Sunday 31 March 2019

3Fold Dungeons

So 3fold flyers is the in thing for dungeons and so i gave it a go. I'm pretty impressed and will try and do one a month and one of my regular format zines. I did a extra zine but possibly I did it just to annoy certain ppl so I wont flash it about too much. But I have next lot of Patreon things done beside two items I recently launched. My enthusiasm for books is a bit broken at the moment as I'm really not enjoying editing my own work as for every thing I edit that could be 10 new things. Id rather operate like a dyslexic Jack Kerouac than take the time to be "professional". 

So my Frog Zine will be public in the future some time. I'm already working on my next one which is half done I just need to sort out the monster lair bit.

Hopefully when life is stable and I can visit conventions properly I can set up a stall of zines and 3folds and some hard covers and shirts.

Saturday 30 March 2019

More Micro Reviews

So I did a bunch of these  a while back and people liked it. Occasionally I use my Patreon money to buy stuff. Interestingly Several of these PDFs had features to stop me making the cover comp image but it didn't really stop me and made final product slightly lower res from snapshots.

I infrequently run fantasy RPGs but play in a few. I like sandbox stuff to inspire me or I can slip in a setting. Mostly I got them from Divethru except Witchburner a gift from Luca as we have swapped some creations and have compatible work - UVG and Planet Psychon work OK together. Hydra #7 came to me as I contributed to it. Just being honest so i don't get rape and murder threats for lack of integrity in game journalism. Not all these products are recent.

Will do some more of these...

What Ho Frog Demons 112 pages
Usual quality from Hydra coop and the Hills Cantons setting. A hex crawl with several interesting adventures. Village generators and frog demon tables. You cant have enough frog demons. Art and design as always is fabulous. The map unites the previous three books and im hoping to get a compilation of them all in print one day. One of those products which everything is right. Id like to run it one day but certainly lots to steal for my own game setting. I love the maps.

A Ghastly Companion for Castles, Mansions
& Estates 275 pages
I've long planned on doing a book on manour houses for Castle Amber like antics so I grabbed this out of curiosity. Full of tables to generate estates, covers national styles and incredible detail. Lots of inspiring detail and each generated estate would be a role playing opportunity. I like that most married aristocrats are inbred. Details on servants, pets, customs, architectural tips, gardens, events, servants and more. Also entries for coaching inns, family history, underground stuff, haunting, paintings and more. I like the art and layouts that look old world but found tables looked incongruant and a repeated stone texture was over used as a art asset. B&W clip art of old manors would look better. Really my only complaint. I will use this for a long time and recommend it.

Hydra #7 105 pages
It is in Swedish. I'm in it. Look at that awesome cover! 

Red Tide 173 pages
Brilliant Sandbox I wish I had sooner but on my wish list a few years. It is a interesting setting mixing western and eastern fantasy and you could probably mix with Yoon Suin or Oriental Adventures with some changes. It is a good example of modifying game tropes to fit in a setting. Has some sandbox generation content for adventures. I wont run this as is but can learn alot from it for a setting book. I will plunder some ideas from it.

Fever Swamp 32 pages
This is a module I could easily use with great atmosphere, weirdness and utility. It has a great grimey grungy sandbox vibe. It is a good exploration misery crawl you could complete in a few sessions. At 32 pages it is well designed with some repetition for convenience. It is overall an exemplary product id like to run. Great atmosphere for adventure.

Echoes from Fomalhault #1 44 pages
A great zine with several adventures all with odd touches I enjoy. I want more. Weird haunting locations with strange characters easily inserted into a game.My current favorite Zine. This issue has great table for markets, adventures, magic powders, 

Operation Unfathomable Players Guide 40 pages
If you enjoyed Operational Unfathomable this is a must. The original is a very attractive book not really sandbox more the opposite. But it is a kind of gonzo tourist trip through a weird world. In a funny way it would fit in a DCC setting with their underground hollow world setting for gonzo. You could also scavenge it for content and ideas and it is a good read. This expansion has character classes, spells, tips for exploring, ranger tech, awesome comics and more.Its choc full of stuff and entertaining as a read and easy on the eye.

Witchburner 66 pages in edition I have
You could run this as a one off con game or insert in a campaigns. I don't want to spoil it but it certainly is a mostly role playing based adventure. It wont make your characters heroes or good guys. It might be funny to insert in a Warhammer campaign. Mysterious events in a village get your party appointed witch hunters. What could go wrong? Anyway everything Luca touches is cool and look out for Ultraviolet Grasslands.

Hexplore: Borderlands 16 pages mostly art

Amazing inspiring stuff. Art based hexes to explore approach to sand boxing. You could run these on the fly easily if you respond to using art for inspiration. Look forwards to more of these and Courtney's art has has made great leaps in quality. From creator of one of my favorite blogs, often compatible with my work and we overlap at times.   

Friday 29 March 2019

Desert Ruins PDF

Desert Ruins (Amended)
Was on patreon earlier in year now public.
Yes the colour might mean you need to increase contrast or darken for some viewers
Sorry I just wanted to try yellow.

Also some typos removed and bewildering item about dancing contest removed and replaced with proper loot.

Two new ones on Patreon now.
Another one shortly

Some bonus notes on Exilon setting

d10 Fish Men Factions
1 Royal fish cult in imperial regalia of ancient empire, ornate seametal plate armour

2 Fishfolk kingdom warriors in seametal scale, investigating ancient fishfolk lands
3 Barbarian tribe fishfolk with obsidian tipped weapons craving food and sacrifices
Fishfolk wizard's servants seeking lore many know a few spells
5 Fishfolk savage hunters worshiping Dagon and Cthulhu
6 Fishfolk hybrid townsfolk and merchants run cult in secret for fishfolk gold 
7 Fishfolk hybrid nomad cult related to locals who travel between forgotten holy places
8 Subterranean fishfolk living in the underland oceans, albino demon worshipers
9 Primitive cave dwellers using stone tools and nets
10 Degenerate savages living in caves use no tools and crave flesh

Typical Fish Folk Expedition Group - two squads plus leaders
Noble Commander or Chief
Spell Caster - wizard, priest or shaman usually
Two sub commanders or chiefs
Two squads of 12 fish folk troopers
Two scouts

-often human hybrid or shorter fishling folk or other expendable beastfolk
-for spying and tracking or skirmishing

If in water:
may have pack or riding fish or seahorses
plus a fighting fish, sharks or assault pliesiosaur

d10 Fish Folk Allies & Vassals
1 Catfish folk can hibernate, tentacled faces, most are wizards, highly respected by sea folk

2 Barracuda folk are savage bererkers, fishfolk prefer they fight on their own
3 Sharkfolk are hungry sea warriors vary in size from small sharklings to man or ogre size

4 Stingrey folk worship blood drinking demons and their priests are vampires
5 Lampreyfolk are blood drinking horrors that disgust even fish folk, worship leech demons
6 Wormfolk once a great race fish folk brought them to lowly slaves and food
7 Isopod Folk deep sea scavengers from earliest times
8 Crab Folk used by fish folk as troops and workers
9 Lobster Folk used by fish folk as troops and workers
10 Starfish Folk hungry moronic brutes but breed fast for war or labour

Thursday 28 March 2019

Puppet People of Toy Town

2 New zines on my Patreon now no 10 & 11

Occasionally up some magic tree or cloud kingdom or in a mad toymaker-wizards tower you might meet these characters. Possibly they are golems but with souls.

Possibly candy golems need own d100.

Most are 1-2 HD but could be anything really

Mostly good puppets from dreamlands and evil from nightmare realms

d10 Types of Puppet People

01 Little guys about a yard/metre tall
02 Clowns, too  many clowns
03 Common animals
04 Scary animals
05 Monsters of toy land
06 Heroes of toy land
07 Leaders of toyland
08 Peoples of toyland
09 Helpful toys
10 Villainous Toys

Puppet People of Toy Town
01 Hairy Beast, stitched fur with ceramic creepy face, spies and watches to report to unknown master, might try to kill or kidnap someone asleep, scares children
02 Wooden gnomes often in a group of d6, often to or from work with animal toy friend
03 Faerie doll, can cast as a wizard and various levels, glows and often followed by other toys who admire faerie beauties
04 Jester doll rolls and falls and juggles, knows one joke changes every day
05 Baby doll crawls, chews and laughs or cries, often knocks things over and puts in mouth
06 Straw doll in tattered clothes with no face, tall, cant speak but friendly and can understand
07 Lead Soldiers often in groups of 3-30 on a mission to the death
08 Intelligent giant rats in vests and frocks trying to infiltrate toytown as adorable ratlings
09 Gingerbread man ambassador from candyland fast but gullible, kind of a jerk
10 Puppet moon goblin idiot with big bobbly head
11 Clown with drums, likes to bash lots, big feet, cant talk
12 Clown perpetually walks in handstand and tumbles
13 Mr Chuckle offers to help and invites into home, tries to lure one at a time into murder basement
14 Clown with cymbals, likes to bash lots, big feet, cant talk
15 Clown with horn, likes to honk horn lots, big feet, cant talk
16 Clown with kazoo, likes to honk horn lots, big feet, cant talk
17 Clown shaman doll, quite creepy from stuffed and stitched seal skin, casts as a priest 
18 Clown constantly falls and rolls to feet, sleepwalks by night, big feet, cant talk
19 Clown chef uses kitchen tools and food to beat people up and cook
20 Clown child, cries lots and doesn't talk, carries bindle and plays instrument sadly
21 Pantomime horse, gets quite stroppy if mistreated, helps the needy
22 Huge Squirrel in merchant suit, wants to be adventurer and kill monsters for their nuts
23 Wooden deer, shy at first then friendly, very alert to threats surprised on 1in6 
24 Furry stuffed bear often clothed, often in group of d6 on some mission
25 Furry funny bunny (as a blink dog)
26 Crocodile likes to surprise and bit bottoms
27 Monkey with fez and d6 1=ball 2=bells 3=cymbals 4=drum 5=unicycle 6=smoking pipe
28 Noble lion king, fuzzy and noble with booming voice, crown and majestic cape
29 Wooden dog is dopey and fun companion
30 Plush pussy trickster in suit
31 Duck sailor prone to violent or happy outbursts, drinks and smokes
32 Cowardly old lion, wears dressing gown, monocle and very theatrical
33 Scary grumpy big bear 
34 Long diamond patterned snake talks with lisp and has hypnotic powers, tempts people into bad moral decisions in guise of being helpful 
35 Spooky owl, judgmental and haughty but offers wise advice
36 Mr fox a murderous thieving trickster
37 Jack Hare, trickster expert of disguise and booby traps, like to play jokes
38 Billy goat likes to butt people in bottom, likes to leave coins about so people bend to get them, especially near pits, rivers, cliffs, etc
39 Wolf often used disguises and tricks victims before eating, release strong wind as breath weapon that knocks people and light shacks down
40 Giggly Piggly, greedy and filthy and wants to be your friend
41 Old woman is really a witch who eats children
42 Grumpus punishes bad children with beatings, mean gifts or carries to the devil in a sack
43 Hunchback slasher stalks and stabs
44 Nasty troll wants to gobble people and animals up
45 Hideous fanged ogre
46 Grumpy hydra
47 Vampire doll, drains life to heal self, can be charming 
48 Plush owlbear growls and sits on treasure or any eggs it finds
49 Wooden chimera often bites and fights self, heads hate each other
50  Plush manticore, is grumpy and shoots  spikes from tail, hates he looks like adorable grump and wants respect and power
 Spining Top Man, in hurry a bit out of control and dangerous while spinning
52 Toymaker puppet who makes toys and has a d6 different companions
53 Pierot silent melancholic mime in black and white suit with cap
54 Columbine doll a clever problem solver, earthy maid doll with folk dress
55 Halequin in diamond pattern suit with cap
56 Punchinello with huge head, cap and club
57 Judy with huge head, cap and club
58 Jack in a box, lives in a box, can extend waist rediculous distance, wearing jester clothes with a club
59 Man in the moon, with great moon shaped head, sometimes good sometimes scary
60 Old man winter, sometimes cheery gift giver other times cruel icy fiend
61 Humpty dumpties, bossy fragile egg folk sits on wall hurling drunken abuse
62 King and queen, sit on thrones bossing everyone around, mostly avoided
63 Old wise gnome was one of the first toys who has seen everything with long beard and spectacles, has d6 normal toy gnomes with him
64 Knight seeking questing beast or giants or monster nobody has ever seen
65 Angelic maiden with halo and wings, beats wicked with a club or any with bad thoughts
66 Wizard with beard and pointed sat with astrology designs, made of wood but as a wizard
67 Pompous fat man yelling he is mayor and everybody should respect him, has childish tantrums

68 Princess, a beautiful porcelain person with fancy big white dress and a wand that makes random things happen possibly useful only she can operate and it always teleports to her hand, she is mostly kind and good but sometimes is patronizing or helps people who don't want it - like help people find true lov
69 Brave prince with sword hand, brave and keen for any quests or missions, likes to assume leadership and speak for people without their choice or desire
70 Wise old woman who gives advice often unwanted personal advice
Sailors looking for drinks or a good time, sometimes they get aggressive and drunk
72 Bees of wood painted to look sweet and happy, gathering honey and working on hives
73 Wooden Skittles often in a d6 group
74 Wooden Soldier, very brave dutiful monster fighter
75 Wooden Butler strict and can manage a house sand care for a gentleman
76 Cloth Maid Doll full of whimsy, care for care for lady and her wardrobe
77 Wooden Chef makes meals for humans but serve puppet people carved realistic wooden food that makes them cry
78 Sheriff with whistle and club and helmet,possible with some bailiffs and beadles
79 Wooden Family with mother, father, two children and a dog, always happy usually near home doing chores or off to work
80 Pop up People are wooden with no legs, just a heavy round spere waiste down, if knocked over the instantly stand up, often congregate in families and hold many toy town jobs
81 Woodcutter is made of wood and cuts wood for toy makers and for firs even though the need no heat and fire scares them, has beard and axe and often a pet, often called in to kill monsters
82 Bluebelle a 
porcelain doll boy in crushed velvet suit, helpful and heroic, bell can be heard when he is running, 
83 Karam a hero shadow puppet with a curvy sword who slays monsters and conquers the wicked
84 Grumphus a huge slobbery wooden bulldog who bites monsters and saves babies from hazards or villains, smart but only barks and wags tail
85 Katie Cream a plucky milkmaid doll who is always getting into adventures, kidnapped or stumbling across criminal enterprises. She is a expert boxer and if missing overnight a d6 puppet people start a search party. Often has a pantomime cow with her
86 Lulu Blue a dancing doll femme fatal who occasionally has her underwear fall down. Death and murder follow her constantly and enemies have often fatally bad luck especially while laughing at her misfortunes. Curious and likes mystery solving
87 Sunflower is a great friendly faced flower who can drag self along with tendrils and wears a bright yellow pot. She likes helping people and often wants to join adventurers
88 Rory Crow, a cheeky black bird of wood, likes jokes and they get crueler and meaner with greedy people he dislikes. Curious and likes to follow people
89 Nanny Roberts a wooden nanny doll with fabric clothing, is over ten foot tall and thinks all short people are children, will try and spank monsters while scolding them
90 Gnor the friendly giant made of painted wood with fhair glued on, has a club and likes pretty things like pretty people  top pat and stroke. Smushes anyone who hurts pretty things
91 Leopold a evil wizard fond of stroking his beard and twirling moustache, made of wood with big head, black robes and pointy hat and wand of fireballs only he can use
92 The black knight made of painted wood, always scheming evil plots, often dupes locals 

93 Captain Payne a sea captain with one eye and holding a harpoon. Made of painted  wood
94 Ten headed rat king out to conquer toy land with d6 rat folk and 2d6 giant rats
Dragon that can breathe as a real dragon likes to goggle up animals and people
96 Devil offers temptations then later at low moment beats wicked with club or pokes with pitchfork or burns with fire
97 Shadow man puppet, 2 dimensional, non-solid, creepy stalker that laughs and murders
98 Prince Igor a villain who convinces innocent toys to do his bidding with terrible lies
99 Maxine Mordred evil rich puppet lady always up to schemes employing monsters and villains, all toys find her sorcery scary
100 Master Talon a masked villain who employs evil clowns, his gang operate crime waves

Sunday 24 March 2019

Some Relics

Ive done this idea somewhere before but was in mood....
As wielder proves worth the item grows in power

Rod of the Hellions or Hell's Rod
LE Intelligence 14 but wont communicate with anyone under 5th on non aligned

1st Is a +1 d6 Club
2nd Command spell as a cleric once per day
3rd Darkness spell as a cleric once per day
4th 2d4 base weapon damage +1, the rod can turn into a impressive cruel looking mace
5th Communicate telepathically with rod spirit knowledgeable on occult lore
6th Becomes a +2 weapon
7th May summon a Imp once per day for one turn to do your bidding for a lire of blood
8th Cast Tongues spell as a cleric once per day
Becomes a +3 weapon
10th Level protection +1 effects on AC and all saves
Becomes a +4 weapon
14th Gain a extra melee attack with the weapon
May summon a lesser devil once per day for one turn to do your bidding for a human sacrifice, the more innocent and healthy, the more the devils HP are
18th Once a year summon a greater devil to for fill a wish as best it can for one hour 

The rod encourages the wielder to make pacts with devils, perform greedy mean deeds and legitamise them. It will give deceitful advice to non LE wielders. Summoned entities will be worse at interpreting commands from non LE beings. 

The rod has expertise in hell but possibly a few thousand years out of date. It remembers the times after the demise of Druaga a tyrant who ruled and devils prospered as old gods of underworld became increasingly senile or were killed or maimed in the war that ended the great age of darkness when monster kings ruled. Ruins of Drauga's temples and monuments remain but the inscriptions nearly always destroyed.

Wand of the Holy Faerie
CG Intelligence 13 can speak aloud

1st Is a +1 d4 Stick
2nd Cast Faerie Fire spell as a druid once per day  
3rd Can see in darkness
4th d6 base weapon damage +1, looks unchanged
5th Cast Cure Light Wounds spell as a cleric once per day
6th Becomes a +2 weapon
7th May summon a sprite once per day for one turn to do your bidding for a lire of wine
Cast Cure Light Wounds spell as a cleric three times per day
Becomes a +3 weapon
10th Level protection +1 effects on AC and all saves
Becomes a +4 weapon
14th Stick does 2d4 base damage
Commune with the faerie queen receiving seven words of replies to questions a day
18th Once a year summon a faerie noble to for fill a wish as best it can for one hour

The wand has the spirit of a puckish faerie lad always encouraging wielder or anyone nearby to relax, have fun, go to parties, get drunk, dance and rebel against bullies and bosses.Especially human ones as it never questions fae folk.
 It warns against harming others and overdoing hedonism too often and legions of hell conspiracies for control

Crown of the Sun

LG Intelligence 12 but wont communicate with anyone under 5th on non aligned

1st Grants +1 Charisma
2nd Cast Light spell as a cleric once per day  
3rd Cast Magic Missile as a wizard once per day
 Cast Protection vs Evil spell as a cleric once per day
5th Cast Hold Person spell as a cleric once per day
6th Grants  +2 Charisma
 Cast continual Light as a cleric once per day 
Cast Blindness spell as a cleric once per day
Grants +3 Charisma
10th Level protection +1 effects on AC and all saves
Detect Lies spell as a cleric once per day
Cast Flame Strike spell as a cleric once per day
Commune with the sun god receiving seven words of replies to questions a day
18th Once a year summon a faerie noble to for fill a wish as best it can for one hour

The crown starts as a simple gold ring and gains more detail and finery as the wearer grows in power. The crown encourages the wearer to aid good and law and may with hold magical abilities if wearer does not comply. The standards of the crown are other worldly and too perfectionist for most wearers. Their is a cult dedicated to serving the wearer but they don't usualy discover the wearer till they reach 6th level.

d100 Outward System Outposts

Still working on my meat mages post will be 4x size of my necromancy spells. Might be easier to just work on my EMO spell book. Doing a thing on puppet ppl for toytown. I got copy of b4 and have been reading extra expanded content for it. like and the B4_campagn_sourcebook PDF. Running masks of Nyarlathotep with expanded content which feels a bit like a uni course. Sadly finding flaws in the book. Chaosium is in a new golden age but Im finding lots of rushed and repeated content in writing and lack of consistency. Australian chapter has detailed gun law notes, Peru has none. Im running a bit of Marvel and playing in a RQ game and a DnD5 game. I am keeping my current house so homelessness averted again.

Have ideas for dungeon based on Popeye cartoon....

Also Space Hobos - vague ideas on this at this stage for something

Planetary Outposts
These are locations you can roll to put minimal signs of civilization on a planet. You could add several. Not all outposts are inhabited. Many are automated or crew dead. Not all assume atmosphere and could be used on even exo planets or any kind of planet. Could do a d100 space hab table.

d10 Quick Planetary Outposts Types
01 Exploratory - detailed planetary survey or some feature of planet
02 Mining - resource based typically private prospectors or megacorp
03 Colonist - a small experimental colony 
04 Military - often remains from war or friendly or enemy forces
05 Mega Corp - commercial interests
06 Criminal - pirates or criminal hideouts
07 Research - hidden research centre 
08 Private - getaway for wealthy 
09 Exile - someone banished or on run from civilization
10 Alien - non human

d100 Planetary Outposts
01 Automated scout base with marked out landing strip, fuel, food and parts depot, wrecked shuttle, possibly defended by robots, most often uninhabited
02 System Survey team stranded with several shuttles and a fabricated hab, desperate for supplies and rescue after star ship accident
03 System Survey Outpost, where drones scouring system report to mission control, personnel live in comfortable hab complex allowing automation to do work while they relax
04 Archaeological mission located near possible alien ruins with science team seeking what destroyed original inhabitants which might be bad
05 Planetary survey team compound, serviced by infrequent star ship visits. Personnel cataloguing planet with multiple satellite bases in various climates conducting research 06 Colonial survey team compound cataloguing possible settlement locations
07 Contact team lab investigating local life for signs of primitive intelligence, serviced by occasional star ship visits
08 Survey team base near a crashed alien vessel they have been studying, personnel have begun to vanish
09 Huge mobile base exploring surface while crew live in luxury, robot crew have been preparing to turn on crew just as visitors arrive making handy scapegoats
10 Crashed primitive descendants of survey team now worship deranged AI in ruins of ship buried in mountain, hostile to outsiders
11 Geological survey team compound investigating exploitable resources for a megacorp
12 Prospectors operating wildcat mining operations, not concerned by pollution or law but hostile to claim jumpers or corporate agents
13 Mining operation using illegal slaves possibly modified humans from some obscure colony. Miners will silence any intruders
14 Drilling operation damaging crust and environment seeking rare earth deposits, left huge areas of radioactive mud visible from space
15 Mining operation have rounded up workers from a lost colony fallen to primitive long ago, miners pretend to be gods and offer trinkets to workers who often die
16 Robotic mining instillation building more robots with raw materials, will create armed robots if it detects intruders, manufacturers unknown
17 Stranded miners star ship core had accident leaving ship uninhabitable in orbit. Miners will plot to steal ship of visitors and return home with minerals rather than make a loss
18 Mining megacorp operation has arrived and trying to drive away colony with a old ship not safe to use, mining corp using twisted legal system to justify actions 
19 Mining instillation and huge refinery. Something in tunnels is killing personnel
20 Huge stockpiles of materials mined by robots awaiting collection by a megacorp long gone, legal minefield for anyone touching, automated defenses
21 Small colony working on atmospheric processor for terraforming hoping to bring more colonists when finished in a hundred years, faction modified for atmosphere have become terrorists and don't want any more change or newcomers 
22 Small independent colony arrived on one way ship, struggling to build farming community as equipment in decline, leaders believe much of their advanced tech systems will fail
23 Small penal colony of important VIPs kept alive in case needed by distant larger colony. Governor will accept visitors but is suspicious. Some VIPs offer fortunes for release 
24 Small penal colony of viscous killers overcame the guards and regressed to barbarism and cults, new prisoners arrive every six months and gaolers don't mind what has happened
25 Small religious cult colony hostile to visitors trying to take their land, unfortunately the planet has interesting xeno artifacts or minerals or life other explorers are interested in
26 Small colony is secretly a data haven, all colonists are black ops as well retired for knowing too much. Will allow guests but us as a exercise drill in security protocol
27 Small colony of rednecks in decline from inbreeding and cloning, keen to keep strangers around as mates. They shun science and medicine but like booze, guns and explosives
28 Small colony is a cult, will lie to keep visitors away and only begrudgingly allow guests, they have own local genetic mods and non standard human features, if secrets exposed they will have to kill all outsiders in blood orgy
29 Small colony needs help, something is picking them off one by one, archaeologist believes something from alien ruins responsible
30 Small colony in civil war as two or more factions fight to control the most landing points and tech caches from a failed colony ship. Orbital parts of ship intact some with dna banks and cryopods sealed away
31 Marine forward base for strategic reasons in arse end of the universe. Several drop ships from a destroyer in orbit have erected a camp where they mostly train and build underground fortifications
32 Missile base with 4 system capable hunter type nuclear missiles, defencive batteries protect surface from planetary bombers. Will often go silent running when detect anything in system. Will threaten anyone who gets too nosy
33 Hidden asteroid base with drones and fighters protects a fuel and weapon depot. Sometimes they visit planet for drills or recreation. Will go silent if intruders in system and launch stealth fighters or a fighter led drone swarm seeking to arrest or destroy 
34 Asteroid is actually a frigate with a experimental stealth hull mods to resemble a asteroid, ignores most ships looking for enemies like more like itself
35 Naval base on the planet supported by a orbital defense station and defense boats, willing to allow traders and visitors for commerce in DMZ, some civilians here visiting and working also
36 Destroyed base from war with survivors in bunker below afraid war still raging and very wary of anyone pillaging base remains
37 Abandoned base still littered with equipment and scrap, some booby traps and 
38 Battle damaged ruins with mad automated mech units remaining
39 Naval fuel depot station with fighters and defence boats will warn not to approach will send out a tug and gunboat  to meet you if mayday, rarely touch local planets
40 Secret factory here making weapons of war with stealth fighter and stealth frigates for defense, will arrest strangers and send to penal colony for people who see to much
41 Corporate research station assessing development of planet with extreme controversial terraforming project
42 Company researching medicine and possibility of developing into a corp ag world, a saboteur from withing seems to be causing accidents and trying to release info to media
43 Company operated safari park for super rich to hunt cloned animals from dozens of planets, biotech firms have been attempting a hostile takeover
44 Rival corporations at a colonial embassy are competing for trade talks with leaders of this exotic long lost colony recently contacted. Warrior barbarians hate the star people for pretending to be gods early on. A corporate privateer limits visitors from this early contact civilisation but may allow visitors to the embassy for worthy purposes like scholars or media but not just wandering space hobos with rayguns
45 Trading post operated by several companies. Has tradition of neutrality and welcoming shifty space scum and crime. Lots of hotels ans bars and conference area and docks. Lone wolf traders, wildcat prospectors and bounty hunters rub shoulders with corporate criminal class. It is not features on any legitimate charts
46 Company established colony outpost and used as basis to claim whole system. Have a corporate frigate and occasional a destroyer visits. The colony develops commercial projects in secret. Rival corp spies and unwelcome visitors under false pretext have been trouble before but they appear top be welcoming but watching
47 Corporate secure cloning outpost with armed corporate elite marines. You must have mega credits or be a client to be permitted to land 
48 Corporate mining project and von Neumann machines stripping a system directed by AI while company workers just get high and play video games
49 Early  corp clone colony arrived in one way asteroid hull ship. It is still in obit where paranoid AI watches the people embodying the company ethos. Screens everywhere inspire fanatical corporate loyalty among population who lost contact with long gone company
50 Company has several megahaulers and construction rig stations building something and privateer security keeps onlookers at bay arresting or destroying the curious
 Graveyard lunar complex where old ships and materials are scrapped from, many are illegal and pirates get supplied here. Occasional visit other planets looking for stray scraps or anything that could be of value 
52 Colony producing drugs from fungi infected brains of giant beetles in greenhouses and labs refine into cool new drug of the corporate and criminal elite. The pretend to be doing ag research
53 Colony where mobsters are retired to live out their days operated by a megasyndicate. Welcome trade but short tempered violent maniacs and onlookers and law don't care about offworlders 
54 Smugglers colony for rest and repairs, now they have families and continued trade for generations. Allow traders but they are shifty and willing to murder easily but have amazing rare one off items
55 Casino colony uncharted but doing well with casinos from multiple gangs founded united rivals fleeing the law, visitors welcome just don't cause trouble
56 Colony where locals all criminal tech and arms specialists, visitors come for guns, black market goods and forbidden tech.
57 Mob have come to enslave local primitives to grow drugs, labour in mines and make sweatshop bootleg fashion. They pretend to be gods with local people and act horribly 
58 Pirate asteroid with frigate, two corvettes and two scouts on board, clan is ancient
59 Megasyndicate lab growing clones, androids and training spies, operate fake colony and welcome guests down for training exercises and to copy them
60 Megasyndicate space hab where dodgy traders, pirates and space scum visit to stay off books with own secret trade routes  
61 Lone mad scientist research lab with handful of assistants, working on something important and has war satellite to shoot incoming ships
62 Cybernetics research colony, population all cyborged and keen to help others join the machine mind too. Local AI in 
lab has taken over everything and welcomes guests with computers or systems to host on 
63 Test planet for weapon systems, large scared areas and wastelands from past tests, limited use bunkers on surface most crew on orbital with marine fighter squadron visited by a destroyer often. Visitors are arrested and tested and sent to a prison for life
64 Colony of immortal replicants acting out lives of long dead lab personnel who worked here
65 Aggressive mobile plants here being studied as a weapon system delivered from spoor to killer beast in days, lab pretend to be scientists studying food potential of mobile plants
66 Scientist has private lab with automated weapon and a few assistants. Regressed primitives from lost colony hate him as the evil one for vivisection research he used them in. Now natives hate space people
67 Scientists studying planet and flooded ruins of long lost civilisation, unaware some modified descendants still exist in the deep
68 Scientists studying alien desert ruins. Civilisation collapsed suddenly from atmospheric changes. Some convinced something hostile still out in the sands
69 A spatial anomaly being studied by station by astronomers, they prefer to be left alone
70 A asteroid hab was hollowed out so a wrecked alien vessel could be hidden with to study. Reluctant to host visitors and even then keep in restricted areas
71 Billionaire private pleasure resort with android lovers and guards and own space yacht with minimal crew

72 Billionaire built colony to justify legal ownership of system but a continent away. Has private megapalace and terraformed a whole region as a private fantasy
73 Billionaire came here for hunting. Has lodge ans space yacht with professional hunters as bodyguards. Likes to hunt people to so welcomes guests
74 Two billionaires wage robotic war with each other for fun using resources of huge forge mechs that are off limits to destroy. Local savages of lost colony dont approve but they have been catalogued as wildlife not people by control AI
75 Billionaire with robot guards and servants hates people, oversees personal immortality and legacy projects far from megacorp they own
76 Billionaires pleasure complex now run by crazed AI populated with pleasure androids while owner in stasis pod awaiting medical treatment to be developed to make live longer, now just awakens every thirty years
77 Billionaire has own fake colony of replicants a cover for building private army to begin a pirate clan and destabilise the regions defences for conquest
78 Billionaire ex-king who sold home planet and took treasury leaving people destitute slaves. Lives in pleasure palace with family and lives like a god but paranoid about assassins
79 Billionare owns a feral planet of lost barbarian colonists who he likes to appear a god to. Every so often he awakens from stasis anf gives new orders then sleeps to see what will happen. Guarded war sat orbital is his base where he watches the peons beneath
80 Billionares pleasure planet welcomes visitors, taken over by android slaves who seek to spread their virused rebellion
81 Ex president exiled for corruption with elite guards and servants on palace, visitors seldom welcome
82 Cult leader with colony of crazy hippies, all drugged and fanatic, kicked offworld so took over a colony ship with followers and came here
83 Fugitive band of rebels who aid lost causes versus authorities and criminals across region
84 Ex billionare who destroyed planetary economy now hated and hunted, will pay visitors  to go away. Homeworld will be very generous if captured
85 Ex dictator saved by creditor banks, mega corps and governments given this planet. Has cloned thousands of fallen comrades the dictator betrayed after having their minds recorded. Does not want visitors meddling in god fantasy or old enemies assassinating them
86 Ex shamed celebrity caught going too far over the edge now hunted by ex fans, just wants to be alone in palace with pleasure androids guarded by killbots
87 Genius inventor discovered how to turn orbital observatories into massive orbital death rays. Self exiled as all kinds of bad people wanted the tech, would rather die than be captured by them. Trying to not develop new weapons with attractive android assistants in luxury pad
88 Android liberation front leader and brilliant cybernetics tech in hiding due to politics and terrorism. Now is a faux colony populated by androids, replicants and machines. Allied machines get inoculated against the killer virus that turns tech hostile against humans, they prefer to choose to kill humans
89 War criminal scientist of exiled here after war, lives in bunker surrounded by trenches. Surrounding that is a zone of warborgs fighting mutated locals who have regressed to autofactories making WW1 technology. Locals may try to use lost tech of colony ship but have trouble accessing. Caves underneath war zone can gain entry to bunkers but full of reject mutants and surgical freaks. Scientist sells deadly chem, gene, fusion, germ, mutant spore and nueral warheads for black market
90 Dr Langstrom, cybernetics crusader became wealthy robotics corp head and pioneered new generations of service and humanoids robots to replace humans. Fled with money, engineering ships and mega hauler loads of robots. Now building a robot colony of free willed robots, he is now a cyborg working on specialist robots and AI. Humanoid robots are most ready to rake over human roles
91 Anomalous scan reading in ultra dangerous location such as corona of sun or in volcano, some kind of ancient structure resistant to harm and dangerous to enter
92 Unidentified object moving in asteroid belt with stealth abilities not conform to any known type of ship

93 Asteroid hides a alien automaton forward observation station. Guarded by sentient psuedobiological servitor race left by aliens long ago that slumbers until sensors triggered
94 Alien signal from surface, crashed space craft, possible dangerous something remaining
95 Alien ruins studied by legitimate archaeologists hoping to learn of ancients

96 Looters or xeno culture criminals digging for alien civilization relics and enslaving their tribal descendants, possibly awaken dormant automatons
97 Wreckers send ships to crash here with bad star charts their agents sell to traders
98 Fortified bunker with marines and science corp here to study alien wreck. Operated by mega corp or powerful government. Visitors unwelcome
99 Colony of archaeologists, increasingly adopting material culture of ancient aliens who's ruins they live among
100 Alien pyramids in jungle, protected by lost colony of  hunters who hate and eat 
explorers from space. A pirate corvette has landed and crew are looting treasure and shooting locals

Thursday 21 March 2019

Broken Hill Locations for Gamma Oz

So this is a working map of adventure and interesting ruin locations to encounter besides what you could roll up yourself given the tables. Silvertown to the South the trade town will get same treatment map wise.

Local modern tourist pix

This is two reject versions of same project before i took more map oriented approach. Will recycle both of these. Will try again....

d10 Quick Location Types

1 Tourism
2 Shopping
3 Corporate
4 Science
5 Industrial
6 Faction Base
7 Monster Lair
8 Public Buildings
9 Residential
10 War

Broken Hill Locations for Gamma Oz

01 Museum of mining and minerals
02 Small art gallery
03 Sculpture garden
04 Race track
06 Tourist information centre
07 Overgrown garden
08 Football field

09 Ye olde pioneer craft shop
10 Art studios
11 Tourist merchandise and tour company
12 Large 24 hour micro mart
13 Supermarket often with d4 1=gang 2=undead 3=muties 4=robots

14 Takeaway drive through restaurant
15 Nightclub or bar venue
16 Sprawling arcade complex
17 Food court
18 Row of restaurants
19 Garage with recharge station
20 Row of specialty stores
21 Supermarket often with a gang
22 Bank building over several hundred years old
23 Broadcasting station radio or 3DTV
24 Telecom corporate building
25 Blue Steel corporation office

26 Transport company often with motor pool or garage
27 Supermarket corporation building
28 Energy corporation building
29 Chemical corporation building
30 Biotechnology building 

31* Black Lab of corporation or government with automated defenses and possible contamination. Popular with mutants and archivists and criminal gangs
32 Antenna array broadcasting short range power increasing robot population
33 Remains of lunar transmat station with space cult inside in secret seeking a trip to the moon
33* AI stronghold building following some peculiar utopia inside for inmates
34 Cyborging lab of military cult AI hidden under ruined building. Seek to take more bodies and tech scrap
35 Robot Super Store selling a popular brand of robots for house and office. Robots inside in hiding from human slavers, most virused to hate humans
36 Psionics research institute studying induced mutations and implants which eventually made it into nanite components and biotech. Dominator cult meet here to plan conquest, guarded by shoggoths and chimera
37 Android factory and command centre, 1in6 not virused to hate humans
38 Weather control bunker in ruins
39 Clone foundry crawling with strange misshapen cloned life by mad AI
40 Propaganda & Mind Control lab

41 Tool Barn retail outlet with automated warehouse worshipped by morlock staff
42 Tool Store small retail tool store run by old timers also dealing in antiques in very good condition due to robots
43 Mine structures mostly sheds with machinery and vehicles and old robots
44 Construction site semi built with solid lower floor, then with semi complete and up to skeletal condition on upper floors. Gangs have used to fight over for years some parts fortified
45 Train Station with freight and public tourist rail. Gangs occupy yards and buildings changing hands monthly
46 Industrial robotics and androids yard where machines revolted during war
47 Broadcast power array. If reactivated hundreds of robots and vehichles and vaults might awaken. Heavily guarded my robots and gangs keep explorers away
48 Vehicle yard with huge construction machines, vehicles and wrecked trains and even more ruined and rotting heaps. Scavengers look for parts here and gangs come for chance to kill a nerd
49 U
nder a ruined skyscraper under the city was a vac tube train station in the basement arcade

50 Storage cargo shipping pods in hundreds turned into a raider fort with increasing numbered of beast folk who plan to take over for Zoopremacy!
51 Trade town tax haven from Silver Town run by merchants guild
52 Tribal meeting place covered in artwork with colourful patterns and scenes of the gamma age. Shamen come here more often but big party here month
53 Feral Nu Earf Village where techno new age pagan grow food in fortified village with a armoured bus for a gate. If you give up all weapons you can enter, trade and come to their rave parties
54 Settlers Fort where allied settlers store food and hold out in bad times complete with a semi functional bunker underneath
55 Cult of the Atom church of ancients doomsday weapons and the benefits of mutagen exposure. Cathedral shrouded in fog in Rad Pits, many green skinned, hairless, potbellied and wrinkly humanoids in catacombs
56 Scavengers Bar a fortified trade post where scavs, explorers, mercenaries, bounty hunters and gangs visit

57 The Great Library, a stronghold of ancient knowledge and tech guided by a friendly AI, slowly become more of a cult who want top lock relics up. Most don't notice the rot 
58 Sharks Lair, a criminal gang who fight and lend money and muscle. Wear leather, grease and sing numbers during fisghts
59 Plague Temple inhabited by mutant flagellant monks immune to some diseases except for scarification effects. Some under their robes are rat folk spreading disease
60 The Great Council where a part lord united many tribes and cult lraders met long ago in the bad years. Chaos destroyed the band of brotherhood
61 Graveyard or basement where undead lurk by day
62 Huge lair of giant dangerous monster
63 Macrobe Colony covered in macroscopic bacteria and life
64 Green zone with thick vegetation for predators and often hostile plant life
65 Sinkhole, cave or collapsed basement lair of some family of creatures
66 Fortified ruin with beast folk tribals
66 Building overgrown with living protoplasm with tentacles
67 Radioactive and toxic waste dump, contaminated lair
68 Secret bunker full of mutants
69 AI in area assists creature in it's lair
70 Creature has dug a tunnel lair going into the earth

71 Library or museum of local and mining history for tourism battled over by cults as sacred place
72 Regional art gallery sealed by AI
73 Broken Hill Genetic Zoological park, dinosaurs and monsters made here
74 Bob Hawk underground space port, crawling with tech cults and science fans

75 Post office tower, home of major raider gang of the month
76 Police Lock up with desc, cells and detectives upstairs and a motor pool, Many have a evidence locker or cells in basement
77 Fire Department often contaminated from disaster work during war which might keep it unlooted
78 Hospital complex d4 1=undead 2==healers clinic 3=robots 4=cyborgs
79 Town Hall building often late 19th century decorated with columns in some cases. Many end up occupied by a cult or gang. Used by unions, masons, 
80 Church building often occupied by cults
81 Common ruined house
82 Town house complex
83 Apartment complex

84 Motor inn
85 Old fashioned pub hotel
86 Fancy hotel
87 VIP apartment
88 Settlers compound with gardens
89 Private modern house
90 Private vintage stone house 

91 Land mine field
92 Nano swarm weapon
93 Mind control weapon
94 Unexploded war head
95 Radio active bog desirable to mutants
96 Robot awakens reprogrammed for war by virus
97 Gangs fighting, minds replaced with opposing side propaganda mind control weapon, reliving ancient war with mind hack antipathic reflex to a faction of great war

98 Ruined trenches, sandbags and barbed wire
99 War memorial with statues
100 Remains of wrecked military war machines or installation

Broken Hill Locations for Gamma Oz
Older version I did before anything else and long before map done.....

d10 Broken Hill
1 Residential
2 Tourist
3 Mining and industrial
4 Merchant
5 Government
6 Significant ruin
7 Church and schools
8 Gang headquarters
9 Monster lairs
10 Bunkers

d100 Broken Hill
01 Caravan camp where larger traders camp if they have their own guards
02 Nomad tent town where several travelling clans come together to trade
03 Settler shacks where new settles moving in starting mixed business and farming
04 Managers house an upper class fenced house with guards where wealthy company bosses 
05 Station House admin buildings of the railway station has become ocupied by feral gangs
06 Fortified house built up to be reinforced with a watch tower by a gang or several families
07 Wooden stockade simple stockade where a gang or family live
08 Walled compound where some tribe or faction or family live
09 Farmers house where common farmers live
10 Mutant slum where poor degenerate mutants live
11 Visitors centre welcome station for visitors that sells drinks and maps and souvenirs
12 Aquatics centre  once a swimming pool now a fish farm
13 Sculpture park a large outdoor area with large scale artworks often built from vehicles or from rock
14 Regional art gallery  large gallery of regional and national and local art guarded by killer robots
15 Artist studio and gallery where a artisan works and sells are often with a few friends about
16 Motel one of many non gang affiliated motels where visitors stay
17 Palace hotel mostly caters to well of humans visiting town
18 Royal Exchange hotel  one of two biggest hotels with staff and even some robots left
19 Boarding house one of many cheap boarding houses many cater for specific groups and are often run by old women
20 Barracks militia or mercenary run hotel often with armoury and parade ground
21 Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum
22 Solar farm a solar farm that powers most of the farm. Has guards and workers constantly working on
23 Miners memorial a huge public artwork to the mining ancestors
24 Mining company office office of one of many mining companies in the area many that buy slaves
25 Mining company store where goods are sold using the company currency
26 Mining cottages are rows of mining family housing
27 Silver City Mint former silver mint now tourist attraction and town museum
28 Historic rail museum a tourist museum with old time train displays with androids and robots
29 Perilya mine entrance one of several entrances into this mine complex in the town
30 Excavation site one of many areas and buildings dug up by looters 
31 Trade Hall where tradesmen and craftsmen meet to set prices and licences and auspice over apprentice ships
32 Radio Station there are a dozen of these allied to various factions and musical taste
33 TV station which broadcasts official city news
34 Sunday Market Park former park now where markets are set up daily with sunday the biggest day
35 Diner one of many theme restaurants with own favorite clientele
36 Westside plaza shopping complex full of smaller and several large stores. Full of gangs and some remaining synthetics and loot
37 YMCA ruined gymnasium and hotel complex with some automatons and a gang cult left
38 White rock historical sight a popular tourist site, white stone outcrops and model of icream cart of WW1 Era Turkish sympathizers had gun battle with police 
39 RSL Hall where retired servicemen would drink and play bingo
40 Far western health service ruined medical complex with synthetic staff on lock down
41 Court house where various criminals are taken to be lynched
42 Police station mostly sealed and intact with synthetic law offers inside 
43 Townhall  where various not glamorous city jobs based
44 Post office  where freight and courier services are based
45 Bus depot large shed complex with luxury hover coach bus wrecks
46 Airport  former airstrip with hangers and wrecked vehicles contested over by gangs
47 Railway station once ancient train station location now used by merchant caravans as well as vagrants and squatters in run down areas
48 Royal flying doctors emergency flight based medical service with sealed air car bay
49 Base Hospital Largest operating hospital in the region that teachers most of the local healers
50 City Council City mayors office in fortified old building defended by the militia
51 Holographic Adventure Park 
AI theme park where guests battle androids on a reality tv show ongoing since the apocalypse

52 Racecourse where all kinds of animals and creatures race on a weekly schedule that attract travelers 
53 Intercontinental vactube train terminal Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Canberra routes by huge once vacuum tunnels for supersonic maglev trains. Now just ruined megastructures but often attracts inhabitants
54 Bob Hawke Spaceport automated on security lockdown but has two shuttle bays and one functional ship that is programmed to reach a orbital 
55 Dinosaur Park resort of the ancients that bred the dinosaurs inhabiting the region
56 Pyramid of the toad men built from rubble by toad folkslaves to show the glory of toad religion. They regard it as holy
57 Queens Park Outdoor Cinema popular camping gathering place that shows films at night
58 Recycling depot where machines are fed raw materials and produce refined materials 
59 Correction Facility one of several micro prisons operated by factions or even the old automated corrections service synthetics
60 Queens Theatre a theater community put on various events and plays, travelling performers rent the location and it is popular with the better offs people
61 Cult Chapter House cult building of one of many secret societies and cryptic alliancs
62 Synagogue of Science cult that praise technology or science
63 Cathedral of the Apocalypse cult that praise the apocalypse and destruction of the old world
64 Tabernacle of the Atom cult that worships radiation and mutation
65 Afghan mosque a very old holy place of the afghan camel trains
66 School of the air which broadcast educational programs over wide region
67 Primary school where younger children went to school
High school where older children once went to school

69 Technical College where crafts and trades taught bu tech cult
70 Broken Hill University Ag Research a place of leaning and farm research
71 Militia post where forces of town hall watch dangerous areas of the ruined city

72 Criminal gang camp mostly d6 1=bandits 2=smugglers 3=drug 4=dealers 5=slaver 6=extortionists
73 Goanna, Kangaroo or Emu gang camp camped for seasonal get togethers with other allied clans
74 Canetoad gang camp pretending to be mercs and laborers and not serving their home nation in secret
75 Cannibal gang camp hated man eating tribes hated by everyone
76 Wasteland bandit gang camp come to town for kicks and killing most don't live long
77 Desert nomad camp where tribe gather while searching area for loot or food or trade
78 Feral gang camp where youthful gang of feral furies scouts and camps
79 Chaos mutant gang looking for victims and holding own terf
80 Purist camp where aniti mutant pro human religious fanatics camp
81 Gammadragon pit where a great kaiju dwells in its contaminated pit
82 Warborg or combat robot patrol area which is mostly hostile to all in it's patrol route
83 Android base where scout patrol of androids are spying on humans
84 Mutant animals lair where clan of beasts will defend as their own area
85 Shoggoth lair mostly a pit or a covered ruin the shambling thing shelters in to eat
86 Undead lair often on site of a graveyard, funeral service or medical centre
87 Beastmen base where animal hybrid tribe lives often in a stockade or ruin
88 Predatory mutant lair where something savage lives alone or in a pack
89 Killer plants or fungus beds where prey must travel through to get water or cross area
90 Burrow complex of mutant life usually in a hollowed out hill riddled with tunnels
91 Exterminator android bunker where anti human synthetics await the order to exterminate humanoids and life
92 Artist colony bunker where artists work in often small and run down but good conditions usually under the dogmatic command and taste of the leader

93 Undead bunker full of treasure where occupants killed by hostile nanite organisms
94 Mutant filled bunker often with contaminated or fouled life support systems
95 Robot and AI bunker with non hostile synthetics d6 1=dark secret 2=human pets in habitat 3=machine ecology 4=ignorant isolated humans 5=mental hospital 6=military

96 Survivalist gang bunker used as a fort by aggressive warlike band, mostly rusted out old hulks with armed clans camped in ancestral ruins
97 Outlaw gang bunker used as a base mostly ruined and crawling with vermin and criminals
98 Supremacist bunker where a gang of purist fanatics have advanced ancient tech
99 Forgotten bunker long hidden and in decline. Inhabitants are run down, degenerate and wary of outsiders
100 Hidden utopia bunker of advanced peoples with AI and synthetics living in secret and in hiding from surface

White Rock memorial to only WW1 deaths on Australian soil