Friday 24 May 2019

Free one sheet dungeon pdf

Handy for when you have a wizard to hunt or visit...
Link to print and fold zine below (this image just front)

Wizards Cave

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Sell out now ask me how

Finally Im one of those blog guys publishing too much to blog as much....

Am writing d100 petty cults

Proof copies of 3fold Guides (Patreon Post on this)
Previous poll on patreon to decide on series 5 still up last post so vote
So each series of 10 has a extra one which will be freeebies detailing the setting. Some include actual hex maps and tables and some history. Exilon volume includes cultural basics and a list of gods.

So I will update these over the month and will keep readers here up to date as edits come in...Two new 3fold adventures and a one sheet dungeon zine out before end of the month.

Series 1 Threefold Land

Series 2 Exilon (2 more vol in series to finish)

Series 3 Psychon (2 more vol in series to finish)

Series 4 Sour Hill (Just Started)

I have a bit of extra time coming and spending on self care rather than writing but should get some more posts here soon. Will do a public release on a one-sheet dungeon zine too.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Witch Character Class Pt1

This is for my homebrew - will=wisdom
Might have to tweak a bit

Spell list will be separate blog but will be made up from other spell lists. 

In a pinch id use my psionics spell list or druid list. Possibly my idea for faerie spell list might end up being the same.

Witch Class 
Witchcraft was the oldest magic system based on texts taught by planar beings transmitted on cave walls then books through cultic practices. Over time other magics became more common and witches became marginalised, mostly rural and poor. Some places they are respected but rarely in power. Monsters use them more often as priesthoods. Prevalence of evil witch cults at the end of the last two ages has made most people hate them. Any illegal use of magic is now called witchcraft. Witches are secretive and use skills of subterfuge 
survive and healing to make friends.

Witches require material components, they learn from the written word, they require a litigious order to perform rituals with and students to teach their craft. Witches gather with each other for many holidays and seasonal rituals. Use of wax, figurines, body parts, cords with knots, bunches of sticks are common components and destroyed in a casting attempts.

Advancement in the local coven is important and very political sometimes resulting in combat or murder. Isolated witches meet yearly if possible at least to maintain their contact. Witches often have a patron spirit or faerie or dragon or planar being as a patron. Patrons rarely are seen but might be communed with by spells. Approval of a patron improves ones status in a coven. A witch in solitude with own research material and lab gets random spells. Following teachings of a particular tradition might require a school library which outlines what spells a caster gets each level. A witch with sisters and friends in a community can draw on more choices of spell knowledge. Some places with vibrant culture and wide trade may have available all witch teachings but more social ladders to climb.

Evil witch cults have had periods of increased popularity and most fear witches. Other spell casters don't include them and marginalise them. They tend to undermine other authorities so clergy, wizards and nobility tend to restrict them. Many public fear them. Church sends witch hunters after them usually to silence any heretics or rival religions. Most witches hide, public witches expect hunters to seek them.

At zero level a person can be initiated and possibly learn a cantrip. Initiates learn from first level teaching them one on one. 1-4th level you are a member of a coven of 13 witches with a purpose getting instructions from your head witch. At 5th level you should lead your own coven while pining secret societies of higher witchcraft. A coven has a head witch often called a priestess who often appoints one or two others to assist her as sisters. Male warlocks often have a roll of protectors and killers and lovers. A head warlock is sent on missions to aid the cult with spells from the whole coven.

Witch Class Basics
Prime Requisite: Will; high score grants points for improved spell casting
d4HD/1 /(Average 4)
Arms 1/4 Arts 4/1 Languages d6/2
No Armour
-4 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 6 levels
Staff d6, Dagger d4, Sling d4, Knife d3, Club d6, Stone d3, Sickle d4 Scythe d8, Stick d4, Whip d3, Blowpipe 1, shuriken d3
Start Equipment (12Enc): ounce of spice, 12 candles, narcotics, lamp, lamp oil, sack, flints, hat, scribe set, pipe, mushrooms, d10 herbalist treatments in bottles, cooking set, weeks food, 3d6x5sp
Prerequisite Will Bonus provides a automatic success per day per point making a spell a casting roll success without a roll. This allows caster to use hard spells reliably in an pinch

Spell Casting

Witches learn spells from books or written on cave walls or even tattoos. Each casting uses verbal poetic, herbal and mineral and body parts for components and gesture. Depending on level spell has difficulty for the Will attribute roll Easy x1 Average x1/2 Difficult uses Bonus score if any. If roll succeeds spell works and can try to cast it again and again until the roll is failed for the day. Must go through another 8 hours prep to try and cast again. X on the table indicates the zero level cantrip becomes a at will ability. The witch still needs material components for each use or scrounge more from garbage, campsites, market gutters, wilderness places. Spell table tells you how many spells you have and when you gain new ones.


A witch should record spell with success chance and components
A witch by default has a d6 components prepared per level
A well prepared witch might have 2d6 per spell or use blood

Most witches keep familiars using magic arts skill slots
Often learn subterfuge skills also like disguise
Poison, Potions, Scrolls, Luck, Alchemy, Astrology are all  common
Black powder, Incendiaries, first aid, healing, herbalism are also popular

New magic skills:
Blood magic lets you use a hp of blood per spell level as a component
Candle Magic, create magic effect magic candles
Midwifery a legitimate career for a witch

Level 0 d4 hours searching or crafting suitable materials or a cp to buy or a bug or mouse
Level 1 day searching or crafting suitable materials or a sp to buy or a small rabbit sized creature
Level 2 d4 days searching or crafting suitable materials or a gp to buy or a small goat or pig or dog
Level 3 week searching searching or crafting suitable materials or 5gp to buy or medium animal
Level 4 months searching or crafting suitable materials or 10 gp to buy or a human life
Level 5 season of searching or crafting suitable materials or a 100gp to buy or 2 human lives
Levels 6 half a year searching or crafting suitable materials or 1000gp to buy or 4 human lives
Levels 7 year searching or crafting suitable materials or a cp to buy 5000gp to buy or dozen human lives

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Expanding maps...

This is rough of a southlands for the previously made northlands. The north is in decay and falling wild. The south is bristling for war and divided into territories of castles ruled by counts, dukes, barons and petty knight clans in the smaller ones. The castles own serfs on estate and they don't get access to traders or outsiders much. Knightly combat sports, slavery and invitations to far off wars common but they prevent local fights. Lots of knightly clans here players could be related to. Knights roam about lots and broke knights become robber knights.

Every hex has one to a hundred humanoids and three dozen demihumans. There are caves crossing all over the kingdom dug in prehistory when humans hid underground from great disasters. The underland is easily accessible and allows travel for subterranean humanoids. There are a d6 famous local haunting and a creature in ever hex.

There are three small trade towns. Silverton where court meets and well off nobles live seasonally. Silverton is defended by by the other towns. Seaton a trade port with many exotic goods and magicians live. Ironton where mined goods are smelted and made into arms and armour. The kingdom military is garrisoned here. Several villages with coach houses and free trade for road commerce. Small castle = pop 40-100 Large Castle = Pop 200-500.

Multiple ruined castles from a long lost evil dynasty are intact and have been plundered by adventurers every generation. There is a haunted dwarf ruin also. Castle Strange is a ruined prehuman fort where alien creatures dwell and odd haunted things happen. Many adventurers explore it's haunted depths. The wilderness in the east between the witch mountains was renown as a elf kingdom. Most fear it as haunted and some say elves still are hiding in a invisible otherworldly faerieland. Strange monuments and ruins are there and cultists frequently occupy it.

d20 Common Road Encounters
1 Knight and entourage challenges travelers identity
2 Bandits with dogs
3 Local thugs d4 1=labourer hoodlums 2=important brat bullies 3=noble young hellrakes into sadism 4=angry local lynch mob looking for criminals as fairly as such groups do
4 Robber knights leading gang of thugs
5 Pilgrims off to holy war or holy place
6 Dashing highway man and gang of flashy thugs
7 Peasants hauling goods look tired and busy
8 Cultist murderers looking for sacrifices d4 1=Rat Cult 2=Devil Cult 3=Goat Demon Cult 4=Necromancer Cult
9 Tax collector charges party 10% of everything
10 Traveling minstrels (1in6 a travelling thieves guild
11 Humanoid warband d4 1=kobolds 2=goblins 3=hobgoblins 4=orcs  5=bugbears  6=ogre
12 Wolf pack hunting
13 Coach of nobles with servants on way somewhere
14 Herder driving animals on road blocking it for ten minutes
15 Travelling tinkerer selling and fixing things
16 Witch hunter looking for new communities to purge the unclean
17 Youths singing and eating and playing music in group by roadside
18 Travelling priest 1=important priest with servants 3=local priest with acolytes  4=country wandering friar
19 Mutants begging for food scraps
20 Roll on uncommon table

d12 Uncommon Road Encounters
Mostly for nights or unholy days
1 Magician and entourage of random alignment
2 Werewolf by night or doppelganger infiltration by day
3 Exotic heraldic beast predator
4 Beast folk usually d6 1=elk 2=rat 3=lion 4=dog 5=cat 6=bear 7=boar 8=bat
5 Giant marsh lobster if raining otherwise a hungry lion
6 Ghost Knight or Ghost lady looking to spread misery and terror
7 Demihumans travelling to avoid attention mostly by night
8 Chaos corrupted undead knight
9 Witches cast spells while flying by
10 Witch Hunter demands cash payment to avoid being accused of witchcraft, offers subscription rates and contracts or a lump sum. Sometimes needs dupes to attack some old mystery hermit, by night
11 A mysterious stranger offers you wonders in return for your soul soul in a bargain with devils
or d4 1=werewolf ointment 2=flying ointment 3=a pet imp 4=+1 magic dagger
12 Adventurers for hire on the road looking for luxury vice in Silvertown

Will probably do castle generators
Lotsa knight stuff coming

Sunday 12 May 2019

3Fold Progress

Been doing lots of these and getting better and faster. Have some proofers helping to speed up and get my sperrin and gramma better up.

So this is ones in some stage of production and I will put up as a page and update
Will start getting public soon after my homework and prep done.....

Series A Guide Threefold Land - draft here
Map, brief history and wilderness hexcrawl that links the series
Vol1 Terror of the Frog Cult
  - free soon & on Patreon now
A swamp lair of a vile frog cult
Vol2 Beast of Velborton
 - live on Patreon
A strange beast has been snuffling about the village by night
Vol3 Griffons Gold - live on Patreon
A shiny treasure on glitter mountain shines every noon
Vol4 Black Hill Devil
- live on Patreon
A  mine has accidentally opened a vault imprisoning a devil
Vol5 Secret of Granny's Hole
 -  live on Patreon
A strange slimy hole has opened in Granny's bottom garden
Vol6 Dragon Makers Tears
 -  live on PatreonAn alchemist needs adventurers to kill the thing eating his dragons 
Vol7 Witch of the Woods -  live on PatreonA witch cult in the north are menacing the region
Vol8 Frog Hall Church
 - done 
Secret of Southmoor Hall, frogs have taken over the ruins!
Vol9The Haunted Hall - done
Secret of Northmoor Hall, see the ghosts of the north

Vol10 Tale of Two Taverns - done
The Royal Coach House and Pig's Eye Tavern of Velborton

Will be in bundle with extra content

SeriesB Guide Exilon - draft available
Map, gods, scribe arts, cities, creatures of the Exilon setting
Vol11 Desert Demons 
 - done
An ancient cursed ruin is uncovered after a sandstorm
Vol12 Well of Souls 
 - done
In a ruined city used as a brick mine, a ancient grave pit is discovered  
Vol13 Treasure Pits of  - done
A famous tomb robber has found something strange in the rubble
Vol14 Gold of the Fish God 
 - done
A fish folk temple in the marsh is spreading corruption
Vol15 Rage of the River 
 - done
Something is sabotaging a new royal monument
Vol16 Lion Temple
 - done
A fallen Ishtar temple over run by chaos
Vol17 Gateway Bazaar 

A market place to recycle across Exilon
Vol18 Lost Library of Enki
 - done
A library hidden from fish folk long ago has been discovered
 Forgotten Rules
A vast ruined city - done
Vol20 Meet your Gods

Visit the Island of Paradise

Will be in bundle with extra content

SeriesC Guide Planet Psychon
 - draft copy
Map, gods, history, creatures and conversion notes of the Psychon setting
Vol21 Tower of the Gods live on Patreon
Skyscaper generators for apocalyptic ruincrawls
Vol22 Bunkers Below
 - done
Four common micro bunkers and generator tables for small shelters
Vol23 The Sky Has Fallen
 - done
A large scale bunker with generators fur ruined shelters and sealed communities
Vol24 The Garden of Pleasure 
- done
A underground pleasure pod 9 with generators for dystopian paradises
Vol25 Submall Terror - mostly done

Subtereanean tube station generators 
Vol26 Black Lab - done
Research enclave of the ancients

Vol27 Micromart Murdermall - done
Police Station generators
Killer Cop Shop - done
 police station
Vol29 Schools Out

A educational complex overun by savages???
Vol30 Clinic

A medical complex, highly sought after by explorers???

Will be in bundle with extra content 

SeriesD Guide Sour Hill
 - draft here
Map, brief history and wilderness hexcrawl that links the series
Vol1 The Fall of Sour Hill
 - done
A city in decline full of cultists and murder hobos
Vol2 The Terror of 
 - done
Tin hills area with scar hall and tinvale
Vol3 Horror in Hobbsville
 - done
A cult village
Vol4  Trek to Ice Mountain
Hexcrawl to find ruined glacial city of prehistoric wizards
Vol5 Castaways at Crabapple Cove

 Former seaside village now choked inland a mile from shore
 Secret of Seagrave
A former pleasure house of the nobility now overrun by monsters
Vol7 Barrows of the North

Barbarian haunted graves and monuments bull of fabulous treasure
Vol8  Rotten in Runtly
A former vice town now a ghost town
Vol9 Squidgate

Find the secret of Seagrave, then get out alive
Vol10 Thing from the Moors

Secret of Eastmoor Hall

Will be in bundle with extra content

Possible 3Fold Series
Shadelport streets series
Shadelport locations
Psychon II
- Vault of Aeons
 Prehistoric Park 
 Citadel of Zod
 Satelite in Heaven
- Purple Dome
Xor Series
Superhero Series
Village Series

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Exilon Hex 0051

Richard Fejdasz submitted this Hex. More Welcome!

A reminder anyone welcome to try this and submit a hex using but not limited to assets provided here and in previous posts. Blank form is here to make your own.

Past Hexes
Chad Hexes
Hex 0036
Hex 006 Guest Post
Hex 0124

Richard Fejdasz submitted this Hex. More Welcome!

A reminder anyone welcome to try this and submit a hex using but not limited to assets provided here and in previous posts. Blank form is here to make your own.

Hex 0051:

Climate: Tropical
Terrain: Lush Grasslands

Hex 1:
Shrine With Attendant, Naga Clan Shrine. Shrine of the Sacred Water Naga. A small white washed wall ringed building, surrounding a small ziggurat style building. Inside is a pool of sacred water with a female water naga. She is kept pleased and feed by a series of comely youthful male attendants and maidens who are required to serve at the Shrine for a month after their coming of age. Gifts of food and cosmetics are left on holidays.

Medium Village, Shrine Town:
Population: 40 Permanent Inhabitants
Leadership: Leader Appointed By Assembly: Headman Narshugu
Town Features: Ten Foot High Walls, A Watchtower, Signalfires, and Guard Geese,
Quality Spellcaster( 7th Level Cleric) Arzakda, a local hero has returned from Sakassis as a fully fledged Naga Clan Hero, she has 6 attendants and guards and spends much of her time conversing with the Sacred Water Naga,
Famous Food or Drink: Sacred Water Draught,
Impressive Great Hall; ,
Attractive Local Seeks a Mate: Azurda, a local youh who has been a requested attendant of the Sacred Water Naga for an unheard of full year has recently been discharged of his services and is considered to be the most attractive young man for miles around, his family seek an advantageous union which could bring some money and prestige to them.

Hex 2:
Ancient Necropolis:Village of the Dead.
Population: 20 Barbarian Warriors waiting to kill any ancient evils that happen to arise
Builders: Reptilian Empire Buildings 5 (86 Colosseum, 55 Work House, 100 Processional Way, 57 Mint, 11 Throne Hall,)
Condition: Each of the buildings mostly consist of walls, with much of the interior picked away by time and looters. However each contains the remains of corpses placed there in death as they were in life.

Colosseum: A round stone building with a few out structures, the Colosseum Propper contains the remains of animals, humans, and various Reptilians both in the center and on the stands. One out building contains the remains of Gladiators and the occasional piece of kit (15% chance of a find per hour of search)

Workhouse: This building contains the remains of hundreds of Lesser Lizardmen as well as indications that this was some sort of textile mill.

Processional Way: The remains of a well made road leading from the edge of the Village to the Throne Hall.

Mint: This building contains the remains of Serpentman Experts, fine roads and even currency dyes. This place is thoroughly picked over (5% chance of a valuable find per hour)

Throne Hall: A Massive Structure mimiccing a palace complex. The remains of dozens of mummies and relics of a Serpentman royal family, their attendants, and royal guard were once located here, but have long been removed by the Sakassis Archeological Society. (5% chance of a valuable find per hour)

Barbarians: Giant Tribe
Wear Cap Helms, Gloves, Trousers, have Body Tatoos.
Weapons are of Stone, Bone and Animal Teeth. Best Primary Weapon: Battleaxe. Secondary: Warclub or Throw Sticks. Best Armor: Scale Vest, Helm and Shield.
They Have a Traditional Enemy in Serpentmen and are Obligated to Kill Them.
They Have an Ancestral Fragment and can Commune with their Ancestor Once per Month in Ritual
They Have an Ancient Crown that the evil Serpentmen Want (Worth 500GP)

Hex 3:
Modern Monument:A Great Brick Ziggurat, picked out with Bas Reliefs Depicting a Great Serpent King of Sakasis and several companions, aided by Gods and Genies, rescuing his Serpent Queen from Evil Orcs.

Hex 4
Military Outpost: Chariot Warrior Camp
Population: 40
Leader: Commander Essarnadon
Defenses: Stone Wall, Watchtower, Signalfires and a Large Gate
Extra Features: Granary with Extra Stores
Detailed Forces: The Soldiers here are a group of Charioteers and their attendant Chariot Runners. There are 5 Onager Driven War Cart Style Chariots, each with a crew of two armed with bows, javelins, and axes. Each chariot is followed by 6 light skirmishers with javelins hatchets and clubs. Essarnadon's Chariot has an extra pair of Onagers yoked to it, and is staked out with the hides of lions he has slain.

Hex 5:
Ancient Ruins Exposed:
Builders: Beast Lords
Condition: BarelyVisible, Mostly Burried and Worn, though the Looters are working to unburry it.

Collosal Statue: The only structure so far unearthed is the massive head of a bronze statue of some sort of Ram headed Beastlord. It is possible the Collosus is hollow.

Hex 6:
Modern Stone Monument: A Free Standing Stone Statue Depicting a Bearded Horned Hero and his Lizardman Companion smiting a horde of Serpentmen. The Stone is glazed to resemble the skin tone of the heroes and villains with gold work added as well.

Hex 7:
Military Outpost: Lizardfolk Mercenary Camp
Population: 100
Leader: Honored Chief Zenninnkil,
Defenses: Stone Wall, Watchtower, Signalfires, Moat with Crocodiles
Extra Features: Bathing Pool and Several Sunning Rocks
Detailed Forces: Zenninnkil's people fight in close order, with spears and stone headed mauls. Zenninnkil himself is armed with a mighty warhammer of Star Metal. They wear striped kilts, bronze and gold torcs, armrings, headbands, and bangles on their tails as well as feathered plumes. They march beneath a feathered serpent banner.

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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Berlin & Australia, Cthulhu Reviews and Extra Sources

Recently my gaming hobby has become sorta sustainable. My Patreon now buys me a book a month (buy more 3folds). Only took 6 years! Will be getting on Drivethru this month. Mostly at moment I'm catching up on all the Chaosium stuff which will keep me busy a few months. Still running Masks of Nyarlathotep in 3rd year of campaign after Shadows of Yog Sothoth. Will try and buy some more art later in year for some projects if things keep getting better. Anyway here are brief reviews of things I got of late. Plus some links to stuff I felt were absent in these works or could expand on them.

As I mostly play 2nd ed Coc and like mostly older briefer adventures and simpler rules with less skill points it colours my taste a bit. I prefer the history/culture stuff vs scenarios and lore. I quite like older 8 page adventures in Shadows of Yog Sothoth to huge amounts of text in newer ones. Hoping to get the last few 7th ed items out over next few months then RQ. Wishing there were sponsored events of Chaosium in Adelaide where I pretty much cant buy this stuff. Company told me I Should just mail order but I want to develop players and a culture here not just have another book i dont use. Plus extra 18 bucks a book when most bookstores free delivery. I have over a hundred Chaosium game products and more playtime than any other system. Be nice to see some more people in Adelaide get to play.

These are based on PDFs.
Quality is good as per current Chaosium standards.
Found both more concise than Masks campagn  books
Both books detail gender and sexual orientation which is good.

Terror Australis 2nd Ed
The first ed of this book was pretty exiting in Australia in 80s and is still worth getting for Scenarios and some more monster stats. So i was impressed that the 2nd one is totally redeveloped and has mostly new stuff.

Historic photo references are pretty good. Maps are nice. Bit mixed on illustrations and some styles but ok. The full page illos of investigators in mythos ruins are my favorites as are the graphics of the maps of these places.

Historic, cultural and city guides are good and much improved. The local cults of city bits possibly less interesting than historical reality.

The alcheringa stuff is quite developed and reminds me of Runequest hero quests.

Mythos chapter focusing on the Yithians was great stuff and will probably be used soon in my game. Pnakotus the ruined city of yithians stuff great even though I dislike giant crystals.

Sand dwellers stuff interesting too. Toad cult odd as true toads not introduced till 30s. Lots of good monsters, spirits and other culty stuff.

The Adventures (at a glance):

Long Way From Home I liked most as starts from my home town. Sandox with lots of elements. Not sure if i need long winded entry on non mythos bakery but good stuff.
Black Water White Death is a monster hunt set in Tasmania I haven't really got into yet. At least the detail is setting info and reusable.

Overall I'm pretty happy and will be able to use.
3 days later: The book arrived and feels more impressive.  

Berlin The Wicked CityI
I was pretty exited by this when I heard of it. My friend quite liked it and was interested in running it and he was "over Cthulhu" for years. Part of me wants to mix with the Zenith comic and superworld rpg or something strange. My Cthulhu Metroplois setting would overlap here too. I used the book Voluptuous Panic as a source for Berlin for years - links below.

Detailing a city rather than a whole continent is a more manageable project. I liked the vice elements including detail on prostitutes and possibility of guns and street violence. Lots of crime and politics. Drug rules follows a long tradition of games not impressing me and I will ignore but it was slightly better. Mythos chapter has cults and scenario seeds which is a good approach.

More of this book is adventures. They are quite complex and form a campaign over long a period. Will take me longer to digest this bit. Terror Australis scenarios much more basic. The look interesting but I suspect I wont use them. Im more likley to use things based on my own readings & research. A film of the King in Yellow, the Thule Broderbund and other stuff come to min

Stuff Worth Looking At For Terror Australis
Having studied Archaeology, Aboriginal art and worked with museums and communities Im a bit pedantic on some of this stuff. Also the myths of nomadism/lack of building/lack of farming continually cited in current land grabs and squatters getting land over native title even in 90s and now. Generalizing about all the language group nations is a common problem too. Most Australians still willfully ignorant about Aboriginals and pop culture and newage culture get it wrong lots.

Im probably stricter on use of culture than many others. Even in some communities Id be seen as fussy about this but Ive worked with serious artists and cultural property and have been asked to be involved in projects reproducing entities from wrong regions nobody was entitled to depict which I declined.

Term boundry rider was used for people who used to hunt Aboriginals on properties. It is used in sports too. Some find it offensive. Aboriginals did fight back, did wage organised war and plenty of colonial graves mention "murdered by blacks". An essay on genocide and mass murders and the trade in native artifacts and corpses would have been good. In  my newspaper research several times people in NT believed there would be mass native unrest which didnt really happen.

Freemasonry huge but also Druids and other orders are very common.
Greeks and Italians and other groups have their own orders.
Tennis and lawn bowls big.

Northern Territory had more Japanese people into 30s than whites reflected in ancestry tables. Probably WW2 ended fishermen and pearl collectors coming

Some of the pronunciation guides seem odd to me. Pronunciations vary lots from state to state as does slang and names of food items.

This talks about the horrible aboriginal corpse trade operated from Adelaide

While in Adelaide - Arcadian Adelaide by Thostle Anderson 1905 is a hilarious shitbagging of adelaide and society.

Posts about Shields in Australia neglected in both eds of book
Odd as RQ and BRP and older CoC had shields (not all australian but lots)

Also fire used in warfare and hunting in expert manner duriung wars of english occupation even skirmishes. Experts could predict effects of fire.

Some mention of regions the famous art styles from like dot paintings and xray art or digeridoo's might be nice. Most Australians have no idea.

Aboriginal Settlements debunking the nomad thesis used to deny they could own land good australian section
"As late as 1894, a group of around 500 people still lived in houses near Bessibelle that were constructed out of stone with sod cladding on a timber-framed dome. Nineteenth Century observers also reported flat slab slate-type stone housing in South Australia's north-east corner. These dome-shaped homes were built on heavy limbs and used clay to fill in the gaps. In New South Wales’ Warringah area, stone shelters were constructed in an elongated egg shape and packed with clay to keep the interior dry."

Aboriginal Agriculture
Also large millstones totally not for use by nomads as too big and heavy

More on false Nomad Story

Good big map on regional languages. Generalizing about "all aboriginals did x" is often flawed. Art styles, use of digeridoos (yirdaki), shield styles all varied (variations of instruments for example)
Chart about dreamtime

Film Jedda has flaws and is 1950s but has good scenes of traditional aboriginals in desert areas
full film here but you might need to log in - over 2000 on topic videos on subject
Educational doco from 50s
Very good series first Australians

This is bizzaro stuff

Several artworks in book by Arthur Streeton not specifically named, from 1890s
Full page colour artworks with artworks named but not credited. One of countries most loved artists who helped mythologise national identity.

Stuff Worth Looking At For Berlin The Wicked CityI recommend Louse Brooks Biographies, Essays and Autobiographies for Insiders guides to Berlin cinema world. Alfred Hitchcock bios good on this too. Surprised Leni Riefenstahl not mentioned in who's who as she was hanging around directors alot learning her "craft". Louise is fairly Scathing on her.

This Book is a must have for sex and nightlife life of Berlin
Has maps of many nightclubs. I used as a source book for years.
Links here to more books on topic too

Film "Shadow of the Vampire" is a great period piece with a few seconds of depravity viewable through a trapdoor briefly that is awesome.

Babylon Berlin TV series might be worth a grab

Has some good maps

Lots of good images and Berlin Zoo Maps and Images and more links
WW2 stuff is amazing and very sad

I recommend the Dr Mabuse Films Too
Anything by Fritz Lang and Pabst interesting really

Monday 6 May 2019

War With the Undersea Kingdoms Part 3

Part 3
These are harder than some of my other tables and slower to do.
Might try some hell stuff again.

d100 Gossip
01 Damn dirty fish folk hybrids are everywhere sabotaging our institutions to make them look incompetent
02 Fishermen are really all agents of the undersea menace and need to be rounded up
03 If you throw gold into the sea the fish folk will spare you
04 Undersea peoples can smell if you have eaten seafood
05 By drinking mercury you make your flesh taste bad to sea monsters 
06 The flood is coming get a boat and all your valuables and food ready
07 Better to strangle your family than let filthy fish folk take them alive
08 My son might be part fish he likes to swim!
09 The reason rich people bathe more than once a year is they are really part fish
10 All the animals and birds near the water are spies for the undersea menace
11 Best flee to the mountains or the desert where sea wont reach you
12 Fish folk once had a surface empire, to them we are all their property already
13 Don't trust those filthy octopi walking on the land, they will seduce your women with offers of jewels and easy living in their undersea palaces 
14 If you see a naked mermaid you will be their slave forever
15 Whales and dolphins are jerks, just because we killed them lots they hate us. They seem happy but really utter obscenities and blasphemies constantly in their annoying language
16 We will regret all these new alliances and trade with foreigners when the war is over
17 Mermaids are savage man eaters with pointy teeth, they will smash your skulls and eat your brains 
18 The merchants of our mysterious western allies are flooding our kingdoms with drugs, after the war our kingdoms will be corrupted
19 The gods must hate us for letting fish invade the land, we had best be extra pious 
20 Someone saw octopi living in trees in the forest!
21 Yesterday I saw the pirate who killed my family was now a legitimate admiral of the kingdom!
22 We need to get out of here now sea monsters are walking on the land and coming here!
23 With all this trade and contact with distant human kingdoms, when the war is over some nation will try and restart the great ancient empire again  
24 Maybe fish ruling us will be better than the fatcats we have now
25 Mermaids will take you under the sea and make you their slaves, you will have to clean fish shit from their palaces and do their washing 
26 Just because unnatural forces of the sea are invading people are treating wizards like they are proper people now
27 Water has been drugged by the undersea powers, drink only alcohol
28 Damn dirty fish fuckers are hiding everywhere! Keep your eyes peeled and beware any fishy smells
29 Mermaids are the best lovers you will ever have, once you've tried one you will never want a lover with legs again
30 Even elves have joined us in the war now against their sea elf kin
31 Since the dwarves gunpowder war ruined, their steam engines were flooded and iron rusted they have retreated to their mountain retreats
32 I saw a strange map of undersea settlements and kingdoms, some are quite near
33 With the right magic we can breath underwater but cannot save everyone
34 Undersea faerieland is like a strange realm where sea and land beings both exist
35 Undersea versions of land animals exist
36 The deep sea demons will never end this war but many sea peoples might
37 The courts of the sea dragons who rule the ocean kingdoms might yet make peace
38 As a child a fish folk witch gave our family food and a pearl that saved us all
39 Dolphins used to guide ships through reefs and drive away sharks but no more
40 Gnomes secretly have metal boats that sail under the water!
41 Fishfolk say they can restore your lost virginity, don't believe them
42 It's ok to eat fish folk, their fingers are delicious
43 They are just big dumb fish that can walk and talk
44 Don't trust fish folk gold, they always know where it is and will come for it
45 Not all undersea folk are evil but the evil ones worship demons 
46 Sea dragons respect courtly etiquette and spare those with good manners
47 Now the northmen raiders are our allies, things are that desperate
48 Orcs saved some people from fish folk and now are helping us wage war, they say orcs remember the old fish folk slave lords
49 Some sea folk have defected to aid us, they say deep sea demons are the enemy of all
50 Heaven has failed us, we must worship the fish gods
51 If you speak near any water source the sea spirits will know

52 Something in the sewer system is killing people, drowning them in sewerage
53 Don't let your women wash at the river anymore, best leave these chores for men or fish men will steal them
54 Always be careful near any body of water, look up! look down!
55 Water weirds are appearing in wells and latrines
56 Always carry wax for your ears in case a siren song enslaves you
57 Put the sign of the fish over your door and the fish folk wont enslave you
58 Men cant resist mermaids and sirens and nymphs, best keep an eye on them as they have no self control
59 Women cant resist the lure of fish folk and octopi folk so best keep them constantly locked up or watched
60 Beware the sign of the fish, demon worshipping fish witches use it as a secret sign of coven meeting places
61 Beware the signs of the hybrid, clammy skin, bulging eyes and fishy smells. If you strip search them look for gills, tentacles, scales, blowholes, webbed hands and feet, these are the signs of the fish demon deviant
62 Any fishermen or sailor too good at their trade is possibly a sea cultist
63 If you hold a fish hybrid cultist underwater they will live while a pure human will drown, this is how we find their slimy spies
64 Fish fear fire, use it at every opportunity!
65 There are ancient ruins from when the last time undersea peoples conquered the surface and they might reveal secrets of their defeat
66 Long ago the great planes barbarian tribes destroyed the monster empire and the rule of the fish folk kings, as the sea demons retreated they flooded the world and the great wastes of the barbarians and the cities of elder ancient Exilon
67 We landlubbers beat the fish folk in ancient times and will again
68 Deep beneath the sea are ancient dragon ruled kingdoms, where sea-grass spirit folk serve as peasants serve the kings on land
69 Ancient sea elf kingdoms are hidden in a undersea faerieland, they ride dolphins and sail ships to visit the surface world
70 Ancient marine iguana folk have tame thunder beasts that walk the land, swim the seas and fly in the skies. Once they ruled vast jungle empires till humans came. Now their undersea clans seek revenge and unleash their pets again
71 When the war is over it will be the trading guilds and banks that will be the real winners and rule the next age

72 The great empire of coastal cities of the south has come to our aid but people forget they terrorised the world and destroyed at least three great empires in the past
73 The misty islands of Waerlund have contacted the known kingdoms to aid the war but people forget they are a race of magicians who once served dragons. You cant trust this race of damned witch folk
74 Over the age that monsters ruled the world, they battled each other for supremacy. Originally insect folk and worm folk were great powers but lost their crowns and became food for the fish and reptiles and amphibians and arachnids. They want to rule again
75 The great undersea powers have vassal races they conquered long ago who serve their armies, you may see many strange aquatic races but mostly they serve the squid and fish headed people 
76 Ruins in the desert lands have fish folk statues. Some are from when deserts were under the sea, others from the undersea monster land empire   
77 Otters friend or foe? Beavers? River Rats? Who knows who they serve?
78 I heard the church has been torturing fish for information
79 Best cover yourself in dirt so none think you have been consorting with fish folk
80 Fish lovers are everywhere, anyone suggesting peace is with the enemy
81 Long ago the inner sea was land with great cities, but floods wiped all those ancient empires
82 Wizardry and sorcery were arts derived from practices of the pre human monster age, the first generation of free humans were enslaved again by magicians using those arts. All non divine magic is blasphemous wickedness
83 In the dawn age the demons of darkness and chaos were imprisoned in great crypts under the sea which sea demons hope to release
84 Tiamat the great sea dragon invaded the land and battled the gods but was defeated, dismembered and her minions imprisoned beneath the sea
85 In the bottom of the sea is a jade plug holding the oceans of the world
86 The deep darkness has remnants of when there was only water and darkness in the world before creation
87 The great beasts of the sea can be placated by tying a virgin on the shore as they did in the olden times
88 All the islander savages from across the sea are demon worshiping cannibal savages
89 The Islander folk we used as slaves for years have allied with the fish folk for some reason after all we did for them civilizing them and giving them proper work and gods
90 Fish folk are mindless savages, degenerate remnants of their ancient selves, they can't even speak our language!
91 Cultist often meet the fish folk by night, look out for lights on the shore by night
92 Beware of anyone spending ancient coins or strange gold, probably sunken treasure used by fish folk spies or cultists

93 There has been strange music heard all down the coast
94 Giant sea monsters have been seen all down the coastline
95 The coasts are changing, islands and reefs are moving, don't trust old maps

96 These are the end times, all surface will be drowned so enjoy life while you can
97 I heard criminals threaten a man who owed them money "he would be sleeping with the fishes", gang must be fish cultists
98 The sea zombies are following commands so kill their controllers first
99 Know difference between the demon worshiping sea folk who live to kill and the honourable sea dragon kings and sea elves who have other motives
100 Throw all your trash and waste in the river and sea to show those fishy bastards what we think of them

Undersea Loot Tables

Normally I would do a d100 treasure list for the war with prices but I've kinda done this twice and will one day merge these into one table with prices possibly in a Aquatic dungeon zone book.

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