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d100 Places to have a Firefight

So as some ppl liked my post apoc locations I thought more about how the point was partly for places to fight but they didn't quite get vibe of that. So here are 100 horrible places to battle for post apoc or possibly some other settings.

Unlike normal environments people live in these can have various natural hazards like collapsing, nails under mud, floors that collapse and other problems so beware of moving quickly. Try to be careful but make good judgements if you need to make snap decisions.

Top Ten Tips
1 Give each a spectacular name or something ironic in present
2 Should have inherent danger in the environment
3 Lighting may be functional intact, added in later or BYO
4 Water, gas, electricity, datalinks may be intact 
5 Maybe intact security or something improvised later by somebody
6 Generally not inhabited and renown as danger and trouble
7 Offer dynamic environments with levels, cover, things to climb or jump
8 Ruins may have a haunted vibe or be overgrown, reclaimed and primal by nature
9 Many are huge expansive areas you could search for days
10 Build up some lore and history of the site

Steal real-world maps and satellite pix or google maps. Contemplate how they might have been changed on the cusp of interstellar civilisation (or not if rural or backwoods or developing tech poor using 21st century garbage still). Did anyone else occupy the building since the apocalypse? Find some good modern ruins in your town or online. Look up ruin porn on google and ignore ones with humans in them (unless humanless material culture and decay get you off the go for it). Cave Clan and underground explorers have a beautiful underground from a drain and from a crane shot. 

Obviously, miniatures are nice too but even just some modular scenery - Mophidious make lots of good sets often on sale. Recent marvel miniature game has modern kits and you can buy lots of game parts and minis from boardgames online easily. I use big Jenga blocks to define a room and doorways then use minis and scatter terrain lots. Some 40k skirmish gamers might lend you some stuff for a one-off fight. I used to play in wargaming clubs with good stuff like this for common use.

Like a wargame, you might want to place objectives in areas people fight over. Artefacts, information, land or people. Why do people want this land and will fight over it. Many of these might be areas gangs battle over constantly.

d12 SImple Ruin Hazards
1 Spikes or caltrops damage floor
2 Area disturbed ceiling or wall collapses
3 Too much weight floor collapses
4 Pit with crumbling edges
5 Pit or hazard but possible to climb over
6 Flooded area 
7 Nest of vermin
8 Everything breaks and crumbles on contact that possibly has a chain reaction
9 Area is highly flammable possibly with gas
10 Contamination with chems or radioactive or exposed electrical workings
11 Mechanical boobytraps purpose-built by human or animal
12 Intact advanced security or explosives or high-tech based traps

d12 Ways to make location worse
1 Infamously overrun by various gangs who fight here often, lots of new graffiti always here
2 Flooded with water, possibly contaminated or hospitable to a dangerous life
3 Guarded by synthetics possibly security or a machine faction like robots, androids or borgs  
4 An AI is supposed to be in charge of the area, maybe it wants help, or it wants new pets or is crazy. Some might just use the site for experiments or a secret base
5 Area has security cameras and sensors and possibly drones controlled by who knows
6 Contaminated by radioactive, chems or biological matter (some bioplague), some areas have been used as a dump or contaminated by 
7 Undead lair here, some might be ancients contaminated by necrovirus plagues. Mostly lurk by night but many are hidden sleeping by day that could be disturbed
8 Overrun by mutants some intelligible others now mindless lusting chimaera horrors or even protoplasm with tentacles. Even intelligent ones used to persecution and hostile or possibly secretive cults or cannibals
9 Bunker under the area possibly intact with wary survivors or now a lair
10 Plant or animal life attracted to the area to breed, nest, sleep or forage here. The life form can be found all over the location. Rage from vermin to preditors or even mobile plants or fungus
11 Area is populated by aggressive prospectors and scavengers who are armed and assemble or hide to face intruders
12 Battleground with remains of combatants, mines, traps, unexploded munitions, craters, battle damage

d10 Quick Types of Places to have a Firefight
01 Housing - former housing now horrible ruins
02 Industrial - large scale industry sites
03 Transit - remains of ancient transport
04 Highrise - skyscrapers, office buildings and apartment blocks
05 Nature - areas former parks or overgrown
06 Institutions - public and state buildings
07 Nature - gardens, wilderness and weird
08 Military - remains of warfare
09 Recreation - former places of pleasure
10 Wonders - ancient mega-structures or remains of war

d100 Places to have a Firefight
01 Ruined housing block, most roofless and ruined, formerly occupied by gangs who left graffiti and traps, possibly some inhabitants hiding here
02 Ruined housing block flooded and garbage-strewn and overgrown with vegetation, crawling with vermin in the rotting matter, some creature lairs 
03 Row of townhouses with damage many now connected by holes in walls into a warren used by gangs as a fortification, some traps and barricades
04 Ruined townhouses with scaffolding and rooftop platforms, ramps and bridges connecting built by a gang and used as a lair
05 Housing block collapsed into a sinkhole, some houses rubble others connected to sewers and drains and a cave made by flowing water. The cave is strewn in garbage, mist and flowing waterfalls, the perfect lair for some creatures
06 Fire burned out hosing block most buildings are blackened, some roofless or just rubble
07 Housing blocks damaged and semi collapsed with large animal burrows over area increasing damage and hazards
08 Ruined housing estate damaged and vandalised with traps actually is the current home of a gang or cult in hiding who don't want visitors
09 Ruined housing area at one stage was reclaimed with walls and walkways on rooftops, but some large predatory creature has a nest here now
10 Overgrown with vegetation (or fungus) some plants dangerous or even ambulant and carnivorous. Visibility is poor and many entrances choked by vegetation
11 Industrial Complex such as refinery, chemical plant, food factories, gas works or brewery. A maze of pipes, scaffolding and walkways and large interiors
12 Powerplant complex, badly damaged possibly and shutdown by last survivors. Some areas were contaminated badly, many control rooms and cavernous pipe filled interior spaces
13 Warehouse complex, mostly looted and even some inhabited previously, some sealed and protected by an ancient security
14 Industrial park where smaller specialist manufacturers operate variously microfacies with various industries. Making parts, food, packaging and even speciality recycling. Building use varies from blasted to rebuilt by contemporary folk from scrap or even may be intact. Various inhabitants have own easily defendable buildings so all kinds of surprises in close area
15 Abotoir with huge sheds, cattle pens, ramps, machinery and warehouse. Possibly includes processing plant, refrigeration, transport hub or even a cloning plant     
16 Manufacturing plant often highly automated and some with intact security. Vehichle transit  depot
17 Quarry or mining site with huge pit, mining machinery and prefab buildings, some may have been settled or occupied by a gang or overgrown by nature. Often with flooded coloured pools
18 Wrecking yards with mounds of trash, giant machinery and recycling facilities. Areas will be specialised in certain goods and more popular for certain animals or trash scavengers 
19 Sewerage treatment plant or substation often partly or completely underground. Often with some huge open areas and some huge pump and refining stations. Some have surface pools or huge tanks Often used as a transit point or lair for animals or gangs or secretive groups    
20 Famous factory of a popular snack food adorned with mascots and a museum. The name alone attracts explorers and gangs seeking ancient nostalgia and free snacks or idols for cults
21 Area of train or car tunnels with wrecks inside, multiple entry stations and service areas, connected to miles of tunnels. Various areas some inhabited as lairs. Some were transcontinental or intercontinental or once connected to undersea tunnels
22 Rail complex with many huge sheds, a hundred or so carriages, cattle cars, freight cars and other large machinery around tracks. Some former gang lairs or settler camps
23 Area with various highways meet with tunnels, bridges,overpasses. Some areas fortified by bandits or gangs. Plenty of wrecked vehicles and some sections of elevated highway may have been cut off or later occupants left walkways, ladders and ramps. Road gangs often occupy or pass through places looking for scrap or fights
24 Gridlock traffic area with hundreds or even thousands of vehicles trapped on-road as the world collapsed. Many with baggage and bodies still ut in some areas they will have been looted and possibly boobytrapped
25 Airport huge or small with just some sheds and a strip. Some might include a wrecking yard most have many neglected vehicles and scrap. Possibly just a location with one or more wrecks scattered over an area
26 Trainwreck scattered over area, possibly sabotaged or colided with other vehicle or entering tunnel. Some sub trains even erupted through ground
27 Highrise rail and or highway elevated on huge pylons. Some sections collapsed forming islands or ramps. Some have vehicles or settlements or lairs built-in and some have been overgrown in plant life. Noteworthy sections are where lines merge, enter tunnels or have offramps reaching the ground
28 Train station complex on surface or underground often adopted as lairs by feuding gangs, or worse. May have wrecked trains at the platform or large scale sheds and complicated footbridges and passages connecting lines
29 Wrecked seagoing ship or airship now overgrown with scattered trash and cargo
30 Truckstop with a service station, diner and sometimes even warehouses and a garage especially if a corporate line. Some might be linked to rail or have a drone fleet hanger
31 Highrise poor apartment estate covered in battle damage and graffiti but somehow has remained occupied continuously. Local gangs protect their own turf and there is a community on upper floors but the streets are a combat zone
32 Burned-out row of highrise buildings with intact beam structure, skeletons with a few intact floors or rebuilt areas. Buildings connected by ramps, bridges and swing lines used by gangland inhabitants
33 A collapsing skyscraper fell and are became a domino effect of toppling ruined buildings mashed together. Despite this there are intact areas, buried and hidden sections and tunnels made by past inhabitants making the chaotic warren a nightmare
34  Hospital building some areas still secured by martial law protocol robot security, but due to interest in drugs and medical supplies some areas abandoned and where mutants and gangs battle
35 An aircraft or off skyrail line or airship has struck and impaled several skyscrapers connecting them precariously yet still fairly intact
36 Area where highrises are partly flooded and many oldest prewar buildings collapsed and have become overgrown. Crawling with mutant bugs and 
37 Highrise buildings seem to have some huge insect colony with strange organic threads linking other buildings. Giant insects in some built hive mostly ignore the surface keeping to upper heights and underground but killing any enrages them
38 Plaza is surrounded by various designer highrises with open areas, a park and several monuments. Often have lots of steps and possibly a water feature. At a crossroads, the plaza  attracts various factions and gangs to fight here and scavenge for wealth 
39 Shopping mall complex connecting lower floors of several buildings 
40 Remains of a VIP arcology complex
41 Botanic gardens now overgrown with plants and animals but also various bandstands, workshops, cafes, small museums, sheds and various victorian and space-age greenhouses. 
42 Area of ruins overrun by some fast-growing mutant or weaponised weed. The plant can be hostile in the deeper areas and all kinds of buildings and vehicles are choked under growths. Some animal life may have adapted or even eat the weed
43 Trees have reclaimed area many strange things are fused into trees and roots and buildings are being slowly covered. Various pools have formed and arboreal creatures enjoy the environment. Seeing robots, cars and monuments smothered is a bit eerie 
44 Series of buildings with roof gardens have been connected. Each an islands some with crops or overgrown with vines and trees. Various scrap walkways and ziplines connect points at different levels, many inaccessible from ground
45 Greenhouse complex with hundreds of sheds, poly domes, warehouses, mounds of soil, tanks, chem stores and scrap. Often might include a lab or specialist climate-controlled greenhouses or aquaculture ponds. Often overgrown by vegetation but it might also have been overgrown then died
46 An area with huge trees has had someone build tree houses and connect them by walkways, too difficult to find possibly ladders, ropes or elevator all above during some siege. Someone lived here for generations before something moved them on
47 Area thick with vegetation and something has burrowed among the roots. Possibly someone colonised and expanded it and built some areas into concealed homes among roots. Come quite large spaces deeper down
48 Overgrown crops, bamboo or tall grass. Various walkways through but requires a machete to hack through. Various crawlways and tunnels through vegetation connect to inside some huge bushes where hidden rooms have been made comfortable. Sometimes machinery or buildings or forgotten crawlways can be discovered moving off the path. Flammable in the dry season
49 Some creature has woven nest in the trees from silk or grass. Possibly the creature has moved out and some people moved in for a time. Connects multiple trees with bridges and cables with various hidden chambers 
50 An area sprawling with an alien ecology of mutants, macrobes, fugi and strange plants and many strange unfamiliar creatures and sights
51 Wall of scrap compound built here by settlers and razed by gangs. Gangs still come here to loot and fight. A sizable community and homes in and around the fort once thrived. Lots of sad stories of past settlers among the rubble
52 Fortified and graffitied fortress operated by a gang dominating various other ruins
53 A compound run by slavers with pens for slaves and marketplace. Often prefer an actual prison or slaughter yard or railyard. Some deal with cannibals
54 A gladiator fighting pit where various gladiators, mutants or machines were killed for sport. Possibly operational quite or even if ruined a few left for dead creatures and robots revived and live here still
55 A village built of scrap but unknown to most has a maze of underground cellars and tunnels and sewers connected by years of use by occupants and possibly burrowing mutants. Signs that inhabitants all vanished leaving lots of quality garbage behind
56 A bunker was found and reinhabited for a brief period before new inhabitants were all killed, used as a lair since and occasionally explored by scavengers
57 A traders caravan stop incorporating ancient buildings, a scrap built wall and often some ancient truck or train wrecks. Often incorporated an eatery and inn. Raiders came and drove them off but there is plenty of scrap here and gangs fight over it
58 Village built on a raft or an island in a body ow water. Possibly connected by causeways and sometimes has multiple islands linked by bridges. Not especially deep but often dangerous aquatic creatures live here. Some such villages hidden in marsh or on stilts. Plenty of boat wrecks and smaller boats amongst them all. Sea ones often built on oil rigs or other structures offshore 
59 Gangland fortress badly damaged and burned with many bodies from some past attack. Well built-in with some heavy siege weapons employed before the gang exterminated. Plenty of gang scavengers come here looking for loot and fighting each other still
60 Raceway where gangs came to compare vehicles. A fortified clubhouse and garage is here and various dirt tracks with loops, jumps, water and mud hazards and treestumps surround it. Even if abandoned the ever fewer vehicles come here to test their ability
61 A vast library of ancient books in an impressive building with artworks and millions of books. Various terminals and electronic media are to be found too. Some sections may be damaged and burned out others intact with possibly robot librarian defenders. Certain factions treasure these places so others want to tear them down. Some have surface destroyed but underground archives for important history and books and art
62 Museum - either a old fashioned made to look edwardian or a space age one with holographic and android displays. Typically history and or natural history an sciences
63 Zooligical Gardens with cloned and android animals possible, many had AI and advanced DNA labs to save and replicate lost species. Some of these have been known to still be creating prehistoric and other animals. Such places are highly desirable to occupy for certain cultd and factions. Many fake habitat areas. In urban areas may be quite compact or specialist, rural parks can be sprawling and more likely to have strange animal life or even specialise in dinosaurs or pliestocene animals
64 Government building ranging from records to specific departments and the chambers used for political debate and votes. From local council to state or federal rep offices. Often grand buildings with monuments and historic records and artworks. Quite often damaged
65 Monument often a huge statue or obelisk or temple like building, may include a holographic os sound recording and other interactive displays or at least a sign. Bigger local population and centre of city the bigger it is. Some large with elaborate interiors and concealed infrastructure staff areas inside
66 Art gallery - famous works duplicated and printed on display to look like original unless you touch them. Often a vault area still sealed full of original works and various storage and curatorial and admin areas
67 Planetarium - space discovery centre with holographic display areas
68 Fire station with huge garage, barracks and a courtyard for training excercises
69 Police barracks - where police trained in live in barracks with motor pool, firing range and various training areas. Often damaged and looted by mobs but a few may have intact robots
70 Hospital complex often several towers linked by tubes and ambulance station in base and emergency areas. Often some upper and sub levels are still secured. A huge carpark area or tower is close. Lots of gangs come here looking for drugs and to fight 
71 Ancient checkpoint with barracades, tents and portable buildings
72 Prison camp built from portable prefab modules with walls, guard towers and hundreds of cells and pens for some mass arrests and incarcerations at the end time. Older concrete ones millitary, private and civilian are also possible
73 Remains of abandoned ancient millitary vehicles people still fight over despite well looted wrecks. Might have been military wrecking yard or a battlefield
74 Area of walls built with wrecked vehicles and other barricades that were breached long ago. People still come to fight over this area. A famous siege with a makeshift fort was destroyed with several thousand lives lost. Craters, burned wrecks and trenches are everywhere. Some land mines and other unexploded munitions and traps 
75 Missile silo (usually empty) where the crew lived for some time until abandoning. Factions or gangs often live in them for a time. Rare intact ones have anti-personnel defences and even security AI and robots 
76 Anti-missile defence area, often damaged by missile fire, huge concrete surface structure and bunkers where anti-missile missiles were launched from with several radar dishes. Buildings might be domes or polygon shapes 
77 Base with barracks, commando course, mess, armoury and motor pool around parade grounds. Smaller and more compact in urban areas, bigger ones in wilds with huge fences and warning signs. Many might have been damaged in an attack
78 Military bunker complex possibly partly intact or a complete ruin where gangs and animals fight over lairs
79 Military camp area occupied the site at the end times leaving tents, trenches, garbage, equipment and bodies. Some remains of defences and vehicles were abandoned also. Possibly it postdates the war and is an army of gangs or even mutants or abhumans
80 An area with ruins with an unexploded warhead. People know about and are wary as the device makes noises and counts down when people disturb it. Some might desire it. Possibly has an AI warhead you can talk to. Could be bomb, gas, biological or psychotronic warhead
81 Swiming pool or water park complex. Some with scaffolding and huge water slides, possibly aquariums but mostly lots of pools and playground equipment. Will have work sheds, entrance, admin and retail outlets and food court. Some had artificial waves and beaches. Aquatic creatures may colonise the park. Often walled and may have been occupied by gangs 
82 CInema complex with huge and small theatres with 3d holo-pits and even some even more ancient 2d screens for historical vids. Will have an entrance, staff areas and food outlet. Often quite large complex and roof may have been utilised by someone
83 Theme park with outlandish walls, buildings and gardens. Many with rides, holographic projections, androids and robots. Often was controlled by AI. Popular for gangs to fight over who might descend from park staff and in theme with park area
84 Country club with a large mansion, hotel, garden, golf course, the landing pad for VIP aircraft and an artificial lake. Despite walls and security gangs long to wreck the joint and will have left everything a ruin if possible. Some are reclaimed by elitists as settlements which attract even more gangs 
85 Studio complex where films, games and holovids are made, huge green interior spaces and screens for actors or androids to perform in a warehouse of props and clothing. Some have tourist access. Smaller ones are often niche genre films or productions. Often AI-controlled and well secured. Many in costume or persona synthetic beings here and sometimes even settlers might have moved in to resume production or live inside artificial environments inside
86 Huge sports centre with training areas, change rooms, admin, various indoor and outdoor sports fields and areas where various popular combat sports were broadcast from. Often built for some Olympics or some funding grift
87 Adventure dome complex where various simulated adventure holidays were operated with sets, holograms and androids. Bigger parks have more worlds while many specialise in one genre or market. Some are family others are more sleazy. Slaughter Seven was a complex that broadcast celebrities and ordinary winners being hunted by android simulacra of seven of the worst killers in history. The seven changed but were selected by an AI and the hunted contestant through a simulated ruined apocalypse with a huge red sun. AI operating these just want to run contestants through the adventure. Some post-apocalypse AI have become nastier. Some historical or themed to a franchise or IP. Some for kids, youths, families, the elderly, religious, sadists or perverts. Some complexes even operated as therapy adventures. Some get hijacked or go mad and remove safety protocols 
88 Megamall arcology a huge multi-floor open space with hundreds of shops and apartments. A luxury habitat where rich play and shop. Some intact but most burned and rampaged in by cannibal gangs eating the rich. Often inhabitants were killed by contamination leading to undead or mutants. People fight over malls for the sealed treasure troves 
89 Aquadome a floating marine arcology (possibly a pyramid or ziggurat) with luxury living and shopping with various water-related entertainments of the rich. Sort of a luxury cruise ship city. Some have half sunk or been overrun by marine life. Some have settlers trying to reclaim or pirates use as a base. Many sealed areas and many are even bigger under the sea or tethered to seafloor industry. Some of these were independent city-states founded by cults or fringe groups but mostly the rich
90 Gaea Dome Garden - a paradise for the rich or for brief visits for the mob. Archology with sealed habitat and luxury apartments. Some systems are biological and utilise AI. Not al domes, pyramids, cones, highrise citadels and cubes were popular too. Some ruined and overgrown some still operating or recolonised or automated
91 Gauntlet where someone mimicking the strange death games of the apocalypse have made a giant booby trap-filled murder maze. Some were inspired by computer games or other themes but mostly gangland sadists. Some used to test recruits but mostly to torment victims for a safe audience. Quite a few of these have been overrun and destroyed by colonies uniting to put a stop to these death cult complexes. Each section may have wildly different hazards, audience participation and even boss monster to overcome or hunters paying on a turkey shoot to hunt humans for sadistic sport. Some might have some more sinister purpose
92 Great arc complex, a subterranean city for survivalists now overrun by gangs, mutants and worse. New areas are occasionally opened and various trigger happy looters and creatures will explore the space. Many have undead or synthetic defenders like androids or robots. Some may have fortified colonies of settlers
93 Starport where orbital and lunar shuttle services and high-speed close orbit transit operate from. Often public areas are cavernous waiting areas but there are substantial baggage areas, admin and staff-only areas. Multiple damaged wrecks are on the tarmac or still in launch silos. The centre AI is usually in the control tower or command bunker. Some vehicles could be salvaged or launched at least once to get to the treasure-filled orbitals in the sky. Often sites where gangs fight over loot areas
94 CItadel tower, a complete arcology in a single skyscraper often 50 stories or hundreds of stories, a self-contained living shopping and workspace. Few are intact and sealed, many have parts ruined and damaged and others intact. Some colonists reclaimed some ruins and repair them with scrap found in the site. Each had own power and AI and VIP suites tended to be the upper levels. Quite a few have been settled or held on to by survivors and somehow still operating despite constant decay. Some have areas overgrown. It's a whole world to explore and possibly dominate
95 Mutant shantytown near a bigger town where more obviously mutant outcastes live. Gangs and others often battle over crime and vice territories and many mutants sick of it join in the fights. Some severe mutants especially hide in subterranean tunnels or sprawling ruined mazes keep the least human ones
96 Necropolis is often around a graveyard, hospital or quarantine camp and includes adjacent wilderness or ruined urban sprawl where many undead live. People don't like fighting here but a brave and lucky gang can use the area to surprise enemies on the other side. Often some faction will try to use the undead territory as a buffer zone using walls or fences or secured tunnels. Most frequently graveyards come up and such areas are often riddled with the undead, empty or water-filled graves, broken coffins human remains
97 Area under influence of psychotronic weapons, possibly ancient warhead or some other sinister force often to keep people out. Most common such weapons cause fear, diarrhoea, hallucinations, sensations of burning and in worst cases turn victims into berserker cannibal killer beasts or turn them into soldiers of some ancient faction. Victims can be treated but keeping out of the area or removing victims is the best treatment if done quickly. Often covers some ruin or secret lab or base or bunker. Some come here to test if they can resist
98 A new complex or ruin has just been opened and everything is in good condition and every gang and state in our wants control sending in fighters. Fighting looters make areas havok fires may break out or automated security may awaken. Often industrial sites or gated communities. Can include contemporary scrap towns just fallen to invaders or abandoned
99 Huge bridge with inbuilt apartments and retail outlets and wharf facility. Some massive pylons may have whole ships tangled in them or islands of garbage. Some partly collapsed. Often a choke point for travel or just a good place to fight over
100 Huge craters still contaminated surrounded by the trash of collapsed buildings. Despite being so inhospitable its location makes crossing it an advantage and worth the risk briefly. Many may be inhabited by strange life or mutants. Various ring zones around the blast point have varied degrees of contamination and ruins. As centre clearest groups either side may spot each other from across it and start to fight 

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Get Rich Quick with the Dungeon Gleaners!

Dungeon gleaners are the clean up crews who take what is left of adventurers. Some luck out and leave with a trinket to solve their money worries such as a marriage ceremony and feast. Some just die or vanish mysteriously or obviously from some unfound horror left by adventurers. Some youths who do this get apprenticed to the crafters recycling dungeon fittings. A few go on to be lantern bearers or pole bearers for adventurers or even adventurers. Sometimes a local village will glean a dungeon left by adventurers and sometimes they find a secret door or a hidden treasure or forgotten evil. SOme operations keep a wizard or priest nearby for magical problems, usually, they are of the lower level 1-4 sort. These could be starts for beginning a campaign or a dungeon funnel for Lv zero starting characters.

So after adventurers leave the gleaners move in.

They first remove bodies or cover up dangerous and foul things, adding warning marks with chalk even barricading or building bridges or scaffolding for the experienced gleaners. 

They take easily carried away furnishings, then built-in items removable like doors. 

Then they go to work on valuables like any wood or metal they can remove and carry away filth for compost. Sometimes these things are too tainted and get burned instead.

Then they go to work removing bricks and cut stone systematically leaving supports behind they can set fire too as leaving so the place collapses. 

Sometimes new entrances are dug in or a hole is dug in through dungeon ceiling to be used as a garbage dump. Sometimes these dungeons can be turned into a mushroom farm or a wine cellar or other storage and sometimes the shantytown of workers stripping the place remain and build a village on top.
Sometimes gleaners are just villagers, sometimes they are miners, or merchants or itinerant work gangs, professional companies or guilds and sometimes adventurers get their followers to supervise such operations.

So with this given you can work in gleaners into your dungeon.

Someone wants to buy dungeon claim rights after adventurers leaving or celebrating in town.

Overzealous gleaners are lost in live dungeon not realising adventurers left just to rest and heal and recover spells.

An enthusiastic crew camp outside dungeon and set up a walled camp.

A noble has a claim on dungeon and demands all treasure given to him by law. He has arrived with own crew of gleaners from his estate. Usually this is before dungeon finished. They might cut a deal.

Perhaps a plague or mould from the dungeon is a problem later turning village gleaners into undead.

d12 Types of Gleaners
1 Local village youths looking for adventure and money for adulthood
2 Local villagers united to strip place for materials
3 Merchant clan or guild operation
4 Local nobility or mayor interested in easy profits
5 Thieves guild all pretending to be honest labourers
6 A professional salvage company that recycle and sell goods 
7 Scruffy gang of greedy hoodlums possibly linked to bandits or gang 
8 MIners who occasionally demolish a dungeon for easier work and better pay
9 A priest leads gleaners labouring as a part tithe to church
10 A wizard scholar runs a company of gleaners in hopes of finding documents
11 An adventurer company or followers hire local talent
12 Royal dungeoneering corp come to take kings due scraps

d12 Gleaners Motivations
1 Desperate and owes money (mob, church, bank, guild)
2 Wants cash to be free of obligations to family and home
3 Needs money to send to family
4 Bored and trapped by society seeks some adventure
5 Seeks opportunity for apprenticeship or service 
6 Wants to be seen as brave adventurer to boast in pub
7 Desperate to impress a potential mate or lover
8 Starving and desperate for any extra work
9 Looking for that one lucky find to get rich and run away
10 To steal as much as they possibly can grab for selves
11 Tired of current career and obligations needs a break or change
12 Secretly an evil cultist informing evil forces who want dungeon back

So go grab a Dyson map, tell a story of some adventurers or the law wiping out most of the monsters and send in the gleaners.

d12 Hazards on the Job
1 Trap has been left intact and not noticed till too late
2 Working on removing building materials causes cave-in
3 Workers have an injury using tools they are unused to
4 Vermin or parasites of some kind bother a few workers 
Workers are thriving bastards nicking everything they can 
6 Someone poisoned or diseased or cursed by something they handle
Bandits try to steal valuable dungeon filth 
8 A hidden monster or enemy kills workers, all in fear
9 New monsters enter by burrow or water or other sneaky means
10 Haunted by spirits making workers fearful of souls
 Cultists among the gleaners serve some other cause as informant and saboteur
A war band of allies of the old dungeon occupants arrive and unimpressed by people looking their friends 

d12 Rewards of the Job
1 Find a stash of coins
2 Find a secret door
3 Find a concealed treasure
4 Find collector's item surprisingly old to the trained eye
5 Find documents of value to experts
6 Find a possible treasure map or shown concealed level
7 Meet and impress a potential contact or employer  
8 Offered a new job  
9 Gain self-confidence or even overconfidence
10 Gain a reputation as a brave dungeon exploring hero
11 Named in a historic account of the gleaning 
12 Become a full-time adventurer with profits

Most gleaners will be 4-30 person crews with a wagon or cart, various tools and possibly a good knife and a spade or pick. Often in a crew there will be some with experience with crafters and at least one smarter person who can identify things or even read. A good leader and planner helps and a bard cant help to make nights more pleasant around camp fire,

d12 Odd side effects of gleaner life
1 Obsesivly sees any scrap as loot to store in shed
2 Develop an odd taste for dungeon or monster food or drink
3 Develops intense disinterest for living with normal folk
4 Ignores and works with disgusting things without complaint
5 Some interesting scars from that one time
6 Has a novelty trinket from one dungeon
7 Met members of a cult and initiated
8 Learned a cantrip while serving a spell caster on the job
9 Has ambition beyond a normal servile and modest life
10 Got married, had kids, happy to settle down
11 Used money or contacts or reputation to improve status at home
12 Became a proper adventurer with at least Lv1 in class 

Remember after wars bones and teeth might be collected even. After the Napoleonic wars England bought ground soldier bones for agriculture and dentures with real teeth became commonplace. In my post apoc games any stray meat goes into bio fuel.

Maybe next time adventurers return everyone looks better off and some using monster technology or new stone walls with recognisable dungeon idol chunks might be a thing. That fireplace might have engraved stone from the dungeon in it. Locals might carry goblin swords all cleaned up. Some might have bigger egos. Locals with a bit of wealth, experience and weapons might become more ungovernable or drive out bandits and humanoids with newfound courage and skills.

Gleaners might lead to all kinds of interesting adventures like looking in village houses for the three stones that make inscription of a spell or a map or poem. A village has some legacy of evil strike them because of dungeon gleaned a decade ago. Some think kills those carrying any remaining trinkets.

Reverse gleaning possibilities of course are your monsters have been doing this to the humans they harass in their territory and one reason monsters have so many human-made things.

d12 Petty monsters for Gleaners
1 Rat colony or insect swarm
2 Huge centipede or spider with d4 venomous bite
3 A stray dog or former monsters pet come home
4 Giant rat or bug 
5 Exploding mushroom d4
6 Kobold, goblin or other small angry humanoid
7 Bandit, theif or a cultist
8 Stirge or huge bat
9 Giant maggot or grub
10 Large dog sized toothed frog
11 Skeleton or petty small undead like severed hand
12 Poltergiest or petty spirit or imp

Friday, 17 September 2021

Post Apoc Locations 2 - Urban Ruins

So more tables for random locations for your treasure maps, hostages, gunfights or lairs. I might also add you can mix 2 or three into one and you can give them memorable names.

d10 Quick Location Types
01 Pre Fall Housing
02 Post Fall Housing
03 Services
04 Industrial
05 Retail
06 Leisure
07 Comunity
08 Vice
09 Science
10 Apocalypse

Urban Ruins Locations
01 Mansion estate or tasteless huge house often walled
02 Apartment complex or tower
03 Row of townhouses
04 Cul-de-sac of houses mostly intact
05 Haunted looking lonely old house alone
06 Burned out house ruin
07 Burned and collapsed apartment mounds of rubble and garbage
08 Ruined hotel complex often with pool and roof garden
09 Office block damaged with only rubble and burned structure
10 Office block with intact walls in fair condition
 Remains of shacks and recycled ruins with a crude wall compound
12 Shacks built on a section of highway or railway on pylons
13 Rooftop garden and shacks out of sight from the ground
14 Fortified damaged apartment buildings made by gangs
15 A trading post store operated by some merchants, secure or with hiding places
16 Caravan compound where merchants set up a fortified structure in ruins
17 Trailer truck wreck used as start of a shelter
18 Area full or abandoned tents and shacks and bodies
19 Watch tower formerly used by watch or sniper
20 Cluster of cargo containers used as shacks by survivors
21 School complex and grounds
22 Specialist clinic
23 Abandoned hospital ruin
24 Fire station wreckage
25 Police station ruin
26 Bus terminal or shelter
27 Train station for underground or monorail 
28 Townhall or council building or other local government
29 University or college campus
30 Community centre with gymnasium and or library
31 Ruined train wreck scattered over area among fallen pylons or partially in a tunnel
32 Aircraft wreck, possibly on the rooftop or embedded in a building or on street
33 Traffic jam with at least a hundred vehicle wrecks many with locked trunks and baggage and skeletons
34 Gravesite, possibly a morgue warehouse or open gravesite flooded with body bags floating
35 Damaged power stations often contaminated
36 Factory complex often damaged and picked over by scavengers and gangs
37 Industrial park with warehouses and piles of industrial wreckage
38 Canal or tunnel often full of garbage and vehicle wrecks
39 Sprawling garbage dump with vehicles and machines for recycling
Water purification station, sewerage recycling and city drains
41 Supermarket complex, vary from small to enormous warehouses
42 Shopping centre with supermarket and speciality stores
43 Shopping mall complex
44 Vehichle or robot show room
45 Warehouse complex hardware and garden store
46 Furnishing and home decoration store complex
47 Remains of a food court or multiple restaurants in the complex
48 Salvage yard where prospectors trade scrap
49 Specialty goods warehouse store
50 Courtyard of food trucks and minibars
51 Aquarium or zoo complex
52 Holographic game centre for faux combat
53 Go-cart racing track
54 Gymnasium complex for indoor sports
55 Park with statues and pond and a bandstand or war monument and playground
56 Overgrown botanic garden
57 Museum complex
58 Art gallery
59 Sports or entertainment stadium
60 Robot gladiator park
61 Army recruiting centre or barracks
62 Scouting hall for paramilitary youth groups or cadets
63 Private VIP club in a mansion
 Ruined church with graveyard
65 Political party office
66 Council office
67 Hall of a secretive fraternal order with weird paraphernalia
68 Church of major ancient religion and/or a graveyard
69 Cult headquarters
70 St Johns ambulances garage or cadet centre 
 Biker gang fortress
72 Drug lab in ruin
73 Faction stronghold or breach chapter house
74 Settlers farm compound
75 Black market where gangs and criminals trade dodgy or stolen goods
76 Slavers compound
77 Gang compound 
78 Drug den semi-hidden in a ruin
79 Gang battleground in badly damaged ruin ruin
80 Butchers yard where gangs massacre unwanted captives 
81 Cryonics mausoleum where frozen dead stored to outlive disease and mortality for a price
82 Emergency centre, from small checkpoint roadblocks to industrial-scale lab or bunker, most biohazard crews some dealing with mass terrorist and enemy mind control weapons 
83 Science Precinct of laboratory buildings, often highly secure and fortified
84 Synthetics Lab making androids, robots, cyborgs, AI or nanite oozes
Space lab controlling orbitals, satellites and planning colony missions
86 Bio Forge where food, transplant tissue or living creatures were created in with clone vats and bioprinters
87 AI Institure where experts communicate with research AI nodes
88 Spaceport where orbital shuttles come and go from
89 Global teleporter array and infrastructure
90 Hi-tech theme part with robots, androids and holograms operated by AI
91 Contaminated craters left by atomic. biological, chemical and psychotronic warheads
92 Area or battlefield ruins full of boobytraps, water-filled trenches, unexploded ammo, hostile robots and contamination
93 Area contaminated and crawling with undead, often still in apartments where they lived or places they worked. Some roving bands occupying ruins they can sleep by day
94 Area full of mutants and not the pathetic sad ones, but the tentacled infectious cannibalistic ones who lust for murder
95 Area occupied by animorphic abhuman gang who are protective of territory and wary of humans. Often occupy former human areas especially feral animals
96 Area overgrown with vegetation or fungus or even living mutant flesh, many unfamiliar perils lurk here while tribals know secrets of dwelling here
97 Dangerous military robot, borgs and androids guard this area killing humans on sight
98 Dangerous animals lair here and the local ecology is full of dangerous and giant mutants
99 A known ruined bunker abandoned long ago often used as a lair
100 A hidden advanced force here kill intruders and locals speculate they live underground in a bunker or sewers

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Post Apoc Locations 1 - Wasteland & Wilderness

So im playing video games sorry and being offline more. Am reading lots too so some more reviews coming and I got a few days ahead on writing.

So when making adventures you might need a location for something. It might be mentioned in a map or a prisoner might offer a cache stash for freedom. You might need a meeting place or a hideout of someone and possibly have some own atmosphere and mood. Whatever the case here they are. You could roll 2 or three times and combine them.

d10 Quick Location Types
1 Rural ruin
2 Farms
3 Tourist Attraction
4 Roadways
5 Bush
6 Wetlands
7 Desert
8 Rocky
9 Industrial
10 Tainted lands

d100 Wasteland & Wilderness Locations
01 Small shop and post office
02 Garbage dump with rubbish from many eras
03 Rusted and wrecked farm machines and vehicles in a field
04 Crude wooden shack surrounded by scrub
05 Ruined pub or hotel, often from colonial times
06 Oval with changing rooms, clubhouse with bar, tuck shop and sheds for groundskeeper and storage
07 School with several buildings, sports field and playground
08 Remains of scrap built a shantytown where mutants lived
09 Rural small hospital (12-30 capacity) often with a small airstrip for flying doctor service
10 Old church buildings with damaged roofs and a graveyard
11 Colonial farmhouse ruin, usually roofless and decayed
12 Settler farm shacks incorporating some repaired ruins
13 Ruined farmhouse with intact barn or sheds
14 Huge concrete water tanks or towers often with graffiti
15 Windmill with cattle troughs often attracts wild animals
16 Shed with old water bore pump
17 Shearing shed or dairy
18 Farm supply store in a large shed
19 Remains of wild fields and huge rusted and wrecked agromech
20 Fenced automated farm tended by robots behind an electric fence
21 Fairyland Village with animatronics robots living in mushroom cottages
22 Rangers shack often near the park entrance or on a hiking trail
23 Adventure playground now full of traps and critters
24 Caves with a tourist shack on top
25 Historic Mine with a shack on top and intact tunnels below
26 Tourist farm, specialising in some ancient produce like wine, chocolate, emus
27 Camping area with toilet and shower block with many camp sights
28 Aboriginal art site with remains of the tourist office, art gallery and prehistoric rock art
29 Tiny Town miniature village with miniature famous buildings, mini-golf, restaurant
30 Water park with pools, rides and water slides now decayed and vermin-infested
31 Ruined roadhouse or fuel station
32 Remains of a toll or truck weigh station with wrecked vehicles
33 Ruined motel complex
34 Huge billboard with fading advertising and campsite
35 Rest stop with campsite, map on a sign and ruined toilet block
36 Famous crossing where roads and or rail crosses
37 Highrise highway, often collapsed in sections, some even settles or with plants and animals
38 Transit tunnel for rail or ground cars through some obstacle
40 Bridge or overpass with wrecked vehicles and many hiding spaces or securable camps with limited access. Some bridges have hollow spaces used as bomb shelters
41 Thick scrub forest difficult to cross and undergrowth so thick
42 Gigantic gum trees often animals here or even a treehouse
43 Huge trees signs once used for native canoes or tribal markers
44 Pleasant tribal camp area with water and shelter from the wind and aeons of rock carvings
45 Burned area destroyed in a bushfire, now ghostly quiet and haunted
46 Remains of logging camp with wrecked forestry mecha
47 Fenced of former woodland wildlife park with cages and lots of sheds and ponds
48 Strange forest of eucalyptus trees that glows blue at night and give off strange fumes
49 Forestry reserve occupied by cloned pine trees and blackberry bushes
50 Area overgrown with titanic fungus growths and full of bugs
51 Waterfall with spectacular pool hidden by rocks and scrub
52 Marshland, bog or mangrove swamps
53 Bridge over water, mostly repaired over water
54 Rusted old iron bridge from 1890s, partly damaged over water
55 Salt lake seasonally flooded mostly surreal coloured salt crust over mud
56 Lake or river bend or beach with old holiday shack ruins
57 Ruined ferry crossing (might be in use)
58 Pleasant beach or river shore with rock pools and old warf
59 Billabong, part of river cut off forming pond, a favourite place for bunyips or camping
60 Huge wrecked marine vessels partially sunken, now overgrown and decayed
61 Sea of fine dust, white or yellow or red
62 Barren area with scrawny shrubs and skinny trees
63 Gigantic termite mounds like buildings
64 Cacti forest often mutant prickly pear or other varieties
65 Colourful desert flowers grow here and any rain brings forth spectacular colours
66 Broken rocky barren ground and loose red soil inhospitable to most life
67 Crater ancient missile attacks, contaminated, possibly a test range or miss
68 Huge skeleton of some mutant behemoth
69 Tribal campsite with water source hidden in rock outcrops if you know where to look
70 Sandy area with strange mounds and pits and burrows of some hazardous creature, mutant ant lions, moles, worms or some other menace
71 Old airfield with a small tower, sheds, wrecked aircraft and tattered windsock
72 Fenced off ruined military base, either damaged or pristine maintained by robots
73 Railway stations, often colonial buildings, some with various train sheds
74 Industrial complex for mining, agriculture or industry
75 Electrical substation or industrial solar battery
76 Caravan park with up to a hundred caravans and wrecked motorhomes
77 Wreckers yard with stacks of wrecked vehicles, robots and an aircraft. Also crushers, cranes and other machinery to strip wrecks, possibly working robots or wild dogs here
78 Pipeline once for water or gas or oil, often buried in actions or may have inspection points or crossings under roads or may have a walkway or pumphouse
79 Solar farm in barren flat land, semi-buried in sand
80 Wind farms in a windy area, hundreds of huge windmills
81 Quarry with machine wrecks and flooded pit
82 Open pit mine with tunnels and wrecked machines
83 Weathered canyon with limited entries
84 Toxic dump, fenced pit flooded with floating drums and strange colours
85 Spectacular natural rock formations a local landmark and colourful name
86 Cave complex or sinkhole into the deep
87 Cliffs and scrub where goats like to live, sometimes remains of native rock shelters or art
88 Area full of old mineshafts and rubble mounds, can be a hazard but often some underground dwellings or lairs
89 Collapsed sinkhole into an underground tube train tunnel that may go for any amount of distance. Long ago was a vacuum maglev train tube for hypersonic transit now a shelter for many creatures
Remains of a ruined prison built from prefab structures often ruined and covered in graffiti and fire damage
91 Concrete bunker with a rusted door
92 Aircraft or space shuttle crash site
93 Craters from ancient warhead strike, contaminated and strange coloured
94 Contaminated pool of strange coloured fluid, surrounded by stunted mutant plants
95 Remains of prison camp from prefab buildings and skeletons of polydomes and biohazard containment drums. Medical equipment and waste is plentiful
96 Remains of the military checkpoint with prefab buildings and an antenna and barricades
97 Ruined bunker complex with tunnels and exposed open entrance
98 Radar dish for defence and astronomy with control building
99 Large windowless building surrounded by fences and defence robots and dishes on top. An AI installation and formerly date security site may be intact or ruined
100 Battlefield contaminated and strewn in wreckage on bones, often dangerous mutants and scavengers lurk here and worse hazards

Look at this weird bug blogger did format-wise
Thankful fixed but I dad to cut and paste are remove all formatting which sometimes does other things I don't want. Tried to do again on new post opened up. Its like they want me to ragequit.

Are Undead Inherently Evil?

You see your undead granny and you know she would never hurt you, she just wants a kissy for granny.

So I like being fluid with ALignment for monsters. Evil aligned things in statblocks are just the typical ones that humans on the frontier meet at present. Hey maybe they are th most marginalised and desperate or perhaps they really are jerks. The typical members of a type might vary in culture, religion, experience and might surprise you. 

So most beast and living creatures are neutral interested in food and sex and babies and territory and more.

Alien planar beings and gods operate under classical alignment as strictly as they can which means fighting opposite aligned things and possibly each other for not agreeing on what their alignment should do. Alignment was made by gods its not really for the best interest of mortal life. They are about starting fights not preventing them. When you argue about the alignment that's the benefit, not the obstacle.

Undead Alignments
So yes undead made by evil priests and necromancers are probably constructs fueled by hungry anti-life darkness from beyond. But the undead might just protect their own tombs, or their descendants, or lawbreakers or other motives. Maybe they just want justice?

This could create many problems like a state building a road but some chaotic or neutral undead don't agree and sabotage the road. Priests might not always fight undead they might seek to negotiate with them or bribe them to go away. That undead eating people turn out to only ate bad rich people and gave their money to charity. Some undead might be lonely or want love or poetry or some nice trees or the graveyard cleaned up. If all our other monsters can be any alignment why not undead. Possibly an undead believes they are one alignment but the evil nature of their unlife makes them do terrible things then justify it. Possibly you could argue with such an undead and make it leave people alone or crave self-destruction.

Also I have this feature on my undead turning
-Good turn or destroy the undead
-evil command or enslave the undead
-neutral hold or make an undead return to their proper resting place

d10 Undead Alignments
1 Chaotic Evil - random sadism and violence for power and pleasure
2 Lawful Evil - seeking domination through ordered hierarchy and fear
3 Pure Evil - anti-life, death and destruction for its own sake
4 Pure Law - civilisation, discipline and order forever
5 Pure Chaos - freedom, madness, laughter 
6 Pure Good - serve life and help those in need
7 Chaotic Good - rebels against tyrants and powerful
8 Lawful Good - preserve life and the benevolent hierarchy
9 Balance - maintain cosmic harmony between law and chaos
10 Nuetral - defends interests of immediate self and own kind 

1 Chaotic Evil
Random sadism and violence for power and pleasure
These undead hate the living and long to snuff them out to join them
Many just want to eat living humans and torment them
More sophisticated ones have more elaborate torments for whole kindgoms
There doesn't have to be an endgame other than the end of everything
These are most often animated by evil spells made to corrupt the world
They engage in random acts of destruction to end the world
They are easily distracted by easier victims or oportunities
Some may be allied to demons or even be corpses animated by demons

2 Lawful Evil
Seeking domination through ordered hierarchy and fear
These undead seek to dominate the living by fear and force
Often for some higher power seeking to enslave or enthral for eternity
Some spirits just want justice or revenge no matter who dies in the way
Some might hunt grave robbers or corpse mutilators or certain sinners
Common sort usually obey masters will or programmed orders
Smarter ones are the masters and make servants to obey them
Bringing about a never-ending age of darkness in the ultimate goal
These will have a definite purpose and goals or contracts
Systematic and methodical in efforts to gain power
Some may be allied to devils or even be corpses animated by devils

3 Pure Evil
Anti-life, death and destruction to spread terror and suffering
These undead mean to persecute and torment all lesser beings
They are indifferent to own harm and pain so they inflict suffering on others
Often bide their time, ambush, use proxies or hostages for attack
Would rather curse, maim and scare victims than let them off easily with death
May use bait or hostages to lure more victims and maximise suffering
Improvises new plans and easily tepted by opportunity for more pain
Allied to evil daemons and negative spirits

4 Pure Law
Civilisation, discipline and order forever
Undead only care about law and may hunt the wicked or seek just revenge
Undead may be guardians or defenders of a necropolis or hunt defilers of graves
Direct and relentless in pursuit of enemies
May capture or kill enemies depending on the seriousness fo the crime
Locals may recognise and will avoid or aid or see as righteous
Won't allow anyone to stop their justified pursuit 
May warn or scare away any who get in way of targets
It May be constrained by an area of sacred ground
Only breach rules of the dead when other rules enable them
Allied to Arkon's of law

5 Pure Chaos
Freedom, madness, laughter 
Spread disorder, disrupt civility, no masters, no laws, no slaves
Will use fear and abilities to disrupt travel, communications, trade, government
More likely to skirmish than fight to destruction, raid and flee standard
Fight in an undisciplined manner, charge as an irregular mob, then usually break up and run
May attack infrastructure like buildings, bridges, roads, signs, graveyards
Mostly wander erratically causing problems, ranting, act on strange whims
Smarter ones may preach esoteric anarchy of undeath and ultimate freedom
Abuse mortals who deny chaos and eternal novelty and pleasures of undeath
Death cant tell me what to do and human law can't stop me from eating who I want
Robbing tombs of other dead to make own grave nicer
Allied to chaos daemons and chaos spirits

6 Pure Good
Serve life and help those in need
Cannot rest until the suffering of others ends
Have an important purpose with lives to save 
Fight evil and enemies of life otherwise shun violence or harming others
Prefer to scare or capture enemies into surrender and confess than die
May arise to help a holy place or town or clan then return to rest
Prefer to minimise the suffering of others
Scare foes away if possible for own good
Requires some evil to arise and act like protect descendants
Won't arise without some reason or great menace
Allied with benevolent spirits against evil

7 Chaotic Good 
Freedom, rebellion and fight tyranny
Rebels against tyrants and powerful evil and injustice
May arise if tyrants show excesses of law and evil
May arise to attack forces of hell 
May sometimes go for a walk just to check up on things
May arise to defend common folk from authority
May steal from rich or provide for the needy
May haunt areas to keep away the wicked from occupying
May shelter renegades from the pursuit by enemies
Might fall in love or desire the company of others
appreciate a party of a festival honouring them and leaving them treats
May desire a pretty thing owned by rulers

8 Lawful Good
Preserve life and the benevolent hierarchy
May arise to defend the good and just state or village
Arise against evil attempting to rob or defile the resting dead
Will haunt places defiled by evil to help curb influences of evil
May arise to punish an injustice while minimising harm to others
Protect graveyards from defilers and robbers and worse
May haunt wicked who killed them and try to make them face fair justice
May arise to punish a false leader only pretending to be good or lawful
Hate institutions mocking law and goodness like a cruel prison full of inocents

9 Balance 
Maintain cosmic harmony between law and chaos
May arise if law or chaos out of balance and will try to aid the underdog
May arise if too much law and chaos and will seek to remove both
May arise if area overcome with invaders, bandits or chaos warbands
May arise if area overcome with petty pointless officiousness
Aid or support agents of the cosmic balance
Maybe angered by extremists of any kind threatening the local balance
Don't want to be disturbed happy resting as dead should

10 Neutral
Defends interests of immediate self and own kind 
May arise to aid descendants or legacy left behind
May want to return stolen grave goods or protect own clan graves
May protect locals from harm or changes they don't like
May ignore the plight of strangers or troubles don't affect them
May seek more grave goods by theft or extortion or robbing enemy graves
Might just hang around graveyard socialising with other dead
Mostly shun the living unless bribed or have important plea and are kin
See intruders in grave areas as fair game to rob and punish
Might be hungry and just eat you without malice

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Post Apoc Caravan Companies

More reviews coming including fat bundle of Midderlands stuff (id consider only a playable setting in print). The most recent Broken Hill game was good and ran my police station adventure. Cyber-Wizards sharing spell software which is always expanding their abilities early on like other classes don't. Working on armouring and arming their car.

Follow up to last post these companies are bigger with a regular crew and mercenary guards. Many have warehouses in some of bigger towns and have deals on their trade routes. Most of these more organised ones are based in a major trade town and have a regular route that includes broken hill. Bigger caravan companies have more diverse staff and vehicles they can mix up on missions so even if you know the company flag you may not see the same crews every time. Smaller companies are more like trading nomad families.

Im thinking of one more table for other non trade caravans like a circus, missionaries of a cult next. 

d12 Caravans
1 Magpie Freight Co - a family business with giant mutant wombat pulled wagons and the whole crew with muskets and black powder grenades. The leaders usually have some more advanced scrap built cartridge firearms. A friendly family who adopt foundlings and are notoriously loyal. Mostly operate from Broken Hill to outer Adelaide where they operate their own fortified trading post. The wombats are notoriously deadly and trample enemies and crush them with their buts. The square wombat poop the caravan sell as fuel and fertiliser. They will hire additional mercenaries on some routes with superior firepower if needed. Each caravan has pet magpies that alert the caravan to danger
2 Uluru Trade Mob - a mix of tribal baggage carriers from the centre of the continent often with pows and spears and a few rifles and muskets. On foot carrying bales of goods and pack camels they are notoriously slow but navigate the worst deserts and the hostile tribe's others cannot. A third of the mob dress and operate non-traditional dress and prefer guns and somehow they seem to get along. Trade with tribals including animal and plant products but seek to get basic scrap goods to return home to Alice Springs. Often other tribals travel with them through their own territory and the caravan can grow quite large by the time it reaches Broken Hill. Attacks on them get all the tribes hostile and out for revenge so raiders don't bother them much. A few animorph beast abumans of native animals are in any band
3 Gifted Trading Co - a mutant operated caravan most armed with scrap melee weapons and basic firearms. Most all covered in wrappings and wear masks, gasmasks and goggles. They are mostly unwelcome to stay in towns but prefer it with their own kind. Often stop off at mutant colonies and trading towns. They are barely tolerated by some places and avoid some stops where bad things happened. They are the cheapest freight available but people don't talk about using them. They also can cross some of the worst tainted regions others cannot and will assemble extra mutant guards to cross these hellish places. If you were not a mutant to start with people say going on route with these guys will make you one. They don't seem to have one base or owners and seem quite anarchic yet cooperate in adversity. Often have bizarre mutant pack animals
4 Slaver Caravan Co - these once raider punks became more involved in the slave trade and gave up their gangways to become a company of human flesh peddlers. They use mutant oxen to pull cage wagons of slaves in chains and their supplies. Often a caravan will have a few bikers for scouts or even a buggy. All are former gang members and their mercenaries are non-guild unknowns seemingly recruited from the worst gangs. May kidnap people on the way or buy unwanted people from locals. Some placed refuse them entry and they may stay with local bandits instead. They will rent out their unfortunate prisoners on the way if they can. All armed with homemade brutal weapons with extra spikes and serrations. Operate over South and East crossing places considered too lawless by others. Each caravan has own clan name
5 Amazon Exporters - an all women merchant company that deliver freight and employ 4WD trucks, bikes and busses. Many use archery but some of their best guards will have rifles and automatics. They are rather fearsome punks who prefer dealing with women only. They brutally will kill bandits and may pass through their camps deliberately. They have been setting up colonies in major trade towns and ruins and may lease out mercenaries. The sisterhood will adopt found children but exile males at 13. Sometimes they seek mates but they also seem interested in ancient reproductive technology. Many commoners are fearful and respectful of their visits
6 Muhummad Traders - a camel based service crossing the worst wastelands, many Afghan descents and tribals work this service that crosses the country wastelands. Claim decent from colonial-era camel trains and most Islamic and preserve various middle eastern traditions like food and dress. Many dozens of clans operate this service and most have swords, knives, muskets or rifles and are expert riders of their mutant camels. These caravans come from distant lands and may have spent months on the road living harshly. Famous for hospitality and the best service to travel with to faraway cities bordering the sand seas. They have good relations with tribals who they often visit and both fight bandits and raiders from ruined areas
7 Cosmo's Space Out Caravan Service - wandering clans of ferals, crusties and hippies often using wagons pulled by mutants or busses powered with biofuel plants. Famous for partying, drugs and vegetarian feasts they do good business despite locals worrying about their kids. Sometimes they stay on farms and work seasonal labourers who take and process and trade the food they helped make. Some operate their own farms. Respectable settlers always frown when caravan comes and may keep their youths indoors the entire time. They also attract raiders who seek to rob and enslave them or just come to their awesome parties. It turns out many members were veteran gangers who joined up to escape gang life. Have a surprising amount of tribal weapons and automatic firearms while preaching non-comital friendship. They also may include mutants and beast abhumans and even plants. Each band will have one ambulant trifrond-cannabis hybrid plant kept safely and sometimes herd them in large numbers might be mustered to a location for processing. It is said Cosmo is an intelligent one of these plants now root-bound and immobile in a huge shed tended by worshipers
8 Adelaide Trader Co - formed by an alliance of sunken swampy Adelaide ruins who trade to domes of the west to Melbourne and Sydney. Have some surprising amount of tech and operate from a large bunker complex by a council of founding family members. Employ own armed guards many with printed plastech firearms and armour. Have express convoys with a truck and several escort vehicles but most employ giant mutant koala wagons. Those loyal to them are given access to printed weapons and the promise of living in a bunker
9 Melbourne Market Traders - formed from the great scrap markets of Melbourne traders they made caravan to Sydney, Adelaide and Broken Hill. Wagons were built of scrap, hauling scrap and defended by soldiers with recycled armour and weapons. Though, resourceful and will pass through ruins to loot on the way. Communicate via radio and will earmark locations for business or looting. Occasionally will have a ground car or some bikes or buggies as scouts and escorts. Some even use scrap drones or ultralight aircraft that can be kept on a wagon. Closer to home they operate truck convoys and excavation machinery to mine ancient treasures. Many experienced with exploration and ruin crawls and very effective fighters 
10 Sin City Traders - formed by gangland crime clans who claim to rule the ruins of Sydney. These gangsters turned merchants are quite dangerous and feared by the wasteland gangs. Snappy dressers and well-armed with cartridge firearms, submachine guns being in every squad. Aggressive traders, they often offend others and use stand over tactics. They also offer credit and then are your business partners for life.  They even employ hitmen to eliminate problem bandit leaders or business rivals. Often try bribery and spreading vice where ever they go. They look for weaknesses they can prey on like drug addiction. Like to insult dumps build from salvage and claim to be more civilized and cooler than everybody. Often get into petty fights that can lead to massacres. They keep track of every gang whose territory they cross over many states. They actively seek to spread corruption and influence 
11 Blood Eagle Traders - formed from biker gangs of Mildura who throttled the drug and local slave trade who now have taken up trading. They produce goods from their slave plantations and distribute over several states. Most in a caravan use mutant anima wagons with an escort of motorcycles with well-armed biker guards. Most workers are in fact slaves owned by the bikers. They regard Sin CIty, Cosmo's Caravan, Slavers and other rivals as bitter enemies and they will sabotage them. Possibly they might even recruit local gangs to eliminate rivals. They also just hate mutants and tribals talking animals and robots because they are racist. People don't like dealing with them but they sell quality food and sometimes are the only reliable service. They are in fact a weird death cult with brutal initiations who seek conquest and worship demons
12 Chicken Attack Caravan - in certain places hover delivery trucks deliver processed long life self-heating chicken dinners to worshippers who build holy shrines and these caravans of missionary traders are a copy of this cargo cult. Wagons pulled by various huge mutants cross the wasteland with very polite uninformed traders trading their chicken dinners and faith. These meals are a luxury and they do get some hungry converts but many are wary of letting them set up a shrine-caravan or temple restaurant. Mostly they do best to improvise ancient dress and manners but more and more caravans include a hover-sledge or robots or chicken abhuman guards with energy weapons. The faithful may commune with their AI God CAPON if they are worthy. CAPON also might hire mercenaries to eliminate threats that attack caravans. Rival food vendors outside the cult have a mutual dislike for each other

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Post Apoc Lone Traders

So on the road merchants are fairly common encounters especially at various camp sites and even in settlements. Many towns have converted old rail sheds into caravan stops, even merchants caravans often support these endeavours. So here are a d12 lone traders and will do d12 caravans next. Caravans operate more like a business with many employees, hired guards and more. These loners mostly are alone but may also act as guides, escorts and even take passengers. These characters can be met regularly on roads and make good contacts.

d12 Lone traders
1 Pappy Scraps - carries a large backpack trading with various prospectors and mostly trading in scrap and gets left alone by non-psychotic bandits who have come to know him. He knows lots of road stories and local prospectors and has visited several ancient coastal capital cities. He drinks only tea not grog as he wont risk not being alert. Once a year he gets a fancy bath in a trading town. With his old hat, beard and goggles he is easily recognised. Has a single huge loaded backpack 
2 Trader JoJo - a young trader who still takes some risks with her dog Billi. She is just getting the hang of the routes and is usually covered in wrappings to conceal her appearance and look poor. She carries a few molitov incendiaries and a scrap SMG and a crossbow and hates bandits who killed her family. 
3 Doc Abby - wandering healer trading in medicine, doctoring and ingredients. Quite a few towns let her stay for free and provide her with a stove and a shack to brew more meds. Bandits have tried to kidnap her to make narcotics and she has avoided this so far by luck. She offers good prices but is a bit crotchety as her services are always in demand. She trades with local healers and is essential to trade route medical supplies. She also trades with tribal folk and beast folk. She dislikes the healer cult for its religious elements. She uses a small cart occasionally when loaded up which slows her a bit
4 Trader Boon - deals in scrap but also in old scrap built weapons he makes when he stays in a town and uses local equipment. He leaves a few guns in return and also carries an assortment of bullets and knives. He always carries a few surprises and has killed many bandits whom he happily loots for extra stock. He has a bit of a deathwish and will even attack bandit camps preemptively and even takes a few heads for bounties of famous criminals. Plenty of angry enemies know of him and want revenge. Has mutant green donkey named Charley
5 Bluey Tucker - a trader who deals with tribals and ferals for exotic plants and animal products to civilisation. Occasionally these peoples have rescued him from some predicament. He travels light and near-naked with metre long ginger dreadlocks, beard and tattoos. His goods require little space and he always has a d6 dingos that come and go as they please and are well behaved in his presence
6 Latoya Star - operates a ground car interceptor for high-speed treks between ruined cities. WIll sometimes take one or two passengers and usually goods dependant on speed. Most trips she comes into bloody conflict and she takes delight in finishing off wounded bandits with her machete. She stops in quite a few towns and never uses isolated campsites. A few favourite towns she uses for fuel and repairs. Her car Black Beauty has a 5.56mm machine gun and smoke emitter and she carries a few pipe bombs and a sawn-off shotgun
7 Old Marge - pushes her trolley and several cats across the wastes, wearing clothes made of scrap. When she sits still most think she is a pile of garbage. She often deals with old garbage dump prospectors and buts their luckiest finds to gigger centres. She is quite canny and most of her goods are just scrap but she carries a few high tech electronic components. She actually has a knack for electronic repair and listens to the radio on her travels. She sometimes employs a few scrap built gadgets like a ground radar alarm for camping and even crude land mines
8 Old Barney - is a well-liked trader known for his drinking and wide wanderings. Originally a swagman itinerant worker, he took up trading on the side and never looked back. He usually has a giant mutant bearded dragon for a pack animal names Sammy. He is well known for trading in booze, tobacco and narcotics and bringing in feral orphans into towns. If anything happened to him these various orphans would hunt for him and seek revenge
9 Bug-Eye Bill - a scrap trader and under his wrappings, goggles and beard he is a mutant. He trades between mutants shanty towns and civilised people who shun them. He uses various giant bugs in his travels like a giant dung beetle for a pack animal and a few carab beetles or a giant mantis as a guard. He jokes his gal mantis is available for loving but don't lose your head. While a bit odd he brings in many rare scrap items and edible locusts from mutants who farm them. Honeyed locust skewers are his favourite and he often sets up his stall and wares and sells snacks when he visits a town. Won't stay indoors in a human town preferring to be outdoors and sing to insects
10 Bullwart Glumpkin - a cane toad trader, ex-soldier left in some wet season war decades ago. Bullwart carries his packs stoically across the wastes and despite his kind being unpopular he manages to sell quality weapons and goods he loots from his old army caches. Other can toads working for the army still hate him and seek to try him for desertion and thievery. He is notoriously well-armed and most don't know he poisons his bullets with his own toxic secretions. He is friendly because it's good for business and survival but prefers to be alone in one of the secret burrow caches he leaves along trade routes. He has killed and eaten many bandits with his commando training and resilience
11 Clara Kalooey - a small sparkly lady wanders the waste with her loyal military android companion Chaka. As she is safe she is surprisingly optimistic and unaffected by the usual melancholy and despair common to wasteland wanderers. She gets along with mutants, tribals, animal abhumans and all sorts who initially feared her laser rifle-armed android. She has a wide variety of quality scrap and exotic plant and animal parts for craft and medicine. Many fear the android at first but it has remained loyal and seems resistant to human killer viruses that brought down humanity
12 Diesel Jo - drives a slow-moving traction engine with a big load of scrap and a machinegun. The vehicle is so slow he occasionally goes to sleep driving or if in a fight he can let it go forward and man the guns. It mostly does 16 kph but can go 40 pm when cranks up the engine with special fuel. Collects roadkill and dead bandits or zombies for his biofuel converter. Friendly to travellers and always after a deal, will make tempting offers with his wide range of goods if you have something he wants. May take passengers he knows preferably only one or two but once had a dozen militia ride it to attack a bandit camp

Review & Comparisons of Underground Aventures Old & New

Playing fallout 4 sorry so posting infrequently. I didn't have DLC before.
Plus I have Tadpoles I'm rearing to distract me.
Playing several games which is nice.
Using years of old stuff so not much urge to make new stuff.
Another review shortly.
Post on undead of all alignments and post apoc traders coming

Underground and ruin exploration was always an interest of mine and was my gateway to dnd (Brit Juve historic horror fantasy tv and books too). The dungeoneers survival guide wasn't what I expected. Not really dungeons but about caves and vast subterranean worlds which was better as I loved steam era SF Journey to the Centre of the Earth and At the Earths Core. It takes the gygaxian ideas in the D series modules and expands them to vast kingdoms. 

Since then we have had a few other works of note and most recently the new Survivalist's guides.  

Dungeoneers Survival Guide
Shadow Elves & Hollow World for Mystara
Veins of the Earth
Operation Unfathomable
Survivalists Guide To Spelunking

Dungeoneers Survival Guide
This was the only book from my original D&D collection I purged in early 90s and have mostly recovered (updated my want page). I have ones I most want now and drive-through versions are fine. I kept this book as it had useful stuff that wasn't in any of my D&D gear and I played just Cthulhu, RQ and TSR MSH Marvel for over 20 years. I got back into D&D 2012 as it known by name to get players when I had not played a while and because it has easy record keeping in the form of monster stat blocks. 

Anyway, I had gone from basic D&D to advanced mixing them a bit and AD&D to me peaked 85 with non-weapon skills and basic DnD gazetteers had skills too. Oriental Adventures and Dungeoneers Guide were my favourite books. OA as time went on seemed flawed but I disagree with an opening on that book and think lots of abilities should have been in the occidental world also and not about specific ethnicity. OA was gateway as a teen to better stuff and I really don't think Samurai culture is so wonderful even if it has some nice aesthetics sometimes. So Dungeoneers book won out as the one book I kept.
This book has lots of nice art, some hark back to 79 style module art and some more contemporary and I like it quite a bit as between several eras. It has one artist I didn't like so much but mostly classic DnD. The mapping stuff dealing with isometric maps in vogue at the time, a guide to making geomorphs is good too. The Underdark as detailed here was amazing to me and I used it in my games for a long time and inspired my later and current ideas. So I kept this book for certain sections but I found it a constant well of inspiration and still do. I was 15 at a time so was the perfect target group for current TSR,

The overview section has great illustrations and guides to cave types. Movement rules that should have been core to the game, like how far you can jump, climbing rules, etc. Cave in rules for using a rock to mud on roofs of caves was thrilling - keep rolling to see if collapse continues until it stops is good dice drama. The skills section was great at the time bit petty -2 Stat roll on this seemed petty and why I just don't like lots of petty mods. Environmental survival stuff is great. Mining rules Id probably still use and fed into campaign building and domain play of higher level. The DM section has more lore which came to be the underdark of later products but here leans more into gygaxian and lacks the over detail of later works. Like current Midderlands, it describes a skeleton and you can detail it as you like. As a setting its inspirational and loose enough you can do stuff with it nit feel blocked by official lore. 

The culture section is more of this setting basics and there are 31 megacaves described as part of a multi-levelled system under a fantasy city. Waterdeep came to be more like this in print but this was a generic fantasy city and you could drop it under your city. There are story ideas and DM tips for the campaign too. 

So basically I love this book and give it 4 stars. I think today its worth a look but so many assumptions of the Underdark in D&D was here independent of forgotten realms. It probably would have worked better in Greyhawk and the vice of modules written over six years before it. Today its less essential work for rules but more about adding the flavour of the cave crawl. Dungeons, caves, ruins and wilderness are four of the big environments in game. I never read the wilderness guide as it seemed to repeat lots of content and making people suffer in wilderness gets boring faster than caving. If only Ad&d did a book in this style on cities as environment with geomorphs, mapping tips, social skills and interactions and some of DMG content but coherant.  

Shadow Elves & Hollow World for Mystara
Ive reviewed both before and these are more an honourable mention. So after you get really deep in your 80s DnD world these products offer new vistas. The Hollow earth book is pretty good and is basically a lost world using fairly classic hollow-earther theory and maps as a fantasy setting with Greeks, Egyptians and Aztecs inside and dinos and cave people. They go into some interesting detail but the framework is so generic on the genre you could chuck more stuff in here and be more gonzo than mere Edwardian pseudoscience cults and pulp. If you are so on genre anyone could make a similar setting without seeing yours from reading same pop culture you need to be weirder. Maybe Darksun might be a good hollow world but this box set (or book on drive-through) is an ok starting point. Blackmoor style technology would be great.

Shadow Elves details a great chasm area under the city of Glantri one of the D&D known world Gazetteers. It is a race of thanking Lolth not drow so you could stick their interesting civilisation described in beautiful art in any underground area ad-hoc or deliberately under the campaign. It has links to remnant ideas of Blackmoor and Glantri with a magical reactor from a crashed spacecraft the source of radiance and a school of magic. The elves here are different to D&D basic elves. I like these gloomy big-eared derp elves and they are refreshing. I like Gygax drow into demon porn and drugs and slaves vs the current drow engaging in light consensual bondage in Mad Mage Dungeon. I like drow as having jet black shiny skin with white hair and purple eyes not like any humans ever. I'm not into all must be evil trope but their main best-known civilisation is. But If you want to not deal with the legacy of Drow problems these shadow elves might be worth a shot. Personally, I'm all for every bunch of elves you meet being some weird alien freaks claiming to be the one and only proper elves.

Veins of the Earth
So this brings us into the modern era and Patric Stewart's Bible of cavern adventures. I have discussed this before and written things directly inspired by it. Basically, this takes underground exploring to a new extreme. I would use for the deepest darkest lower caverns with most prehistoric remnants, older than known civilisations or humans. This book is a very rare thing for an rpg I describe as a work of art. Not in the sense of the art of game design but as a book with outstanding art and writing that is physically beautiful. Actually, I dislike the art has come from a brit comic realism studio workplace but here it is evocative, violent and shadowy so it works. Text and art and book as an artefact all work.

It starts with monsters. These are weird and evocative and scary and weird. Some are alien and might fit in an SF or horror rpg. If you need nightmare entities and or beings of darkness there are amazing ones here. After monsters, we get darkness itself a topic and environment. Light as a currency and resource is detailed. It is quite complete but surprised no luminous dried deep-sea fish which really were used in mines. Light as a currency is interesting. Sections on getting lost, exploration, encumbrance and climbing in detail. The next section details mapping, cave generating and sample caves and flavour. Provides good symbolic notation systems. These are also weird magic items, flavour text generators, dark spells you find in the deep long forgotten by the surface. It also has a sample complex generated using the book. 

It is specifically Its own thing and not like other products here or part of D&D depictions of cave crawls. It is oozing with flavour and resource horror of early D&D dialled up to 11. If you wanted to use it in your regular game with an Underdark use this for the deepest oldest strangest caves or the deep or drop in things from here time to time when people are too comfortable with the alien environment. Aboleth fit in here well strangely. Old weird mindflayes full of mystery might work, modern overdeveloped ones nope. You can run this as given or use it for adding flavour or the worst places in your Underdark or pilfer titbits of prehistoric esoterica in some dungeon. Using a bunch of this after tunnels of glum gnomes and highway tunnels and shops would be a good contrast. If I ran a gritty historic fantasy D&D I might just use this as given to contrast with regular D&D expectations. 

Operation Unfathomable
This is a very different flavour and is different from the above products. It is also one of those works with great comic book pulp and grunge art synergising with text. It is full of gonzo strangeness. So much so you might want to steal bits from this and spread them out. Lots of interesting races and beings to meet. You could possibly talk through quite a bit or just witness strange stuff a tourist sty;e gamer will enjoy. In its native setting, it's just a typical strange cave I presume. For a one-off mini-campaign as given would be a few sessions of strange and memorable play but you wouldn't drop it say in most published settings as-is. Very pulp and weird in a more playful and less horrible than Veins of the Earth. Lots of weird races and encounters you could use elsewhere but some might need more work to fit into other genres. 

There is a players guide I've not got. This would fit fine with other Hydra Cooperative game stuff.

Survivalists Guide To Spelunking
So this is the new one partly credited to Douglas Niles. I guess its a spiritual successor to the Dungeoneers Survival Guide. As a book it is an impressive artifact. My postie asked my why so heavy. Solid binding with thick glossy paper. Solid but musta hit post costs somewhere. The cover is nice but some people would look hard for fantasy and might think it a real book on real spelunking. It's an attractive book to touch. It has lots of good art evocative of original. It has lots od tiny spot illustrations on page bottoms with various characters in very dnd situations that reminded me of gutter art in mad magazine. They are quite appealing as art but the anecdotal writings in games not my thing. Many illustrations will inspire ideas to drop into a ad-ho cave trip. Basics of survival and darkness are brief. Has some good detail on cave types. The Undererworld (referred to here and physically comes close to hell) as a whole chapter very similar to Dungeoneers entry. Has some novelty climbing technology ideas. It has a chapter on a momentum system I wont touch including 5th ed feats using it, this merges into initiative, spellcasting which goes on for 11 pages, then chase rules follow from last bit, and its quite a major game rule and complexity ad on.  Mapping is briefly touched and survival chapter has good camsite and foraging tables. Has section on lighting technology that is fine and some additional hazards and influence of the darkness. Elaborate breathe holding rules for quite a few pages. Im only interested in rules that simplify game not make more complex. A large section on underworld hazards. I kind of like the damage per level guide tables which dive for each character level what is minor and major damage and saving throws I do like. Hazard section has good ideas and tables but wants number crunchy systems I guess to help you make game balance and with lots of permutations. 

One of the best elements of this book is especially by the end is tables. Lots of flavours here and there are in the last sections' tables to cover elemental planar influence and hazards. A great campsite table with problems and benefits. Foraging and hunting tables for various regions of underworld from fungi jungle or water cave. Borderland of hell encounters, fungal infections, hyperthermia, crystal and darkness influences.

So If you played DnD5 the extra rules might or might not interest you. Most of the book is not too system-specific. It does touch lots of topics. Sometimes I feel they could be grouped in better chapters rather than flipping between survival stuff and other stuff. All planar and influence and hell stuff could have all been the same section. There are good ideas and art is inspirational and plentiful. It hints at ideas in some above works but doesn't have a strong setting feel. There are no cultures detailed here at all despite hundreds of pics of mushroom people doing interesting things. So feels more like wilderness and without the stratigraphic approach to history as you get deeper.

So the tables and the art are the main assets here and the book is one of the most impressive artifact in own right. It feels nice and some paper I find repulses me to the touch even If I liked the PDF). I got this book in hopes of adding to the flavour of the original Dungeoneers book. It doesn't tug my heartstrings and a fair amount of text seems overly crunchy and I like crunchy realism quite often but not so much in my D&D. To add some new ideas onto other underdark stuff there is some good stuff for exploring and ideas for underground environments. The tables would help. The darkness vibe isn't as nasty as Veins of the Earth but is there and has some juice. I like the planes and hell borderlands stuff most. Of course, as I have written many of my own tables this book I would use the hunting and foraging contents too. The quality is high my main problem is some of the complexity that feels like 80s AD&D. The lack of culture and civilisation and not going full-on horror makes this underworld kind of quiet and I don't know why I would go there. Like the illustration, it seems to detail what a wandering dwarf surviving and prospecting and hazard-based obstacles over violence. Some topics it talks to many other ideas are hinted at and not taken further. It does straddle the old and new DnD vibe. Id recommends looking through it before buying to see if you would use it. I will use tables if I get to run a good underground campaign. Its a fairly good book but Im not sure If it really is like the original Dungeoneers guide even if it covers similar territory. The Crystal stuff as given is interesting but would only be a small % of magic crystal stuff. I guess this book hasn't changed anything for me and while would tweak some campaign stuff it wouldn't really influence or change anything.

A small more indy book on Drive-through POD I got when I got skycrawl. It makes detailing underground journeys rather than building a whole world look appealing as a method. Has some fungus fun effects, a simple resource system, generating weird one use races and random caverns, flavour text tables, simple campaign ideas and more. It does more in 58 pages than many other books do in 300 pages. It favours a simple creation system you can build up as needed on the fly easily.  It has fresh ideas I will use and examples ready to use or snatch.

Finally Notes
As caving a favourite D&D campaign setting of mine I have enjoyed all the above products and you could mash them all up. The tone in all these products is quite different. There is some replication of rules and ideas. Some are complimentary some wouldn't work freely together. 

I think using Dungeoneers guide for your close to the surface worlds levels and Veins for the deepest ones with less human and ancient inhabitants. I like the Gygax story of evil cultures driven underground and mutated. I want baroque evil kingdoms and fungus jungles. I have written a campaign where parties move a civilian population through an underground kingdom to safety - do they get out or do they settle down in the deep? One day hope to use it, possibly after Slavelords A1-4 they flee underground with the free slaves as has surface apocalypse. I also have a huge chasm complex under the sea between two major landmasses you can cross without a ship. It has islands on the surface connected also. I have run it and would like to revise - as was published I agreed to hold off for a few years so on my to-do list and lots in my Goblin Mine book.