These are my freebie publications
Most are unedited and may be revised
Some volumes I'd like to KS into edited with art editions with new content
Most are previewed through my Patreon page

Big thanks to my readers, collaborators, supporters for keeping me motivated despite my dyslexic dramas. I enjoy letting ppl use my stuff in zines and collabs but tell me and give me one. I found 6 books i didn't know about with me in them recently.

Gaming Books

Planet Psychon Acid Punk Edition (3rd Ed)
Psychon compilation pdf (2nd Ed)
Long Stairs compilation

Gothic Zone Sampler
Great Weird War
EMO Book of Cool Loot
GAMMA AEON compilation

Goblin Mine Zone

Shadel Port Book
Murder Hobo Manual

The Village Book
Faerie Book
Folk Book
Stone Age Sorcery
Space Book

My house rule books in progress
Monster Book about half done
Expert Book about half done

Other Stuff
For my Arkham Sandbox Cthulhu game 
Players guide 

Tenkars Landing Collab Project 100+ pages of me Black Isles
Petty Gods by ORC with lots of my frog Gods and Nanny Binx

Exile Island Encounters

Marvel Stuff For My Game

Character gen
Character Record booklet

One Sheet Dungeon Zines
These are brought out on my Patreon first a few months ahead

Grey Halls Necromancy Dungeon + updates 2 3 4
Sea Cave Mystery Aquatic Lairs +updates 2 3

Dark Island Dragon Queen Underground lake +updates 2 3
Robot Kings Tomb Gonzo Post Apoc Dungeon  2
Bat Goddess Temple
Arcadia with xtras 2
Desert Ruins
Gnome Hall

Wizard Cave
Witch Tomb
Castle Crab

Three Fold Flyers 
These are brought out on my Patreon and Eventually on Drivethrough
Setting samplers introduce basics of each series and are free
S1 Series One Setting Sampler: The Three Fold Lands for vol 1-10

S2 Series Two Setting Sampler: Exilon - ancient bronze age  for vol 11-20 
S3 Series Three Setting Sampler: Planet Psychon (post apocalypse) for vol 21-30 

About The Blog

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More about me 
Me in Dicegeeks Top 156 Blogs
Froth podcast  im mentiomed lots at the end

Auto Generator Tables (I will add any you make)

Psychon  Citadels
Psychon Stuff in progress
Random Robots

Amazing Mutation Apocalypse EMO Index

Non Gaming Zines and Stuff
CRASH COLLAGE ZINE (Sold 1000+ copies)
Puff's of the North Zine
Puffy 1 Colouring Book
Puffy 2 Colouring Book Dungeon Funk


Interesting Stuff


  1. Some observations regarding the Long Stairs Compilation:

    p4, "Gothic Zone" should be "1 Gothic Zone".

    Gothic Zone Loot table is missing.

    p19 "6 Cyclopean Zone" should be "7 Cyclopean Zone".

    p21, 24, and 27 the zones don't have a number (8, 9, and 10).

    p32, Sunken City Zone should come after Under Land Cavern Zone (according to the sort of table of contents, earlier), should have a number (12), and should be bolded.

    p34, below water encounter table misses some entries (1-13 and 16-18); also, entry 27 shouldn't be preceded with a space.

    p36 "Sunken Kingdom" should probably be "Sunken City Zone".

    1. was never really edited or intended to be polished but thank you - i may revise one day

  2. Hey just wondering if the option to save a pdf version of your posts has been removed for a specific reason?

    1. the widget you could add to a blog to do this has beer removed by blogger - gone from most blogs - there are some sites that you put the url into and it makes a pdf just like the widget but slightly more time consuming. Im tempted to turn them all into pdf's myself as i find it handy myself

    2. Thanks for clearing that up. I found an extension called Print friendly for Chrome which does the same thing. I'll have you know I always keep a ton of your posts around for the games I run, they have brought much joy and terror to my players.

    3. thanks - i will try that one
      always glad to hear ppl using my stuff
      love hearing horrible stories of my stuff in use


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