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Strange Troops of the Monster Empire

Unlike most of my tables this one gets more mundane...
These troop types were around in the monster age and still around by the age of Exilon in outposts and ruins of old. By the time of Shadelport only the deepest dungeons can they be found.

Strange Troops of the Monster Empire
01 Walking Worms are a race of pale white worms with ugly human like faces and arms, they carry javelins, a spear, darts, a round shields and a war club
02 Slug Men Musketeers, dandy slugmen with arquebuses on monopods and blunderbuses for short range and muskets and handguns for closer range each group with a slugman alchemist
03 Leech Men beserkers hungry for blood, unreliable and untrustworthy killers for hire with battle axe, javelin, sling and dagger
04 Centipede Men Myrmadon in bronze full plate with interlocking shields and armour and tight fighting formations as if a single segment of a greater whole. Round shield, spear, short sword, pike
05 Cricket Men skulk in the darkness and sappers, armed with scale armour, round shields, short swords, daggers, shortbow, spear
06 Mantis Women insect amazons decapitate and eat men, armed with dual swords and often trained as monks in martial arts, also use unarmed attacks 
07 Isopod Men are scurrying armoured bug men who prefer the dark, with short swords, darts, picks and daggers 
08 Cockroach Men are scurrying frightened serfs of the night kingdoms of the underland, when they fight they use club, dagger, garrote, maul and bucklers with scale armour
09 Dragonfly Men are glamorous sparkling winged warriors who strike from the sky at enemies to prove their superiority. They fly and use javelins, darts, small sword, club
10 Ant Men are famous for teamwork and fighting, wear scale armour with round shields, pikes, javelins, slings and short swords
11 Tick Herders drive giant rat size bloodsucking bugs before them using bottles of scents
12 Magi Spiders are arcane spell using spiders from huge to gigantic, often with common bodyguards they are available for hire as battle wizards
13 Giant Spider force of giant tarantula spiders, hunting non web spinning breed
14 Swarms of giant spiders herded by spider herding dark elves
15 Giant Scorpions ridden by mad dervishes worshiping demons
16 Giant Solifuge ridden by chaos cultists, monsters grab and take victims away  
17 Spider Men are creepy hairy humanoids, who slay by night and are reluctant to be in daylight, they use spear, maul, hand axe, short bow, buckler
18 Scorpion men mercenaries with short sword, hand axe, mace, javelin   
19 Giant pale solifuge herded by worm men 
20 Giant whip scorpions herded by slaves
21 Demon worshiping wizard cult of darkness unite to wage war
22 Lich cult dedicated to serving the lords of death, wizards and scale armour with spear, shortsword, javelin, 
23 Fire cult wizards and priests and bound elementals and monsters
24 Earth cult wizards and priests and bound elementals and monsters
25 Air cult wizards and priests and bound elementals and monsters
26 Water cult wizards and priests and bound elementals and monsters
27 Doom templars servants of the gods of death and undeath
28 Diabolic wizards in sevice of hell
29 Cult of flesh wizards who serve the meat daemon god Xor
30 Cult of the old ones and outsider gods from before time in the great darkness
31 Formarian armies of mutant chaos giants who long for conquest and slaves
32 Jotun armies of the giant kingdoms who wage war on mankind to eat them 
33 Giant worshipers cult who often have giant allies and wage war on the gods
34 Dragon Templars served dragons and conquered in their name as they slept
35 Dragons might act as mercenaries or some cults have trained dragon riders
36 Dragon Men Legions are humanoid dragon troops who look down of humans 
37 Dragon Cult worship dragons as gods and occasionally field a dragon they raise. They are wizards and priests dedicated to draconic lore and power they seek to control
38 Tiamat Cult of the dragon mother of monsters, enemy of the gods, often field a dragon and other monsters like scorpion men, beast men and worse  
39 Fish Men army assaults mostly coastal and river settlements and attack ships
40 Fish cultists are hybrids who aid the fish folk in secret sabotaging those who resist from within but sometimes form a degenerate army of fishermen with wicker shields, nets, spears, javelins and tridents
41 Eel men served the fish men as mercenaries and they are often pirates now
42 Shark men are savage maritime raiders who invade land to kill and massacre
43 Squid men are horrible worshippers of sea demons and enslave men like cattle and eat their brains
44 Lamprey men are disgusting blood sucking creatures who serve as mercenaries if you don't want live prisoners
45 Catfish men are wizard fish folk who often hibernate in cocoons for long periods of time. They are famed as wizards and slavers and believe in their superiority over other sea life
46 Crab men are great builders of sand forts and coastal constructions but are mostly peaceful if left alone
47 Tako are octopus faeries from the sea who will mingle with human kind, quite magical they love treasure but are cowardly and sneaky
48 Kraken cults worship the great evil sea monsters and serve these sea demons
49 Hydra cults worship these great beasts and some use them in war
50 Sea elves are a undersea race often riding sea creatures and will invade land occasionally
51 Sea Grass Spirit folk are changelings from the sea kingdoms who sometimes rise up to aid land folk against sea monsters, serve some great celestial bureaucracy 

52 Stingray men are terrible demon worshippers from the deep who come to claim sacrifices and aid other marine armies
53 Frog men are a conquering power dominate swamps and marshlands
54 Newt men are industrious aquatic folk who fight in wetlands
55 Axolotl men are savage cultists who sacrifice victims to their water demon god
56 Fire Newts are newtmen who became liked to fire elementals and demons and conquer from rocky and volcanic mountains often riding on their strider birds
57 Toad men live in dryer areas and woodlands
58 Lizard men common reptilian troops well adapted for wide range of warm climates, low tech use javelin, war club, axe, spear with leather. More advanced ones in scale with composite bows, spears, swords and flails and large shields
59 Dinosaur men, various breeds with war dinosaurs
60 Serpent men, reptilian wizards often with lizard men guards
61 Turtle men, coastal and wetland heavy marines
62 Ibis men are wizard scholars who will often serve for access to arcane texts and ruins

63 Vulture men wizards who worship terrible demons of death and darkness
64 Hyena men brutal mercenaries who devour victims and are feared by everyone
65 Condor men are huge bird men warriors each with a herd of thrall human warrior
66 Jackal men are grave robbers who eat the dead but they often serve as scouts
67 Wolf men are fierce warrior mercenaries who often act as bandits
68 Rat men come in several varieties based on colour but make good tunnel fighters, night fighters and frequently serve demons
69 Stork men have featherless heads and daub themselves in blood. Mostly use spears, hatchets, javelins and clubs
70 Pig men are greedy and lazy but fearsome and quite advanced
71 Bat men warriors are hungry blood craving beserkers

72 Bat riders are goblinoids riding giant bats serving as scouts
73 Land bats are huge flightless bats ridden by mad bat cultists
74 Bat cult are wizards and priests summon bat demons and things of darkness
75 Ape men clan, strong fighters and expert hunters, scouts and skirmishers
76 Cat men make good scouts and skirmishers and night fighters
77 Bear men are stout and powerful beserker warriors
78 Goat men are voracious fast breeding and encroach on human kind
79 Weasel men are superb tunnel fighters and agents for mischief and scouting
80 Mole men are fabulous sappers and tunnel fighters
81 Kobold scouts are numerous and experts at trapps and also sappers
82 Goblin war band are irregular mobs of goblin warriors, also good stone and metal workers, most have shortbow, small sword, dagger, javelins and a round shield with leather
83 Hobgoblin soldiers are tight regular soldiers with scale armour, polearm, spear, sword and dagger with a shield
84 Bugbears can fight as irregular skirmishers or as regular soldiers, often use mauls or pole arms, flails, clubs, short bows, axes and garrotes
85 Goblin shamen are magicians and most have pets and followers who guard them
86 Goblin wolf riders ride common wolves
87 Orc infantry regulars with pikes, swords, short bows, daggers, kite shield, banded armour, common mercenaries, independent warlords and serving other armies
88 Orc cavalry usually riding dire wolves, dire boars, terror birds or other prehistoric fauna, later some ride demon blooded horses
89 Chaos orcs serve evil, are irregular and barbaric savages, they shun technology
90 Troll armies with typical hill troll infantry supported by giant trolls, hedge trolls and arcane troll wizards and priests, often driving regenerating chaos trolls before them with fire
91 Barbarian tribe of savage humans mostly in leather with stone weapons
92 Human slave mercenaries usually owned by a monster nation

93 Amazon unicorn riders both deadly and healers
94 Dark elf slayers are saboteur magical skirmishers
95 Green elf archers from the woodlands with long bows 

96 Dwarf infantry in iron plate with iron weapons 
97 Gnome are magical skirmishers use sabotage and hit and run attacks
98 Halflings mostly throw rocks, thousands and thousands of rocks
99 Spirit folk of many tribes shapeshifter kin of plants, beasts, natural features, weak but magical infantry
100 Heavenly hosts, human knights trained by angels, deva and archons to drive away chaos, most battled to the death but they saved many desperate peoples

In the time of Exilon new beastmen, orc and human tribes are becoming dominant over the old. The rebel races helped bring about the end of the great age of darkness and the monster empire.

The Seven Rebel Races
- barbarian tribes destroyed monster kings cities and temples
- amazons were one of the great tribes
- dark elves betrayed the monster kings and gave their secrets to humans
- threw up great woodlands to disrupt the monster empire trade and commerce
- gave humans on loan the secret of iron but humans have not given it back yet
- helped with many gifts like metal work, armour, domestication, saws, ploughs
- underrated magically, willing to do new things
- plucky, lucky and sneaky these guys moved contraband and messages between the rebel races
- turned on their masters and were now able to reproduce on their own without magic
- new breeds of beastmen such as dog, goat, bear, rat, lion, stag men became greater
- birdmen and new sea races became ascendant
- elemental abhumans became tribes of barbarians mostly forsaking civilisation
-octopus faeries from the sea come to the surface helped land and sea peoples unite

Rat Men Clans

Black the plague carrier clan worship demons and gods of darkness death and pestilence
Grey are town rats who live in the cities of men and have built their own in the past or as slaves of the monster kings
Brown live in woods and wetlands and rivers, simpler tech and more savage tribals
White clan live in the underland mostly scavengers and bandits but willing to use black magic
Naked clan are hairless and often tattooed and pierced living in ultra dense colonies feeding off tubers and serving a queen, often act as tunnel fighters, sappers and builders

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