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Mechabeast Cyber Safari

Mechabeast Cyber Safari
This is a ecology of teraforming von numan machines and nanoids gone wrong. Covers area size of a state and nuking them only encouraged it to mutate faster. Giving it garbage has slowed its growth, but it sends rockets to space occasionally. Metallic paved wasteland with jungles of solar collector and wind farm trees. Canyons of empty apartments and skyscrapers with pipelines of fuel, gas and lubricant attract many species of mecha beast. Mad man made scavengers have developed ecology of cannibalizing grazers that process waste into useful materials to build their young. Predators attack the pipeline and garbage feeders, too lazy to produce own materials. They cannibalize other mecha beast, draining their coolants, lubricants and fuel first then strip parts for building their young. Mecha animal ecology and species comparable to aftica ungle and savanna. Some savage humans live among them trying to grow food or are cannibals. Tribes of robot ape hunter warriors hunt larger migrating beasts.

A version on Venus has stubby dinosaur like ecology and the ones on mars more elegant and sculpted designed for low energy environment. These versions have since appeared on earth.

d8 Size (Tech hardpoints)
1 Bug or mouse sized (0)
2 Cat, rabbit or small dog sized (1)
3 Large to medium dog or deer size (1)
4 Man sized medium (2)
5 Large horse, bear or cow (3)
6 Hippo, elephant or rhino (4)
7 Sauropod dinosaur (6)
8 Blue Whale or Kaiju (12)

d20 Herbivore Powers
1 Long range radar
2 Stealth fields and casing
3 Chaff dispenser anti radar or laser or missile
4 Caltrop dropper
5 Mine dropper
6 Oil Slick
7 Burning oil slick
8 Corrosive Cloud
9 Explosive Backblast
10 Horns
11 Weapon Tail
12 Telescopic neck or legs
13 Sonar and ultrahearing
14 Sub audio communications
15 Spiked skin
16 EMP suicide bomb
17 Micropile suicide bomb
18 Chameleon skin
19 Long range rocket launchers
20 Flechette grenades on hull

d12 Herbivore Types
1 Swimmer amphibian or faster if dedicated (hippo, fish, seacow, whale)
2 Bipedal or wheeled herd runner (deer, kangaroo)
3 Fast quadruped or wheeled herd runner (deer, kangaroo)
4 Burrowing for natural resources or parts (mole, armadillo)
5 Plodding Grazer/recyclers (cow, sauropod)
6 Variable grazer (bear or ape)
7 Baloon Floater taps pipelines (jellyfish)
8 Winged grazer (seed eating birds)
9 Triphibian grazer can fly swim and run (wetland birds)
10 Sloth or koala like climbing grazer
11 Filter feeder - sucks up nanites or cyberbugs
12 Crawler with tank tracks, possibly articulated

d20 Carnivore Powers
Most come with power jaws and claws
1 Long range radar
2 Stealth fields and casing
3 Laser range finder and spectrograph to scan exhaust fumes and target
4 Minigun for attacks or anti missile defence
5 Laser for attacks or anti missile defence
6 Micro-missile pod for short range large area
7 Flamer
8 Chainsaw or drill limb or tail
9 Net or bola gun
10 Horns
11 Cannon slow but hard hitting and good range
12 Transform to second type flyer or swimmer or disguise herbivore
13 Sonar and ultrahearing
14 EMP cyber stunner
15 Spiked skin
16 Hypodermic probe for parasitic stealing systems fluids
17 Magnetic harpoon gun with line
18 Holographic field for disguise
19 Magnetic clamps to hang onto prey
20 Afterburner rocket for speed boost or leaps

d12 Carnivore Types
1 Stalker runner (cheetah)
2 Stealth ambush (Tiger or panther)
3 Scavenger (hyena)
4 Burrowing ambush (badger, trapdoor spider)
5 Parasitic
6 Flying scavenger (vulture)
7 Flying hunter (eagle, owl)
8 Pack team or swarm (lions, wolves)
9 Amphibian, faster if dedicated to water (dolphin, crock, shark)
10 Crawler (snake)
11 Triphibian (sea eagle, heron)
12 Tribal hunter gatherers (hominid apes)


note - usable in any SF high tech setting
was second part of  my santicore entry
could be used with last post on Thetans

Afrofunk Gonzo Monsters: Thetans for Santicore
so much good sf ideas here a sf campaign tempting for later in year
will do metropolis for a few adventures and visit to planet Leng or Saturn to meet Tsathogua's uncle
still wondering if will use brp or dnd for my sf

I'm in this book pg 117 - free download of oldschool gaming goodness
I will re present here because i can fix some typos and missing letters which are my dyslexia and my sticky keyboard - i will edit here a few times and send in for update edition

could be used for psychon or superheroes or somewhere - this is part one

This is my secret santicore entry. Request was to make monsters for RPG in a Afrocentric gonzo science fantasy setting where funk is the great power in the universe. I'm trying to just exploit 70s fashion and pop music and am honestly not trying to be racist. I guess many games and SF and Fantasy products can be dodgy. I hope Im not but I am just a dumb honkey cracker male and cant help but exploit all I gaze on. I have been hassled by anti Asians all my life even though Im Welsh-Estonian-Australian so i learned to throw rocks at racists on my first day at school. Anyway Afro-gonzo future freaky monsters here we come. I apologize to Scientology fanboys whose faith I have mocked here (nah not really).

Thetans are a race of humanoids from a primordial intergalactic federation founded through peace, wisdom and use of mysterious power called funk. Resembling African descent humans but with two large toes with large nails which the hide when away from home and they avoid exposing their sensitive eyes. In the early years of the universe their great, kindly and wise Emperor Xenu sent harmonic funk vibes through the universe and guided evolution throughout the universe. A sect of power mad radicals broke the cosmic peace and developed negative antifunk powers that shrivelled the souls of innocents. They broke the peace of Xenu, escaped and developed albino clones to spread chaos everywhere let by the evil psi-warlock Elron.

Some Thetans have come to earth to help guide its troubled funk and some thetans voted to see Earth demolished. Dedicated Thetan heroes have come to earth through history to save it from Elron's taint. Thetans use their powers to appear as other creatures or giants which sometimes suits their purpose to be thought of a monster rather than a Thetan alien.

Thetan space groove-rider jumpsuits are adorned with fabulous heraldry and accessories humans mistake for fashion. They are advanced life support suits that prevent total death, comunicators and can be dusguised as street wear. Thetans consider music the universal artform and Earths enlightened musicians where the reason Earth was not destroyed. They most often travel in flying saucers but some don't even need them.

Evil Thetans and their Bright rebel Emperor Elron use machines and their albino clone troops that are unreadable to thetan mental disciplines. Most were killed during the fall of the old Empire but sent eminations to infect other life forms when destroyed. Sme of these emenations came to dwell in humans and spread lies about kindly Xenu. Good Thetans try their best to not kill. Different orders have different hairstyles but most have a halo of hair earthmen call Afros. Cutting their hair temporarily removes their powers for 1d10 minutes and makes them very mad. Bald ones are order of lawmakers and always angry.

Mostly their attributes resemble humans with the adition of 1d3 or 1d4 or 1d6 or more of these powers. Healing is replaced by vampirism for evil Thetans.

1d20 Thetan Powers
1 Read Mind - read surface thoughts of all in sight
2 Tounges - speak any language any living being
3 Telepathy - talk without speech any living being
4 Telikinesis - typically 50 kilos in sight can slowly levitate other things
5 Levetation - can float and slowly ascend or descend at walking speed
6 Flight - at running speed but cannot hover or go slower
7 Sight - can remote view up to 100 meters some can view other planets or galaxies
8 Shrink - to 2.5cm/1Inch, some shrink through atoms to other universes
9 Giant - typically up to 6m/20f, some are titanic
10 Teleport - in sight range
11 Hold Mind - can induce temporary paralysis on sight but victims may resist
12 Shapeshifting - can adopt animal attacks (d6/d6/d8), dont change size or mass
13 Impervious - has extraordinary resilience, unharmed by most melee and less than heavy pistols
14 Anatomical separation - can remove and reattach body parts, leave eye as a spy
15 Regeneration - recover 1hp per round
16 Psychometry - can read history of dramatic events left in objects and places
17 Precognition - never surprised, know what coming minutes away, masters have greater range
18 Astral Travel - spirit leaves body and can dimly perceive word, walk speed global range
19 Living Weapon - superior martial arts, extra attacks or can shatter wood and steel if focus
20 Healing (Vampirism) can give HP to others (drain others HP to heal self 1hp/round)

d12 Base Colours Thetan Jumpuits

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon)
2 Magenta (rose, pink)
3 Cyan (sky, light blue)
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine)
5 Yellow (gold)
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze)
7 Emerald (olive, forest)
8 Green (lime, light green)
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender)
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy)
11 Ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver) or roll 1d10 twice
12 Jet (grey, steel) or roll 1d10 1d4+1 times

d12 Pattern and texture (1d6 times)
1 Polkadot +1 colour
2 Stripe +1 colour
3 Animal spots +1 colour
4 Animal stripes +1 colour
5 Shiny metallic chrome
6 Metallic studded
7 Stars +1 colour
8 Triangles +1 colour
9 Leather
10 Hologram
11 Moving Images
12 Chains on leather

All Thetans have 1d3 of these
All have basic sunglasses

d12 Awesome Accessories
(only work for Thetans)
1 Superior Shades - HUD display access to galactic encyclopedia of data, sense energy fields
2 Boom Box - from pocket walkman with headphones to huge models carried on your shouder. Play music and make sonic stun or damaging attacks. Big ones are area of effect and longer range.
3 Power Chain - against restraint and violence but that's what its for, often belt, jewellery or part of costume. Amplifies unarmed damage or living weapon power. Unbreakable single giant molecule the bigger the chain the more power. Crome, steel, silber,bronze or gold. Others (many evil Thetans) prefer just brutal or weapon like nunchucks, three piece rod
4 Liquid hologram aerosol - makes 2d6 2D illusions, camouflage, invilibility or instant monitor screen
5 Musical Instrument - some have additional powers. Air guitars, crystal keytars, holo drum kit, etc
6 Boots - walk up and clings at will to any surface
7 Gloves - increase strength to beyond human and hand amour
8 Cape - always fall gently without harm from any falls
9 Belt - contains power supply, lights, micro drone bombs, message missile, mono filament spinneret, recreational pills, monofilament atomic match (cutting, welding, fire starting tool)
10 Hat - Shields from mental attacks, detection or mind reading
11 Power Rings - 1d6 various powers, some have many or several fused into a knuckleduster with sigils
12 Micro saucer - with AI friend, hides in subspace till summoned, 1d6 person capacity only

Wednesday 26 February 2014

50 Year Bloghop Moratorium & Why I Like Oldschool

Wonderfully the OSR isnt really just TSR DnD - There is nostalgia for that stuff but if you look at what white dwarf did in first 80 issues and Judges Guild I think you get a better idea of the feverish imaginations that were in play then. Was more of Appendix N mentality. Also the gods removed from Deities and Demigods are exactly the fantasy I emulate.  Not just nostalgia for old DnD TSR but the kids of retro weird fantasy we see hints of. A literary revival of 20s-30s deco weird fantasy is going on also as these books like Clark Ashton Smith and HPL are being printed as Classics and thus have become works of literature.

The other thing about OSR is preference for older simpler rules to accompany this Baroque weird fantasy. It draws more from Weird Tales and the Moorcock type rebellions against third rate clone Conans that flooded fantasy in between.

More Adult content, more creepy, more strange. In TSR DND products stated they were against Drugs yet wizards smoke pipes (?), adventurers are alcoholic murder hobos. Once you try a Potion of Superheroism you want more. I heard of player that refused to leave castle without a gaseous form potion and had let a whole party die saving himself. Must get more healing potions. Strength potions. One makes you big one makes you  small (go ask Alice). Sounds like a game of hardcore drug abuse and the kind of gamers I like dont hide this kind of subtext that appears ye olde DND and in literature of the weird. They push this stuff in a way not really explored in official products, especially not weird. At least Venger Satanis, Raggi and many other dont shy from this stuff. I think Gygax had hints of that stuff that faded as Dragon Lance and being Kid safe compromised this. I thought the Drow Vampire with Succubus girls was kinda hot when I was a teen reading the Decent series, descriptions of Drow art and Hints of their blasphemous perverted drug guzzling art in the Descent series of modules. Big money and aiming at big markets changed Games Workshop and TSR. Improved production quality and design and took away the crazy semi amateur zine and more adult feel away from these companies.

Just my view of what I like anyhow. Inspired by This.
Cry all you like Newschool but we have the drivers seat now. Put Cthulhu back in your books, it's too little too late of right stuff and too little of the wrong stuff that distracts from this ethos. My gameshop has a oldschool section that is growing faster than any other. I feel like more of a participant a way that Big game companies and video game companies can't make me feel.

For the record my tast in books has not many past WW2 books and my music tastes are pre 97 and mostly nowdays 60's and 70s exploitation sound tracks so yer I am a bearded old weirdo officially.

By the way I miss original Ideas that Blog Hops followed by blog hops was wrought on the blogosphere and conclude it produces less creative writing and diminishes us all.

Please Remember:
Don't do for 50 years again, make some sort of convention and star chamber
Realms of Chirak
  doing a article a month on his SF universe brilliant, more like this
Shared dungeons, or everyone make an Island, or everyone write a room and an encounter in a sewer
Waxing lyrical over product nostlagia is nice but has flooded and ruined several sites I followed

As the weird go pro and we all self publish dont stop sharing. I have seen so many sub cultures go through this process and people become secretive, isolated and whinge about each other and I rather that not happen. Free zines and mags out there better than most oldschool ones and not just advertising compilations with nice art.

d100 Strange Things in the Graveyard

Ok so I'm back from blog suicide and doing stuff for DnD again. Party of bastards are pretty rotten and I hope to have them in graveyards. Want to start using my Gothic zone book draft and start on my goblin mines volume. This will be developed here of course. As my work has dropped, my health good and I can cook safely so I'm putting on food again which might have my player Matt back so four players is good to have again. 

Made a FB page for fans of this page and to communicate with players of my games especially what we will be eating. I wanna try get players into eating less crap and live longer. I dont want to get enough XPs to become a 1st level diabetic. We have a 2nd lv in club and he brings healthier snacks which I admire. Discovered all brands of frozen berries in stores here from Latin America and have DDT and other crap banned in Australia so that's one healthy snack im gonna drop.

I got gangbusters set which i want to try two opposing teams in trouble brewing campaign setting. Best crime income rules ever. Have a 70s purple dnd set and worlds of wonder set to get next and Ronnie book gentleman's relish (vintage smut).

I started some tables on thresholds and stairs but were pretty uninspiring. Will print a draft of my Gothic tables for use (one reader already compiled own version of my tables and some translated into German). Being workless but healthy giving me time to chill and make art and zines again. Will set up my design PC soon too.

also im in this volume of secret santicore page 117 - apologies for all my typos from sticky keyboard and thank you to everyone on board

So back to my to do list....

This can be rolled for any graveyards from necropolis to country church.
A few rolls will make any graveyard more memorable or interesting.
Some things revealed by locals and might be just local gossip.

d100 Strange Things in the Graveyard
01 A statue of a crying angel, tears of blood may be seen some nights when evil afoot
02 Sounds of rattling bones are heard from underground at night
03 Occasionally graves are found opened and defiled with corpses half eaten
04 Occasionally graves are found burst open from the inside
05 Robbers come here to steal corpses and grave goods leaving a horrid mess
06 Locals remark someone leaves fresh flowers every night but are never seen
07 The ground is filled with chunks of old bone fragments making the soil partly white
08 Ravens gather around visitors cawing, sometimes they seem to say your name
09 When it rains or is damp or before dawn, thousands of worms crawl to surface
10 Something in graveyard howls at full moon, locals lock their doors and stay in
11 Hear scratching and scuttling noises from underground
12 Strange lights seen at night dancing around graveyard
13 Ever since hidden treasure stash found in yard, looters have been drawn here
14 Dead half eaten corpses of robbers have been found here
15 Older graves with strange ancient markings have been found when digging new ones
16 An ancient monolith in the yard from some lost civilization
17 A huge oak tree in the yard bleeds if cut and locals leave alone
18 A dog sits on the grave of it's master wasting away
19 A ghost dog is seen occasionally on a old grave at night
20 Sobbing is heard in the yard but no source is ever seen
21 A necromancer and his students come here to steal bodies but nobody sees them
22 If you pour blood on the right grave a devil appears to trade your soul for gold
23 Some of the small animals seen by night are witch familiars
24 If you leave a coin on crypt of miser Kelly by night, a bony hand reaches out to snatch it
25 A black goat is seen in yard at night, those who chase it are wounded in nasty falls
26 Long ago a necromancer came and took the dead, his footprints can still be seen
27 A rich man buried was taken by a devil, a hoof print is on his sarcophagi lid
28 Youths coming to fool around in yard are attacked by angry hungry dead
29 Many graves encased in iron bars to prevent robbers or necromancers
30 Unmarked graves outside of sanctified yard have been disturbed of late
31 Graffiti in lost script of the necromancer kings of old appears on walls and gates
32 Someone has stolen heads off many statues and a reward is on offer
33 A toothless old crone sells flowers by the gate as long as anyone remembers
34 A witch flies in from south to steal corpses for stews since yard founded
35 A cannibal sect in area defile graves on monthly basis
36 Locals suspicious of strangers interests in the yard and spy on them constantly
37 A huge cat roams the yard chasing children away who play near walls
38 A silent monk spectre stands by the the gate some evenings as if awaiting someone
39 Some force in the yard blows out candles, lanterns and other light sources
40 Once a statue came to life and killed four grave robbers
41 Strange fluid bubbles up from one of the graves
42 A revenant dwells in the yard who seeks his murderer, but any in yard at night will do
43 Some say there are coded scripts on the headstones leading to a lost treasure
44 A vampire was once active in the area but it sleeps mostly now
45 Witches scour the soil for bits of bone to cast spells and make charms
46 A coven meet near the yard to call out spirits by night
47 A strange visitor at local inn at night is seen shouting and cracking a whip
48 A strange visitor at local inn at night comes to call spirits in his search for treasure
49 If you slip a coin in the charity box by the gate evil in the yard by night will avoid you
50 A warrior ghost in the yard appears to challenge any who draw their sword on his grave
51 Mandrake grows outside the yard on the graves of executed, magicians come to gather it
52 A man ate odd mushrooms in the yard and could hear and see angry dread spirits
53 A tomb was opened once for repairs and hundreds of bugs and lizards swarmed out
54 A family keep trying to move their dead kinsman executed for crimes into the yard
55 If you sleep on grave of widow Zatara, you will have forbidden erotic dreams
56 Strange gurgling noises are head day and night by many witnesses
57 Pools of water in the yard sometimes are seen dimly glowing in dark
58 Some say a holy saint relic was interred here to protect it from a tyrant
59 Ghastly smelling holes are sometimes found in the yard and are promptly buried
60 If you hear a ghastly scream in the night run as fast as you can
61 A jackal has been seen in the yard and watches visitors curiously
62 A group of owls meet here hooting to another as if debating something
63 Half chewed rats are found around the yard and cats never enter at night
64 If you bring a dog here it will not enter and will howl in terror
65 Some graves have unnatural deposits of frost in the morning
66 If you cook bacon near graveyard some of the dead will cry out for some
67 Death head moths are common in yard, sometimes swarming around a grave
68 Patches of dead grass like footprints are found some mornings
69 Eggs brought into yard all go off, birds never nest here
70 Snakes are common in the yard, some seen dozens pour from crack in a crypt
71 Some of the rats in the yard are actually undead, several have been badly bitten
72 Speaking ill of the dead here attracts a plague spirit
73 Somewhere in the yard is a secret keyhole which opens a door to hidden tunnels
74 Attractive men in the yard sometimes feel as though being touched by spectral hands
75 A spirit in the yard sometimes blows wind up skirts of ladies but never at funerals
76 A skeleton arises and collects all the dead flowers and burns them once a month
77 A gore covered weasel has been seen crawling through cracks in crypts
78 A rat has been seen carrying copper pieces, he must have quire a stash by now
79 A few months ago a drunk saw a grave burst open and a giant moth crawl from a corpse
80 Maggots have been seen swarming with purpose and a strange robed man with them
81 Ghostly monks chanting are seen whenever a new king crowned and other occasions
82 Ghostly candles appear on some family crypts when a family member is about to die
83 If you give a coin to toad in the yard you will have wonderful night of lovemaking
84 Any child conceived in the yard is pale, cold and quiet and will be a necromancer
85 Anyone who climbs the walls at night will be struck sterile by guardian spirit
86 The walls were built to keep dead in not living out
87 Walls predate modern yard, an ancient ruin was said to lie here, stones were re-used
88 A grave robber was found dead at the gates with his skull crushed by a stone
89 If a girl dances on the grave of Sedraz Manrad, his ghost will give her a copper
90 Women entering the yard must cover their hair or the dead will be tempted by them
91 A man who tried to use yard as a toilet had a skeletal hand tear off his manhood
92 Local children enjoyed company of a strange friend near here, now they are forbidden
93 An ancient rock or hill is said to be doorway to elfland where ancient dead live as elves
94 A local gypsy woman may speak with dead for gold but priest does not approve
95 An old grave keeper used to whittle wooden toys and sometimes children find new ones
96 A great poet buried here attracts pilgrims but his angry ghost chased bad poets away
97 A section of the yard is older than the village and headstones in a strange language
98 An artist came here to take rubbings of historic graves and died yet people still see him
99 A creepy old man offers strangers a drink but he is the ghost of a poisoner
100 One of the crypts is a gate to the underworld and dancing dead are seen emerging

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Exile Log: Escape another Dungeon

So our wicked uppity halfling and dread dandy dark elf were outraged the Druid decided to leave them and they turned on him, shooting him twice and the halfling impaling his wolf on a trident. A follower struck the falcon and stomped it to feathered mush.

That will learn him! Calling us douche bags, how Dare he!

The donkey brayed but shut up quick when the party stared at it with dripping weapons. Looked about the corpse filled fungi gardens for where to go next. Both thrown in dungeon as sport for crowds outside watching them.

Of course dawdling and fighting allowed the gnoll scout and hyena to return with six friends. A trumpet sounded from nowhere and a flash appeared. The Dungeon lords watching via magic had teleported in two more bastards to join the bastards.

They agreed to fight together (but bickered a bit as evil people do when they meet)

Party now includes:

Lirclark the Cleric of Choas, hideously ugly and friendless, from a long line of ugly priests and priestesses from Shadelports Chaos Temple. Is more into elementals than undead and uses a sword. Sent down here for some offence against the city. Adopted the Druids frogboy because nobody loves him either.

Kalinatha the Necromancer from the Empire, driven out for practicing dark arts and come to the Island for Necromantic secrets. Thrown in dungeon games for passport "error". Has a assistant and a moronic thug waiting on surface.

Asper Cumberbitch a nasty halfling with a demonic tatoo a cult need to open a gate under the Devil hills, whos parents both vanished protecting him. Has not been bothered since his face change. Has a pet crow man named Dreadmore. Left a servant back in froghop village.

Mr Fancypants, a dark elf who left home when girl rejected him (a lot more serious where he comes from) so happy to come to surface with nasty hobbit. Has a pet riding spider and barbarian girl follower, both cursed by a trap to be kinda useless in a fight.

As lines of fighters clashed Kalintha called undead from under the fungal slime behind the gnolls sandwiching them.The necromancer let her familiar cast for her while firing her repeating crossbow and the elf fired his bow, both experts at firing into melee. Spider took many bad blows poor beast and halfling took a few hits. The priest cast a defencive spell, making him almost unhitable but took a bad cut too but the gnolls were crushed by zombies. Nora was unconscious and priest healed her, and elf gave her some healing berries.Poor spider put on donkeys back with loot and elf saved him by force feeding him a healing berry, a risky move on an unconscious being.

The new pals bonded by battle looted the corpses and Kalinatha took a head to dissect later. They crossed the hall of shrooms to opposite walls with a dozen doors and three passages. Halfling went up to one at random and looked. Knocked and head shuffling sound inside. Necromancer noted that the steel door lock was only visable on this side of the door. Halfling touched it and a grey ray zapped several party members with a slow ray that got the Priest. Wary of bashing doors down they found an unlocked one with dungeon building supplies and furnature in kit form from the Shadel Port dungeon furnishing company. Mr fancypants cursed their name. A pair of gnolls spotted them and fled so the lads thought better get a move on. One door looked at had magical writing and priest determined it was a teleportal, best left alone.

Looked down corridor and went down it. Saw a raised portcullis gate into a room with a wooden fortified shack with arrow slits catching the room and any who passed doorway. Squabbled a bit but priest knowing he was still hard to hurt went in and halfling not to be outdone by a giant went in too. Gate slammed trapping them inside, Nora tried to lift gate while orcs in the shack shot the intruders within the threshold.

Pounded at the shack door and busted it and halfling took front with priest on top. Nora lifted gate and necromancer went to lookout for gnolls while fancy pants went to store room for a table leg to hold open gate as poor Nora was struggling. Halfling took some hits and an orc died. A orc shot Nora while holding the gate. Mr Fancypants was on way back when Gnolls barking poured down corridoor and Necromancer held them with Zombies called up from the rotten corpse filled ground. Zombies fell so Necromancer got familiar raven to call more while she fired her crossbow. These zombies did very well, killing two gnolls. Party all poured into room and poor Nora dropped gate. Killed the orcs and went into hut except the priest who augmented his dexterity to superhuman with a spell and hid near the gate out of sight. Gnolls having killed the zombies, lifted the gate taking arrows and having hands bashed by priest. Several gnolls went for priest and rest attacked the hut. Many hurt by arrows and bolts. Elf held the door while halfling jabbed through gap with trident. Gnolls around hut realized they were trapped with party and tried to pul back but killed. Two battering priest were killed from behind by elf and halfling. Party all battered and decided to just get out and ignore rooms. Raced down passages and nearly at exit indicated by signs and heard teleporter at work around corner.

The cheating dungeon lords teleported in front of exit eight hobgoblins and the notorious smuggler Black Dougal. Elf took lead with priest to hold in passage while halfling used rocks and trident from behind. Necromancer fired over the front hobgoblins heads and quickly whittled through them thanks to the position party had and killed black Dougal and kept hacking till he was a mess. Kalinatha took the head for her collection and party went out gate down a passage out into the sun to awaiting cheering crowds. Each gifted a silver chain, freedom and new passports.

Went to stay in redlight district in good inn. Chaos priest and Necromancer stayed in Temple for free, Loot was divided and group rested, healed and trained up to third level. Over the week Kalinatha read the forbidden necromancer scroll from the past that party stole from Devil hill magic school. Learned to give his undead an extra HP and developed a third eye. Boght a circlet with a crystal to cover it so not declared a mutant Eye could see in the dark. The elf partied with some cool bastards he met in pub but got in a fight later to discover they were assassins who now hate him. Halfling invited to orgy and during ritual orgy a fleshy tentacle breasted demon appeared and joined in, but halfling kept away. He managed to cope with mind bending horror of what he witnessed and chalked it up to experience. Went to see if wizard house they raided last week available to squat but secret police there having heard about them murdering a city citizen during their interrogation.

Party agree to return to Devil hills for another trek into the deeps.

Im hoping to have game take a more horror tone in future as they are a bunch of cursed hated bastards.

Decopunk Metropolis Encounters part 3: Dreamlands Babylon

Made a FB page for my regular gamers, game rants, promos reviews of nerd stuff and to discuss things i do here - send me a request and ill put you in group - your welcome to browse any case

Ok so here is final part of my Metropolis series and a bit of an into to my Mesopotamian gaming. I always wanted to do a book like a 3rd ed GURPS history sourcebook or BRP iceland or Rome for this setting. I will run some this year. Possibly not writing about DnD is blog Suicide but im going from 3 DnD based games to one by running BRP/Cthulhu/RQ and Marvel. I will get my DnD fantasy stuff going again and finish my Gothic series and start on probably the goblin mine zone. Need to get my home rules finished and do some more art.

I will compile and upgrade all this into single book and include the novel by Thea Von Harbau with expanded location descriptions. Im pretty happy with the vibe I have so far. So here is some stuff on Babylon Dreamlands in Cthulhu Metropolis. I might make up some money for it. Heroditus worth mentioning too. Some of his data seems spot on other facts have no evidence but were subjects for Victorian paintings.

In the film New Babylon is the central control hub of the city and appears on the city bank notes. It is during hallucinations transposed with the Tower of Babel myth from the bible. While Im happy to have some christian myth I also want to have a bit of history and to include feel of the film Intolerance the 1916 DW Griffith film here. It is kind of a silent cinematic universe. I have also before detailed Moloch the machine god who lives through organisational systems like cities, machines and computers. He has some influences over the dreams of the city and bends it's systems to human suffering. He is the demonic face seen in dreams of the great machines and doorways of the city by those having dreams.

Other dreams include symbolism from the gothic cathedrals especially the dance of death and the seven deadly sins.

To enter the dreamlands sensitive souls might be struck at any time by visions transposed over features of the city as moloch over a machine, or the tower of Babel over New Babylon central building or see the art in a cathedral come to life.

Others might have visions in moments of extreme stress, illness, near death or drug abuse. Special drugs might achieve this effect and even be used by cults or evil doers. When first entering the dreamlands the character will gain a dreaming skill at 1%.

Most accidental dreams are short lived and overlap with reality. Deliberate dreams of experienced dreamer may go deeper into the cities dreamlands.  Religious visions of Christians and demonic dreams of Moloch haunting the dreamer may be warnings or threats. The deepest dreams are those where the dreamer seems to awaken as a previous incarnation in Ancient Babylon.

This is not a historic one, it has been shaped in part with thousands of years of Christian and Jewish myth. It is a silent movie version with inaccuracies of post Victorian archaeology and translations. I have included some images from Intolerance as examples. Events may loop and repeat over again until a lesson of the city is understood or acted upon. Continuity is not important here. Mash up any Mesopotamian cultures from Sumeria, Babylon, Assyria or Akkad.

In the film Metropolis it is used as a parable of the distance between workers and the rulers. Intolerance features a shrewish girl refusing marriage, men and priests and witnessing the violent overthrow of the city. Stories will be personal or metaphors of what is happening in the waking world. A group of dreamers might combine stories.

Your Status in the waking world inluences dreams in Babylon.

A worker with status of 01-20 is a slave with only a loincloth and is clean shaven.
A servant, foreman, teacher, clerk with status of 21-80 is a citizen and wears a kilt and possibly has a rod ( a symbol of middle management and measurement) or possibly a staff or scales, with a beard, makeup and a fancy haircut. Women will possibly get more jewelry and clothing.
A ruling class person with status or 81+ is a ruler with rich robes of office (priest, judge, officer) and a staff or shortsword (symbols of judgement and execution). Those approaching 100 might get a crown.

Once in dreamlands some story will unfold with the character/s involved directly and often a strong parallel  or a warning in waking world . When the story unfolds it may be episodic needing many dreams or may give a complete story. In a sense the city is an entity that seeks t resolve itself. Hostile entities, persons or Moloch may interfere and attempt to waken or kill the dreamer or warn them away.

A dreamer who return often may live a double life with a home, possessions and lovers. You may meet other aware dreamers but also unconscious versions of other citizens even those dead in realworld like your parents. An experienced dreamer may create things or have magical effects like the Dreamlands rules in the official game product. If you die in the dreamlands you will take a d20/d6 SAN loss. You will probably be unable to return (perhaps another dreamer could restore you with dreaming skill and POW expenditure). losing a limb might cause a SAN loss and a odd feeling when you awaken and could be missing when you return.

While in the dream city this table may be used for sights and encounters.

Dreamland Babylon for Cthulhu Metropolis

01 Workers rioting around the great tower of Babel
02 Invaders attack city killing and murdering and robbing
03 Procession of a king with servants, musicians and wives
04 Procession of a high priest with lesser clergy and servants 
05 Slaves dragging a colossal statue of a god, king or beast
06 Procession of a god's statue with servants, musicians and slaves
07 Procession of a high priestess with sacred virgins and holy animals
08 A judge holding court over some dispute
09 A warrior executing men with a sword and stacking heads in pyramids
10 A witch being cast into a fast flowing river for judgement
11 A foreman or bailiff beating a prisoner with a rod
12 A procession  of soldiers from war with captives, livestock, loot and a foreign god's statue in chains
13 A man making idols in a shop of holy paraphernalia
14 Students learning with clay tablets from a strict teacher
15 Enemy soldiers crossing a river or sneaking past sentries to enter a city 
16 A procession of chariots to or from a war
17 King in chariot shooting lions
18 Workers building a temple or zigguratt    
19 Workers in terrible accident kills many
20 Sacred marriage ceremony, king and priestess walk into shrine atop ziggurat
21 Bridal auction where girls auctioned off as religious rite
22 Prostitutes wave from windows at passers by
23 King battles a beast hand to hand with sword or wrestling
24 Bird headed genius (or costumed priest) sprinkles holy water on sacred tree
25 A walk through the luxurious hanging gardens
26 A walk through the great library where busy scribes at work
27 A shedu (a human headed winged bull or lion) comes to life to give a message
28 A sphinx statue comes to life and riddles dreamer
29 Demons with lion heads and bird feet drag screaming man to underworld 
30 An exorcist performs his duty
31 Astrologers consulting stars and delivering a verdict
32 King ritually dismembers a dragon (sacrifice dressed up)
33 A king on the tower shoots heavens with bow, blood drips from sky 
34 Soothsayer dismembers animal and examines its liver
35 A clerk measuring fields with his rod or staff
36 A clerk taking note of tributes in form of grain, beer and animals
37 A great temple feast layed out before god with drunken merry priests
38 Dancing girls perform great ballet in front of a leader 
39 A great bizarre with exotic goods and merchants
40 People gathering and meeting by the great Ishtar gate
41 Musicians celebrating about great golden calf
42 Slave driver whipping slaves at work or tied to punishment post
43 Men taking oath before leaders
44 Father and elders stoning a ungrateful child
45 Animals being sacrificed before a god for a great feast
46 Men being flayed and hides nailed to a wall
47 Executing witches of Elamites
48 Foreigners bringing tribute to their imprisoned god in dungeon of temple 
49 Procession of subject diplomats in different dress, bringing tributes to ruler
50 Train of camels and donkeys bringing goods to market
51 Burning a unlawful sorcerer
52 People gathering goods on baggage train to leave city to settle other lands
53 Merchant caught cheating with scales gets hands cut off
54 Drunken robbers try to rob dreamer
55 Barbarian wants to fight over a woman
56 Chariot nearly runs dreamer down
57 Men weaving huge rafts to save animals from yearly flood
58 Women weaving a huge house
59 Men in woven coracles crossing river or canal
60 Horse prow ship moves down canal ladened with goods
61 A god statue talks to dreamer
62 Sacred barge moves down canal with statue of a god to visit other city
63 A sorcerer offers protective charms
64 A witch curses the dreamer
65 Shepherd with herds mooning over lost love playing his pipes
66 Girl with farmer and shepherd competing for love
67 Drunks urinating in street make lewd suggestions
68 Heavily made up priest offers dreamer to visit their chambers
69 A marriage procession with great festivities and feast
70 A funeral procession with wailing mourners
71 Evil plague spirits in smokey form swarm around dreamer
72 Madness spirits attack sanity and inflict sorrowful conditions on victim
73 Moaning ghost  begs for vengeance or justice
74 Fishermen with nets singing as bring in catch
75 Sacred tree with holy jeweled serpent offers prophecy, healing or wisdom
76 Public lamentations, sad songs of regrets performed in public
77 Man on deathbed, wailing women and various healers trying to help
78 Fire! crowds panic and flee knocking over people and stalls
79 Plague! people  die in the streets moaning and crying to gods
80 Flood! overflowing canal or dyke releases water into a street
81 Stampeding herd beast thunder out of control 
82 An bull or lion loose on the streets menaces public
83 Witness a shooting star or significant constellation
84 Fierce dry winds blow searing sand, everybody takes cover 
85 Filthy nomads harass you, try and provoke a fight
86 Builders repairing wall or building, leader laying ceremonial keystone
87 Sculptor in workshop making statues
88 Potters with wheels and painters decorating pots in street
89 Musicians and harpists performing, a poet recites epic such as Gilgamesh
90 Spinners and wool dyers making cloth, while weavers make tapestries and clothes
91 Children playing games, swimming, laughing, shouting and chasing each other
92 Crippled begger cries out for food or money
93 Exotic animals and slaves from far off lands in exotic caravan
94 Rich men dueling to the death over eye for an eye honour killing
95 Delicious cakes, bread and beer for sale with special price today 
96 Recognise a citizen from waking worlds dream counterpart
97 A dark shadow comes over you, a gateway becomes maw of a horrible beast
98 Demons or ghosts pour from crack in ground to torment you
99 A dreamer recognises you and approaches
100 A great apocalypse strikes the city with fire, war or wrath of gods, try to wake up!

Many scenes below based on artworks

Monday 24 February 2014

Decopunk Metropolis Encounters part 2

I will design some pregen characters for Cthulhu Metropolis I can do art based on old Hollywood actors. I need 12 for various genders. As a setting it feels very honky but I guess social progress and racial equality was low on priority in future dreams of the 1920s and 30s. Some Oswald Bastable scenarios might work well including the development of the atom bomb from Moorcock would be good. Compliment the space and robotic developments. The novels feature uprisings against colonials where rebel peoples get access to superior tech from a single inventor like the land leviathan or superior aircraft (jets!?).

Probably will feature acts starting from the top and working down as city explodes into rioting. I will probably do a post on Babylon Dreamlands of Metropolis. It would be a early cinema version of Babylon like the unfinished Intolerance and biblical films. I have added some other early cinematic references without too much overt supernaturalism. The keeper (perhaps Architect might be better title for this game) can ad lib more supernatural if needed but I will save for climax. I might try running this for a month or so later in the year and could do the whole explore the world and space thing, even go Flash Gordon (Ming from planet Leng?).

Im gonna make a groovy keeper screen too. My art style will suffice for pregen sheets.

Worker under levels are the barracks where workers shuffle from every day to the mammoth factories, power plants and smelters. To be as complex as the book version I include miles of water works, sewers, recycling plants, rail tunnels and other drab industrial hell.

d100 Worker Under City Levels
01 Old woman telling fortune to people in tea shop of many classes
02 Shambling workers off to shift
03 Drunken foreman with wrench staggering home abuses passers
04 Poor urchins stop and stare at outsiders
05 Robed cultist spotted, drops into drain hatch
06 Hair black claw spotted on edge of drain briefly
07 Cleaner sweeping floors, happy to talk to anyone about things he has seen
08 Battered woman refuses help, staggers home
09 Beautiful workers daughter with poor children on field trip
10 Police searching tunnels for something hidden
11 Police checking ID and looking for someone
12 Bomb blast from terrorists, panicked workers flee 
13 Strange slime trail leads to drain
14 Creepy grinning man with cane seems to be talking to rats
15 Sewerage overflowing into tunnels
16 Rich youth wandering about amazed by terrible conditions
17 Bank agent looking for bankers son who is too interested in plight of poor
18 Old drunk trying to avoid deportation from city
19 Bulging eyed plumber with tools menacing workers daughter
20 Mysterious wizard (Rotwang?) looking for catacomb entrances
21 Sickly man trying to reach water as skin starting to split open
22 Benevolent order of Dagon giving food and pamphlets to workers
23 Stray cat watches party and follows them for a while
24 Dead worker has fallen on way to work
25 Engineer inspecting tunnels found locked steel door not on his maps 
26 Catch worker eating another dead worker, flees when he realizes seen with weird gait
27 Foreign agent with camera pretending to be journalist
28 Police beating journalist smashing his camera and film
29 Angry workers attack outsiders for intruding 
30 Hungry beggars swarm party
31 Find a half chewed carcass of a worker
32 Find shredded skin of a worker by a drain entrance
33 Find a disemboweled prostitute and cult graffiti
34 Prostitutes call out to party offer quick knee trembler for pittance
35 Lost youth from surface here on dare, bewildered and terrorfied
36 Stray dog chased by hungry hobo
37 Gangster in coat offers drugs and home made zip guns and shanks
38 Man with limp begs for a job or he will be relocated outside city
39 Banker seen buying children, sends a goon to get party
40 Uptown men in cult robes on way to catacombs avoid faces being seen
41 Line of youths being inspected to enter household service in uptown
42 Man selling bad cigarettes and rotgut booze
43 Man trying to sell expensive stolen useless stuff to bewildered poor
44 Priest preaching how meek should turn cheek and will inherit the earth
45 Priests with impromptu soup kitchen
46 W.O.W. delegate on tour with locals gasping at terrible conditions
47 Choking black smog fills tunnel, people flee from area
48 Acrid foul air leaves eyes watering and throats sore
49 Crippled ex-workers being pursued by law for being unfit for work 
50 Foreman beating worker in front of sullen faced mob
51 Man disguised as worker from uptown to see worker lives
52 Agent of bank disguised as worker from uptown looking for revolutionaries
53 Police disguised as worker seeking trouble makers or unfit workers in hiding
54 Communist handing out propaganda and preaching worker takeover
55 Man with no legs on trolley begging for food and coins
56 Angry worker looking for outsiders to vent his fury on
57 Youth gang charging toll to pass this way, outsiders pay double
58 Abandoned baby in a box
59 Drug addicts slumped against wall, barely aware of surroundings
60 Police taking disabled boy from parents, claim to a home but really will be gassed
61 A gypsy selling good luck charms and potions, knives anyone causes him trouble
62 A man preaching foreigners to blame for everyone's troubles
63 A staggering man, dying or blind from bad bathtub gin
64 Gang with vicious dogs collecting loan repayments from workers
65 A foreman explaining how good everyone has it to mob
66 Food aid workers from midtown overwhelmed by hungry mob
67 Police arresting food aid workers for inciting crime
68 Uptown youths making poor workers brawl for cash
69 Large lumpy faced man watches party from distance creepily
70 Worker with old worn damaged boots limping to work and late
71 Ambulance carrying wounded children from work house
72 Tiny ancient church with candles and worshipers in somber silence
73 Preacher telling workers how everything better in next life
74 Zealot with dying worker inciting mob to rise up against upper classes
75 Wounded man shambling off to work late
76 Upset man claiming he saw something that should not be in a drain
77 Man preaching end of the world everyone must affirm Christianity or die
78 Workers tormenting woman they say is a witch
79 Strange man in black with dark eyes in trance carrying woman flees if seen
80 Asylum orderlies load men into van, strange gleeful doctor (Dr Caligari?)
81 Deranged hunch back with top hat and sharp teeth chasing woman with butchers knife
82 Workers driving out disabled man from district to keep away health inspectors
83 Workers having soccer match with home made ball, all welcome
84 Man selling rat on a stick, has no teeth and big grin
84 Census taker interrogates anyone not meant to be down below, demands papers 
85 Shambling walker in deathlike trance walking corridors with shredded clothes
86 Dog licking up spilled blood on ground
87 Crazy man talking to and eating bugs, talking to invisible master
88 Armed soldiers searching for something but wont say what
89 Worker mistakes party member for someone and slips them a catacomb map
90 Robed cultists stabbing man, flee when spotted
91 Banker on tour with guards, complaining conditions too good for scum workers
92 Journalist looking for drama, asks people about conditions below, workers shun him
93 Woman crying looking for her child
94 Wealthy youths come down to abuse and provoke workers for fun
95 Workers looking for help, injured man trapped in machine
96 Wounded child begging for help, everyone busy with own problems
97 Visions of the seven deadly sins and death from cathedral overwhelm party member
98 Party member has vision from past life in Babylon lasts a few hours
99 Man having visions he is worker in ancient Babylon from past life, confused and lost
100 Vision of factories and doorways becoming mouths of the machine god Moloch

Catacombs predate the city and upper galleries used for secret meetings of workers new Christian sect. If you follow a map or guide fairly safe. Exploring greater depths very bad however. Best to be kindly and scare with some sounds and minor encounters before unleashing true horrors of the pit.

d100 Catacomb Levels

01 Workers heading to underground new christian sect in candle lit shrine
02 Scientist Wizard (Rotwang?) exploring catacombs for his various schemes
03 Uptown youth or youths with flashlight exploring the depths
04 Lost child came down looking for ball or on dare
05 Hear distant chanting in strange language
06 Abandoned shack with strange crumbling old book and skeleton
07 Pale creepy naked children flee from light
08 Strange green skinned children found speak no known language, slowly dying
09 Strange palid worms crawl about and drop from ceiling 
10 Feel strange urge to discard weapons and follow train into the depths
11 Find a strange black well with strange carved symbols
12 A strange monolith with almost worn away symbols, causes strange dreams after seeing 
13 A shambling work with rotting flesh attacks
14 A doctor with a glowing green syringe is injecting a corpse in the brain
15 Wild feral albino men attack
16 Ghouls chitter while eating a corpse, if realize they are seen will attack
17 Cultists on way to dread shrine, attack any strangers who see them
18 Witness a cult engaged in ritual torture or sacrifice led by a recognizable banker
19 An archaeological team with workers and a few guards
20 Ancient room stacked with coffins
21 Ancient stone sarcophagi hundreds of years old
22 Corridor blocked with neat piles of human bones
23 Walls decorated with human skulls
24 Cultist seeking relics will pretend to be scholar and seem friendly
25 Armed police will arrest or shoot at anyone who flees
26 Gang dividing up loot from graves
27 Ghoul cult eating bound victim alive (actually a zombie)
28 Shambling zombies 
29 Piles of rotting mangled corpses dumped here by someone
30 Agent of bank dragging corpse of trouble maker to hide in depths
31 Students on initiation test lost 
32 Strange monk tending remains of dead
33 Bundles of mummified corpses stacked around walls or in niches
34 Flooded bunker from war with mouldy rotten gas masks and survival rations and bunks
35 Remains of old mine with tracks, carts, piles of rubble and skeleton with miners hat
36 Crippled workers in hiding from health inspectors fearing deportation
37 Urchins being instructed in crime by fat gangster 
38 Strange statue with partly erased Hebrew text on forehead
39 Strange creepy howl heard
40 Ghoul eating a cat, pounces on better food like party
41 Scaly google eyed naked man jumps into well when sees lights coming
42 Cult of strange froglike hopping people dancing around a well
43 Cultists in ritual sex, turns to cannibalism later (just for those who want to join in) 
44 Hunchbacked, rat faced bald man stalks party, is a nosferatu
45 Onyx dodecahedron on plinth, thieves dream of crawling darkness and hunted by cult
46 Witches dancing in ritual cackling madly, curse any who see with magic
47 Hideous deformed witch with horrible familiar sets awful familiar on party
48 Graffiti from many previous eras 
49 Graffiti from occultists with astrological and kabalistic diagrams
50 Strange sign drawn in odd yellow pigment, viewers have bad dreams and visitations
51 Cult signs with alien or forgotten hyperborean languages scr
52 A fungal nightmare garden with human bones amidst slimy growths
53 A crystal coffin with sleeping monk inside, actually a friendly but deceitful serpent man
54 Albino degenerate snake people attack intruders but flee if harmed
55 An ancient Egyptian sarcophagi with cult paraphernalia, beast headed mummy arises
56 Dead man from uptown with dagger in back
57 Drunk with lantern and zipgun looking for people who took his friend
58 Man with strange alien box looking for something, possessed by prehuman race
59 Strange gurgling cries of "Tekeli-li" from darkness, if investigated shoggoth attacks
60 Well sealed by basalt stone lid, can hear moving air and alien whispers within
61 Mummified remains of inhuman creature
62 Stone vault door with strange star shaped seal
63 A huge pit of writhing white grubs awaiting the end times to come to surface
64 A robed man avoids party, if confronted is a wizard made from a mass of worms
65 Swarms of bats flood chambers biting and scratching any in area
66 Strange globe like eggs made from minerals, cultists will retrieve if stolen 
67 Flapping of batwings from distance and unearthly screeching sound
68 Strange archway with alien runes, actually a gateway to somewhere horrible
69 A strange pool gives visions of the past, if look too long entities notice you back
70 Strange apparatus with generator and huge tuning forks, headless corpse nearby 
71 Laboratory with corpses, restrained zombie and green glowing vials
72 Pyramid of severed human heads still warm to touch
73 Workers with clubs looking to beat child kidnappers they are searching for
74 Frightened woman being chased by cultists
75 Lone child begs for help is actually a witch hundreds of years old
76 Squealing pigs are heard coming, naked insane pig men swarm at party
77 Swarm of rats attack
78 Swarm of rats flee past party from something horrible coming
79 Strange bell tolls but source cannot be found
80 Sarcophagi with mummified reptilian creatures
81 Old cult wizard looking to recruit new cultists
82 Find bewildered person in strange clothes from some other time
83 Albino huge reptilian slithers after party
84 Strange chamber with hyperborean runes and bronze mirror, a gate to Saturn
85 Cage with crying caged naked captives in chains begging for help
86 Strange altar with blood stains, inside is a book, dagger and some potions
87 Skeleton in crypt with flesh in process of regrowing, heart starts to beat
88 Sickly man staggers an vomits up worms, then bursts open into horrible mess
89 Fish men on the hunt, chase any humans for food, sex or experiments
90 Crying girl victim of assault and carrying a future deep one
91 A beautiful siren sings to intruders inviting them to have sex, deep one with illusion
92 Attractive woman clings to party member, is a life sucking succubus seeks a mate
93 Room with metal brain canisters and apparatus to speak to them 
94 Foreign scholar with robot guard seeking evil books and relics
95 Room with bed, candles, covered in photos of missing persons
96 Strange creepy doll, if taken will animates and kill when it gets a chance
97 Weird idol of tentacled frog being with strange alien instrument nearby 
98 Bubbling pool of strange white organic fluid dripping from ceiling
99 Vision of future where sun blotted out and last humans dwell in huge silver pyramid
100 Visions of the city crumbling into darkness strike a party member

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