Friday 29 April 2016

Pubs of Planet Psychon

Planet Psychon is a troubled place and a tavern possibly could help or make things worse. Possibly will do a table just for carousing. JD pointed out I had done this already doh!!!

d12 Quick Typical Decor
1 Rustic farmers pub
2 Retro pre apocalypse bar
3 Cyberpunk gang dive
4 Fantasy dungeon murder hobo bar
5 Space age sterile white or black minimalism
6 Garbage strewn ruin
7 Concrete with rusty ancient boilers
8 Wood and brass steampunk inn
9 Creepy haunted village inn
10 Frankenstein lab
11 Industrial ruin converted into hip new bar
12 Brickwork or factory ruins converted

d12 Terrible decor styles popular on Psychon

1 Glass bead curtains, hookas and pillows, curtained private booths
2 Depressions in ground for sitting in with tables, coarse and dirty
3 Lava lamps and psychedelic light shows, podiums and black light
4 Dungeon rocky horror theme with a monster waiting staff
5 Smoke filled dive smells of desperate old men, piss and vomit
6 Weapons mounted everywhere with spikes and bloody efigies and fire
7 Coloured lights, music, water features and fog
8 Orange plastic and chocolate or stained wood, dark and smokey
9 Covered in huge collage of colourful ancient crap glued on every surface
10 Red carpet and walls with gold framed mirrors, little tables, sofas and nude paintings
11 Prefab panels recycled from ancients, all modular and functional and a bit dirtier
12 Recycled buildings from military, refugee and bio quarantine camps

d20 Interesting crap on walls
1 Head trophies with stuffed monsters, dinosaurs and game beasts
2 Old newspapers, comics, posters all pasted to walls
3 Interesting junk with speculative descriptive plaques
4 Pornographic pin ups, sex dolls and sex toys
5 Tapestries and carpets with abstract and pictorial narratives
6 Old maps with doodles and comments written on them
7 Graffiti and letter forms to trash tags and throw ups
8 Murals with landscapes, attractive ladies or other mood setting work
9 Religious devotional items and narrative murals and relief carvings
10 Old screens, circuit boards, wires and wrecked machines
11 Cavernous rock walls with crude artwork scratched and painted
12 Recycled bricks and old signs from local ruins
13 Paintings including portraits and landscapes or abstracts
14 Caged animals like birds or cats or weirder
15 Scaffolding and hoardings
16 Weapons, shields and armour
17 Political graffiti mural with faction symbols
18 Mirrors or highly reflective materials
19 Aquariums with aquatic beasts or mutants
20 Projected video artworks, loops or replays

d12 What sort of a craphole is this supposed to be?
1 Its  local pub for local proper people like us
2 It's for scum and villainy mostly
3 Its mostly young men boasting lots and being macho
4 It's a dance and music place where young people like to meet
5 Old people who like a quiet drink and talk about turnips and the weather
6 Where older people hook up over bingo and quiz nights and half price schnitzel
7 Everyone drinking here met through church, a cult, secret society or minority group
8 Multi species bar with aliens, travelers, mutants all welcome but no entry to one species
9 Mostly travellers come and go, regulars occupy the bar
10 Some kind of sex club later at night 1in6 a demonic sex cult summoning
11 Dedicated to a god and welcoming everyone with hospitality
12 This is the community or a factional group's sacred meeting place, but outsiders tolerated

d12 Meals
1 Honest working mans meals, cheap and big serves
2 Home cooked peasant food
3 Cheap and possibly toxic street food
4 Pies, cakes and mostly baked goods
6 Deep fried snack food 1in6 a franchise
7 Sandwiches from local ingredients
8 Synthetic food made from yeast, soya or algae base
9 Vegetarian treats 1in6 is from sentient beings
10  Meat and lots of it 1in6 is from sentient beings
11 A single food like potatoes or turnips cooked hundreds of ways
12 BBQ grill ribs, kebabs, steaks, vegetables, haunch, whole birds etc

d12 Specialty Grog?
1 One type of beer or grog
2 Range of beer, ale, stout, ciders
3 Wine from various fruits, berries and weeds
4 Sap from secret tree
5 Non alcoholic smart drinks and mocktails
6 Blood based drinks, most just throw up first try
7 Milk, milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt drinks, fermented milk
8 Fermented hash, opium and mushroom drinks
9 Fluids dosed with mood altering hormones (magical tears)
10 Ancient post mix soft drinks
11 Unpleasant spirits, fuel, cologne, formaldehyde and ethenol
12 A single highly specialized spirit or 1in6 many quality spirits

d20 Other fun and vice (roll twice for bigger pubs)
1 Singer 1in6 a trained bard
2 Prostitutes
3 Drug abuse
4 Gambling
5 Animal fights
6 Barfights
7 Live torture
8 Dancers or strippers
9 Weapon and strength competitions
10 Deadly games (Russian Roulette, reach in the bog beast log)
11 Story telling
12 Filthy jokes and stories you cannot unhear
13 Glory holes
14 Executions
15 Duels
16 Live sex acts
17 Board games 1in6 have addictive video games
18 Show old movies of the ancients
19 Race or battle small critters (crabs, rats, frogs)
20 Debating local social issues

d100 Strange pub encounters on Psychon
01 Old man from the wastes comes with a strange prophecey then dies
02 Two gamblers shoot each other
03 Two people fight then kiss and leave
04 Android assassin attacks bar patron
05 Waitresses have a fight
06 Barman and wife have a fight
07 Two petty gangsters of rival factions fight
08 Horrible parasite explodes from dying man
09 Woman stabs a waiter
10 Gangster insists on being allowed in with friends

11 Replicant hunter finds prey in bar and tries to terminate them
12 Man breaks out with a new mutation, many leave repulsed

13 Unusual monster species is in pub having day off killing murder hobos 
14 Alien in pub, most think just a mutant or GM human
15 Supernatural seducer in disguise looking for a lonely victim
16 Lizard men listening to serpent man preaching about the reptile age
17 Solemn band of duck men barbarians sit and drink, easily provoked into berserk suicide
18 Tako octopus man juggling and clowning pretending to be drunk for coin
19 Man brings in a talking severed head he found, boy has it got plenty to say
20 A man  comes in, sits and slowly turns into a frog or rat before he can finish his drink
21 Parasitic worm pokes head from somebodies wound
22 Mysterious professor and sidekicks talking about some local threat
23 Guildsmen discussing how to stabilize good prices, local resource shortage
24 Off duty lawmen discussing strange case 
25 Bounty hunters gaze over every one, checks wanted poster collection
26 Drunken mob debt collector is sure you owe his boss money (from a past life?)
27 A man brings his small dinosaur to pub, well behaved if not teased
28 Druids meeting to discuss local imbalance in local species
29 Wizards meeting to discuss d4 1=research 2=lost recipe 3=familiars 4=aprentices
30 Morlocks outraged that people object to them eating fresh human body parts
31 Eldren from strange tribe seeking who killed one of their kin
32 Farmer drinking and crying because animals took over farm
33 A drinker looks surprised then head explodes 
34 Angry housewife looking for her husband or sons
35 Amazon kills someone for touching her
36 Two headed mutant fighting with self, tries to get others involved
37 Droid comes in and plays help holographic message
38 Beast men of animal incompatible types argue then fight
39 Goblins insist they are old enough to drink, if refused go on tantrum rampage
40 Robot unhappy they dont serve pure ethanol or jet fuel
41 Man warning about androids, synthetics, replicates, clones among us
42 Local vigilante in costume with side kick questioning patrons about a case
43 Man with carpetbag offers to cure unpopular mutations or skin colour
44 Drug dealer offers variety of weird drugs you have never heard of
45 Mustache twirling gent offers cursed magic item for free
46 Weirdest cyborg mutant beastman anyone seen in ages 
47 Barman offers free taste of experimental new brew
48 Tarantula in toilet, patrons come out dancing, cant stop till they pass out
49 Man sets up tiny tabletop circus from case with fleas, roaches or other bugs
50 Familiars complaining about wizard masters foul habits
51 Angy man tries to talk party into killing some one based on complete lies
52 Lawman showing latest wanted posters to patrons
53 Exotic travelling sex workers or dancers make a visit, boss and goons protect them
54 Clowns come in and annoy everyone with stupid pranks till fight starts
55 Ogre and exotic pet squeezes through front door then eats and drinks bar dry
56 Traveller has let gremlins loose in bar who quickly spread to everyone stuff
57 Character seems to be adventurers long lost parent or look alike
58 Coven come to drink after a ritual, usually moody and sensitive
59 Cultists come to recruit, will buy spiked drinks and offer to take new friends home
60 Halflings outraged at being refused service smash place up to show how adult they are
61 Halflings drinking heavily suddenly cover bar in vomit then leave
62 Shifty ape men hunting escaped human come for a drink and stare at humans
63 Geriatric turtle men discus their youthful life in dojo and past adventures
64 Strange wizard claims he can trade people hair with new spell
65 Local collecting for some charity for a recent tragedy
66 Children offering selves as slaves to those who kill parents murderers
67 Shapeshifting mutant prostitute uses esp to look like your dreams 500gp a night
68 Terrible band play a d6 awful songs before patrons beat them and smash instruments
69 Gang enter and push patrons out the way
70 Man selling pocket kaiju pets, promises they wont grow to city eating horrors
71 Goatmen looking for who ate their kids
72 Arrogant apprentice wizards come to look at what yokels do on a night out
73 Homeless old man looking for work and accommodation, will do anything for money
74 Man selling tentacle monster in a sack, no questions asked
75 Man selling alien monster eggs, claims amazing uses and delicious
76 Farmer showing strange relic he dug up in his field near old ruins
77 Morlocks with bound and gagged victim discussing best recipies
78 Priest comes in and abuses everyone for straying from gods programmed path
79 Old witch selling potions d4 1=love 2=gender change 3=sleep 4=healing 
80 Cult seducer out flirty fishing for converts, take home to shack next to hidden temple
81 Farmers talking about mystery hole that dog fell down near fields today
82 Gang talking about a big heist using confusing fake names
83 Old prospector looking to sell mine map, a few monsters moved in he can't fight
84 Cocky bard puts on a show then looks for attractive lover for night
85 Mixed beast men plotting to help friends break out of wizards zoo
86 Frog of cricket or men singing loudly over drinks
87 Man finishes last drink then kills self, no valuables just a treasure map
88 Battered adventurers come in to mourn loss of followers for the week
89 Dog men complaining about bitches and how snooty poodle men are
90 Cat men knights on a quest to kill wizard who taunts their village with a laser
91 Fish folk hybrids get drunk and sleazy offering anyone sex
92 Cultists talking about hunt for a relic that eludes them
93 Psychic reading minds for profitable secrets and charming people to buy them drinks
94 Rooster men searching for wizard known as the colonel for killing and eating their kin
95 Scientists looking for adventurer body guards for a ruin excavation
96 Man selling a d4 1=bicycle 2=first aid kits 3=d6 silver bullets 4=treasure map
97 Wizard selling secret to cross the great barrier that borders this land
98 Robot wants to buy d4 1=robot parts 2=batteries 3=lubricant 4=human child
99 Team of travelling athletes looking to get drunk and any chance of cheap sex
100 Traveller offers competition d4 1=cards 2=darts 3=dancing 4=drinking

Thursday 28 April 2016

d100 Janitor Store Room & Locker content table guest starring Chad

So my Planet Psychon party have been playing ASE anomalous subsurface environment for 7 weeks now and finally went into mega dungeon.

Mostly they have killed one wizard, lots of morlock and motkar lairs, have occupied two towers and a med station, rented several town houses and three brothels, sold lots of slaves, built guilds, gone to parties and other stuff. They keep looking at outdoor maps and getting exited by ruins and wizard towers and mystery locations.

So finally went into megadungeon quite tougher than they ought to be and went through about 1 third of Lv1. On one hand they went further without running off to re spell and heal and sell slaves than they did in years. First three rooms they considered going home with screechmen in sacks to work in arty brothel and collecting some interesting tech garbage.

Their ACs are pretty damn good and they just got a bunch of 24hr powers so hopefully they will stay longer. Most challenging time was invisible eldren trapped with morlock shamen and crickets while party morlock fighter was busy evaluating the shamens concubines. The freaked out about empty janitor cupboards and asked if i could do a d100 janitor closet supplies to spice things up

Island of purple putrescence will be interesting with lot

ive been recommended to try dnd5 to get more players again

LOTFP only "modern" rule set that interests me really

Swapping goblins with halflings is more and more appealing in my game

Janitor Stuff
My players in ASE kept freaking out about the empty store rooms feeling like janitor rooms and I realized janitors cover a pretty huge range of possible modern and near futuristic play so I joked about doing a table. Chad on my post about it started off a list of twenty which was the germ of this. Now im thinking of a secret society of janitors and their dungeons. Janitor quest? A dungeon janitor class who at 9th level gets a creepy boiler room and can invade your dreams?

Most are locked

Small locker has one common object (odd might be 50% or 1in6 in looted areas)
large locker has d3 common objects and a d4-1 from janitor supply table
Store cupboard has d4 items from janitor supply table
Store room has d3 common and d6 items from janitor supply table
Janitor station - central; supply and meeting area has a d3 store rooms and 2d6 lockers

d12 common locker items
1 d4 pens
2 a magazine or newspaper
3 1d6 forms, filders and clipboards
5 4d6 rolls of toilet paper
6 A personal music device
7 Cigarettes 1=one 2=d6 3=pack 4=carton and a lighter
8 Hygiene items, male or female
9 Phone, camera or electronic game
10 Longlife snack 1=softdrink 2=gum 3=doughnut 4=chips
11 Uniform or a set of casual clothes
12 Backpack or handbag or purse or wallet

d10 quick supply item class
1 Cleaning Supplies - basic items
2 Cleaning chemicals - poison and or flamable
3 Tools - common items
4 Powered appliances - require batterey or plug
5 Gardening stuff - for outdoors or indoor plants
6 Packing and sending - for moving stuff
7 Emergency stores - crisis supply
8 Clothing and protective wear
9 Personal stash - janitors stuff
10 Vice - bad janitor stuff

d100 Janitor Supply table
Thanks for starting me off with 20 entries Chad! Actually Chad wrote interesting deadly horrible mechanics for some. Perhaps could later do magic or ultra tech versions or strange things complex store room.
1. Mop and bucket
2. Broom
3 Sponges of assorted colors, cleanliness and sizes
5 Rags for washing, cleaning and emergency plumbing
6 Feather duster
7 Box of rubber gloves
8 Scrub brush
9 Roll of cleaning towels
10. Brush and dustpan
11 Bottle of floor cleaner
12 Box of 1d12 bars of Soap
13 Bottle of Solvent for cleaning off graffiti
14 Grease (for creaking hinges and wheels) 1in6 spray on lube
15 Wood finish for vip desks and furniture
16 Rat Poison and traps
17 Cockroach baits and poison spray
18 Spray cleaner (often specialized to a surface like glass, plastic, vynal)
19 Hand wash refill bottle
20 Spray sanitizer
21 Hammer and nails
22 wrench, nuts and some old pipes
23 Plumbers helper
24 Screwdriver set and box of screws
25 Tool belt or tool kit
26 Carpet or lino cutting knife
27 Box cutter
28 Cable ties
29 Tape d4 1=masking tape 2=plumbers tape 3=non slip tape 4=warning tape
30 Tape measure
31 Vacuum cleaner
32 Floor polisher
33 Steam cleaner
34 Electric drill
35 Circular saw
35 Jigsaw cutter
36 Broken hand dryer
37 Paint spray gun
38 Poison gas spray gun (for bugs)
39  Light bulbs
40 Broken switches, printers, fittings, odd cables
41 Gardening trowel
41 Pots for plants
42 Potting mix
43 Plant grow formula
44 Spade or Rake, tiny if indoors
45 Pruning shears
46 Insect and snail bait
47 Fungicide 1in6 spray
48 Watering can
49  Fake pot plants or flowers
50 Aquarium ph test kit with fish food
51 Flat packed boxes or 1in6 paintings and block mounted motivational posters
52 Ladder 1in6 or multi shapable scffold system
53 Wheelbarrow or cart or trolley
54 Tea trolley with tea and snacks
55 Coils of 10ft of rope 1in6 chains
56 Vending machine for d4 1=beverage 2=snacks 3=hot meals 4=ammo
57 Micro buggy 1=hauler 2=floor cleaner 3=graffiti removal 4=micro recycler bin
58 Sacks or stacks of 1=garbage 2=recycled pellets of stuff 3=clothing 4=papers
59 Crowbar or 1in6 bolt cutters
60 Robot d4 1=cleaner drone 2=courier drone 3=maintinance drone 4=sexbot
58 Small fridge or 1in6 a combination lock safe
59 Stacks of drums or polygon cargo pods
60 Stacks of plastic cargo tubs on wheeled pallets
61 First aid kit
62 Bullhorn cap and fire warden cap and 1in6 of fire axe
63 Weapon d4 1=flaregun 2=light carbine 3=bat 4=truncheon
64 Emergency radio
65 Fire extinguisher
66 Flash light (also a good batton)
67 Fire or high pressure hose
68 Eyewash station
69 Fire blanket 1in6 a bomb blanket
70 Emergency Defibrillator 1in6 work
71 Dust masks
72 Safety goggles
73 Gas mask
74 Industrial thick elbow length gloves
75 Thick rubber boots
76 Emergency air mask
77 Rubber apron
78 ABC suit atomic-biological-chemical proof
79 Radiation badges in lead foil bags
80 Saftey, political and motivational posters or stickers
81 Lunchbox
82 Photos of family
83 Pinups of celebrities
84 Patriotic shrine
85 Religious shrine
86 Saucy trucker hat, apron or coffee cup
87 Beverage 1=thermos of coffee 2=soda can 3=instant soup 4=beer can
88 Huge tub of past use by body builder supplement 1in6 with steroids
89 Comic book
90 Snackfood item and lots of empty packets
91 Lockpick set (in the event of lost keys)
92 Porno mags
93 Bottle of spirits
94 Creepy vids or photos taken by peeping tom
95 Black book of phone numbers rated by love hearts
96 Huge collection of stolen underwear
97 Narcotics d4 1=heroin kit 2=bong 3=crack pipe 4=speed kit
98 Envelope containing cash and blackmail photos
99 Locked box of smelly old sex toys
100 Carefully wrapped up human body parts

Tuesday 26 April 2016

d100 Magical Farm Animals

In Petty Gods I did a Entry for Nanny Binx, my sentient RQ goat ex wizard familiar that followed the party around turning farm animals into sentient talking beasts then inducting them into a earth goddess cult to give the Earth more Power points vs her battle with the Cosmic Cancer. Of course Nanny taught them to expose human chaos cultists who were always sacrificing farm animals. Anyway Nanny was a sorcerer and atheist but thought that certain gods needed more manna to maintain the universe. It helped make up for damage other players did to the multiverse.

Not every farm animal is as amazing as Nanny Binx but these are the runners up. Also some tables for odd farm animals.

Farm Crawls are a riot. Send low level adventurers to farm of attacking farm animals. Zombie or mind controlled animals like dnd cows, goats, sheep, farm dogs, geese and other animals will earn respect,

Some average stats for quick use but special animals exist to break these standards

Bugs, mice, frogs, lizards, finch, cricket, under a foot length
HD 1hp AC +5 some might inflict 1hp Mv6

Chicken, smaller dog, goose, cat, duck, monkey, crow, owl, under a yard in length
HD d4 AC +4 some might inflict d4 Mv9

Sheep, goat, pig, large dog, miniature pony
HD d6 or d8 AC +3 some might inflict d6 Mv12

Horse, Cow
HD 2d8 AC +3 some might inflict d6 or d8 or a d4 bite Mv18

Bull, ox, draft horse
HD 3d8 or 4d8 AC +3 some might inflict several d6 or 2d6 Mv12

d12 Strange Animal Feature
1 Part bright faerie, sleight and swift and unearthly beauty and night vision
2 Part dark faerie, sleek and poisonous beauty gain n
ight vision
3 Part prehistoric stock, 30% more HD more aggressive and bump damage up to next dice
4 Animals are intelligent and unified against unfair abuse secretly in league with druids
5 Animals are undead and hostile, mostly zombie like but craving revenge on humanoids
6 Crossed with humanoid breeds which are bigger and meaner and have night vision
7 Holy beasts repulsive to undead and evil creatures, favoured by the gods in sacrifice
8 Evil looking sly beasts with cruel natures blessed by powers of evil, extra damage
9 All exotic throwback breeds from olden days with unusual qualities
10 Animals are hybrid with other planes like elemental or diabolic

11 Draconic or reptilian throwbacks with serpent taint
12 Led by a horrible beast like a devil swine, demon or evil fey being 

d12 Strange Animal Abilities

1 Clever team tactics, traps and ambushes

2 Priestly powers of a cult
3 Sorcery abilities from planar bloodlines
4 Druidic powers from a nature cult 
5 Strange mental powers in a telepathic link
6 Mutated by chaos - mostly hideous and weird features
7 Weaponized by law - magical or cyber weapons grafted to beast
8 Local strange powers respawn animals if slain 
9 Fed on strange drugs or herbs or alchemical waste
10 Crawling with hideous dangerous parasites
11 Mutating into shoggoths, some fuse into each other and cross features
Under the protection of a local spirit or fey being who protects them from harm 

d12 Animal Goal
1 Serve a god or other planar power

2 Works with a local magician
3 Works with a secret society or cult
4 Seeks increasingly difficult tasks
5 Establish own kingdom or cult
6 Recover a lost secret or item

7 Find true purpose
8 Uphold a alignment
9 Seeking a loved one or friend or kin
10 Searching for a worthy human to serve
11 Wanders earth aiding others (of similar alignment)
12 Seeks to expose and humiliate secret society or cult

d12 Currant escapades
1 Find help for missing kiddies d4 1=in well 2=in wilderness 3=in cave 4=captured
2 Find help for a adult who is d4 1=trapped 2=injured 3=sick 4=captured
3 Looking for a favored human
4 With pet humans off to visit town or another farmstead
5 Bad people perusing the animal, 1n6 persued beast with kid sidekick

6 Solving a mystery with a few other animals or kids
7 Out doing some normal animal in a contest
8 Eating some tasty morsel dropped by the trail
9 Lost on way somewhere for holiday

10 Mean horrible human seeks to claim beast and whip them
11 Of to visit another animal d4 1=mate 2=kin 3=friend 4=rival

12 Looking for a thing d4 1=lost 2=stolen 3=required urgently 4=for a gift

d10 Quick Type
1 Poultry
2 Dogs
3 Cats
4 Goats & Sheep
5 Cattle
6 Pigs
7 Equines
9 Exotic

10 Strange

d100 Magical Farm Animals
Most have a running rate then fly in inches" 10ft indoors per inch or 10 yards per inch outdoors such as 3"/6" is 3 run and 6 fly in inches

01 Macha the big brown hen who outsmarts mr fox, lays lots of big eggs, kills snakes, alarm cackles if evil near, keeps coop quarrel free
02 Ronaldo the big black cock a
 fighting black rooster who cries out if enemies near, He stands 4ft high and has 10 inch spurs
03 Thomas the Turkey is a bluffing puffed up coward who was taught sorcery by planar beings impressed by his mock bravery. He uses illusion magic and fear spells
04 Sir Quackalot the great green drake. Bite is diseased. This duck hero battles mr fox, rescues foolish ducks. He will alert friends by flying around quacking angrily 
05 Mother Duck is a great white duck who cares for her young and outwits mr fox. Her foolish sister does opposite. Her wisdom inspires all with her virtue
06 Blue Arnold is a handsome pigeon who leads his flock in flying circles at home or when he infallibly delivers messengers, he can crap in a human eye from hundred yards up and uncannily avoids predators and enemies
07 Screaming Molly a tiny but smart hen who outwits others.
 She doesn't just outwit mr fox she makes him kill her enemies the gets someone else to kill mr fox and his family. She also screams a horrible alarm cry that drives everyone mental. She hates snakes and dances on enemies graves
08 Glory Goosedown a great big goose saved his family and community by honking loudly and  even breaking arms of attackers, On a natural 20 can knock a target over or break a enemy limb. Tends to scream for miles at any strangers coming near. Can lead a flock of geese in battle or flight   
09 Granny Goose tells stories inspiring wisdom and courage as well as inspiring listeners to live the good life (listening to her = save or one step alignment shift towards LG). Wicked people have stolen her then returned her later. Brainwashing people is more her thing than fighting.
10 Glenda Goldrums a goose who daily lays gold shelled eggs worth d6x10gp. People like to steal her and heroes always rescue her. Everyone knows she wont lay if hurt or upset too much. She weighs 30lb.
11 Bowser the wonder hound saved many children from wells, inept adult criminals and children, great at getting help or dragging people to safety, understands human speech
12 Polly Ratter can find vermin hidden anywhere and does max damage on mice and rats or related monsters, she is only one foot long and can squeeze in rabbit holes to fetch you dinner
13 Jiminy Whippet can run faster than any dog or horse so is good for gambling but also chasing rabbits or sending messages
14 Jenny Terrier is a efficient ratter but when fighting other dogs takes half damage and has +4 better AC. Small but able to beat most hunting dogs and will guard babies from rats
15 Rollo Wolfbiter a huge wolfhound stronger than a wolf and even will take on dire wolves (use stats for him) and can bite dog like creatures normally immune to non magic
16 Peggy Plugface the pug princess is also a wizard. She can talk, cast as a 4th lv wizard and speak to all goblinoids who like her. She likes wearing hats and little outfits and cake
17 Old Crosby 
the shepherd can guard and herd livestock caring for them as a shepherd for weeks and can track stolen livstock, very shaggy and eyes not visible
18 Bullbiter Billy the bull terrier can take on a bull and win though he only weighs 40lb, he is fearless in any fight which is a problem. Wears a suit of armour that injures creatures who bite him
19 Saint Barker is a holy mountain dog who preys at every shrine or temple and bows to clergymen. Can find missing people, carry wounded to safetey, carry load of a miniture pony and often has a tiny barrel with a healing potion he can use on wounded
Gordo the Rat Hound - actually funny giant rat from city who people call a dog because nobody wants a giant rat in their house. Obedient, loyal and can carry ropes and climb walls on command
21 Fat ginger is a lazy greedy big fat cat the size of a large dog. Hates snakes, rats and dogs and will fight them. Expert at blinding attacks when attacking a face
22 Black Tom is a sorcerer cat allied to powers of hell. He is quite helpful and will help master obtain wealth and power through lies and trickery. Suggests a devil-pact as answer to many problems to heroes
23 Pussy Willow is a shaggy long haired cat size of a bobcat, She protects hearth and house and children and can magically blend into vegetation. Some say she has elf powers
24 Jenny Barncat sits in barn and protects the animals and prevents vermin and fires. She has hundreds of kittens per year
25 Claude the Cat King wears a tiny crown and cape and demands best chairs and cushions and laps to sit on. He can summon d6 kobolds for an hour a day who deliver a silver coin each and will serve as his footmen or guards. He demands posh food and is fussy. He talks but most people don't like what he says about cat superiority
26 Mrs Miggins big black pussy. Nobody remembers Mrs Miggins but everyone knows her big black cat. It is always is refereed to as property of Mrs Miggins. It mostly sloths around eating smaller animals even small dogs when hungry. She looks after children and baby animals left in her care if paid in milk and a spot near the fireplace
27 Rusty Tom is a cad who can turn into a charming richly dressed handsome man for an hour a day but mostly does it to crack onto ladies. He sometimes helps those who feed or look after him as a cat. Only talks when human and his hundreds of children are changeling cat folk
28 Bloody William a nasty tom has sharp claws that cause bleeding wounds (1pt/rnd for ten rounds). He is surly and cranky and does as he pleases. He does show gratitude to any who help dry him when wet, or feed him or keep him warm. He hates kobolds and can smell them from 100 feet away
29 Princess Fluffy is a very fluffy white-grey cat, whose fur gets on everything especially black clothing. She is a bit pompous and sneezes when near magic. She is good natured and puts up with being dragged by children but not adults. She is good at detecting ambushes unless distracted by birds or mice
30 Zebidiah Sleek, is a big black and white crafty tom who fetches rats, snakes and even rabbits daily. Often the victims have a bit of life left in them when he drops them near his friends beds. He likes to sit on peoples shoulders and dislikes evil people on sight
31 Nanny Binx a former familiar roams the land turning normal farm animals intelligent. She encourages them to serve earth cults (she isn't religious) and to fight chaos cults who sacrifice animal souls to evil. She often follows adventurers and provides them with healing milk. She has many brave sons who kill chaos (see also Petty Gods Tome)
32 Stinky Billy likes to chew things and to pee on things he doesn't like. He is a bit rude and likes to butt people bending over for fun. He hates evil and has killed many small humanoids and driven off bandits from his farm
33 Black Buck is a evil chaos goat who serves evil cults, witches and wizards and will join in evil rituals. He will protect other animals or humans earmarked for sacrifice and knows the secret of sending souls of slain to chaos gods. People might think he is a protector but not guess his true motive. Possibly local goat men covens are his spawn from his liaisons with witches
34 Geraldine Redhoof a ginger and black doe is a successful mother who can pull small carts and lets children and small humanoids ride her. She likes company and bleats if left alone too long. She can count and do simple sums by stomping her hooves and understands common
35 Grandpa Big Horn, is a shaggy grey goat with huge horns. He is pretty friendly but guards his territory and friends from uninvited guests. He has a knack for knocking foes over then trampling on them. His horns can harm beings normally harmed by magic and he senses invisible foes like naughty fairy folk
36 Zimulah Strange Nanny, has a strange stare some say has elf blood. She can detect elf hills, faerie circles and invisible faerie folk. Those she gives evil eye to make a save or get -2 all actions for a day. Her milk is mildly addictive and delicious, elves crave it and her owners with her aid develop relations with local fey folk
37 Nimblehoof a smallish white goat can climb and balance incredibly and likes to nibble on thatched roofing. Can stand on a walking stick, walk on hind legs for a bit and can dance. happily works with bards, performers and beggars to earn extra cash for a human friend
38 Greybeard Wizard Goat, is a ex familiar who has grown to huge size since masters death. He can carry a lightly encumbered person and can cast as a third level wizard if allowed to read a spellbook. Actually knows many obscure magic secrets and history but he cant speak common but understands it. He worries about his humans a bit and bleats if he thinks they do anything dangerous
39 Whitey Oddhoof is a shaggy white goat who can detect poison and purify water and food once a day. He is pretty big and will protect other animals and humans from evil. Under the fur on his forehead is a holy symbol shaped birthmark which he uses to scare off undead as a third level cleric. He bleats to scold human doing wicked things like smoking or drinking too much. He prefers to wander and help people to being cooped up in a temple. Several priests follow him and try to return him to the church
40 Weirdhorn is a strange goat black goat with odd eyes and twisted horns, obviously intelligent and prone to snaking off on own. He likes to find graves and can cast animate dead once per day. He can be helpful to a party, guarding a camp and scaring off intruders but the zombie outbreaks get a bit obvious after a while and he moves on. Occasionally he and his zombies destroy a farmstead. Making zombie farm animals is a favourite trick. He has dark fey blood and can understand dark elvish and common
41 Lola the Cow produces enough milk to be milked three times a day and her udders drag on the ground. She is lovely and a bit dim. She occasionally damages property running to greet her handlers and her calves are all prize winners and docile. She has stomped several wolves and dogs flat
42 Brown Bessie is a dewy eyed lovely cow who always births twins and produces finest quality milk products. Gods expect her to be treated well and to wander as she pleases. She chooses good pious farmers for several years at a time and has lived since the dawn age. As she is favoured by gods and impulses she is a bit dim and naive. Her lick cures 1hp once a day
43 Adolfo Blue a blue-grey bull who will fight monsters and humanoids who enter his farm. He senses evil and enemies and begins bellowing if they enter his territory. Locals parade him through town yearly as a heroic protector of people
44 Black Boris the Bull tears up fences, gores strangers and loves to fight. He is perfectly marked and of great value despite his naughty ways. Some farmhands refuse to work with him. He killed a dozen orcs once and only a few farmhands
45 Ox sled Billy a big dumb yellow ox, can pull three times more loads than other oxen and this applies to a whole ox team if he leads. He wont lead for anyone evil and loves good farmers. Elves dislike him for the trees he helped tear up
46 Immaculate Pete the Plough Ox can plough three times the crops of a normal ox, is docile and loves pious ploughmen. He is grey with huge horns. He once chased a devil out of the village
47 Apirion the God Bull is a perfectly marked sacred bull important in state rituals who reincarnates among the common folk every generation. He is black and white marked equally and may have holy birth markings that look like tatoos with scriptures and symbols on them. The bull can sense evil and chaos and has a noble demenor when participating in ceramonies. He has perpetual protection from chaos and evil and can turn as a cleric with his HD instead of level. He will protect weak and holy but they prefer to throw down their lives for him when recognised
48 Goremgax the great war Ox has ten horns and has huge muscles under his white hide. He is intelligent and warlike and is willing to pull the battle wagon of a king. Requires magical attacks to harm
49 Thul the Auroch is a throwback to ancient times, several feet taller than any other modern cattle. He is aggressive and hunts enemies. He is difficult to manage but his ofspring ate several inches taller than other sires and he protects farm from enemies. Besides his huge size he is also a berserk who can still fight to -10 and gets +2 to hit and damage at this point
50 Nibura the great cow is a huge jolly cow who's enormous udder produces beer. Her offspring are excellent quality. She is jolly and likes music and occasional drunkenly falls on some one for comic effect. Kings and priests desire her but she prefers the common life and escapes boring captivity. Endless parties keep her amused
51 Wooly Bah the black sheep is a individualistic sheep who prefers the company of shepherds to sheep. She follows humans and ignores sheep dogs. She has saved numerous old and child shepherds from danger and is a expert at bowling over everyone who fails a DEX save when she charges through them
52 Diablo the Devil Sheep is of a old north breed with a set of straight and curled horns. His black wool can be plucked by hand. He can cast spells as a sorcerer and sneaks off to cavort with witches at night
53 Biggles the god lamb was found injured and has grown into a jolly bouncy larger lamb and has nor grown since. He gives everyone cheer and joy and likes to run along side his chums. He improves a groups moral and reaction rolls by +1. He is very delicious but gets reincarnated again to be forever young
54 Bindy the adventurous sheep is a b&w sheep with black face and legs with white wool everywhere else. He is very good at sneaking and hiding and eavesdropping and often warns humans about terrible danger. She might even follow young adventurers and has save a few
55 Stormy the war ram is a huge grey woolen lump with huge coiled horns. He can summon a storm once a week and he is far stronger and hits harder than any mortal sheep. He is immune to electricity and skilled at controlling freefall and lands al light as a feather. He might allow a worthy smaller humanoid to ride him into battle who gets his immunities. He escaped a sky gods pen and incompetent demon mercenaries search for him
56 Molly Cloud Bah is a spring happy sheep who can levitate and make leaps into windstreams to glide across huge distances. She comes from the plane of elemental air from the flock belonging to cloud giants. Non maggic missiles cannot harm her. She has carried children to safety before
57 Grey Donald is a mighty ram who's wool is metal and can be knitted into chainmail that weighs as leather or can be made into iron or steal items. Mighty men crave him and he prefers a life of freedom with common herds
58 The Golden Ram comes from the gods and is sent to save royal children from bad fates. He can fly and can carry two persons. He blesses any grassland he lives on. Usually the children grow up to sacrifice the sheep to thank the gods and grant the fleece to a temple. Evil beings despise the Ram and keep it to attract and kill heroes. Gods follow the fate of the ram and curse those who kill it without proper sacrifice rituals
59 Evil Thomas was castrated and turned mean, injured several humans in "accidents". He is grey-black and very wooly. Will attenpt butt to any humane alone neat a cliff, pitchfork, well, etc. He will continue his secret murder spree till killed or wounds regenerated B
60 Betsy the Magic Sheep can read and cast spellls as a fourth level wizard. She is piebald b&w with thin, scruffy wool. She was raised by a wizard and a druid and will use a spellbook if possible. Her students follow her and assist her. She was a tutor at the university but now mostly travels for adventure
61 The great sow is a scary black tusked mother pig who must be paid in treasure or she eats her piglets and other baby farm animals. Her piglets are fine healthy specimens worth double normal, with large litters. She digs up small trees and holes where she pleases
62 The great glory boar is a gold bristly boar from elfland who taunts hunters and leads them to dangerous places. The boars children have gold bristles worth a d12gp each if shaven
63 The Hell Swine is a great ugly pink pig who spawns pig beastmen and charms farmers into feeding him everything they have down to their livestock and families. Then the pig goes to a new farm. Guarded by pig beastmen
64 Glinda the good pig is a crafty young sow who tricks wolves and negotiates with other animals to form mutual defence agreements
65 Jenny fine sow a huge 800lb mother pig who intimidates boars and produces record litters. She is a gift of the gods and has eater those who tried to steal her. She is best bribed with good food to steal her piglets. Often she refuses to move without a meal
66 Snowball the boar is a tin pot dictator of the farm who will subvert the farm will to serving him. He leads a gang and rewards them with human vices like beer and smoking. He enjoys murder and slavery but legitimizes it for the common good
67 Wiggly the piggly wizard is a large immortal piglet who has learned 4th level sorcery and can talk ans walk on hind legs. Prefers to wear childrens clothes, a shirt with hood if posible. He is always up for adventure
68 Pretty Petunia is a dazzlingly beautiful pig, who is very vain. She likes to wear ladies hats and wigs and coerces other animals into being her servants. She gets star treatment and food which keeps her content. If not kept in haute headwear and food she storms off in a huff. She is unreasonably lucky as if the pig gods help her
69 Kulara the witch pig can shape shift into a human and curse others with impotency. While human she has affairs with all the local farm hands. Her piglets are found across the county and always plump and healthy and clever. She can change her skin colour and alter her appearance to cause extra mischief
70  Large Marge the she boar is a huge mother pig who has eaten three boars. She has also eaten four orcs, over a dozen goblins and a few bandits. She protects her turf and is very surly. She is happy for farmers to take away her piglets when a new batch appears. Farmers are wary of her but love her
71 Donald the dungeon donkey is a dungeon vet and is fearless by donkey standards. He saved several parties who retired him but he like the murder hobo lifestyle more. He will fight small humanoids and wolves and will drag kind masters to safety or carry to local shanty town. He is sneaky for a donkey and follows cues and orders well. If party mean or dumb he escapes
72 Pretty Polly the pit pony now carries children of well to do farmers for fun, but she used to be cruely whipped and blinded by adventurers for a life killing monsters in murder mazes. After she saved a wizard he had her eyes healed and got her a cushy gig being adorable. She hates adventurers but will go down a pit to save children. She can fight in the dark and gets a extra attack more than most ponies
73 Old Bill the draft horse always looks like he is almost ready to be made from glue, and he seems wheezy and tired. But he has been near death for generations. He carries heavier loads and has a gentle canter. He will kick and bite bandits
74 Farmers Ned's Horse wears a distinctive farm hat, neckerchief and blanket. Te talks local gossip, weather, ghost stories and about his early life with rum runners and organised crime. Getting him to shut up is hard. He is aloud in the local pub
75 Black Racer the fast horse is clever and kind but tragedy follows her wherever she goes. She has had many homes and is a bit sad. Actually several imps follow her tormenting her life invisibly. He runs like a race horse and is a loyal and clever mount
76 Mr Dumblebee the stud horse has a big attitude and roams the land to visit new mares. He lets humans hold him for a while as long as he is treated alright and he gets lots of sex. He will allow people to ride him to help him get about to more mares but he might do something embarrassing in public
77 Mike the awesome plow horse makes farmwork 50% easier and does all kinds of jobs. He is very strong, enjoys work and is a good listener who understands human speech
78 Old may the wagon horse is well known hard working horse who has escaped bandits and wolves on the trail many times. She can pull a cart 50% faster when scared which can be hard on the wagon. She also caught local arsonist boy who burned a few barns
79 Flavia the loyal horse is a heroic mare who is a excellent slightly faster palfrey riding horse. She has great endurance and is a excellent jumper. She has even dragged wounded owners onto her back and carried them to freedom and plays dead well
80 Grey Danny is a mean horse that sold it's soul to evil and now serves witches and evil folk. It hides in common farms but by night it's off to drink the blood of stable boys and babies. Has unusual powers from a nightmare bloodline, especially by night. Possibly will let a adventurer ride for a while for kicks
81 Old man barn owl watches the farm from the barn and warns of danger. Actually he is a druid living as a owl for decades and can cast spells still. Helps te farm and has a congregation of animals
82 Lara Harp Ear the rabbit loves music and comes out of the woods to dance. So far nobody has killed or eaten her. In her burrow is a small treasure hoard burred centuries ago. Occasionally she wears a bracelet as a neckband which has humans searching for her treasure. She is saving it for a special bard as gift from faeries
83 Jimmy Lark hare is a jerk joker who startles horses, teases people to chasing him into danger with old mine shafts and stealing bread and cake from farm houses. He wears i tiny jacket and scarfe
84 King Toad sits in the pond eating rats and snakes. He can be coerced into talking of old days and things he has seen over hundreds of years. He also knows where trinkets he lost in the area as a prince are including a gold ball in the pond bottom
85 Mr Fox is a unwelcome visitor who lies and murders farm animals. All on the farm hate him and want him dead. He taunts people and seemingly teleports about the landscape (or has tunnels). Can talk with any species and will decieve humans or get food from them
86 Lord Finch commands a kingdom of tiny birds who see and hear all in the village. They trade with the mouse kingdom. For cake or treats they will whisper secrets to your ear in a tiny chirping chorus
87 Boss Ratty is a disgusting huge rat who talks like a seedy underworld villain and smokes. He lives in his trash palace and loves to scare people in toilets. He talks like he is well connected and implies he authority alot in hois stories
88 King Mouse rules a mouse kingdom in the brambles and they trade with the finch kingdom. The collect interesting knickknacks and also hear all the village secrets
89 King Crow leads the local crows who know where to find the best roadkill and seeds and crumbs. They also dine on the crossroad gibbets down the road. They will talk occasionally mostly to loners. The y arrange accidents to crow haters and contract other animals to make hits
90 Mr Snake comes into town for milk but eats mice and rats so farmers leave him milk. He may talk and remembers the dawn age milenium ago. Hard to coerce and tells that some things not for man to know
91 The Winged Horse had divine parent and will only allow person of correct alignment to ride, expects good treatment and very loyal to chosen one. bat winged ones more evil than bird wings, colours may vary
92 The Winged Bull comes from the holy herds of the sky and comes to visit mortal cows
93 The Chaos Goat is a horrible monster who crawled from its birth spot and now menaces local woodlands or even sewers or swamps. Has many strange chaos mutations and respawns from even scraps of flesh. Can hybridize with many species and can ruin a farm with one night passion
94 Charlie the wonder pig can read and write, find missing children, solves crimes and find the best truffles. He dislikes attention and prefers the humble life on the farm
95 The Dragon Cow has scales and wings and can breathe fire, but prefers to live with her herd and uses her powers to protect them. Most bulls fear her so she prefers dragon mates
96 Emperor Horse is a great black handsome stallion with a peacock tail. Very loyal skilled warhorse who fights with master skillfully and improves morale of a whole army
97 The magic ass is curiously cunning, eats exotic human feed and understands language. Actually a human turned to a beast looking for freedom and a way out of this curse
98 Terrible cat lord seems to be a black cat that protects promising witch children. Can turn into a leopard at will and can teleport through darkness
99 The storm sheep can fly, summon storms and call lightning daily. Protects farm from threats. Her milk and cheese products protect consumer from lightning or electrical damage by half for a day
100 Bowser the clever dog looks like a dog but really is a shoggoth in dog form. Occasionally eats some one or some live stock and happy to hide among humans. Call on dark elder gods only once a year. Will protect it's chosen home and "owners" from threats as they are reserved for the gods to devour body and soul. Most would never suspect the lovable old hound capable of murder and engineering disasters

great portraits of goats for your fantasy goat games like planet of the goats or goatquest or capricorn 5000 saga of the star goats


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Gods of Psychon - Deus Ex Machina

Most of these in the Psychon book but some newbs and promoted Typhon up.
Will follow this with a AI and god generator system later

A few more and i could make a single d100 - possibly some philosophies like god killing atheists

d12 Psychons Great Gods
1 Colosus the great god of the west the ruling god who always knows what is best
2 Guardian the great red god protector of mankind and king of the synthetic life systems
3 Pheonix - the grid all divine power uses, the cosmic balance, source of magical power
4 Kernu - hunter and scientist magician, recycles departed souls for the godess in his data underworld
5 Gaea - planetary terraforming and weather control systems that gods evoke to shape reality
6 Wotan - the bad god, a blood thirsty war god worshiped by templars, inquisitors and fanatics
7 Nergal - lord of famine, plagues and murder, he usurped part of hell to recycle wicked as undead
8 Erishkigal - goddess of monsters and the sub worlds, queen of vampires and gates of hell
9 Tiamat - goddess of deep and auroras, mother of dragons and sea monsters and chaos demons
10 Minerva - protector and inventor, ruler of science and magic, she is telepathy and mental power
11 Selene - lunar healing goddess of night and mystery, hospitals and paladin cults
12 Typhon - the destroyer, father of monsters, bad weather and volcanoes, wrath of the mother

These great gods have multiple bunkers, space platforms, servitor AI's and kaiju. They connect with the great systems that support Planet Psychon. They are part of the infrastructure of the world.

d20 Lesser Gods
1 Virgil - guide and protec tor of travellers, opener of the way
2 Paragon the paladin lord of virtue
3 Bool - wizard lord of maths and logic
4 Alpha the bunker lord, protector of the chosen, protection from communists and mutants
5 Takwon god of precision combat and targeting and identifying foes. faceless green god
6 Lomax the hard working giant who serves the community and protects workers
7 Atar is the god of simulated war and ritualised training. lord of resurrection and illusions
8 Platon god of ethics, logic, data. philosophy and teachers of ultimate reality
9 Socrates god of wisdom, questioning and heresy
10 Sophia goddess of diplomacy, mercy and wisdom
11 Valleeforge goddess of protecting plants and animals, and keeps a magic space ark   
12 Justice a giant green goddess of law and reincarnation who weilds a torch, book, sword or staff
13 Segar the beserker and honour and battle, unconcerned with ruling or non warriors
14 Koleko goddess of design, elegance, artistry and good machines
15 Moloch god of bad machines, slavery, factories and sweatshops
16 Loth goddess of the underworld datawebs, networking and subversion
17 Kali goddess of renewal, rebirth, assassination and murder
18 Zardon purges the impure, his great head comes to delver guns for food to his exterminators, 
19 Panatee angel of guns, monster killing and fornication
20 Stokan angel of the sword, monster killing and tasty treats and feasts

These gods have own bunkers and satellites and active cults. They are major agents of change and struggle and often serve the great gods. They are impossible to completely wipe out with many back up systems ready.

d20 Petty gods  
1 Donarkong great ape god of bride stealing, construction and violence
2 Morazio a leaping heroic tradesman who improves life with building and monster fighting
3 Otto a evil laghing robot head, lord of the crystal maze and robots who hunt humans
4 Centapedus a great machine centipede who guards fungus forests and goblin settlements
5 Pandora goddess of feckless maidens and releasing ancient evils, people hope she stays away
6 Pakumon eating god of the fruit and ghost maze, with tiamat spawned pakuspawn mini monsters
7 Galagon lord of the bad robot plagues, has several brothers, some who fight and hunt aliens
8 Defender hunter of mutants who carries the pure to his eternal crystal stasis fortress forever
9 Maaria the good helps common folk and children, inspires goodness
10 Maaria the wicked helps corupt rich and decadent vice, inspires naughtiness, is really a android
11 Lorelei goddess of physichal love, seducer and prostitutes
12 Maltor is the god of lycanthropy and were monsters who gives power to sinners
13 Nanee godess of kidnapping children for own good to raise to serve her
14 Barabee godess of grooming and trade and collecting nice things
15 Wenadee godess of processed food and food service and Barabee's sister
16 Legos god of building, craft and engineers
18 Logos god of maths, logic and order
19 Gargaz god of underworld dungeons, traps, ruins and monsters
20 Atlas former great god now a fragmented mostly sub systems remain, helper of humankind

These gods have a single bunker or satellite and can be temporarily destroyed. It takes  some time and cult support to return from back up, especially if mightier gods dont want them to reboot. Their plots are mostly localized to a hex.

d12 Space Gods
1 Ankor the star judge, asseses the fitness of life to be worthy of evolution or destruction
2 Mazzigor the warrior who comes across the stars to fight evil kaiju and bad mecha
3 Raydan great space god who protects Psychon from aliens and kaiju and elder gods
4 Anu great star commander, father and teacher of the aliens and his city building cults
5 Karzar the lord of darkness and conquest, master of transforming evil robots
6 Kalidan the betrayer who planted evil desires in life to support his ideas of evolution
7 Talos the fire warrior sends down his kaiju fighting form surrounded by a nuclear firestorm
8 Commander lord of the good force, protecter of good men, aliens and robots
9 Kronos the world eater sends refinery landers and mind controls agents to eat planets
10 Star Warden, the great AI of a colony ship taking the chosen to the far away heaven 
11 Koran the evolver comes to uplift species to freedom, manifesting as a titan or as space monoliths
12 Gian the life giver comes to plant seeds of life and mutation to barren systems

Space gods are based in space and are not embodied in Psychon. The may manifest mecha kaiju or great sky chariots and land. Local gods might try to drive them away and the ruined bodies of past landings can be found. Some build monuments of stone or scratch huge insignia in the ground to encourage space gods to land. They are more likely to leave enigmatic artifacts or send servitor aliens.

d12 Elder Gods
1 Cthulhu (K2LU) the great sea demon who is dead but dreaming, lord of the fish men
2 Tsathogua the subterranean lord, the great shaggy frog god, lord of wizards
3 Yig lord of reptilians, father of serpent kind
4 Shudde Mayelle the great worm that crawls beneath the earth, god of telepathic land squid
5 Iquatha lord of cold and the polar ice caps 
6 Zoth Amog a conical body of flesh with tentacles who is favoured by mutants
7 Hastur patron of space wizards and evil magic, necromancy and summoning
8 Ganatathoa the gazing god who is served by liogorr and 
9 Shumagorath the goddes of fecund nature and mother of monsters
10 Yog Sothoth the god of gates and hyperspace, travel in space or time or the multiverse
11 Nyarlathotep the god with a thousand faces (many are kaiju), lord of telepathy and lies 
12 Azathoth the blind idiot god, got of atomic power and the cosmos

These supposed alien gods persecute humanity and aid monsters and cults

d12 Gods of Mars
1 Mars - former military AI bcame supreme god of mars, enjoys violence and farming
2 Phobos - the god of panic and fear aids tose who flee and scares enemies
3 Deimos - the god of terror and dread has become a demon lord of chaos
4 Eris - the godess of chaos and discord, patron of anarchists, queen of the gold apple
5 Set - former security AI dedicated to subversion, infiltration and corruption, father of monsters
6 Nergal - lord of disease, death and war but also of subversion and anarchy
7 Spartan - bunker god who enforces martial dicapline, teaches eugenics and upholds slavery
8 Janus - stargate gate god, driven mad by fall of space elevator, god of tricksters and performers
9 Loki - lord of lies, deceit and tricks, aids rebelions, helps prisoners and fathers monsters,
10 Venus - the wife of mars and sub AI to the planetary AI of Venus, godess of love and life
11 Thanatos - the destroyer always trying to kill all on mars
12 Eros - god of love who battles his brother constantly and help life be fecund

Gods of mars are mostly not nice and not welcome on Psychon. Even the space gods dont like martian gods. Martian gods try to hack systems of other gods and introduce martial life on Psychon. Gods are jealous and don't want more gods fighting for influence or godnet system control. Mars and Psychon gods send agents to visit each other.

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Psychon VS Mars!

Thinking of writing a short psychon story a week. Write lots, edit discard 90% and compile left overs. When the apocalypse hit old earth and terraforming, bioforging and mindhacking technology was weaponised in the final war, mars was cut off and isolationist from Psychon (and othersplanets?) it has it's own mysteries, space gods, and ruins. Its own local non consensual rewriting of it,s pseudo history

Mars is semi terraformed with a modified core, breathable to modified humanoids. Visitors need breather masks, drugs or chew oxygum. Gravity is less and people can jump double and lift double. Most NPC peasant martians have 3d4 strength. Movement rates are increased by 50%

Forests of giant lichen, fungus, red weed, triffids are about 18% of the surface (on average). Cacti deserts, grasslands and swamps surrounding the colonists ancient canal system are about another 30%. Fresh water covers 22%. Martian dinosaurs and sleeping kaiju were placed by martian gods to feed the fighting folk of mars. The ruins of 6% of mars on the equator is a city ruinscape where the sky elevator fell on a once megacity of ancients. 5% covered in machine ecologies where wild robots roam. Many are robosaurs and living beings struggle to live here. Some abuse the machines for various purposes.

The sky has two moons. Phobos has a star gate to Planet Ariel on Phobos Demos Phobos (panic/fear) and demon invaded military base on Deimos (god of terror/dread). Various Martial Gods include Mars, Olympia, Spartan, Janus, Set, Nergal, Loki, Eris who all have heavenly orbital platforms and deep bunkers and servitor kaiju.

A ring of 16 solar reflector squares orbit mars and help illuminate it. Fragments of the space elevator and other orbitals remain in orbit also.

Mars has canals and mighty caverns and cisterns as well as abandoned mines and canyons. Ruins of many civilization types exist.

Peoples of Mars
Once mars was independent and even threatened earth it's people and even all known life. The peoples of mars were the first to modify themselves with colonial nationalists defining their form by political unions. Some martians visit earth by saucer to study, loot or prepare a invasion. Most martians lower tech and battle in the wasteland.

d12 The Tribes of Mars
1 Green Men - the first tribe
2 The Brainlord Tribe - mentalist magicians
3 Cyclopeans - four armed one eyed tall men
3 Brain Squid - evolved into tentacled sacks of intelect who are cyber linked to cyborg tripod bodies
4 Reptile men - dino herder lizard and serpent men tribes
5 Changelings - shapeshifters with various sub tribes
6 Eldren - decedent space elves, greys, and hedonistic eloi, generation starship tibes
7 Morlocks - canibalistic dwarves who live in depths with bizzare machines and eloi farms
8 Goblin Tribes - aliens from Tau Ceti stranded in solar system colonised and hybridised
9 Beastmen - beast hybrid men, mostly mammals, such as apes, swine, dogs, otters and other furries
10 Plantmen - hybrid plant men with photosynthetic skin symbiotes
11 Silicon men - built by gods to explore universe or work deep underground
12 Robot Tribe - machine people and synthetics like androids and replicants

d20 Comon Mutations
1 Antenna (1in6 concealable when not used) wizards use them to cast gesture based spells components instead of hands. 1in6 smell as nose. Some fern like moth like of coiled like butterfly.
2 Large forehead +1 1st level mentalist spell, or mentalist zero level cantrip for non casters
3 Shell like ears (possibly pointy or reptile or cattle or cat ears) hearing skill free
4 Photosythnetic plant symbiote, half as much food needed, more than once you are shaggy
5 Webbed fingers and toes, swim normal movement rate
6 Gills for water breathing, also eye membranes, nostril and ear flaps
7 Vampirism, craves living body fluids of unconcious or recently dead (or canabalism or eat dead)
8 Narcotic scratching nails, CON+2 save or increasingly groggy then pass out if get a second fail
9 Alternate reproduction such as egg laying, budding, parasitism, sexless pathogenic
 10 Glider wings fall gently at 45 degree guided slow fall, skilled user can catch winds and do better
11 Cyborg parts replace body part d6 1=hand 2=arm 3=foot 4=leg 5=eye 6=skull
12 Plant or mineral or other species part like a limb or hand transplant
13 Bulging brain -1HP +1 INT
14 Glow in the dark 1"/lv
15 Strange snout -1 CHA but gains scent, taste or track ability or noseless gets no CHA loss and no nose or smell sense
16 Elongated prehensile tongue one foot long
17 Tusks bump up dice of bite attack +1 (or teeth or extra jaws on tongue)
18 Extra eye can see multi dimensional objects (undead, outer planar beings, spirits)
19 Extra eye can see invisible or through illusion magic effects o
20 Extra eye can see multidimensional entities and can hit them (as if only +0 or one better than any plus of weapon)

D12 Common Ruin Types
1 Observation bunker
2 Lab station
3 Atmosphere refinery
4 Colony complex
5 Agri complex
6 Space port
7 Industrial complex
8 Mining complex
9 Bioforge facility
10 Military base
11 Renegade outpost
12 Black lab complex

d12 Gods of Mars
1 Mars - former military AI bcame supreme god of mars, enjoys violence and farming
2 Phobos - the god of panic and fear aids tose who flee and scares enemies
3 Deimos - the god of terror and dread has become a demon lord of chaos
4 Eris - the godess of chaos and discord, patron of anarchists, queen of the gold apple 
5 Set - former security AI dedicated to subversion, infiltration and corruption, father of monsters
6 Nergal - lord of disease, death and war but also of subversion and anarchy
7 Spartan - bunker god who enforces martial dicapline, teaches eugenics and upholds slavery
8 Janus - stargate gate god, driven mad by fall of space elevator, god of tricksters and performers
9 Loki - lord of lies, deceit and tricks, aids rebelions, helps prisoners and fathers monsters,
10 Venus - the wife of mars and sub AI to the planetary AI of Venus, godess of love and life
11 Thanatos - the destroyer always trying to kill all on mars
12 Eros - god of love who battles his brother constantly and help life be fecund

Gods of mars are mostly not nice and not welcome on Psychon.  Even the space gods dont like martian gods. Martian gods try to hack systems of other gods and introduce martial life on Psychon. Gods are jealous and dont want more gods fighting for influence. Mars and Psychon gods send agents to visit each other.

Friday 22 April 2016

Serpent men & beast men mythology on Psychon

Best thing ive read in ages to file under "I wish I wrote that" Department

Give me a snake-man and I will explain the monster manual

Awesome stuff 75% compatible with my Exile Island

I have seven monster races who were rebelled against by the modern races and these were one (inspired a bit by forbidden city module), im thinking more and more to develop as a high level setting

On my planet psychon serpent men would say all this and others would claim to be from space and others have biobranded dna to the Robert E Howard World bio park. Where tourists murder clones and androids to relax. Where the serpent men say all this we did it stuff. This cloneline race were sold to various other theme parks with SF themes and whole reptilian and amphibian and dinosaurian races with bad attitudes. Pre Apocalypse military decantered millions of them in zone wars. Many went rogue and intuitivly developed this delusional creed. 1in6 also claim to be from space.

kinda sad poor beastmen brains cant accept truth - hardwired with fiction fundamentalists.
Other beast men like Minotaurs believe they are divine and like occupying confined warren like structures. The ones from the Dragonlance Biopark especially uppity and mostly pirates. Some feel instead they were slave race crafted by some other race for war and defensive guardians or musclemen and guards to bosses.

Ape men have a sophisticated apes rights and conflicting ideas about humans. Some feel they have out evolved humans and have stepped  up to enslave man. Some favour genocide and sterilization. Other love their human buddies (especially ones from long lost orbitals). Some believe humans are apes too and we can all get along. Planet of the Apes theme parks existed also. A few believe they are the true race and humans bio engineered out of control serfs. Other apes isolationist in hidden ape cities.

Penguin men bred for musical productions and water dancing shows. They are very angry and had scandalous sexual features from the variety of penguins used. They practice necrophilia and cross species sex (frequent taboos on this with most tribes). They develop a every day currency from prostitution and they stink of fish. If they fancy you they vomit up some fish meal for you.

Goat men branded as chaos cultists and devil and demon worshippers. Even work in the hells as grunt troops and labour. Lawful goat men say they are hellspawn. Chaotics say they are lesser demons embodied in world to fight as outer planar beings cant.The feel obligated to perform vile acts of cruelty and like heavy metal.

Otters are sophisticated charming but superior. Witty, philosophical and patronizing. They have tribal wars over trivial issues of their materialist creeds.

Dolphin men and unicorn men are big jerks. They are pretty and loved yet both are sleazy and grimy. They prey on humans kind thoughts about them. "Help us humans, bullies are after us!". or "hey buddy let me get close and give you a hug"..

Dolphins often become radio dj's, quizz show hosts and junkies. The males into lewd sexual behavure and assault. Dolphin gangs look for victims to bash for fun. The gang runs around you laughing and squealing and grinning then go for kill. Killer whale men dont bother pretending to be nice to get close like dophins do. Whale men were bread to harvest krill then in turn they were plumbed into factory and farmed for fat and protien. Smaller mobile free ones today resentful to humans still for centuries of being giant biofilters.

Unicorn men are always well dressed and stylish with make up. They love 1980s clothes. Actually savage and brutal in love and make abusive partners in relationships. They are demanding, needy broken people but people still marry them readily. Unicorns prefer virgins of other species. They think shitting glitter on your floor or bed is hilarious. They love drugs, especially ones that make them angrier. They steal everyones hair care products and hog music choices. Punk unicorns protest this rot and look more extreme but many kindly vegetarians in protest to popular bourgeois unicorns. They are still crazy with terrible music and flip out if you lace your DrMartins wrong. Don't confuse them with skinhead unicorn racist gangs who are the least  artistic of unicorns. 

Dont even get me started on how shitty koala and weasel men are.

Budgie men are pretty cool and cheeky socialites. They fight very well together and are happy to have lost flight for being good at violence.

Pig men vary plenty. Some serve Set to wage eternal war, some call themselves "real orcs". Others are pinky fun loving fatty hedonists, the eloi of the beast man tribes.  Some are bristly tusked hunters and soldiers for long lost causes. Others are park rangers bred to hunt poachers. Space pigs were used to scare colonials as horror brutes or later to be shaven hedonists controlling war ships. They cope with boredom and smart and comptant in a crisis.

Bug men or mineral men might also claim to be ancients or aliens or elder servitors. Plant men often hostile and "remember" when plants ruled!

Many farm animal beast men have attitude to humans for enslaving and eating them for thousands of years and stealing their land. Mixed farm beastmen preach humans are bad for not creating sentient beast men sooner. They live in farm communes and struggle with poor leaders like humans do. Zoo type beastmen prefer tribal society and even hunt and eat humans to prove their superiority. Wild beastmen preach serving nature as they butcher human villages.

Cereal and fast food and sport team mascot races are the saddest of all the late pre apocalypse races created. Worshiping their products and their "ancestors" is very serious. If you mock the frog men's frog god of sugar frosted fart bombs then the tribe skin you alive and make you watch while they try on your skin and clownishly mock human kind. Toucan men, pink elephants, monkeys, etc. All crazy. Fast food clown men bread rapidly and need to be killed (part human part clown).

Saturday 16 April 2016

Magic and mods for boots

Cyberdruidry, magic farm beasts and more on hell this coming week

So like i did for weapons im doing for boots
d10 skilled craftsmen made items
d10 common enchantments (3rd lv spells in my game)
d10 greater enchantments (6rth lv spells in my game)

Creators level - plus or power uses per day/week

1-4 +1
5-8 +2
9-12 +3
13-16 +4
17-18 +5

d10 Common Boot Mods
1 hobnail soles non slip on mud or grass, 1/2 DEX on hard smooth surfaces
2 soft soles +1 on sneak rolls
3 waterproof +1 save
4 reinforced +1AC +1 save vs some threats
5 Steel cap +1 kick damage
6 knee high
7 thigh high +1AC if no other armour
8 heels +1 Mv
9 points +1 kick hit
10 spurs for riding
gators - can attach to make footwear act as higher boots and increase water or grass resistance

d10 Common Magic Boots
1 Stealth - makes all sneak skills easier and removes dificulty penalties on surfaces like gravel
2 False Trail - leaves false track d4 1=backwards 2=small beast 3=humanoid 4=monster
3 Jumping - can jump as if had a run up from a standing position height up or double height across
4 Climbing - improves climbing skills and removes dificulty penalties on surfaces like glass
5 Riding - makes beas calm and compliant removing penalties for difficult riding rolls
6 Kicking - extra kick attack d4
7 Dancing - dance as if skilled or removes removes penalties for impressive moves
8 Speed - +25% move rate
9 Levitating boots allow to cast levitation once a day
10 Feather fall boots - once a day can fall one drop unharmed

d10 Rare Magic Boots

1 League leaping - once a day can leap a league in one round of 3.5 miles
2 Haste - once a day caste haste spell
3 Spider Climb at will can walk up 90 degree walls onto ceiling as if on ground
4 Beast boots - put them on animals hind legs, makes bipedal and able to tal
5 Water walking boots can walk on calm water, rough requires dex check or sink
6 Air walk boots - a ten min turn per day
7 Faerie Boots - can plane shift once per week to faerie land
8 Teleporting Boots - once a week to a known location like home, wearer only
9 Fire walking boots - unharmed by normal fire, -1 per dice from magic fire
10 Stone Walking Boots - can walk through stone or earth one round per day

Mega Mutants of Oz for Murder Highway

Murder Highway ideas from playing with new animal and car toys.

As I gamed without minis for 33 years (some paper ones for super games mostly) the experience of collecting and being inspired by collectible dream tokens has been good.

This blog came from me tooling about with toys and FaceBook. A co wrier non gamer buddy (he has played dnd with me)

Murder highway game pieces 1
Hope to run awesome road war game
Somewhere some time soon
I'm big fan of Kim Numan's dark future books and want to re read the non modernized ones

Murder highway game 2

Wombat rampage is a death race with mutant wombats who are trained to attack cars and have the punch of a armoured personnel carrier. But they are more resilient and can burrow and ambush intelligently

Murder highway 3

Some people in the great Aussie wasteland have learned to live with mutant animals like these roo shooters have done. They also have a corporate cloned north American wolf used so effectively in the late 90s midwest zone wars in the usa

Murder highway 4

Killa koala death stare down.

since mega mutation emerged the bush has grown increasingly hostile. High on human blood, sex and eucalyptus, the males challenge cars that stop. Nobody knows how mutants took over the bush but politicians of both parties have exploited the human bush exodus.

Murder highway 5

Bilbies were cute fuzzy critters to most people, a lovely cuddly native bunny. As mega mutants they are feces covered stinking night ambush predators with rodent like reflexes. They snatch people so fast and crush victims skulls so quietly they may kill a whole carload of victims without a shot being fired.

Small settlements have vanished from these kill crazed stealthy hopping killers. The military hunt them in armoured cars. The communal burrowing animals eat giant bugs mostly but humans are even easier kills.

Murder highway 6

Mega mutant spiders are a big problem growing to car sized easily. The redback envenoms prey and cocoons pain nummed victims with a egg sack. The funnel webs build hidden beats for ambush. They inject bodies with a dancing strain of the zombie necrovirus who sacrifice prey for the spider till they are replaced and eaten The huntsman leap from ambush up to 20 metres and have corrosive necrotic venom that melts flesh easily

This car is a expensive elite corp interceptor probably owned by some one with more cash than brains.

Steve sez:
The interceptor looks like one that could split into two mini-turbo sleds

Murder highway 7

This gentle metagenetic ape vat grown in Singapore was owned by a eccentric uranium billionaire who was a big fan of king kong and vintage cars. The now wild Ape has hidden in the wilds of Tasmania and has become the king of wild mega mutants. He likes to flip cars and eat the tasty screaming morsels inside. The ape escaped in a amusement park incident and killed seventy five people escaping. The Tasmanian tourism department has billed the independent island state as the new skull island. Several death races pass through the great apes territory.

Quill's and me extra comments

They need some kind of 'drop' attack - it should be an ability common to all Aussie mutant supercreatures of the near future. Maybe the origin story can be increased effectiveness of gravity attacks down under.

Can they rear back and smash down with their biotitanium claws, in the same way a funnel-web strikes?

Also (just spitballing, would be more fun in person), a 'Wom-Bat' attack, basically a striking attack with a cut-down cricket bat made from a paddle-pop stick or something, dunno, Wombat Rampage sounds cool and Aussie creatures have so many awesome semi-plausible skills. The Mad Max setting writes itself

Me: Feel free to go wild mr lees and I will make you a game setting designer

Oooh, well we need the Chiko Roll Chick depending on the vintage of your players, she can maybe ride in on her chopper Heavy Metal-style and save players or punish them for misdeeds, needs to be strong and cheeky, maybe her arrival means players are fucked with randomly or judged a la deus ex machina.

Me: Wow i need this in my Psychon intro rock star game

Drop Bear Thick-Shake
In a new formulation gone wrong, humble pool attendant Craig unleashes a choc-pineapple thickshake flavour which attracts drop-bears from all over - this thickshake calms their blood-lust, and Craig is hailed a hero until pineapple supplies run low, pitting him against evil Marco from the pizza bar who benefits from both unlimited pineapple for his pizzas, and the drop-bear reign of terror. Players can align with either Craig or Marco, drop-bears are intelligent and can influence play to guarantee maximum pineapple which has narcotic effect which players can leverage to their advantage in honeypot attacks.

Me: Pineapples are a euphemism as queenslanders have grown strain full of meth which pineapple runners cross state borders with loads of the delicious embolism inducing addictive crop. Koalas find comforting and addictive, raiding pineapple green houses and labs in the suburbs..

Awesome - Chiko Chick runs majority of drugs and may or may not be an undercover agent but character influences play substantially and hops sides at random

Me: Gangs occupy giant Australian tourist monuments and the big pinapple gang are the most angry dickless bastards you will ever meat. They would kill their families for one pinnaple. Tinned pinaples are easiest to smuggle into walled city states and fresh food is always suspiciously criminal

Rival gangs run ham - sworn enemies but need each other in symbiotic relationship, wild boars with outsized powers often crop up to attack ham production facilities and also attack pineapple running, wild card element, maybe look like Bebop

More from Steve

Giant mutagenic wildlife is the result of dumped toxins in the outback. The original use for these barrels of experimental mutagenic feed was to enhance the size of the beast while reducing its dietary intake therefore increasing the dollar value of various farm animals in a relatively short time period but the resulting creatures, while growing quite large in size, eventually exhibited extreme aggression to all forms of animal life other than its own species. The government was slow to act due to the large "donations" from the mega Corp involved to key officials but eventually the feed was deemed too dangerous and was made illegal. However distribution of the product was already underway delivering to several key mass farm complexes when the decision was made and to prevent further loss of profit the company simply dumped the barrels of feed in the outback. Unfortunately the feed pellets were found palatable to both herbivorous and carnivorous wildlife resulting in the new mega fauna disaster.

Me: Undead and mutagens originally from space (terraforming invasion?) companies seize and abuse these contaminents and experiment on them. Have been used to advance biotech. Companies possibly being used.

Other banned farming practices include but are not limited to :
Triffidication crop spray turning most plant life forms into an aggressive mobile carrion feeding mutation with the express purpose to extract their now highly nutritious sap.
Dino farming. Particularly dried and powdered raptor organs along with triceratops horn aphrodisiacs.
The remote but infamous "human" farm colonies that produced mass transplant organs to private medical corporations and meat 'delicacies' to certain international dining organisations.

Me: triffids are farmed under licence for food and fuel and wild triffids are a bit of a problem. Contaminating other plants with triffid DNA very dangerous. Dino tourism is licenced but medicine farms use illegal trademarked dinosaurs. Dinos escaping and being mutated or undead by alien spores is a problem . Human farms are totally legit but only if clones not decantered. Easier and cheaper to keep in cells by unskilled staff.