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d100 Dungeon Sex Shop Stock

Items for bad wizards, nobles and other bosses, mostly banned, for adult dungeons only. Some collectors pay more especially depraved ones or artists. Some churches keep them in a vault for study. Guilds deal with them and feud over them. Rich nobles compete for them. As you can tell by prices a imperial carnal opera performance can cost thousands to put on.

The Dungeon Sex Shop tries to keep up to dungeon standards of a pre industrial society. Management apologies to customers for poor language use or
tasteless promotions for merchandise. One mans curse in another blessing.

d12 Item Decor
1 Floral, vegetal or fungus motifs of fertility
2 Rampant beast or looking ferocious
3 Satyrs,nymphs, faeries and sylvan beings
4 Divinities or spirits of love and fertility
5 Nude figures posed artistically
6 Nude figures embracing and kissing
7 Supernatural woodland beings fornicating with animals
8 Genitalia and possibly nipples
9 Orgy scenes 1in6 even remotely "normal"
10 Symbols of love, fertility, joy, etc
11 Golden and gm encrusted
12 Living and biological thing  

d10 Quick Types
01 Potion
02 Other formulas
03 Scroll
04 Fetish Figures
05 Clothing
06 Miscellaneous
07 Oddments
08 Weapon
09 Wand
10 Bound entities

d100 Indecent Magic Items
01 Potion of arousal, based on cantrip, lasts ten minutes, often in pill form 20gp 
02 Love Potion, based on charm person, victim saves or charmed by first person they see 100gp 
03 Energy Pill, +1Con, based on cantrip, lasts ten minutes, often in syringe form 50gp 
04 Fertility Potion, based on cantrip, aids in conception, 20gp 
05 Lubricant, as grease spell on surface one use or longer for minor spot use 100gp
06 Curative Medicine +1 save vs disease (or a second save) 20gp
07 Glamour Form Potion, hour long illusion that drinker belongs to another often supernatural species, mostly used for sex, 100gp
08 Abortion Medicine, save if fail lose baby, save again or lose 2d6hp, 1gp
09 Member Enlarging pill, wizards favorite save or black out for hour 20gp
10 Magical Tatoo Ink, makes animated tattoos, often erotoic, each dose is 4 square inches comes with 2d6 doses in varied colours 400gp a dose
11 Beauty Cream +1CHA for 10 minutes 20gp
12 Contraceptive Ointment, lasts an hour, 1gp
13 Cure Disease Salve 3000gp
14 Wizards Privates Ointment, genitalia becomes enlarged and prehensile like a extra limb, one hour 100gp
15 Wizard Favour Potion, randomly changes drinkers penis for an hour, use this table*, used at parties 200gp a dose
16 Marvelous Mammary Potion, drinker gains a d6 extra breasts for an hour 400gp
17 Hair Growth Potion, grows hair or beard d6 foot extra long, 1in6 changes colour to something exotic, some make last more than one use with tiny doses 100gp
18 Hair Removal Potion, only hair on head untouched all other hair removed 1in6 includes head hair too, dwarves hate this potion but get a save to resist, eleves already this hairless,  50gp
19 Potion of Gratuitous Emissions, drink before sex to produce gallons of sexual fluid during intercourse 100gp
20 Potion of Spell Theft, if drunk before sex with a spell caster, you can steal a random spell from your lover if they fail a save, can be cast once or written in your book 1000gp
21 Erotic Scroll with animated indecent picture 1000gp
22 Scroll that composes a poem for the subject ready to be read aloud to impress lovers or crowds or kings once per day 2500gp 
23 Book of Carnal Delights illustrated sex manual with animations includes how to appease supernatural beings and gods 3000gp
24 Book of Vile Depravity, animated illustrations of sexual torture and sadism 3000gp
25 Salidar's Book of Wenching, describes wizards poor techniques for attracting love interests with lies and manipulation and magic, reading it requires save or you become a evil 800gp
26 Illmar's Book of Demonic Lust, advises on relations with demons, precautions and includes several demon names for summonings. The book was never finished as author vanished, illuminated and illustrated 2000gp
27 The Forbidden Book, describes erotic scandalous true stories of royalty, clergy and important persons, writer is unknown, banned and written to undermine authority 3000gp
28 Manual of Erotic Arts, describes love making technique for royal courtesans and harems 400gp
29 Book of Unrestrained Fornication, famed erotic life of ancient wizard queen, famed but rarely seen, promises erotic animated illustrations but unknown is reader must save or be possessed by the queen as her new body. She will make changes and seek her underground pleasure dungeon 3000gp
30 Secret Rites of Witches, describes witches sabbats and orgies writen by ugly old wizard, witches hate the book and seek to destroy it, woodcut print illustrations, 800gp
31 Aroused satyr statue, once a month will animate on command, play music, charm people and try to start an orgy, he remains for an hour and may follow other instructions 2500gp
32 A great green stone phallus, makes all sexual unions in room have most fertile outcome 2000gp 
33 Erotic figurine once a week animates as a marionette like sex golem for one hour 2000gp
34 Box of porcelain naked figurines, once a day put on a erotic show for 20 minutes 2000gp 
35 Siren statue of whale ivory, sing an hour a week attracting all who hear in 30 foot to come, sit and listen in relaxed state if fail a save, violence snaps everyone out of effect 2000gp
36 Statue of a satyr having sex with a goat becomes animated for a hour a day on command 2000gp
37 Stone phallus is a might beast like stone penis that will attach to a broken statue if it's genitals have been vandalized 400gp
38 Glass Phallus, used by lady wizards and royalty, fragile if dropped, supposed made by a love god 1000gp
39 Dragon Phallus, intimidating jade dragon penis, if used produces dragon hybrid offspring, used by ancient royal dynasty to make elite guards 3000gp
40 Porcelain Golem, beautiful life sized lover with real hair and gem eyes and obeys all commands, skilled lover, awakes on secret command, wizards often hide them from their servants and wives, require occasional cleaning 6000gp, better ones can dance and p[lay harp but cost 10000gp 
41 Wizards chastity belt, wizard locked opens with secret word whispered to it 1500gp
42 Girdle of femininity/masculinity but without a curse to lock it in place, removable at will, reverses wearers gender as long as worn 1000gp
43 Cloak of disguise, changes wearers appearance, height, weight from a halfling to large human size 5000gp
44 Girdle of the Hermaphrodite, removable at will, wearer has both gender characteristics as long as worn 1000gp
45 Ring of Hygiene keeps wearers clean and protected from natural sexualy transmitted diseases 400gp
46 Ring of Contraception prevents reproductive acts from producing offspring 400
47 Girdle of Androgeney, wearers gender is uncertain on glance but does not actually change 1000gp
48 Tentacle Girdle ads 4 tentacle limbs each 2 yards long for an hour a day, they have minds of their own groping and grasping anything in reach but wearer feels them 1000gp
49 Malvafor's Marvelous Knockers, comedy novelty golden breasts wearer wears around chest, become real for an hour a day on command 1000gp
50 Veils of the Houri, +1 CHA while worn over face, only eyes visible 800gp
51 Medallion of the Stallion, provides wearer with horse like genitalia  2000gp

52 Hybrid Ring allows wearer to reproduce with any creature much like a god to create hybrid monsters 5000gp
53 Ring of The Rake/Harlot comes in him and her styles, prevents reproduction and infection from normal sexually transmitted diseases +1CHA  5000gp
54 Thing in a Box is a small chest with gate which slimy tentacled elder horrors reach through and grope anything within 10 feet, popular with cults 5000gp
55 Slave Collar casts charm person once a day on the prisoner in the collar and is enthralled by the collars owner, only works on humanoid persons not animals 4000gp
56 Goat Leggings transform wearer into satyr for an hour a day increasing wearers libido mostly 3000gp
57 Enchanted goggles make everyone look more attractive to viewer 2500gp
58 Love Slug is a foot long creature that eats human skin and hair and will suck and massage for a d6 hours a day, needs at last weekly fedand some daily water, kpt in a laqur box 800gp 
59 Mirkin of Mystery wearer can change their reproductive organs at will while wearing this or evn be a hmaphrodite if they wish 3000gp
60 Alchemists Womb, glass laboratory kit which grows a baby from a drop of blood from a single or several persons. After use the apparatus shatters, comes in box with manual to assemble 5000gp
61 Box of Violet candles,  when burned over one hour, all clothing worn in a 1" radius falls in crumpled heap to the floor rendering everyone naked. d12 to a box 50gp each
62 Brazier of Somnambulism, incense burned in it makes everyone in room feel dreamy and uninhibited, popular at orgies 2000gp
63 Silver hand mirror, makes everyone in it look attractive, 1000gp
64 Tin of sheep gut condoms, new oe every day 1000 gp
65 Goggles of the Voyers, increases magnification and see through 1 foot thick brick walls, mask hides the face and makes wearer breath heavily 1000gp
66 Codpiece of Monsterism, horrendous demon faced codpiece that screams, spits ectoplasm and swears at people, mostly used to be shocking at parties 1000gp
67 Jug of Oil, a standard clay table jug with olive oil, 16 gallons a day can be poured out 1000gp
68 Beer mug, ceramic with relief nudes with articulated breasts, fills with beer six times a day 1500gp
69 Crystal ball that shows visions of strangers having sex an hour a day, 3000gp
70 Magical flute allows one to play a saucy tune on completion it turns into a phallus and ejaculates on the users face. After the user can turn the flute into a phallus at will and back 1000gp
71 Dagger of Thorg +1, curved dagger, on a 19-20 hit roll will castrate any male creature 2500gp

72 Sword of Flesh +1 +2 vs Living beings made of meat, quivering moist fleshy sword that cleaves living flesh, looks obscene, wielder has increased libedo 2000gp
73 Sword of Hearts +1 once a day on command can cast charm person on one struck victim but does no damage 3000gp
74 Cornhole Shank +2 dagger, extra multiple on backstab damage vs creatures with a sphincter or cloaca 4000gp
75 Lesser Charming Blade +1, each HD slain provides wielder with +1CHA for one turn, cumulative HD slain add to duration 2500gp 
76 Greater Charming Blade +2, each 2HD slain provides wielder with +2CHA for one turn, cumulative HD slain add to duration 4000gp 
77 Lustblade +2, wielder becomes aroused each kill, becomes beserk if reduced to zero or less HP 5000gp
78 Kiss of the Goddess, +2 Mace, on natural 19-20 hit victim saves or changes gender to female if not already, all wounds resemble a bloody kiss 5000gp
79 Tentacle Flail +1, prefered weapon of certain cults with grasping living purple or green tentacles. 2d4 damage, on 19-20 human or smaller target is entangled for a turn but the weapon cannot be used until it releases victim 3000gp
80 Cupid Arrows, quiver of d12, charm on contact, save or charmed by first person they see 100gp each
81 Wand of Arousal, d100 charges casts arousal cantrips in 3" range, save to resist, used at parties or as a joke 1000gp
82 Wand of Cleaning, clean cantrip d100 charges removes stains and odours on a bed or clothing 1000gp
83 Wand of Charm Person 3d10 charges, 3000gp
84 Wand of Loveliness 3d10 charges +d4 CHA lasts one hour 3000gp
85 Wand of Exquisite Vision d100 charges can see through clothes for 10 minutes per charge 1000gp
86 Wand of Animate Clothing 3d10 charges, if victim fails save their clothes can be controlled by wand user to disrobe or restrain them 1000gp
87 Wand of The Maestro, d100 charges, if directed at victim they sing beautiful opera for one hour and will harmonise with others affected, used in carnal operas or orgies of the rich 1000gp
88 Wand of Pleasure, 3d10 charges, victims affected as hold person but gripped in spasms of pleasure, can cast on self 3000gp
89 Wand of Appeal, 3d10 charges, subject has illusion of being youthful for one hour, 1000gp
90 Wand of Fertility, d100 charges, makes a female become pregnant, but the child is a clone of the mother 1000gp
91 Dancing Imp, 
silver cage with dancing erotic imp inside, will plead for release offering rewards, will dance on command lewdley, available in various styles 1000gp

92 Ring with bound incubus or succubus, wearer is invulnerable to draining effects, can release for an hour a week to do bidding and command back before duration up, if time exceeded the demon is free of thee binding to do as it pleases 5000gp
93 Urn releases a sensual water elemental once a week in a bath for three hours that assumes attractive human form appealing to the user, creature will bathe and have sex with summoner, if insulted or taken for granted will try drowning the summoner and will never forgive them 3000gp
94 Bracelet with onyx and jet stones, wearer has erotic dreams of ebon skinned demon who gives advice on how to release them into the world. It can change it's gender to suit the wearers tastes, sought by the demons cult 2000gp
95 Ring of Lust promises sexual fulfilment if words spoken, conjures hideous demon with proboscis that injects demon eggs into the summoner if it can overcome them, can only appear once a month 1000gp

96 Tablet of the Sea Lord, if thrown in the sea by night next night summons 2d6 fishmen who will seek to mate with summoner and anyone near them, they don't care about victims gender
97 Incense of the Love Goddess, if used in a hour ritual will summon vision of a naked love goddess, all viewing her save or die, one use 3000gp
98 Scroll of Divine Love, glowing runes if read summon a divinity whos form is too much destroying any who gaze on them, left as a gift for a gods lover who wanted to see their true form, one use 3000gp
99 Seed of the Gods, this potion of divine fluid if drunk causes the user to glow, have a extra level and +1 on all atributes for a d4 days, one use 10000gp
100 Gift of the Gods, potion if drunk before love making allows a god to possess the drinker, their lover must save or be turned to ash but if lives will produce a superior child with a divine bloodline, often craved by royalty, 3000gp

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