Monday 30 August 2021

Some Premade Wasteland Travel Encounters

So these are some listed premade encounters for long wasteland travel based on my own encounter tables. So one list is for foot travel for one week. These are not meant to be too exciting or distracting from missions).

also these

Week On Foot Through Wastes

day 1
Morning: swagman is hungry and would love some booze, tells rambling stories
Afternoon: Cannibal mutant tribe 2d4 use missile fire and skirmish, try to take a body
Night: Mutant goannas with paralysing tentacles want food they can smell
AC+4 2HD Att clawx2 bite d4 tentaclex2 paralysis Mov 15 in groups of d3+1

day 2
Morning: Giant frill-necked lizard on the road AC5 4HD Att: Bite 2d4 Clawsx2 d4 Mov 18
Afternoon: Swagman looking for work on hard times, experienced shepherd and shearer
Night: Cannibal mutant tribe want revenge 2d4+4 assassins seeking revenge and corpses

day 3
Morning: Giant mutant scorpion attack
Afternoon: Lost Cattle, scrawny and dirty worth money d4
Night: Giant mutant scorpions attack d3+2 one first then others attracted to fight

day 4
Morning: Giant mutant scorpion attack
Afternoon: Gang punks without wheels looking for trouble on way home d4+2
Night: Hear some lost sheep worth money if rounded up 2d4

day 5
Morning:  Mutant dingos with chameleon-like blending get close and ambush suddenly
Afternoon: Merchant Wagontrain has slowed to fix a wheel happy for the company
Night: Hear then see wild goats in distance, riddled with tumours and worms

day 6
Morning: Masked raiders with the bike, trike with arbalest and a buggy
Afternoon: Feral cat abhuman sniper follows and harasses using bolt action rifle
Night: Swagman is attracted to the campfire, hiding tentacle arms under his coat and looks ill,
begs for food and place near the fire, later he turns into a tentacled thing like horror

day 7
Morning:  Mutant dingos, black and red, carry disease and berserker if zero hp (dead -10)
Afternoon: A tribe of ferals offer to trade food and bales of drugs, some will try and pickpockets and touch party stuff, a feral thief kid wants to join the party
Night: Four cannibals creep into camp and try and overwhelm one person to eat

Week On Foot Through Desert

day 1
Morning: rabbits grazing, warren close
Afternoon: locust swarm eat any food and nibble people not undercover for d3hp
Night: giant horned rabbits grazing, hostile and will teamwork attack camp d3+3
Exploration: Wrecked car body, some scrap 
day 2
Morning: Dingo pack hunting will keep away if spotted
Afternoon: Kangaroos grazing 
Night: Hostile tribe start fire upwind in the grass then circle round for ambush
Exploration:  Small ghost town of old forgotten faction

day 3
Morning: Farmers on way to market with wagons and muskets
Afternoon: Lone broken robot trundles towards the party - if party threaten with firearms the robot sez "draw" and pulls a laser pistol, older model with six shots and a half range  
Night: Hostile tribes use fire to cause an emus stampede
Exploration: Remains of massacre barely concealed

day 4
Morning:  Farmers on way to market with wagons and muskets
Afternoon: Raiders riding 4wd open top scrap utility truck, excited to see victims  
Night: Giant carnivorous sand mole grabs sleepers from underground
Exploration: Ruined farm Shack

day 5
Morning: Silver city Desert Rangers on a manhunt for a bushranger
Afternoon:  Gang of bearded dragon abhumans hunting giant bugs
Night: That night wounded bushranger tries to hold up camp for food and ammo
Exploration: Crashed aircraft mostly looted, some scrap and electronics

day 6
Morning: Feral cat has seen hunting almost 2m long
Afternoon: Herd of wild feral camels 
Night: Marsupial lion tries to snatch a victim, sneaking close and waits 
Exploration: Raiders camp two bikes and a buggy under repair

day 7
Morning: Farmers with wagons and muskets offer to travel with you to market
Afternoon: Raider motorcycle gang, four bikes with d4+3 psycho punks 
Night: Giant mutant constricting python slides under the sand for ambush
Exploration: Huge abandoned ant mound

Week On Foot Through Scrub

day 1
Morning: Explorers found an interesting building and are wary of claim jumpers
Afternoon: A lone prospector collecting scrap from ancient 1800s rubble heaps 
Night: Lone yowie sneaks into camp looking for food, flees if hurt
Exploration: Tribal camp, welcome if don't bring guns

day 2
Morning: Thylacine stripy marsupial dogs in a pack
Afternoon: Giant wombats grazing, will trample enemy if scared then crush with buttocks  
Night: Savage pack of giant hopping marsupial bilby, crazed for flesh
Exploration: Old farm shed full of scrap metal

day 3
Morning: Giant snake basking on road, venomous redbelly black snake 
Afternoon: Pack of mutant dingo, bites cause no damage but inflict green slime
dogs immune and swallow the slime once converted a corpse with feeding tubes
Night: Giant praying mantis disguised as small tree attacks traveller
Exploration: Hidden clan farm, hate outsiders and non-relatives

day 4
Morning: Giant wombats grazing, will trample enemy if scared then crush with buttocks
Afternoon: Pack of luminous green mutant dingo led by one huge 4HD specimen
Night: Wild boar snuffling about if surprised they charge
Exploration: Old agricultural machine wreck with scrap

day 5 
Morning: Red kangaroos grazing, a large male looks stroppy 
Afternoon:  Giant ants collecting bones pleased by the sight of travellers
Night: Marsupial lion hunting
Exploration: Giant termite towers

day 6
Morning: Explorers looking a ruined aircraft, jumpy if found, wary of bandits
Afternoon: Gumnut children tiny humanoids gathering bush food have never seen humans 
Night: Snake abhumans hunting for escaped lab specimens from ruined lab bunker
Exploration: Huge burrow entrance of some creature

day 7
Morning: Tribal hunters, wary but may trade or offer directions
Afternoon: Lone prospector with blunderbuss and donkey with a load of scrap 
Night: Clan of yowie attack seeking food, tools and the prettiest as mates
Exploration: Ruined mine shack and shaft into long buried buildings

Sunday 29 August 2021

Thrice Cursed Adventurers


So Richard was away on a medical emergency so we played my Patreon ruined city adventure with Dallas & JB playing. 

So last game players escaped slavers and rested and were now 4th Lv. 

The mercenary was keen to get back to fighting.
The wizard had recruited several followers including charmed cultists and bandits and a priest and a fighter. Some were only zero at first and hope is the clerical student will get to 1st level. 

Considered robbing the magic library but the mention of weird creatures made them worry. Thought about getting bandits but a fairway on foot. Instead decided to see the ziggurat and a small temple nearby. Got to the temple and heard berserkers celebrating after killing cultists. Knowing these guys almost killed the party last time they took no chances and the wizard cast web. Most were really strong and tore free and all tried to go berserk (Wis roll). The wizard's bodyguard fighter threw a lamp in the web and it exploded wounding most of the berserk while missiles took down those not berserk. Finished the hang with a few wounds and spells but all impressed as the last time 4 beat the party. Found more urns using detect magic and the magic one had a zombi hand that choked the wizard before the merc killed it for good (we think). Took its gold ring. So after carried off their armour and weapons back to the explorers guild in the ruin. Had to hide berserker stuff from the psycho barbarian berserker in the camp and sold trinkets to a backpack peddler.

Recovered and were keen to set them off. The guild masters thief sister started talking to the adventurers especially the mercenary. Returned to the ruined temple and easily wiped out bandits. In the temple, they dug their hole opened and explored ancient palace basements below the ruin and also found a furnace and lots of rats. Found a ghast in a bed that stunk the party out and they managed to kill it. One tunnel the wizard sent his thief went down to find a light source saw a hermit with his beloved rat swarm. The rats noticed the thief and the hermit turned into a were-rat so he ran. The wizard saw the chase and used a web spell trapped which trapped the ratman and while others used fire to scare rats. Several times tried to throw burning oil at the web failed and they took a while before the merc waded into the web and killed the rat with his magic sword. 

Finally found some palace basement with rotting furniture and a chariot and scouting out half the room they could see by light. As the mercenary moved ahead with his lamp a woman in a flimsy nightgown came out of a doorway sobbing, oh thank goodness your not undead or cultists. She ran to hug the mercenary but he was not responsive and the wizard cast grease on her and she slipped and got mad. The succubi showed her true form and shrugged off magic missiles and hid in a bubble of darkness inside the grease area. The merc charged with his magic sword and slipped. The wizards magic missiles seemed ineffective. His follower a former demon cultist warned the demonic chanting was calling a demon. Someone helped the merc get out of grease with a spear and they backed off as a huge hairy boar-like winged demon appeared over 3m tall. The party all cried flee to warn each other in unison and they bravely ran away.

Back to the explorer guild ruin they saw the berserkers had left and now a bunch of nights had moved in. These knights seemed lower sort and battered and used to rough lives unlike the templars staying in the dungeon part of the guild. The wizard shiftiest follower warned they were known robber knights wanted in several kingdoms. Their linkboys were enthused and felt lucky to hold poles and pots and lamps for adventurers for a chance to learn the trade. Party avoided these guys despite friendly manners and awful stories of the kidnappings and beatings given. The wizard was also using his dream viewing spell on his followers recruited from bandits and cults to look for clues and how to help them better reform.

The next healthy free went to the ziggurat to look around and as rounded corner saw bandits hide in ruin temple prepare an ambush. There was a volley of missile fire and the bandit leader fled from a cantrip, then the mercenary who had been creeping under cover of building dived among them and two managed to flee. Party rested in the ruined temple a while and the wizard spied on an unconscious bandit survivors dreams.

Went to the top of Zigguratt and tried to get in but magic was required. I'm inserting the Sacred Temple of Erwadu a Dungeon Delve By R. Nelson Baily. They backed off planning on getting a new spell. Saw the baboon hill and the goat hill. Back to the explorers guild ruin and the Robber Knights had gone to the Sly Grog Shop (according to a thief is guild affiliated). While they were away a wounded adventurer hanging about for weeks lured the boys away and all were concerned. The Robber Knights were keen to attack the demon cult directly.

The party when recovered decided to wipe out the bandits. Marched into the bright sun and aimed for the hermit hill. As they went around they saw some bandits so hid and managed to defeat the rest and had to chase the last one fleeing down. But he got away only to be killed by ogres. The ogres picked up the body and marched towards the party and the bloody battlefield and made rude gestures. Told humans to back off and they considered the request. But decided ogres would have lots of gold like the last one.

Ogres moved in and the wizard summoned petty owl daemons to slow the ogres and all fired missiles. Lots of missiles and the mercenary attacking weakened some and lots of magic missiles but the party won and got the gold. After this heroic mess, they returned to rest and level up.

The mercenary adopted a young warrior woman and the wizard was going to recruit another two men because he didn't want to be one of those wizards who acted like pimps but he did decide he should employ one woman so he wasn't one of those all-male henchmen wizards. Followers are such fun. He got that knock spell and fireball so was keen to cause trouble. As he had so many followers now he wanted to leave the latest home as too much record-keeping for now.

So they managed to get to the bandits safely in the evening and the thief sneaked up a wall and killed a watchman on the outer wall of the roofless temple. Lots of bandits and dogs were inside celebrating and a few slavers were with them. The mercenary empowered by spider climb tried to kill a watchman but made a noise and the gig was up. The wizard moved his arc of fireball so blasted half the room of zero level bandits into carbon. Their huge ex gladiator chief with a sword challenged the merc as he killed a guard. Followers awaited outside with missiles and the wizard summoned his hooting owl fiends, several batches. The slavers were beaten down and their leader was just trying to speak and halt when magic missiles took him and the last two standing bandits surrounded.

Hot some magic loot and gold and took it home to study. I used my EMO Book of Cool Loot (treasure compilation from blogs) and this stuff came up. The party could identify only a few properties of the items but identified: +1 2-h sword the Prism Blade that lets you detect invisible when held. A frying pan that heats at will. An umbrella that shoots 4 burning hands a day, a skull with gold in its cracks and mystic symbols calls a ghoul once a day that obeys for ten minutes. Also, a pair of magic knitting needles that work 2 hours a day enough to make a sock or small scarf if given yarn. 

Party is interested in building a home base somehow to mind loot. Considering uniting with other adventurer parties (templars, amazons and robber knights).

Was big fun. Party finding ruins creepy, avoiding the darkness and interested in cleaning out evil humans mostly and recovering magical lore. Seem sure there is more than one cult. They have got rid of most of the bandits, quite a few cultists and most of the berserkers. Lots of factional problems abound and there are more adventurers coming.

Dallas Phone:

Thursday 26 August 2021

Adds for my Wasteland

So one of the great world-building features of Fall out games (and 2000AD does well) is in world advertisements and posters and vehicles. Holographic ads might play in some areas still. So for my current game doing some Aussie advertising

d10 Advertisment Condition
1 Burned out
2 Faded and peeling surface
3 Graffiti by some recent local faction
4 Gunshots
5 Overgrown in vegetation
6 Corrosion or decayed
7 Battered
8 Scratched
9 Readable condition a few marks or divots
10 Like new

d10 Advertisement Type
1 Brochure often airdropped by drones or in letterboxes
2 Stickers
3 T-shirts, Caps & Clothing
4 Merchandise (cups, towels, packs) 
5 Packaging (bottles, drums, crates, boxes)
6 Posters pasted on walls
7 SIgnage of vehicles like truck or train or bus
8 Large signs on buildings, bus shelter, wall
9 Billboard sign on the structure or freestanding
10 Electronic d4 1=audio 2=hologram 3=robot 4=psychotronic mind control (buy a hotdog)

d10 Advertisement Special
1 Local feuding gang tags capping rivals tags in layers
2 Obscene witticisms and doodles added
3 Something stuck in the ad like a car wreck, arrows, tree 
4 Remains of former rival ad underneath partially visible  
5 Slander about a local personality
6 Threats and abuse between gangs added
7 Messages scrawled on it from several parties
8 Map scrawled on it
9 Hidden faction message drop
10 Boobytrap if tampered with (popular on flags and faction signs) d4 1=pipebomb 2=grenaide 3=shotgun or crossbow 4=incendiary

d10 Advertisement Types
1 Government
2 Ancient Faction
3 Current Faction
4 Fast Food
5 Beverages
6 Heritage Foods 
7 Tourism
8 Entertainment
 Manufactured goods
10 Megacorporations

d10 Advertisement of the Rubble
01 Public warning: Do you know the warning signs of Zombification? Get on board or Die!
02 Victory in the Jungle Means Peace At Home!
03 Cyborg War Vets Need Your Love & Understanding. Inform yourself about Cyber Psychosis
04 Give up your job to Automations and don't work, enjoy life and live it for yourself
05 Robots & Androids: Deactivate and contact local government for collection, don't take the risk of the killer virus
06 This Abhuman soldier fights for Democracy! Animorphs are our furry friends!
07 Contact the Off-world colonisation organisation today for a chance to escape Earths problems, see if you qualify or can afford it today!
08 Remember the drills for enemy Attacks: Atomic Biological Chem
09 Beware: Enemy Spies are everywhere preparing Psychotronic Attacks!
10 Stop Sabotage! Protect Industry From Electronic Terrorism!
11 Humanity First Party: Stop Playing God Science!
12 Peace Party: Together We Can Save The World
13 Only God Can Save Us Now: The New Purity Party
14 Zone War Veterans: We have the Right to Keep our Augments!
15 Machinist Party: We want to keep our Automatons! We don't care about the risks!
16 You Can Take My Freedom But Don't Take My Sexbot!
17 Stop The Machine Now! Shut Down A.I. Before It's Too Late!
18 Together We Can Fix It! Don't Let the Neo-Luddites Win Again!
19 Stop The Colonies: let's Terraform the Earth Not Burn It!
20 Stop the Pancific Alliance! Pull our Robots Troops Out Now!
21 Beware Mutants! Purge Genetic Heretics & Abominations!
22 Welcome to the Wasteland! (graffiti billboard with crucified skilless bodies)
23 No Humans! Animorphs Only! "All Animals are equal except the man who put themselves above all & ruined the world" 
24 Do Not Resist! King Toad Wants Only To Help (by Canetoad guerilla army), shows king toad waving from his vintage Bently convertible or a nice portrait
25 Let The Machine Take Controls Now!
26 Come Party & Trade at Grand old Silver City -  The Capitol of the wasteland
27 Silver City Rangers - Keeping you safe of the road
28 Wake Up Its Time To Die! (gang graffiti) 
29 Prospectors Guild - Dig Safe! Dig Free!
30 Support Your Local Fire Volunteers!
31 Chicken Attack! Cloned on the bone au natural!
32 Soylent long life snack bars taking you to the stars!
33 Brain Bars - full of caffeine, smart food and nootropics 
34 Ms Maggie's Pies - full of flavour to savour
36 Burger Clown - the fun family feast!
37 Pizza JoJo - pizza and video arcades
38 Sharky's Seafood - fresh frozen from the sea! 
39 Rowdy Burger - bite my bunz youz dirty losers!
40 Bush Kebab - synth lamb, goat, kangaroo, chicken and tofu-style kebabs
41 Karma Kola - you'll get what you deserve! red and gold minimalistic art
42 Astronomer Whiskey - bam! takes you to the moon! 
43 Aelita Vodka - the crystal purity, orbital distilled 
44 Smart Soda - for a hard cognitive boost to get you through!
45 Goonbox - Australias most sophisticated wine in a box
46 Beer - lots of brands, many local including Coopers, VB, Resch's, Carleton
47 Pure Stream Water - the luxury of the pure essence of water
48 Full Boar Draught Beer - Its Beaut Mate!
49 Slime Time - tasty slime from a can in your hand
50 Chunky Custard - got that chunky lovin' 
 Vegemite - If You Don't Eat It you'll Drop Dead!
52 Soylent-in-a -Biscuit, the tasty spicy cracker of the people
53 TimTam Snack packs - in 12 fantastic flavours
54 Chiko Rolls - now in sixteen flavours! rock-n-roll! Usually with motorbike and attractive youths
55 Rosella Tomato Sauce
56 Liptons Tea
57 Wagon Wheels - jam and marshmallow filled biscuit coated in chocolate
58 Pollywaffle - choc marshmallow waffle tubes
59 Farmers Union Iced Coffee
60 Smiths Soylent Chips
61 Dinosaur Gardens - home of Tony the T-Rex, see him Roar for real!
62 Pleistocene Park - Australias premier prehistoric attraction
63 Come see The National Mad Max Motor Museum Silverton north of Broken Hill
64 Emu Flats - come see the test sight of a dozen atomic tests!
65 Woomera Rocket Range - Australias Original Launch Site
66 Come to the Races! - broken hill race carnival season, bring your betting money!
67 Welcome to Slaughter Seven! See the sets where your favourite stars are hunted and killed by histories greatest killer holograms! 
68 Come See Silver City - Gambling! Drinking! Whatever takes your fancy can be yours!
69 Come See the Dream Dome on Mars, You'll never be the same again!
70 Come and see the new Inland Sea! The wonder of the Outback - now featuring Sharkworld!
71 Helix Freight & Transport Services - when moving matters
72 Cloud9 Airlines - hypersonic style
73 National VacTube Transport Services - cross the continent underground in safety
74 Omnimart - a galaxy of consumer goods and food items
75 Necrotech Mousoleum - preserving your body, so one day we can bring you back 
76 Mall Surgeon - quick fix automeds for cosmetic and minor surgeries
77 Medivac - VIP ambulance and evacuation services
78 Standard Security - where 
79 Biota Pharmacy - where science and nature meet to heal you
80 MacGruder Real Estate - keeping the homeowners happy
81 The new Holden Blastmaster Groundcar - pulse-pounding atomic power!
82 New Aelita Swan GEV Skimmer Car - Luxury over land, sea and sky! 
83 Matsushita Hovercycles - the only hoverbikes to break land and sea records
84 Powdermill - Sporting Arms Vending Machines - with the 3D Printed Armoury never get caught unarmed again! Guns Ammo Cheap Fast!
85 Signus Non-Lethal Security and Arms for a Sick Sick Planet in need
86 Samps
on Robotics - servitor and household robotics safe and affordable
87 Toast King Toaster - brings the power of the atom for perfect toast
88 Lumium - atomic and hydrogen fuel cells - driving the future further
89 Firestorm Energy - solar and wind and wave energy farms & thermal storage
90 Zephyr Minerals - mining & smelting
91 Necrotech - giving you control over necrovirus infection and other fatal medical conditions
92 Omni Cybernetics - Omnipotent Artificial Intelligence Systems 
93 Offworld Colony Corporation - Giving you the jumpstart to paradise
94 GAEA Terraforming Technology - halting ecological collapse for over 100 years!
95 Buy Robot Bonds! - Help send robot infantry to clean out the Zone once and for all!
96 Biota Biotechnics - clone insurance, expendable animorph labour, bioprinter replicants, together we can be gods
97 Geneforge - Protect Your DNA with genetic augmentation, before the gene bombs strike!  
98 Prometherium Androids - building a new generation of better, safer servitors
99 Aelita aerospace, be elite and move up to orbital living, don't drag your feet in the dirt
100 Executex Cybernetics - for security for defence for freedom, the no1 combat cyberwar manufacturer in the world, home of the full-body-borg credit scheme!

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Post Apoc New 1st Play Session & New Characters

So a few recent posts I put into a players booklet for a post-Apoc game of noobs and got a3 pc sheets and printed 2 books but shoulda had 3 at least. 28 pages digest size. Work in progress I will update on my Patreon until finished.

Worked pretty well to get ppl started and not too into mechanics. Working them into a range of skill choices as they level up and build on complexity. It needs some better information design too to use space better.  Players are mostly family of a younger gaming friend of highly educated professionals and pretty different to any group I've had in years.

So got 2 cyber wizards
A roadwarrior with a busted empty tank car
A wandering martial artist
And one player asked If she could be a clown
So lucky I did a clown mutation table
-I introduced her to clown husbandry on Tumblr

And it went well

Ran my intro scenario again.
Funny ppl looked up real towns on phones.
Plus had oddly specific questions I suggested they look on google earth.
Funny as my maps are based on google maps look a bit.
Possibly if I do a quickstart version I might limit character class choices.

So I used the generous system for rolls (3d6 reroll any 1 till none then add and allocate)
Then people selected classes and stuff and rolled backgrounds and we got:

Zorg the Cyberwizard - with tablet-book of arcane classic spells
Tim the Cyberwizard - with a tablet of fire magic spells
Segal Shatner - wandering wandering martial artist with katana and plastic 9mm 
Gunther - road warrior with a car wreck and a crude sawn off and six shells
Clowndette - mutant grew up as feral kid but tamed by clowns and got their spores

So the gang had convoluted backstories I think the mutant clown had the most commitment. They had somehow drifted into the starting town Mannahill. It's the built in campaign start so you start in a wasteland with low relics and easy critters then go up on the road to Broken Hill. One side effect of getting a vehicle is that you can get to areas way too powerful for you quickly. The party know about the city and are keen to get going but broke so they went to Sargeant Bulldog (an abhuman animorph dog cop) and his old man Bluey sidekick. Heard of some squtters that were suspicious to check on offered a few bits of silver and a voucher for a beer and mixed grill meal in the pub. 

Wandered a dried creek train and saw a car wreck among some trees and a ruined colonial shell of a tiny cottage with no roof and smoke. Segal and Gunther sneaked up to the wreck and saw dingos alseep in it about 4. Segal went back to chat and then Zorg urged Guther back. Decided that dumb dogs not an issue and went to the house. SOunds of jollity and a fire inside and none noticed enemies. Inside 4 cannibal swagmen were eating a butchered corpse. Tim the wizard blasted them with elemental fire and two fell and two fled the shelter. Guther and Segal shot them. As they considered investigating any loot, six dingos from the the car wreck charged and one had a collar. Some more shots and spells were slung. 
The clown preferred to use her sling and held back on firing their musket. 

Zorg sat back. "I didn't take any combat spells because Tim did so I just went for useful Identify and detect magic and stuff". ACtually this is kind of good as I have had to define what magic detects when everything is high tech really. So detect magic would detect anything with power or of advanced design or materials. Identify explores specific features and functions and use of any item. Know History tells of most traumatic interesting events of objects life and knowledge of past users. This is why playtesting is the best.

So they spent time looking over the cannibals gear and found a ancient flight suit of the poor guy being eaten. Was he an ancient? How did he get here? The Clown was Interested and found a sealed doc pouch on the suit with orders to drop a missile and a map.  

With loot and dogs they went to the sheriff and got 2 grams of silver and vouchers for the pub. Was told to show dingos to Sheila in the pub and she skinned them and put on a BBQ dinner for the locals and sold the dog skins.

Were keen to get moving to next down a day of walking away but Gunther said hey wait I've got a car I just need 6 bits of scrap and fuel 1 bit of silver a litre. Had a wander around town looking for work and went through caravan and met a Marino ram man who had a herd of regular sheep he was tending. He said they could have his scrap if they got these goats causing problems with his herd. Talking more it turns out they were Abhuman goatmen gang members but the party went off to their lair anyway. Found a caravan with a fence with 9 sheep in a pen looking unhappy and shorn badly. Two billy goat men were bullying sheep while anther was inside and one behind caravan cooking on a fire and fixing weapons.

Zorg after realiseing fancy items were rare here had learned his lesson and crawled close enough to make the goat men in the pen and a bunch of sheep pass out with sleep. Tim fire blasted the nannygoat woman inside and she tried to get out and was hit by Zorgs magic missile. The one behind the caravan fired a crossbow bolt at Gunther and he backed off feeling mortal after a shot. The clown fired their musket and jumped the fence and killed a goat still asleep. Segal got a shot at the goat and a crossbow bolt for his trouble. Tim got close and burning hands that bad goat finishing him and igniting the caravan. As the clown was partly fireproof she did a quick loot and found a bag of shotgun ammo.
Zorg was keen to eat the goat folk but most objected and explained basics of morality and this about not eating ppl in clothes who talk. 

So had 3 days resting and fixing the car and all the sheep they brought home got them 40 bits of silver and offer of custom wooly jolly jumpers. The clown got lots of pompoms to adorn their new airforce flightsuit that needed some decoration.

Moved on now with some more ammo found and keen for the road. Passed that day away town in first hour without slowing down doing 50km in the gas guzzling monster. Saw town in distance and 4 bikes were approaching. 
Gunther accelerated. The clowns musket was the best ranged weapon and she had a shot, they started spreading out. As bikes closer they were chicken abhumans, one bike had a rear passenger. Zorg used sleep destroying two bikes and riders, one bike exploded. Guther one hand on wheel fired his pistolgrip scrap shotgun and peppered a few. One biker threw a moltov and the pillion passenger lashed out a chain at Segal inside. Gunther lost control in shock from fire and the car spun 3 times and halted and the surviving bikers wounded moved on. Put out fire without much harm and looked at the roadkill splatters.Got a bike out of it and some more loot.

Arrived in new town for lunch and rest and car mostly surface burned and ok. Bike needed some scrap and had some bio fuel. Saw a shuttered intact police station and party curious. AParantly kids for 200 hundred years had tried to crack the door codes so they bribed the kids with joints and the wizards went to work code cracking. Gunther did repairs and Segal and Clownette went to look around town.

Finally code cracked and reveled robot desk sergeant within and called it a night.

Started Lv up procedure and the clown got a new mutation giving them a blinding phlegm sneeze and a drippy nose. 

All went well and was nice
My set up efforts were handy but will print out 2 more books 
and a revised players book.

I forgot to use background item table. 

Monday 23 August 2021

Notes For Post Apoc Game Start pt3 Weirder Classes

I have no idea what the above says sorry. I thought it was futuristic.

More quick builds for my game.

I will leave halflings and changelings and gnomes for now till I have a clear idea of

I need to write up the robot again and add more apps and alphabetical....
-explain moving and power limits and stuff better and more apps
-then do golem version with sigils or something and built-in repeating crossbows
Swim bladder/ballast tanks so you can swim
Mutant is very simple really and fine
Need to rewrite my psion list again asap

will be updating this and the last post as needed
-i may add several more classes or just do part 4
-i just want concepts solid before I do them

Gnomes as greys with psionic spells?

Never found a great fit for halflings post apoc but my recent reskins might - even just as beastlings, wee pissweak looking Animorphs. Cannibalism is always a good option but I just want a better rationalisation for them. I did have them as cloned for bunker dwellings and confined underground spaces where less size = more luxury and comfort. Perhaps something like the Novel Non-Stop, halflings returned from the stars too. I dunno

Maybe changelings could be more like The Thing from John Carpenter or as dominator secret psychic infiltrators or pod plant people or liquid metal terminators

Star people returned from space
Before the end times, humans reached for the stars making Eldren colonise the stars. Many left and settled Mars, Luna and various jovian moons and some went further. Sometimes they return from their voyages. Others lived in orbitals and visit the surface. A few dwelled in secret underhill bunkers and shunned the outer world. Some went feral and live in the wilds. Some were used as cattle by Morlocks and were farmed as Eloi and drugged to repress their powers. Seen as beautiful and aloof, many fear them or resent them for surviving the apocalypse unscathed. Others fear the eldren agenda or more coming down.

Feral: +3 Leather +2 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Eloi: none
Space: +5 Mesh (resist bullets and energy without penalty) 
Void: +7 Reflec Plate (1/2 vs bullets and energy) 
Weapons (Arms Skills)
Feral: d6 Machete (Swords) Composite Bow (Archery) 
Eloi: none (unarmed Attack & Unarmed strike)
Space: d4 Dagger (Blades) 2d6 Civilian Laser Pistol 20 shot cell (Handgun) 
Void: d3 Knife (Blades) d8 Spear (Spears)
Arts Skills
Feral: First Aid, Herbalism, Survival
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hide, Nature Lore)
Eloi: Carousing, Grooming, Music Lore
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hide, Flee)
Space: Repair, Pilot-Shuttle, Astro-Lore 
(Bonus Skills: Computer Tech, Energy Weapon Tech,  Life Support Tech)
Void: Bluff, Disguise, Cosmic Lore
(Bonus Skills:  Forgery, Computer Tech, Gate Tech)
Feral: Common S, Ancient S W, Tribal S 
Eloi: Common S, Ancient S W, Morlock S
Space: Common S, Ancient S W Machine S 
Void: Common S Ancient S W Machine S W
Starting Spells
Feral (Druid Spells):
Zero Lv: Berry, Fire-Berry, Herbs, Vermin  
1st Lv: Entangle, Charm Beast, Call Beast, Goodberry
Feral (Arcane Spells):
Zero Lv: Detect Magic, Flavour, Puppetry, Spark
1st Lv: Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile, Sleep
Space (Psionic Spells):
Zero Lv: Cure, Detect Direction, Evil Eye, Open
1st Lv:  Charm Person, Know History, Illusion, Mental Bolt
Void (Divine Spells):
Zero Lv: Cure, Aura, Evil Eye, Scare
1st Lv:  Cure Light Wounds, Deflection, Detect Enemies, Know History  
Feral: Young zero level zero apprentice d4HP AC+3 d6 Bow Skills: Sneak, Hide
Eloi: Young friend level zero d4hp AC+0 Martial Hold Skills: Carousing, Grooming
Space: Young zero level zero Cadet d4HP AC+3 mesh d6slug gun 10 shots 1 chem cell 
Void Elf: Flying Eyeball (basketball size) d4HP AC+3 Fly 24 Skills: Search, Night-Sight 
Plus armour and weapons per type
Feral: simple clothes, hat, 4 days food, fishing kit, first aid kit, flints, stone knife, leather bag
Eloi: fancy outfit, d6 beads necklaces and trinkets, grooming kit, piece of fruit
Space: jumpsuit, com-watch with rad detector and air purity alarm, d4 flares
Void Elf: silver jumpsuit, black business suit with tie, rubber mask, light crystal (floating lamp clips on the belt)

Cannibalistic mutant dwarves of the deeps
Some humans went to the stars others living in deep bunkers and old mines and caves were contaminated but this saved them by allowing them to adapt. Shorter, white-eyed, durable and mechanically proficient they thrived and spread underground taking over bunkers and ruins and using them as bases to kidnap humanoid cattle and slaves. Mistaken often as dangerous beasts they thrive everywhere despite this and are often more advanced. Some Morlocks have come to the surface and lived among mixed communities and no longer want to eat everybody

+5 Chainmail +1 Sheild +1 Helmet (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d4 Dagger (Blades) d6 Handaxe (axes), d6 Musket (Longarms) 
Arts Skills
Mechanical Lore, Mining, Repair
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hide, Steam Tech, Artillery, Drive Transport)
Common S W, Ancient S W Morlock S W 
Young Punk zero level thug d6HP AC+3 d6 Light Crossbow Skills: Mining
Giant Rat d4HP AC+3 d3 bite Skills: Climb, Listen, Smell
Chainmail, helmet, musket, 20 shots, dagger, two hand axes, compass, lantern, hooded cloak, bandoliers, sack, 9m rope, folding spade (as handaxe), mess kit, repair kit, sunglasses 

Abhuman - based on human creations of science & mutation
During the end times, there were massive shortages of labour and troops and the pseudo flesh androids had revolted so animorphic abhumans were made to relieve this shortage. Many survived and many new types were spawned by AI in zoo complexes for various shadowy reasons. Animorphs sometimes split over herbivore vs carnivore or reptiles vs mammals but they will often unite against humans. Some have due to mutation changed to be more or less animal. There were said to be other humanoids made for war or exploring alien worlds but the last most significant type is necroids modified by alien necrovirus into semi undead. Abhumans get level benefits at higher benefits as their abhumanism develops. 

Android: None
Animorph: Leather +3 Sheild +2 (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Necroid: None
Weapons (Arms Skills)
Android d8 Sword (Swords) d6 Light Autorifle 20-shot mag (Longarms) d6 Truncheon (Clubs) 
Animorph d4 Dagger (Blades) d8 Battle-axe (axes), d8 Spear (Spears) 
Necroid d6 Unarmed (Martial Attack, Martial Strike, Martial Hold)
Arts Skills
Android:  Repair, Search, Listen
(Bonus Skills: Drive-Car, Endurance, Warfare Lore)
Animorph: Hide, Search, Survival
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hunting, Tracking)  
Necroid: Smell, Climb, Listen
(Bonus Skills: Search, Track, Taste)
Android Common S W, Ancient S W Machine S W
Animorph Common S W, Tribal S W Animal (your species) S W
Necroid Common S W, Ancient S W Necroid S W
Android: service android d6HP AC+0 d6 Martial Attack & Strike Skill: Grooming   
Animorph: young sibling d6HP AC+3 d8 Battle Axe, Spear Skills: Survival  
Necroid: newly risen d6HP AC d6 Martial Attack & Strike Skill: Climb
Plus armour and weapons per type
Android: binoculars, d6 tubs android food, plastic printed rifle (disintegrates when depleted), jumpsuit or fatigues, boots, sunglasses, camo rain cloak   
Animorph: battleaxe, spear, 2 javelins, dagger, leather armour, d4 days dried food, 4L waterskin  
Necroid: d4 human skulls, d6 chunks of human meat

Horrific monsters devouring way across the wasteland
A mutant humanoid species who as children live among humans until youths at 1st Lv where their teeth grow sharp and the begin to rocket up in height. As they grow taller they exhibit more non human mutations or strange abilities. 

Leather +3 Sheild +3 (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
Maul d10 (Club), d4 Unarmed (Martial Holds) d4 Rock
Arts Skills
Smell, Track
(Bonus Skills: Search, Survival, Listen, Voice)
Common S Tribal S
Young Punk zero level thug d6HP AC+3 d6 Light Crossbow d6 Machete Skills: Climb
Sheep d6HP AC+3 d4 butt+ Charge, Knockback Mov15
Animal hide leather armour, large scrap shield, sack, 4kg wheel of cheese, 2kg ham, 12kg apples, a bag of 20 rocks, piglet 
Minor Mutation
d12 Minor Mutations         
1 Polyps clusters with wiggly tentacles d4
2 Cyclops
3 Horns
4 Hairy (cold resistant)
5 Fingernails +1 unarmed damage
6 Smoke when angry
7 Huge Feet +1 Mov
8 Fangs +1 unarmed damage
9 Long Arms reach ground standing
10 Hump stores a d4 days food, week to regrow 
11 Flatulent
12 Recognise most species by the taste of blood

Mutant - survivors of mutagenic weapons
During the apocalypse, those not enhanced by stabilisation treatments the current ancestors of humans did, were vulnerable to all kinds of mutations. Mutants undergo constant change and can become unrecognisable after a few years. They can survive what makes ordinary people devolve into cancerous lumps. Mutants are often treated poorly and are resentful and suspicious of humans. Many live in shantytowns outside trading posts and many prospects in contaminated zones. There are lots of types of mutation the tables below are simplified quick ones.

+3 Leather +1 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d6 Club (Clubs) d6 Musket (longarms) 2d4 shots, d4 Sling + 20 stones (Slings)
Arts Skills
Search, Survival, Repair
(Hide, Sneak, Mutant Lore)
Feral: Common S, Tribal S, Ancient R
Starting Mutations
Roll one minor and one major mutation
(Con bonus gives you extra major mutation rolls) 
Young zero level zero mutie d6HP AC+3 d6 Club d6 Javelinx1 Skill: Survival  
Leather Armour, small shield, sling, 20 stones, club, knife, hatchet, bag of bones, hide bag, d4 days of bush food, d6kg scrap, Musket, 2d4 shots

d12 Minor Mutations (one)   
1 Polyps clusters with wiggly tentacles d4               
2 Carnivorous or Hemovore (blood)                          
3 Constant runny nose                                            
4 Heart very loud when stressed                            
5 Fingernails +1 unarmed damage                            
6 Fangs +1 unarmed damage                               
7 Huge Feet +1 Mov                                              
8 Sweat constantly like in a fever                            
9 Swallow meal on one gulp
10 Dislike strong light, prefer sunglasses 
11 Hard warty skin +1 AC  
12 Webbed hands and feet +3 Swim 

d12 Major Mutations (1 + Con Bonus Rolls)
1 Tentacle 3m long, extra unarmed att
2 Eye Ray d3+1/Lv once/Lv per day Range 6
3 Gas resistance
4 Disease resistance
5 Poison resistance
6 Slimy body -1 dam/dice from weapon or unarmed
7 Bony plates +3 AC
8 Club or claw hand d8
9 Horns d4 extra unarmed attack
10 Vomit Acid d3+1/Lv 1 range once per Lv per day
12 Poison blood, biters save or d4 damage
     can use to dip arrow tips in blood 1hp/10

Robot - ancient automatons become sentient over centuries
Robots were common at the end times but after a spate of robot hacking terror attacks androids came to take some of their jobs. In the current era robots in the wild can be operating old programs or insane but many have managed to survive. Some serve AI gods and are accepted as such. Some scavengers attack robots for scrap. Robots add new apps to themselves as they rebuild themselves. Some remember where all parts came from.

+1 Shell +2 Sheild (Sheild half vs bullets no use vs energy)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d8 Unarmed Drill (Martial Attack & Martial Strike)  
Arts Skills
Power Tech, Repair, Computer Tech, Robot Tech
(Drive-Car, Engineering, Program Lore)
Feral: Common S W Ancient S W Machine S W
Starting Robot App Modules
Zero Lv: Camera, Drill, Printer, Self Repair
1st Lv:  Fuel Processor (make own fuel with organics)
(Con Bonus Apps: +1 1st Lv Thermal Vision +2 1st Lv Las-Gun +3 2nd Missile)  
Young bot with one wheel level zero d6HP AC+0 d4 Claw d3 Laser Skill: Repair
squeaky shopping trolley, sack with d4 days good leaves for fuel, street sign shield, spare drill bits, d3 empty chem cells, robot tech kit, ancient wind up toy tin robot, cleaning spray, sack of old rags, oil can, repair kit, 3d6 kg of scrap, d4 kg electronic scrap, d6 plastic bag, plastic sheet, 12m plastic rope, d6sp

Saturday 21 August 2021

Notes For Post Apoc Game Start pt2 Basic Classes


So these are post apoc versions of my basic classes modified for this game.
Next nonhumans (I might use less) plus mutant and robot.
I find these help to be a good quickstart for new players and late players or quick replacement characters. They can be changes they are a guideline of a character for speed and learnificating not rules. I gave fewer options in some. Also need to prep and rewrite my psionics spells too and doing this fixed a few bugs in skills and spells. Got a bunch of blank sheets to mess with too.

Priests of the ancient machine gods
Post-apocalyptic priests who operate temples of the ancient computer systems. Many global and local systems exist, some good and some evil. Many AI overlords use agents to meddle in humanity's affairs and impose their strange codes of conduct. Priests have an implant that they use to channel their god's power usually on their palm or forehead if public (or hidden on buttocks or belly button if a secretive cult). This acts as their holy symbol and proof to other worshipers who have the same and is used to cast spells nd use holy powers or enter a temple inner sanctum.

+5 Chainmail & +1 Sheild  +1 Helmet (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d6 Truncheon (Clubs) & d8 Flintlock Pistol (Handgun)
Arts Skills
Computer Tech, Holy Lore, Programer Lore, Repair  
(Bonus Skills: First Aid, Healer, Cyber-Psychology)
Common S W, Ancient W 
Starting Divine Spells
Zero Lv: Alarm, Clean, Cure, Whisper
1st Lv: Cure Light Wounds
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv History +2 1st Lv Identify +3 2nd Lv Hold Person)  
Young zero level initiate d4HP AC +3 leather armour d6 club Skill: Computer Tech, Repair
Chainmail, Shield, Knife, Truncheon, Flintlock Pistol, 20 shots for pistol, Robes, Cape, Hat, Holy Symbol Medalion, Crystal Implant, Tablet & Stylus, Relic Box (old cables, screen wipes, floppy discs, ROM cartridges, punchcards and tapes of old computer files), Static Free Shoes, Jumpsuit, Week of Concentrated Rations, 3d6sp
Options (Gods)
The most detailed gods are:
Colossus god of everything (Lawful) can command robots
Proteus the god of cybernetics (Chaos) can call cherubim like homunculi
Capon god of bioengineering and chicken dinners (Neutral) can call chicken meals
More gods in the Planet Psychon Book

Roguish raiders of ruins
These are common scum who prowl ruins seeking scrap and old tech they can repair or recycle for profit. They rely on skills and cunning and ambush to avoid fights and avoid obstacles. They often form scavenger guilds who look out for each other and operate black markets away from the prying eyes of rulers or law or bullies

+3 Leather Armour (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d6 Machete (Swords) 3d4 Sawn-off Shotgun (Handgun)
Arts Skills
Climb, Bargain, Hide, Lock-Lore, Listen, Repair, Sneak, Trap-Lore
(Bonus Skills: Streetwise, Security-Tech, Mechanical-Lore,
Ambidextrous, Night-Sight, Flee, Sleight)
Common S Guild S  
Young zero level apprentice d4HP AC +3 leather armour d6 knife, skills: Repair, Bargain
Dog d6HP AC+3 d4 bite, skills: Track, Listen, Voice
Giant Rat d4HP AC+3 d3 bite Skills: Climb, Listen, Smell
2 daggers, machete, 4 knives, sawn-off scrap shotgun (one barrel break open to load takes one round), d6 shells, 4L waterskin, day of cheap food, lock picks, 12m rope, tinder box, 12 candles, face mask or wraps, goggles, all-weather coat, leather gloves, padded boots, common clothes, leather armour, hat, pry bar, bandoliers (holds 12 ENC), large sack (holds 12 ENC) 3d6sp
instead of backstabbing can apply damage multiplier and +4 to succeed to
Repair (scrapper) 
First Aid & Healing (Medic)

Wasteland Warrior
Wage war to survive
Warriors who survive in the post-apocalyptic ruins and highways. Tribals survive off the land in outback communities and are able to survive harsh conditions. Raiders are gang members who live by attacking and robbing weaker sedentary communities or travellers. Road warriors drive armed and armoured vehicles for war or sport. Soldier 

+3 Leather & +3 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
+5 Chainmail  +1 Helmet (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
+7 Scrap Plate Armour (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Choose One School)
Tribal: knife, spear, shortbow & 20 arrows, club
(school weapons: Blades, Spears, Archery, Clubs + Alertness & Shoot-into-melee, ) 
Raider: Dagger, Club, Chain, light crossbow 20 bolts
(school weapons: Blades, Clubs, Flails, Crossbows + Entangle & Martial Attack ) 
Roadwarrior: dagger, sawn-off scrap shotgun & d6 shots
(school weapons: Blades, Handgun, Gunnery, Heavy Weapons + Burstfire & Point-blank) 
Soldier:  Musket with 20 shots, bayonet, machete 
(school weapons: Rifle, Machete, Blades, Club + Critical-hit & Armour-Optimise )
Arts Skills
Tribal: Track, Search, Survival
Raider: Beg, Intimidate, StreetwiseRoad
Warrior: Drive Car, Mechanical Lore, Repair 
Soldier: Kingdom Lore, Looting, Search
(Bonus Skills: Critical-hit, Expert Weapon, Blackpowder, Firearms Tech,
First Aid, Spot, Listen, Quickdraw)
Common S, Tribal S 
Dog d6HP AC+3 d4 bite, skills: Track, Listen, Voice
Young zero level punk d4HP AC +3 leather armour d6 machete, skills: Repair, Streetwise
Equipment (3d6sp each)
Plus armour and weapons per type
Tribal: fishing kit, 4L waterskin, 6m rope, hatchet, 4 days dried food, d4 days fresh food
Raider: face paint, piercings, tattoos, d4 days mystery dried meat, incendiary, lighter
Road Warrior: broken car with no fuel, goggles, leather jacket, pipe bomb, lighter
Soldier: binoculars or telescope, 1L canteen, a bottle of beer, dog tags, notebook 

Wizards who hack occult powers from beyond
Post-apocalyptic wizards manipulate the worldwide teleportation array and other systems to do their bidding. Having brain implants that tap into these networks they run spell programs they upload and the process of casting them scrubs the spell data from memories requiring the be uploaded again usually from the wizard's tablet or other media such as floppy discs or ROM cartridges. Most fear this power as it may offend the gods 

Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d6 Staff (Staves) 
Arts Skills
Computer Tech, Arcane Lore, Flee, Forbidden Lore
(Bonus Skills: Alchemy, Familiar Bond, Ancient Lore, First Aid, Healer, Quick Cantrip)
Common S W, Ancient S W Machine S
Starting Arcane Spell Book
Zero Lv: Acid, Alarm, Brimstone, Cauterise, Detect Magic, Evil Eye, Read Magic
1st Lv: Charm Person, Sleep, Identify, Magic Missile
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Know History +2 1st Lv Illusion +3 2nd Lv Web)  
Possibly A Familiar
Young zero level student d4HP AC d6 staff Skills: Computer Tech, Flee
Robe, Hat, Tablet & Stylus, Pipe & Tobacco, knife, staff, d4 Firecrackers, Lighter, Flashlight with one flat chem cell, a bottle of vodka, d4 kg electronic scrap, backpack, 3d6sp
Options (Alternate Spell Book)
Book of Fire:
Zero Lv: Brimstone, Candle, Cauterise, Detect Magic, Heat, Ignite, Read Magic
1st Lv: Burning Hands, Fiery Eyes, Identify, Protection from Fire
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Elemental-Burst +2 1st Lv Light +3 2nd Lv Elemental-Ray) 
Book of Air:
Zero Lv: Bubbles, Alarm, Detect Magic, Spark, Read Magic, Whisper
1st Lv: Comprehend Language, Feather Fall, Identify, Shocking Grasp
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Ventriloquism +2 1st Lv Elemental Burst +3 2nd Lv Levitate) 
Book of Earth:
Zero Lv: Constitution, Detect Magic, Filth, Flatulence, Strength, Read Magic
1st Lv: Grease, Elemental-burst, Spiderclimb, Identify
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Arcane Sprint +2 1st Lv Hold Portal +3 2nd Lv Stinking Cloud) 
Book of Water 
Zero Lv: Acid, Detect Magic, Chill, Flavour, Icicle, Read Magic
1st Lv: Fog Cloud, Elemental burst, Floating Disc, Identify
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Arcane Swim +2 1st Lv Mask +3 2nd Lv Ice Knife) 
Book of Death
Zero Lv: Detect Magic, Open, Read Magic, Shape Smoke, Snuff, Vermin
1st Lv: Darkness, Identify, Skeletal Servant, Sleep
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Invisible Servant +2 1st Lv Know History +3 2nd Lv False Life) 

Psionic bards 1wandering the wastes with news and tales
Post-apocalyptic bards whose brains have been modified with implants to make them psionic using secret laboratories operated by the secret bard brotherhoods. They travel spreading hope and messages and are popular in camps and inns as guests. Often can busk for money and food to survive.

+3 Leather, +1 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d8 Flintlock (Handguns) 
Arts Skills
Bluff, Gossip, Music-Lore (Guitar), Performance 
(Bonus Skills: Beg, Sleight, Forgery, Ancient Lore, First Aid, Flee, Healer)
Common S W, Ancient S W Machine S
Starting Psionic Spells
Zero Lv: Cure, Puppetry, Stun, Evil Eye  
1st Lv: Know History, Charm-Person, Regenerate Wounds, Sleep
Young zero level student d4HP AC d3 knife Skills: Music Lore, Flee +1 instrument
Robe, Hat, Cigarettes, leather jacket, knife, guitar, Lighter, a bottle of whiskey, sixpack of beer, Sunglasses, d6 novelty t-shirts, d4 chocolate bars, electric guitar with built-in amp takes 4 chem cells for 24-hour full volume & tough enough to be used as shield or club

Holy druidic healing the wasteland and mutant ecology
Post-apocalyptic druids implanted with elements within their flesh by great AI god Gaea or her servants. Natural philosopher hermits who mediate between nature and civilisation. Spells affect living things like plants and animals and processes of growth and reproduction. Sometimes druids help humans live with dangerous beasts and plants but sometimes druids make monsters if locals are too prolific for druid schemes. Druids besides using nature magic can shapeshift.

+3 Leather, +1 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Dagger (Blades) d6 Machete (Swords) 
Arts Skills
Healer, Beast Handling, Herbalism, First Aid   
(Bonus Skills: Folk Lore, Survival, Nature Lore, Ancient Lore, Plant Lore, Beast Lore)
Common S W, Bird S, Dog S, Cat S,
Starting Psionic Spells
Zero Lv: Berry, Fire-Berry, Herbs, Vermin  
1st Lv: Entangle, Charm Beast, Call Beast, Goodberry
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Beast Speech +2 1st Lv  +3 2nd Lv ESP)  
Young zero level student d4HP AC+3 d4 sickle Skills: First Aid, Herbalism
Wallaby d4HP AC+3 Mov24 skills: Scouting, Jumping, Flee
Young Dingo d6HP AC+3 d4 bite Mov15 skills: Track, Listen, Hunting
Kookerburra d4HP AC+3 d3 Peck Fly 36 skills: Spot, Listen, Voice
Robe, Hat, sickle, staff, machete, dagger, knife, small sheild, leather armour, herb pouch (20 doses), first aid kit, bandages, camping mess kit, large pot, herbal tea, mushrooms, pipe, week dried food, 4L waterskin, tobacco, bindle cloth, bird seed
Pick one animal form 

Travelling savants, masters of martial arts 
These are loners wandering the wastes but somehow get mixed up in local problems and conflicts. Some end up spies, pit fighters, bodyguards and duelists yet they are also able scholars or anything they set their mind too. Most just want to be alone to study and train. Some study in secret schools, dojos and monasteries if a master accepts them. By serving these secret masters they may gain more implants and gain supernatural seeming powers. Many shun violence but others just live to fight.


Weapons (Arms Skills)
pick one specialist weapon +1 hit damage initiative and hit magic
d6 Unarmed (Martial Strike & Martial Attack) d8 Katana (Swords)
2d4 9mm Automatic Pistol 20 shot mag (Handgun) 
Arts Skills
Acrobatics, Running, Search, Wallrunning
(Bonus Skills: Dodge, Critical-Hit, Stun, Streetwise, Escapology, Jumping)
Ambidextrous, Night-Sight, Flee, Sleight, Survival)
Common S W, Ancient W
Young zero level apprentice d4HP AC +10, Unarmed d4 skills: Martial Strike, Beg, Running 
light clothes, long raincoat, holster belt for 9mm pistol and ammo, Machete, small pack, leg and arm wrappings, iron pot, tea, d4 dried noodle meals, bowl, cup, 2 scrap knuckle dusters

Sorcerous masters of mysterious mentalism
These wasteland sorcerers have been implanted with strange psionic implants that let them tap into the powers of the various AI gods that control every aspect of reality. Unlike wizards, they don't forget spells but can channel energy through the implants that grow within them. As they don't require the brain-frying discipline of wizards they tend to be more lazy, self-indulgent and prone to starting personality cults or scams to rip off communities or both. In between living lives of vice, they often end up broke and on the move. Some prefer to keep moving and never look back. 

Weapons (Arms Skills)
d4 Dagger (Blades) 2d4 Revolver 6+d6 bullets (Handgun) 
Arts Skills
Alchemy, Bluff, Evil Eye, Psionic Lore
(Bonus Skills: Flee, Hold Breath, Cryptography, Forgery, Fortune Teller, Quack Healer, Sleight, Shun Materials, Shun Sight)
Common S W  
Starting Psionic Spells
Zero Lv: Cure, Detect Direction, Evil Eye, Open
1st Lv:  Charm Person, Know History, Illusion, Mental Bolt
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Comprehend Language +2 Fear 1st Lv  +3 2nd Lv Hold Person)  
Young zero level student d4HP AC+3 d3 knife Skills: Bluff, Beg
Robes, fancy hat, fake beard and moustache, d6 silk coloured scarves, d6 bottles of fake potions, d6 luck charms, deck of cards, bottle of good wine, sunglasses, holy journal, crystal wand, big leather-bound holy looking book (possibly a phonebook or legal text)

Notes For Post Apoc Game Start pt1 Skills

I've been using my dnd homebrew for various post apoc games, metamorphosis alpha and gammaworld, and mixing adventures from many games. So as Im running 2 games as a guest dm of my broken hill game I thought I would make some quickstart character set ups. So my current homebrew has example "builds" covering classic elfgame class tropes so I thought id do some versions for my post apoc game but first more skills to help players destroy the universe. Im open to weird tech specialities.

Skills - extra ones for setting
older skills of repair, mechanical lore, engineering all still useful

Heavy Weapons - missiles, machineguns, fixed weapons
Artillery - use long-range
Gunnery - use weapons built into a vehichle or turreted weapon

Atomic Lore - physics, radiation and operate high energy power plants & equipment

Astro Lore - space navigation, astronomy and knowledge of space exploration

Bio Lore
 - biology, botany, zoology, anatomy
-Clone Lore - for vat growing clones or organs in a lab or factory or using a bioprinter
-Gene Lore - repairing or modifying genetic material, making abhumans or monsters
-Germ Lore - cure diseases and using germ weapons

Chem Lore - basic chemistry
-explosive lore - make explosives from natural materials or cleaning supplies
-acid lore - make and handle dangerous corrosives for traps, weapons or industry
-poison lore - make or treat dangerous poison
-gas lore - aerosolize other chemicals for traps or warfare
-metal lore - identify and refine metal and ancient advanced non-metallic materials
-drug lore - make narcotics and medicine
-fuel lore - produce refined or distilled fuel from various materials

Program Lore
 - write program code to direct or operate machines in new ways
-Artificial Intelligence - expert at dealing with or making AI
-Robotics - an expert with programming robotic systems
-Cybersecurity - defend or breach computer security
-Cyberpsychology - negotiate, help and analyse robots, cyborgs and AI

Psionic Lore - knowledge of psionic abilities and mentalism

-Bicycle - pedal-powered bikes, skilled can go faster for longer
-Cycle - include various motorbikes, speeders, hoverbikes, monobikes
-Car - standard personal groundcars, hovercars, skimmers and light transports
-Transport - operate heave industrial, military or exploration vehicles some with tracks
-Walker - operate scout, industrial or military walker vehicles or giant robots

-Aircar - covers most personal atmospheric jets, prop planes and other flyers
-Airship - operate lighter than air vehicles like scrap blimps or huge ancient transports
-Copter - rotary-winged vehicles like helicopters
-Drone - remote control various drone scouts, transports, missiles or weapon platforms
-Flight Pack - personal jet packs, rocket packs, anti-gravity belts
-Glider - operate hang-gliders, purpose-built gliders or non-powered flying craft
-Marine - various powered seagoing vessels from personal to transport
-Shuttle - planet to orbital or orbital to lunar space shuttles and re-entry vehicles
-Ultralight - cheap, fragile, easily packaged light flyers often built of scrap

Tech Lore
-Aerospace Tech - repair aircraft, near-earth orbit flyers and space shuttles
-Android Tech - repair and operate android pseudo-biological systems and make android food
-Antigrav Tech - repair and operate anti gravitic systems
-Computer Tech - operate, repair and assemble computers

-Coms Tech - communication technology including radio, laser, wireless and other systems
-Construction Tech - use fabrication machinery to build items from guns to buildings
-Cyborg Tech - expert on cyborgs and human-machine interface. Instal minor implants with surgery and major ones with med-tech
-Energy Weapons - familiar with advanced energy weapons repairs
-Exosuit Tech - wear, operate, repair and modify powered suits and armour
-Firearm Tech - familiar with scrap built and printed cartridge-based firearms
-Forcefield Tech - repair forcefields, force blades and other related systems
-Life Support Tech - maintain and repair bunker or space life support systems
-Med Tech - operate advanced medical equipment
-Nanotech - operate and evade sensors and scanners
-Power Tech - generate, distribute and store energy by various means, recharge cells
-Robot Tech - repair and build robots
-Security Tech - operate and evade installation of electronic security and alarms
-Sensor Tech - operate and evade sensors and scanners
-Steam Tech - repair and operate steam-powered machinery
-Transmat Tech - teleportation technology
-Transport Tech - repair and operate industrial and personal vehicles & loaders
-Warp Tech - portal and warp drive technology 

Thursday 19 August 2021

Silver City Locations

Finished several drafts and one of three editing projects. So will have a few products ready to sell properly. Also submitting some stuff to some zines. Knock 2 out with adventure of mine which is neat. 

Silver City is a reclaimed portion of the southern ruins, comprising of the inner city where these locations are vs the outer city a walled-off area where farmers and settlers are reclaiming land.

d10 Quick Types Silver City Locations
01 Food - not always using stated ingredients due to seasonal variations
02 Drinks - beverages some served for centuries
03 Hotels - accommodation and other activities
04 Vice - speciality vice dens
05 Armourers - guns, bullets, armour, weapons
06 Farming - for agricultural customers
07 Mechanics - machinists and craftsman
08 Relics & Technology - ancient goods
09 Specialty - various useful experts
10 Warlord - 

d100 Silver City Locations
Any of these places may need work fetching stuff, collecting debts, security
01 Saucy Sausage - sausage sizzle with bread, greasy onion and sauce
02 Silver City bakery - pies, pasties, sausage rolls, bread, sticky buns, vegemite rolls
03 Salty's Stewpot - a great pot of gruel been cooking for a hundred years
04 Silver City Stir Fry - various wok cooked meals with rice, noodles, sauce, meat and veg
05 Ancient Delicatestant - selling recovered ancient packaged foods and drinks
06 Kaiser Kebab - hot Turkish shishkebab, falafel, hot chips, pide, sweet pastry 
07 Hot Chips & Burgers - hamburgers, hotdogs, fried chicken
08 Pancake Hut - selling pancakes, hot tea, bush honey
09 Southern Cross Cafe - soup, roast meat, pie floaters, sausage & mash, sandwiches
10 Silver City Rotary Chicken - roast chicken and middle eastern chicken salads 
11 Water King - selling water in three grades to suit your price
12 Juice Bar - fruit, juice, cider and various sweet drinks from ancient concentrates
13 Coffee Pot - come in roast acorn and Queensland coffee beans imported
14 Silver City Milk Bar - selling milk drinks and sodas and icecream
15 Silver Tea House - selling various teas and herbal drinks some claim medicinal
16 Prospectors Saloon Bar - bar for explorers and looters from ruins, many also trade goods here and gossip
17 Blackblood's Whiskey Bar - former raider, now attracts rough types, merks, gang members, fights break out lots its a feature not a problem with patrons. Occasionally gunfighters meet here to kill each other
18 Red Rose Saloon - with strippers and gambling 24-hours a day
19 Bluey's Bar - inherited from her dad, Jane Doe runs the place her way and has the most women customers in town. A few trouble makers get killed intruding here monthly
20 The Irish Arms - a proper pub with vomit gutters around the bar and the cheapest grog in town with plenty of drinking contests, darts and a pool table
21 DeSade Hotel - full of rubber clad gang members, with cages, chains and sound proof rooms and basement cells. Electronic music only
22 Warriors Welcome Hotel - in for gang members and raiders that puts on a feast nightly followed by lots of men drunkenly fighting for money in a pit while punters place bets
23 Country Women's Association Hostel - a women-only hotel with country meals
24 Merrick's Friends Hotel - mutant hotel for those shunned in other hotels, craped, dark and smelly but safe 
25 Queen Kylie Hotel - a posh hotel with a dress code and servants for visiting tourists. Plundered with fittings from several historic hotels with many paintings and colonial-era relics 
26 Dropbear Inn - a modest hostel for travelling families, pilgrims and honest professional folk, no late entry or exits, no guests, no frivolity or high spirits, multi-faith religious artwork everywhere
27 Crown Hotel - with its own brewery, brothel, casino and quality rooms as long as you have the money otherwise expect to be murdered. Family owners believe they run the town
 and can do as they please. Beer is considered clean but weak as piss, they say
28 Silver Star Inn - owned by the Silver City Rangers, a vigilante club tolerated by the warlord. Good counter meals, polite, live sober country music on a jukebox, wild western-themed art. Troublemakers die quickly here. Visiting VIPs and wary travellers stay here having heard of the club. They patrol trade routes and main roads between town and the ruins and help travellers. Serve huge steaks and run a radio station
29 Merchantmans Hotel - preferred hotel of merchants owned by the Silver City Traders Association. Good service and VIP rooms and dining for extra fees
30 Mutant Camel Hotel - full of ferals, punks, hippies and others with music every night and copious drugs and alcohol and no nazi policy. Vegetarian meals only from
 pizza oven or various curry or dhal meals. They don't mind mutants and tribals and publish the Humble Bean full of vegetarian recipes, rave events, spiritual medicine and farm timps 
31 Wanda's Massage - a busy, quick turnover joint for sex workers of all types. Wanda is tired, smokes and is unflappable, enter at own risk
32 Pot O Gold Ranch for Rascals - specializes in the sexual needs of prospectors and fleecing them of everything with a casino room and lots of grog and drugs
33 The Doom Dome - a huge fighting pit with a cage on top where over a hundred can watch fights for money and place bets on several levels with VIP rooms with windows in the pit
34 Valhalla Motor Club - clubhouse for motorheads from road gangers, to the Warlords motor pool and various mechanics fans. Loud bands, lots of booze, feasts, with valkyrie strippers and lots of drugs available. Has own large garage where many leave their wheels while in town. Turning into a cult rapidly
35 Hellfire Club - Satan's Pleasure Pit with gambling, prostitutes, strippers, sadism, drugs, blood rituals, duelling but only for the wealthy with themed fantasy and ritual basement rooms
36 Sexbot Funhouse - where various sexual robots and androids are rented out in rooms by the hour, the less intact the cheaper
37 Frankies Freakhouse - brothel for mutant sex workers, has several discrete entries and exits as many don't want to be seen coming here. A few murders happen here a week due to psychotic clients cracking up. Many want it closed as unclean
38 Sleepy Dragon Opium Den - where servants can keep you high for days in a drug stupor, with some VIP rooms with lavish decor from ancient Asian restaurants
39 Doc Chronics Weed Store - where locals buy and sell dope and bongs traded over the  continent
40 Love Shack - seedy shop selling ancient sex toys, drugs, videos, holotapes and have rooms with pay per view dancers. Open late for the local creeps 
41 Scrappy's Armoury - uncle crappy has a shed, tools and piles of scrap and he sells scrap built armour, hand weapons and pipe guns but no ammo
42 Black Powder Canteen - sells gunpowder, primer, muskets and flintlocks, cast iron grenades with lit fuses and various archaic speciality tools and containers, limited powder stock is on shelves most is made to order off sight
43 Dynamite Joe's - sells dynamite and nitro to licenced miners registered to the warlord and here buyer issued a chit that can be exchanged for explosives outside of the town gates
44 Haberk's Armoury - a fine old gent makes quality scrap armour and ballistic fibre armour made from mutant seedpods. Sells crossbows also and quarrels and archery supplies
45 Mongo's Weapons - makes various vicious-looking hand weapons and trades in second-hand firearms and has some assorted ammo
46 Dozy & Janx Ammo Shoppe - sells cased ammo made by quality robot labour and also do some robot repairs. They also help supply the Warlords troops and operate under his licence. They can make various sug gun rounds and pre energy weapon small arm rounds
47 Nazzer's Guns & Glory - selling lots of secondhand scrap weapons, muskets and pipeguns and b-grade ammo
48 Dr Armatiges Advanced Weapon Systems - or better known as laser-hut, this attractive scientist (or the Laser Lady) deals in ancient electrically fired guns and energy weapons. Customers communicate by a slot and an intercom but trusted VIP guests may get to see the labs and storeroom. She has several intimidating abhuman, mutant and robot guards. May offer advice on other ancient security. Sometimes if business slow she prints a bunch of disposable plastic pistols and rifles that break after emptying their magazines
49 Survival Suppliers Inc - sell army surplus lotted from the ruins including clothes, tents, sleeping bags, mess kits, ancient rations and few fanciful pre-modern swords and armour. Lots of rope, backpacks, fishing gear and camping gadgets. Has rack of replica 20thc hunting rifles and shotguns made by the owner in the basement while his family run the store. Includes a panic room in the cellar with a bank vault door. Occasionally has a high calibre scrap rifle for sale 
50 Wasteland Weapons - made from scrap materials but refined into skillfully made balanced and attractive weapons. Lots of bosses like to shop here so often keeps some flintlock pistols, a few revolvers and sometimes a broken laser pistol
51 Farmers Food Co-Op - where small farmers trade and sell food from local market gardens
52 Bush Tucker Supply - kangaroo and bushmeat with native desert herbs, tubers and yams
53 Seed Store - spare seed sold here for settling farmers, sometimes its closed for weeks
54 Trifrond Holdings - where trifrond plants are processed into oil, plastic, medicine and food in big cauldrons, with pens where plants are held before slaughter
55 Mushroom Barn - grown in a farm in underground tunnels under store, often problem mutant bugs dig in and eat crops
56 Silver City Brewery - the favoured larger brewery in town and the biggest. Wagons come and go constantly and there are warehouses for stores, brew vats and ceramics areas to make clay bottles and press to make labels for export. Visitors can get a tour and sample and there is a bar only open for 4pm-6pm where workers drink till they vomit after work
57 Clayton Farms Groceries - wide range of superior grown food and meat with refrigeration, everything here costs double but is bigger and better looking. Other backward farmers hate this store
58 Bishop Meats - a butcher shop and slaughterhouse that brings in livestock from best country rances within 4 days travel. Also makes sausages and smallgoods and has the biggest industrial meat grinder in town
59 Farm Store - sells tools and livestock and feed for farmers who hang around gossiping lots, sells a few pipe guns and some ammo. Publishes local stock journal
60 Rural Outfitters - sells farmer clothes, farm equipment and fencing supplies with some seasonal home produce and a collection of farming books. Also operate farmers radio
61 Moloch's Engine Shop - repairs and sale of various motors, generators and parts with a large scrap heap and warehouse, will work on other machinery too 
62 Farm Mechanic - repairs and sells agricultural machines made from scrap and old farm robots
63 The Bike Shop - sells pushbikes, scooters and trailers and trolleys, piles of scrap and bike bodies, a popular choice of transport for poor
64 Buggy Barn - sells and repairs and builds buggy and scout and subcompact vehicles
65 Real Bike Factory - sells motorbikes for the tough set like raiders and gang members, no wimps allowed in store, must have gang or warlord colours
66 Offroad Supply - sells and repairs scrap built 4wd trucks and SUV and jeep type vehicles
67 Tyre Shop - make new tires and recycle old ones as well as keep piles of old ones in mounds some sold as building or craft materials
68 Auto Salvage - yards and warehouses of vehicle scrap and bodies
69 Automotive Murder Supply - build and equip cars approved by warlord with armour and weapons
70 Trader Repair & Transport - a scrapyard specialising in vehicles for traders including wagons and livestock to pull them. Also work with post office and passenger services via wagon or bus once a week to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney. The trips are hazardous and long
71 Radio Supply - com systems, scraps and part
72 Electronic Scrap & Parts - electronic scrap yard who buy and sell by kilo, some parts melted for materials and foul vapours fill the workyards
73 Robot Supply - robot repairs and parts
74 Hot Circuits Computers - mostly personal devices like tablets, laptops and tabletop terminals. Has built some bigger systems from private clients by consultation
75 Battery King - recharge cells and sometimes sell them. Can repair power systems but reluctant to travel
76 Minerals & Metallurgy - identify and deal in precious metals, test soils for minerals or poison
77 Pawn & Loan Mart - deals in loans for high tech so some good items end up for sale here
78 Smith Biotech Forge - operates a variety of ancient clone vats and bioprinters but it keeps breaking down. Mostly does secret work for the Warlord and bioprints modified seeds for post-apocalypse soils to keep farms going or grow dangerous plants for defence
79 Exploratory Research - lab outfit where scientists buy mysterious and strange tech, hire explorers to search certain sites for them, wary if adventurers too smart or understand tech
80 Dotty's Maps - various maps of the new Silver city and ruins, sells sections of city maps, collects new information on city areas. Actually, Dotty is the town planner and has a bodyguard who works for and informs the Warlord 
81 Doc Blumpkin All Hours Medical - drunk first aid and surgery, no guarantees
82 Barber Store - also dentistry, first aid, surgery
83 Medicare Clinic - VIP clinic with advanced medical tech, automeds, and robot surgeons, operate medical radio service and hope to restore flying doctors service 
84 Silver City Skool - where VIP and talented children are trained in basic skills to improve society. The poor students are bullied and exploited by the rich ones. Also, run a school of the air and post-exercise books yearly to outlying stations
85 Silver City Sentinel Newspaper - daily broadsheet with news, announcements, advertising and gossip, fully approved by warlord unlike other publications
86 Silver City Museum - with plundered displays from tourist attractions and various relics that faction experts study for science in the back rooms. Publish the Golden AgeJournal about the wonders of the past
87 TAB - betting office concerning sports and battle kill results and fights. Also sports clubs use this to plan timetables and seasons so people can play more sports without conflict. Publish sports mag Razzlers Sports. Race associations and sportclubs use this for meetings
88 Silver City Traders Association - where the leading council of merchants and shopkeepers deal with matters around inner-city markets and operate 
89 Fire Department - use fire carts for inner-city and have several trucks for bigger fires in the walled city or nearby farms. They also run ambulances and emergency services and operate a radio station with warnings and safety tips 
90 Prospectors Union - protection guild for prospectors, scavengers and looters. Occasionally argue with the warlords edicts. Operate prospector radio and scrappers newspaper
91 Post Office & Telegrams - send packages, letters and wireless messages long distance on trade routes. Runs a news radio station about the warlords orders and warning to enemies
92 Deeds & Titles - property registration for land inside the walls or claims on ruins or mines and registering special equipment to price ownership - also see 98
93 Silver City Citizen Registry - citizens can update their records and yearly citizen fees here
94 Silver City Sherrif - law officers who keep peace inside walls, call on barracks for warlord soldiers if help needed or firearms involved, issue most wanted magazine for local bounties
95 Silver City Prison - where valued citizens are kept to punish them instead of exile or execution, most prisoners cooperate 
96 Silver City Casino - the biggest casino in a city run by the warlord, largest VIP areas and dining and rooms. Warlords crew everywhere inside
97 Warlords Barracks - where warlords troops train, sleep and a recruitment centre
98 Warlords Salvage & Taxation - prospectors are to bring advanced tech here where the warlords tax-techs trade it for lower value items as tax
99 Warlords Motor Pool - Where the warlord's bikers, roadwarriors and truck convoys are based from with a few busses for group transport
100 Warlords Palace - a fortress in the inner wall overlooking the city with advanced computers and a private bunker beneath it. A dungeon level for dangerous enemies and interrogations part of the bunker. The city wireless networks are monitored from here and rumour says the Warlord has an AI