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d100 Servants for Hire

These are for zero level hirelings, mostly young and not too important and looking for paid work. They are desperate with minimal skills and property, having lost jobs in bad circumstances.They often beg for work around bridges, gates and markets. Some cities have specific squares. Many will try adventuring at least once.

These could be for starting characters or hirelings.
Most will work for a few copper a day or food and board
I might revise one day with more details but for now it works
All should have a quote and skills

Typical Zero Level Commoners

Commoner zero level has 1 or 2 non weapon skills and a d4 HP
Man at arms 
zero level has a weapon skill and a non weapon skill and a d6 HP
Magic commoner has one non weapon skill and a d3 cantrips
Some commoners, especially young have no skills

d12 Why are they looking for work?

1 Last master was a crook and a cheat
2 Last master was violent and cruel
3 Last master was a sexual pervert
4 Master was gambler murdered over bad debts

5 Master was a drunk and found floating in river
6 Master got a better servant and abandoned you
7 Master sold everything and abandoned staff
8 Master said they were lazy and useless
9 Master wanted them to marry a relative or friend
10 Master accused them of theft
11 Master had different religion possibly a cult
12 Master was criminal  

d10 Basic Type
1 Employed urchin

2 Common landless country serf
3 Young townsfolk servant
4 Criminal class outcaste
5 Townsfolk class
Merchant class
7 Warrior class
8 Church class
9 Learned class
10 Courtly class

Common desperate urchins
1 Pole boy
keen to see a real dungeon "cor i'd love to see a bugbear"
has a ten foot pole from last employer

2 Candle bearer
"i wont leave you in the dark sir"
box of 12 candles and a tinderbox 

3 Lamp bearer 
"gee i hope i dont see any blood sir"
bottle of oil, lamp, tinderbox 

4 Porter 
"don't mind me I can keep up miss"

5 Rope carrier 
"I can climb all day sir"
with bundle of 18m rope and a grappling hook, climb skill

6 Tunnel runner
"Im not afraid of the dark Miss"
climb and listen skill used to dark and sewers, filthy clothes 

7 Apprentice adventurer teen
"i'll stab em Mister"
with a dagger and d6 torches and a sack, d6HP

9 Beggar
"I can keep an eye on things for a few coins"
Streetwise and begging skills, bowl and d6 cp

10 Torchbearer
"my fire will  light the way"
with six torches and tinder box

2 Common landless country serf
1 Herder
used to animals & outdoors
one simple instrument, stick, sling and a runt baby goat or lamb

2 Farm hand
experienced with hard rural labour - endurance skill
sack and a d4 days of food

3 Hunter experienced with wilderness travel
survival and a missile weapon d6HP

4 Wood cutter good with outdoors
bundle of wood, hatchet d6HP

5 Prospector
good with digging, dark pits and mineral identification
pick, pan, backpack, mining skill

6 Fruit picker
sack and pruning sheers and a days food

7 Gleaner picks food left in fields and wool on fences
good at spotting stuff, has a sack 

8 Horse groom
has set of brushes and a bucket

9 Dog Handler
can groom and care for dogs has hunting dog

10 Bird catcher
can throw rocks and nets and sticks at small birds

3 Townsfolk servant
1 Crier
reads aloud messages or announces approach of employer 

2 Guide
knows streets well and where best 
vice is from
3 Groom
cares for clothing, hair and makeup of employer

4 Footman
has a uniform from household and a wig and hat

5 Coach servant
attends passengers and carries baggage

6 Kitchen servant
has a knife and a hat and apron

7 Privy keeper
has a chamber pot and a toilet brush

8 Chamber servant
has uniform, bar of soap and a brush

9 Gardner
looks after estate house garden productive, trowel and a bag

10 Laborer
has a sack and a days food and beer

4 Criminal class outcaste
1 Pick pocket 
2 Charletan
sells coloured faux potions

3 Gambler
has deck of cards and dice

4 Grifter
Sleight of hand street shows and con artist

5 Scout for house burglar
sneak skill

6 Lookout
worked for a gang, spot skill

7 Street gang kid with sling and knife
8 Smuggler apprentice
knows sneak and hide

9 Apprentice assassin
knows disguise and dagger

10 Number runner
delivers money to bookies and sells lucky numbers 

5 Townsfolk class
1 Messenger

takes messengers and delivers packages
2 Apprentice baker
with bag of flower, rolling pin and d6 buns
3 Apprentice tailor
with sewing kit
4 Apprentice butcher
with old clever and bloody apron
5 Apprentice smith
with hammer and apron
6 Musician
can play and owns one type and a suit for performing in
7 Aprentice potter
has a d6 reject pots in a sack
8 Apprentice carpenter
with saw and carving knife
9 Apprentice mason
with hammer, apron, chisel and gloves
10 Fisher folk
with reel of line, hooks and a d6 fish in a bucket

Merchant class
Shopkeepers assistant
often with specialty skill from shop type

2 Dock worker
gloves and a bailing hook, endurance skill

3 Storehouse worker
stores and retrieves goods in store house
4 Watcher
who keeps ware houses and docks free of criminals, has a club d6HP

5 Street seller
sells goods on streets for a merchant, streetwise and a sack

6 Bar staff 
with pewter tankard and bottle of beer7 Driver
with a small donkey cart and donkey

8 Donkey teamster
pack donkey and saddle bags

9 Sailor
marine travelers may operate a ship, can swim
has a whale tooth, a tattoo and dagger

10 Oarsman
drudge below deck oarsman who learn boating and endurance

7 Warrior class
1 Battlefield gleaner
skilled at rapid looting

2 Squire
cares for your weapon and mount

3 Camp teamster
looks after camp and tents 

4 Armourer
for field repairs

5 Weapon smith
for field repairs

6 Archer
has a self bow, 20 arrows and a dagger, good scouts and hunters

Spear man
has wicker shield and spear and dagger, good at guarding

8 Slinger
skilled with sling and has bag of 20 rocks, good at camping

9 Shield Bearer
has a shield and a club

10 Sapper
expert at digging trenchers mostly, has a trench tool

8 Priest class
 Humble acolyte
beginner in priesthood with holy symbol and book

2 Templar initiate
with mace and wicker shield

3 Monk or nun initiate
robe and holy symbol

4 Country friar
simple robe, wood holy symbol and jug of wine

5 Initiate druid
sickle and bunch of mistletoe

6 Student bard
learning poetry and play instrument

7 Pilgrim
visiting holy places with holy symbol, crude map and d4 holy souvenirs

8 Religious artisan
makes and decorates religious buildings and objects

9 Flagellant
used to outdoors, has a hand flail and crude wooden holy symbol

10 Missionary
collecting money for holy war, begging bowl and holy symbol

9 Learned class
literate, numerate and comes with writing set, wax tablets and reed stylus

2 Librarian assistant
literate with a d4 damaged old scrolls

3 Apprentice glassblower
with d4 glass bottles, gloves and apron

4 Apprentice apothecary
d4 doses of healing drugs and bandages

Apprentice herbalist
d4 doses of healing herbs, pipe and smoking herbs 

6 Apprentice alchemist
d3 stolen recipes for minor potions
Apprentice sorcerer
knife, d3 bottles or wine, dose of black lotus resin

8 Apprentice healer
bandages, hammer, saw, knife, bloody apron

9 Apprentice astrologer
chart of constellations and journal
10 Apprentice wizard
book with known cantrips

10 Ruling class
1 Beadle
two serving a bailiff who serves local magistrate, have a club and uniform
2 Page
serving nobles and learning etiquette

3 Concubine
lover of a noble good at carousing

4 Eunuch harem guard
two handed weapon like a halberd or sword

5 Chariot tender or stable groom
tends horse, repairs stuff, runs along side master with spear as escort

6 Cup bearer
serves drinks to nobles has a tasking skill to find poison and drinking skill

7 Food taster
checks food not poison with skills in taste and eating

8 Standard bearer
holding banner up all day

journal with calendar and seasonal chore notes
10 Companion
servant and confidant of real noble, often good at carousing

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