Currently running 1949 Marvel Super heroes now

I recommend this FB group for updated and great new books
Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project
I foolishly offered to do a Rom book once and had too many fights with comic fans
I recommend hero clicks figures and maps and some of the other tactical table top hero games. I struggled to be involved in this scene because ones i met had no interest in comics the game simulates 

Previous recap of old game 20 year campaign
TORG Style Planar invasion
My Last campaign in 2008

River City Map
River City Heroes
Marvel npc stuff
Patriot hero enemies
Session Brief Form and 2018 game prep
River City 2018 notes

d100 weird gangs for supers or cyberpunks
d100 Kaiju Attack
Random Encounters
Personal Problem Tables
Villain Escapes
Personal Encounter Tables
Crime Table

Rules and Character Gen

KARMA in Marvel (still not happy with my taunting rules)
Character gen basics and options
Marvel character creation classes and powers
Revised Options
Superior Smack Talk Rules
Love gone wrong 1
Love gone wrong 2
Sidekick Trouble
Revised Ideas for characters
Contact Trouble
Revised core metahumans
Supervillain HQ


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