Friday 28 June 2013

Back to BX

Sorry not much here of late - working and arthritis increased so Ive been sleeping as much as possible. Net a bit wonky too which doesn't help. Started my d100 towers but has gotten very detailed and sloooooow so i will put on hold and write bit by bit. Brain not up to table haiku or thinking much at moment.

Recently i traded Coc blood brothers 1 and players companion for 1981 editions of Dungeons and dragons. I have been using Cyclopedia version.

Some stuff i will go back to:

Ive spoken of a few monsters in a previous blog but i like brevity in BX DnD

Encumbrance and movement rules - the cn measuement seems odd - 10 coins in a pound? I think gurps used 500 coins a pound or kilo which seems better. But i do like basic idea that armour is the big killer for encumbrance even if not realistic. Well made full plate so much better for mobility than chain with some plates added. But basic idea and having vaguer ENC system i liked as a basis. I will find my own weights and costs of stuff though. Interestingly str doesn't effect how much you can carry.

I like keeping class=race. Keeps other races as special, makes them rarer outsiders of their own race and humans. I like fairly traditional races but as i said earlier i have had no halflings played since 80s in any of my games. Dont really care for race limits.

I am impressed by brevity - 27 pages covers most of everything in basic book.

Intelligence affects your literacy which is nice and could have been meaner. Languages matter in my games plenty - players always keen to learn more.

I still cant believe how much we got out of 4 pages in expert book on adventures and castles in 80s.

Reaction bonus from charisma is gross - having monsters join you in "enthusiastic friendship" sounds really handy.

Ive never been able to read the name of land: Specularum without sniggering

I had forgotten how good oil and holy water are in these editions - its like i never read rules properly ever.

Rereading magic sword tables - what if whole party played magic weapons with peons to carry them?

Gnomes here so similar to dwarves why bother

DnD Next...
Did look at a new dnd testpack i was shown. Actually looks simple. Wizards seem least changed with no special abilities beyond spells. Monks now shoot fire. Druids shape shifting interesting and gross spells. Clerics interesting but lots space needed for religions which could have been briefer. Also having multiple holy powers interesting but i think one power and some spells is fine. Id rather more cult specific spells. I think i prefer simple character classes on 2 pages tops with many of the special abilities here could be for varied classes and available to others. Paladin too close to cleric i wouldn't bother. Barbarian and ranger didn't excite me much. Backgrounds are too in depth. Skill system, yet another one and then countless feats and class abilities on top. I got some ideas i liked and it looks playable and ill probably look at final product and perhaps play but i wouldn't run it. The art will be the killer or winner for me. While I admire pathfinders look i find it a bit overwhelming and over the top. I would happily employ jim holloway myself. If anything I would like to see more realistic art like osprey militaria books and angus mcbride over comicbook/animae/console game look.

I may have another crack at my emo basic book tonight

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Interview about my other secret life

Interview with me about my career in urban vandalism and toon octopuses

konsumterra on flickr has thousands of pics of me

and while im at it here is a d6 table of Australian news headlines so i never need to care again

roll a dice for Australian news 1d6
1 = leadership crisis
2 = miners wont pay crisis
3 = shock sport scandal
4 = refugees and immigrant crisis
5 = Julia the PM is terrible
6 = party politics bitch fest crisis

roll a dice for Australian current affairs tv story 1d6

1=shonky next door neighbors

2=shonky tradesmen
3=celebrity scandal
4=medical tragedy
5=kids in danger
6=touching animal story

I am reminded i had tv content generators for dozens of max headroom/running man/robocop type media for my cyberpunk game on a single A4 sheet. Also used in my superhero rpg. Will try to find. Also a huge list of evil corps i should find.

Other upcoming ideas include drugs for fantasy, weird science and sf games. Expanded versions of old tables from only d20 or d50 to full d100. Have printed out pdfs from my own blog and others and compiled for in game resource.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Gamelog: From rich to ruin in Schädel Port

Our Players
all 5th level

Andy as Lynden the Druid school Bard with his new magic lute, keen to test his new bard hypnosis powers. With his GF Bambi the thief and faithful Dwarf bodyguard BarBar. Used bard powers today more than any other time. Now serves the balance and goodness. Has recently shifted alignment from all these pure cosmic law guys he hangs with to being against law or chaos.

Matt as Forest the drunk monk martial arts master, who actually heals by drinking after every fight. Has become a whirling death machine but only light armoured. His battlegoat Tree has chainmail barding and silvered horns. Caries healing supplies and grog. Has set up party brewery. Helping to break my martial art rules but that's what monks should be all about. Kobold in a carry case for instant labour.

Carolina as Emy the lady wizard of the tower of birds school of the imperial capitol. Gone emo since her cleric pal drained by shadows and learned scythe. Uses bird motif spellbook and her infamous multiple carnivorous finch swarm spells. Has her cousins bodyguard Douglas now a veteran swordsman and a tracker dog named hunter. Also a expert with shortbow (INT bonus slots can buy any wp or nwp).

Mark as Humblezorg the modronic sorcerer of pure Law. Has modronic goggles lets him see all matter made of tiny modrons holding onto each other. He uses to teach others. Also gives him knowledge of comprehend language. Was unseen servant wand too. Can sense modronic or lawful outsiders within a mile now, keen to develop his eye of law power. Sorcerer minor powers help compete with wizards nwp and spell selection increases. He also had charisma increase which paid off with charisma rolls, extra follower and a bonus spell (kept STR at 7). Lost dog cuddles missing but still has new pet hellcat and new girlfriend a lawful evil sorceress. With a raised CHA, Gary the farmer sidekick will be back from running brewery. 

Heroes in Schädel Port spending a day looking for rooms to rent for a new party urban residence (have rooms in a castle, a dwarf dungeon, a wizard tower, several villages and a few shrines now). Found some seedy bars where new dungeon rush adventurers mocked party on 3 occasions, in a pub in pig trotters restaurant and a ruined squat. Found signs of drug abuse everywhere with alleys of black lotus addicts unconscious.  Found a floor above Ms Miggin's pie shop on sweeny lane to rent and even got a free pie for shutting up. Got some straw mattresses brought in and rested night.

Next day did some shopping and looked at the uni, met some druids and priests, necromancers. Ms Miggin's lads recruited as security service by the party (these guys are cheap). Bought a gender change potion in an alley (you never know). Some healing potions. Looked up guilds to join but so many overlapping groups of different social clique. Emy in uni got a poop lobbed on her by a imp familiar on a bender and she now always has clean cantrip spell. Found an interesting auction but party decided role-playing auction speculators less exiting than fighting. Next day party fighting fit and off to the ruin district.

Ms Miggin gave party a goodby pie (party know she is evil just hope its lawful kind). Marched to the rich part of town then on to the kings bridge to downtown. Enclosed bridge road for rich filled with incense, spice and perfume, balconies dripping in baroque gilt ornament, choirs and heavenly music forbidden for commoners to see. A rich kid in a palanquin shot the party thief with a crossbow for fun (cheap common trash!). Party put up with while Humblezorg tried to glue a palanquin bearer and poor guy got flogged.

In Guildentown where the richest slumb dwellers live, Lynden was almost run down by a donkey wagon with a shopkeeper at the reigns. Humblezorg ignited his chariots fake velvet interior, the guy crashed and guards said vehicle too shabby for district. Party now legal to spellcast on fellow citizens in self defense. They are being eye for an eye lawful not chaotic, honest.

In slumbs they saw poverty and desperation of immigrants flooding to city. Saw a rat wizard with book of living tattooed rats spy on them. Walked up hill through the ancient pre human wall into the ruined core of downtown. Also open to mutant town, goblin town and gangland warren districts. Party know some towers have seals from city and require a license to open. But they dont care.

Left the ghetto sprawl and wallside are and headed deep into an ancient abandoned suburb with some towers. As they crossed a great temple ruin plaza 40 skeletons charged from ruins. Party pulled back and bard put down entangle field in front of them. A hail of missiles, a flaming sorcery sphere and swarms of finches blasted entrapped undead, while the monk and dwarf crushed those that got through. Entangled vegetation burned out and skeletons destroyed in a few rounds, the party charged sending death fields of birds and fire into the open doors. Party bum rushed screaming necromancer apprentice as spells expired and he surrounded. Basicly argued their superiority and wanted his masters location. Raided a nearby crypt. Used birds to set off skullbomb and monk obliterated guard zombies. Emy chromatic orbed and Humblezorg magic missiled the necromancer before he could escape in smoke form. The apprentice tried to betray party and was back stabbed by thief and left for cat and witch to finish. Bodyguards surrendered when boss dead and party spared them.  Emy Looted his books, was very pleased by haul. Found piles of elder race scrolls.

Scrambling up a rubbley hillside they heard chanting. The theif climbed up to spy on a dozen cultists of the Black lotus Society and a priest in a ritual with a ledger and a box. Humblezorg climbed up a wall above spectacle and did that magical thing a sorcerer loves most to do - cast his first fireball. All acolytes chared to ash and a few saved and -8hp. Priest saved and singed fled into one of three towers. Party grabbed loot and pressed on, monk ran in and upstairs and bard behind playing warsongs. Priest was fully healed and cast 3rd lv defence spell and monk had a few rounds battle before humblezorg cast sleep on poor guy. He fell 2 stories awoke and had 6 guys beat him to pulp with bonuses.

Found letter from hidden master and fortune in black lotus resin, the biggest most compact haul party ever....more on that later.

Two other towers. One plastered with hundreds of years of seals of the state posters, forbidding unlicensed entry. Other tower had no doors. Pasing goblins came for friendly cultist BBQ and told party they see lights all the time. They gave the goblins the evil high priest corpse too.

Emy spiderclimbed up with Humblezorg and the thief. Thief went first and then screamed and fell. Humblezorg featherfalled her to safety. She was frost bitten and in panic. Flunkeys held her down till she recovered. Most followers battered a bit by now. So climbers got on roof with ladder and found astrology map estimated 3000 years out of date by Emy. Opened trapdoor into chamber with ancient disused lab. Someone downstairs? Fireball. Undead screams and casts fear on party, Douglas runs off roof and survives 60 foot drop by one hp then rest of followers chase him into ruins. Gang in tower try swarm spell and a firewall seperates party from lower level. Undead not screaming from his fireball, more upset by his spell library and alchemy lab and ice storming burned remains. Party flee - monk jumps only slightly hurt, Humblezorg feathrfalls and Emy runs down wall. Lyndon grabbed a sack of dried potion bottles and slid down the rope. Lich hates light and trying to mend books and douse fire. Sent huge cloud of undead ravens chased party into cultists tower to hide.

Sometimes sandbox = biting off more than you can chew. Anyway new party enemy and can you say invisible stalker?

Party back home to lick wounds. Told by thief that drugs can be sold in drain at midnight for 2000 gp. Humblezorg takes some for "study" (or what sorcerers call research). Party decorate new pad with loot. Dried potions had a few still usable. Cult books in Eastern tongue drug manifests and ledgers of customers by name who owe cult. Necromancer collection of elder scrolls fragments of a spell he was researching.

Enemies List:
White Lady Sorcerer
Fish cult chief
Gildentown shopkeeper and donkey wagon road rager
Several rival adventurer parties.
Secret Police/Barron???

Some punk new heroes will see them limping home one day...


good to see some systems breaking and new rules being clarified as we go with house rules. Been a while since I had fireball packing mid level party - i need to relearn threatening and balance.

Started doing Gothic versions of redbrick book:
d1000 curses
grave site to necropolis
tomb to monumental mausoleum
things in coffins
tragedy table
haunting table
things in funery urns
religious relics

Monday 24 June 2013

D100 Islands

Gearing up to move so will be quiet for a few weeks as i need to move stuff, get boxes, pack, apply for jobs for next term, make any quick cash i can, chuck stuff, sell stuff and school holidays my busiest work time. So maybe i will be lazy and make some monster variant tables for classic creatures. Or whatever.

Tuesday night game party in city so ill just carry all my tables and maps and note so far and use runequest-cities/thievesworld tables book. Will possibly be party base for a while. A post on  weird towers of the ancients might be needed shortly.

Exile Island Weekly Bards Report:

Empire and Barron attempting peace with Elves - death to elfkillers! Both sides court new allies from the lost lands and hidden kingdoms

Elves and the Far East control Silver. The elf king has held off humans for thousands of years but if drawn into war could finish it. The elf queen insists on no talks till unicorns protected and unicorn run is made sacred.

Strange peoples of the sea demanded and end to whaling and seal industries of the Barony that provide the cities lighting and light houses with fuel.

Empire is maintaining the gold standard. The Young Emperor still fighting succession wars has designed his gold capped pyramid tomb. Exile Island is a global trade hub and influences exchange rates. Race is on to locate jackpot dungeon hordes worth millions. Dungeonrush! declared by all. Boatloads of settlers arriving. Dungeon claims and explorers licenses are being issued by both sides.

Dwarves did dominate copper but lost it to humans in the dawntime as they did iron and steel and gunpowder since then. They dislike trading with humans due to these losses but necessity is opening them to trade and surface war again. Dwarf tribes disgusted by humans and orcs and goblinoids mixing freely on Exile Island. Dwarves of all types seen in public. Some of the ones who never left and have been here all along dont seem pleased.

Barrons farming yeomen class reaffirmed loyalty. Their elect speaker for the occasion declared the emperor decadent untrustworthy murder fop. Yeomen have no place in the imperial caste scheme. People like them were replaced by professional soldiers a thousand years ago. Most are lawful, many are good. The dont mind the Empire existing just the Emperor. The Barron is strict but fair and gives yeomen special rights in return for their mastery of the long bow and two handed swords. Their elite train like monks.

D100 Insular Islands within and around Exile Island
This could be for any small coastal islands or ones in the huge broad rivers or many lakes and even swamps. You could probably use some results for a mountain in a pinch.

1 A lonely old house
2 A single ancient tower 
3 A redbrick dungeon complex of kobolds and traps 
4  A crypt or tomb of an ancient mighty leader
5 A mausoleum complex for hundreds of dead
6  A lonely isolated gravesite 50% haunted by one undead
7  A graveyard 1d6 undead
8  A goblin mine riddles the island
9  A kobold nest, too small and primitive to start brickwork
10  A tomb or crypt of an ancient wizard
11 A decayed ancient fortified cursed manour
12 A sprawling fortress with walls, towers, dungeons, crawling with giant humanoids and beasts
13 Haunted by ghosts of hunter ancestors and beast spirits, megafauna
14 Sprawling ruins of inhuman civilization from the dawn of time
15 A temple palace maze complex from an ancient civilization
16 Sunken decayed city of prehuman monsters inhabited by snake cults and mongrelmen
17 Frozen slab of stone age glacier filled with tunnels and monsters from dawn time
18 Remains of a exposed sunken city with hidden tunnels inside island
19 A great entrance to the underland, a vast hidden kingdom under the earth
20 A force of time travelers on mission d4 1=Wizards 2=SEAL Team 3=cyborg 4=Spacefleet
21 A strange old hag
22 A bizarre robed magician unlike any other ever seen!
23 A boss monster is hiding out here after his last fiasco - party may have met
24 Devil swine and his helpers brewing addictive drugs with slave labour and other trouble
25 A stone age Monolith
25 A stone age Barrow
26 A stone age wizard tower
27 A tribe of stone age humanoids, humans or demi humans
28 A keep of mysterious men d6 1=all women 2=vikings 3=beserkers 4=knights 5=priests 6=cult
29 A Dwarf mine and fortified complex  d3 1=blackbeards 2=redbeards 3=greybeards
30 Gnome tunnels d4 1=redcaps 2=deep gnomes 3=druidic tree worshipers 4= illusionists
31 Elf tree fortress d4 1=dark elves 2=high elves 3=ancient eldren 4=sylvan elves
32 Halfling burrows with charming little waterside village hidden from view 
33 Mongrel man hovel and ancestral midden heap
34 Pirates clan hide out full of scum and loot
35 Cannibal clan hide out caves, wrecked here or fled justice and trapped
36 Wreckers use tricks to sink boats and murder travelers for loot
37 Lonely shepherd stranded here with beasts by other shepherds
37 Holy hermit dwells here d4 1=solitude 2=penance 3=fight a great evil 4=erecting a shrine
38 Tako clan dwell here in giant sea shell houses d4 1=refugees 2=settlers 3=crusaders 4=cultists
39  Monastary or nunnery with mysterious sacred purpose
40  Bardic and artist retreat with decadent parties and free love
41  Hellfire club meeting place, guarded by agents with bird messengers to summon aid
42  Druid stones and ritual site with all the sacred trees in plenty on sculpted island with grotto
43  Sorcerer pleasure dome for cult of forbidden vice
44  Witches sacred place with monoliths that can aid communion with other side
45  A wizards tower with apprentices, body guards, men at arms, familiar and summoned monsters
46  A magic relic imprisoned magically awaits a heroes destiny to be discovered (high ego object)
47  A casino or gambling den or private high stakes game is being held in ruined manour
48  A gang of feared bandits 40-60 men with dogs and some horses, have years of provisions
49  A counterfeiting or coin clipping or diluting metal in coins operation, fake legal documents
50  Slavers headquarters with cells full of prisoners
51  Smugglers secret base, hostile to intruders
52  Lighthouse or ancient heliograph station
53 Ailing old wizard with magic dream world hidden inside hill
53  Gateway to elfland in hillside
54  Huge geoglyphs dedicated to ancestral totem beasts of early man
55  Bugbear clan happy in every way except for lack of victims to terrorise
56  Hobgoblin farmers, easily mobilized to war in scale with halberds and crossbows
57 Orc fortress with murderholes and cauldrons of oil, guard orc spawning pits
58 Drunken cult of the wine god holidaying here in stupors (1in6 include nonhuman)
59 Island of talking animals, two legs please go (leaders might be swayed by good)
60 Lich dwells in a fortified tomb and a lich inside has power only limited by corpses
61 Strange small humanoids possibly fey kin likes of never seen before
62  Beast men living in isolation and mostly nuetral
63  Ruined buildings and signs of old industry
64  Volcanic cone of dormant volcano, hidden lost world area
65  Cliffs and reefs and rocks make safe landing difficult, monster guards secret of gods
66 Impossibly hard to get to house on hill with old sea captain and now wizard dreamer
67 Mentalist school of psionicists here to meditate and study new disciplines
68 Grog shop under tarpaulin over fallen tree with local exotic sentients drinking together 
69  Frog men come here to summon one of the frog lords from interspacial cosmic spawn
70  Reptile men dwell here and fish peacefully but evil forces sleeping in prehuman vault
71 Goatmen or other beastmen perform horrible rights to purge humans from world
72 Tiny village of harmless fisherfolk of simple ways
73  Tiny village of crazed fishmen hybrid cultists pretending to be harmless fisherfolk
74  A petty god with enterage is here cooling off after some crazy adventure and may be wary
75  Were beast clan of one species dominate this island
76  Ogre lair, has a pet d4 1=bear 2=wolf 3=lion 4=rust monster
77  Troll dwells here full of hate and rage, if hurt hides and awaits rain or uses water next time
78 Aquatic ogre lives in a cave under the island and possibly has prisoners
79 Hill giant lair has a pet d4 1=cave bear 2=wooly rhino 3=mastadon 4=sabretooth
80 Cyclops dwells here with his d4 1=herd of goats and sheep 2=forge 3=prisoners 4=wizard pal
81 A gigantic sea serpent hides in a cave here to recover from encounters with worse monsters
82 Giant invertebrate nest d6 1=bees 2=ants 3=killer beetles 3=wasps 4= termites 5=spiders 6=flies
83 Menaced by flying creatures 1=bloodhawk 2=dragonflies 3=flumph 4=eyeballs 5=bats 6=ravens
84 A marine hag and d6 1=undead 2=charmed party 3=lizardmen 4=frogmen 5=fishmen 6=cult
85 A naga and cult dwell here in seclusion, some kindly some evil
86 Mad old fisherman with many tall tales of the sea and local waters
87 Huge habitable statue or monument d4 1=prehuman 2=from gods time 3=dawn age 4=recent
88 Selkies live here often frolicking in human form
89 Sirens here lure men to their deaths
90 Harpies torment locals with disease and famine
91 Beautiful mermaids entice you close to day your brains and eat them
92 A niad and her entourage of familiars and followers dwell here in idyllic splendor
93 An immortal couple from the dawn age living peacefully together may have useful information
94 A vampire lord is trapped here, a crumbling collapsed manour is only remnants
95 A magical creature dwells here for the needs of the gods like griffons or pegasi
96 A dragon dwells here in a cave slumbering for most of eternity in hiding
97 A great beast slumbers here d4 1=chimera 2=hydra 3=tarrasque 4=manticore 5=sphinx 6=gorgon
98 An outsider from the alignment planes is bound here imprisoned and asleep for the ages
99  A sylvan colony of few critters and aware beast ruled by a d4 1=Dryad 2=Treeant 3=Druid 4=elf
100 A cave dwelling holy man or wizard has developed a new spell living in a cave with familiars

D100 Islands and oceanic phenomena on Planet Psychon
1 The island is formed from wrecked marine hab possibly habitable
2  The island is artificial and floats, possibly could be towed and moored
3  The island when approached is seen to be a shimmering crystal fortress
4  At night the whole ecology changes and life transforms into incredibly hostile monsters
5  Island is a sentient sargassum of weed with habitable zone it can sheild with a bubble and dive
6  Island is gargantuan fish back with vegetation growing on it - inside is inhabited
7  The island is an ancient armed marine fortress with a kill field and nuke proof force barriers
8  Island is a colonial multispecies organism that would like you to join it
9  A dinosaur filled lost world ruled by some prehuman horror under a volcano
10  A kaiju reserve crawling with gargantua, people travel in subterranean tunnels
11 A crashed saucer and d6 1=wardroid 2=mutant 3=grey in battlesuit 4=grey 5=androd 6=Nazi orcs
12  A bunker of the ancients
13  A subworld complex of the ancients
14  A temple to a well known god
15  A temple to a local god
16  A abandoned temple to a forgotten god
17  A ruined complex hidden under a mansion with advanced rescue vehicles but no weapons
18  Psionic creature or person dominates the island
19  A non stop island of lotus eaters in a non stop rock concert, even machines enthralled
20  Cryptic alliance seasonal secret meeting place
21  Cryptic alliance settement
22  A science dungeon
23  A glowing crater swarming d6 1=mutants 2=fungus 3=maggots 4=rodents 5=plants 6=undead
24 A herd of gamma gobblers dwells here guarding an ancient structure
25 Steaming cavern entrance to a morlock village with captive drugged eloi in pleasure dome
25  Huge mass of ice covers island, inside a robot with a freeze ray is looking for protein to horde
26  A derro bunker where derro beam hate rays over the region to ferment war
27  Millitary androids bunker with brain and workers inside guarding precocious pleasure models
28 A hidden bunker with guns, tools, vehicles and military in cryopods
29 Demented mongrelmen gangs battle in the ruins
30  Triffids or pod people other deadly plants cover island, vegepygmies herd humans like sheep
31 A mighty duralloy crypt with sacred sigils - if opened releases death machine Azrael
32  Find a cryopod, inside is a duralloy skelleton robot with a meat disguise coating, tries to kill all
33  Drones tend island plants and animals peacefully, if bothered an ancient in a mech awakes
34  Island is a gargantuan mecha with AI intact and enemy combat bots still inside
35  Island is a weapon rest site d6 1=nuclear 2=poison 3=plague 4=undead 5=mindhack 6=nanoids
36  Something weird
37  Extraordinarily Strange Things In The Sky
37  A settlement of some kind
38 Bizzare psychonian terrain and 1in6 and roll again
39  Constantly bathed in aurauras and 1in6 and roll again
40  Constantly bathed in chem cloud shroud
41  A petty god takes an interest in you may appear, send a sign or a servant
42  A colony of rust monsters and their related kin of other colours
43  A strange encounter
44  Roll for a crossroads encounter
45  Stuff falls out of the sky
46  Mad wizards beastmen breeding project
47  Local false apocalypse triggered
48  A different local false apocalypse
49 A apocalypse strikes every day nobody remembers next day, dead returned alive, etc
50  A transmat station and 1in6 and roll again
51  Machine village of d6 1=robots 2=androids 3=cyborgs 4=replicants 5=holographic ai 6=golems
52  Alien base d6 1=greys 2=reptilians 3=migo 4=martian tripods 5=eldren 6=cyborgs
53 A monastery of cybermonks jacking in to the datastores of the gods to raise the worthy
54  A band of beast men engage in brutal initiation rites
55  A frozen island where the local ice wizard and his penguinmen have many kidnapped girls
56  Automated  kill drone base if awoken defends self
57 Lesure hive complex built on living empathic mega amoeba that drains evil from population
58 A brain in a jar has enough servants and drones he can make warborgs, needs brains...
59 A gang of water gypsies living here in isolation
60 A common family wary of strangers
61  A mountain man mutant wants to be left alone with gold
62  An outpost of the beaver king with radio link supported by one of the greater gods
63  Pirate beast men d6 1=walrus 2=bipolarbears 3=pteradactyl 4=fish 5=shark 6=killer whale
64  A gang of lost children protected by d4 1=nannybot 2=giant ape 3=dinosaur 4=AI
65  An island of sentient crystals that effect moods and effect powers like aurauras and roll again
66 A kingdom of the dead where undead have formed a society
67 Zoo of exotic creatures run by d4 1=druid 2=carny folk 3=wizard 4=gladiators
68  Public toilet block populated at night by local cult of gay lovers
69  Sleeping gargantua with alien expedition trying to attach control helmet to it
70  Locals harvesting sleeping gargantua body parts and excretions
71 Whole island covered in feces and sewerage of ancients bubbling up from subworld
72 Scientist lab d6 1=robots 2=weapons 3=defenses 4=pleasuredroid 5=drugs 6=monsters
73 Scientist comm tower d4 1=aliens 2=other scientists 3=commune with god 4=dead
74 Remains of castaway d4 1=aliens 2=human 3=ancient 4=eldren 5=morlock 6=replicant
75 Beastmen party, rowdy and a bit out of control but otherwise drunken revelry
76 Wierd rich family in ancient manour house with bizarre secret
77 Convict colony with a few soldiers or security guards or even robots keeping them inline
78 A stage here local bards test new works, a colony of revelry and parties
79 Art colony with sculptors, painters, dancers, models and wild parties
80 Mutant moppet rule island nothing over 3ft tall, love guests and put on mutant moppet party scene
81 Shroom island ecology of mushroommen, funganimals, mobile mold and a spoorisaurs rex
82 Insane asylum run by d6 1=doctor 2=priest 3=vampire 3=scientist 4=maniac 5=morlock 6=eldren
83 Automated eloi pleasure dome ruled by local god and guarded by androids from morlocks
84  Newt men cover island living simple lives, excellent slave race with edible tails to some
85 Rabbit men with armoury and sacred shooting range reproduce fire arm tech
86 Ape colony, offended by humans with have factional debate over what to do, gorillas try to usurp
87 Androids living like pre apocalypse looking like ancients
88 Remains of a theme park with androids native to the magical kingdom
89 AI in control of island and traps intruders in his fantasy world of illusions and applicants 
90  Cyborg bunker ruled by wrathful AI overlord who demands tech and living humanoids to cyborg
91  Crazy dentist drones loose on island terrorize locals, but all victims have great teeth
92  Island is domed nature preserve ruled by AI for its utopian fantasy world
93  Island is surrounded by force fields and holograms but inside is a monster filled treasure trove
94 Remains of a huge ship, a mile long floating city with numerous colonies and lost zones
95 Island is a mobile base of a d4 1=supervillain 2=cult 3=aliens 4=Androids 5=pirates 6=cryopods
96 Sargasum of fused plastic crawling with nanobots building houses, clothes etc from mass
97 Aquatic research station with minisub, diving suits, monsters and androids
98  Eldren lab researching how to save world from AIs, think tank protected from spies
99 Wrecked and partially sunk land leviathan mega tank or aircraft carrier, inhabited
100 Partially exposed ancient buildings under collapsed cliff face 

Saturday 22 June 2013

D100 Crossroads

Crossroads are special  place for travelers and folklore. So today ive done a table for Exile Island my traditional DnD world ad for upcoming planet psychon. Thanks to Andy for swapping old cthulhu stuff for red and blue dnd books from early 80s.

My next tuesday game has a citycrawl session so im printing up all my old city blogs and will map a few more districts the party may visit. One player lives in holy district crashing with the partying drunken faiths. Id forgotten my gangs, cults, encounter tables and nobles as well as weird spell casters of the city area.

In the powerplay of Emperor and the Barron, both factions have declared publicly elves are not to be harmed by pain of death. Elves could turn tide if involved. They could also destroy all humans if war went badly for both human factions. Elves testing this, dark elves especially. Elf kingdom is strong, dark elves wood small enough to fear annihilation. I guess they could all flee underground...

Visiting elves kingdom could be interesting. Unicorn industry will be a big issue used by Barron and Elf the king and queen.

D100 Crossroads on Exile Island
1 Gibbets full of crow pecked corpses (sometimes undead)
2 Living man with hands and feet cut off (possibly an orc)
3 Vampire burial with staked body in a cage
4 Gallows with hanging corpses (sometimes undead)
5 Stocks or punishment box or cage with abused peasant trapped inside
6 Gibbet with living persons cry feebly for help
7 Beheading block (1in6 chance of execution in progress)
8 Graveyard for unblessed undesirables, often haunted
9 Remains of witch burning for unlawful magic use (1in6 chance of execution in progress)
10 Lonely guardsmen on punishment duty hassle travellers
11 A bard recanting news of the Empire or Barrony (paid public service)
12 A shanty town of peddlars and farmers have set up shop
13 A sly gambling racketeering gang have set up
14 A carnival with a stages and rides and sweets has set up
15 Traveling entertainers putting on a show
16 Pimp offers his exotic wares
17 A healer has set up a clinic for locals here
18 A priest is here attending a shrine, looking for evil signs or undead
19 Undead haunt here, minor corporeal by day, major noncorporeal by night
20 A travelling fortune teller d6 1-3=Fraud 4-6=real
21 A travelling potion seller d6 1-3=Fraud 4-6=real
22 Secret police looking for trouble makers or people to bully
23 Barrony military foot patrol
24 Empire scout horse patrol
25 Local sheriff and bailiffs looking for wrong doers
25 Local militia out on drill or monster hunt
26 Animals hunting ground d6 1=Wolves 2=Dogs 3 =Werewolf 4=Owlbear 5=Lizard 6=Toad/Frog
27 See a lone unicorn in distance 1in6 chased by horrible hunters of Schädel Port elites
28 Elves seen in distance, just to remind people they are afoot in human lands
29 Knight challenges nobles to uphold status and fight a duel
30 Holy man preaches to all who pass
31 Thief tries to offer grog and food to get people close, has a little hut if raining
32 Holy hermit stays here receiving donations from passers by
33 Gang of thieves meet here to size up passers by
34 Louts from local farms loiter here and abuse passers by and throw old produce and dung at them
35 City kids with chariots terrorize roadside with their racing and bad behavior
36 Gremlin left here will try to jump in party baggage
37 Young kobold sucking thumb looking hungry and wide eyed
37 Urchins begging for scraps
38 Abandoned baby
39 Druid here preaches for return to old ways or else old ways will return your enemies
40 Hunters having a BBQ, visitors welcome
41 Slave auction, 1d6 persons for sale with auction post in a good position, armed guards watch
42 Farmers having an archery contest, a hogshead of cider for the winner!
43 Gnome philosopher preaching something about social totality and the sword of scientific socialism
44 Celebrity Highwayman with pistols tries to rob party, he is a high level rogue
45 Local guerilla fighters demand a toll - money needed for the revolution, pay or die
46 Seedy alchemist offers drugs and performance enhancing potions back in his shop
47 Food stall with local favorite in small wagon, pickled newts, eel pie, frog stew, squirrel stew
48 Group or pushcart food vendors with cheap exotic snacks 1in4 with bonus parasites
49 Cultists spotted meeting, many cults must kill those who see them
50 Crazy old man laughing and rolling in piles of human bones, seems happy
51 Chained prisoner to rock, wild feral and mad from exposure
52 Sly grog shop operating from a tent with gambling, dancers and other vices
53 Pilgrims ask you for protection
53 Pilgrims ask you for protection except they are killer chaos cultists
54 Clowns and jesters offer to perform for your pleasure during supper for a few coins
55 Clowns and jesters offer to perform but are really insane cannibal cultists
56 Hobgoblin camp, peaceful but easily insulted and may need to apologies for looking at them
57 Goblin market with bargains specially for human customers
58 Slave dealer selling kobolds (with carry bags), orcs, goblins, whips, chains, addictive drugs 
59 A rogue has a great idea and looking for helpers to get in of deal
60 Farmer selling his daughter on roadside, she begs party for a good owner
61 Farmers playing ball with severed orc head or turnips
62 Hay market, wagons of hay and drunk farmers enjoying a break
63 Gang of unemployed hungry miners, tell sad tale of kobolds in their mine
64 Farm-girls spying on handsome strangers, families nearby
65 Apprentice wizard, master killed and eaten by ogre on quest, needs help
66 Village idiots congregate here to have foolish discussions about life
67 Goblin kids throw rotten miniature pumpkins at party, flee crying if any hurt
68 Village kid throws rotten egg at party
69 Cluster of strange eggs, farmers debating what could they be
70 Toll troll set up operation, pay me or die scheme here
71 Initiate priests gather here begging for donations for local steeple fund
72 Flagellants camped here for rock and roll antics party, locals youths have started joining them
73 Tax man with troops declares 10% of everything gives receipt (1in6 forged)
74 Sheriff wants to know where you've been, has local unsolved crime, he wants you down at cells
75 Parents trying to give away crying children to strangers
76 Wagon of the local child catcher, with a new load off to the city
77 Animal dealer d8 1=dog 2=pony 3=donkey 4=monkey 5=birds 6=goat 7=hog 8=sheep
78 Stolen horse dealer - super cheap deal (death sentence for owning, only nobles may ride)
79 Magic bean dealer d6 grow 1=triffids 2=giant tree 3=fruit tree 4=vines 5=garden 6=pod people
80 Mutants in cages freak show, tent out back is museum 1cp entry
81 Mutants chained to rock in open
82 Mutant trappers wagon with lads on the lookout for victims
83 Slavers looking for prey
84 Bounty hunter looking for targets, talks to passers by, offers drinks
85 Assassin looking for targets, talks to passers by about road and weather
86 Single huge predator d6 1=Sabre tooth 2=dire wolf 3=raptor 4=hyenadon 5=terror bird 6=wyvern
87 Journeyman wizard swapping spells behind masters back with other local apprentices
88 Bugbears here like to scare people and laugh then flee, they respect Barron's law
89 Wounded person calls from off the road for bandit ambush, avoiding death sentence for road crime
90 Disabled people in cages on wagons off to country fair
91 Anti slaver rebels hold up party to release slaves, if none look foolish and demand donation
92 Religious or carnival procession arrives at crossroads for a ceremony, may continue
93 Lights from forest, enticing dancing luminous elves try to lure party off road way to faerie gate
94 Hobbits have set up a tint town here and locals dont like it
95 Sir Octavious the Tako octopus Knight riding his amphibious levitating seahorse seeks adventure
96 Currency exchanger with troops. 1in6 is clipped coins or faerie gold that melts next dawn
97 Dryad spies on party for handsome men to charm
98 Sphynx has set up here demands riddle, knowledge or food to pass
99 Ogre set up toll booth has a pet d6 1=wolf 2=bear 3=warg 4=hyenadon 5=raptor 6=lion
100 Abandoned camp and wagons, remains of many persons (and perhaps goods) having disappeared

D100 Crossroads on Planet Psychon
1 Crashed aircraft like a airship frame or plane wreck has become a trading post
2 Public well with guardians d6 1=androids 2=robots 3=sphynxes 4=dragon 5=eldren 6=elementals
3 Morlock ambush of hungry fiends with pits and nets and snares
4 Eldren with exotic steed and firelance seeks adventurers for a quest
5 Tavern open to anthing with goods to trade
6 Prison run by whole village with dozens of sheriffs and specialized lawmen
7 Post office with heliograph or telegraph or birds
8 Diner serving local delicacies
9 Shrine of god with satellite tower or dish maintained by cult
10 Bath house where locals come to decontaminate, purge and detoxify run by shamen
11 Remains of huge skeleton or carapace of gargantua
12 Wizard tower where the wizard dwells or used to
13 Nightclub where local bands play to crowd of mutants and freaks
14 Tomb and graveyard with undead aplenty
15 Old house see old house table previous post
16 Bunker of the ancients with secrets of dread technology and degenerate survivors
17 Giant crippled semi alive robot mecha designed to battle gargantua, creatures live inside
18 A space god cyclops watcher, standing a mere 100m high impervious to mortals
19 Beam from satellite scans everybody here
20 Fungus garden with spores from many distant lands, peaceful goblin folk here in heaven
21 Ponds where local fishermen catch trilobites, one giant sea scorpion rules whole pond
22 Massive pile up of cars, a train wreck or section of ancient highway
23 Massive stinking garbage dump
24 Toxic waste and psychotronic weapon dump, rusted drums of rainbow sludge and mutants
25 Missile silo d8 1=wizard 2=troll hole 3=kobolds 4=beastmen 5=morlocks 6=derro 7=cult 8=robots
26 Crater with stunted trees and creepy fungal growth, dark young and mushroom men come here
27 Huge monument of ancients (probably a copy) possibly all in smaller scale
28 Ruined city of the ancients, sprawl filled with gangs and mutants
29 Ruined sub station entrance to underworld
30 Gargantua giant with brain injury buried in hill, cultists come to hear his idiot mumblings
31 Huge cactus with village inside d4 1=talking animals 2=mutants 3=halfmen 4=goblins
32 Giant snail shell or sea shell with creatures lair or village inside
33 Tent city of exotic nomads d6 1=insect men 2=desert men 3=mutants 4=cult 5=eldren 6=psions
34 Huge caterpillars eat weird animate rainbow coloured syliva grass here
35 Triffids or pod people or wolfweed or other killer plants planted here by maniacs
36 Police robot checks everyone out for long dead fugitives, sometimes hes wrong and finds one
37 Frozen area with ice geyser pumping up jellified ice to surface and attracting cold creatures
38 Volcanic vent spewing poison gas, hey its a great landmark!
39 Vent from undeground fire from coal mine or sub world, smoke from cracks in ground
40 Boiling mud pools
41 Salt pans with psychedelic colours
42 Fields of bright coloured flowers battle to dominate  area with own strain
43 Trees with human organs growing in them tended by robots
44 Vaseline lake where miners and robots come to collect
45 Grove of magic rainbow berries where different strains is season most times
46 Unexploded doomsday class missile 1in6 can still talk but feels nothing
47 Crippled land leviathan class tank with functional AI, a race of beings dwell within
48 Monumental statue dedicated to a god or a wizard
49 Stadium where musicians and dancers battle
50 Gladiator fighting pit
51 Orphanage selling children to any who pay from dubious sources
52 Bird or lizard or spider fighting ring
53 Amazons with vehichles or exotic mounts and tech seek worthy mates
52 Undead sorcerer evaluates your magic items and tech for free
53 Cache of weapons in pod, begin to break down and disolve after 24 hours
54 Android thinker capturing wizards to study brains lives here with soldiers
55 Pyramid with semi explored temple
56 Ancient temple long fallen and lost, moans of dead only here now
56 Airfield, possibly being used by multiple parties and maintained by robots
57 Crater of what used to be here long ago
58 Weird old tree, eats occasional traveller
59 Doorway to subworld or dungeon guarded by cult
60 Animal market of strange local beasts
61 Huge insect hives or mounds a local landmark and foodsource
62 Blood covered shrine
63 Vending machine of the ancients
64 Idol salesman with over a thousand gods to choose from in wagon pulled by exotic beast
65 Crashed saucer here, explorers have reduced survivors down to nil
66 Tripod here seeks to cap people with pacifier helmets or drink blood
67 Huge pit with levels of sub world visible
68 Ghost town 1=phantom 2=shadows 3=ghost 4= spirit 5=goblins with sheets 6=mutants
69 Force dome with ancient structure inside
70 Huge rift with exposed subworld levels exposed
71 Glowing lifeless crater, worshiped by mutants
72 Freakish luscious garden tended by machines monsters or men
73 Artist colony taking drugs, having parties selling art and poems to passers by
74 Medical droid heals passers by who travel here
75 Brain depository and library guarded by cult
76 Sorcerers pleasure dome
78 Ruined library of the ancients
79 Ancient necropolis crawling in dead
80 Huge growing cancerous thing growing in crater from meteor
81 Ballgame court, android team claims to beat puny meatbags
82 Wormhole opens often and gods make time traveling people or monsters to test us here
83 Former undead quarantine camp buried, if new strain brought in by players could awake horde
84 Musclebound cyborgs, mutants and warriors here to wrestle and be wasteland overlord
85 Cyber swap n chop shop show with rusty old war borg for security
86 Robot scrap yard where scavenging robots try to survive in a robot jungle ecology
86 Magical energy fields here enhance spell powers
87 Monastery of martial artists and holy men
88  Blacksmith making weapons from ancient scrap
89 Huge statue of player character titled the evil one
90 Drunken poets in bamboo grove preach go with the flow
91 Jousting field  and melee field for martial games
92 Wizard battle arena and magic shop
93 Robot gladiators pit and scrapyard
94 Machine town of androids, robots, cyborgs, replicants living like humans
95 Mutie town with bizarre offers and services on display
96 Geosquid holes everywhere, tents and trade goods left out
97 Apes loitering here to spread anti human cause
98 Psion spiders who live on cultist backs keep road free of trouble here
99 Demonic or devilish statue and altar
100 Monolith array like stone henge dominates crossing, druids in area

Friday 21 June 2013

D100 Strange Lonely Old Houses

Originally this was going to be weird science based but my weird science needs a swing back to traditional tropes and this is perfect for it.

So houses are our first dungeons we explore. Many classic adventures in houses i haunted and otherwise. Always can use to slip in some horror. You could have multile inhabitants in a larger house or once every six rooms or locations. You could even populate a huge house with these freaks like a dungeon/

A house is a mini dungeon but could be a gate to another world or a land of dreams.

Ill do a tower and mansion table another time

House Age or Style d10
1 Ancient 400+
2-3 Antique 100-400 years
4-6 Vintage 50-100 years
7-10 Modern last 50 years

House Size d12
Some larger houses give options to roll d4 for extra featres
1-2 Shack one room
3-4 Cottage one room
5-6 Long Hall one room (partitioned)
7-10 Multi roomed one story house
-Attic 1in4
-Basement 1in4 (1d3 rooms)
-2d6 rooms
11-12 Multi roomed two story house
-Attic 3in4 (1d3 rooms)
-4d6 rooms
-Basement 3in4 (1d3 rooms)
-Balcony 2in4
-Tower 1in4 if yes roll again till fail
Rooftop Walkway Feature 1in4
-2d6 rooms per floor

Outbuildings d20
roll 1d6-3 for number of out buildings or
roll 1d6-1 if multi story building

1-2 Toilet
2-3 Bathhouse
4-5 Woodshed
6-7 Workshop
8 Slaughterhouse
9 Shearing Shed
10-11 Barn
12-13 Stables or boat shed if near water
14 Animal Pens
16 Greenhouse or ornamental garden
17 Statues and ornaments
18 Graveyard or crypt
19-20 Well or fountain if rich

House Condition d20
cover is a measure of weatherproofing, rooms with ceilings and hoe sheltered the structure is

1 Crumbled ruins 10% under cover
2-3 Intact ruins 50% under cover
4 Shambling mess of garbage 30% cover
5-6 Decayed over time 90% cover
7-8 Flooded and water damaged 75% cover
9-12 Burned out 50% cover
13-14 Vandalism and graffiti 96% cover
15 Rotten, bug ridden, collapsing 75% cover
16 Partially Collapsed 30% cover
17-19 Abandoned, dusty and mostly intact 100% cover
20 Immaculate and well cared for 100% cover

Strange Lonely Old Houses d100
1 Poverty stricken old people who need chores done, needy but kindly and nice
2 House is a gigantic monster house mimic and every so often eats inhabitants
3 Trapped by a crazy old man (possibly a wizard or rogue) seeking bodies for crazy purpose
4 A hunter lives here, welcomes strangers, at night he is a werewolf
5 Hidden in the house is a vampire coffin, by day guarded by servants
6 Animals lair d6 1=Pack of wild dogs 2=wolves 3=bears 4=snake 5=giant lizard 6=rats
7 Invertebrate lair d6 1=spiders 2=centipedes 3=crabs 4=scorpions 5=mantis 6=wasps
8 Monster lair d6 1=owlbear 2=hookhorror 3=rust monster 4=stirge owls 5=giant lizard 6=rats
9 Humanoid lair d6 1=Goblins 2=hobgoblin 3=bugbear mob 4=orcs 5=ogre 6=lizard men
10 Meeting place d6 1=bandits 2=cultists 3=theives 4=assassins 5=pirates 6=revolutionaries
11 Friendly Old man is actually hybrid beast man with collection of books on cannibalism
12 Cult headquarters for hostile secret group, will seal house if intruders inside
13 Abandoned cult hq with evidence of rituals, some lingering evil or monster remains
14 Lonely poet really anoyed to be disturbed but will recite his bad poems to you
15 Crazed clan of hillbilly beserkers with wood axes looking fur lurve and fights
16 Warlock and his followers hide in house, assume intruders are hunting them
17 Necromancer with weird lab experiments does not tolerate intruders
18 Criminal enterprise like smugglers use this as a base and workshop, fake ghosts to scare intruders
19 Corporeal undead haunt house d6 1=skeletons 2=zombies 3=wight 4=ghouls 5=hecuva 6=lich
20 Non-corporeal undead haunt house d6 1=wraith 2=haunt 3=spectre 4=spirit 5=ghost 6=phantom
21 Kobold or gremlin infested house filled with traps and escape tunnels
22 Retired assassin, suspects party out to assassinate him, uses deadly traps and secret doors
23 Loneley old woman with cats who can act as a local healer and herbalist
24 Hideous crone welcomes visitors, has pets and monster followers and magic powers
25 Old widow who is mostly harmless but will curse those who dont leave
26 Hermits or nuns resting here and considering settling but some problem in house
27 Albino woodsman idiot chopping wood, actually superior warrior who fights monsters for fun
28 Lonely hellcat hides in dark house seeking someone to serve and corrupt
29 Mad wizard is breeding a strain of beast men, party possibly can help him...
30 House travels in time and space
31 Poltergeist traps and attacks party with household objects, being turned drives from house
32 A greenhouse or herbarium attached to house filled with killer plants and possibly pod people
33 Doppelgangers appear a family of attractive amorous youths
34 Human slaughterhouse - crazy cannibal gang run house as sausage factory or pieshop
35 Imps or some other mischievous otherworldly being terrorize explorers with powers
36 Were rat community dwells in house with rat swarms in many rooms
37 Devil swine house with warrior body guards, looking for new slaves and  evil pleasures
38 Chests and trunks and boxes of mostly crap but some valuables and documents
39 Escaped slaves hiding here, some hostile, others just scared, only explored part of property so far
40 Children have formed a gang and support themselves, mostly hostile to adults
41 Artifact in house generates monsters if feelings of fear intense enough, device can be destroyed
42 Overgrown with strange fungoid creatures, cache of magic mushrooms grow in dead wizard
42 A spirit pleads to be avenged or looks for a body to achieve its quest so it can rest
43 A shapeshifting monster in human form lives here and welcomes visitors
44 A well in basement is enterence for fish men hybrids and cultists
45 Lights in the windows d6 1=maidens on lark 2=undead 3=glowing fungusmen 4=mutants 5=lantern spirits trying to cleanse evil 6=goblins trying to frighten people away
46 Wood golem of blood druids can merge with wood structures in the house to help it murder people
47 Werebats hungrily welcome party for dinner
48 Elves, the last of their kin hiding here hunted by enemies
48 Dwarfs looting house fittings, scrap meal and wood
49 A group of tako octopus faeries live here trying to live like humans, very friendly
50 Were ravens hungry for murder try to direct party to traps
51 A tree grows in house inhabited by a dryad, guarded by human lovers and animal friends
52 Gargoyles pose on house as ornaments, mini ones (babies) all over house
53 Insect people with disguises try to hide out from mankind (only want a billion kids in peace)
54 Hellhound haunts house,  howls by night, guards horrible secret of the house
55 Sheetghosts hide in beds, curtains, tablecloths and rugs
56 Mindflayer with guardian slaves uses as a base for his evil schemes
57 Ogre magi with enslaved women dwells here, the women beg for help
58 Hobbits engaged in petty crime hidden by domestic kitch and smiles
59 Homeless youth gang live here and keen to defend their turf or get a toll
60 Villager refugee family with children and elderly, something trying to drive them from this squat
61 At night grey aliens walk through strange angles in house looking for people to probe
62 A subterranean race like morlocks or derro undermining the house and using as a front
63 Alchemists house full of hostile furnishings, chemical traps and occult puzzles
64 Worm filled creepy house of dead wizard, can reform as a mass of maggots to steal spell books
65 A monster child has been locked in basement for decades feeding off rats, growing resentful
66 A shoggoth living in ruined lab of a wizard, hates humans and wizards most
67 A great old one crashed through the roof decades ago and is trapped but telepathic
68 Ground squid have driven folks away,  they like this house and come up to explore it
69 Blood Druid with mutant killer plant followers, invites party to join his cult or die
70 Stuffed animals in house may animate and attack thieves
71 Magic mirror gate to dream scape version of house where original inhabitants are trapped
72 Insane immortal family of wizards, die if they leave house
73 Devil or demon with followers dwells here as a cult, toy with intruders for fun
74 House unnaturally cold d4 1=ice toad, 2=frost salamander 3=wight 4=icetrolls
75 Sentient animals species co mingle in house of furry love
76 Abandoned automaton pines for long dead creator, guards his remains and treasure
77 Wizard biomancer lab and home, roaming with reject mongrelmen and resentful beastmen
78 Monster tavern where beastmen, goblinoids, bandits and worse drink and plot evil
79 Demon house, is alive and is actually on a different plane, torments victims till bored or killed
80 Plague house D6 1=diseased zombies 2=moaning spirit 3=wight 4=ghoul 5=mummy 6=skeleton
81 Necromancer attempting to resurrect lost love will try to get party to aid him on a crazed scheme
82 Monsers gathering for birth of the next evil one who will unite them, they bring gifts for parents
83 Political organization uses as hq to plot against the regime or feudalism or something
84 Necromancer swapping souls with ancients needs guinea-pigs, party all swept to other setting
85 Elementalist coven meet to plot against outer planar influence over human kind
86 Sylvan beings, elves, gnomes, treefolk gather here for secret feats and parties
87 Reclusive once famous wizard wants to be left alone, house is his entry to his pocket universe
88 Beastmen with human slaves are here setting up a home, resentful to humans for past crimes
89 Animals here are shape changed from original inhabitants by curse, animals look at you funny
90 Bound elementals operate flowing water, stove, doors, etc, if wizard killed they break free
91 Reptilian hybrid cult with serpent man wizard, exterminate any who witness them
92 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen worship god in a black pit under the house
93 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen want your fresh blood in family offer marriages
94 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen are hybrid monsters or shape shifters of some kind
95 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen seek new love and cannibalistic rituals
96 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen friendly and ooky but ok, living among monsters
97 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen souls sold to outsiders, looking for new toys  of flesh
98 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen, home filled with cursed relics and magic artworks 
99 Whole house has parts of machine for rendering humans into tallow and blood
100 Cavemen have moved in and are having a ball smashing stuff, lighting fires and other fun

Thursday 20 June 2013

Planet Psychon: d100 Skyfalls and Everyday Eschatology

To celebrate 200 posts and 35000 odd hits, in the spirit of being slightly nicer here is some waffle about psychon and a d100 table to roll whenever party wandering wastelands looking bored.

If writing a table is the zen koan of the osg scene then crowd source hexcrawl generating is even betterer. Weird science fantasy crew on case now...

0806 Rainbow colored alien grass covered in weird saliva attracts giant space moths and caterpillars. A sect of deadbeat apprentice wizard drop outs gather here to try and hitch a ride man.

1801 Cyborg tyrannosaur guards the sacred drug grove of the mecha shaman. Outsiders are unwelcome to the contemplative philosophers.

0408 A archmage tower guarded by village of Guineapig men barbarians in scale armour. One of their heroes flies in a sky sled while his two velocer raptor hybrid brothers follow.

Planet Psychon: Day to Day Eschatology
 Psychonian setting is intended to be a world consistently inconsistent. An acid trip dream land of the blind where memories and histories are fiction. Where the time of the ancients is not quantifiable as ruined cities and freshly created primordial languages appear daily at whim of the gods.

This means if a party move much they will enter strange new hexes, but the journey is like a river. You dont get to go back in exactly the same river. One feature of veteran travellers is the sight of the gods terraforming a hex in sight or even hearing tails of those who escape hexes as they were transformed. Peoples may vanish or may be found to have new personalities, histories, languages and more. Some have tried to interfear with gods will, most end in failure or terms at best.

The gods are jerks and think its fun to teleport sleeping wanderers into different hexes.

This frees the game master to not worry about maps much, just local hexes that heroes can neatly overcome in a few sessions. A good hex has a community, a science dungeon, some cults, some monsters and weird encounters.

Sometimes the reconfiguration of a hex by gods is perceived as the end of the world by locals and most dont flee. Heroes might even trigger such an event or have them follow them in the form of new disasters. The following are some things to herald doom but you can apply to the just a local hex.

Ruin Your Campaign World

Some of my gammaworld stuff handy too...

Subworld ruins of ancients generators
encounters and cryopod inhabitants tables
(very neglected piece of mine)
Bunkers with problems for gamma world

I have a few tables for planet Psychon coming up included -
d100 lonely house table
d100 crossroads
d100 islands
d100 citadels
d100 science dungeons and subworld generator

but for now here is:

d100 Skyfalls

Things fall from the sky from time too time. Possibly floating in space or just replicated history and all by some mad god.

1 A space craft escape cryopod with a possible humanoid inside
2 Satellite with unstable core attracts cultists
3 Crashed spacecraft of long lost ancients or from other plane jump mishap
4 An ancient aircraft, ship, train or bus crashes from sky inexplicably
5 Saucer crash grey aliens hostile to primitives
6 Tentacled martian crashes, tries to build tripod for assault mission
7 Parachute of ancient long lost airman falls from wormhole
8 Ameboid jellies in meteor rapidly grow into hostile life
9 Syliva grass spores from space spreads over area, digesting animal who touch it
10 Satellite crashes, is badly hurt, promises reward if you take it to a radio temple
11 Pod with robot, borg or android frequently deranged or virused 
12 From meteor egg a tiny lizard creature hatches, will double daily in mass till gargantua
13 Triffid seeds pods begin to grow, seems like a blessing at first
14 Spores of a colossal fungus forest erupt over night
15 Hanbau type Nazi experimental saucer with SS archeologist team
16 Space pod crashes, astronaut ok at first but space parasitism or mutations turn him into a monster
17 Balloon crashes with eccentric old wizard
18 Sky citadel of the eldren crashes from core meltdown, last few Eldren have little will left
19 Cloud crashes but is gelatinous with honeycomb structures and begins to melt
20 Sky squid crashes to earth, swarms of opportunistic feeders atracted
21 Spools of monofilaments like strands of hair fall that cut anything touched and sink into earth
22 Battlesuit crash, ancient military unit, pilot is mummified
23 Plant pods land and start to grow replicant army to replace or repopulate locals
24 Huge flying structure of the space gods lands then inexplicably flies away
25 Gigantic space god ascends from heavens and prepares to judge the hex
26 Swarms of jeweled locusts
27 A huge leviathan airship with vast ruined gondola where survivors dwell
28 Primitive psychonian glider or flyer crashes with inventor inside
29 Swarm of floating jellyfish with toxic stingers
30 Blue skinned race of one eyed bat men swarm here to die en mass
31 Dead gargantua falls from space, creatures living on it need a new home
32 Huge solar panel from space
33 Burning space debree drops as burning fireballs over hex
34 Burning up orbital of zombies, crashes and spreads zombie plague
35 Gods eye drone crashes, offers reward for aid
36 Gods eye drone crashes, party blamed by its kin for murder when its brothers arrive
37 Swarm of insect size robots eat metal to take to distant factory hive
38 Containers of green slime, alien necrotic algae, evolves int tentacled horde if left
39 Hailstones of exotic colours and flavours pummel everybody
40 Fish or frogs formed by nanocloud rain over hex
41 Flaming meteor crashes, releasing a powerful fiery demon or devil
42 Burning birds fall from sky everywhere
43 Automated shuttle to orbital lands, ready for return trip
44 Dueling wizards fall from sky, only party could save them now
45 Dead angels and demons drop from clouds
46 Giant leeches rair from above
47 Delicious manna cakes rain gently from sky, a free feast for all
48 Frozen sewerage falls from sky possibly injuring people
49 Lightning bolt stuns party
50 Beam of light from orbit pinpoints party for journey
51 Holographic bombs and explosions go off everywhere
52 Asteroid base of ancients semi intact with robot guards and AI
53 Small nuke or sub nuke munition dropped from space within a km
54 Rain of slme from above lubricates everything
55 Saucer of robots crashes
56 Saucer of morlocks crashes
57 Eldren ornithopter crashes
58 Robot bats swarm about recording everything
59 EM FX - everything bathed in weird aurora affecting tech or magic
60 Trees drift gently to ground and take root
61 Crude psychonian built rocket men vessel crashes, survivors cover up secrets
62 Spacecraft of undead crashes and look for innocents to eat
63 Bubbles drift down and pop, possibly full of gas or biological agent or nanites
64 Spherical bubbles land from space and bond with humans as living jumpsuits
65 Hate rays beamed from space enrage every living thing
66 Rocket crash - pathetic low gravity insect men can barely move but dangerous psionic powers
67 Alien pod infects all plants win area with carnivore and mobility mutations
68 Hawkmen rocket plane crashes, they are police looking for escaped criminals
69 Hawkmen flying citadel crashes, possibly over military action
70 Clouds of huge glowing air jellyfish with long trailing tentacles
71 Rocket re-entry pod crashes, dead ape at helm
72 Parachutes of cargo cult pods from sky gods, food, tents, water, shovels, groundsheets
73 Parachutes of cargo cult pods from sky gods, weapons, possibly defective or little ammo
74 Flying monkey swarm try to kidnap party for witch in distant citadel
75 Aircar or rebel hero crashes, dashing hero will aid you if saved from burning wreck
76 Pod from space crashes with space vampire inside in form of desirable lover
77 Space god glowing craft crashes and explodes a mountain, a few survivors escaped
78 Dead tattooed giant falls from space
79 Alien corpse with energy beam gauntlet and activation medallion, drive user evil
80 Blood from a wounded god rains down
81 Silver humanoid (android?) crashes on antigravity board
82 Spacecraft of cyborg crashes home after aeons of madness in space
83 Puffballs as big as cows drift in the wind, exploing to infect living with spores
84 Skycar with mutant operator crashes, hostile to all life
85 Saucer with shape shifting shoggoth
86 Saucer with invisible power armoured grey hunter
87 Dragon crashes dead, rider unconscious
88 Frozen ancients corpses rain from space
89 Gargantuan flyer poops over party for fun
90 Spacecraft crashes intact but surviving crew try to warn about alien in hold
91 Saucer with hungry space vampire looking for rescuers to eat
92 Space gods scale down to planet surface size (500m tall) and begin analyzing area
93 Huge sky beast among clouds drops tentacles to surface to snack
94 Gasbag balloon plants land delivering pod people plants or full grown triffids
95 Morlock air ship with hungry crew sees party
96 Crashed saucer of evil psychic Derro looking for victims to mate with
97 Aircar of servant or millitary androids ignorant
98 Giant bubbles with creatures and or humans drift from sky to populate area.
99 Returned space ark with hold of alien or ancient creature being released by robots
100 Comet crashes, infecting area with surface like alien world that spreads over hex

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Gamelog: In the Barron's Dungeons

Well the party went to the city gates and got in line. Declared no artifacts, mutants, plague carriers. Went in best dressed and charged noble rates, except the drunk monk Forest who got in for a copper as a holyman. Someone shouted bards fee for entertaining the line up. Allowed in with 30 day guest visa. Went straight to money changer to swap over a 120lb of copper coins for gold. Sold baroque furniture and some fancy outfits from fish cult horde. Decided to cash in that reward certificate for 200gp from the Barron's secret police (gee that was nice of them, guess under their masks they are not so bad). Have adopted the name Triple A Dungeon Destruction Company for city red tape.

Party went into military fort district and escorted to secret police. Papers held for them at gate of entry. Taken to room in barbican and given food and drink while reward being processed. Huge gates slid over entry. Agent X941 discussed party prowess, offered more food and drink and ammo. Then offered poison remedies and pre paid raise dead service on side.

Party captured for city dungeon games. Compete with team of four barbarian brothers in dungeon watched by at least dozens of scrying devices and spells. Some viewers project as illusions for common guildsmen to see. Peasants get a puppet show version during the following week. Gold! Prizes! Danger! Gambling! Party bet all money double odds on livng.

Traps, tunnels, tricks and near death.

Forest the drunken master Monk 4 and Tree the battle goat in chainmail

Emy the Wizard 4 and her cousins followers a dog named hunter and Douglas the reformed farm lad now a 2nd lv fighter in chain. Her usual collection of finches who live on her.

Lynden the Bard 4 with his trusty dwarf and thief girlfriend. Now second level.

Humblezorg the sorcerer taken up with mystery forest women witches who admired his cat while he was looking for missing dog.

So into the dungeon when the horns sounded, with no idea of goal except to compete with barbarians.

Some dungeon Highlights:

Taunted by arrogant Nilbog who accidentally spoke backwards a few times and drank enough of monks wine to kill 6 goblins. Party without healing spells to harm the negative life form dog piled him and force fed a healing berry. Then he played ball and helped party.

Many many traps that dwarf, bard and thief dealt with.

Swarm of kobolds all zonked by one sleep spell.

A doppelganger disguised as a barbarian. Emy charmed him to be sure and he resisted and betrayed her almost killing her body guard Douglas.

Found a deadfall with shaft above door. Monk climbed up to find goblins napping and awaiting bell to ring so they drop a rock on party. He killed them both.

A wounded barbarian trapped under a falling gate, Wasn't too grateful. Left him behind.

An ogre who throws bricks.

Two giant scorpions that injured everybody before being killed.

Ambushed by minotaur badly hurt dwarf. Dogs summoned and overwhelmed him

Found a baby kobold and an adult trap repair kobold.

Some peasants in dungeon unauthorised looking for stuff. Ran away, one trapped, another eaten by kobolds, another opened an exploding door.

Orc archers.

Skeletons and zombies.

Finally got to surface to met by cheering mob, dancing girls with beer, sacks of gold and the Baron. Granted citizenship and gold keys. Staggered out to receive gold and off to find a guest house for rest, study and rejuvination. Almost all died, most members with one or two hp - no proper healer in party. Most party on last HP with one unconscious.

Filled about 4 geomorph squares on fly - everything random from my Redbrick book of tables. Going to have another edit based on in play use. Being accused of planning everything a good sign. Monk with attacks of 1d6+2/1d6+2/1d2/1d2. Critical hit on d2 punch is not so awesome....yet. Party now 5th level so lv 3 spells in party now. Monk learned trick of healing 1hp if drinks heavily after a fight and improved that d2 to a d4 with martial arts - he only has +3 armour still. Bard rarely used power - hitting people still seems more useful. Been handy having theif and dwarf npcs about. Now npcs going on 3rd lv need proper character sheets.

Humblezorg back in village looking for his dog when meets strange forest women who keep him company. Big evil kitty looking happy lots.

This kinda inspired by Fighting Fantasy and 80s UK fantasy games.

Monday 17 June 2013

Gifts of the Emperor

As i need these written for next game and ok if players see here is the heroes reward from the Prince-Commander of the expeditionary forces on the island.

They are mid 4th lv, and have basically established a forsaken area of the farmable land into a pocket branch of the Lawful empire that every body else is here to get away from. Kraken cove was the last obsatcle and the Barron of Schädel Port has taken two other sites in a rapid land grab blocking action for influence.

One a shanty town of rich hunters here for the unicorn hunting at wolf head lodge. It has become fashionable to leave ladies and children and unneeded retainers in the log walled village while men stay at hunting lodges doing mens secret business. A shanty holiday town for rich and merchant classes has sprung up and is growing fast. An interest in elvish trinkets has begun. Elfland is just beyond the unicorn run and the king of elfland has outlawed humans here.

The other a grog stained station to take the vice and awful travelers away from the marsh village which has been converted to good since the reptile cult were killed by party. The Barron is experimenting with different types of slaves for farming including using hobgoblins. Yeomen surrounding the city dont like this place but would never farm here so tolerate the project. Its goods are cheap and inferior in every way.

The Emperor has a militarized force of 450 men who have built a fort with 320 refugees to be official townsfolk. Goblin Mountain was to be named emperors mountain but the Dwarves who live inside and trade with the castle objected and said it should be dwarf mountain so the old name has stuck.

Broken ground with new refugees near greenwood village. Including indentured work gang form Kraken cove survivors, banished from sight of the sea again. Hopolite farmer folk run the show here and are strict lawmakers.

Rumours that the goblins will return.

That the White Lady, evil usurper sorceress who wasted 10 years of her life thanks to party meddling is still loose.

The cult master of the fish cult whos clan have been forced inland is loose too.

One rumour all these former monster controlling area worked for barron  to keep local order but that is just silly.

Here be the rewards from the Prince-Commander!

Emy the sorceress of the tower of birds
Necklace of shielding - cast shield once per day

Spell Book: The Imperial Book of Common Bird Magic
Tome gifted to journeymen who survive outside the decadent cloistered world of the tower of birds. Gifted to the cult by the beast lord of birds who they made a pact with at the dawn of the empire thousands of years ago.

0 level

Gust of Wind
Animate Pipe Smoke
1st level
Charm Person
2nd Level
Owls Wisdom
Bird Head - new spell
3rd Level

Fly - this version you grow wings

Bird Head 2nd Level
1turn/lv, self
Forms your head into some kind of bird. +3 Spot rolls and +1 Attack by peck 1d6 damage base

 Humblezorg the Modronic Sorcerer
Goggles of Law, a gift from the modronic sorcerers of the 678th order. Provides access to knowledge of comprehend language. Can see invisible modrons if you stare for a round into nothing
Wand that provides knowledge of unseen servant when held
Dagger +1
3 potions of protection from chaos

the Bard
A magical lute that keeps playing for an extra round including bard special song powers.
Book of songs about local dungeons of the island (research lore from).
Green Elf Cape of camouflage - +2 Hide

Forest the drunk monk
Gourd of the goddess. A red lacquered gourd flask flask that magically is full every dawn with sweet Mercer valley red wine.
Rope belt that stretches to 20 ft.
Boots +2 sneak
Bracers AC+1
Quill +2 forgery
Clay goat figure - turns into fighting goat lasts 1t/lv

Sunday 16 June 2013

Game Log: Killing the cultists of Kraken cove

Scroll past my personal grumpenings if you wanna just read my happy gamer stuff....

So about a month ago i thought it would be nice to giveaway my fan EMO DND rules for rpgs and offer my ground floor to gamers for free rpg day. Started a roller coaster ride of most gaming in six years. Finally reached to local gamer community and trying new things and inspiration. So in a good spot now. Fevery DnD dreams from last post made me realize my inflammatory condition in part to blame for fever - but  a different inspiration than on n off again pain like my slagging off industry and my favorite games a few blogs back. While part of me still agrees with alot of what i said i was a tad cranky. The loste draft was probably a good thing as it was worse.

Anyway in a better place now and catching up with broader gamer local community feels like ive been asleep since early 1990s. So second week of Median club homeless and now exiles club at my place perfect timing with my original plan. EMO gasic rules about 1/3 layed out and needs a few more drafts and promising but late. Exiles have been offered old space but to rent all week and plans afoot to moving 4 gamers into industrial artist warehouse.

Thats closer to friends, has workshop and art studio space, full of varied ages and established community who are very nice and  think im ok. Wanted for years to get in sydney artist warehouse space partly why i moved here. Area has better shops, busses to work, closer to my street art haunts and many many benefits. I have cash just, time and offers of help. So very tempting. Full of experts in tech, scientists, caries and other awesomeness.

Current place only just getting livable and comfy after 2 years. Nothing here to schedule or plan and was tense in early days. One resident a bit drunk kept trying to butt in and make people sing and talk about music while drinking and we made it clear we were here for one purpose: to game. Kinda gave weird anti why would you waste your lives youll never amount to anything. What a farkin drunk turd. A girl who lives in house who is a very mellow woman has a Scandinavian metal fan boyfriend who actually abused me and everybody. As if a visitor had some territorial rights over another residents guests. Tried to pretend to her later he was joking. Made some anti war bullshit comment too. Was drinking. Landlord popped by and ok, liked showing of his old miniatures but later in evening became a tad inappropriate also. He enjoyed himself which was good but interrupting while we all played zombie battle boardgame (til 3am).

So I have interesting choices and will console with some of my trusted peers and check the warehouse out. It is full of young artists all doing stuff. Has some risks but operating for 3 years and 75 members.Was offered house full of of suicide girl lookalike punk sex workers but gamer/artist space seems safer bet (if i could afford i could get 2 new places....haha).

As for weird anti war comments about gaming. People get angry at incredibly nice non violent non angry people having fun? Does monopoly make you Monsanto corporation? Does chess make you a genocidal killer? Do media like games and TV which feature conflict make viewers bad? Does as Aristotle said Comedy characters are bad flawed people and noble youths should not play their parts or be corrupted. Comedians should be slaves. Even sport is ritualized war. Fish play war and make art and play games too - its a not so amazing feature of biologically driven culture.

As for getting angry at other peoples harmless fun I found far worse behavior than a bunch of people of mixed sex/race/gender playing games. May help my decision. I dont piss on DJs at parties in house. I was a non stop drunk party machine 7 days a week for 4 years for free and I never was such a jerk - well at least not to people i lived with or am just a guest of.

Dealt with my Mothers death, my months of illness and new career this year. Mostly living off graffiti and teaching street art last 6 years - having a break from artworld and want non art social life again. Ex boss explained to all my friends when she visited a flatmate of mine last game she is not Classist but.... Really awful and can no longer endure her. Five ppl at table thought she was psycho. New boss pays less but texts me thank yous and offered me 5 days which a cant do due to 2 other jobs on monday - but being appreciated, unstressed and considerate of my health is better than old pay. I was being punished for being a traitor to middle class or something and unfit for marriage wtf???.

So a turning point crossroad thingy afoot. Thanks everyone who has been apart of that - in local scene, online, my blog viewers and even to evil gamecorp fatcats on their piles of gold and edition manuscripts for next milenium.


Was supposed to play Cthulhu but ended up with DnD players in same place at same time so we had a mini session.

Assessed the local scene on island and new villages being built by Barron and Empire. The Barron is a LE crook who has ruled for 800 years (apparently) under his mask. He tough but fair, protecting the farmer class as above merchants and crafters and soldiers. They are more Yeomen than serfs and are pretty free. The Barron is a crook but he is local and keeps money here. The Empire is LN with a current mad emperor in a succession war and purge. The Emperor as expanding to Island for many reasons and concern for locals not high. They want a safe bastion away from the continent. Many citizens have come here as refugees or exiles sent here as colonists. They also want to control territory, food production and to have dungeons methodically open cut mined by military engineers.

Party studied the map and looked at Kraken cove - a weak point in the Empires influence. They Rounded up  a squad of imperial spearmen, and set off.

Forest the drunk monk and his chain armoured battle goat. Kobold pal in sack.

Emy Bonte the lady Wizard from the famous tower of birds in Imperial capitol. Replacing her cousin Amybyr the Priestess who retired to be new holy person of liberated village from last week. Emy has swarms of finches she keeps in her robes and hair that she can speak to. She also is a shortbow expert and has a raven familiar. 

Lynden the bard with his trusty dwarf and now thief sidekicks

Sergeant F1, Corporal and 8 squaddies F0

Blidlp the bor Lynden "saved" from the village and a spy

Issued with holy wine (cult version of holy water) and monk drank his.

Marked into village banners held high. By light could see semi depopulated and run down sea cliff side village. Many signs of Kraken everywhere. Arrived at tavern with party members who had visited before in disguise. Started to threaten tavern keeper with arrest. He denied everything and offered all drugged beer. Monk drank it all showing how to drink from six huge steins at once. Sergeant threatened to beat him. Emy used debate to convince him to squeal and in fear of horrible torture and execution reduced to possible faster death. I at this point i messed up and forgot party disguises and blew boys secret when barkeep claimed he was forced into cult and not privy to secrets like boy. Party never thought orphan boy swallowing whole fish skeletons was odd before. Party had men lock all visible villagers in tavern. A black cloudy squall was miles away moving in fast.

They climbed down cliff trail to cliff base shacks. Found a butchered missing Imperial squaddie from lost patrol. Next fought two fishermen. Monk is really shinning and now has 1d6+2/1d6+2/1d2/1d2 attacks which is kinda sick. Improve bare hand d2 to d4 next level. Working well in figts but not well armored. They were dining on a raw lost squaddie lower leg. Next shack had a fish man who party pounded. Went into cult cave on trail and found the cult antechamber. A table with a lamp, a cage and many new barrels.  After flumph in a barrel here last time nobody touching new barrels.

Went down chant filled tunnel and came into huge chamber with 12 robed figures chanting (like in 70s-80s Dr Who episodes). A bubbling pit of sea water was the object of the worship. Figures with sacred chum buckets hurling lumps of gore and eyeballs into pit. Village men guarding bottom of 40 ft high ramp charged party who were uphill..

Emy sent several waves of finch swarms from her sleeves to peck and tear flesh from the fish god acolytes. I had a battle doom clock to some event which party slowed a few rounds, Lynden used entangle and arrows on another grouping. Monk staggered off cliff, rolled and attacked a cultie. Thief climbed down. Two fisherman javelins impaled two squaddies who fell to deaths. Remaining squaddies clashed with melee. After both grunts thinned the battle goat looking for his master butted last fisherman off ramp after dwarf killed one. Emy fired arrows and cultists kept it up. Thief backstabbed a cultist arrows thinned out some and fowl fish cultists were all dead. Then the tentacles came from the pit seeking a sacred meal. Heroes battered tentacles they could reach and it was stunned by some chromatic orbs. A 25 foot high fishman with no arms and 4 tentacles, a son of the u cults god. Fish monster battered till his tentacles mangled and his best shot was crushing the goat and dragging it in pit. Dwarf grabbed goat and theif grabbed dwarf and all managed to hang on. Godlin retreated and the goat was saved.

Followed tunnel to richly appointed room of cult leader with gold leaf baroque furniture and clothes gathered from the local wrecks of Kraken cove (they attract ships to reef with lights - old lighthouse signal stopped (?).  Found a magic icicle dagger +1 that stays cold and needs a glove to use from paraplane of frost. Some keys and a ring with a frog on it. Monk tried and turned into frog. Everybody a bit surprised. Found cult leader escape tunnel and a ancient prehuman obsidian shrine with fish face and keyhole. Full of potions. A magic key and an idol too. Mat the frog inspected the pt and found hundreds of human bones and thousands of coins. Party caught him in a stray net and thief tied to rope dunked in. Recovered loot and meanwhile after an hour Monk turned human. Ring of the frog gods apparently.

Smashed the alter and blessed remains. Put village in work gang and smashed the trail leading to tunnel entrances and caved in escape passage after grabbing everything of value. Leave sealed for only fish men. Someone suggested party build a spa here but kinda place would attract wrong crowd - fishmen!

Reinforcements arrived and together survivors marched to Empire expeditionary force camp of 400 men and handed scum over to commander. He sent to new village site as indentured labourers and forbidden from ever seeing sea again. When home Emy identified all party loot. Potions of healing and water breathing. Ring of spider calling. Tested in white tower lab and key summons next to caller an evil spider with a human face that attacks. Might have a use. Idol was a commune with fish god once a week which they smashed. Also serpent crown with power of talking to all scaled beings from the evil naga. Emy given web scroll party had. Party plan a trek to city to trade all the crap and furniture and sacks of 30 000+ copper coins. Monk invested in dwarf build brewery. Most known farmland on Island has been visited by party now.

Next session Tuesday: Gifts of the Emperor.

Sandbox Cthulhu possibly on off with guest keepers but i am gong to force myself to try some games in this gm rich club. Played boardgame of zombie killing for 6 hours was fun. Kinda between war game and rpg with cards and very nice components. Guys had various expansions and had made new boards and cards of own that took a glance to spot. Character cards include club members. Im jealous.

Got people interested in me running Marvel as it in many ways is similar but more open and sandboxy rpg. I will see if i can laminate my maps and and cut out some 3d card heroes as Marvel was my only game for minis. Guys played several story heavy games. Others played 40K ork band game with all authentic space orc dialog. Someone suggested gay space marine game which started debate with some suggesting they always were (space Janisaries)- Ian watson first GW 40k books kinda joked with this. Funny stuff. I have missed gamer humour and hypothetical

Nice feedback about my EMO rough too. Fancy my campaign called exiles is club name and now possible a home very weird fiction becomes truth.

Interesting weekend. Busy week ahead and will try to sleep better this week.