Sunday 31 March 2019

3Fold Dungeons

So 3fold flyers is the in thing for dungeons and so i gave it a go. I'm pretty impressed and will try and do one a month and one of my regular format zines. I did a extra zine but possibly I did it just to annoy certain ppl so I wont flash it about too much. But I have next lot of Patreon things done beside two items I recently launched. My enthusiasm for books is a bit broken at the moment as I'm really not enjoying editing my own work as for every thing I edit that could be 10 new things. Id rather operate like a dyslexic Jack Kerouac than take the time to be "professional". 

So my Frog Zine will be public in the future some time. I'm already working on my next one which is half done I just need to sort out the monster lair bit.

Hopefully when life is stable and I can visit conventions properly I can set up a stall of zines and 3folds and some hard covers and shirts.


  1. Yeah, very good, is that on your Patreon? Might go well with Temple of the Bat Serpent.

    1. soonish
      i need them edited

      ive done 6 all up and a seventh putting all of them on a wilderness hex map. Might do two ruined manour house dungeons to finish. Thinking a dollar each or all 9 in a bundle for 6 - frog cult one will be free teazer


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