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Desert Ruins PDF

Desert Ruins (Amended)
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Some bonus notes on Exilon setting

d10 Fish Men Factions
1 Royal fish cult in imperial regalia of ancient empire, ornate seametal plate armour

2 Fishfolk kingdom warriors in seametal scale, investigating ancient fishfolk lands
3 Barbarian tribe fishfolk with obsidian tipped weapons craving food and sacrifices
Fishfolk wizard's servants seeking lore many know a few spells
5 Fishfolk savage hunters worshiping Dagon and Cthulhu
6 Fishfolk hybrid townsfolk and merchants run cult in secret for fishfolk gold 
7 Fishfolk hybrid nomad cult related to locals who travel between forgotten holy places
8 Subterranean fishfolk living in the underland oceans, albino demon worshipers
9 Primitive cave dwellers using stone tools and nets
10 Degenerate savages living in caves use no tools and crave flesh

Typical Fish Folk Expedition Group - two squads plus leaders
Noble Commander or Chief
Spell Caster - wizard, priest or shaman usually
Two sub commanders or chiefs
Two squads of 12 fish folk troopers
Two scouts

-often human hybrid or shorter fishling folk or other expendable beastfolk
-for spying and tracking or skirmishing

If in water:
may have pack or riding fish or seahorses
plus a fighting fish, sharks or assault pliesiosaur

d10 Fish Folk Allies & Vassals
1 Catfish folk can hibernate, tentacled faces, most are wizards, highly respected by sea folk

2 Barracuda folk are savage bererkers, fishfolk prefer they fight on their own
3 Sharkfolk are hungry sea warriors vary in size from small sharklings to man or ogre size

4 Stingrey folk worship blood drinking demons and their priests are vampires
5 Lampreyfolk are blood drinking horrors that disgust even fish folk, worship leech demons
6 Wormfolk once a great race fish folk brought them to lowly slaves and food
7 Isopod Folk deep sea scavengers from earliest times
8 Crab Folk used by fish folk as troops and workers
9 Lobster Folk used by fish folk as troops and workers
10 Starfish Folk hungry moronic brutes but breed fast for war or labour


  1. That's really cool. If you want to bring your Allies and Vassals into a D-12 list you could add Marine Iguana Folk, enslaved from remote islands and bred to revere the Fishfolk, and Sea Turtle Folk who worship an ancient, blind and more than half senile Dragon Turtle that has been ensorcelled by Fish Folk Warlocks.

    You could even see fights between the Fishfolk and Serpentfolk over the more aquatic breeds of Lizardfolk. Always fun to watch the evil people going to war with each other.

    1. looking at this all again and all amazing
      sorry so late to respond


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