Saturday 28 February 2015

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Mercantile Class

So this is for the not so scummy city dwellers including shop keepers, merchants, traders, guilds men, senior craftsmen and the non noble rich. Such people travel more than the common poor also.

d10 Childhood Tragedies for Mercantile Class

1 Death

2 Family Drama
3 Wealth
4 Law and Tax
5 A Journey
6 Vice 
7 Power and Politics
8 Haunted
9 Church
10 Magic

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Mercantile Class
01 Family killed and robbed by ruler
02 Criminal organisation killed your family
03 Cult killed your family
04 Family executed publicly
05 Family all poisoned each other at banquet
06 Mysterious order of assassins murdering your family
07 Family wage war with another cult to mutual extinction
08 Family all killed dueling
09 Rival merchant family murdered and robbed your family
10 Magician or monster is killing family one by one
11 Scandalous separation of parents followed by family feuds
12 Children in family murdered you are one of suspects
13 Favorite sibling ran away with rival family lover and both died
14 Parents murdered each other and clan enemies finished rest off
15 You had a child out of wedlock and were sent away and shunned for years
16 You grew up with no problems and everybody hates you for it
17 You showed sighs of ambition and were locked in a tower
18 You were married to someone horrible for family connection and they still hunt you
19 Family members imprisoned by family leaders d4 1=mad 2=diseased 3=inbred idiots 4=curse
20 Your family have dreadful taste and make vulgar displays of wealth that people laugh at
21 You never got that unicorn you asked daddy, everyone knows you as a you spoiled brat
22 You squandered cash and were cut from allowance
23 You squandered wealth on magic beans or other rubbish
24 You lost everything on a risky merchant venture that failed
25 Conned into blowing money on big shonky deal
26 Family left destitute by enemies but are lucky to be alive
27 Enemy merchants make life hard for you and your family, slowly going broke
28 Your family reputed to be try hard rich trash
29 Family rich and famous misers hated by poor
30 Your branch lost all land and money in a wedding arrangement
31 Ruler made new tax to destroy your family funds
32 Clan head avoided tax and executed, you and your kin absorbed into new clan
33 Made it big but the ruler sold monopoly rights to enemy clan who sent yours broke
34 Family imprisoned for tax evasion, you are only one free
35 Family involved in royal loan scam and rulers will find and kill your merchant house one day
36 Family defrauded the mob and they are starting to get wise
37 Family incited a famous riot that nearly killed you and everybody remembers
38 Family had a feud resolved by murdering rival clans leaders
39 You were imprisoned, tortured and pardoned in court when hostile witnesses disappeared
40 Family broke and sold into slavery except you who bought your freedom
41 On a trade mission kidnapped and imprisoned in cave for several years
42 Spent years on trade mission in strange cruel land
43 Caravan destroyed by strange beast men, took years to get home alone
44 Shipwrecked on Island for years and luckily rescued
45 Captured by supernatural beings as playthings, tricked them to escape
46 Trapped in a frozen mountain pass perused by yetis
47 Ship ran aground on a corpse filled island city of the elder age
48 When abroad rival clan told locals you were evil spies and you were imprisoned
49 Trapped in a magical land, returned home generations later and clan reject you as liar
50 Lived among non human tribe in wastelands for years
51 You spent years gambling away your money till cut off from family
52 You are a terrible drunk and let the family down too many times
53 You are a drug addict seeking otherworldly experience in drug dens
54 Member of a secret sex cult with members from all walks of life
55 You blew a fortune on charlatan potions and medicine and were kicked out of family
56 You were in a group of gourmet snobs eating, drinking and whoring across the land
57 You were betrothed to several lovers you jilted who now all hate you
58 You are a member of a secret club indulging in drugs and sexual depravity
59 You have collection of forbidden books 1=political 2=pornographic 3=demonic rituals 4=blasphemous
60 You recognise prostitutes, pimps and other vice peddlers all over city
61 You ran in guild or ward elections but your secret shame was exposed ruining your chances
62 Kidnapped and tortured by rival merchant house but you escaped to seek revenge
63 Your ambitions were thwarted by a sibling, ruining your chances
64 Your guild or ward elections were ruined by slanderous graffiti on city walls
65 You began befriending those close to rulers court but others tried to kill you
66 A popular agitator started a smear campaign ruining your chances in public office
67 A major banking organisation refuses you credit or support over some action of yours
68 You joined a secret society committed to spreading influence over offices of power
69 Your ruthless actions in past avoided prosecution and earned you rep as stone cold traitor
70 You hired assassin who was caught and possibly gave clues to your identity to enemies
71 You are haunted by family ghost who appears to cause trouble and scare people
72 Your family home had phantoms that tormented and abused you
73 Phantoms of those who were killed by your greed occasionally appear to abuse you
74 A lover committed suicide and you hear their phantom at night driving you to madness
75 A hungry spirit appears to eat your food occasionally
76 A greedy spirit appears to steal your coins occasionally
77 A ancestors ghost comes to complain whenever you spend lots of money
78 A evil spirit has taken your form and occasionally causes trouble
79 A spectral hound follows you at night baying and scaring animals
80 A phantom of a depraved uncle is at times only visible to you, gives horrible evil advice
81 The church helped your family with a loan now they are demanding to your clan
82 Your unlucky family spent years trying to appease gods of luck almost sacrificing you
83 Family follow exotic foreign cult that is good for trade abroad
84 Merchant god was displeased so family stores and wealth lost
85 To avoid bloodshed most of your elders joined church and donated wealth
86 Family members of secret cult with secret ritual lodge under house
87 Family members exposed as cultists and killed by inquisition
88 Family gained wealth by selling souls to lower planes entities
89 Family bloodline tainted by non human beings, hidden by family cult
90 Many churches condemn your family for greed and evil deeds
91 Family has many spell casters, many prone to madness
92 You served for years under a witch trying to remove a family curse
93 Your family had strange relic which you released a demon from
94 You were bound to a cursed object you found in family store room
95 You lived under a terrible curse for years from ripping off a witch
96 Family has a devil for a patron gained by wizard clan leader generations ago
97 Your family trades material spell components with wizards which is quite hazardous
98 Your family trades live monsters, nobody can know you really make the monsters
99 Your family operated a magic store but adventurers robbed and burned it
100 You know your family heads have secret dealings with shapeshifters

Thursday 26 February 2015

d100 Real Estate in Shadelport

So players in my games like real estate and anyone who gets to 9th level and has property can join the ranks of the ruling caste or at least the merchant class.

Table can be used as a price list, random building types, or whatever. Additional tables of flaws and perks help to create memorable buildings.

Most poor live off 1cp a day and has 1d100 savings

Working poor earn a d4cp a day and has 3d100cp savings  savings

A typical market stall holder makes a 1sp a day and has 1d100sp savings

A typical arcade shopkeeper makes a d4 silver a day and has 5d100sp savings

A typical officer priest or merchant gets 1ep a day
and has d100ep savings

A poor vassal or noble or equestrian or landowner usually on a stipend of 1gp a day and 3d6x10pg savings

A well off noble gets 1pp a day 3d4x100gp

1d10 Quick Real Estate in Shadelport
1 Slum dwelling
2 Poor housing
3 Rural housing
4 Common town housing
5 Business property
6 Religious property
7 Waterside property
8 Rich property
9 Noble housing
10 Military structure

Land might be separate cost and involve tax and obligations

-20% gp per bad feature (max of 1d3 most markets)
+20 gp per good feature (max of 1d3 but noble might have more)

d100 Real Estate in Shadelport
01 Humpy of garbage, illegally occupying unused land 15gp
02 Crawlspace in sewer 15gp
03 Roof crawlspace squatting rights 20gp
04 A nice hole in a ruined wall on public land 20gp
05 Hole under a bridge 20gp
06 Right to squat in filthy abandoned stables 20gp
07 Lean to built of trash in rear alley 20pg
08 Cave in hills outside town 20gp
09 Rights to squat in a stairwell in slum apartment block 25gp
10 Squalid hut made of garbage 30gp
11 Small wooden shack 40gp
12 Small wooden shack with chimney and fireplace 50gp
13 Slum apartment with no kitchen, rundown and overcrowded 50gp
14 Old servants room in poor family house 50gp
15 Spare small stable 50gp
16 Sub ground room under bridge or in sewer 50gp
17 Basement room under townhouse 75gp
18 Room in wall or bridge 75gp
19 Apartment with fireplace 100gp
20 Room in boarding house, no late entry 100gp
21 Farm shack 50gp
22 Family farmhouse 100gp
23 Stable 150gp
24 Large family farmhouse 2 story 200gp
25 Charming country cottage 250gp
26 Barn with loft 300gp
27 Grain Silo 300gp
28 Mill house 400gp
29 Windmill 400gp
30 Large country gentry house 500gp
31 Large old rundown house150gp
32 One floor of a town house sub ground or floor 200gp
33 Room above a shop 200gp
34 Servants room inside common part of bridge with small window 250gp
35 Servants room in better part of town 300gp
36 Common apartment room 350gp
37 Townhouse two story with attic, balcony and basement 400gp
38 Townhouse three story with attic, balcony and basement 500gp
39 Common poor house with attic and balcony 600gp
40 Gatehouse apartment 800gp
41 Market square pushcart 80gp
42 Small squalid shop 120gp
43 Corner room of house small shop 150gp
44 Common shop in shack 200gp
45 Merchant trade house 300gp
46 Merchant warehouse 450gp
47 Tavern bar 500gp
48 Workshop 500gp
49 Common Hotel or bathhouse 1000gp
50 Sweatshop factory 800gp
51 Streetside Shrine 50gp
52 Common church 250gp
53 Small temple 500gp
54 Crypt 1000gp
55 Luxury Tomb 10 000gp
56 Medium temple 5000gp
57 Mausoleum 10 000gp
58 Large Temple 50 000
59 Cathedral 250 000gp
60 Ziggurat 1000 000gp
61 Waterside shack 50gp
62 Small wharf for small rowboats 150gp
63 Boat shed able to store and work on small boats 200gp
64 Barge suitable for living 300gp (moorage fees 16x10gp per year depending on location)
65 Mid sized wharf for small sailing and fishing 350gp
66 Rotting hulk in harbour formerly for storage or prison 450gp
67 Large wharf for sea going vessel 450gp
68 Wharf side warehouse 500gp
69 Bridge fashionable arcade apartment with balcony 600gp
70 Lighthouse 10 000gp
71 Good arcade apartment with servants room 1000gp
72 Family house with courtyard 1500gp
73 Old stone house with attic and basement 1000gp
74 Gentleman's loft apartment 1500gp
75 Bridge top penthouse 2000gp
76 Faux chateau, posh but a bit gaudy and over the top 2000gp
77 Penthouse apartment floor 2000gp
78 Luxury apartment in sub divided hall 2000gp
79 Townhouse in gated court in rich area 2500gp
80 Villa in town or country 2500gp
81 Manor House 10 000gp
82 Bridge top palace 10 000gp
83 Fortified townhouse 10 000gp
84 Chateau in country or city 10 000gp
85 Fortified Manor 20 000gp
86 Tower block manor 20 000gp
87 Small palace 50 000gp
88 Palace Tower Block 100 000gp
89 Sprawling palace 250 000gp
90 Fortified Palace 500 000gp
91 Defensive earth and water works 2000gp
92 Defensive walls 10 000gp
93 Lookout tower 2000gp
94 Barracks 2500 gp
95 Wooden stockade fort 5000gp
96 Fortified tower 10 000gp
97 Keep 40 000
98 Small castle 100 000gp
99 Large castle 250 000gp
100 Fortress 100 000gp

d20 Flawed housing feature
1 Unsound damaged structure
2 Fire trap
3 Vermin infested
4 Former murder house
5 Squatting hobos
6 Squatting students
7 Secret cultist ritual site
8 Former witch house
9 Former plague house
10 Squatted by gang
11 Squatted by strange mad person
12 Squatted by street urchins
13 Squatted by non human clan
14 House vandalised and covered in graffiti
15 House covered in sewerage and footprints
16 Haunted by corporeal undead, possible past residents or drains
17 Haunted by non corporeal undead, possibley died or lived here
18 Monster lair with some kind of creature
19 Monster house has malignant psychic taint and strange powers
20 Horrible neighbors

d20 Beneficial housing feature
1 Well
2 Stables
3 Secret doors
4 Catacomb entry
5 Large sub levels
6 Attic, cellar and cupboards full of interesting junk
7 Excellent tenants or offer to rent
8 New condition or very well maintained and clean
9 Fully furnished
10 Charming decor (empire or old city style)
11 Very secure with good locks
12 Hidden treasure
13 Benevolent spirit
14 Wonderful neighbors
15 House had a famous tenant in past
16 Furnished with charming artworks or old books
17 Has a well furnished attic space
18 Remains of a workshop 1in6 magical
19 House has magical security
20 House has been blessed with protective charms

Sunday 22 February 2015

Babylon BRP: The mountains of Zagros

So the heroes again explored the fringes of the mountains looking for Gutian or Elamite trouble makers. Also hoping to find some of the rarely seen valleys of mythic monsters and secret things. Came across some Gurtia raiders and as Party had several former Gutians they befriended and recruited four scouts. Of course they went ways the scouts said were forbidden to man by mountain spirits. After several climbs came to high valley chain. Met a Satyr who said he was waiting for them Told them of the Gutian holy site where they had been receiving aid from Elam had a secret ziggarut where the diorate man was worshipped - a aspect of Asag the sone giant who led a rebellion of mountain stones against the lowland citiy folk. Ninurta destroyed him last time and cursed the stones with specific weaknesses. 

The well behaved Satyr took the through mountain secret passes to where humans had never been. Finally ahead there was a greta storm that struck the mountain pass ahead with lightening. The rubble pile in between was blocked by a huge beast - the behemoth berried under a mountain by Ninurta when he battled the rebellious mountains. While storm raged Sobek went to speak to the beast and he explained he was busy here to stop mighty heroes from passing. As it chatted to Sobek the others climbed above and around with a few slips and a Gutian scout killed. Sobek was permitted to pass as he did not think the lone barbarian girl riding a terrorbird was a big deal.

Finally they met a centaur tribe who were willing to attack with them the holy sanctuary of the party enemies who served Asag. They spent time with Centaurs and Ariana was fliring with centaur king. The queen wasn't happy but Ariana used herbalism to abort her current child the son of her husband so she could become pregnant to the Centaur. She was also dabbling in the witchcraft of Nyarlathotep. Her god Addad would be displeased.

After a week resting, studying and frolicking with the centaurs the party planned to go forwards but were told of a griffon lair and a tribe of cyclopses who battled nearby. Party had met a cyclops son of Poseidon once but they were interested in robbing them. Found the majority of the cyclops men out trying to get griffins so burst in to kill a group of smiths at work and warrior guards. Took backpack loads of armour and weapons and carried back to centaur camp. Also took lightning bolts stolen from the goods.

Made some attempted prophesies. Sobek got drunk. Kull cast his dragon teeth. Toth huffed the incense of the death god. Sobek got drunk on palm wine. Ariana studied the winds and ripples on the surface of her divining bowl full of water. Warned of battle, loss and betrayal

Heroes rested some more and went to the Griffon's peak. They climbed up to peak with a few near deaths. Griffins circled them and Sobek spoke to them. Others offered them the gods bolts so the griffons landed and took the bolts. They gave humans golden leaves from who knows where. Griffins proved to be guards of the gods and offered to aid heroes in future. Also gave the humans one bolt but heroes thought it would be better to sell in Babylon.

Centaurs carried them off to the secret pass to the Guti holy place and looked down on valley. One end had hundreds of warriors camped. Other had a temple and a crude mud brick ziggerat. Party started moving towards temple when centaurs blew horns and began casting spells. The wild beastmen had turned to the side of evil and threw party from their backs and surrounded them. Kull resisted and was hit by a severe arrow strike. He called on Marduk to shake the Ziggarutt, damaging it and the temple and enraging the evil ones. Sobek riding her bird rescued her hand maid Hani from a centaurs back that the maid somhow held onto. The centaur Queen tried to run down Arianna. Toth called party to surrender. All carried to temple and disarmed into a cell. Weapons taken away and preparations were made to sacrifice the party.

All were gloomy at this and began new divinations. Sobek sent a dove to Babylon with Ariana wedding bracelet as a sign with a note on vellum. Sobek even offered to have sex with guards for grog as she was now a terrible alcoholic. She used the grog they gave her to induce her prophetic trance. All saw battles and doom ahead but Ariana saw visions of her god sending griffons.

Later Ariana tried to seduce guards offering them Sobek and her maid Hani. Guards began to debate this when Ariana put on a lewd show and the guards all set about releasing her with spears pointed at rest through bars. Kull grabbed a spear and guard fled. Others used bare hands and their advantage with armour to attack. Battle seemed like eternity but after ten seconds of struggle and guards screaming alarm, Toth ran free and into the room where temple loot was kept. Ariana and Sobek both fell from leg wounds but Kull's spirit healed them while he furiously tried to grab more spears without success. Sobek grabbed a spear from a wounded foe and gave it to her maid Hani then she crawled to back wall and tried magic. Others tried similar disrupt charms and delivered some wounds till finally party with weapons they were mostly unskilled with got some luck hits and finished of guards. Toth managed to dodge past guards grab his meteoric steel sickle sword then killed the guards easily. Several guards fumbled badly which helped to. Worse battle ever thought some. Sacked the store room of their own weapons and some gold and other weapons. Including a light flint mace and a flint spear, both ancient relics. Rearmed and ran out temple for ziggurat killing robed chanting holy folk as they ran up to peak where the local Guti king was consorting with a priestess of the earth goddess to call the god Asag.

Heroes volley of arrows and javelins took down most of the heavy armoured guards and the heroes burt in as hordes of Guti troops ran for ziggaratt as alarm horns sounded. Beheaded the king and hacked limbs off priestess before they could act. As they looted a ancient Sumerian harp and goat statue worth thousands. As they looked at approaching horde they saw flight of griffins come to save them.

Griffins carried them to the griffon peak and saw the escaped terrorbird of Sobek in a valley and took him too. He fluttered his puny non functioning wings as he was carried into the sky. In the griffin mount, they saw gods stash of treasure, griffon claw marks that spelled prayers to the gods in Sumerian. Was a shrine to Adad the weather and war god also. Griffins brought them fresh meat and party rested a week.

At end of week as they prepared to attack centaurs, a groat cloud and lightning storm came and all the griffins faced it. Party watched as the God Adadd came riding a skybull wearing a gold crown. The god was in his divine glistening gold and lapis military uniform holding a lightening bolt. All bowed and the god said he was pleased with them for killing the Gutian Asag cult. Ariana as a acolyte of the god bid he speak to her alone, She asked him to remove the centaur kings child from her and the god seemed unimpressed. He said killing unborn a base thing beneath him and told her she was callous. She was to bar the centaur and pay for her needles killing of her unborn child to her husband. He also told her to speak to Nyarlathotep the enemy of the gods and forsake him and the witchcraft she had learnt. She agreed as she had always hoped to have sex with her god. He told her she was impure and required ritual atonement. She took that as maybe later and admired the storm bull. Apparently her cult had secret rites to summon these beasts even bigger than griffins.

Adad told them the griffins would help but if one ever of the pride ever died helping the heroes they would never get help from the noble beasts again. The god departed leaving them with refreshing light sweet smelling rain. The would prepare for the attack on the centaurs. Kull went to use his divination to see if the dog he left with centaurs alright and discovered it had been dismembered and eaten. He was furious and determined to kill the centaurs. Sobek wanted to kill the satyr that brought party to centaurs for what was apparently a trap. Toth always wanted to kill the centaurs from day one before the betrayal. Monsters should just die.

Saturday 21 February 2015

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Urban folk

Will do a barbarian and savage table. Viking tragedy table? Any Suggestions for grimy gory character history??? Nonhuman tables?

Thinking of seasonal based domain events 12d12 or 12d20 - might bunch into seasons will be some yearly and other tables. D100 dungeon underworld vice. D100 Demons?

This d100 implies a large poverty filled nasty city state - defiantly not a LG city. In my game LE always trying to help good and offering to help good with a bloodthirsty wars, fear and grinding down the will of man. LG guys will on Exile Island will end up using LE help when evil chaos Invading - a symbiotic relationsgip emerges with CG and and CN pushed out of public debate. CN tend to become guerrilla bandits if a LE regime sets in robing from the rich and giving to the poor. Many live in mountain caves in the north just outside the city authority. The Barron is LE some say he is related to Asmodeus the Archduke of Hell. Others say "he is tough but fair" or "but he keeps as free and safe".

d10 Quick Childhood Tragedies for Urban folk

1 Death

2 Poverty
3 Home life
4 Work
5 Law
6 Crime
7 Haunting
8 Monsters
9 Church
10 Magic

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Urban folk
01 Family killed by plague
02 Family killed by gangland killings
03 Family killed by fire burning down home
04 Family murdered by d4 1=cult 2=serial killer 3=madman 4=each other
05 Family executed for d4 1=treason 2=nobles whim 3=framed for crime 4=gang activity
06 Family killed by collapsing family home
07 Family killed during riots over d4 1=food 2=jobs 3=public execution 4=religion
08 Family killed by starvation caused by famine spirits
09 Family killed by monsters d4 1=from sewers 2=undead 3=mutants 4=orcs
10 Family killed by monsters d4 1=lycanthropes 2=doppelgangers 3=stray dog pack 4=demons
11 Practised cannibalism to survive
12 Ran with a gang of street urchins
13 Beaten daily by d4 1=family 2=master 3=gangs 4=police
14 Sold by family to d4 1=slavers 2=gang 3=tradesman as apprentice 4=pimp
15 Forced to betray your friends who were mostly killed
16 Saved by church and abused by clergy
17 Constantly starved had to beg, steal and search garbage to eat
18 Raised by professional panhandlers from the beggars guild
19 Used by murder hobo adventurers as torch or pole bearer
20 Raised in terrible abusive orphanage
21 Homeless and lived on the streets and rubbish dumps, never sleeping same place twice
22 Lived in horrible gangland slum, constantly in peril
23 Lived in a gang house performing chores and petty crime
24 Lived in a terrible apartment complex rife with gangs and disease
25 Lived under a staircase in a apartment performing chores for scraps
26 Lived in a graveyard stealing offerings to the dead to live and sleeping with skeletons
27 Lived in the sewers with gangs of filthy urchins
28 Lived for years without sunlight in the crawlspaces in a bridge
29 Lived locked in attic or basement by d4 1=mad family 2=cult 3=gang 4=magician
30 Lived in a madhouse with terrible abuse till escape
31 Worked in a dangerous sweatshop for meagre food and board
32 Worked in mines digging fragile tunnels under and around city
33 Worked in a brothel performing chores and learning the trade
34 Worked as a slave performing back breaking labour
35 Worked as a rat catcher in sewers and alleys but got to eat and sell your catch
36 Worked as a gong farmer cleaning city sewers, cesspits and latrines
37 Worked as apprentice but beaten and abused by master
38 Worked as a house servant to well off masters who abused and whipped you
39 Worked as a street seller selling awful goods to earn your keep
40 Worked as a pit fighter for illegal fight clubs
41 Scarred by the lash from public flogging
42 Left to die in cesspit when caught plague in prison
43 Born and raised in prison then released when adult
44 Tortured in dungeon for years before escaping
45 Wanted by law and constantly in fear for d4 1=espionage 2=murder 3=sacrilege 4=treason
46 Stranded on island alone for petty crimes
47 Branded or tattooed as a criminal
48 Escaped potentially fatal exposure d4 1=chained to rock 2=in gibbet 3=crucified 4=in cage
49 Questioned, tortured and persecuted by secret police who considered you an informant
50 Worked as a guard until a mistake had you thrown in dungeon for several years
51 Forced to join a gang who became your family
52 Hunted by one of cities biggest mobs who never forget
53 Hunted by a order of assassins who blame you for cover being blown
54 Family were a gang affiliated with a dangerous mob
55 Raised to be a assassin by a secret society
56 Covered in gangland tattoos from your mobster days
57 Apprenticed to a thieves guild who never let you quit
58 Reformed drug addict and enslaved by dealers for years
59 Were in a gang that robbed and murdered daily
60 Was a terrible gambler in debt to a d12 gangs
61 Spirit used your body to kill dozens of people and you don't even know why
62 Haunted by phantoms cursing you for your d4 1=sins 2=blasphemy 3=ancestors 4=bad spirits
63 You were possessed for years by a d4 1=demon 2=ghost 3=spirit 4=long dead wizard
64 A evil spirit haunts and tempts you, only you can see him without magical sight beyond sight
65 A spirit in you led to family all killing each other
66 Haunted house owned by family, one by one they disappeared just tormented you
67 Undead tried to enter house at night as a childhood
68 Ancestral spirits tell you what a disappointment you are constantly criticising you
69 Used to rent yourself to vampires for cash
70 Employed as a grave robber till undead chased you all night in catacombs
71 Almost drowned in a huge rat swarm and still have nightmares
72 Had terrible berserker disease from being mauled by stray dog pack but clergy healed you
73 A doppelganger of you committed many terrible crimes your still discovering
74 One of your lovers was a supernatural being d4 1=spirit 2=demon 3=changeling 4=were rat
75 Infected by lycanthropy and use folk medicine to keep at bay, fever every full moon
76 Blood sucking stirge owls menaced you as a small child now you hate flapping sounds
77 You've seen several mimics attack and kill now you are ware of anything chest sized
78 Were-rat gang kidnapped and converted several of your siblings
79 Discovered you have mysterious bloodline of a non human race or monster
80 Badly tormented by non humans d6 1=Orcs 2=Goblins 3=Goat Men 4=Kobolds 5=Ogre 6=Troll
81 Member of a dangerous and illegal cult who never let members escape
82 Lived with a moralistic sect performing charity and self flagellation for years
83 A cult raised you from the dead and consider you their agent
84 A religion declared you a blasphemer and heretic and members all hate you
85 You were adopted by church orphanage into hands of a evil high priest
86 You witnessed a secret rite and now a major religion hunts you
87 Family cast you out for not respecting the family sect and mocking your ancestors
88 You bear the mark of the chosen one, you escaped being sacrificed by a cult, god claims you still
89 Corrupt church officials tormented you d4 1=witch hunter 2=exorcists 3=inquisition 4=templars
90 Religious mob chased you to d4 1=torture 2=hunt you 3=burn you 4=tear you apart with hands
91 A magician used you as a guinea-pig for cursed items and flawed potions for years
92 Were born a hideous mutant living in slums till cured in exchange for dodgy favour
93 You were charmed by a sorcerer for years who used you as a plaything
94 A sorcerer says he grew you fully grown in a vat and you were his slave for years
95 You used to be a cannibal a doppelganger but you got stuck
96 Found a cursed item on corpse in trash heap, has taint of evil but handy and you cant drop it
97 You met a magical being who guided your alignment d4 1=planar 2=elemental 3=fey 4=spirit
98 Being offered you powers if you become champion of the entity in this world
99 Implanted with demon seed embryonic child monster d4 1=1d12 years old 2=d4 years ago 3=d4 days ago 4=soon
100 You have hidden minor cosmetic mutation you must hide or be shunned outcast

Wednesday 18 February 2015

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Noble folk

Will do more of these in the "why you grew to be a messed up adventurer" series. Had request to do a domain event table. Probably need to do a guild or gang or school or temple version too. So got my d100 backbrain rolling out stuff again yay!

d10 Quick Childhood Tragedies for Noble folk
1 Family deaths
2 Madness
3 Legal Threat
4 Ancestral deeds
5 Hostage or ransom
6 Personal torment
7 Haunted
8 Monsters
9 The gods hate us
10 Magical Happening

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Noble folk
01 Family beheaded by mob
02 Family tortured to death by enemies
03 Family poisoned by unknown enemies
04 Family killed by invading military force
05 Family burned alive in family estate
06 Family kept in dungeon slowly died one by one forgotten
07 Family assassinated one by one sent by unknown enemies
08 Family murdered by enemy usurper who stole everything
09 Family murdered by kinsman attempting to control clan
10 Family killed each other in bloody kin war
11 Clan head struck by madness and ruined families position
12 Family famous for madness
13 Clan head struck by paranoia and killed many kinsman and scattered the rest
14 Family gaining reputation as torturers and murderers
15 Mad clan increasingly crazily and punishes any who question them
16 Family leaders have launched a crusade and persecute a group of victims
17 Family religious fanatics and have joined a sect of fanatic inquisitors
18 Family has many practitioners of forbidden magic
19 Clan openly worship evil planar beings
20 Family have own asylum where they imprison any kinsmen who dont leader
21 Clan outlawed and scattered
22 Family branded heretics and driven away by church
23 Family outcast by king for treason and fled to distant hiding place
24 Family sent to rule over isolated worthless territory and forgotten
25 Forced into marriage with unpleasant mate and fled before wedding
26 Family outlawed and property seized by kings men
27 Family financially ruined by bad debts and estate lost
28 Born a bastard and always treated second rate by family
29 Born out of wedlock but kept around estate to be kept close
30 Siblings framed you with scandal to get you out of the way
31 Ancestor revealed to be necromancer and crypt empty
32 Ancestor was a secret murderer and victim corpses found on estate to this day
33 Ancestor mated with inhuman beings some otherworldly
34 Ancestor famous black magician who sacrificed peasants
35 Ancestor famous for cruel torture in hidden dungeon
36 Ancestor led a cult for years terrifying commoners
37 Ancestor became a monster d4 1=lycanthrope 2=vampire 3=lich 4=mummy
38 Ancestor vanished with important treasure of the kingdom
39 Ancestors plundered foreign lands and brought back terrible artifact
40 Ancestors involved in the fall of the old kingdom and rewarded by the new
41 Sent to live with foreign enemies as hostage
42 Captured by bandits for ransom for several years
43 Kidnapped by cult and used as hostage
44 Sent to kings court to ensure families cooperation
45 Raised by clan enemies as part of peace settlement
46 Kept in rulers dungeon to ensure clan obedience
47 Locked in tower by wizard to keep clan silent
48 Taken by wicked knight to extract gold from family
49 Lived with pirates for years till ransom paid by clan
50 Taken by humanoids to ensure your clan leave them be
51 Family tortured you for entertainment
52 Family tried to blame crimes on you to absolve selves
53 Sent to study in boarding school without family contact
54 Sent to study under cruel master to learn your trade
55 Survived the plague but almost died
56 Wounded in hunting accident and took over a year to recover
57 Had a illicit love affair and sweet heart killed by your family
58 Accidentally killed a sibling while having adventure
59 Had a child out of wedlock in secret while young
60 Accidentally buried alive while recovering from plague
61 Stalked by evil spectre of wicked ancestor who tried to make you like them
62 Possessed by a ghost for several years then discarded when no longer needed
63 Phantoms tormented you as a child
64 Disappointed ancestors tormented your dreams
65 Ancestor walked from crypt to haunt you but was finally stopped by priest
66 A vampire ancestor used to feed from you as a youth
67 A tormented ancestor spirit begged you to redeem their tragic mistake
68 Ancestor looked just like you and you have heard their whispers in your dreams
69 A lich ancestor sent clan a letter on your birth announcing your betrothal to them
70 Phantom lover visited till you discovered they were d4 1=an ancestor 2=vampire 3=demon 4=witch
71 Your family sent you as child sacrifice to a monster but a hero rescued you
72 You were kidnapped by a hag for many years
73 A hoard of humanoids kept you to serve their king who humiliated you
74 You were taken to elfland and when you returned your clan was long forgotten
75 Giants captured you and you were a plaything of their children for years
76 A devil knight held you in a tower and slew many clan heroes who tried to save you
77 Ogres or trolls captured you and almost ate you till a hero rescued you
78 You lived as a lycanthrope for years till a holy person healed you
79 Goatmen took you as a sacrifice but you escaped to find nobody believed you
80 Fishfolk kidnapped you and your memories are blurry and you have nightmares
81 A blasphemous cult held you as a mate for their god but you managed to escape
82 A angry god sent monsters to destroy your family holdings
83 A cult tried to take your family over but instead there was a bloodbath
84 A god was offended and estate fell into poverty and ruin
85 Gods offended by clan and turned family into monsters
86 Family connected to history of evil relic granted by evil god
87 Clan head tried to change religion and massive uprising left family estate an empty ruin
88 Goddess was offended and no new children born in family since
89 Clan has waged war with demonic cult for generations
90 Family lands forced to sacrifice of gold and children to a demon every decade
91 Family estate with family gathering vanished leaving bare earth in place
92 Family over run with monsters d4 1=lycanthropes 2=vampires 3=faerie folk 4=doppelgangers
93 Family estate and clan cursed and sealed from world with monster guardians
94 Cult coven has infiltrated clan and turned to blasphemy
95 Clan offended a high witch who now has clan leader under thrall
96 Druids offended by clan developments and most of family turned into wild animals
97 Family robbed and ruined by gremlin plague in clan estaste
98 Clan member meddled with magic and unleashed apocalypse on family estate
99 A wizard destroyed family and home in fiery explosion
100 Family head made demonic pact damning whole clan

Saturday 14 February 2015

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Villager folk

So I thought some background tables could be handy. Will do one for nobles, urban poor and another for why you were sent to exile island. Possibly need one for non human races too.

I have about 300+ 1/72 armies coming in including celtic leaders with male and female druids, women chariots, and other goodies. I got the Arcane Legions starter box with 120 minis that are claimed to be 25mm but if you dont include base fit in better with 20mm or 1/72 (most are abour 22-24 mm). The box set includs some figures that will pass as historical but have gigantic twin sword wielding Romans and undead Egyptians. The line includes centaurs which might be nice, roman bear cavalry and egyptian lion rining women. I clipped off all the pegs that fit minis into unit boards and will throw most of the box set away. I like concept of mythic war gaming but I think the Osprey mythic fantasy rules might be better. Have some gamers interested in this project.

d10 Quick villager tragedy table
1 Family deaths
2 Terrible home life
3 Law and order
4 Ancestral dilemma
5 Adopted
6 Personal suffering
7 Haunted
8 Monsters
9 The gods hate us
10 Magical Happening

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Villager folk
01 Family deaths from natural disaster
02 Family deaths from plague
03 Family deaths from famine
04 Family deaths from wild animals
05 Family deaths from farm accident
06 Family deaths from bandits or raiders
07 Family deaths from legal authorities
08 Family deaths from cannibalistic starving villagers
09 Family deaths from crazed murderer (possibly a kinsman)
10 Family deaths from open warfare
11 Terrible home life from incompetent careless parents
12 Terrible home life from family cult
13 Terrible home life from abusive drunken dad
14 Terrible home life from cruel step mother
15 Terrible home life from bullying siblings
16 Terrible home life from zealous puritanical church
17 Terrible home life from criminal family
18 Terrible home life from family sweatshop
19 Terrible home life from parents busy carousing
20 Terrible home life from family of gamblers
21 Family persecuted by tax collectors
22 Family in massive debt to moneylenders
23 Family mostly imprisoned or enslaved
24 Family persecuted by abusive aristocrats
25 Family struggling under cruel landlords
26 Family in debt to crime family protection racket
27 Family sold children to gangs, pimps and sweatshops
28 Family incompetent with money in terrible poverty
29 Family servants to cruel masters
30 Family scattered by warfare and disaster
31 Family are inbred, many secretly mad and deformed
32 Father not real parent of you or siblings, mum was a tramp
33 Family all blame you for mum dying giving birth to you
34 Mother was ravished by d4 1=bandits 2=nobles 3=priest 4=cultists
35 Mother seduced by d4 1=noble 2=bandit 3=spirit 4=clergy
36 Family last of ethnic minority, almost last of their kind
37 Family practiced outmoded customs and religion making them outcasts
38 Family kin with wild forest and cave folk making them outcasts
39 Family infamous for some misdeed of the past
40 Family follow unpopular sect or heresy they have to hide from most people
41 Found and raised by pirates or bandits or gang
42 Adopted in secret due to birthmark, hunted by d4 1=cult 2=tyrant 3=witch 4=monsters
43 Family executed and you were spared d4 1=cannibals 2=cultists 3=poisoners 4=traitors
44 Family adopted you and reluctant to tell about your real family
45 Family adopted you as an abandoned infant to replace own child who died
46 Found and raised by monks or clergy in a holy place
47 Bought as infant to be a servant or apprentice by master or mistress
48 Feral child lived wild with animals till reformed by d4 1=priest 2=hunter 3=farmer 4=non-humans
49 Raised by a monster d4 1=ate your family 2=rescued you 3=found you 4=real parent but cursed
50 Abandoned and raised by non humans d4 1=elves 2=dwarves 3=halflings 4=gnomes
51 Caught and tormented for months by d4 1=bandits 2=humanoids 3=cult 4=lawmen
52 Chased by a mob accused of d4 1=cannibalism 2=poisoning 3=witchcraft 4=murder
53 Almost killed by terrible accident, saved and healed but traumatised
54 Discovered community infiltrated with shape changers and fled
55 Witnessed cultist performing ritual and now hunted by them, had to flee home
56 Killed someone defending a loved one d4 1=landlord 2=noble 3=tax collector 4=sheriff
57 Almost killed by unknown murderer but survived and recovered
58 Suffered a debilitating ailment until healed by holy person
59 Outcast for rejecting d4 1=local custom 2=religious sacrifice 3=new faith 4=new leader
60 Ran away to avoid arranged marriage, both families want you punished
61 Haunted by angry ancestral spirits
62 Village haunted by child eating ghost
63 Local water supply haunted by drowning spirit
64 Family home haunted by many ghosts
65 Angry farm spirits tormented family
66 Elves cursed farm animals and crops
67 Trolls menaced local bridges and roads by night
68 Local graveyard was crawling with dead by night
69 Loved ones turned into undead by necromancer
70 Kin murdered and ghosts plead for vengeance and justice
71 Monsters enslaved your family and carried them away
72 Monsters killed and ate your family
73 Monsters reduced your family to idiot simpletons
74 Monsters turned family into lycanthropes
75 Monsters turned family into undead
76 Monsters carried your kin into a hole in the ground
77 Monsters destroyed family home with fire killing your family
78 Monsters killed family with poison or disease
79 Monsters turned your family into evil servants
80 Monsters turned your family into stone
81 Gods struck family mad and the poor idiots mostly starved
82 Gods turned family into animals or plants
83 Gods lured family into a gateway in the side of a hill
84 Gods had family hurled into flaming pit by devils or demons
85 Gods of old lured family into the sea to serve them
86 Gods struck a kinsman mad and they killed family then themselves
87 Gods destroyed family for blasphemy
88 Gods carried away kin to serve them in heavens
89 Gods servitor murdered whole family
90 Gods enemies killed your family for being so pious
91 A witch cursed family who mostly came to terrible ends
92 A wizard turned family into orcs to serve him in a dungeon
93 A sorcerer turned family into drug addict cultists, dont remember you
94 Family were gradually replaced by shape shifters who fled when discovered
95 Family brought home a cursed item resulting in deaths and disappearance of kin
96 Family died in magical explosion from unknown source
97 Wizard turned family member into monster who killed rest of kin
98 Evil cultists summoned otherworldly creature that murdered family
99 Kin charmed by magic and rest killed or vanished trying to save them
100 Kin lost in dungeon and rest killed or vanished trying to save them

Babylon BRP: Into the Mountains

So the heroes returned from the desert cult and met king briefly. Spent some time with own cults and Sobek had to spend time with her shaman lover to heal her mental scars. As they are now big deal in their cults many began to hear more interesting cult secrets and magical practices that were previously secrets. A few dabbled in dark magic as well. Warned next year would probably be war down south especially in Elamite borderlands and some of the less famous cities.

After a few months the party gathered and decided to hunt culists at the kings bidding so they traveled to the Zagros mountains, sure that th minions of the stone giant Asag were there plotting to wipe out humanity.

So first few days under Impirial Chariot Corp escorts uneventful and visited some minoe cities. Then ino the eastern wastes on foot. Ignored wolves and animals till they got to edges of the mountains. Rough hilly country mostly good for wood, stone and barbarian scum. They saw a plum of smoke on a hillock and obek sent a dove to investigate. On hill was a ritual site with three witch women acompanying a hag with three heavily armoured bronze suits, the kind royal bodyguards might wear.

Got close and yelled out to announced themselves. Witches yelled back to leave. Iltani now a Ishtarian sorceress was geased to offer everyone her delicious beer. S young witch came down to tell them to leave and collect some beer in a beautiful ritual bucket. They hoped for some sign the women were evil. They were cultists of Ninhursag the great Earth goddess. Toth mumbled the prayer to call Asag to see if they responded with no reaction. Iltani having learned to be a great cult singer tried and got a stronger result but none of the heroes confident womens ritual was up to no good.

So they departed and went to camp. Late at nigh Sobek was awake and heard odd noise as did her pet terror bird. The fire was swallowed into a sandy pit and it expanded threatening to eat all. The heroes leaped to their feet and began striking it with magic weapons. The earth elemental was huge, over 12 cubits of dirt and stone threatening to engulf them. The heroes still had trouble harming the brute and armour piercing spells did nothing. Iltani knew it was shielded by sorcery. After the thing died everyone was sure cult women were up to no good and set off to kill the witches.

They charged up the hill, Sobek riding her cruel beaked bird ahead of all the rest. Some like pek split between runing and shooting arrows. Ariana took a side route hoping to get to cultists a bit more unaware. When both sides got to javelin range each hurled might darts. The three men in bronze plate wre wounded by Pek's arrows but the witches healed them several times over. The high priestess pulled back and lay flat to avoid missiles. Sobek on her bird got close first and took on a warrior finishing one who had been healed several times. A witch cast demoralize on her bird who fled so she jumped off. Pek called on Ninurta to carry him into the sky so he could shoot the hilltop cultists better. Finally Ariana with her slower path shot at a witch. The witches very depleted of power with defensive magic and enhancing the bodyguards gave last of their power to the crone. She used her power to turn Ariana's bow limp then did same to Pek while he was carried by his god's wind. 

Finally the heroes were close enough and the last javelins and missiles cast. They overran the hill finishing off the armoured guards and killing all the witches. On the crone they found several magic stones on the priestess. They killed the cultists and Ariana beheaded them and stuck their heads on Javelins. They toppled the sacred stones and smashed and burned their magic paraphernalia.

For a fight that lasted about 12 seconds of mostly running, they were depleted magically and many wounded. Sobek's sheild maidedn had grabbed the terror bird. Ariana and Pek were distraught over the magic that rendered their bows ineffective. Iltani managed to repair Ariana's as it was magic but Pek's was ruined utterly. Pek scouted with his fly spell and saw a log fortress in distance with a Guti army in camp.

They returned to Babylon with the stones which they took to the Temple of Ereshkigal a only their cult could use the stones. The armour got high prices and the cult bought most of the stones bar one that had the power of resurrection once. The cult offered to hold it for party in future as needed. The stones and cult trinkets and armour made good money and the heroes took their tithes to their cults. Told the army about the Gutian camp and a thousand men marched off to destroy them.

Pek through his cult bow masters got a composite bow and a smaller bow he could carry on his belt and quiver.

After a month just before torrential rains due they prepared one more trip to the mountains.

Roadwar Journal: Undead Hunting

The Sheriff had been left by himself and was parked on the roadside wearing tribal body paint and dancing and singing while his lap-dinosaur watched amused. A old ally the Alpha Romeo driving Nun saw him from afar and pulled up. While she spent most of her life killing cultists, undead and bad drivers she accepted tribal religion as part of God's plan.  The sheriff had been spending time initiated into shamanism and had seen many dreamtime spirits and could talk to animals. Both talked and agreed that the undead were anathema and there was something behind the whole business. Drove into zombie heartland looking for trouble beyond Bathurst.

Found where a massive undead convoy had been bombed bu aircraft and rubble was all that was left of the road. Among rubble found twitching zombie bits and a helmet with a awake zombie  head. Sister put it in a containment pod for the Vatican labs in her boot. Later found a a band of farming folk on foot and the could be crammed in cars and they drove them to a town. They had been told to evacuate by authorities and did it too late. Their bus broke down after several zombie attacks and they were now on foot. Were grateful and the duo returned.

The red holy Alpha and the black battered cop interceptor came across a lone pedestrian, a bike cop who had been beaten by gang who trapped him and stole bike. He was dying of thirst and limping. He was grateful and told him he had heard of mutants making a camp that he as told to investigate. Was a mystery why mutants would settle in zombie country.

Eventually came across several humpies built from trash, surrounded by stolen barbed wire and defensive pits. Slowly drove through and zombies wary of cops. But the Sister got out among them in her shiny black battle habit and wimple and blessed the mutants, telling them God was going to save them all. At back of camp saw mutants roasting a screaming zombie being spit roasted and carved up. Mutants grateful that law and church here and showed the heroes their larder of pits with crucified zombies in pits under corrugated iron sheets. Said they had noticed mutants less bothered by zombies generally and humans didn't bother mutants in zombie areas. But last few nights a black car and zombies had attacked.

Got mutants to build humpies around car and wait. Sister converted and baptised many mutants and started a choir of awful zealots. Late in night the micro dino heard some noises and growled. Someone had entered camp and killed three mutants with a silenced submachine gun and was trying to steal bodies. Sister opened fire and Sheriff sneaked around for a better firing arc. The man in black racing suit had his legs shot off. His gun was too light to hurt the heroes then the sheriff shot off the drivers gun arm. The mystery man did not bleed but crawled. In distance his car roared to life and drove into the shanty town blazing machine guns. Sister got in her Alpha and returned fire. Sheriff ran back to his car and started up. Finally drove around town and also fired his twin linked MG's. The black biometal car hull burst into flames and seemingly screamed. They found crawling zombie driver and Sister took his chainsaw-machete and hacked off his other arm. Dragged the body into her car boot and called vatican on her satellite dish. Sheriff examined the silenced machine pistol and it's biological smartlink.

Karumi arrived on her motorcycle and explained to Nun and Sherrif how zombies were an alien invader. She psionicly mind linked to the fiend and questioned how the alien traveled. By space dust apparently. Alien also had a base on Mars. Established during the lost Martian mission a year ago and another relay on the Moon near Tycho crater. Went to remains of former zombie base and found under rubble a huge tap root of biomachine growing into soil under town destroyed by military. Called in cyborg vet buddy with demolitions to finish off.  Sheriff could see the lesser zombies had only a small amount of life force, but the undead driver and his car had more sentience. Vatican choppers came to take sisters samples.

Contacting Gentech and Necrotech and Vatican put the groups in contact. After a few hours of international conferencing it was decided in near future the team would be called to help train a team of astronauts to investigate the lunar anomaly. The Woomera or Cape York rocket range were both fairly likely places.

There was on the way to Woomera rocket range a salt lake race coming up too....

Exile Log: Into the Upper Levels

Now the company has the first level held the upper levels are trapped (excluding the wizards in the top floors - they don't care yet).

Acula has his father inlaw's the Kobold king's tribe doing most of the work with defences and traps forming a gauntlet to keep the monsters in. Kobolds from the party dungeon and orcs from Acula's gang have joined in too.

Skullcrusher the young giant (11 years old and eight foot seven) has adopted the goblin king as a flunky and surviving goblins are his thralls. Not as trusted as kobold kind but their shroom farming, animal domestication and archery skills are handy. Giant's gang of human bandits and dogs have a section near the front and are watching the front door of the dungeon.

Nahme the angel has had to remind all the dungeon will be restored to the church. Probably only reason she is fighting with a bunch of scum. Her bugbear, thief and priest companions as ever are by her side. The Tako octopus sorcerer is content with his one eyed eel man bounty hunter.

So Nahme, Skullcrusher and the Octopus with friends began creeping into the upper levels.

The level was occupied by demon worshiping savage hobgoblins from mountain tribes. Upper levels were still the more advanced hobgoblins with their king. Above that were ochre orcs made by the wizards. The humanoid kings were really mooks of the wizards. Directly in service to the wizards were the bugbears and ogres with a level each. After that it was all wizards right up to the great rock spire on the mountain peak. Nahme had scouted while in her winged angel form it and was wary. The wizards were preparing defenses and plans to kill the meddling adventurers. Humanoids were easily replaced.

So as bugbear and thief went up silently found hobgoblins treating a sick member of guard all offering advice and tips of folk medicine. As the thief and bugbear attacked, Skull crusher with his maul swinging rushed up and liquefied a hobgoblin to mush. The rest of the gang followed and the watch were all slain with a archer escaping. Followed archer and heard behind a barracks door grunting and boasting. Monsters were having a weight lifting contest. Party burst in and slaughtered them. Over 40 hobgoblins from barracks poured in to be slaughtered. Party had to cover different doors with the Tako in middle flinging spells and arrows in both directions. Nahme's half of the band were feeling worried when they ran out of targets and breathed a sigh of relief.

Tako getting annoyed at difficulty of room for fireball. The giant pushed forward while eelman behind him with a trident kept ducking out and jabbing hobgoblins. At one point the hobgoblins pulled aside and five archers pepped the giant with arrows ineffective. Nahme's spells protected her and the giant while the Tako was agile and well armoured.

Hobgobbos fled and party ransacked the dead and finished of a few more in the kitchens. A captured hobgob spilled beans and sketched level indicating the temple, barracks and the hoboblin chiefs throne. Undead crypts could wait. They had cleared the barracks and knew where boss and priests were. Was also some undead caves where angry clerics of the ancients dwelled.

Sneaked to the rear entry of the temple and killed more guards on way. Finally found backdoor with a cursed evil demon evil eye sign. Debated a bit, tried to dispel it and the giant tried to knock it down. He was struck blind. Inside room was a hobgoblin evil high priest and his two assistants who were very surprised. Giant struck one and crafty eel man jabbed with his trident. Nahme cast silence and the priest retreated outside area screaming for help. Temple guardians poured in while priest cast hold person. Captured hobgoblin joined the party as he had committed sacrilege and treason by aiding party. Monsters had heard rumour that the party were not so bad to captured enemies. A lesser priest fell and the giant and the octopi were paralysed. Heroes killed the guards and the head priest fled. Found treasure chests and room of demonic statues each with specific names. There were sucubi, vroc and even a balrog. The priest had tried to call them but failed. Nahme smashed them all and blessed the temple in the name of the good gods.

Opened locked trapped chests thanks to Nahme's theif boy and were thousand of mixed coins. Sub priests had gold arm bands. Found a magic dagger the giant got. A protection ring Nahme got and a strange black bat wing like cape with a dungeon map tatooed in inside was claimed by the Tako. Some bottles of poison too.

Party defensive spells waning and party had twenty minutes to flee before went down so they returned to lower levels. Half dungeon cleaned out. As each higher level smaller this would get faster.

Cape proved to be a necromantic relic that granted power of flight for one hour per night. It also had makers spirit who offered necromantic advice and asked the Tako to come to his dungeon tomb and take all his riches. All a bit suspicious of this. Aparently after thee uses the being could possess the wearer in times of weakness. "Oh Id only do it if you were unconcious or charmed or something" said the cape.

spent two days healing and giant had blinding curse removed by Nahme.

Todays best dyslexic error was "hymen bandits" instead of human bandits
Sounds like a wild movie

Wednesday 11 February 2015

d100 Loves Gone Wrong

Still 3 game logs behind and 2 articles on roadwar coming but finally did a d100 while on bus and travels. Reading books has been partly to blame for writing less. Damn - nobody learnified nothing from books!

My games have lots of weddings and babies but not enough horrid romantic tragedies. Will go under my gothic collection eventually.

Reading Irish fairy tales was good inspiration. Potions that make people forget love seem pretty handy thing for druids, but even then the mind wiped have subconscious bitterness.

If you were evil could apply to players loves but I might make them more avoidable. Once should be enough for a few years in most cases. You could roll for loved one of a king or friend of party to start a scenario. Perhaps even roll for dungeon boss.

The d10 version is for a quick problem with the d100 being a expanded version with more specific woes

d10 Quick Loves Gone Wrong
1 Rival Affections - another object of attention or love or distraction enters the scene
2 Spite & Jealousy - Lovers strong dislikes cause problems
3 Kidnapping - Some jerk steals the sweet heart away
4 Death & Murder - A sticky doom befalls the dear one
5 Spells & Curses - A magical doom befalls the object of affection
6 Loves Rewards - Intimacy may lead to some crisis or problem
7 Loves Secrets - A dark secret taints the love
8 Pride & Prejudice - Lovers arrogance brings downfall
9 Blood Feuds & Dark Inheritance - the lovers kin have a haunted past
10 Loves Unreasoned - strong emotions drive lover to excess

d100 Loves Gone Wrong
01 Romantic rival comes on the scene attracts interest from one of the parties
02 An old flame returns and tempts old interest from one of the parties
03 A new dear friend of lover is taking up their time and influencing them
04 One lover is haunted by a dream lover that begins distract them
05 A famous hero attracts one of parties
06 An important leader is attracted to one of the lovers and attempts to remove obstacle
07 One of the lovers adopts a new religion which increasingly steals away loves devotion
08 A supernatural seducer uses magical means and foul plots to obtain one of the lovers
09 A changeling or doppelganger or look alike attempts to court lover using form of true love
10 A enemy uses lies and deception to get intimate with one of the lovers
11 Lover disapproves of partner spending time with family or friends plots to drive them away or even kill
12 Lover insanely jealous of partners friendships, always afraid they are having affairs
13 Lover dislikes you spending time with anyone attractive
14 Lover does everything to stop you leaving home even feigning illness
15 Lover declares partner's religion is a obstacle
16 Lover cannot stand partners life of danger and tries to get them to settle down
17 Lover hates partners suspected children from other relationships and wants them dead
18 Lover scared of magic and tries to get rid of lovers enchanted junk
19 Lover wary of partners attempts to have fun or enjoy any vice
20 Lover thinks partner needs a new career and goes on and on and on with the hints
21 Kidnapping by evil kinfolk in seeking power
22 Kidnapped by vengeful enemies of one of lovers
23 Kidnapped by a cult to brainwash or sacrifice or ransom
24 Kidnapped by a evil wizard for a nefarious scheme
25 Kidnapped by a wicked knight and carried away to their tower to marry
26 Kidnapped by a monster as a mate or meal
27 Kidnapped by other worldly beings for a nefarious plot
28 Kidnapped by criminals seeking a huge ransom or blackmail
29 Kidnapped and replaced by a shape changer or imposter
30 Kidnapped by savage tribe to torment and ravish 
31 Assassins plot to kill lover sent by enemy
32 Poisoned by a witch seeking to get revenge
33 Lover given false news which drives them to suicide
34 Lover gets the plague and lays ill near death unless saved
35 A tragic pointless accident kills or maims lover
36 Killed by undead and raised as monster by power of evil
37 A lynch mob under mistaken fury slay a lover
38 Lover falsely accused of terrible crime and awaiting execution
39 A petty criminal kills or maims lover over paltry scraps
40 A jealous rival wants one of lovers out of the picture so they can get closer
41 A witch curses a lover with terrible spell using a attractive gift
42 A wizard transforms the lover into d4 1=stone 2=common beast 3=dragon 4=ogre
43 A sorcerer tries to enslave lover into life of vice with charms and potions and drugs
44 A necromancer seeks to kill lover to be be their eternal undead mate
45 Faeries steal lover away to fairy land for themselves leaving a changeling behind
46 Faeries take lover to fairy land and due to differences in time scale is married with adult children
47 Lover is bitten by lycanthrope and exhibits strange behavior
48 God drives a lover mad for hubris and they try to kill lover and any offspring
49 God mates with lover willingly or unwillingly producing a magical child
50 God plays tricks on lovers to test or torment them
51 One or both partners catch a horrible sexually transmitted disease
52 Stillborn childbirth d4 1=mother dies too 2=parent suicides 3=mother sterile 4=parent drive mad
53 One lovers becomes responsible for d6 adopted children
54 One of lovers turns cold and disinterested in affection or intimacy
55 Church claims relationship not recognized and intimacy forbidden
56 Lovers have a child but birth surrounded by omens and prophecies
57 Child replaced with changeling by faeries or is a monster
58 One partner obsessed with having as many children as possible and fertility potions
59 One partner is infertile and other badly wants children
60 One lover has multiple lovers and has insatiable appetites
61 One lover is a shape changer
62 Lover is member of a forbidden cult
63 One lover used to be opposite gender
64 Lover used to be non human d4 1=demihuman 2=humanoid 3=monster 4=animal
65 Lover is a witch or warlock and seeks to spread evil using lover as protector
66 Lover committed terrible crimes and fears being discovered
67 Lover secretly employee of evil faction or villain
68 Lover has a curse or prophecy dooming them
69 Lover has a cursed relic they keep a secret and cannot abandon
70 Lover is actually a ghost in human form or in control of a human host
71 Boasting lover keeps local gossip mills churning with wild stories of partners prowess  
72 Boasting lover infuriates local leaders with claims they are inferior to partner
73 Lover urges partner to help genocidal cause due to personal vendetta
74 Lover boasts partner better than the gods who are displeased by hubris and blasphemy
75 Boasts that lover greatest in land attracts duelists and punk kids from peers far and wide
76 Lovers gossip about partner offends local faction who demand death for this dishonour
77 Lover gossips about partners hidden wealth, trade secrets and problems
78 Lovers gossip attracts stream of unwanted suitors, jealous rivals and concerned holy teachers
79 Lover has unreasonable phobia and begs partner to keep horrors away
80Lover boasting about partners wealth attracts criminals and con men
81 Lovers family scarred by a dark history
82 Lovers family has many enemies that try and destroy the new partner
83 Lovers family have many factions and several mark the couple for death
84 Lover has divine or other planar ancestors that interfere in key family events
85 Lovers family hate the partner and humiliate them with scorn and lies
86 Lover has hopeless family in laws move in
87 Children on one of lovers clan carry a non human taint of the elder gods
88 One lovers clan include agents of a rival foreign power and serve to weaken the kingdom
89 Family of one of lover connected to cursed and haunted location feared across the land
90 Both families of lovers hate each other constantly causing problems and threatening murder
91 Lover always running away to serve a cause
92 Lover goes mad and tries to kill partner, possibly caused by gods or inbreeding
93 Commits suicide if left alone too long from depression
94 Lover has multiple personalities that begin to emerge with different alignments
95 Lover loves to waste money on gaudy status symbols, always making new debts
96 Violent streak in lover willing to kill to help partner in secret
97 One lover likes to throw money at shams, cult leaders, frauds and hucksters
98 Past trauma reduces lover to madness requiring constant treatment and nursing
99 Once married lover turns into domineering, drug abusing and lazy bully
100 One lover only aroused by strange possibly illegal or sacrilegious sexual acts

*any similarities to real life coincidental - no scrying was used

Monday 9 February 2015

Projects and uncomming CON Games

Hmmm slightly increased hours seemed to have hit my imagination a bit as i haven't finished any new content here for a while. Spend more time on e-bay buying teeny man dollies and games with my moola than imagineering. Also as ive printed off lots of tables from here in my game folder - feels like ive run out of need for ideas as i have tables for most of in game needs at moment. DnD game has players deep in a classic dungeon with some holy crypt stuff too. Player suggested some maritime theme stuff for when they finish dungeon they intend to go to sea. d100 NPC lists are on slow side. I am working on several Roadwar tables and features. I am trying to get back on horse but posts im working on are slow and massive.

Have been reading big book of so called Celtic myths really they mean Irish. But very good for gamer ideas - love gone wrong, curses, tragedy, magical shenanigans, doomed gods and casual mention of otherworld portals. Reading BRP Rome and Insmouth book and other gamer stuff Iv been buynig too.

Am adding to my Egyptian and Indian armies, getting lizard men and 1920s cops and gangsters, gladiators and pirates and a Tarzan set. So will have more animal minis like crocks, lions, bears. I envisage 1920s folk vs lizard men for raid on Insmouth.

I actually got the Arkham county book on the fishy town from a friend so only 2 more mythos rpg books to get now. Probably with the new edition standard now will be among last items i get for game now serving audience who cant divide or multiply by 5 and probably will never read books. Found a great place full of old game books so im getting: RQ3 book (all in one nice book) Borderlands box set for RQ, Dawn Patrol (will run Wings against Cthulhu some day), 1001 vehicles for mega traveller, and a Gurps book. Still want all the gurps history stuff. Oh and a scanner so i can purge my filing cabinet and post here my gaming goodies from yesteryear (back to 84).

So here are my Pitches for the next RPG Con
Based on he Premise I can run each for a day

"Fall of the Mutants: Battle for San Francisco"
TSR Marvel Super Heroes System
Up to 12 Players All Ages

A battle royale in the streets of San Francisco Where Your Favourite Mutant (and non mutant) superheroes battle the Marauders and the Horsemen of Apocalypse and worse. This all ages event will run all day with players being able to play multiple sessions and choose good or evil characters from the Marvel Comic Universe as it was 1988.

Based on previous successful CON session 2014. It is a fast paced system with a single resolution table that can handle the likes of Daredevil to the Hulk effortlessly. Very simple to learn and play. Most of the original game rule books and adventures are available online from fan sites like without complaint from game/comic companies.

Once again the tabletop will have a scale model of a city with toy vehicles and a large supply of Heroclix minitures. Players are able to destroy the urban terrain and use any property as weapons to win for your mutant faction. Come decide the fate of mutant kind.

"Cars against Cthulhu"
Chaosiums BRP and Call of Cthulhu 1st Ed System
Up to 6 Players

Based on road warrior films like Mad Max and Deathrace 2000, computer games like Roadwar 2000 by Microprose and tabletop games like Steve Jackson's Car Wars and Games Workshop's Dark Future setting. Also influenced by Kim Newman's Dark Future Novels (written under name Jack Yeovil) and H.P.Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos books.

Players are drivers in a near future apocalyptic setting with heavily armed vehicles in a world going down the toilet. Every day the news gets worse: plagues, famine, war, zombies, cyborgs, out of control cults and the increased prevalence of televised lethal motor sport events. Australia's biggest race event hosted by the Sydney Murder Motor Sports League is the Murder Race 2000. This years race spectacle is the biggest yet attracting teams from around the world for high octane thrills and kills. Prime Minister Paul Hogan will award the winners with 10 million in prize money. The usual gangcults, terrorists and crazed fans are sure to try and interfere as the whole nation sits back to watch the spectacle. Only this year inhuman eyes gaze down on the racers who will unwittingly decide the fate of the human race.

The game will use toy model cars, miniatures and road sections on the tabletop based between 1/68-1/72 and HO scale. Players are welcome to bring their own model Hotwheels or Matchbox cars to be stated up for play. Players will have a selection of drivers and armed vehicles to pick from. Each racer also has a terrible secret which may jeopardise their survival chances. May the most ruthless bastard win.

"The Strange High House in the Stars"

Chaosium BRP/Call of Cthulhu 1st Ed System
Up to 6 Players

It the dawn of the 22nd Century. Mining and research outposts have settled the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. An asteroid habitat controlling a deep space antenna array has broken out in murder and violence. Your team of Investigators mission is to find out what has happened to the hab and rescue any surviving crew. While all the hab crew were screened for mental health long before leaving Earth, madness seems the most likely explanation for loss of contact with the array. As the fastest rescue equipped and trained vessel past Mars, It is up to your crew to contain the situation.

Players will get to choose from rescue crew personnel sent to investigate what has gone wrong in the habitat. Your crew are all trained in space rescue and high G acceleration making you the best crew for the mission. Good Luck.

Some Other Time Dept....

Paranormal agents sent to examine remains of a Internment Camp in Alaska where the last residents of Insmouth died in the 50s. Actually a Superworld/Cthulhu mashup. Players are all tainted by blood of old ones and each has a agent handler.

Cthulhu pretty safe. Marvel went well last time so keen to repeat and should have good word of mouth. Car race game biggest risk to put cthulhu in the title. My taste in weird old games is a bit too obscure possibly. Older gamer Nostalgia can't compete with hip steampunky mustache twirling and post 1982 rule sets.

Next con...

A Gangbusters/Cthulhu Mash up with lots of Tommy Guns and car chases - I will have minis but might put this off till next con so im sure if i will have cars and possibly better model buildings - considered running the trouble brewing campaign for gangbusters as a day event for con with two teams of 6 - could run gangbusters, classic cthulhu and cthulhu metropolis as event to and play lots of 20s pop music. WW1 flying game possible too (Biggles vs Cthulhu?). Getting dawn patrol so some model kits might be the go.

My club seems to have certain time slots busy so i might offer to run cthulhu after work in city club - about 5 now but they are full of card game douchebags mostly.

Friday 6 February 2015

BABYLON BRP: Temple in the Stars

Pek son off Targ came running across the desert to join them. He had hunted them for months and tracked them from last known location. Under the Arab nomad temple was a dark stairwell. After a short distance there was a grey wall that seemed to be not solid. Sobek sent a dove through and it came back saying it was quiet and unwilling to go again as it felt tired. Heroes marched in but Sobek and her bird passed out and did not go through the grey veil. The rest came to a copper lined complex with triangle shaped corridors into a room where they could see a ledge and a strange door. The door had a triangular jeweled grid next to it and a elongated hexagonal door. The upper part of the door had a series of circles and the lower one a point with varied lengths of lines radiating from it. Pek messed with door control and saw a corridor with two doorways. In the room was a pile off foodstuff, water and bedrolls. Everything was lit perfectly with no shadows. They all felt magically drained and decided to wait and recover in hopes Sobek could catch up.

While resting heard something slithering sounds on upper seldge. Ariana climbed Toth and Pek to see what was on 20 foot ledge and saw a door with stairs going down. Continued resting but wary.

After 24 hours Sobek came though portal unconscious. Took 2 hours to wake up feeling weary. Now united  and most happy they could escape so they went onwards to inspect the complex. Pek was deemed very clever so was assigned the role of door opener. Really it was mostly luck but nobody really knew.

So down the copper hall though the door to a great hall with a doorway opposite. Above the door was a row of semi opaque crystal panels. Sobek went to look at up close using her friends as ladders and tried to see what was on the other side. Something creepy, perhaps mummies. The room had a stone altar and a chest of priest robes, silver coins a sacrificial dagger and a medallion. Pek saw a man hiding behind altar. He stood up holding a grey metalic lump from which a chilling cloud of gas came forth. The others all fled the gas but Ariana was injured by frost bite but killed the man. Took the metal lump but could not tell how to use or which way was up.

Passed through next door into a t-junction. They chose left and saw three doors and a distant open area with strange lights. Opened first door and saw a faceless sphynx in a black octagonal chamber. Some recognised it as a temple of Nyarlenthotep. Sobek was an initiate already and had been to his celestial throne. Toth had the spell to become a initiate but never had cast it. Ariana went in and looked at the sphynx and fell feint. She had unwittingly had a spell placed in her mind and and her spirit met the dark god and accepted his offer of power. Others rushed to Ariana's side to help her up from her dizzy spell.

All left the shrine and entered the next room. This was a horror show the likes none had seen. Manticores were behind crystal bars, growling and swearing in Arabic. Three benches in the middle of the room had worse horrors. One had glass vessels and tubes of bubbling fluids, some contained manticore fetuses in various stages of growth. The centre table had a frozen in mid air, a exploded manticore, its pulsing gurgling organs suspended in some manner. They watched the revolting scene before gazing at the final bench where a manticore was being modified to have reptilian leathery wings and a scorpion tail. As they smashed the lab and killed everything they found the last manticore had freshly implanted organs and rows or spines inside it's tail for some reason. After hacking and smashing all they went to the next room.

One wall was black biological pulsing mass with three large biological engines attatched, each with a gaping orifice. Pek poked to with his axe and the oriface closed. The machine began to swell and the wall gurgled and throbbed. A fleshy balloon as big as two men began to be birthed from the hurt machine. Ariana stabbed it to see if it would burst. All were covered in slime with the blast and a huge spider monster remained. Sobek turned away before she saw anything. Her sanity was dwindling. She had become a drunk of late but now she had developed blindness as supernatural danger came near and always grasping her weapons, even with her lovers.

The others battled the horror spider, hacking off it's legs and eventually slitting open it's egg filled abdomen. It had massive venom dripping claws, web shooting spinnerets and spells but of course was killed.  All backed off and shut the door. The weirdly lit open area had four shallow hexagonal pits with cylinders of light from floor to ceiling. each had different glowing symbols in the light. Toth found they could manipulate the signs. Pek discovered maps of the heavenly globes including Earth. Sobek found anatomical diagrams of the manticore surgery explaining new manticores could fly and fire  envenomed bolts. Others found other incomprehensible symbols and strange images none could understand. But some saw hints of biology and navigation and astrology lore.

Someone heard shuffling around the corner and all leaped out to see a priest. As the men hacked the stunned priest into hunks they saw strange coloured blood and organs under his loose sloppy skin. Insides looked more fungal with strange wings and lobster claws on multiptle limbs inside the skin sack. Definatley not human. Pek opened a door into a new room with humanoids behind the crystal walls and the princess of Ur they came to rescue in the first Place. She was in shock. Others worked on de frosting human captives from frozen cells including men from other lands and times in the past. Toth befriended a man from the time of the pyramids. Several Gutians grunted savagley. Ariana met a man from old Knossos. Several were more savage than gutians, wearing only furs with elongated jaws and stooped appearances that none could speak to. The princess revived and told them she had seen a duplicate of herself leave with priests days ago.

Toth waited by the door and watched the hall and saw several shifty priests hiding. One saw him and fired a lightning bolt. Pek and some others ran past hall dodging lightning. Pek used time to go round the complex and sneak up on them. He splattered ones head and the others charged. The remaining one got Pek trapped with a web gun and the others ran up and killed the last one. Horrible non human creatures in human skins again.

The last room was a long hall with pallets holding more of strange weapons the alien men used. Took the weapons and someone accidentally activated a holographic display of a ape man at the end of the hall. Got idea it was a target range. All moved to the entry chamber to return to Earth. Saw a last creature without skin, a horrid exposed brain, fungus lobster insect thing they killed before.

Finally rested for a day then returned through the gate. Sobek passed out and her pet terrorbird jumped to her side. Kull had been looking after the chariot donkeys and captured camels while others away (on Yuggoth?). They crossed the desert directly to Ur losing the strange savages and Gutians on the way. Ur gate keepers surprised as they had already celebrated return of the princess and rewarded the nomads who rescued her with several talents of silver. They were taken to the court where the fake princess outstanded everyone by shedding her skin and flying out the window in her true form as one og\f the other worldly horrors.

The king had charioteers hunt and kill the escaping nomad cultists and the heroes were given the fortune in silver and offered the eternal friendship of Ur. They were escorted back to Babylon and spent several months at rest. Sobek spent her spare time with her shaman having her troubled mind healed. the others forfilled their cult obligations and and trained.  

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Exile Log: Return to Hobgoblin Halls

Note: Player of Acula had to slow down a bit gaming due to Ninja training b4 going to Japan and had several others left due to work shifts and leaving Australian immigration jerking around a players partner so need some new blood. Tonight Skinner Von Doom joined the party with a 7 foot 8 inch giant named Skull Crusher. Acula managed to pop in later and game worked out ok. But game in a bit of peril. Very hard to fit in new games at club at moment and too many games on not my cup of tea. DnD still to me about creating original fantasy and house rules over published twaddle by big companies trying to be contemporary (safe).

I lucked out at work and another worker i was going to share cut shifts with offered to go to another centre leaving me with more hours but i sweated for a few minutes. Applying for some management jobs so i can get rid of the shift work crisis every three months as Australia gets into Thatcher-ism and austerity. Also anti-science/poor/education with free fuel for coal mines, no penalty rates for workers, money for rich to have babies and the biggest military spending leap in countries history including war time.

I have 240 Caesar 1/72nd scale plastic fantasy miniatures which worked great. Include adventurers (plus a troll), dwarves, elves, undead, goblins and orcs.  Used a fat serial killer heroclix for giant. Will get set of lizard men, some knights and robin hood set for thieves and monks. Players appreciated. Almost have all the ancients I need (just want more Egyptians, Trojans, Mycenaean chariots and Indian infantry and elephants. Modern special forces, militia plus 20s gangsters next. Some vikings, saxons, rus and more roman era stuff later. Players really enjoy and cheap and portable.

Honestly im working on a d100 again...

Only 3rd dungeons with this 7th lv party

So while Acula, his wife Olga and devil worshiping priest went scouting Nahme and the Octopus sorcerer watched the hobgoblin camp guarding the valley where the ancient dungeon entrance lay. They Met Skullcrusher a young giant (only 11) with his gang of bandits and dog pack. They found giant as a six foot four year old and thought him a big idiot. He eventually got bigger and ate the leader and took his place. He is a expert with club and throwing rocks with a magic cauldron that removes poison and disease and a returning rock.

The Tako brought his one eyed eel bounty hunter chum and Nahme brought her boy thief, priest and bugbear. They glared down the valley, entering at high noon when most hobgoblins in tents asleep and guards would be blinking and dazzled.

A fireball from the octopus wasted the centre tent and singed the others killing almost 20 hobgoblins. Nahme flew over head with bow and the giant charged with his bow wielding bandits lagging behind. The rest of the hobgog crew leapt up to block the creek bridge on the road to the dungeon mouth. Magic misiles and arrows whittled away humanoids and the giant had fun smooshing the squishy green men.

As monsters crushed last few fled and Nahme flew after them killing them in the dungeon entry. Bandists and dogs left outside and Acula joined them in time to enter. Realized monsters had repurposed everything on first level as kobold spies said. Goblins of level two had been pushed down and the kobolds had been squeezed into the undead tombs and relic vaults the party cleansed and looted six months ago. Marched up to central chamber down long hall and archers and giant killed all the guards without a sound. Went to goblin area and scouts found a common room with goblin "day shift" socializing over a meal. Gobbos saw the Bugbear spy on them and he muttered something about being new in dungeon and lost and gobs told him to piss off. So Giant and bugbear came back in demanding fealty. Goblins bowed down but a boss heard commotion and sent in troops from adjacent barrckas. A huge battle raged with Giant smooshing gobbos and Acula and the Octopus shooting scores of arrows. As Ogre forced them back towards throne room, other party members went down other passages to kill stray goblins.

Theif boy started picking locks with priest to protect him. Acula and his orcs hunted some escaping goblins and found entry to kobold caves. Octopus, Nahme, Eelman, bugbear and Giant pressed the goblin guards right to the Throne room door. Giant bashed way through with a few tries and the kings Thoul bodyguards attacked him. Giant heroicly took many arrows and thoul scratches without harm as Nahme shielded him with spells. Thouls were new to party and the part ghouls-troll-goblin hellspawn surprised them. As they were regenerating the octopus hit them with fire shuriken. Finally the Thouls went down and the Giant pressed in with bert the bugbear and the crafty eelman at his sides. Giant tried to smash the king aand then tried to grab his crown and finally beat him unconscious causing the two survivors to surrender.

Nahme, her boy thief and priest checked out some side passages where treasure and important goblins lived. As monsters swarmed them Acula's orcs helped to wipe them out, then rushed to get his father in-law the kobold king to help.

Kobold king amazed his son now a might orc hero and offered him three more daughters to marry (not the worst this time). Kobolds and their dogs swarmed the goblin areas capturing stragglers and claiming the treasure to keep it safe. Meanwhile the hobgoblins on other half of the level escaped upstairs, dragging minuscule loot, prisoners and shrines with them.

So party totally took first floor and had a feast. Kobolds bought fermented dog milk for everyone! Nahme declined. Giant boated he was king here but Acula kobold kin disputed this. Nahme declared this was a holy reliquary and belonged to church who would reward us for liberating it. Kobold king happy to relocate to party dungeon under their village, already filled with kobolds from here.

All agreed they would smush Chondaru on the upper levels. Giant was told of other dungeons on way here he could claim. Hobgoblins, orcs and ogre on upper levels were a barrier to the Wizard tower on the top most levels. Chondaru the mystic was there in hiding from the party. Acula ,married the three kobold princesses cementing the party hold over the little creeps.

Finally the party were ready for the big push and had the dungeon under siege.