Wednesday 20 March 2019

Owing a Spell Caster

Waaaa! Some baby murder hobo got a level drain, or killed. Then just go pay to get it fixed. Can't afford it well churches have awesome deals for you. Wizards too. Sometimes church buys adventurer bodies and raises them and bills them or send them on quests. It is hard to argue with people who bring you back from the dead. Sweet deal for anyone who find bodies and finders get to keep body possessions.

d8-1 Services for a priest

Zero generally used for free to be friendly when preaching
1st must attend d4 church services or ceremony led by the priest
2nd must visit church for a month and perform a days labour
3rd perform a weeks labour for church
4th receive a oath to perform a task for church of up to a months labour
5th receive a quest spell or 3 month season of labour
6th years service to church
7th decade of service to church or join a crusade

Healing especially high level spells like restoration or raise dead popular
some churches offer discount on spells left by end of day or give them to worthy parishioners

d12 Typical Church Missions

1 Collect and deliver a item between two churches
2 Protect a band of pilgrims
3 Assist a travelling priest
4 Assist in the establishment on a new shrine
5 Assist preacher or missionary expedition
6 Swear to fight in a crusade
7 Find and arrest or destroy a enemy of the church
8 Swear to join a religious order
9 Recover a lost relic or scripture or ruin
10 Aid a community face a local problem or threat
11 Hold a religious feast or festival
12 Help work on building a church building or monument 

d10-1 Services for a wizard
Zero small animal like a duck or chicken or several pigeons
1st obtain something for wizard taking about a day, several medium animal 100gp
2nd horse or cow or large pig or three days work often to fetch something 200gp
3rd child or elderly person slave or a weeks service often something with danger 500gp
4th house or ox team or carriage and two coach horses or house, recover a book 800gp
5th house and family of serfs, land to feed one family, collect monster organs 1000gp
6th wealthy house with land for two families 2500gp
7th cost to build a wizard tower or manor house 10000gp
8th small village of 5 families and land or fortified manour 20000gp
9th a palace or large monument or island or mountain or forest 50000gp

Identify and history are common spells bargained from wizards
some wizards prefer gems, jewelry or metal ingots

d12 Typical Wizard Missions
1 Collect exotic item from market or merchant
2 Recover item from exotioc location
3 Gain body part of exotic creature
4 Obtain mineral from abandoned old mine or cave
5 Protect wizards apprentice on research mission
6 Protect wizard enter a dungeon seeking lore
7 Recover text from ruin
8 Steal rare item from private collection
9 Loot crypt of long dead wizard
10 Raid lair of outlaw wizard and get books
11 Recruit a talented apprentice to the wizards cause
12 Perform sabotage on a rival wizards project

My Moola System

30000gp gold talent ingot 30ENC
800gp silver talent ingot 30ENC
80gp copper talent ingot 30ENC
160gp bronze talent ingot 30ENC
400gp iron talent ingot 30ENC
600gp steel talent ingot 30ENC

1gp=36sp=360cp standard
so a gp can feed and house you for a year as a commoner

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