Tuesday 19 March 2019

Broken Hill 10 Farming Communities

So Im doing a bunch of location types for broken hill like this.

Probably include
-known bunkers
-faction strongholds and 
-warzones and gang turf
-monster lairs & territory
-treasure troves of ancients
-wartime remnants
-black labs and forbidden tech
-trading posts
-garden zones

1 Second Chance Gardens
Southern area all walled and fortified with green houses inside and nearby green for grazing but compete with pioneers. Idealistic settlers hope to restore civilization bit by bit.  Often hire adventurers to keep out riff raff like raiders or the Warlord. Often a few skilled in technology live among the settlers and possibly spies from several factions and vaults. 
 Ruins north of farm squatted by gang members who make trouble constantly. South rival farm community who differ in values but both unite versus raiders or the warlord. Pop 65

2 Hawker Estates Prison Farm
Warlord run farm with mostly slaves and prisoners on a plantation. Slaves often escape or killed trying. Tend to shoot muskets at any strangers who get too close. Wine grapes, giant mutant thistles, mutamatoes, quandongs and nuts are grown here. Occasionally a riot breaks out. Occasionally the Governor for the Warlord hires adventurers to search and clean out rows of buildings outside the fenced off area. Pop 100

3 Shabby Triffid Farm
Shabby Farm herds triffids with a large clan of Mormon settlers unpopular with most locals. As they provide food and fuel the warlord protects them. Wary of strangers but will trade or offer first aid if or food if you labour. Uncle shabby employs tribals to guard his herd and land and he is kin to most of them. Pop 40

4 Mutie Pond
Mutants farming bioengeneered meat plants that grow transplant organs. Wary of strangers and prefer privacy unless you are a obvious mutant. Shrine and collection of hovels but they do trade some relics and occasional valuables. Mostly humans fear mutants diseases and poverty. Even raiders leave them alone. Most here use bows and clubs and look hideously scarred all over with hunch backs and googly eyes. Pop 40

5 Jumbuck Farm
Giant mutant merino sheep also used as pack, wool and meat animals are herded here and sheared and butchered. Hard working family hate strangers and beggars and shoot first. The employ beastfolk as murderous boundry riders. Pop 30

 New Pioneer Village
Settlers dedicated to pre industrial farming, large but poor community that shun technology and mutants. Compete for grazing area and occasionally fight with Second Chance. Some of the larger buildings are squatted by gangs and monster lairs they want cleaned out. Pioneers would pay in food and board to any who can keep out undesirables but no drinking aloud. Pop 140

7 Jackaroo Farm
Quiet small farm with crack shots growing grain and goats, under farm buildings is a hidden bunker with most of the population live in secret. Avoid outsiders.  Farmers outside are highly trained commandos who eliminate threats often with explosives.  Attacked frequently by tribes and raiders who frequently are eliminated. 
Pop 30 (Pop 65 underground)

8 Newcomer Farms
Feral camp with gardens struggling to feed all. Do put on good dance parties and grow drugs and make beer. The warlord has offered his protection and so far they have declined. All kinds of bandits and scum flock here and locals fight tribals over hunting grounds. Parties increasingly attracting wrong crowd and gangs want to take it over as party ground. Locals want to hire some protectors to keep the peace as anarchy failing them. Occasionally crops trampled by ravers. Garbage strewn everywhere constantly. Pop 65

9 Koala Creek Station
Giant wombat and root vegetable farm selling wombats to pull waggons. Underground tunnels dedicated to tuber and mushroom farming hide most of the station. Traders like to visit especially those using wombats.Wombat fights often break out around the watering hole. Tey have also redirected a creek via drainpipes to make their own cistern for good supply. Great brick lined pits are for breeding wombats. Wombat cube poop is a ready made brick when dry and burnable as fuel. Razorgrass which the wombats eat is a hazard for most travellers and common here. The station is named after the drop bear colony which now occupy the shop ruins on the street. A bloody koala god cult leave victims for them. Pop 65

10 Railside Farm
This scrubby poor farm is under protection of Warlord versus raiders and locals hear musket fire daily and sounds of vehicles on the mine mounds and dam tracks. Rows of straggling plants grow between tracks and scrawny dirty domestic giant rabbits lounge around in the sun. Always has warriors on duty here and a tavern locals made to capitalise performs well. Riflemen and snipers here have best ranged rifles and not just crude muskets like most warlords. In part this outpost with a tower and windmill can see anything crossing the train lines for some distance and can report by heliograph to the Warlord in Silver Town in the ruins of Broken Hill South. Most of the farm is build around giant rusted rail buildings with roof gardens. Have a huge cisterns and water supply. Pop 65

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