abilities to smash puny human crime and despotism. Wearing his golden suit, sash, cape and domino mask he is a glamourous super hero with spectacular superhuman muscletone. The golden gladiator saw from a telescope on his hidden utopian far away planet and saw the strife of ww2 and came to help. With his sidekick Golden Boy who has been imbued with golden gladiator alien powers via regular medical  l treatments.

There have been nine different sidekicks since 1940 and some girl Golden Gladiatrixes. Most adopted from war or crime-related orphans he adopted as his wards. Most died in action during war with three since the war but the formula is also unstable. The gladiator is really sent to spy for a conquering civilisation and wants to be worshipped as a god and do whatever he wants to people for fun. All the remains of the dead sidekicks are in a secret vault - a museum and tomb

New golden boys and girls have been throwing themselves at the popular superhero for a chance to be a sidekick. Recently journalists have begun to ask questions about his sidekicks, wild parties and vices.

Gill Man
Aquatic Prince and Adventurer

F Fighting - Remarkable (30
A Agility -  Good (Gd)
S Strength -  Excellent (20)
E Endurance - Remarkable (30)
C Charisma - Poor (4)
R Reason -  Good (10)
I Intuition -  Remarkable (30
P Psyche -  Excellent (20)

H 90
K 64

POP secret ID -20 hero ID 20
Resources Excellent (20)

Amphibious Remarkable (30)
-water bolt
-control water
Gd Body Armour  Good (10)
-human form changes by shedding

Biology, Archaeology, Occult, Deep One Weapons (trident, speargun, net, spear), Sailor, SCUBA

Warlord of "Atlants" (Antarctic deep one city), Priestess of "Atlantis", seaside fishing village of  Mermaids Bay, sea scout troop, naval ship patrol boat captain, merchant seaman, scuba diver sea explorer, fabulous finny five his youth gang

Patron Alien Civilisation where wife and kids live, Pet shoggoth that transforms into luminous alien marine vehicles, Driven to reproduce with human hosts 

Deep One Hybrid Sidekicks
F Gd A Gd S Gd E Gd C Pr R Ty I Ty P Gd
H 40 K 26 POP 10 Rs Gd
Talents: Scuba Diver, Deep One Weapons (trident, speargun, net, spear)
Amphibious - Good (10)
-control water or control fish or water bolt
Body Armour - Good (10)
-natural weapons (edged)
-human form (shed skin to change)

A visitor from a secret lost marine civilisation of Atlantis was granted sea powers by Poseidon. Came to help fight in ww2 vs German and Japanese subs who damaged Atlantis. With his fabulous finny five sidekicks, he now fights marine crime and helps antarctic explorers to find a lost city his people spoke of.   

Hybrid Deep One spy on the surface for people to aid the deep one cult and their goals of marine domination. Regularly recruits new teens to be sidekicks and some vanish as they are carried away to deep one city near Antarctica. Wants to help humans find lost city of the old ones to drive humans mad and recover occult lore on the spacial stargates of the old ones. 

Has green scaly metallic skin and pointy ears and wears purple swimming trunks that are a bit indecent.. A popular mascot of youth swimming events he has access to fit youths fit to become parents of hybrids. Selected youths intend to beach parties and are never seen again. Some are hidden as boating accidents. A journalist investigating this was killed by a harpoon.

Mistress of the Mystic Arts, the silken sorceress, aks heiress Amber Alucard

F Fighting - Good (10)
A Agility -  Excellent (20)
S Strength -  Good (10)
E Endurance - Remarkable (30)
C Charisma - Remarkable (30)
R Reason -  Good (10)
I Intuition -  Excellent (20)
P Psyche -  Remarkable (30)

H 70
K 90

POP secret ID 15 hero ID 30
Resources Excellent (20)

Telepathy (30)
-mind wipe
-mind control
Shapeshift  Excellent (20)
-regeneration (1/round)
-glider membranes
-vapour form

Occult, Hipnosis, Parapsychology. Psychanalasys, Pharmacist, Finance, Evocation, Stage magic

Various wealthy victims, Sisterhood of SIlver Twilight a women & children's charity, Ebon Order her personal cult who believes she is a god, cult of the Black Sun, cult of the Dweller in Darkness, Star Vampire, Byakee, Magicians Club, Loyal assassin/driver who loves her, dancing troupe, familiar rabbit Mr Jankyre 

Magical Technology, Secret Society, Magic costume for quick change, Magic Dimensional Travelling Coffin, Utility Belt of magic tricks (infinite scarves, flowers, coins, egg, doves, kittens, cards, lengths of cord, lit candles or her rabbit from any pocket or sleeve 

F Ty A Ty S Ty E Ty C Gd R Gd I Gd P Gd
H 24 K 40 POP 6 Rs Gd
Talents: Occult +1 speciality occupation
Carry a dagger, drugged needle ring, firebomb, smokebomb

A magician who worked way up through talent and hard work to solve mysteries nad take magi spells and relics from those she defeats. Puts on large stage shows with her dancers and often on the road with them doing magic. In war she helped recover occult objects hoarded by the nazis. 

A colonial era witch who has worked with various cults and worked with allies to steal important occult items held by nazis. She recruits youths into her cult and has the ones who are a liability sacrificed or fed to monsters.  

Wears tuxedo top with silk suspender stockings, top hat, cane. several occult investigators seeking her have died from the tentacles of her alien god contacts she can evoke. 

In Marvel 1949 Play Staring:

Ace of Aces - the air hero
Ramases -  the Egyptian god-pharoh
Dr Strong - monstrous german scientist
The Amazing Bionic Woman - prototype electronic bionic hero
The Conjurere - masked magician and illusionist

Heroes had own various drams but all coincedently with a contact having lunch when a gangster bank raid was heard. Cleaned up the mess and Dr STrong lifted the escape truck over his head. This battle had some criminals harmed when the truck was dropped by accident and a mind controlled gangster machine gunned a team mate. The police were quite cool and put down as death by misadventure for running away from a super powered person and taking dangerous risks. 

Police chief and dept head of Super Human Command & Control asked heroes to help raid a popular team of heroes they were busting for vice. The unheroic affairs committee had built up a case against alien heroes Golden Gladiator and a pool party audition to join the groups sidekicks was being held with teenager entrants. Gill Man the Atlantean prince and Clarity the lady wizard would also be their to judge their recruits, 

Heroes thought this sounded really bad and unsure about this committee but it turned out post war - heroes with sidekicks were all being investigated. Heroes were being hunted as war criminals for bringing children into battlefields.  Golden gladiator's sidekick Goldenboy was the tenth so far. Six of those in a period in the war. With three more dead after the war dead by 1949. The Fabulous Finny FIve of Gillmans teen mystery solving companions who ride in his van along the coast had quite a few replacements missing older members, In the war Gill man made whole crews and cargos of Axis subs vanish. Turned out the wizard lady had real cult connections and her magic coffin is a dread artefact fortold in prophecies. So party convinced that the unheroic affairs committee was doing the lords work and they began to prepare.

Ace of Aces loaded up his plane with rubber bullets and tear gas bombs assuming killing lots of youths might look bad. Dr Strong ask his kid gang for help and the gang complained the were to young to apply. Ramases had some trouble with people stealing his gold but managed to finance Dr Strong and the Conjurere making mind boosting drugs for meeting the silk stocking sorceress Clarity. Most heroes found thousands of dollars a dose a bit much.

So the raid was set. The Amazing Bionic Woman disguised herself with pigtails and a pop dress and a fake ticket walked in. The Conjurer had posted his poltergiest contact over earlier and it reported that the Golden Gladiators manion was crawling is "all manner of vile habits". His hobo wizard friend reported two separate cults came in busses and wearing robes that were now all dressed as clowns.

Ace was above in his advanced custom Skyhawk loaded with devastating non lethal weapons of mass destruction with his co pilot contact. 

Conjurer made an illusion for Dr Strong, Ramases and himself to look like clowns. They came through the first floor where contestants were getting their bathing costumes before going to the downstairs pool and they saw Gill Man teaching youths to shave arms and legs over like he does for extra speed. Heroes all went into the basement pool and studio to find Golden Gladiator consuming drugs with his chosen finalists and flexing his gigantic muscles. Heroes decided they had seen enough and after a brush with CLarity who was telepathic and a known mindcontroller they attacked her first. The Amazing Biolic Woman tried to garotte her while talking to her new magic caberet dancers but only got a shoulder. Dr Strong dogpiled on top and they both worked on crushing her while she tried to mind control the team back. Thanks to the drug she was hampered. She would probably change her spell in future to stop such a effect again from a potion.

Managed to stun and injure Golden Gladiator but it was quite a struggle and his dense body hurt the attackers charging him as he was so armoured. With Clarity knocked out they dogpiled the Gladiator and saw his gold alien blood. Outside Ace was strafing and bombing the house with rubber bullets and tear gas bombs and had Gill man attack and damage the plane. While out hero pilot climbed out to fix damage while the co pilot took over and machine gunned the fish man. 

Eventually, Gillman was warn down and stopped. Golden Gladiator was hard to stop even with two heroes holding him, Ramases stabbing him with a burning magic bronze kopesh and the Conjurer using telekinesis to cover the Gladiator's face.  Finally they brought him down badly injured and Dr Strong was badly injured needing a weeks rest but he wanted to keep fighting. 

The evidence vs Golden Gladiator was pretty tight and Gill Mad lived in Atlantean base near Antarctica but had various coastal towns he was frequently seen in. Mermaid Cove was one such place the party investigated and found a basement level with cages for humans and occult statues to Dagon. Was enough to keep Gill Man in prison and scientists keen to disecth him and followers. Clarity was found to have lots of contacts but her magic coffin appeared in her cell and she escaped. All the heroes reps were destroyed and the heroes had mixed reactions from the mob for popularity. Some heroes now hated by fans of the former heroes.

Will try and do a session of this a month and think of more awful repugnant villains and start of the Cold War antics. One other session with other group also. WIll start up Ctulhi in space again. 

Monday 22 January 2024

Quick Class backgrounds for Exilon

Probably not what i wanted by the end but here it is.

d12 Priest
Most priests are from religious families and are recruited for a life as templars to crusade against the church enemies. Many are found to be talented at letters as a child and show a talent for language and learning. Most priests lives are subject to more powerful priests, especially in the city states.
1 Had a talent for literacy as a child
2 Found to have a body free of marks the gods find displeasing
3 Sent to serve the temple by your noble family
4 Spoke in the language of the scriptures without being taught
5 Had dreams calling you to serve the gods
6 Adopted by the church as a child
7 Joined the warrior priest order during a war
8 Joined church in penance for some great mistake
9 Performed minor miracles as a child and was sent to the temple
10 Priesthood found you as a child and took you in
11 Parent was a priest and raised with temple orphans
12 Swore to serve the church for a miracle 

d12 Rogue
Most are from urban crime guilds but may also include other specialty criminals, con artists, killers and worse. Most start young as urchins and are recruited after being tested. Many don't reach adulthood as they are used as expendable when there are plenty of them. Your family were probably a crime guild.
1 Child urchin on the streets worked way up through various gangs
2 From a family of thieves involved in a faction of the city crime guild
3 From a clan of tomb robbers thieving from the dead for generations
4 Raised by bandit gang plundering merchant caravans 
5 Living on fringes, stealing food from houses and fleeing to wild
6 Hunter and trapper of beasts in the wilds, often poaching to afford to live
7 Grew up parentless with siblings and you all learned to be thieves
8 Raised by travelling grifter and charlatan who used you for scams
9 Raised by a clan of snake charmers and entertainers who dabble in crime and fraud
10 Worked on a ship at sea or a riverboat and occasionally as a pirate
11 Raised by a gang of small-time robbers and burglars in big city
12 Family killed by gang then adopted by assassin-spy clan adopted you

d12 Warrior
Professional fighting specialists, elite skilled soldiers who mostly are recruited from bastard children risen to age one parent then taken to the mercenary to educate. Some recruit youths form orphans. From being servants to veterans they gain experience and their own reputation
1 Years lost in the underland surviving in caves with strange allies and enemies
2 Raised a steppe nomad horse archer from the Sythron tribes who guard their huge wagons
3 Axe warriors from the frontiers often living as barbarians on the fringe of civilisation
4 Warrior from a wasteland tribe who protects herds and land and from civilisation
5 Found as an urchin picking valuables on battle fields, adopted by mercenaries
6  Phalanx soldiers from a city state, disciplined freemen
7 Adopted as urchin to be personel servant of a well off warrior
8 Swordsman for hire a mercenary serving highest bidding cities at war
9 Archer from an army, often scouts and food gatherers, disciplined regular troops
10 House guard of a warlord or noble sworn to a now dead employer
11 Youngest child of a noble clan of an urban millitary aristocracy
12 Charioteers from a city part of a war or sport chariot team in service of a lord

d12 Wizard
Wizards generally learn from the written word or the proto-writing of glyphs and runes of the ancients, Wizards are either from rich families or selected from talented youths with tests. Wizard apprentices work like slaves for years for their masters to get their first proper spells. 
1 Born under the right stars and bought by a wizard who became your master
2 Performed well in school so recruited by the local wizard
3 Family sent you here for an education and the master favoured you
4 Came from a family of wizards who hide their arts
5 Studied at a prestigious wizard school in the city in hopes of getting a royal commission
6 Studied with a shunned master on the frontier far from wizard guilds and schools
7 Born with a prestigious birthmark and family gave to the local wizard to be raised 
8 Mother dipped you in water in moonlight as a baby then sent you to study in a small wizard school
9 Wizard noticed your knack for languages and made you an apprentice 
10 Taught by a wizard in secret in a magnificent palace until you finally escaped
11 Taught wizardry by imps who tried to tempt you to accept lessons in the black school if you would just sell your soul to hell for free tutorials
12 A family member knew a smattering of magic and found your talent and a proper master

d12 Bard
Most are selected from youth for looks, charm and musical ability. They often are selected in competitions or service of a master or a bardic school a temples/ Once they finish study most go wandering to learn new songs and perform in as many places as they can for reputation.
1 Served in a noble house as a cupbearer learning your trade
2 Learned performing in taverns with a broken instrument you found
3 Heard the singing of a supernatural being as a child and inspired to music
4 Trained in a formal school for bards and in demand for performances and rituals 
5 Were a barbarian tribal skald, glorifying your master's ancestors with stories
6 Learned secrets of the universe from tribal druid priests of the wild  
7 Trained in a temple for ritual performances
8 Began as a lecherous tavern brawler who eventually was trained by a master
9 Zealot troublemaker from the city who stirred up the mob 
10 War orphan raised as child marching musician for the millitary until finally left service
11 Servant for courtier and learned arts of diplomacy and espionage
12 Professional mourner who wailed at funerals, temples and theatre performances

d12 Druid
Druids may have various signs of their destiny and many of these signs is likely. Druids are most often part of a wild faith worshipped in rural areas, gardens, parks or firlds. Druids study in schools for years to learn their secret lore and abilities
1 Was a shepherd and noted by  the druids as good with animals and living in the wilds
2 Adopted by tribal holy person from a wasteland barbarian tribe
3 Worked in courtyard perfumed gardens of a vast private palace or temple
4 Hermit of the wasteland had the calling from spirits in dreams
5 Served in the great garden of a city caring for mysterious and rare plants from around the world
6 Born to an ancient line of druid priests and kings of an urban nature cult
7 Spent years missing in faerieland but learned unusual things and is wary of fey creatures 
8 Served a druid sage since a child and taught secret druid arts
9 Feral child tamed by druids and animal spirits who taught their secrets
10 From mountain forest tribes, dedicated to protecting woods from civilisation
11 Grew up with simple rural farm folk and chosen to assist the druids for gifts of caring for animals and plants 
12 Survived days of fevered dreams after a mysterious snake or spider bite

d12 Savant
Often from a school or temple or from a lone master in secret fighting techniques. A life of discipline from a young age is the most common start and eventually graduated. Many wander world before returning to serve a temple or perhaps they might be founders of their own.
1 Chosen to be temple guardian as an orphan in a distant mountain temple
2 Family factions were killed but some survivors were taken to serve in secret assassin schools
3 Studied an image of a great master and developed your skills alone
4 Trained with a master who duelled other fighters to test skill and finally was killed by enemy
5 Served in royal bodyguards and learned secret techniques
6 Studied in a school specialising in a single weapon or martial arts
7 Abandoned baby at a temple taught secret fighting techniques   
8 Street fighter for money when young, then tournaments to becoming a serious martial artist                  9 From a family of martial artists killed by a rival family who think you are dead
10 From a secret cult guarding a holy site from robbers
11 Family killed and adopted by a secret fighting order disguised as a village
12 Orphaned and taken by a noble to a secret village where secret agents are trained by an order

d12 Sorcerer
Sorcerers are the indolent natural spell casters who require little training just some kind of blood ties through generations (the blood pact) or they made contact through dreams with otherworldly beings or local spirits who are the source of their power. 
1 Born to line of sorcerers who made a blood pact generations ago
2 Made a pact with an entity during a moment of desperation or crisis
3 Born under an ominous sign and recruited by witch cult
4 Belonged to a vast cult and tested and found to be a chosen one
5 Found a secret family tree linking you by blood to a supernatural ancestor
6 Spirits spoke to you in dreams offering you revenge against those who wronged you
7 Bred for generations by a cult who believe your magical blood has useful purposes
8 Told the secret way to contact strange powers who made a bloodpact with you for generations
9 Casting spells as a baby so sent by kin to train with supernatural beings until safe
10 Taken by supernatural beings until bored and they abandoned you to the world but but with a bond to their powerful nobility
11 Aided a disguised supernatural being who was impressed to give you a pact
12 Increasingly over time spirits came to you to teach you about the pact until you accept quite young 

d12 Dwarf
Dwarves come in many typed but mostly underground or inside hills or mountains and far from humans if possible. Their are still many intact dwarf kingdoms at this time just out of reach of humans. Dwarves often come to trade, or see what humans have been up to with their stolen technology like metal.
1 Grew up a feral dwarf living in ruins of a ancient city until found by travellers
2 From a clan long lived among humans in cities and master crafters
3 Grew up with magical forest folk in a cottage under a huge tree
4 Grew up prospecting in lonely hills and mountains with poor social skills 
5 From a strong but isolated citadel surrounded by constant enemies
6 From grubby mining folk in a subterranean shanty town trading minerals 
7 From an isolated village who avoid outsiders with suspicion
8 Live inside a bridge, dam or wall
9 Lived in a vast underground city a bastion against enemies
10 Grew up living on edge of a dwarven ruin full of monsters with small family only
11 From evil clan of slavers and demon worshipers long fallen to chaos
12 Clan lived in vast monster filled cavern with many monsters and peoples

d12 Elf
Faerie are a branch of nature spirits with their own world who serve the gods and nature. Over time many became earthborn and mortal and established their kingdoms in places of great natural power like forests and stars and reefs and other more hidden places. There are many kinds of elves descended from many faerie from various faerie worlds and other planes. They tend to be snooty and act like they are better than everyone but also know their numbers are reduced and they are vulnerable so they are polite about their contempt. 
1 Human baby was taken by elves and reincarnated as elves sometimes with a magic ritual
2 From the fair forest bright elves who fight for light everlasting
3 From the grim forest dark elves fight for darkness and vengeance everlasting
4 The last born child in your small doomed community in centuries, rest are fading away
5 Fell from the heavens, servants from celestial palaces from the stars
6 Sole survivor as a youth of a massacre of your centuries-old family home
7 Sent to the human world to learn if they are worth supporting or eliminating
8 The forest you frolicked in was cut down and humans built a town there instead
9 Lived in a citadel grown from a great coral reef surrounded by sea
10 Lived in an underground citadel hidden from humans 
11 Lived on an invisible citadel on an island hiding from humanity
12 You lived in a secret borderlands tree or hill fort helping humans and elves keep apart without war

d12 Gnome
These small hidden folk come in many tribes some good, evil or indifferent. You can reskin a gnome as other small magical humanoids such as brownies or small mystical trolls. Mostly gnomes are famous for hidden homes, magic craft and small size. Gnomes are often harmless but not always.
1 From a greencap clan in the forest living with smaller animal and faerie friends in a tree-stump or mushroom cottage
2 Came from a browncap crafting clan burrow complex under frontier hill country
3 Froma a browncap mountain trade citadel with strange surface and underland peoples visiting
4 Lived underneath a city unknown to huge clumsy humans but dress much like them
5 Craggy mountain redcap clan robbing victims who travelled through the territory
6 Family lived in a city operating a respectable business and well-liked and dress like local guilds
7 Blackcap burrow clan would enslave human children using magic to trap them inside
8 Frozen northlands whitecaps who hide from humans and enjoy whiteouts and snowstorms
9 Clan who used magic to infiltrate and influence humans, use similar material culture to humans and will use magic deception to trade with humans and hide their existance
10 Came from greycap Underland clan who use alchemical, clockwork and steam devices
11 From a greycap clan in the underland famous for being gloomy thralls who farm fungus and insect. Many are enthralled by more numerous invading peoples
12 From a greycap colony who lived generations on the moon but you escaped via a ballon or giant moth

d12 Abhuman
Abhumans are hybrid humanoids of great stature and might made to fight and serve. They were first created by gods, nature spirits, elementals, giants and dragons in the dawn times. Monster kings in the age of forbidden magic made human minions to serve and the orc and human ones rebelled. Even in more recent times, wizards keep making servants. Some methods are cruel and the confused abhumans are usually manipulated to obey
1 Ancestors in the dawn of time made by totem powers to protect a great wilderness
2 Ancestors made from the intermingling of animals and nature spirits who became earthbound 
3 Ancestors made to wage wars by wizards in ancient times now hate all masters and magic
4 Ancestors were slaves of wizards waging war, until they revolted
5 Ancestors made by druids to protect a wilderness from civilisation 
6 Ancestors made by faerie folk to serve but many of you have gone feral
7 Ancestors came from another world and hybridized with a local life form 
8 Clan finally killed the immortal wizard overlord and has roamed the wastes and frontier since seeking a home
9 Clan in service as elite warriors for a king of another people and are held in respect
10 Live among humans in cities in non-human-gettos and certain districts as poor labour and muscle
11 Gladiator since a child working in a pit fight scene while master got rich and you escaped
12 Clan served a wizard who was kind and allowed you to work his estate away from angry mobs until the wizard died

d12 Changeling
Changelings all shift between a human/elf form into another true form or any transition in between they wish. All are highly magical but earthborn spirit or faerie folk. The most common are animal and plant spirits but planar hybrids are possible (elemental, demonic, angelic, faerie or other types are possible). Most hide on the human world among humans or in wilderness. There are secret villages of them and larger communities in faerieland and other planes. 
1 Child of a great spirit in the dawn age performing your earthly duties since then
2 Child of planar and mortal beings, born in mortal world and raised in no time at all in the other world
3 Child of a minor divinity or spirit or planar noble
4 Child of a regional land spirit and part of the royal court  
5 Family toiled ceaselessly for generations in service of the being who created them in a magical kingdom
6 Family for generations live in the wilderness occasionally meeting distant kin and talking to humans
7 Family lived as humans in frontier keeping their origin secret for generations gathering information
8 Family live in a location they guard from some enemy under orders of a god or great spirit
9 Family of artists famed for craft living in secret among humans but really assassins and spies
10 Family hide in wilderness training to fight and cast spells. Some may even adopt a few humans
11 Serve in a fantastic palace of divine beings who have not been home in centuries
12 Banished from the secret otherworldly kingdom you have to face the mortal world

d12 Giant
Giants grow and eat lots and many end up changing their class so they can enter buildings and some other perks. Some giants are more acceptable than other types. Some are brutish and enjoy man's flesh. Some are hideous chaos monsters others are civilised and take after the Titans of old
1 Clan wandered the mountains gathering honey and meat living a simple life
2 Clan live among ancient ruins of Giantland and keep out defilers and vermin 
3 Clan lived in deep underland caves but had to move on as food was scarce
4 Clan lived in isolated family homesteads with pets avoiding humans
5 Came from an island of giants who were descended form the gods and titans long ago
6 Clan of brutish chaos giants who wallowed in filth and depravity
7 Clan of giants who work for cities building walls and other constructions for gold
8 Clan pf giants in service of a dark lord but you escaped captivity
9 Clan of high giants living in a hidden mountain citadel ruling a domain
10 Clan of giants live in an invisible flying castle in the clouds but left you behind
11 Clan of fallen high giants once glorious, now filthy drunks with claims of nobility
12 Clan of giants from another plane have assimilated to life in the mortal world

d12 Tako
Octopus fairies from undersea magical kingdoms where they and other beings serve the sea gods and the great spirit rulers who administrate them. Tako from time to time come onto the land to flee problems under the sea or to trade or from curiosity or greed. Many tribes have stayed on land for generations but they are more common near salt waters. Many find the surface strange and alien and most people find them to be weird.
1 From an honourable clan in service to the imperial undersea bureaucracy for generations  
2 From a clan of undersea barbarians waging war against fish and eel folk and other enemies
3 From a millitary clan in the imperial undersea emperor's army for generations of glory
4 From a clan of surface explorers who communicate with native life
5 From a family of fisherfolk who occasionally interact with humans in stories
6 From a clan hidden in a forest lake who watch over the wilderness 
7 From a clan living like human villagers who just want to be left alone
8 From clans in the underland seas and rivers who gather information in secret
9 From an evil clan who take human slaves into the deep forever
10 From a great cave lake underground beneath a dangerous wilderness
11 Clan who occupied a strange semi-sunken swamp city of some prehistoric civilisation.  Many are exposed to strange occult lore
12 From a clan of merchants who trade with surface folk for goods the emperor of the sea desires

Friday 19 January 2024

More Marvel 1949 Golden Age character rewrites

Some more characters im finishing as i have new players but no time to do character gen Some ppl get into it very fast and know what powers they want while. Others want lists and stats and to think for an hour. 

Had planned for 5 players but three came and id just turned 2 players away which sucks a bit. Im trying to cap games at 5 if not all seated around a right size table. It helps if ppl all know the game and each other a bit.I did get to call one of my semi retired from gaming friends to play which was good as it was the one game he would play.

Staring The River CIty Guardians

Stretcho the elastic man who really a war heroine spy in ww2 who had been rebuilt by a race of space blobs. Works as agent for gov paranormal ops with her younger sidekick. Super stretch powers and costume.

Digger the all round-battling bloke an army tough guy who learned deadly drunken pub brawling style drongo master as part of his super soldier program in ww1. In reality he is an alien who has had a mind wipe.He has no time for bullshit and lots of time to fight and swear. Armoured, heals and fast with superior combat stats and martial arts.

Dr Kronos the time travelling adventurer who from over use of his time sphere on adventures with his family and his time lab in the Uni, has developed weird time powers. He is also dying of a disease which is why he experimented in time travel to revere cell replication errors. He can shoot a cone of stasis, teleport, move fast, forcefield, levitate and shoot bolts. Superhuman time scientist but kinda weak as a human.

Blackjack a famous masked vigilante in an all black trenchcoat who kills gangsters in brutal street battles after tracking them. He can turn into a 2d shadow to sneak and telepathy. He hides gear in his weird black coat.Somehow a living portal to a dimension of darkness.   

The heroes were investigating a war criminal cloning doctor and documents from his lab. Turned out there were three interesting leads of shipments of goods and personnel.

The Black Sun fraternal order closed in 1939 for affiliation to German occult espionage. They received huge canisters in their lodge recently.

Project Gotendamerung was assembled on Island X near Antarctica in a weird weather bubble. 

World Eugenics League closed worldwide wide 1939 for espionage. Used to hold parties some people would rather be forgotten. Had sending dozens of weird packages world wide.

So party met at the Black Lodge and Strecho lifted all to upper balcony and they searched the upper floors and found signs of cult. Battled cultists and they performed some ritual that animated a concealed body. A clone of a dead ww2 villain Ubermench. Heroes managed to hold him and stretch got badly zapped by heatreay vision but the took down the possessed clone body and it exploded. Warned other operatives world wide as apparently this was all part of a global mega ritual. 

Visited the Eugenics club and examined their weird deco murals and weird art. FOund modern cult brochures with a modernised vision of the pre war version. Sighns of cultists drilling and training and eating here. Eventually found three sub basement lodge halls converted into cloning labs and a crionics lab. the first was full of cloned hitler babies. Stretch hung back as she fears cold effects on her powers. A voice threatened them over the building PA on haw villain left a trap they would never escape and and how they were almost escaped. 

Dr Knonos telepotred to the PA/radio room and froze the evil scientist and his man-gorilla storm trooper. Blackjack run upstairs o help with his tommygun..Digger tried to hold a door shut monsters were planning on entering. Stretch awaited to nab first getting through the door. A giganting baby hitler-caterpillar creature that was 6m long burst through door and Stretcho grappled it. DIgger tried to hold another musclebound bodied creature with her another baby hitler head with tiny moustache. A nuclear family of mother father, boy and girl all with hitler faces, uniforms and various automatic weapons shot at Digger with no effect. Stretcho managed to block a door with the caterpillar thing and the family slipped in grenaides which injured stretcho and killed the caterpillar. Stretch holding rest of the door threw grenaides back and the blast killed the family, The the muscle hitler thing eventually fell to attacks.

Upstairs Dr Kronos was working on slowing the enemy while Blackjack tried hitting them and then using his tommy gun. Eventually, he let the status ray end and saw the scientist fall into a mass of blood on his face and the ape flew into wall and was knocked out.  

.After all this spent time investigating Island X and found the crimes supplying the secret German base. They replaced the crew with themselves in disguise and a bunch of naval intelligence and commandoes. The plan is to intercept the German sub to get into Island X submarine pen. 

Was fun with lots of weird fights. Giving +5 instant karma for cool quips in battle has been great. Dr Kronos is great at punning at villains.

Mysterious Adventurer Polly Marchain

F       Gd    Rm        
      Ty     Ex
S       Gd    Rm
E       Gd    Ex
C       Gd    
R       Gd     
I         Ty     Ex
P       Gd    

K               50    
Pop           6 secret id/20 hero id
Resources Gd

Powers (Alien)
Elongation Ex (20)
Body Armour (Ex)
-Natural Weapons
Gd Regeneration Gd (10)
-Burst Heal

Millitary - Paratrooper
Martial arts C

Lavender Lass - a young pilot
Capt Heinz Uberlaufer - nazi intelligence officer ww2/double agent
Major Jessie Burkowcz - US Army
Sgt Andy Washington city police dept desk 
Retired Servicemens League
Ameboid Scout class 46 Alpha 402
Gd Costume change
Stunt master
+1 Vulnerable to cold

Code cracking machine
sterling machine pistol
first aid kit
comando knife
walkie talkie
wallet of fake ID and passes
smoke and frag grenade
spy camera

Rebuilt by aliens

d10 Recent Encounters
1 Investigate UFO
2 Stoping armed street muggers at work 
3 Working in a monansshelter 
4 Looking for missing documents
5 Out on a date with a companion
6 Attack from a nazi assassin
7 Rescue a person by snatching them from harm with long arms
8 Evidence of aliens in human form

9 Meet at millitary HQ for a briefing on wanted war criminals
10 Chasing war criminal  

Super Soldier Mystery Man

F*v       Gd    Rm        
          Ty     Ex
S*v       Gd    Rm
E*         Gd    Rm-
C*         Gd    
R          Ty     
I            Ty     Ex
P*         Gd    

K               50    
Pop           6 secret id/20 hero id
Resources Gd

Powers (Alien)
Body Armour (Ex)

Gd Regeneration Gd (10)

Gd Hyper Speed Gd (10)

Millitary - Army
Heavy Weapons
Martial arts B C E

Supply Sarge - expert at dodgy goods
Colonel Plum - millitary super soldier program
Sheila Evans - gal pal, equestrian and prize-winning rifle shot
Jake Evans - brother of Sheila and Kid reporter
Maxie CHipper - army drinking buddy and driver
Elderly master instructor of outback pub brawling

Extra talents +2 and contact
Utility Belt - military gear 20 items

Two Browning 9mm automatic pistols plus two clips each 10 damage
handcuffs, gasmask, flare pistol + 4 rounds, silent well rod pistol (10 shots)
Browning automatic rifle (Ex burst 20 rounds/2 bursts) 4 clips
frag grenades x2, tear gas grenades x2, smoke grenaidesx2, 
Demolition pack, walkie-talkie, grappling hook line, commando knife, first aid kit,
folding trench tool (Ex edged +5 damage), bullwhip (Gd), torch, boomerang x2 (Ex)

Super soldier test subject

d10 Recent Encounters
1 FIght in a pub
2 Searching for AWOL soldiers with MPs
3 Army training exercise
4 Fight a criminal gang in a poolhall or pub
5 Taking a day off at the footy
6 Tracking down mutant on secret atom bomb test site
7 Fighting a mutant swamp monster in river city swamp
8 Hunting a spy on a secret base

9 Meet at millitary HQ for a briefing on wanted war criminals
10 Hunting mysterious lights on base grounds

Dr Kronos
Superhuman Scientist

F       Pr             
S       Pr     
E       Ty      Ex     
C       Gd    
R       Gd     Rm
I         Gd     Rm
P       Gd    

K               80    
Pop           10 secret id/20 hero id
Resources Rm

Powers (Alien)
Time Control Rm (30) stasis ray cone area affects one range, end to escape
Force Field Rm (30)
-Force Bolt

Martial Arts E

Lab Assistant
Manager boss at River City Dam Power plant
River City University Physics Dept
Wife a medical Dr in hospital
Teen beatnik daughter motorcyclist
Secret HQ
Stunt master
+ uses chamber to stop onset of a fatal disease

-garage for van or electronic sensors
-chrono laboratory for time research
-time sphere basic time machine and an older broken back up version
-time scanner to detect time anomalies
-chrono chamber to recharge powers
-library specialising in history

Genius scientist exposed to time stream

d10 Recent Encounters
1 Time travel adventure with family
2 Stopping a bank robbery 
3 Speaking at a science conference
4 Having an outing with family
5 Studying a temporal anomaly
6 Spies trying to steal time secrets
7 Dealing with time travellers from future looting
8 Detected mysterious force from overspace leaking into reality

9 Test fly the time sphere with flight to more ancient era
10 Meeting a famous historic celebrity in the past

Monday 15 January 2024

d100 News Headlines River CIty 1949

Just some more possible case leads or background for river city

d10 News Headlines River City 1949
1 Brutal murders
2 Terrible accidents
3 Street Crime 
4 Corruption
5 Investigations
6 Scandals
7 Science
8 Weird
9 Adventure 
10 Unbelievable

d100 News Headlines River CIty 1949
01 Brutal murderer sawn-up victims found in a refrigerator 
02 Remains of 30 tenants' ashes found in Missing landlords basement
03 Slasher surgeon takes missing organs, leaves rest for police to find again
04 Mystery head hunter strikes again, police baffled
05 Red Hand Luke guns down eight cops in their own police station
06 Frozen victims of the Winter killer found in an ice factory
07 Violent new youth drug turns teens into bloodthirsty killers
08 The Grey Widow slaughter another Mob boss gathering 
09 Jimmy Stripe arrested as child killer, police scramble for more evidence 
10 Mystery Butcher skins three wanted criminals alive
11 Serial vehicular killer runs down the record in one night
12 Construction sabotage on building site kills 11 workers
13 Building collapses after corrupt city approves safe
14 Train hits drunk car on tracks 30 killed in a horrendous accident 
15 Joyrider collides with a service station, destroys block in fireball
16 Condemned buildings collapse on their own saving thousands of dollars
17 Drug dealing pilot kills all in a plane crash 
18 Land speed record disaster on salt flats kills daredevil pioneer
19 Mystery toxic waste in river kills five children and a dog
20 Highway bus accident kills nuns and orphans on way to holiday
21 Dangerous gangs on street murder spree
22 Delinquent killers in new shock murder scandal
23 Couple shot by killer leaves orphaned grandson survivor
24 Joyriding youths murder spree kills six 
25 VIolent gang shootout with police kills bystander
26 Drunken mob brawl slays five in city pub
27 Gang violent murder spree alarms public
28 Armed robbers shoot three during robberies this week
29 Police gun down elderly pensioner
30 Gang vs gang gun violence on the rise again
31 Councillor caught on film in high-rise whorehouse
32 Police bribery scandal runs deep say investigators
33 Politicians taking commie money for state secrets
34 Pollution mystery will scar community for generations
35 Vote rigging by crime syndicates rampant
36 Police prosecutor worked for MrBig
37 Police raid human rights campaigners
38 Politicians gave missing funds to own family and mob for favours
39 New casino approved in record time with Mayor intervention
40 Judge exposed in the sex dungeon by a corruption probe 
41 Committee to probe vigilante problem
42 Investigation to mass escape from asylum
43 How secret army drugs get into ghetto gang addict's veins
44 Archbishop claims city rife in weird cults and devil worship
45 More nazi war criminals found living in river city now awaiting trial
46 Strange lights near airforce base under investigation
47 Hearing for war hero accused of turning communist agent continues
48 Muder nurse investigation reveals full surprising death toll
49 Wonder drug proven to cause addiction and dangerous psychosis coroner reveals
50 Investigation into Carlotti family ends as last survivor killed in hotel
51 Mayor caught in sexy millionaires scavenger hunt party
52 Film studio executive finally imprisoned after four-year trial
53 Operah's biggest scandal this year! Blackmailed singer was enslaved by mob!
54 Cities' favourite clown turned cannibal killer on the loose!
55 Radio funny man found hanging in the home, 5th to die this year same way!
56 Silver Screen favourite star Hannibal Lothar found dead naked on the rooftop, police search for clues 
57 Star chef found beheaded in own restaurant oven by cleaners!
58 Celebrity crooner opium haze daze, star family humiliated
59 Starlet entrapped by weird cult, family say they are helpless
60 Team struck by 5th heart attacks since record victory score
61 Routine rocket test explodes on launch killing six crew
62 Joint US and AUS science thinktank to help win the Cold War opens in the city
63 Work of dead scientists seized by the military to protect the security
64 Professor loses tenure for wild theory rejected by world scientists
65 Largest computer in the hemisphere to be turned on today, opening a new era in science
66 Experts refute claims of a professor who talks to Martians by radio
67 Extraordinary discovery found in train tunnel digs
68 Thinktank for captured nazi scientists officially shut down
69 Scientists plan to reach moon in only four years
70 Artist depicts life on other planets seen in dreams
71 Contact the dead, "as long as you are rich" says mystic
72 Cult killed in fire during police siege
73 Haunted house kills again
74 Man killing homeless says "they were not human"
75 Big magic show cancelled after stars sudden death
76 Four killed trying to steal magic book from private library
77 Astrologer enthralled heads of industry and state says the investigation
78 Cult gunned down by police in unholy swamp orgy
79 Cult claims they have the power to see the future
80 Priest explodes during exorcism
81 Private detective recovers lost idol
82 Former antarctic explorers foil a criminal gang
83 Nazi treasures recovered by swashbuckling scientist
84 Vigilante stops sick subway serial killer
85 Professor finds rational explanation for Hell House
86 University retracts story of prehuman ruins found in desert
87 Adventurer recovers treasure lost underwater
88 Retired boxer beats bank robbers
89 Mad scientist forced to stop secret experiments by law
90 Vigilante gunned down by gangsters in cold blood
91 Strange lights and kidnappings at sea continue
92 Nightwatchman who saw fish monsters in river taken to madhouse
93 Top industrialist jumps of skyscraper, 5th this month! 
94 Disappearances on the highway, special report on where cars found
95 Journalist gunned down, office burned. Paper owner offers reward to find killers!
96 Ship found adrift, all crew missing
97 Test aircraft down, saboteurs evade capture again
98 Atmospheric test balloons missing, scientists ask public to look report if found
99 Hollow Earth "expert" disappears without a trace
100 Miracle serum tests halted indefinitely due to subject deaths

Sunday 14 January 2024

Weird Crimes for Heroes 1949

So these are a bit more on the Steed & Mrs Peel adventure than the awful gangland streets of River City. These happen more by day, in homes, offices and workplaces. They might suit witty investigators more as a side plot and have fewer severed heads in boxes. Criminals are more likely to surrender but perhaps if they die escaping that will save the court and prison system. Police accept lotsa of goons die accidentally fighting heroes and rarely investigate the hundreds of deaths by criminal misadventures. 

Had a 2 player session with Dr Strong and Ramases
Dr Strong learned to not scare people so much and people now overlook his monsterous past in the war who betrayed the Nazis. Ramases left quite a few dying burn victims on battlefield and most recently didn't get any popularity points. Raided a mobster house and fought robots and thugs on DrStrongs older strength serum. Heroes learned in this new post war era people are less impressed in heroes massacring goons and snapping necks/

d10 Quick Types
1 Mysterious death
2 Love gone sour
3 Family feud
4 Money matters
5 Missing person
6 Fake accident
Mob panic
9 Weird Mystery
10 Scandals

d100 Weird Crimes for Heroes 1949
01 Man found in strange costume floating in the sea
02 Scientist missing just some grey ash on the floor
03 Journalist investigating subterranean war bunkers under city has disappeared
04 Rich student found dead on Asylum Island, last seen at a party
05 Man found dead in home had a uniform of a famous retired vigilante in wardrobe
06 Several factory managers have been killed by strange traps in own homes and offices
07 Corporate executive corpse found in park impaled to a tree with an arrow
08 Half a victim's corpse is found in homes, rest is missing and not much mess
09 Body of a possible war criminal identified by tatoos found in a sewer in bad condition
10 Several men of superior status were shot with antique dueling pistols and white feathers. They all served in the same school regiment
11 Married person claims partner kidnapped but police think murdered by survivor
12 Millionaire marries a new rich young partner and everyone expects them to die soon
13 Maniac hunting ex-partners lovers as a bloodsport
14 Married couple fighting and one found dead and other flees
15 Murderer kills to get out of marriage with weirdo but law unsympathetic
16 Millionaire dies and his crooked friends try to kill their spouse blaming her for covering their own actions
17 Runaway lovers hunted by rival gangs and need help to avoid all the killers chasing them
18 Millionaire offers a reward for finding their sweetheart who disappeared while travelling
19 Politicians killed spouses but the victim was part of a blood cult and their family sought revenge
20 Couples were murdered so evil relatives could get money and adopt children, It would shame if anything happened to those poor orphans
21 Family feud over inheritance, siblings begin to die at funeral
22 Cult-like family head is furious at members for leaving and marrying outsiders, now the family want to kill them and cover up their weird ways
23 Grandparents killed their children so they could adopt their grandchildren and do a better job
24 This little drunk-driving killing spree will ruin this rich youth's life if we cant find who really did it. The family will be ever so grateful if we can sort this all out
25 Youths has been kidnapped but really was own family who want to convert them to a cult they have all joined
26 A mob boss died and kids are fighting over who takes it. Gun violence in public breaks out in gang war
27 A hillbilly gang were arrested and now Mumma has come out of the swamp to bust out her spawn and make the state pay fer messin with her kin
28 At a will reading dozens of people came forward to claim they were children of the deceased. Now someone is murdering them
29 Family discover they have inherited a haunted castle in Europe but any who visit it die
30 Someone broke into a family crypt and stole something
31 Beloved old retiree shot by the mob, turns out they owed them money
32 Partners of business perform fraud to get rid of a partner while they are away on holiday
33 Strange new consultants having odd effects on business becoming meaner and leaner 
34 Millionaire has been involved in insider trading and had to kill one of his partners
35 Shipping company secretly hauling drugs and guns into the city
36 Exiting new soda drink has exciting properties for VIP orders but a few die from it
37 Blueprints of a new jet plane have been stolen
38 Arsonist has burned buildings full of toxic materials that companies shouldn't have
39 Nihlist terrorists try to blow up the stock exchange 
40 Someone has discovered an unusual way to enter bank vaults and take what they please
41 Missing society party girl has not been seen in days and there is no news or ransom
42 Missing millionaire playboy and pilot had his plane come down and there is a huge search for him even some who want to make sure he stays dead
43 Head designer from a company has gone missing
44 Actor seems to have gone missing with some rough and ready types and missing for days
45 A rich baby has disappeared and the criminals demand 1 million dollars
46 Prosecutor of war criminals has vanished from a hotel room on conference
47 Several secret agents have vanished while investigating this corporation
48 A secret service agent who quit vanished from his room at home
49 A lawyer on a case prosecuting a syndicate boss has vanished
50 A retired general has disappeared while on holiday and they still know secret information
51 Car accident turns out body was already dead before crash according to coroner
52 Scientist's head found crushed to an unrecognised pulp under an industrial press and police blame the spouse
53 Several ex-security forces men have died in accidental gas stove explosions
54 A test flight crashed but it was sabotaged by a foreign power
55 Several rich members of a private club have been killed in all sorts of accidents with building fittings, cars and trains
56 Several astronauts in training were killed in a fake accident with a pressure chamber costing us years in the domination of space. A foreign spy no doubt
57 An atomic test device was sabotaged and did not detonate and two scientists have fled. They must be caught before foreign spies get them
58 A car crash killed a civil servant but it seems the car was tampered with by someone
59 Politicians was killed by electricity by a trap in an embarrassing location at home. It took days to realise electricity was involved and the trap was removed before police checked it again
60 Celebrity died of a heart attack but actually, they were a secret agent
61 Death of airforce staff over several months from the atomic test base
62 Spy has been stealing propriety tech secrets from factories all over city
63 Spies tried to blackmail a military official
64 Spy was shot while trying to sell secrets to some odd private organisation
65 Spies using a cult to gather useful idiots in high places with a fake mystic who is really an agent leading a spy cell
66 Assasin has been killing scientists of black government projects
67 Someone has been seducing government officials and blackmailing them for financial secrets
68 Unknown agent has been blowing up rocket component workshops
69 Foriegn spy found murdered in hotel room
70 Spies somehow eavesdropping on a secret secure meeting room
71 Dock workers riot over job cuts and board bonuses
72  Riot on docks between fascists funded by mob and communists agitated by agents  
73 Public demand serial killer is caught and imprisoned, nobody feels safe
74 During an angry mob riot a politician was shot and injured
75 Massive rail and bus strike paralyzes city so several gangs take advantage of traffic jams
76 Newspaper chief shot after declaring mystery men and vigilantes should work for the government or go to prison for life.Crowd believe the editor's wild claims
77 Newspaper magnate was found strangled in the car while the driver went to fetch a newspaper. Supporters claim he was silenced for speaking the truth
78 Corporate fund used to supply arms to street thugs and police, public outraged and weapons sales frozen for months
79 Radio play so realistic people form arm mobs and raid shops for food expecting Martians to attack, Who broadcast this fake news and why
80 Angry mob form demanding hanging of a criminal who may be innocent like they say
81 A ghost has been scaring staff away from a d4 1=research facility 2=old mine 3=decomisioned power plant 4=train station
82Students have been holding occult rituals for thrills but someone is killed for real
83 Famous cult leader vanishes with several followers and money has vanished
84 Theft of a museum item and signs someone who believes in occult properties
85 Mystic has been conducting seances and making a fortune from millionaires and important people
86 Notorious occultist writer visits the city and local cult very excited. Someone dies at a party and the public is furious
87 Scientists claim has a machine that contacts the dead but they disappear and the machine is destroyed
88 Scientists claim can open the time-space barrier to communicating with alien ultra-terrestrials in overspace. Someone steals the device and kills the scientist
89 Local conspiracy investigator from radio has vanished
90 The Mutilated body of a rich professor was found and the public claimed it was some kind of mutant monster. Police say it is not a mutant sea monster and beaches are safe 
91 Communist hunting politician working with the mob who wants to have carte-blache freedom to protect the wharf district from communist agitators and unionists
92 Several celebrities and officials were caught at a scandalous sex party in the capitol and they don't remember how they got there
93 Famous scientists and two lovers visited the city to work for a year and were exposed by the media. They then become targets for hooded religious vigilantes but they could be dupes of some scheme
94 Rich celebrities meet at a country lodge to hunt the homeless they capture for parties. They will hunt any investigators or troublemakers or traitors too
95 Millionaires' private dungeon was exposed in a fire and they fled to a private island protected by a sadistic tyrant regime
96 Secret societies are trying to trigger the next war and have been killing diplomats and politicians who they think are too peaceful. Some members of the group are politicians who believe they can take over the country
97 Politician replaced by plastic surgery fake acting for some unknown power who died before capture once exposed
98 Eugenics think tank supported by some politicians trying to grow clones of propper sort of people then kill off rest with a fake natural disaster
99 Chemical company dumping mutagens in waters and sewers near ghettos in some experiments on the poor they will claim it for the Cold War victory
100 A secret government bunker has been taken over by a fanatic faction and plans to survive the next war by building an underground city. They kidnap experts to help the project