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Factions For Broken Hill

So this is lacal factions and organisations in the area. The first d12 table is for the larger most common sects. The d100 table is for lesser but still known sects.

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d12 Major Region Factions
1 Tribals
2 Ferals
3 Raiders
4 Settlers
5 Warlord
6 Silver City Rangers
7 Cult of the Atom
8 Merchants
9 Scavengers
10 Restorers
11 Purists
12 Bunker Dwellers

Tribals are those who love according to ancient precolonial traditions, many descended from indigenous Aboriginal peoples. Include native animal folk as members and whole tribes of single species animal folk. They often wear very little and have body paint and some cases ritual scarification often gained in initiations. Many live undisturbed in wastes and forests far from what passes as civilisation. Some trade and might use some artifacts. They are wary of non tribal peoples and especially dislike ferals who they see as insincere and compete for land. 
Weapons: spear, javelin, club, stick, rock hand axe, knife, dart, boomerang
beast  lore, hide, plant lore, sneak, survival, track

Nomadic tribals often with dreadlocks, shell and bead necklaces, tattered scrap clothing and thick calloused feet. Often covered in red dust and dirt with trinkets from animals for decorations. They descend from ancient youth subculture of nomads, runaways and dropouts. They shun technology and civilisation yet steal food and things they need. They will use alternative energy, vehicles and music amplifiers occasionally. They are known for parties and dances attracting thousands for seasonal; festivals. They don't understand why so many people hate them. Many are vegetarians and have performance skill to earn scraps of food. Many animal folk join ferals especially those not native animals.
Weapons: dagger, staff, club, rock, sling, short bow
Skills: dance, begging, herbalist, juggling, sleight, repair

Various tribes of punk gangs that roam the wastes killing and looting weaker peoples and demanding tithes from food producing settlers. Many are cannibals but each gang varies in tribal gimmicks. They use any weapons they can find or maintain from crossbows to black powder to cartridge based fire arms from automated micro factories. Most practise cruel torture to be initiated which often kill applicants. They despise the weak as cattle.
Weapons: machete, dagger, battle axe, hand axe, club, crossbow, musket,
Skills: acrobatics, intimidate, looting, repair, spot, torture

Common folk who just want homes and farms to grow food and raise families. Often raise militia but more often a gang will protect them in return for tithes. Settlers persistently try to re occupy old sites to try again a building communities. They are happy to trade with merchants and other settlers but wary of strangers.
Weapons: dagger, staff, sling, short bow, hand axe, bola, lasso
Skills: cook, farming, first aid, folk lore, gossip, steward

Warlord's Domain
The warlord started as a raider who after taking over a bunker under South Broken Hill, learn ed many arts of civilisation and set up Silver Town to rule over the southern ruins. While the Warlord claims dominion over all the ruins the main northern ruins are wild sprawling and too dangerous to control.The warlord minions are either warriors or thralls or slaves. Warriors get respected most, thralls are semi free commoners and slaves are treated as expendable cattle mostly captives. Slaves may become thralls if they serve their warrior masters well. The warlord is harsh but consistent. If he can smash gangs and raiders he plans to invade soft farming folk of the east. They are wary of the Canetoad Empire to the north east.
Weapons: crossbow, spear, sword, battle axe, dagger, musket
Skills: carousing, endurance, jumping, looting, marching, scout

Silver City Rangers
This volunteer organisation is funded by
merchants, settlers and the warlord. Idealistic and dedicated their mission is to protect and warn settlers and merchants of raiders activities. They also keep away gangs and other day to day law keeping but don't conflict with the warlord who may veto some of their activities. Rangers wear white neck scarves, silver star badges and wide brimmed hats.
Weapons: dagger, knife, pistol, lasso, rifle, whip
Skills: hide, listen, scout, sneak, spot, track  

Cult of the Atom
This cult worship ancient bombs, contaminated areas and mutations. Many members are mutants or expose themselves to mutagens they see as holy. They shun the old world and technology often destroying artifacts and those clinging to civilisation. 
Weapons: club, staff, stick, rock, short bow, javelin
Skills: begging, flee, fortitude, mutant lore, sense weather, survival

Traders who roam the land buying and selling goods. Most comunities encourage and aid them but raiders predate them. Merchants might settle in towns and operate stores, markets, taverns and money lenders. Some travel as pedlars with pack of wears, others have an animal waggon or form whole caravans.
Weapons: crossbow, dagger, machete, musket, sling, staff
Skills: appraise, bargain, diplomacy, drive waggon, merchant, porter

Prospectors and looters who scavenge ruins for artifacts hoping for that big score to become rich. Many take outrageous risks searching for treasure and many are killed by raiders and worse. New scavengers constantly replace the fallen. Groups form when loner prospectors band together for big excavations, buildings or bunkers.
Weapons: blunderbuss, club, dagger, hand axe, 
Skills: appraise, lock lore, packrat, repair, spot, trap lore

Seek to recover lost lore, recover buildings and restore technology of the ancients. They teach literacy, build schools and libraries and provide power in communities. Besides recovering ancient data they seek to restore ancient institutions and every day life.
Weapons: dagger, club, grenaide, pistol, rifle, staff
Skills: ancient lore, computers, engineering, mechanics, memorise, repair

Hunt and kill mutants, replicants, robots, cyborgs, talking animals and anything they see as unnatural. They see themselves as noble crusaders fighting evil and chaos. They are cruel fanatics feared and hated by most. They often leave victims burned, crucified or tortured wrecks. Each sect is a different order and leaders hav grandiose titles. In some places they act as a secret cult lynching mutants in secret while wearing hoods.

Weapons: crossbow, battle axe, dagger, lance, sword, military flail
Skills:  ancient lore, fortitude, cult lore, marching, ride (horse or other mount), torture

Bunker Dwellers
Many bunkers remain sealed since the war and such societies are secretive but send agents to the surface to obtain materials or assess security risks. Bunkers vary but all have more in common with each other than the scum who survived on the surface in barbarism
Weapons: club, dagger, pistol, rifle
Skills:  ancient lore, bluff, carousing, computers, disguise, repair

d10 Quick Factions Types
01 Altruistic
02 Militaristic
03 Predatory
04 Technologists
05 Survivalists
06 Cults
07 Entertainers
08 Colonisers
09 Vigilantes
10 Non Human

d100 Minor Factions
01 Peacemakers - try to unite peoples and stop wars but willing to kill the lawless and raiders who reject peace
02 Healers - travelling medic pacifists trying to save the world
03 Couriers - carry news and letters across the land
04 Water Bearers - purify and protect clean water which they sell and make alcohol
05 Mothers - work on repopulating the  world after the war, act as midwives
06 Printers - spread use of written word and start local newspapers, often upset despots
07 Republicans - want to establish a democratic government uniting all, use ancient nationalism
08 Thinkers - philosopher scholars who accumulate ancient texts, educate masses and have public debates
09 Librarians - help literacy and make knowledge free to all, recover ancient lore
10 Journeymen - charity who help desperate travellers and feed the hungry, will bring food andd water convoys to the needy
11 Spoilers -  descended from military commando vaults still fighting the ancient war 
12 New Spartans - fascist slaver warrior culture bent on conquest and sadism
13 Templars - military order who build forts to protect thralls and also operate elaborate banking schemes
14 Communists - operate a viscous revolutionary army destroying fat cats and plundering for the common good. Not much about redistributing wealth yet but will happen later
15 Black Widows - secret femme fatal organisation seek to control world through proxies and dupes and aid members advance in power  
16 The Bureau - claim to be ancient government that survived in secret, sometimes altruistic and help order but also claim taxes and influence local government 
17 Animal Supremacist League - human had their chance and blew it, fighting beast folk
18 Mutant Supremacists - seek to cleanse world of old non mutant life forming military bands
19 Cyborgs - usually serve AIs from hidden bunkers kidnapping victims to replace lost members
20 Road Gangs - vehichle using raiders mostly with bikes who plunder settlers
21 Scarlet Rage - violent psychopaths who want to destroy the world
22 Slavers - operate slave markets and work gangs often from old prison complexes
23 Dominators - psionic mutants who feel superior and plan conquest
24 Empire of the Sun - agents of distant advanced pacific empire famous for shape shifting robots
25 Bloodlords - raiders who worship a overlord who awakens from crionic sleep every decade to give new orders, practicing eugenics and breed pig folk thralls
26 Sisterhood of the Sword - all female mercenaries who dislike slavers and factions predicated on exterminating other based on genetics
27 Assassins - cult of contract killers specialising in infiltration and murder for hire
28 Dust Devils - raiders who convert mines into bunkers for their buggy fleet
29 The Black Hand - criminal gangs using corruption, free enterprise, blackmail and extortion
30 Amazons - women only warrior clans who protect women and children
31 Motor heads - repair and operate vehicles especially wheeled bikes and cars
32 Flyers -  repair and operate air vehicles especially balloons, ultralights and airships
33 Archivists - commune with and worship ancient AIs, synthetic life and networks
34 Watchers - look for aliens and try to communicate with them, interested in space travel
35 Sealords - operate fleets of boats, colonise islands and build artificial island colonies
36 Programmers - seek to contact and commune with AIs and networks to recover data
37 Searchers - recover relics and knowledge to move forwards and advance civilisation, fight religions and tech hoarders
38 Voyagers - seek to recover space travel, interested in contacting lost space travellers
39 Cogsmen - reclaimed steam tech and industrial technology 
40 Fuelers - make fuel and recharge power cells, recover any ancient power systems 
41 Underworlders - live in caves and mines and avoid the uninhabitable surface world
42 Icemen - cryonic bunker dwellers seek to rebuild world order happy to destroy the current one
43 Wanderers - travellers who explore trade routes and share maps to re establish civilization
44 Mechanics - machine shamen who often aid communities with power, vehicles and water purification but also limit impact on natural world and respect nature
45 Seeders - who plant forests and edible plants as they roam the land to rstore the green earth, research hardy new mutant strains to thrive but sometimes get choices wrong
46 Chosen Ones - bunker survivors of ultra rich corporate bunkers who wish to exterminate surface life so they can recreate the world from a blank slate or at least rule everything
47 Corporation Clans - remnants from corporate bunkers who have become cults bent on profit making and living by marketing jargon and corporate psychobabble from before the bomb
48 Black Lab Clan - descend from bunkers of scientists involved in weapon development and amoral science experiments, they come to surface to work with other clans or test research on surface folk
49 Apocalypse Church - the world ended we are in hell, all outsiders are sinners who must die, ancient weapons help us cleanse the world so find and use them
50  Preppers - the last apocalypse was just a prelude, take someones bunker for your own or make your own before it is too late
Cannibal Clans - obsessed with eating other sentient humanoids to gain magical powers
52 Illuminati - conspirators who plot and infiltrate towards a agenda of secret conquest 
53 Headhunters - collect severed heads of enemies to prove they are the bravest
54 Satanists - seek to find and aid the beast of the apocalypse to finish of the world
55 Plaguelords - flagellant monks who worship the god of decay and disease
56 Six Fingered Hand - demon worshiping mutants who hate unmutated life
57 Night People - worship undead and seek to become immortal intelligent undead
58 Shaggies - worship narcotics especially intelligent drug producing plants
59 Conspiracy Cult - always seek to root out secret schemes and agendas of factions
60 Glowing Messiah - worship a mutant philosopher who teaches oneness and pacifism
61 New Gladiators - operate leagues of pit fights and death sports across wasteland
62 Bards - spread gossip and tales of adventure and tragedy as entertainers
63 Romantics - recover ancient pop culture artifacts and spread their cult preserving the high art of ancient television and mass media often with plays and art
64 Taggers - artist who cover everything in graffiti often critical of those in power
65 Prophets - use mysticism, astrology and drugs to make outrageous claims about the future which many believe. Some actually have mutant powers or technology but most believe their own lies. If on a lucky streak they increasingly become outrageous
66 Tricksters - traveling madmen and jesters some say are really political manipulators, most enjoy practical jokes and some have cruel senses of humour
67 Fleshlighters - obsessed with recovering adult sex toys, holo porn vids, sex robots & love androids that they sell and rent on the black market and use in secret screenings and live shows
68 Baiters - arrange animal fights for fun and profit from chickens, to dogs to bigger creatures, buy all kinds of animals and make sentient ones mutes in some cases
69 Mummers - traveling moralistic players that put on theatre in various towns though some include advertisements as part of their moralistic shows
70 Love Shriners - operate brothels and sexual performances, of all kinds of persuasions and hire own mercenaries to protect them. They also have many secret orders, sects and secret signs they use to communicate. They also blackmail officials to keep operations free
71 Corn People - seem to be farmers but practice blood sacrifice of outsiders

72 Dawners - religious farming settlers who shun technology and live modest lives 
73 Earth Mothers - matriarchal pagans, occasional ecstatic rites and rituals kill people
74 Sun Children - use alternative energy and new age philosophy to build communities
75 Green Fist - operate society and protect nature especially talking plants and animals
76 Builders - repair communities and structures to rebuild society
77 Gardeners - aid intelligent plants and help restore vegetation and breed new plants
78 Croppers - grow experimental mutant crops some which are bizarre with fleshy spare transplant organs or mobile plants that can be herded for nomadic croppers
79 Bug Farmers - breed insects that eat their crops (and sometimes others) then they eat the insects which grosses other peoples out. Some tribes are nomadic and unwelcome
80 Herders - nomads with huge herds of a single type of mutant animals, often conflic
81 Justice Academy - use mutant powers and skills to fight raiders and criminals, wear costumes, and collect important historical comics
82 Knights of Avalon - establish feudalism and battle monsters and raiders
83 Brotherhood of the Beast - aid sentient animals and unite to destroy oppressors
84 Road Warriors - operate vehicles to restore order to ancient highways and kill raiders
85 Frankenstein Destroyers -seek to kill synthetic life and AIs who they blame for apocalypse
86 Monster Hunters - vain hunters and killers of monsters for trophies and sport, some include sentient mutants
87 Fist of God - religious sect hunting minions of the beast and the devil which includes non believers, mutants, cyborgs and demonic talking animals
88 Gun Nuns - a sisterhood of well armed religious maniacs who punish the wicked
89 Animal Friends - protect animals from cruelty or sport, patronising and superior to all, attack farms to liberate animals
90 Rough Justice - vigilante cult who rally mobs against accused criminals and deliver harsh justice without requiring evidence, some are corrupt and charge for services
91 Created - synthetic alliance against humans and organic life, they are the next stage in evolution of sentience. Some groups dont even tolerate borgs or treat them as slaves
92 Swarmers - united invertebrates against humanity, insectoids, arachnoids, crab folk, etc

93 Night Legion - undead cult who wish to replace humanity with living dead or eat them all
94 Greenfang - plant beings united against humanity and animal life who have had their chance
95 Ape Empire - ape kind has united against the naked ape humans and now they carve out their own territory and keep human slaves and claim human property as their own

96 Canetoads - from the great empire, some are refugees and not all bad but many canetoad scouts and spies act as advance troops to probe new conquests
97 Mongrels - all good dogs are in revolt and stand together against humanity and slavery
98 Marsupial Brotherhood - united against all non marsupial mammals
99 Reptilian Empire - believe they ruled the earth in ancient times and controlled humans through trickery and now is the time they shall rise again
100 Deus Machina- AIs are the true gods and control everything, find and contact them and follow their will 

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