Monday 30 October 2023

TAG Sound Academy

We put up some vids for my electronic weirdo music
We did a Halloween vid this fri12th
Apparently, FB said our Halloween vid not factual with links to articles about war - er ok
Might make a mixtape for xmas

Sunday 29 October 2023

d100 Construction Delays for your Bastion or Stronghold

I heard a utuber say they would like something like this.

They could hit price and time of construction (especially if a government-funded project with private contractors). Some of these are actually interesting or good so not a complete drag to roll here.

1 Geological
2 Weather
3 Hirelings
4 Sabotage
5 Materials
6 Political
7 Discovery
8 Attack
9 Supernatural
10 Cosmic

d100 Construction Delays for your Bastion or Stronghold
01 FInd a natural cave complex needs exploring or can just seal up
02 Discover soft substrate will need some extra foundations +10% or it will sink over time
03 DIscover a deposit of d4 1=metal 2=coal 3=marble 4=clay 
04 Gas floods underground construction d4 1=poison 2=flamable 3=smoke 4=irritant
05 Find a spectacular natural geode crystal chamber with a skeleton inside
06 FInd an underground water source could be good for a well or just seal it
07 Find petrified bones and remains of ancient monsters
08 Find a cave with a heated grotto nice for relaxing in with huge crystals
09 Boiling pool of d4 1=lava 2=mud 3=sulphur 4=nitrites
10 Discover a cold underground cave with ancient paintings on the walls of some sacred complex with bones of prehistoric creatures
11 Storms damaged the work site and workers settlement d4 times in a month 
+10% time and cost
12 Flash flood or heavy rains damages site and causes some mud slides +10% time and cost
13 Lightning strike sets alight scaffolding and wooden items on site +10% time and cost
14 Fog blankets work site and labour camp slowing movement +10% time
15 Constant rain, sleet, hail or snow slows work +10% time
16 Lightning shatters a major part of construction +10% cost
17 Weather triggers a mud slide or avalanche that damages site, workers' camp or road +10% time and cost
18 SInister clouds, lightning and bad weather scare workers who believe project is cursed and want to stop work
19 An evil face appears in the sky and clouds and scares workforce who want it stopped
20 Migrating monsters decide the work site is a good place to stop for a bit
21 Workers complain about terrible food making them ill
22 Workers complain od giant d4 1=ants 2=rats 3=badgers 4=carniverous moles 
23 Workers want entertainment in their camp 
24 Turns out a major expert has become senile or is a fraud +10% time and cost
25 Major expert adds a secret entrance or hiding place for nefarious reasons 
26 Workers sneak off to go adventuring in local d4 1=ruin 2=cave 3=dungeon 4=haunted manor
27 Slavers kidnapped some of your workers
28 A troublemaker has come to recruit your workers to another job site
29 Some creature visits the camp at night d4 1=doppelganger 2=shadows 3=succubus 4=ghouls
30 Workers fighting about alignment in camp after work and forming factions
31 Enemy bribes workers to leave the site
32 Bard arrives to gossip and sing about the terrible deeds of the boss and what this is "really for"
33 Cultist uses a rock to mud scroll to sabotage the work site +10% time and cost
34 Cultist infiltrates workers and tries to get them to join evil cult
35 Small humanoids burrow under the site causing damage +10% time and cost
36 Lots of accidents on site until saboteurs from enemies is stopped
37 Cultists use curses and spells to cause trouble with workers who are scared
38 One of the workers is a werewolf probably best to sop them before workers leave
39 Some deceased workers arise from dead and menace the crew making them want to abandon the work. An evil priest, cult or necromancer are to blame
40 Arsonist on site destroys lumber, scaffolding and carts 
41 Shortage of quality stone need a new quarry or supply
42 Some creature harassing the woodcutters chopping wood for the project
43 We need lots of sand from a new quarry
44 Turns out some of the rubble used for landfill were old headstones of a previous civilisation
45 Elves and treants are disrupting local wood supplies
46 The local quarry has been overun by kobolds and the masons cannot work
47 Some creatures in the clay pits are stopping the local potters and tilers and brickmakers
48 A rust monster destroyed a shed full of nails and tools and might come back
49 Local wells have gone dry and we need water brought to the site if they don't flow again
50 Local prison governor can supply cheap non-guild labour -10% but upset the guilds
51 Rival noble dislikes the project and appeals to the ruler to stop it
52 Rival noble wants major road moved away from your domain
53 Rival noble wants the property and tries to frame the owner with a fake treason plot
54 Rival noble claims your not paying your taxes to the ruler and you have vast hidden wealth
55 Ruler wants to visit so hurry up to receive them, maybe you can bribe their chamberlain to delay the visit few seasons
56 A faction wants you onside, if you reject them you are their enemy
57 A faction believes your property is a threat and send spies to work on it
58 An enemy power thinks obtaining your property will be part of their invasion or attack
59 A cad comes to join your followers to rob and steal from treasury or art objects
60 A competent stranger arives to serve and is really a spy for the ruler
61 Discover an ancient sealed monumental tomb for d4 1=druid 2=king 3=wizard 4=holy leader
62 Discover ancient tunnels of dwarf civilisation that connected the land by vast underground highways long ago
63 Discover the site of an ancient temple destroyed for evil ways, The sub-levels were sealed generations ago
64 Discover ancient mine tunnels including a shrine and some graves and stone tools
65 Discover a forgotten dungeon left centuries ago and covered by disaster
66 Discover prehuman ruins and chambers sealed with wards long ago
67 Discover a tunnel system with ancient graves in niches from long ago
68 Discover remains of vast stone monument now buried d6 1=ziggurratt 2=mousoleum 3=fallen statue 4=great temple complex 5=sphynx 6=haunted palace
69 Discover cave trade route used long ago between surface and underland folk
70 Discover access to a traversable underground river at the bottom of a vast rift it has carved over aeons. Home to giant fish, bats, bugs, prehistoric albino marine dinosaurs and giant axolotl
71 Goblinoid raiders attack camp to steal food and tools while workers away
72 Orc raiders come to enslave workers and burn everything
73 Bandits raid your work camp and supply wagons
74 Barbarian raiders come to rob and kill on a raid
75 Vile beast folk serving a witch raid your work site and take workers
76 Robed cultists try and kidnap workers to sacrifice constantly for their hungry god
77 Mysterious masked riders sent by a secret faction to stop your project wreck the site and scare workers
78 Monsters keep raiding the site and are being directed by some mysterious boss
79 Someone summoned a monster from another plane to attack and may try again
80 Undead came from the woods at night and attacked the workers' camp. They were sent by a d4 1=cult 2=mummy 3=necromancer 4=vampire
81 A mysterious singing spirit has been trying to lure people into the wilderness by night
82 People have heard screeching and moaning sounds at night and a fearsome supernatural being is causing trouble d4 1=nature spirit 2=hag 3=banshee 3=vengeful spectre
83 Local scruffy old madman decrees this site has not been blessed by some long-forgotten earth cult and people are starting to believe him
84 People have had dreams in the worker's camp and some believe some spirit is trying to make contact or investigating
85 Local witch sends doppelgangers and undead that pretend to be human to spy on the workers. A few people have disappeared and possibly replaced
86 Traces of cult paraphernalia of outdoor rituals are being found often and it seems more than just the usual druidy stuff
87 Workers find a haunted witch house near the camp and work site
88 An ancient golem has awakened as if angered by the building site has been causing trouble. It is pre human and responds to some long-gone threat like a good automaton
89 Ghost seen at night moaning about something angrily, workers want an exorcist called
90 A dark monolith things come to worship under the full moon
91 A prophet predicts some great world event will take place here
92 A petty god visits, possibly will just pass but look out it it is made mad
93 An elemental node is discovered in the area sealed long ago and connects with another plane. If opened a guardian comes out to protect it
94 Found the decaying flesh of some vast alien god killed aeons ago
95 Find a location marked by a famous hero d4 1=saint 2=knight 3=wizard 4=fool  
96 Find remains of an ancient broken portal once on the surface
97 Find a long lost treasure horde and among it are some famous artworks and a troublesome artifact
98 Find a lost holy shrine with some unusual power that is mentioned in holy texts. A famous religion believes finding this shrine is of special significance 
99 Disturb an ancient barrow ling grave and a revenant with an ancient crown of this land arises to fight the new-coming ruler. The crown imbues wearer with link to the land allowing them to arise as a revenant if dead and also speak with dead three times a day
100 An ancient prehuman stone vault is discovered sealing in some minor divinity or entity of the outer void

Friday 27 October 2023

d12 Popular Pipeweed Blends

Roll on your first use then when you qualify for short term roll again and roll when you hit long term. If you get clean you have to start all over again.

first use - firsts try save success and fail
short term use - up tp 7 hits in a week, need a week free to clean up and a daily WIS roll
long term use - daily use for a month, need 6 months to clean up and monthly WIS save
save if you don't get a daily fix -2 all rolls until you do

d12 Popular Pipeweed Blends
1 Blueburrow Blend 1cp/dose
aka Mountain Blend, Millpond Blue. Rich, earthy smells of morning
first use: save really hungry need a meal/fail eat until vomit pass out d4 hours  
short term use save eat 50% more/fail gain 10% mass per week if not halfling
long term use save or start to shrink, grow fatter and curly hair and become halfling in a year

2 Dream Weed 
aka sleep weed, purple haze. Sweet, numbing that dulls senses 
first use save have a d6 hours dreamy sleep that night fail awake terrible nightmares
short term use save have deep profound dreams/fail constant nightmares
long term use have waking hallucinations daily/fail chased bt nightmare demons

3 Elf Weed aka Faerie Grass 
aka Titania's Moss. Crisp, herbal and floral flavour 
first use can see normally invisible faerie portals, magic circles and doors for d4 rounds
short term use save can sense faerie things by touch/fail you crave faerie things and food
long term use save reincarnated as a brownie on death if not elf/fail lose d4 CHA
4 Troll Root 
aka Bitter Root, Iron Weed. Harsh induces coughing & numbs senses
first use save and smell rocks by type for d4 rounds/cough helplessly a d4 rounds
short term use save smell and taste rocks like gourmet rock eater/fail lode d3 max HP a week
long term use save identify minerals by touch/fail and find geology and digging arousing

5 Marsh Weed 
aka Toad Buds, Hop Weed, Frog Weed. Swampy smell of frog butts
first use save feel dancing 3d4 hours/fail must dance till you pass out then sleep d3 days
short term use save gain +d3m jump up or across/fail warty -1CHA to non-amphibians
long term use save save improves fertility and singing voice/fail all your speech is croaking non-amphibians cant understand
6 Silver Cloud s
aka Lamb Breath, Angel Leaf. Tastes pure and mild, burns quickly
first use save you can exhale a huge smoke cloud/fail lose voice d4 rounds
short term use save your voice is sweeter +1 vocal skills/fail you become gassy and flatulent
long term use save your voice is a delight +2 vocal skills/fail you turn into a delicious lamb

7 Snake Weed 
aka Hydra Leaf, Gorgon Pubes. Smells like a reptile house and spicy
first use save giggle like a snake d4 rounds/fail lisp for d12 hours
short term use save +2 vs reptile venom/fail -2 vs reptile venom
long term use save can speak to snake beings/fail die from poisoning

8 Black Spore 
aka Dark Root, Witch Weed, Grim Weed, Night Fire. Smell of fungus and mold
first use undead or corpses glow d4 rounds/fail blind for d4 rounds
short term use save invisible to undead 2d4 rounds per use/fail blind d4 rounds & delicious to undead 3d4 rounds per use
long term use save can detect undead 3 range/fail become undead when you die instantly

9 Scorpion Sting 
aka Stonk Weed, Weepers Weed. Burns mouth and eyes
first use save +1 save vs poison d4 rounds/fail face and hands numb hour -2 most skills
short term use save +1 save vs poison/fail lose d4 from max HP until clean
long term use save +1 Hit +1 save vs fear and poison/fail lose 2d4 from max HP permanently 

10 Red Devil 
aka Hell Weed, Old Spice, Old Hobb's Weed. Burns like cinnamon
first use save see tiny imps in smoke d4 rounds/fail d4 hours see your fingers as imps giving evil advice
short term use save aroused and erotic dream of devils and witches by night /fail a smoke imp you exhale becomes real and wants you to sell your soul
long term use save a senior devil offers you a lesser wish for your soul/fail you sell your soul speaking aloud in your sleep or dreams and are carried to hell by a nightmare

11 Pixie Dust 
aka Sprite Spoor. Tastes fruity and floral. Get urge to dance & laugh 
first use save everything sparkling d4 rounds/fail teeth vibrate and confusion d4 rounds
short term use save detect magic within 1 range with concentration/fail see pixies and sprites tormenting you
long term use save detect magic 3 range all the time/fail vision becomes B&W and eyes like hungry black pits permanently

12 Kracken Weed 
aka Seadevil Weed, Mermaids Moss. Iodine and salty scent of the sea
first use save and can breathe water d4 rounds/fail take d4 damage if try breathe water
short term use save and can breath water/fail you become a water breather only 
long term use can enter underwater faerie realm at will and breathe with free action/fail lungs inflate and explode

d12 Trying to Score (Streetwise Roll)
1 Seen a halfling smoking on street corner
2 Met a dude but lots of middlemen to work through and 2d4 hours and double price
3 Pretty sure that druid in the grove is always high
4 Gang of dandies staying near by look arty so probably have loads
5 Meet a rep of the local crime guild or smuggler racket
6 Saw some swamp degenerates and they looked like they were all wasted
7 Wizard students on a drinking rampage but don't get scammed
8 Local dealer but not much variety and double price for non locals
9 Local witches deal but only if you're not affiliated with legal churches
10 Wise magician has some but they have some dumb quest they want you to do
11 Find the secret goblin market where all kinds of fey follk deal
12 Elf or a changeling offers you some stuff nearby d4 1=press ganged into elven slavery 2=offers addictive faerie food to enslave 3=has large inventory hidden in woods 4=Invites you to a faerie dance party 

d12 Failing to Score (Streetwise Roll)
1 Seen by a minor deputy or bailiff who thinks you look like a degenerate
2 Get into a brawl with local addicts or people who are sick of them
3 Local reports to the priest that debauched drug fiends are in area, won't someone think of the children 
4 Meet an addict who is your new best friend and may offer to serve you if they think you can score
5 Ambushed by priests and acolytes who want to save you and will follow for a d4 days
6 Local gang lure you to an alley to rob
Local serial killer lures you into an alley
8 Joker sends you to d4 1=haunted house 2=hag lair 3=monster lair 4=sewer goosechase
9 Someone sees you and spreads word and a bard writes a funny song about your party
Secret police take note of your addiction and report to the capitol
11 Brought to a party turns out to be a cult orgiastic event part of a ritual
12 Charletan Alchemist makes a deal d4 1=fake goods 2=diareah medicine 3=2d4 damage poison save halves 4=extra addictive blend -4 saves 

d20 Magic Pipes
1 Clay Pipe of the Generous once a week creates an extra ordinary clay pipe
2 Ivory Pipe of the Mammoth doubles how much weed you put in the pipe
3 Brass Pipe - three times a day pipe fills with Red Devil Weed 
4 Skull Pipe of the Necromancer - speak with dead once a  day by smoking 3 doses
5 Majestic Panther Pipe - once a day turn into a panther or a war club for one hour, if panther killed pipe breaks
6 Dragon Pipe - while smoking can speak dragon and pipe self-lighting
7 Wizard Water Pipe - complex pipe apparatus takes INT roll to understand after d4 hours of study. Once activated, it makes drug effects last twice as long and stores one 1st lv wizard spell
8 Demon Pipe - while smoking can cast a 3d6 fireball once per day
9 Musical Pipe plays entertaining tunes while used to smoke, different users get a different tune depending on mood and alignment, after lots of use you get to work out its code 
10 Bubble Pipe makes colourful bubbles float out end and pop releasing the smoke which looks cool
11 Green Pipe of wonder makes the smoke exhaled be able to be animated as user desires for one round
12 Devils Pipe if you run out of weed an imp comes from the pipe as smoke and offers you all the red devil weed you could ever want (one pound) delivered daily by imps in return for your soul 
13 Daddy's Favorite changes any type of pipeweed or lotus into the one type of pipeweed Daddy liked best
14 Dolphin Pipe +2 on ant saves vs drug effects and makes smoother
15 Frog Pipe lets you smoke in rain or underwater and has requires no flame
16 Iron Pipe is also a +2 club
17 Cursed Pipe makes user -4 all saving throws but spooky face on pipe eyes light up and make cool smoke rings. If your are a long term user the pipe will give you terrible advice like smoke more, maybe steal some money gamble it and keep the profits nobody will know
18 Ghost Pipe allows a ghost or spirit to smoke a dose which some really like
19 Warlock Pipe allows you to have dreams about your patron spirit or daemon or petty godling
20 Brotherhood Water Pipe allows six users to smoke the same dose at a time with own mouthpiece

d12 Intelligent Pipes (1in6 chance)
1 Spirit of a halfling offers snack and recipe advice when hungry
2 Spirit of goblin gives gardening advice for drug crops
3 Spirit of a wizard who just wants to talk about awesome times was stoned in wizard school
4 Spirit of a creepy pimp gives you terrible advice to make drug money by selling your body
5 Spirit of a horny satyr who give you unwanted crude love advice
6 Spirit of a brownie who encourages you to drink, dance and be merry
7 Spirit of a drug addict encourages you to smoke all your drugs at once and has deranged stories of where hid some tin of drugs years ago or some great place to score that has changed since they were alive. Jolly when you have drugs but lashes out with mean abuse when low 
8 Spirit of a bard who sings jolly songs about drugs and promises you a good time if only you'd get some more
9 Spirit of a disapproving elder who complains about your drug abuse and why you no have children yet and why pipe doesnt have own shrine
10 Spirit of a party fiend who encourages you to gatecrash parties and stay out late
11 Spirit of a cultist encourages you to join for the free drugs and talks about the good times leading up to their death and being bound to this pipe
12 Spirit of old noble and head of some order will tell old war stories of conquest and bringing civilisation to filthy beast folk. Kinda offensive but knows lots of millitary history

d12 Extra Abilities For Intelligent Pipes (d3 powers)
1 Controls body in sleep and gets you drugs somehow if fail save nightly
2 Summon a minor smoke elemental weekly lasts ten minutes, 
Understands all instructions but only speaks own para-elemental tongue 2HD AC+3 Att d6 Mov 12 Fly 15 
3 Shoot a magic hot rock magic missile d4 dam 6 range from your pipe by smoking one dose in a round
4 Create floral garlands to hang around your neck 3 per day
5 Can form a smoke ladder by smoking one dose, lasts 2d4 rounds up to 20 feet
6 Can cast fog cloud spell up to three times a day by smoking one dose  
7 Can cast charm person 
spell up to three times a day by smoking one dose
8 Can cast burning hands spell up to three times a day by smoking one dose
9 Can allow user to speak to fungus, mushrooms, lichen, moss or mold for ten minutes per dose smoked
10 Any arcane spells cast through the pipe take on the appearance of being smoke based primarily, forming objects from smoke, or replacing damage spell effects with smoke and sparks. The effect is cosmetic only but looks cool 
11 Pipe heals user a d3 hp the first time they smoke a dose in the piper each day
12 If short on LV 1-3 arcane spell components, you can replace them by smoking a dose in this pipe

Thursday 26 October 2023

d100 Elf Clan Missions

I was a teen elf fan and still like them in D&D and was a bit sad when i started ad&d that elves were not a class. So obviously this was the start of my whole homebrew system.

Elves suit subtypes with colourful varieties with different spells and looks. I went back to my dwarf post and added a table for a more career-based dwarf table as a type option I think I prefer for them. I suggest trying both approaches with elves also and will do so here. Possibly starting elf followers might include goblin or human servants.

I consider certain elves will have additional abilities if they are not earthborn but in return hate iron and are vulnerable to planar magic like banishment.

Elves in my game are a class but can be reskinned a bit and you could change your class in my game and specialise in a different branch of magic. Oaths can also expand this. In my SF games with the same engine, they are Eloi/Eldren modified for space long-term space travel.

My changeling class has overlaps with elves a bit - they are spirit folk who look like elves but can become human or some other form related to species or plant, fungus, animal, faerie or planar being. 

d12 Elf Varients
1 Wood elves CG use nature magic and defends the forests from destruction
2 Celestial Elves LN live in the crystal citadels of star faeries use divine magic
3 Bright Elves LG use divine magic and guard sacred places ordained by the gods
4 Dark Elves CE use arcane magic and guard the darkest forests and fungus caves
5 Desert Elves LN use mentalism and use it to hide from humanity with illusions
6 Chaos elves CE use negative divine magic and worship demons or demon-tainted faerie
7 Blood Elves LE using Arcane blood magic, carnivorous fanged hell elves
8 Grey Elves CN use mentalist magic and are infamously gloomy in the underland 
9 Half Elves CN use arcane magic and lived with humans so long are called half-elf
10 Sea Elves CN use arcane water elemental magic and live on coasts and islands
11 Ice Elves CN use arcane ice elemental magic and live in the north or mountain tops
12 Astral Elves LN use mentalism and are scarrified and bandaged enemies of chaos, the astral winds have withered their immortal flesh and made them harsh 

d10 Elf Careers (some will change class after one level in elf class)

1 Elf Knight - LN chivalrous cavalry of faerie court, usw composite bow and arcane spells
2 Elf Ranger - CN scout and border defenders on wilderness frontiers, nature spells
3 Elf Magus - CN specialises in magical skills and crafts to make magic items, arcane spells
4 Elf Watcher - LN spies and agents of elf court, secret orders teach mentalism and skills
5 Elf Paladin - LG wages eternal war on evil using divine magic
6 Elf Minstrel - CN uses mentalist magic and trickery to entertain, gossip and spy
7 Elf Healer - LG use divine magic and skill to heal the sickness and wounds of evil
8 Elf Sailor - CN sea traveller and adventurer using mentalism magic
9 Elf Seer - LN oracular diviner and scholar uses mentalism magic
10 Elf Harlequin  - CN dancing order of assassins use mentalism
11 Elf Trickster - CN elves who play mean tricks on humans to scare them from elfland
    Use arcane magic. Kidnap humans even babies to be slaves & addicted
12 Elf Gardener - CN elves who help spread forests and fill them with food using nature magic

d12 Whats this elf up to?
1 On a quest
2 Carrying a message between humans and Elfland
3 Going to market to buy hardy livestock of humans
4 Spying on human activity
5 Warning humans about some menace
6 Helping a sick tree or animal
7 Planting fast-growing acorns and bramble hedges
8 Hunting an enemy that passed through elfland and hurt some elves
9 Poisoning a well or pond with d4 1=love potion 2=confusion potion 3=hallucinagenic potion 4=temporary polymorph to animal potions, effects last a day, the elf will try and watch from hiding
10 Spreading diseases d4 1=lycanthropy 2=plague 3=cowpox 4=swine flu
11 Out doing pranks and mischief possibly with spells
12 Kidnapping human d4 1=baby 2=children 3=adults 4=criminal who wronged or offended elves 

d10 Quick Elf Mission Types
1 Prank the humans
2 Defend the natural world
3 Fetch exotic substance
4 Smite something
5 Wage war on our foes
Recover lost treasure
7 Impress us with artwork 
8 Sylvan Shenanigans
9 Faerieland Frolics
10 Fabulous journies

Also see my various prank posts including ones for dark elves

Yes my elves are scary jerks

d100 Elf Clan Missions
01 Fill an empty farm with undead, constructs or dangerous creatures to keep people away
02 Perform vulgar and crude pranks on every house in a stone's throw of the forest
03 Prank the woodcutters in a logging camp by damaging or stealing their tools
04 Prank the local children by casting spells on them and offering them fairy food
05 Scare all the livestock of humans near the farm or passing the woods for a week
06 Get us a half a dozen human babies or children to come to fairyland with us forever
07 Cast spells on farm animals bordering elfland 
08 Scare away all the game from human hunters in the borderlands for a week
09 Burn down the blacksmiths and noble halls of a village near the borderlands 
10 Enrage a mob of humans so they chase you into elfland for us to round up like cattle
11 Plant 300 of these fast-growing tree seeds this month on the borderlands
12 Shut down a mining or lumber camp in the borderlands 
13 Dam the river, perhaps hire beavers and then flood the downstream living peoples in a month
14 Lead these goblins to drive away herdsmen on our frontier pastures for a month
15 Hunt the unicorn hunters but you may warn them first (or some other questing beast)
16 Kill this hall of rich trophy-gathering hunters while they are feasting
17 Kill all the human dogs living within a stone's throw of the forest  
18 Stampede wild herds through a human settlement, outpost or caravan
19 Destroy a human road through the wilderness
20 Perform this rite at these ancient monoliths by the full moon to release the wild hunt
21 Fetch us these flowers from the Forbidden Valley, keep the flowers safe now
22 Fetch us this wagon load of copper from this shifty human who owes us and failing that punish him
23 Fetch this magical fruit from a magic tree in the enchanted woods 
24 Bring us a witch shawl and her clogs
25 Fetch us 40 kittens, nice ones not the sewer ones
26 Fetch us the hat of this wizard without his permission
27 Procure us two pounds of black lotus resin, from the human port city best
28 Recover a minor elf weapon from a human grave 
29 Fetch us a talking goat - they are more common than you think
30 Go to the goblin market and bring back five types of magic mushrooms
31 Bury a dungeon complex sealing its airholes and entrances and exits. Guard it for a month
32 Slay the beast of Bloodknock Falls for eating an elf
33 Kill the chaos goblin warlord and anyone you have to to get at him
34 Kill the forest wyvern of the Brakkenwoods
35 A coven of werewolves has escaped our hunting estate go get the leader and the rest will follow you back to elfland as thralls
36 Go kill this d4 1=ogre 2=troll 3=giant 4=orc boss who has claimed a d4 1=haunted ruin 2=sinister cave 3=bridge 4=old tower
37 Kill the green dragon in the Wyrmwoods, you may keep its treasure 
38 Kill this wizard in a tower near elfland 
39 A vampire is hiding in the area find and kill them
40 A bad nature spirit is manifest as an evil tree monster spreading its evil taint, go kill it
41 A tribe of feral goblins have been raiding our goblin's villages. Go help our goblins win so they can get back to work for us 
42 An evil orc warlord has respawned an ancient anti-elf cult from aeons ago go kill him and his followers and destroy their ancient orc anti-elf weapons
43 A rival elf faction has made some threatening moves, go to this tree fort and kill everyone
44 Dwarves are burrowing into a mountain and polluting water and land and stinking up the pretty mountain, go get them to leave and seal the entrance
45 Flatulant halfling drunks have flooded our community eating everything and asking questions about everything. Take these clubs and drive them out of town
46 Bugbears have been collecting heads from our human secret contacts, go get the bugbears
47 Ogres attacked one of our hillforts went to their lair and exterminated them
48 Go kill the famous human robber knight and his band hiding in Gruberhole cavern 
49 A hideous horde of chaos mutant beast folk are in the swamp plotting evil so go kill them all
50 A necromancer in the forest is amazing an army using forgotten plague era graves now covered by our forest
51 Recover this priceless diadem of elfkind from those filthy dwarves
52 Find the ring of an elven king in the dungeon on this map
53 Jewels of an elven diplomat have been stolen by a thieves' guild, get them back
54 The Dwarf king regalia is made from royal elf jewels so steal it back
55 Rival elves have stolen a ring from an elf noble hand please return it
56 A jewel much admired by a queen elf was lost to goblins and the jewel is now in this dungeon go get it back
57 A much-loved pearl was returned to the sea go get it back and here are your potions to visit the underwater fairy world and passports to enter the sea kingdom and visit the current ruler d4 1=dragon 2=fairy 3=sea elf 4=tako octopus fairy
58 In the temple of the orcs is an idol of their one eyed gloomy god set with a fabulous long lost jewel we owned millennium ago and want back, go fetch
59 Find the Dragon NIrfsvart who has implanted a jewel in his head to spite us and take it
60 Find this last gem we need to open this ancient portal to faerieland so our gods may visit our world more freely
61 Write a scathing witty poem about how vulgar wild humans outside elfland are
62 Produce a painting of the fairy queen we can put in our palace and she might see it one day
63 Bring us a fabulous tapestry of unicorn hunters being ironically killed in a forest with silver and gold thread
64 Make a float for the next season's solstice faerie parade, do not shame us
65 Bring us one of those wizard paintings with a world inside its frame
66 Bring us a stuffed owlbear in an exciting pose
67 Take these wretched unwanted slaves and return in three months with a decorative carved skull wall hanging to remind us of mortality
68 Take this elf slayer to this wizard who will turn him into a living immortal flesh chair and return it to us 
70 Fetch us 100 cats so we can make a cat organ, make sure their cries are in a chromatic scale
71 Drunken centaurs stole an elf and we fear the brutes will be vulgar and coarse to them and must be rescued. The centaurs are a wild drunken berserker clan who love to drink and fight and kidnap people and humans
72 Satyrs stole musical instruments from an elf palace and are playing terrible bawdy music on them that hurts our head, fetch the instruments before they are ruined
73 Lonley Dryads are visiting for a ceremony could you look after them for three days while we are busy preparing for a royal visit from faerieland. Dont let anybody kill them
74 Goblins stole faerie food and are using it to enslave humans, best go get the food, punish the goblins and any addicted humans will probably need to come with us for care
75 A great dance of forest and faerie folk need you to stop excessive drinking and violent behaviour
76 Go help this old treant catch some troublemakers and make sure he doesn't get in trouble, he is not as sharp as he was
77 A tribe of coarse beast folk have been camping and putting on band performances and parties and dancing but we don't like it, please drive off these coarse oafs
78 A greenhag wants a lover for just one night, go help her find a nice young mortal willing to sacrifice themself and to father some trolls or ogres. The lovers only last so long
79 A unicorn grazing area has attracted thieves who want to steal unicorn poops (heal a d4 rubbed on a wound). Go stop these thieves and scare them away forever. Our servant goblins are permitted to take these blessed unicorn poops
80 Take this gift to the kindly old forest giant and ask if he has a prophecy for us
81 Take these costumes and you will be doormen at our faerie ball tonight, don't let anyone in not on the list
82 Take these sprites and brownies to faerieland for their visit to the faeriequeen who will choose some to be transformed into wilderness spirits or elves
83 Track this thief who stole from elfland and the faerie, this hunting werewolf will aid you
84 A goblin clan has escaped elfland go bring them back as their chores are going unattended
85 Help these swan maidens recover their cloaks stolen by sleazy humans  
86 Fetch this elf back from captivity from this noble's castle and take any children they might have
87 Take this baby wyrm and drop it down this village well, please and don't get seen
88 Take these old people back to human land to their old villages so they can meet their relatives and even descendants. Give each this gold ring to thank them for their service. Dont mind their archaic human speech or memories
89 Visit this other strange faerieland seldom spoken of and take this message to their ruler
90 We will turn you into unicorns so you can distract human hunters
91 Explore this region of giantland and place these new border stones
92 Visit the roots of the world tree and ask the dark elves of the roots to give us some of their cursed items
93 Visit the world tree branches and ask the wood elves for one of the great tree's acorns
94 Visit the world tree upper branches and ask the bright elves to give us some of the finest golden misstletoe found there and don't get distracted by all the cloud worlds you can visit 
95 Visit this castle in the nightmare realm of shadows and bring us this elf relic hidden there
96 Visit the glass citadel an invisible elf bastion that appears and disappears in the North Sea. See if they still live
97 Ride these giant moths to the celestial citadel of this star faerie and her court and present her with this jewellery from the elf queen
98 A changeling wronged us and has fled to another plane of one of their parents. Go find this wretch and bring them to us 
99 Enter this elemental portal and take some of the elemental crystal you find, don't get into fights with elementals if you can 
100 Visit this elemental world of plants and get us some seeds of their dangerous plants

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Strange Stars: Spaceport Loners, Troublemakers & Criminal Orgs

Patreon this month:
Space station cult hunting adventure a fantasy threefold for Auldwood
and some Halloween bonus 3folds

Sometimes when looking for a cult on a spaceport you accidently come across one of these weirdos. They may seem to be involved in your investigation but really are walking side quests.

Crime gangs are useful as red herrings, a source of goons for a cult without using their own kind and may be aiding a cult for money. There may be a cult within a gang involved in a takeover. Crime like the AI thinks non-profitable crime or trade is suspicious and that cults are dangerous. But some cults have resources. Criminal organisations often have their own AI recruited from outer system rejects. Some of these AI are malicious, corrupt or spies running the gang as a Psy op for the inners. 

d12 Distracting Spaceport Loners & Trouble Makers
1 Vaugn Brodsky - A Businessman from Mars Corp likes to kill a few poor people every trip to Midas station before leaving.  
2 Tanya Galzorig - Bank of Venus delegate part of a secret cannibalism club looking to help the club set up on the station under her personal control. Possible links to other real cults or just sad rich edge lords
3 Byron Corben - Suicide bomber blames inner system overlords for family colony being seized by Mars Bank debt police. Looking for a good spot or moment to explode 
4 Emil Velderman - Criminal arms dealer here to sell guns to outer system colonists, has goons and concealed weapons   
5 Arla Maivia - Professional boxer here for some illegal fight for the mob and paranoid from the booster drugs that a rival gang want to kill her. Easily provoked into her potentially killing fight moves
6 Peta Mills - Looking for drugs and asking around all the wrong places looking to party. Peta might be taken advantage of by a cult or a syndicate (as an expendable or a decoy)
7 Monica Perez - Courier and data smuggler with packages and data wary of being followed
8 Tazz Clancy - homeless spaceport beggar, trying to get a job and avoiding station officials. Might try and join a cult for accommodation or work
9 Orla Ceres - a grifter who has learned how to scam financial time delays with a partner in Mars stock exchange. Has a scam to trigger AI to start selling slightly too early and profit. Banking orgs will definitely will want her sent to a re-education colony  
10 Lars Hendrix - has a behaviour modification chip to prevent violence. A crime syndicate deactivated it for money and gave him a job. Mostly he engages in beatings for ppl who owe the syndicate money and minor acts of sabotage. If he thinks the gig is up will resort to violence or flee through busy public areas
11 Electra Tycho - punk rocker preaching anti-system rhetoric and seems to be recruiting for colonies of discontent punks. She a vegetarian pacifist but might be noticed by cult-hunting AI or authorities. She might be interested in getting some punks to do a crime for cash to fund a colony made of scrap and DIY
12 Dr Norbert Prim - this terrorist doctor has been hacking clone labs and hospitals to replace grown or printed clones to all be copies of him instead. At a future date hi AI ally will contact the clone and encourage them to repeat the process. Prim clones have tried to infiltrate colony programs, public reproduction clinics and even private facilities. Prin can alter his face and surface DNA with a living cloned full-body mask. He and his AI "Narcissus" believe he will dominate the human genome eventually. If you jump to the future in-game he could reappear or have own colony or planet

d12 Crime Syndicates
Major criminal orgs with own AI, enforcers, several levels of leaders
1 Mercury Syndicate - siphoned resources on mercury and expanded to quiet colonies in belt and kaiper belt quietly. Prefer nobody know they exist
2 Venus Syndicate - thrill-seeking bored rich with fingers everywhere using Venus coin currency. Linked to lots of corruption and will try to get people to join the syndicate before killing them
3 Marian Syndicate - operates on fringes of Marian currency and corporate influence. Has many legitimate fronts and sleeper agents. Ruthless and will silence own people if they get caught
4 Belter Free Market - practice barter and avoid main currencies, started as a belter rights group now a smuggling enterprise that will get you any goods and will kill any leaks. Operate lots of black markets for stolen and criminal goods
5 Free Mars - a separatist group that wants Mars to be independent and believes it ought to run the System. Have lots of grassroots support and prefer subtle influence over time. A few hotshots perform some act of terrorism against Terran interests 
6 Kaiper Syndicate - mostly smuggled goods and undercut legitimate trade in the outer system and avoided the law. Use distance to keep affairs secret. Move lots of drugs and firearms
7 Anti Machine League - against AI domination of Inner worlds and provoke people to be suspicious and hateful of AI. Have killed AI and are taken seriously by all AI. Rare and have small cells with active agents mind wiped on operations
8 Jovian Syndicate - a new emerging syndicate in the colonies around Jupiter but also involved in piracy in the belt and around Jupiter. They have gained commoners' sympathy with their Jupiter First campaigns and many believe they are a Robin Hood operation against the Inners but its just a scam. They often aid struggling colonies and families for goodwill
9 Saturn Syndicate - early days yet for this new group inspired by Jovian Syndicate. Engaged in lots of smuggling but also showed signs of having lots of willing muscle recruited from the more isolated colonies 
10 Belter Liberation Army - believe the inners are fat cat scum who make life in the belt worse deliberately. Have lots of sympathy and a ready steam of angry agents who hate Mars, Terra and Venus
11 Selenite Syndicate - Luna-based smaller syndicate mostly interested in data crimes and even used to cut corners from legitimate research. Also principal organisation working ID fraud and queue jumping on the colony mission register. Not very violent more impatient with red tape and even idealistic at times about their actions. Increasingly entering the bio crime field
12 The Brotherhood - a sect of killers for hire used by other criminal sects. Highest-paid kills are by agents with memory scrubs and new personalities manufactured. Involved in human traffic also but this seems to be a cover to move assassins. It is believed they are based in one or more asteroid colonies and may in fact be cult fanatics

d12 Criminal Treatment Programs
In currency trading areas cash fines will be common
Roll several of these for past criminal charges from AI Judges
1 Interview by a councillor or law officer scolding you and an hour in a cell watching videos
Counselling session with an AI to see what kind of help you need 
3 Day in an intensive reeducation centre for evaluation and intense psychotronic therapy
Year of weekly reeducation seminars and therapy
5 Month in a re-education camp listening to propaganda about social responsibility
6 Social Club - made to join a club with other felons serving charity, playing sports and group support counselling with an assigned buddy-surveillance system for a year
Chem Therapy - monthly implant, re-evaluated yearly, keeps calm and compliant
Implant Therapy - behavioural modification implant for life, especially for violent crime
Parole interview weekly for two years after month detention
10 Surveiled - system scrutinises all data, activity and possessions al the time
11 Restraint Collar - basic smart system reports your location, records conversations, warns you and can tranquilise the wearer and call security if breaking any rules set by AI
12 Personal AI Link Implant - provides counselling and advice constantly

d12 Criminal & Cult Relations
Roll a lower dice for more petty crimes
1 Provided thugs for cult a few times for money
2 Loaned money to cult
3 Smuggled goods and people for the cult
4 Dealt in drugs together
5 Mob killed a few troublemakers of cult for money
6 Cult are a major part of behind scenes crime operation
7 Mob kidnap targets for the cult no questions asked
8 Cult and mob shared muscle to defeat another syndicate
9 Mainstream harmless cults or religion in gangs has been exploited by a real cult
10 Gang aware there are some crazies out there who do not care about life or death or profits and best not to ever deal with them. Possibly the boss has a blood feud with a cult
11 A major faction is cultists and working to take over soon
12 Mob bosses under cult influence directly 

d12 Major Crimes for Syndicates
Various serious crimes run by syndicates for profit
1 Data Theft/Tampering - any theft of unauthorised data or altering computer data like ID
2 Currency Exchange Fraud - any unauthorised scam to profit from the bank system
3 Organ legging - mostly in places with poor cloning hospitals
4 Human Smuggling - moving people without records, some are illegal slaves or clones
5 Bio Crimes - involving illegal bio mods, clones or data theft, weapons
6 Arms Crimes - making or selling weapons, arming vehicles 
7 Extortion Rackets - skimming businesses and individuals with threats of harm
8 Violence & Assassination - for-hire business
9 Currency Loans - usually with high interests and the mob becomes your partner for the rest of your life if good
10 Drug Crimes - mostly smuggling everyday inner drugs to the outer system which isn't so serious but also a new generation of tailor-made addictive designer drugs used to make people slaves to syndicates in the outer system
11 Corruption - using bribery, blackmail, drugs or infiltration to aid other criminal interests or gain data. Also election tampering and evading AI scrutiny and finding malcontent AI. Corrupting generation colony ship personnel has been the hot new field for 2 years
12 Piracy - outfitting a ship with weapons and hijacking ships and cargo

d12 Petty Crimes
Roll penalties with d6 on the punishment table
1 Traffic violations - usually disabling the AI or joyride
2 Petty Theft - food or a train ride without a ticket
3 Unauthorised Medication - soft drug possession
4 Threats of Harm or Violence or Assault
5 Violence - resulting in unauthorised contact or damage (punch or fight or riot)
6 Graffiti and Property Damage - mostly juveniles
7 Received Terrorist Propaganda without reporting it
8 Conspiracy to Pervert Data - if stopped before anything actually happened
9 Altering Travel Records or Documents
10 Failure to report a crime
11 Failure to assist or lie to a security officer 
12 Unauthorised Access to low security or private area  

d12 Serious Crimes
Roll penalties with d6+6 on the punishment table
1 Murder - deliberate and intentional intent to kill or attempted
2 Cause Fatality - accidental killing of another person even through carelessness
3 Unauthorised Weapon Possession or Discharge - considered intent to cause harm
4 Possession of Narcotics - addictive drugs that mobs use to enslave people
5 Unauthorised Vehichle or Equipment Operation - treated as a potential cause of fatality
6 Unauthorised tampering with AI Core or destruction of AI - every AI you meet remember
7 Unauthorised Cloning, Biomods or Cyborging
8 Major Theft of goods or Data Theft or Tampering
9 Being a member of an unauthorised organisation or enterprise - like a syndicate or cult
10 Lie in a Computer Justice Tribunal
11 Unauthorised Access to high-security area or data  
12 Harm or threaten security personnel performing duties

Tuesday 17 October 2023

d100 Gnome Clan Missions

A sf horror adventure book and a 3fold fantasy per month on my Patreon - plus bonus Halloween 3 folds this month.

Like I allow other races to be reskinned into various sub-types of class gnomes offer a base for a small magical humanoid. Every game needs more of these (i didn't do this with my dwarves much or settle on my subtypes and might go back to this topic and ppl like dwarf stuff). Also types can pick what spell list they use which I use to vary types. My gnomes also get some other minor magical abilities. I prefer the type list here to my dwarf version before i rewrite my dwarf class. 

I could reskin a gnome as a type of small magical troll or brownie it wouldn't change much.
My gnomes refer to animals as people and disapprove of animal cruelty (most are vegetarian). Evil ones prefer to torment, enslave and eat humans but will be protective of their pets and become enraged if pets are hurt. 

d12 Gnome Types
1 Forest gnomes CG with green hats who use druidry and live with and help animals of the woods and live in mushrooms and trees. They can assume small animal forms
2 Hill gnomes NG love mining and craft and trade and live in vast burrows with animal friends. They use arcane magic and wear brown caps. Very materialistic and good at craft. They can assume small animal forms
3 Snow gnomes LG often hide when warm and come out when other people hide from the weather to help animals. They also live on mountain tops and have many flying pets. They use divine magic wear white caps and watch over vast areas for evil and good people in trouble. They can assume small animal forms
4 Deep Gnomes N are a gloomy civilisation that dwells in the Nederlands and they employ magical machines and pets. They employ clockwork and steam and gunpowder.  They have mole machines and airships. They wear grey caps and employ mentalist magic. They cultivate vast mushroom fields tended by mole people and mushroom harvesters. They can become invisible
Dark Gnomes LE kidnaps victims to be their slaves and uses magic to shrink them on the way in so they cannot escape once in the gnome's lair. They have concealed doors in trees and even gardens or buildings. They are notorious for imaginative cruelty and traps. They wear black hats and prefer arcane magic and they can become invisible
6 Red gnomes CE are cannibalistic killers and brigands who wear red blood soaked caps. They use arcane magic and have the ability to grow huge
7 Gold gnomes LN are haughty crafters of treasures and hoarders. Some live in cities running pawn shops, coin changers and banking. They are less interested in mining and prefer urban living. They prefer mentalism magic and have limited teleportation ability 
8 Silver gnomes NG are humbler cousins of gold gnomes who are more interested in common crafts and helping ordinary people. They like urban areas and village life. They prefer arcane magic and can turn invisible. Often help commoners resist supernatural evils
9 Sewer gnomes CN are filthy naked sewer dwellers who scrounge for unwanted trash to build new things. They often live with rats, bats, toads and other sewer animals. They use druidry and can turn into small animals
10 Sand gnomes NG live in desert ruins especially old libraries or with inscriptions. They love ancient lore and preserving knowledge. They are kindred with various animals in ruins like hawks, snakes, foxes, hares. They mostly hide from people but might help adventurers or offer to trade lore preferring arcane magic
11 Cave Gnomes CN are subterranean hunters who hunt monsters for trophies. They avoid contact with most races and excel at hiding. Other people are rivals but they may aid people beset by monsters. They use druidry and can turn invisible 
12 Slime Gnomes CE live in swamps and feel kindred to slimes and oozes that live in chaos-tainted places. They sometimes build machines to refine chaos slime and gain mutations. They prefer arcane magic and can turn into ooze to hide or escape

d12 Gnome Activities
1 Hunting with pets and a tiny bow
2 Carrying handicrafts to market possibly with a pack animal
3 Hiding in secret watch outpost with message birds
4 Giving animals first aid
5 Selling handicrafts from a roadside stall
6 Camping in a small tent with pets
7 Armoured and armed looking for missing friends
8 Prospecting or gathering craft materials 
9 Luring child into a tiny doorway with candy and toys
10 Mourning dead relatives through song
11 In full war gear hunting enemies
12 Travelling with home on the back of a creature or automaton

d12 Gnome gadgets
1 Hand grenades and incendiaries with various link self-igniting fuses
2 Large iron mines can be buried, floated at sea or placed directly on a structure 
3 Muskets and pistols with 3-gnome arquebus teams
4 Rocketry team, poor accuracy but causes panic and covers the battlefield in smoke
5 Carts with multiple gun barrels or multiple heavy or repeating crossbows with a 4
-gnome crew
6 Artillery with cannons or smaller swivel-mounted defence guns and mortars
7 Mechanised Infantry, fearless automatons follow officer's commands. Variants include wheeled dome machines with whirling saws, blades and darts
8 Mechanised giant, with a crew of 12 gnomes inside, has multiple repeating crossbows and can punch and stomp. Smaller models with 1-4 crew are possible also
9 Mechanical steed a usually 4-6 legged mechanical riding animal like a horse, goat or beetle
10 Centipede a walking engine with many legs and articulated carriages good for all terrain and uneven tunnels. Various carriages including cargo, passenger, VIP and combat models with turrets. Some are larger and taller with just 4 or 6 longer legs for sieges. Agricultural versions harvest mushrooms, water crops and turn over compost loading carriages with mushrooms behind them
11 Mole machine a burrowing vehichle for sieges, exploration and tunnelling. Various sizes usually 4 gnome crew and a dozen tunnel fighter sappers
12 Tank a mobile armoured artillery piece, slow, awful to be inside but dangerous with 4-14 crew and squad of infantry or pets depending on size. The smallest good in tunnels larger for big caves or outdoor battles
13 Land leviathan a mobile armoured castle or metal citadel using legs or tracks to move in war
14 Balloon an inflated sack mostly for observation while tethered some filled with hot air or explosive gas 
15 Ornithopter a mechanical winged animal with room for 4-12 gnomes depending on version. Some are fanciful like griffons and they can walk too. Some manoeuvre better
16 Airship a great metal hulled cylinder for travel and freight across the sea or across giant tunnels. Can fly over storms and are powered by magical helms to make them fly
17 Monocycle a gyro-stabilised large wheel with big spring shock absorbers and a gyro-stabilised cabin above. Older models without springs are dreadful but other model's cabin have inside wheels. Some gnomes dream of a 6-12m war wheel 
18 Gnome Carrier a wheeled armoured self-powered steam car with sawblades and crew inside with repeating crossbows and a mostly arrowproof shell
19 Automaton servants and golems operate and are built in everyday devices such as stoves, pumps, farm and factory machines
20 A humanoid race of golems who are servants and fight wars (ill reskin my SF robot class one day) 

d10 Quick Types of Gnome Quest
1 Helping creatures
2 Scavenger Hunt
3 Rescue
Pet Trouble
5 Pest Control
6 Crafting 
7 Construction
8 Warfare
 Faerie frolics
10 Exploration

d100 Gnome Clan Missions
01 Help return these giant eagle eggs to their nest, the parents might be a bit angry
02 Catch a poor owlbear who is wounded and needs help with an evil parasite
03 Help catch the rabid dire wolf so we can heal it and make friends with it
04 Go give this medicine to these sick giant frogs that can swallow a whole gnome one gulp
05 Help load up these giant stalks with baby gnomes so they can carry them to the motherland far away. Look out for mean humans who shoot passing storks nearby
06 Go help the beavers finish their dam, it will help if they like you and accept you
07 A dragon is grumpy perhaps it has a sore tooth and needs help getting it out
08 Unicorn hunters are in this forest and need to be driven away with tricks and traps
09 Herd these dangerous ambulant explosive fungus back to their home cave without exploding as we don't want these critters up here
10 Some mutant animals have been seen  Get a sample of what causes it 
 Go collect dead beached whale blubber and bury it on a cold mountaintop to make delicious aged frozen blubber to harvest in a decade. We already got the whale ambergris and teeth but look out for crabs 
12 Go fetch a manticore egg for the craftsman to decorate with gold for a surprise gift for an enemy
13 Find the royal platinum back scratcher that was lost in the maze of terror three hundred years ago  
14 Recover the dread Gnominomicon a book of frightful gnomish lore and wizard spells from the age of the long night
15 Go find which frog in the pond is really a missing gnomish prince avoiding his duties
16 Help find the long-lost silver sceptre last seen with adventurers entering the swa,p castle ruins
17 Find enough gems to refuel the magic lantern in the clan heart chamber
18 Collect shaven troll hairs to make a dozen brooms and a score of hand brushes 
19 Help a mermaid recover her stolen pearl so she doesn't get in trouble
20 Help an old retired gnome chief recover his clan's ivory horn
21 Help orphans trapped on rocks in a rapid river
22 Save a puppy that fell into a slimy portal and was yapping for help 
23 Baby goats have been kidnapped by trolls and their nanny is upset and wants help
24 A magical faerie sandcastle appeared on a beach and several children went exploring inside so get them out
25 An alchemist has stolen some griffin eggs and we need to get them back to the parents
26 Some kittens got in a boat and washed away go find them
27 Some barnyard friends were snatched by abominable creatures that crawled from a sinkhole - go bring them back
28 A teacher has lost all their students and thinks they might have gone to explore the woeful caverns  
29 Pirates have kidnapped people from a building who need your help d4 1=orphanage 2=nunnery 3=lighthouse 4=wizard school
30 Giant has kidnapped some gnomes and carried them to its mountain lair
31 A puppy has fallen down a vent into some forgotten underground complex please save them
32 Giant dragonflies are hunting our songbird friends please chase them off
33 Find a druid who can help us grow our pets into ginormous size for sensible well thought out reasons
34 Catch us some giant rats, bathe and clean them, give them pretty ribbons and bring them to us
35 A young gnome's pet bug has got big and wreaking havoc d4 1=robber fly 2=carniverous beetle 3=preying mantis 4=hungry grub
36 A recent naughty pet has gone running amok! (actually its an imp in animal form)
37 A talking goose has been stolen by idiot ogres who think the goose lays golden eggs. The goose in fact is a master storyteller and so far has captivated the ogres in their cave
38 Some of our talking pets have learned swear words, ask the animals questions to see what animal or person taught vile words to our adorable friends 
39 Our pet rust monster has run away please bring it home (maybe has a nest?)
40 We have tried to tame this carnivorous hill ape and teach it to be a vegetarian. It has failed and is roaming the area trying to eat people 
A crazed undead treant stump in the forest needs to be put down
42 Help bathe local animals in this tonic to protect them from a tick plague
43 Some rotter keeps sending plagues of fleas into our burrow, find this jerk and bring them to us
44 Swarms of lemmings have become aggressive and need to be destroyed before they eat everything
45 Giant locusts are eating our herb gardens and flower beds please shoo them away
46 A giant mole has been damaging our tunnel complex and will not listen to reason
47 Take these shrinking and animal speech potions and go convince the local rabbits to stop eating our gardens and live in peace. Bunnies are furry cuddly types so should be easy
48 Giant leeches have invaded our burrow and well, please talk to the leeches or whatever it takes to make them go away. Maybe there is a reason they are doing this 
49 Giant ants are invading our burrow and won't listen to reason. They are stealing our cakes and our gold and our children to raise as slaves. Please stop them but try not to hurt the ants too much
50 Patches of corrosive green slime need eradicated from our burrow and find where this chaotic slime came from
51 Go fetch us a pearl-encrusted silver diadem we need
52 Go fetch us an ancient oak tree to make new doors for our burrow
53 Go into our forge coal cellar and find out what monster moved in and stop it
54 Go get examples of high-quality expensive navigation equipment from humans
55 Take these new muskets and hunt this giant spider to test them
56 Go collect a meteoric iron star stone that fell from the sky for our crafters
57 We need these pretty crystals for our jewelled luxury items, please get some and avoid the guardian 
58 Go negotiate with elves for some gold leaves from their magic tree we would like for some artwork
59 Test this fabulous strange new vehichle built by our distant cousins
60 Go catch these clockwork automatons that have learned to wind up each other and rebel
61 Excavators have found a black ancient granite tomb while digging a new section please go declare it safe to demolish by exploring it for monsters or traps
62 Please help guard our surface workers installing secret spy hides connected to tunnels
63 Please deliver these perfect polished basalt stone pillars we lathed to the customer building a temple
64 We are making special mortar to block ethereal creatures made of basilisk blood we just need you to get us some basilisks 
65 We have marked some large boulders on this map we would like you to steal and bring to us
66 Help protect our trap patrol by setting fresh traps on our border
67 Take this wand and climb up this mountain and cast rock to mud three times, don't worry we've done the maths and you will be in the safest place (drown area of lowlands where humanoids live with mud and in a few years will be flat farmland)
68 We have connected a tunnel to one of the secret underground highways abandoned by dwarves. Go clear our wandering monsters for us and report on tunnel condition
69 We have been expanding our burrow and found a dungeon passage. Could you oook about, please
70 Gnomes are building a huge titanic war golem they just need two identical gems to finish the ultimate peaceful war deterrent. We hear these two famous gems are in this evil temple
71 Lead our mechanised infantry automatons into battle and don't let them commit any atrocities
72 A kobold tribe in our area plot against us and will never want peace. Please go drive them off our land
73 A goblin stockade has been built nearby and they plan to settle more goblins. Go see them off and destroy this 
74 We want you to get in this one-way burrowing torpedo and attack this orc gatehouse from inside and let in our forces to victory
75 Orcs besieging a community need to be taught a lesson. Take these explosive mines and use them to destroy earthwork ramp they have spent months building
76 We need some help. While our surface allies besiege there we can burrow under the enemy fort and collapse its defences. We need you to guard our workers and pet war moles in case they burrow into our tunnel or we his some ancient dungeons
77 Destroy that one ballista on a castle tower then we can move in our siege artillery without risk
78 Take this steam-powered battlewagon and charge the enemy in the flank in tomorrow's battle/ You will be the first to test it
79 Gnomes and goblins have been fighting a dismal underground war for generations. If you can punch through and kill the goblin nobility we can win this once and for all
80 We have equipped these war snails with saddles for your sizes. Please take them and fight the enemy war snails on tomorrow's battle so they don't crush our archers or infantry
81 Take these baked treads to the faeries of nightmare wood and ransom forest 
82 Help these dopey druids find a faerie land location d4 1=cosmic tree 2=celestial grove 3=garden of the knowledge god 4=entrance to giant land
83 Go rescue young gnomes from a dancing faerie circle, its been days and they have missed chores
84 Faeries and gnomes are having a squirrel grooming contest so make sure nobody disturbs this serious ancient contest used to prevent war
85 Go collect us some dryad moss but don't get enslaved by her
86 Drunken vile lecherous satyrs deserve a beating for their lewd behaviour in front of a gnome matriarch knitting circle
87 Take these gifts to the elves accept their return gifts and bring them back
88 An animal pet in our village is really a changeling and we would like to know which and why it hides among us
89 A hag has been sending her troll sons to kidnap gnomes for her to eat, go stop her and save the gnomes
90 Go help faeries and elves make hunters in their forest fail as secretly as possible
91 Escort this airship from enemies on its trip to the moon. Aid the crew in taking specimens and prospecting and looking out for native selenites
92 Ride this mole machine into the deepest realms looking for unknown people of the deep
93 Take this balloon and use it to board a cloud giant cloud castle
94 Take this submersible vessel under the sea and observe the wonderful creatures there
95 Wear these salamander skin suits and masks to explore the ruins in this volcanic crater
96 Wear these baby Roc costumes to observe a family of great beasts on top of that mountain. Remember to look adorable to the mother and she will feed you and protect you
97 Take this wonderous ornithopter through this portal explore the psychedelic vortex on the other side and look for life
98 Help us establish a colony on the world tree for scholars and explorers
99 Go to the top of the world tree to map some branches and see what cloud worlds are accessible for future travellers
100 Board this outer void rocket craft with its crew and see what horrors lurk beyond the sky. Save some rocket powder for the return trip. Don't be afraid our best artillerists are here to aim you and promise not to hit any gods, stars celestial crystal palaces or elder star daemons