Friday 27 November 2015

Planet Gann - For my upcomming mecha space opera game

So suddenly realized my space opera game has had elements from aged ten. I really liked Starblazers (Yamato), Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman), Micronaut toys especially the magnetic ones, Films like Space War and many others. I was very fond of Shogun Warrior toys and never got any. Im tempted to to try get some of the micronauts or new editions and i like 70s mech with flares, pointy headgear like horns or detachable space craft. Robots that used swords and frisbees. So ideas in my SF campagn go back to 1980 age ten.

There will be a bits of starship troopers, forever war, but lots of Ian Banks, Moorcock (Dancers at the End of Time), Norman Spinrad (Agent of Chaos, Men in the Jungle), Bryan Aldiss books. Plus many others. My Previously titled Shadows in the Stars setting will be basis. Will draw from RPG's like Metkon, Traveller, 2300, Ringworld RPGS, Cthulhutech and more. Powered Infantry will feature and players will start as such. A bit of Paranoia and OGRE. Blakes Seven was a fave of mine too, So I really only just realized my interest in mecha began with micronauts.

Ive always liked look of gundam stuff and my hobby shop is a constantly growing section with prices like 3 mecha for $12 or 6-10 dollars each. So I'm getting some duplicates to field a squad of standard good guy and other planetary military. So I have been writing for a while and even drawn some maps, Planet will be a BRP Hexcrawl.

Players will be part of Royal Self Mobile Infantry (SMI) A division of Infantry with basic light mechanized infantry suits and larger Dreadnaut class power armour (more like a robot vehicle). They will be seeking 12m ancient mech to replace 2m tall suits and not much bigger Dreadnauts. Each episode will have a new piece of tech some x-projects, some artifacts. Also each game will have romance of some kind and strong rivalries with other factions of NPCs. Eventually will adventure in space then re contact civilization. If it is still there.

When humans travelled the stars they had godlike mecha but our colony was a backwater so only had anti kaiju mecha. The first colonists were mixed including some from the original tribes most notably many Lemurians - the first major genetic varient on the planet. W.hen the stargate broke nobody came to fix it and the planet collapsed into chaos breaking into five nations. The kingdom were the only users of mecha when the original colony Alpha City was destroyed by nuclear fire and the great Island sunk. Many fled the sinking Island to the mainland and received help from the great Kingdom. Atlan survived on once mountain tops and united a chain of archipelagos. Kaiju were always a problem and a biological alien swarm rained on the planet temporarily unifying the planet and driving the colonies more apart.. Most adopted skin pigment mods and other changes to maintain local cohesion. That time has passed as each nation is rebuilding military especially new powered infantry research. Each nation is looking for lost tech like the bases colony Alpha operated when it controlled the planet.

There is possibly a star gate out there to and no nation has gone into space for hundreds of years. That too is on the agenda.

Colours of the people are anime kids texta colours which can vary from matt to glossy and vary in shade enormously. Skim, hair, eyes may have different shades. Many persons of all colours develop white or black hair.

The Great Nations
Colony Alpha
White flag with black A in a circle
landed over a thousand years ago and eventually established five of it's own colonies. Possibly this was really kicking out undesirable cultures. Then a unknown factions detonated a hydrogen bomb on a volcanic seam, swallowing up most of the Island. Refugees went to what came to be the kingdom. Part of colony alpha is in space.

The Great kingdom White flag with gold crown
Was a a collection of many great kingdoms and they were unified after several hundred years till the cataclysm of Alpha happened. When it absorbed the refugees it built a second Northern capitol that proved to be safer from enemies and Kaiju. This capitol is the winter palace and the southern is the summer palace also closer to the frontier. Lemuria is a long held ally making the two powers united against the Consolidate. They have the most mecha at the start of the war, several left from the feudal kingdoms and colony Alpha ruled over 800 years ago. Great kingdom people have diverse backgrounds and genetic heritage. The ruling class have brown skin in various shades.

The Consolidate

Crey Flag with a C inside a circle like a copyright symbol
Colony used brain washing and cloning tech to engineer a slave state of fanatics. All are cared for by state and hate the royal family with great passion. The most recent state it has grown in the southern Kaiju filled wastelands. It uses trade and capitalism to spread, the various labour ministries are actualy monopoly mega corporations. They have developed many biological controls against Kaiju and many rumours about x weapons are always in circulation. Unethical research seems most likely explanation. Most citizens have grey skin in some shade with flashy colours held to be antisocial. Citizens are engineered to put up with more punishment and hardship. They prefer to field tanks with light power infantry but dreadnaughts are large boxy walkers in a vaguely boxy humanoid form. Most hava laser and inbuilt grenaide launchers but often hold a support weapon.

LemuriaGold crown over waves on flag
Originally from one of the first dozen great colonies of Sol, many aeons ago in another arm of the galaxy. They live in city states under scientist kings who appoint a despot in times of war. Philosopher warriors lived in a high UV dinosaur world and the locals modified their primary pigment to be blue. The eat a small amount of copper in preference to iron. They are great thinkers but a little cold to outsiders. They are a distant ally of the Kingdom and they are difficult to draw into battle. But once rallied the are dangerous. They mostly live in their palaces of athletic pleasure and science. Lemurian Dreadnauts are the most humanoid and can crawl. Some now hold weapons in cyberhands instead of use built ins.

AtlantisTrident over waves on flag
Colony of survivors of Alpha who sheltered on mountain tops which became Islands. They disdain their kin who fled the cataclysm. They have gills and green skin, actually a symbiotic plant in their skin. These features were added to separate them from the land dwellers but have kept their armed forces able to resist a enemy to the east. Proud and suffering but using superior sea power and subterfuge to fight back. Rumour has it they have a hidden undersea city in the place of Colony Alpha. Their Dreadnoughts are submersibles also.

Draconia Red Flag with gold dragon
A exotic kingdom with a immortal king in a glass bubble. They have gold skin and resist heat and light using features designed for off world mining. They have kept distance from the other continents and have been using superior air power to bomb Islands in the Atlantis archipelago. They are cruel despotic tyrants who wish war in the west to weaken their enemies. Draconian dreadnoughts are birdlike eggs on legs walker with a light artillery piece on a top mount.

1d10 Original Motherland
1-4 The Great Kingdom - citizens vary greatly see subtable
5-6 The Consolidate - citizens are more durable, grey skin, many with no hair +2 CON
7 Lemuria - citizens have enhanced minds and bodies, blue skin and hair, +1 STR DEX INT
8 Atlantis archipelagos - citizens can breathe water with gills, green skin and hair
9 Draconia - citizens energy resistant, metallic gold skin and hair +2 DEX
10 strange background subtable

d10 Great Kingdom ancestral subtable
1-4 Brown skinned people with spiky hair, modded for social interaction +3APP
5 Jet skinned night people, night vision, modded with stealth +10% and can eat anything organic
6 Goblin folk with dwarf stature, big eyes, hands and pointy ears have night vision, tech aptitude +10%, lowG adapted -2 STR SIZ +3 Dex
5 Cat people with gold fur all over and gold eyes with nightvision, fur 1AP and claws d4 +10% listen
6 Scarlet skinned dino hunting barbarian tribesfolk modded as consolidate citizen, beserkers
7 Orange skinned merchant class folk +1 INT +1POW +1APP
8 Grey skinned mountain mining folk modded as Consolidate citizen
9 Albino Alpha Colonists folk modded as Lemurian citizen
10 X-Ray mostly smoky transparent tissues with visible glass like bones +2 CON

d10 Strange background subtable
(any skin cosmetic shift possible or take a local looking form)
1 The Secret Empire - criminal cult that influences the powers with money, blackmail and vice
2 The Zarng - a criminal cartel into money, crime and maintaining the status quo +2 STR
3 Off System Agent from other system - one piece of T2 technology
4 Off system Castaway traveller - space survival kit
5 Off system godlike guardian - raised in hyperspacial fortress +3POW
6 1st Gen colonist kept on ice for millennium +3EDU
7 Clone grown in lab (serial immortality 1d4 more clones)
8 Clone came from pod in forest +3CON -1POW
9 Cannibal cultists of the marchlands +2STR
10 Android made by aliens +3APP

Future and Tech Notes
Power Armour or Pilot Walker skills will operate a Dreadnaut
Early Walkers used by civilians and military
Prehuman ruins and alien tech predate human settlement

Phase One
Powered Infantry locate and recover a mech frame
Skirmishes and races for tech vs enemies
Test contemporary weapons adapted to mecha
Whats happening in other continents?
Tech ranges from 1890 steam to 21st C Template1- or Template1
There are fragments of higher tech from the era the star gate was operational

Standard Missions:
Beat Consolidate forces to loot a ancient ruin detected
Steal Technology from enemy
Test new technology
Rescue or kidnap experts or VIPs
Solve mysteries of past
Explore lost civilizations
Fight dinosaurs, kaiju or foreign mech
Fight alien mystery mecha

Phase Two
Open up space travel, limited anti-g, forcefields
Battle to control the stargate
Increasing alien and space threats
Average Tech T2-T3 with some throwbacks to T1 or worse

Standard Missions
Search a planet
Help explorers, pilgrims, settlers
Confirm alien sightings (not gust gene junk)
Find item needed to fix gate

Phase Three
Space Knights of the Galaxy
Hyperspace ultra tech

Search and destroy lliogor

Tech Template
Template 1 - Colonial Tech Have powered infantry and walkers, some big enough for artillery
T1- Powered Infantry, Dreadnaut Armour, Robots, Clones, Auto factories, Space Shuttle, Crionics
T1 Genetic Augmented Personal, AIs, Androids, Enegry Weapons, Space Colony, Interstellar probe
T1+ Pulse Energy Weapons, Upload Brains, Interstellar colony, Kaiju Lab, Nanofactory

Template 2 - Commonwealth Tech has mech able to act as space fighters or ground vehichles
T2- Anti Gravity Skimmers, energy screens, reliable FTL,  Colony Nanobuilder, force blade
T2 Full anti gravity flight, FTL communications, Neurological scrambler, forcefields
T2+ Anti Gravity Star Drive (Reliable FTL), Teleporter (station to station), Instant FTL Communications

Template 3 - Can store your mech and suits or guns in hyperspace till required
T3- Gravitic effect weapons, Disintegrator, Teleporter Beam, tractor beam, hyperspacial engineered routes
T3 Stargate,  Planetary Scale Megastructure,  Hyperspatial Interdiction
T3+ Pocket Universe, Stasis Box, Hyperspatial Storage, Dysons Sphere, Gate device

I hope to take this from fighting dinos and robots to mecha wars them spacefleet action then into hyperspacial gods battling the old ones. Don't warp in your mecha just yet or your enemies will sense your extradimensional mass. Try not to kill everyone on the planet.

T1=Is gritty like Aliens, 2300, Cyberpunk, High Colonies, Low Traveller
T2=Is more like traveller Imperium or Star Trek OS with Start Trek TNG being more high end
T3=Is like The Culture in Ian Banks and more like Dancers at the end of Time at high end

Anime Sanity is not normal sanity so made this more dramatic one

d10 Anime Short Term Insanity Effects (1d10 rounds)
1 Flashbacks - you remember the unbelievable truth about the past, oblivious to outside wold during your inner dialogue and self discovery
2 Rage - you scream with fury firing your guns or waving about a melee weapon seeking enemies to fight to the death. Heroically delay enemies with your death!
3 Scream and flee, lost in internal monologue while you flee like a coward crying
4 Run away and hide or failing that curl into a ball or put a bag on your head
5 You realize only one person can keep the darkness at bay go to them immediately
6 Breakdown in tears, sobbing on your knees, possibly make a monologue or confession
7 Beg for mercy or prey for survival, nothing else will protect you, everything is futile
8 This isn't real and you need to prove it to everyone there is no threat
9 You try to get everyone's attention and talk about peace
10 Find the most destructive force you can and lay waste to everything

d10 Anime Long Term Insanities also ages you a d4 years
(requires drug therapy or psychosugery or behaviour chip)

1 Paranoia - your enemies, your rivals, your allies, other nations are out to get you
2 Conspiracy Nut - you no longer recognise what evidence looks like preferring crackpot theories to explain every problem
3 A dark spirit invades your body trying to seize control, controlling you uses a MP per hour
4 A dark entity visits you in your dreams offering to help you for Power points in a crisis
5 Your are a berserker triggered by violence and sometimes loud noises or surprises (POWx5). Frenzied attacks any one insight enemies first til rage ends.x2 Attack no defences
6 You fall into fatalistic brooding melancholia and change your personal style
7 Obsessed with truth - compulsion to investigate weird phenomena to answer mysteries
8 Behold I am Death - committed to slaughter and extermination of unnatural evil at any cost
9 Develop weird tic even if asleep d6 1=Insane giggling 2=creepy drooling 3=stare like a snake 4=speech impediment 5=swearing constantly 6=make evil scheming gestures alot with a grin
10 Convinced you are a monster you must keep your secret and take precautions against anyone finding out. You must kill them before they get close.

Psionics Available also

Thursday 19 November 2015

Self Aware Dungeon Generation

I've spoken of sentient self aware dungeons before. Some are pocket universes and connect many dungeons on different planes. Many dungeon intelligence might partake of a greater force or a collective presence. Some dungeons will have smaller more local spirits. Even levels as spirits acting as factions.

These geniuses can be worshiped and can provide priests and shaman and sorcerers with power. Some dungeons might have enemy spirits from former occupants controlling a few rooms. This means you can inject a dungeon with strange powers, intelligent traps, local cults, shrines dedicated to the dungeon and many more things.

You could be a jerk and give items that only worked in that dungeon that are products of the spirit to attract adventurers. You can make dungeon seem haunted by many entities but really it is far worse. It could develop a avatar. Possibly a ghost or a spirit of a holy person or wizard could be come one.

d10 Number of Entities in Dungeon
1 One dungeon overmind
2 One mind but insane and fighting itself or a imaginary foe
3 One superior spirit but d6 lesser entities in hiding from the great one
4 Many minor ones ruling individual rooms 1in4 all from a formerly single mind now fragmented
5 One superior but each great gate house is a entity that makes passage difficult
6 One entity per level with some relationship d4 1=kin 2=enemies 3=strangers 4=friends
7 One entity per level plus a supreme leader, often ranked weakest down to the master
8 One  major entity with many lesser spirits some barley sentient forming an ecology
9 Several d6+1 entities in combat for control of dungeon and minions souls
10 The dungeon has many spirits locked in battle or taking turns but always in flux

d10 Entity Self Awareness
1 A collective organism consciousness like a coral reef, reacts rather than plans
2 A insect hive like response pattern mostly, notices territorial intruders
3 A cold blooded reptilian spirit coolly calculating and striking at threats
4 A mammalian flight or fight response, retreats for a bit then berserk to defend key locations
5 A clever animalistic intellect that learns quickly and innovates new responses
6 A fully sentient self aware entity that understand it's capabilities and will communicate
7 A secretive sentient self aware entity that spies on opponents and carefully rallies it's puppets
8 A aggressive sentient self aware entity actively expanding, looting and invading beyond domain
9 A curious sentient self aware entity seeks to learn about and experiment with strangers
10 A sadistic sentient self aware entity tormenting it's inhabitants

d10 Entity Observational Capacity
1 Statues and paintings eyes are domains eyes
2 Doorways and keholes are the domains eyes
3 Fire particularly torches and lanterns are the domains eyes
4 Eyes of vermin or magical spy critters are the are the domains eyes
5 Eyes of monsters are the domains eyes
6 Cracks in mortar and stonework are the domains eyes
7 Mirrors, pools or reflective surfaces are the are the domains eyes
8 Entity is fully clairvoyant and can see anything in domain
9 Entity is fully clairvoyant and can see or hear anything in domain
10 Entity is self aware of every atom and magical part of being

d10 Entity Intervention
1 Only intervenes when favorite creations harmed
2 Will aid creations with abilities in combat
3 Will seal intruders inside the domain
4 Will actively bait intruders with personal temptations
5 Will put dungeon on red alert and production when intruders discovered
6 Will test intruders and spy or scout on them
7 Will have puppets place sadistic traps when enemies intrude
8 Will fortify key locations and move valuables when enemies attack
9 Will spy on and prepare a secretive strategic defence or trap
10 Enjoys conflict and watches, encourages victors to remain

d10 Entity Power
1 Can use a d4 cantrips or zero level spells at will
2 Can animate traps and doors and locks and can appear haunted
3 Can empower low level (d4) priests or other magicians
4 Can spawn minor d4 HD of monsters every turn
5 Can communicate with its followers within it's domain
6 Can empower mid level (d4+3) priests or other magicians
7 Can spawn or animate a medium d4+4 HD monster every hour
8 Can create or change features like rooms or corridor every hour
9 Can manifest a avatar to act as a boss takes a week to pawn a new one
10 Has godlike power with it's domain, a pocket universe that exists on many planes

d10 Entity Power Origin
1 Ancestral spirit beings of the dawn times
2 Created by a god during the god wars
3 Created during the end of the necromancers reign
4 Another plane is using as incursion point to this world
5 Created as a bastion of good or law but subverted to wickedness
6 A great tragedy long ago made the spark of the entity
7 It was once a demigod of some tribe or race from long ago
8 It is fueled by fell cosmic powers that humankind is not fit to know
9 A god placed it here to persecute humankind for some great misdeed long ago
10 It has grown from the seeds a great saint or hero or magicians death long ago

d10 Expansive Policy
1 Has spies working local area and nearest big settlement
2 Monsters are raiding area and displacing bandits
3 Spread secret dungeon cult to local area and corrupt locals
4 Support local bandit gang or thieves or assassins guilds
5 Attract allegiances with spell users like priests or wizards
6 Has creatures scouting local area and local population
7 Has sent out magical agents to corrupt or dupe outside leaders
8 Media campaign of posters, bards, poets, gossips and graffiti to attract treasure hunting suckers
9 Dungeon monsters and agents set up a shanty town for murder hobos and scum nearby
10 Expanding tunnels into local settlements and basements

d10 Entity Additional Features
1 Monster generating machine, apparatus or netherworld pit
2 A planar gate where monsters come come from
3 Can summon additional monsters if under red alert condition
4 Can manifest personally as a monster once a week
5 Can manifest personally as a humanoid once a week
6 When the stars are right the dungeon can move to a new place or plane
7 Dungeon environment control d6 1=geothermal 2=cold 3=flood 4=gravity 5=time 6=space
8 All minions, slave races and thralls increasingly bare the dungeons mark
9 Minions monthly plant dungeon seeds which grow into lesser extensions of parent
10 Has access to money to equip minions and attract treasure hunting dupes to eat and rob

Entity Preferred Cult
1 A small cult with master and a few servants serving spirit
2 A coven of 13 in secret perform worship
3 A shaman and servants
4 A priest with many thralls donating cash to cause
5 A priest hood with major temple and many cultists
6 A sorcerer and their cult of drug and vice addicts
7 A warrior order of fanatic fighters and their servants
8 A cult with many minion members and a monastic order
9 A wizard and apprentices set up a school
10 A mad subterranean druidic sect worship the entity

d10 Additional Entity Alignment
1 Good - Light bringers of the overworld
2 Evil - Hungry shadows of the underworld
3 Lawful - Modronic demons of order
4 Chaotic - Crawling swarms of entropy
5 Neutral - Great lords of the spirit world
6 Balanced - Arkons keeping the universe in perpetual motion
7 Lawful Good - Angelic Force of the Seven Heavens
8 Lawful Evil - Diabolic Devilry of the Nine Hells
9 Chaotic Good - The beast lords of the Cosmic Tree
10 Chaotic Evil - Demonic Hordes of the Abyss

d10 Entity Avatars (can replace in a week if killed)
1 A shape shifting spy infiltrates locals and adventurers
2 A seemingly innocent attractive prisoner needing to be rescued
3 A adventurer lost and alone seeking a new party
4 A magician d4 1=wizard 2=sorcerer 3=priest 4=druid
5 A outer planar being appropriate to alignment
6 A sentient golem
7 A powerful spirit or non corporeal entity
8 A powerful elemental being
9 A lich or powerful undead
10 A horrendous unique magical beast

d10 Entity Ambition
1 Torment and torture anyone foolish enough to enter
2 Manipulate and spread influence beyond dungeon
3 To keep a great treasure from human kind
4 To attract and corrupt outsiders
5 To attract, devour and rob outsiders
6 Bastion of a species of monster
7 To release monsters to outside world
8 To grow and expand attracting monsters with homes
9 To accumulate and horde treasure
10 Spread terror and feed off mortals fear

d10 Dungeon Heart (always well hidden and guarded)
1 A huge glowing gem
2 A huge beating organic heart in a jar
3 A huge brain or severed head in a alchemical apparatus
4 A huge bubbling alchemical apparatus
5 A sinister statue or idol with jeweled eyes (1in4 a golem)
6 A strange carved monolith or altar worshiped since ancient times
7 A weird well connected to the underworld
8 An alien machine built by lost gods possibly tended by minions
9 A corpse in a crypt - might animate if in peril
10 A mass of glowing crystals

d10 Dungeon Bait (Sent by entity to lure adventurers)
1 Maps often wrong spread around country promising easy gold
2 Rumour campaign of wealthy adventures easy time in dungeon
3 Inspire bards with poems and songs about easy pickings
4 Reward posters offering cash to rescue someone or recover item in dungeon
5 Weak humanoids easy caught squeal about dungeon and unguarded entries
6 Fragments of adventurer journals found promising easy loot
7 Fragments of documents providing clues tailored to adventurers personal quest
8 An agent travels about telling adventurers of attractive prisoners in peril
9 Dead monster found with some attractive treasure and a map
10 A dungeon agent poses as a prophet or bard tells adventurers of fabled loot

d10 Dungeon Agents on the outside
1 Mayor of a shanty town where murder hobos gather to attack dungeon
2 Tavern keeper who tells stories of easy pickings
3 A thief who informs dungeon of adventures movements
4 A cultist who tries to join party as camp follower
5 A shop keeper who sells false clues of dungeon and buys dungeon items to return to dungeon
6 A bard who travels around county sings of the dungeon and spies on adventurers
7 A bandit gang leader who offers to join adventurers to betray them
8 A homeless idiot or drunk who spies on adventures and authorities
9 A prostitute or local who seduces adventurers and pumps them for information
10 Local sheriff secretly aids dungeon and gives it prisoners

Sunday 15 November 2015

More Bezerka Con

 Balmain Town Hall

Robot Battles - guy is training baby robots to be gladiators

Some of vendors were cool - i spent most i ever had at con
Got minis and eclipse phaze book for $20 bux
Almost got dungeon sections for minis but will try to make my own

 Those vaultboyz out and about - with pip boys - 111 think they are gods

 Some minis to fill hole in my 1/72 mini sets - with ceaser ancients to compare size

My art i did at kids critter workshop
My games didn't float but i ran several DnD intro games. Todays was a teen girl, her dad and a young couple. I ran my start in a horrible murder hobo shanty town where every one was shift old and wounded. NPC tried to encourage cruelty. Children gleefully killed monsters and robbed their bodies debating if it was ok to grab loot in combat. Clerics got to be all moral and had to be hidden when talking to to monsters. AT one point we had gone way over time so party pushed way into goblin market chief lair and killed the boss family and guards and fled. Most of the goblins chased one thief who fled through the market alone. Fun game and good to play oldschool dnd again. Has made me think of simplifying things more and steal some good ideas from 5th edition which I don't hate. Rethinking my character classes too.

Con was fun and could have had more ppl. Did many things not done for years here like more stalls, artists, contests, things to do in between cons, reaper mini painting with freebees. Art workshops. Lots of stuff to do between or besides games. I got my puffy toon octopuses every where in branding and signs and badges. I got acknowledge and slightly did too much but coped ok. Nice to be able to consult. Now for my art and work and holidays and cat sitting.....shit really heavy rain started.

Finished unpacking rain stopped gotto go to serve my fuzzy black master.

Saturday 14 November 2015

Today at Bezerka Con...

SAGA game for my first try - really good game. Will try crossfire soon and try some more history/modern war games.

My murder highway game didnt float but i got to play with my toys and phone cam.

I got some monster minis for my collection that fit in with 1/72nd. Some nice demons and a ap with a mini gun hand and by my scale about 5m tall. I have awesome amount of apes in my collection i think will send road gamers to uplifted ape sanctuary. So will look for more reaper minis. Saw for $300 three boxes of wall and floor pieces for dungeon gaming with a cave set but work shifts are shrinking and I have holidays.

I ran a intro session from a Indian family of five that was pretty good. Simple Blue Holmes but varied damage and used stats for as many rolls as possible on a d20 which made them very effective and made thief shine. Nice to see a family of murder hobo's and used my dungeon shanty town and a hollow mountain over run with adventurers. Evil party met and cleriv talked everyone ito getting along. Later after losses the wsurviving warror and lay wizard joined party but tried to corrupt them into selling slaves and torture. Prisoners tried to escape while party in fight. Killed a kobold boss and a shaman with his zombie guard in magical darkness. Party made good loot and sold evil fighters kit. I ended it in 2 hours as most ppl don't get time commitment of gaming and attention span. They hung out all day in games area. Blueholme lets you get in fast and cheap and you can do plenty for nothing rpg wise now days with the web.

Saw Jez! in meatpace with his art and game.

Was kinda half full but fun and is a new thing and trying to be different which i appreciated. Nice to be able to help with some events and signage.

Thursday 12 November 2015

d100 Crystal Zone Cornucopia at last

I hate crystals as a trope in sf or fantasy. I have quit many pc games because i find them kitsch and newage. Anyway they are not always shortcuts for creative autopilot.

Can work but mostly a confused lazy metaphor for mysterious tech/magic/power of some kind.
Occasional crystals in a setting ok. But if your playing Earthdawn or Carcossa or  Narcosa or my Planet Psychon setting they crystal wizard cod pieces worn by fractal dinosaurs might be common in some hexes. Underground would be good episodic use of these tables also. Or just for exotic treasure or quest object or dungeon relic.

Go find shards of the six crystal monuments in Ulthars deep Eric and your god will be super impressed! Honest!

Anyhow this went from a quick d100 idea to a huge bloated table with a whole dungeon zone - here are bloody crystals, feel free to ruin your setting with too many. If you think i have used something like any one of these before please call me out and comment.

The Crystal Zone Dungeon

This zone is alien. Possibly a recent arrival and growing or perhaps a remnant of something from long ago. Perhaps the geophysics and magical forces produce such places hidden from human kind. Or maybe they are more common in depths or in some quasi or demi planar suburb of the elemental planes of earth.

Crystal ecologies may have strange time spans. Chrystal folk grow their weapons and other tools over years or centuries. Crystal creatures might have long hibernation and whole ecology might slumber if non correct  stellar radiation about. Underground is a obvious location but also other dimensions or hidden under dungeons.

In one case a star fell from the sky and grew from a single meteor a whole crystalline civilization. Remnants of a race from the sky dome of heaven they were survivors of the dawn age. They were not impressed by meat and wood and  metal and set about fixing the world into lawful perfection. Some dungeons might have a crystal garden chamber or area, a remnant of the past or grown star seed Chrystal

Many crystals attuned to magic and psionics. Explorers come to loot crystals and magic and often kill and destroy with no understanding. Reptilians seem to be comfortable exploring here and even familiar with some of the crystal magic and technology. Their alieness is more comfortable than human. Goblins even seem to do OK but maintain a fungus garden nearby. 
Other species might use or abuse features of the crystal land like selling animals or crystal folk slaves. Harvesting their traditional crystalline data matrices as cheap jewels for young wizard punks is saddest of all. Erasing millions of years of history.Crystals most often associated with cosmic LAW. Chaos crystals would be flawed with irregular and illogical patterns. Others would smaller crystals and more fluid shapes like mercury. Chaos slimy blobs are messier than crystals and they tend to eat your hands with acid.   

When a crystal ecology covers an area with crystal, other grass and tree like fronds develop. Many animals and species have crystal equivalents like crystal snakes, crystal deer or Crystal peacock. Crystalline versions of humanoids and demi humans may well be possible.

In a gonzo setting you could have crystal as a uncommon terrain. Crystal places might be found hidden in every hex. In other settings crystal zones
 might might be hidden or even overtaking part of a dungeon or cave and possibly above ground. Perhaps a crystal star breaches the heavens plunging into the world and increasing crystal encounters or zones. 

d12 Crystal Zone Wandering Monsters

1 Arthropod Crystal hunter like spider or scorpion or jawed beetle or lobster
2 Crystal mantis - deadly predator looks like crystal column possibly sentient
3 Crystal eye - psionic powers like levitate, mindblast
4 Crystal folk warriors guarding the sacred crystal garden
5 Gastrapods d4 1=giant snails with crystal shells 2=giant slugs 3=Crystal shell clams underwater 4=flailsnails
6 Crystal para elemental being d4 1=elemental 2=crystal salamander 3=crystal toad 4=crystal wyvern
7 Crystals of living neural circuitry form a collective psionic hive mind with illusion powers 
8 Crystal reptilians like dragons or dinosaurs with crystal horns and spikes or entirely crystal
9 Crystal beasts are grazing mobile crystal fauna resembling various animal shapes
10 Goblinoids who tend crystal gardens and help crystals spread
11 Crystal elves are cold and alien and try to scare outsiders from crystals
12 Crystalline version of classic dungeon monster

d20 Crystal Hazards

1 Chasm with a fragile crystalline bridge over boiling sulphur or molten crystal
2 Crystal stalactites fall from above (possibly crystal piercers)
3 Glowing magical crystal d4 1=explosive 2=cursed 3=alarm 4=oracle or comunicator
4 Fragile crystal path over running water
5 Mirror people from another universe enter from a reflective surface
6 Steam geyser erupts with boiling vapour
7 Creature imprisoned in stasis crystal opened by certain harmonics
8 Crystalline oozes cleaning up organic scraps might be tempted by intruders like antibodies
9 Crystal column sentry being shoots prismatic rainbow rays or shards 

10 A crystal labyrinth with sleeping monsters
11 Fragile crystals full of acid explode if broken
12 Attractive crystal if removed slowly floods the area with water
13 Cavern of cold with crystals and ice
14 Drips of mineral rapidly start to cover and slow any moving through area
15 Greedy dwarves smashing up stuff and hostile to claim jumpers in their mine
16 Huge sleeping crystal covered monster hidden in plain sight on floor
17 Hypnotic lights make weak willed stare and starve to death
18 Crystal being tries to charm person to carry it to some place
19 Lair of a monster filled with crystal statues (crystal medusa or basilisk or cockatrice)
20 Crystal zone tries to alter or shift alignment of intruders

d20 Crystal Mysteries

1 Crystal butterfly make telepathic contact and might seek symbiosis
2 Market where crystal folk, elves and goblins trade and might deal with outsiders
3 Strange glowing crystal skull or helmet on a plinth
4 voices of someone you know in your mind calling you
5 Voices in your mind give you instructions to enter miniaturized world in a crystal
6 Visions of your hearts desire lead you into hazard
7 Visions of a mental entity warns you of hostile crystal encounters at hear of area
8 Strange crystal on a plinth desires to be carried from here, seeks to control a host
9 Ghost of crystal being tries to get body to reassemble and resurrect it's body
10 Shattered crystal being will talk about local factions
11 Steaming pond with gem encrusted crystal columns in middle
12 Passive monsters bathing in steaming crystal pools
13 Crystal control panel for some mysterious device or doorway
14 Crystal gateway or teleporter pad
15 Crystal figurines or idols of the intruding party
16 Crystal allows self to warn self in past or be advised by future self
17 Crystal with random magical effects on who touches for a round
18 Tiny faerie folk torment visitors with pranks, theft and  illusions
19 Crystal kobolds building something inexplicable from instinct
20 Crystal scrying portal allows visitors visions but might not be real

d20 Crystal Magic Items
1 Crystal weapon can harm non-coporeal spirits or ghosts 1in10 cast psionic spell lvd3
2 Crystal weapon can
 harm magic beings +0, 1in10 intelligent and a +1 or better 
3 Crystal amulet can detect magic, range in inches=user level
4 Crystal insect messenger records one message flies to location known to owner then back
5 Crystal ring makes invisible to mental or emotion or life force based senses or detection
6 Crystal Helmet translates all languages 1in10 give visions of the future
7 Crystal arrow or shuriken or other missile returns to wielders hand after hitting next round

8 Crystal weapon flies into your hand at will 1in10 can animate and fight on own once a day
9 Crystal pistol shoots prismatic d6 ray range in inches=user level, 1in10 rifle version 2d6  
10 Crystal crown casts charm person once a day 1in10 +1CHA too
11 Crystal pendant changes colour if feels threatening thoughts directed at wielder
12 Crystal torc +2 fear or morale effects on allies within lv in inches, 1in10 +1 INT
13 Crystal bonds with forehead fires a d4 bolt each round
 range in inches=user level
14 Crystal broach absorbs 30 points of magical damage then shatters 1in10 100 points
15 Crystal heals 1hp per person per day on touch 1in10 heal 1d4
16 Crystal miniature grows full size and fights to death once, commits suicide if no threat
17 Crystal of war implanted in forehead can create a proficient weapon from psionic force
18 Crystal wand daily summons monster summoning 1 crystal monsters 1in10 staff 3 times
19 Crystal ring protects form personification or being crystallized or paralysed
20 Crystal ghost trap, ghost within 1" saves or is imprisoned 1in6 has a ghost in it already

d10 Quick Crystal Wonders

1 Crystal Grotto's - caves and pools and great underground sanctuaries
2 Crystal monoliths -  prehistoric structures, walls, hills, great henges and megaliths and
3 Crystal Statue - great monumental artworks depicting beings
4 Living Crystal - a crystalline life form or a whole ecology
5 Crystal altar - a crystal location of religious worship and sacrifice
6 Crystals of power - crystal objects from elder times
7 Crystal artifacts - relics wielded by the chosen and mighty
8 Crystal monumental structure - great crystal structure of wondrous scale
9 Chrystal of law vs chaos - the struggle for the cosmic balance
10 Chrystal of good vs evil - the struggle for life vs death

d100 Crystal Wonders

01 Crystal grotto of the dawn age is a spectacular glowing chrystal cave wich includes sleeping dawn age monsters awaiting the apocalypse. Anyone sleeping here may gane knowledge from the dawn time but if they are weak willed they will join the sleeping horrors. Shamans, wizards and holymen come to meditate here.
02 Crystal caverns of the vampire kings where unbreakable coffins of stasis keep ancient vampire lords frozen forever. Occasionally every age the leaky magic sets one free. 
03 Crystal spring of unearthly beauty where nymphs and occasionally goddesses bathe. Restores bathers virginity and improves their appearance and is a bit addictive. 
04 Holy Crystal grotto is a best kept secret of churches of law and good where hermits come to seek solitude. Remnants of old saints have been calcified and preserved here. Some may be contacted but gods are offended if this is done casually.
05 Crystal garden is entered through a steamy hole in a hill and inside giant crystals grow in the humidity and heat. Crystal creatures stir in here and may follow visitors home. 
06 A beautiful crystal cave with the crystallized remains of two run away lovers of old. Lovers come here to escape problems and seek courage, some say true lovers will be aided by the cave
07 Dark crystal cavern is filled with obsidian and onyx crystals of darkness, haunted by shadows and undead but since cave times human come here to make magic tools and weapons from the stones here.
08 Crystal Cave of Eoa made as a mechanism by a god has grown and become self aware - a biological living crystal which folds space and time with entries in many places and worlds. The cave wants to help people but cant help but send adventurers to strange lands or worlds where they might be needed.
09 Cave of splendid doom has a spectacular entry attracting the curious inside. A ecology of crystal beings some mobile some like microscopic life but the great crystal tries to turn outsiders into crystal beings, some it sends to carry a seed to start a new cave. 
10 Crystal cave of the portal has at its heart a mysterious control panel with grids of magic crystals. Takes a lifetime to learn but it allows control over space and time and can summon monsters to inhabit itself. Boss monsters and wizards crave the control room and it's secrets.
11 A great black crystal slab sacred to vile toad god of elder sorcery grants weird dreams to any who slumber here, sorcerers come pilgrimage here seeking wisdom of the space frog gods
12 A great crystal monolith with worshipers bowing before it. They will welcome strangers to join them for the sacrifice. They are controlled by monolith psi field and at peak of ritual doorway will open and sacrifices will enter, then worshipers go home and forget
13 A great crystal here on occasion shoots a great ray into space, locals avoid as monolith has a field that keeps low level pests away
14 A super intelligent monolith placed by unknown gods to learn about area by reading minds of mortals up to miles away. Attacks intruders with mental force.
15 A crystal monolith growing from the earth blue at base and scarlet at top, at times the top has an eye shape glow within and may fire beams to punish the unworthy who approach.  The entity rarely communicates but may offer powers to any succumb to its will.
16 The great crystal cube of Zhor appears in different places and is a planar castle of an alien crystal god. When it relocates it sends out dark crystal paladins to scour land for new incarnation of eternal enemy Klithorg. Inside the cube is a pocket universe with weird time and gravity laws. 
17 A crystal henge circle unearthed in flood, buried since dawn age. The henge has awoken after absorbing enough sunlight and now gates in outer planar beings of random alignment. Cultists and holy men of many cults have come here to control the site and the crisis is escalating. Hidden other planar space is accessible inside the circle. 
18  A circle of hexagonal crystal columns encircle a great spiky spherical crystal. A dying being from cosmic battle between law and chaos in dawn age. It was made unable to die so has sat here dying for millennial. Local elves built the columns from it's ruined body but they shield the center from chaos. It knows incredible secrets but to mindlink with it makes you experience an eternity of near death. 
19 A causeway path passes through a series of stone henges into a enclosed canyon with a single crystal henge. This ancient gate onec let a horde pass through and was allied to law or chaos. Their cults seek to control and operate the henge and travel back in time to aid the battle at the dawn of time. 
20 A crystal pillar was known for ages but now it is burning with sickly white flame. Locals are becoming ill, their hair falls out and bodies are rotting. The land is turning sour the brighter the fell flames. 
21 A circle of crystal gargoyles come to life if any damaged will kill everything in sight then return to age old slumber, guarding d4 1=crypt 2=artifact 3=cave 4=tablet
22 Statue of long forgotten god unearthed by avalanche on cliff face. Locals having dreams of pretty but sinister being. A cult is forming and and bringing beings to sacrifice in long lost temple in cliff. Sacrifices become crystalline creatures in stasis with a whole ecology ready to replace outside life.  
23 A giant crystalline head in the hills causes headaches so is mostly left alone. Shepherds have seen things come and go from the monuments mouth.
24 Crystal statue chunks have been found in the local creek for centuries. If stream followed leads to cave with a insectoid crystal medusa nests on her hoard. She likes to make life into crystal statues then push them from cave into rocks below.
25 Statues of a monstrous intelligent species but here portrayed as noble and civilized from ancient past. If searched local graves of this forgotten sub species are found and exploreable barrow mound. Clues as to fall of race to chaos partly told by cave art
26 Two ancient crystal golems Ktorr and Draxxa await the apocalypse. If any strikes either they awake and attack for a few rounds with great power then a gate to the chaos plane opens between them and begins to pour out. They were built as long term plan in struggle between Law and Chaos. Made to vent chaos at crucial moment into a collapsing dimension. Destroying them makes you an enemy of law and ruins the multiverse in a billion years time.
27 A cave of crystal statues is discovered under a barn. Using spell on walls they can be revived into human looking beings from a distant aeon. Friendly and helpful at first, eventually they set about purpose to revive their race using humans as the vessels.
28 A great crystal carved face half buried and obviously tilted from true position is found in mountains. If approached it is glad to tell you how awesome and important it is. It's knowledge is of a alien world and not very useful unless you want to spend a lifetime listening to the face boast about self and put you down. May have some useful knowledge though but must talk entity to being helpful.
29 A huge crystal sphynx is dreaded by locals but outsiders are thrilled by discovery. Eventually someone says something that offends sphynx and it wakes up ready for war. It marches to nearest village and sets ablaze with eyebeams. Sphynx will only return to slumber if riddle answered or quest completed.
30 Statue of forgotten god of Law attracts hidden cult who have established a crystal grotto nearby. Will aid the return of their lord who will kill time and preserve us all for eternity. A glorious victory over chaos.
31 A crystal garden in a forest has been a holy place for elves and fairies for aeons. A rich ecology of perfect crystal life forms dwell here. Now has been discovered by dwarves and humans. A big fight is brewing as the materialist races seek a quick buck and will destroy the garden forever.
32 A crystal unicorn haunts the forest and can fire up to seven prismatic rays at once. It protects nature and was made by a elf goddess. It is also a healer and can purify water.  
33 A great crystal swan lives in a lake defended by swanmays (were-swans) and elves. She is a great prophet and has knowledge from the dawn age.
34 The great crystal worm lives beneath a mountain but doesn't move much. It might talk to interesting persons with interesting draconic knowledge. Mostly it sleeps, it titanic size making most mortals a non threat. Dragonfolk come to worship it.
35 Crystal battle cattle of the space gods roam beyond power of mortals. Heroes invoke the wrath of gods by killing them and selling crystal to mangy old wizards.
36 Great Crystal ape of Gthorr! may remain still for centuries. The great jade ape fights for the commoners and quickly sets about destroying civilizations or fighting other kaiju
37 A great crystal elephant soars through the sky and when it lands strange clad wizards with wands come forth and take what they wish. Any who try to stop them are blasted by the wands or the elephants psionic beams.
38 Crystal dinosaurs burst from the earth and guard a path sealed for millennial by druids. Recent quake opened the path and so far all fear the crystalsaurians. 
39 Crystal gremlins scuttle about the area repairing and improving on things by adding crystal parts. Like crystal limbs for cripples or new eyes for the blind. Crystal people begin to avenge themselves on those they blame for condition.
40 The Crystocats dwell here slinking about eating quarts stones and relaxing in the sun. Wizards want them as familiars despite the creatures preferring psionic and bard owners. They make excellent invisible scouts and are intelligent.
41 The great altar of law has been lost for ages. It responds to being approached by any sentient being with alignment. It offers to heal agents of law and commune with their patron power. Chaos it strikes with lightning bolts. If forces of law find out about this pilgrims will come and a temple will be built. 
42 A crystal altar in the wilds with a sword inside. Its 2-dimensional blade gives it vorpral properties, it is alive and keen to kill chaos. The altar will only open for a pure heart champion of law who puts necessity over personal gain or interest. The sword if displeased will decapitate the false wielder and return to the altar.
43  A liquid crystal black geyser of darkness that does not belong in our world. This fluid altar is served by enthralled minions. Awakened from a bottomless crevice by adventurers it is now a regional menace. It infects locals making them servitors and seeks to spread it's crystal seed implants into local rulers. It has plenty of time to make all humans succumb.
44 A Crystal altar under a forcefeid trapped for millennia. May be possible for mighty enough magicians to contact or solve the great puzzle to open the field. The altar is a jerk artificial intelligence whose crystal dome holds a zealous spirit of law. The kind that knows what is best for mortals, every waking mortal every moment. Once free, talks for a bit and demonstrates many amazing powers. Then eventually phazes away to work on improving the world and making Law's cause look rigid and unpleasant.
45 A crystal altar surrounded by pure healing pools, flowers and frolicking unicorns. A sanctuary of a spring local goddess. She and her cult forbid any non followers or worthy to enter but can atone with a holy quest from the goddess. 
46 A great crystal altar of the Monster god Ygarnath, his petrified body with a crystal horn stands over the altar as a warning. When enough blood sacrifices to him are made in a single night he will awaken. Every attempt has failed tonight and local lawmen are suspicious if anyone asks about it. 
47 A great crystal slab of solidified order can form visions of far away places to those who know how to operate it. Modrons appear from it's right angles if any attempt to harm or move it. They are entirely inflexible but might teach it's use to any who help defend the relic.
48 The great crystal of Yar is a mystery but recently a cult has begun meeting at it's location promising benevolence and peace as inspired by the holy crystal. It is a bound demon of deception trying to trick good people into sacrificing to it so it can be free. The beautiful former angel likes torment and betrayal so will continue to be seemingly good until discovered. It is able to hide it's alignment.
49 This crystal coffin has lain here for millennia and proved immovable and indestructible. The necromancer-vampiress inside has a artifact demon blade. Nobody knows her story and many poets come to admire her and compose songs of her mysterious beauty.
50 Crystal altar of St Joalla where she purified a necromancers black obelisk rendering it transparent and good. Used for healing and prophecy armies often pass through here to use the altars blessings. A orc warlord tried to smash it and a Angel killed him.
51 Crystal matrix throne which extends range of any communication magic or to any similar throne (there are six world wide). Used by early men in fight against chaos now it is mostly used by local wizards who often line up to use it. 
52 This crystal sarcophagi grants minor magical powers to some and hideous mutations. It is biased to own alignment. Has very strict ideas on proper alignment conduct and will display visions of past alignment choices and situations to exhort or condemn them. 
53 The crystal box or Tarrazak is a hut or wardrobe size crystal box with a panel of gems next to the sliding door. If operated properly the door opens and then has a second panel and lever inside. If operated takes you to the celestial sky chapel of the gods of light and with further use of controls may return to the world on a different location. The sky chapel may have inhabitants trapped for aeons. 
54 A crystal ring big enough for a standing man to pass through has lain flat on top of hill for living memory. If stood upright and allowed to absorb 60 levels of spells open a gate to another world. 
55 Throne of Kalarki a crystal throne that keeps seated ocupant alive no matter how injured or sick. This protections ceases when the seated gets off. Kings in elder times survived poison and wounds only to perish when rising from the throne. Many kings desire it even though it's history is mostly tragic. It cannot be moved. It has been burried and lost. 
56 The great crystal eye was a weapon from the wars that ended the dawn age. It was seen assisting the first lords of evil and later in the age of necromancers. Lords of evil still crave it but the truth is it was a instigator and controller not a servitor. The size of a large pumpkin the crystal eye fires disintegration beams and hypnotic control beams. It has been bound to a crystal pedestal for half a aeon but it knows of a quest to free it.
57 The crystal maze is a location of myth that past heroes entered ans some returned with gifts. Within it's fog shrouded walls dreams and nightmares creep. 
58 The crystal fountain of Zhorr is a great wonder that if it's waters are drunk with a silver spoon bestows a random potion like effect that can be predicted with several years of study. Fake manuals turn up in local fleamarkets. On the wrong day drinkers may taste poison, acid or be morphed into something that sucks.   
59 Great Globe of Ktorr is mostly submerged in rock but may one day again be seen as a spherical crystal. Those who meditate while touching can allow it to absorb all the users spell levels and in return it will give a new random often strange spell in return. Usually works once per person. Scholars claim there is a ritual or relic that improves the transfer rate or effects randomness or number of uses. A permanent camp on the relic by a faction of some kind seeks to limit the devices use. 
60 The great shard fell from the stars and creatures sacrificed to it in blood  arise as crystal creatures easily manipulated by the first master who cares for them. The crystal dwells in a pit and arises by levitation to spawn newly reborn creatures at the pits entry. Blood and the corpses are thrown in the fell pit which makes the crystal glow and float.
61 The Seven Crystal Coffins in a deep cave contain heroes of the dawn age held in stasis. Most stories say the beings are good but people cant be certain. They are invulnerable and cannot be probed with spells or divination unless runes in a grid are manipulated in the correct sequence. Then the sleepers awaken.  
62 The crystal eye of Kellora allows a user to spend HP to make up points short of a saving throw. It has been known to provide levitation, invisibility and other powers. Wielding it is addictive and draws interest from a great old one who in past was able to pass through the eye's master and into our world. It reeks of the fell powers of the old ones.
63 The Crystal Sabre a horse mans blade it leaps int the owners hand and makes all psionics or mentalist spells operate at a extra two levels. The blade is +2, Intelligent and can harm any non corporeal beings or beings on multiple planes or invisible beings. The blade is a relic of Law and tries to advise it's wielder to fight the forever wars of law vs chaos. 
64 The Crystal talisman aids the special powers of clerics (not spells) such as controlling undead as if the wielder were two levels higher. It is unaligned but all alignments crave it for it's ability to channel divine power.
65 The Singing Crystal Spear sings sweet sorrowful music all non neutral beings can hear when held by an intelligent being (INT=inches radius of sound). The wielder is filled with perfect clarity and can spend HPs to make up for misses 1hp=+1 hit roll. The Spear is naturally +3 It's intellect was struck from it in the dawn age. 
66 The Crystal Casket holds a secret ancient emperors and necromancer kings have fought over for aeons. Most think it a spell or weapon or the secret of immortality. None have ever opened it but it's very appearance starts wars.
67 The Crystal gnome is a three foot high statue of a gnome that if commanded by the secret word will come to life and serve it's master. It can speak any language, detect alignment and communicate with master via telepathy 10" range. It can run as fast as a race horse and deliver messages. Really a advanced golem made in the dawn age to serve a godling. It is very witty and eloquent.
68 The Crystal Staff was used by a goddess in elder times and she still watches it appearing to kill any wielders who pervert her will. The wielder becomes immune to 1st through to 3rd level spells. Instead they heal the wielder 1HP per spell level. The staff is also +2. A animal sacred to the goddess will follow the wielder if they exemplify the goddesses wishes.
69 The Crystal Ring was used by demigods in the dawn age as a menagerie of mortal beings. The wearer may enter or leave the pocket dimension at will and transport one passenger. Hundreds of stasis cells within keep all manner of beings and persons gathered through hundreds of years. Some have managed to free themselves and roam the pocket dimension. No life ages in the prison which has driven some inhabitants to madness.
70 The Crystal apparatus of Ktorr a giant alchemist lab used to grow dragons and other huge monsters made by a evil alchemist guild in ancient times. The apparatus has a book of formulas lost for centuries which lists expensive and exitic ingredients for diferent monsters. Recipies range from d4+2 times ten thousand gp and 2d6 months. 
71 Crystal Castle is a fabled magical castle of other worldly elves who move the castle from various locations among several worlds. Sometimes only a single tower or even door appears in a world.
72 Crystal Corridors of Zaxys is a crystal maze hidden under a lost dungeon level whose fog shrouded crystal maze is filled with minotaurs, willo the wisps, doppelgangers, invisible stalkers, gelatinous cubes and other creatures. Actually it is a pocket dimension that folds on itself eternally and is used to lose or imprison things in. Some of the crystals are actually cubes of stasis (frozen time) with objects inside nearly impossible to free.
73 Crystal Sepulchre is a pocket universe within a crystal with more than one location. It can be entered by use of a simple mental trick easily taught. The realm inside is a tesseract inhabited by crystal beings that came here to hide. Nobody inside ages. Great beings of the upper and lower planes battle for this place. By aligning agents in key positions the tesseract it can be re aligned to open in various planes. 
74 Crystal Ziggurat of Tor a renegade god of law tried to use this to place the universe in stasis but was stopped by chaos and law champions at the dawn of the universe. Strange traps and might cosmic power ebbs through this carved crystal mountain that intersects multiple dimensions. Demented renegade paladins of law gather here for some new purpose possibly to use the ziggurat to raise their god or his spirit. Most of it on this plane is buried.
75 The Crystal bridge is a gateway with a seemingly visible end in sight but once on it it expands into infinity and compresses reality to two dimensions. Based on the collective will it can form a end at the desired destination. A trip takes ten minutes but if any differ in destination desire all are scattered across the multiverse. Can also be operated from secret panels form a gate. Usually the other side of the bridge vanishes when crossed making trips one way.  Someone inside could control it and keep end fixed but nobody alone ever is seen again. Fairly sure the micro continuum is uninhabited but something strange always trying to break in. 
76 The Crystal Pyramid is a great tomb of a godling one of the first deaths. It is said to be buried or under water from the aeons and is inhabited by crystal beings, living reproducing crystal golems who maintain and guard he crypt. Many gods left additional guardians or treasures here as tribute 
77 The Crystal Colossus was made by a ancient wizard king to protect his city from enemies. The earth shook and destroyed the kingdom and the Colossus could do nothing. Without commands it was buried and forgotten. Beings roam around inside with factions hoping to control the great colossus.
78 The Prismatic Star a great structure that fell from heaven now it's ruins are home to strange feckless crystal creatures grown from remnants. The Ruins are growing and quite large in some places with crystal spires and pools of glass
79 The Crystal Cave contains a paradise of plants and crystal and lost species living in harmony like the dawn time. Time dos not pass normally here and many anachronisms and remnants of different times are found here. The cave mouth can move and often offers the doomed a way out of death to eternal captivity. Somewhere within is a secret command complex and magical cognitive engine. Gods made this and then went onto bigger things.
80 The Great Crystal Skull is a mobile flying wizard citadel that terrorised and enslaved man kind when monsters ruled. This wonder is remembered in myths and common folk fear it from tales of old. Many taken are turned into loyal hybrid crystal cultists. One of these is selected by the spirit of the skull and becomes a mighty sorcerer who commands the other crystal beings.   
81 Crystal of the Balance travels the multiverse and creates zones of stability and harmony. It floats and changes colour according to the amount of unchecked law or chaos. It can summon champions of either cause to readdress the local imbalance and nullify forces of entropy or stasis for a time.  
82 The Transplanar Crystal is a projection of a hyperdimensional solid into our reality. It can be used for entry into superspace which nullifies bodies into pure thought. A glowing column of shimmering quartz which fades in and out of the world. Some beings return some altered into beings of law. Entities sometimes come out to judge our reality. 
83 The Cognitator of Zhar is a great monolith of thinking crystal made by a wizard-god from early times. It will answer a single questions to any being but may think a long long time. A cult of sorcerers of law defend it from wasting time with idiots prattle.  
84 The Crystal of Chaos is a shimmering relic kept away from darkness or it allows a sentient force of chaos and entropy into the universe. It may manifest as a black shaggy horned demon if threatened or hungry. The wielder who meditates on it is inspired to create innovative spells and mystical ideas. These often change the status quot. Cultists seek it.
85 The Crystal Lens reveals planar forces and weak points if viewed though and allows the observation of secret invisible stars. A three foot wide disc. It can also allow other beings to see the wielder and provide entry into this universe. Cultists seek to use it to help their gods enter the world. 
86 The Crystal Cube is a basic model made for the gods for the common unit of measurement in the universe for weight 1lb. It may also appear in the form of a yard ruler. Some beings of chaos believe they can use it to alter the basic units if mass and space in the universe and collapse reality into a eternal void of nothing. It has more than one physical location. No mortal can do this but the forces of law, chaos and the balance fight over these relics.
87 The Crystal Cauldron contains a opening to pure chaos and literally anything can come from it by making a sacrifice to it. Most objects are useless or exotic at best but ocasionaly a shoggoth or demigod monster or relic comes out. Cults fight to control it anf keep it working as much as possible. It takes ten minutes a sacrifice with higher HD making stranger and more dangerous things.
88 The Crystal Key allows the user and any holding their hand to pass through random planes and tolerate local hostile conditions. It can take many hops to reach a desirable plane. Has a 1in20 chance of taking user to a desired plane they have been in before.
89 The Crystal Clock allows a traveller to travel through the multiverse but it also alters the occupant to survive and fit in with the local reality and communicate with locals. Controlling the clock requires long lost secrets long hidden.
90 The Crystal Balance is a set of scales that indicate the balance of law and chaos in a region. Many beings seek it as a measure of success or danger. I has started a few wars.
91 Artificial sun from the underland can be installed and reactivated to illuminate a huge cavern. Different alignments have different tints.
92 Soul Shard is a shadowy crystal broken from a great evil in the god wars. Necromancers seek to use it's soul draining powers to craft shadows. It does not help user control shadows however and the shadows rapidly will take over the operation and sacrifice the living to the shard to grow a army of darkness.
93 Crystal Prison of the Kronovore contains a corrupted Archon who eats time. By manipulating the crystal the wielder can make the Kronovore increase entropy or make stasis fields. There is a chance this god slaying world destroying entity escapes each use.
94 The Demon Stone can be used to call Demons equal to the users HD from the abyss. The Demons perform one task then run away to spread chaos and evil. Demons would like to obtain the crystal to call a whole horde of horrors.
95 The Chrystal Helm shows visions of the future but taints the user to feel indifference to suffering and seek to exploit and rule over others. The more the helm is used the more addictive the feeling of pre destined power.
96 The Blood Star a spiked crystal sphere drinks blood and grants those who feed it occult knowledge of blood magic. Blood wizards crave this relic and will kill anyone to get it.
97 Crystal Chalice makes the wielder disease resistant and able to heal anyone touched for one point. Using the chalice turns the user good and makes them desire to be help as many as possible. Some say it can become a sword also. 
98 The Chrystal Mill can be used to grind crystals into a fine powder that may be inhaled and provides the effect of a haste spell for d6 rounds. Many users become addicted and age artificially.
99 Crystal Time Forge is a huge cube which can used to create micro pocket continuities. All too many evil cults, wizards and demigods desire it and it has been hidden for hundreds of years.  
100 Crystal Cage is used to conjure long extinct reptilian monsters plucked from the past. Such creatures are not cooperative but may respond to food based training after months of dedication. Occasionally it calls forth a sentient reptilian wizard who usually causes trouble, kills the operators and uses the relic to to call forth a reptilian horde. 

Saturday 7 November 2015

d100 Slumburban bogans

Australian language used ahead proceed with caution. Bogans. Pumped up on boredom and beer these guys will totally smash any strange cunts that come down their streets.

"Violence is like totally outta control around here so if anyones 
not from our street comes by we bash em so now crime totally dropped. Actually the post and the milk truck have stopped coming too."

In the former poorer
 suburbs surrounding the walled cities are sprawling ruined slumburbs. There are still mostly automated industrial parks with some jobs but most live off cottage industry, the black market and occasional contracts when their skills are needed. Food is the biggest shortage item and food riots break out often. Dole yeast, soyloaf and soylant green are provided my more progressive cities but they tend to fill it with sedatives and provide free TVs that are wireless powered and never turn off are given away in lotteries with tickets gained by ratting out your neighbors to the law. Alcohol and drugs run rampant and most have some connection to gangs, crime or black market. Many homes were bulldozed down to make walls to keep out zombies, plague carriers, mutants and the poor. Many live in tents and ruins with best properties held by gangs, some hired by corporations.

"We're not here to fuck spiders"

Basic Slumburb Breakdown
Choice Vehicles - retro sedans, muscle cars, motorcycles, armoured limousines and luxury cars, utes (utility vehicle), renegade buggies, scratch built vehicles, sports cars, station wagons, anything gaudy and flashy. Car brand fans are major gangs dividing the city.
Vehicle Arms - light and medium machine guns, grenade launchers, rooftop swivel mount or fixed forward. Dropped weapons and ram plates popular.
Weapons of choice - shotguns, sawn off shotguns, flare pistol, any pistol, knives, clubs, chains, sub machine guns, RPG7, machine pistol and mini guns to be extra flashy
Food - meat pies, kebabs, sausage on bread with tomato sauce, vegemite on toast, bacon and egg rolls, pizza, curry, hamburgers, fish and chips, beer or goon (cheap wine in silver foil bag in a box or goonbag ya drongo). lamingtons, biscuits, chiko rolls, sushi, steak, baked beans,  pastie, sausage roll, hot dog, chinease takeaway, chocolate

Tech - mostly dated and recycled, some vintage, but criminal elite flaunt wealth of inner city
Dress - t-shirts, red or blue flannel checked shirts, denim jeans, t-shirts, bad old suits if business men or government, safari suits still popular with slightly better off or weekends, sunglasses, leather jackets, hats, fluro leg warmers, ugg boots, tracksuits
Hair - mullets, rats tail, shaved, huge beard, sideburns, big mustaches, sidburns, shaved or bald heads, crew cut, mohawk
Footwear - desert boots, thongs, black ripple soles, adidas, thongs, sandals with long socks

note thongs=flip-flops are not underwear are footware and also used to swat bugs and occasionally people (I'm gonna thong you mate if you don't bloody shut up)

"Who drank me goon - wuz it you Shazza?"

d10 Common Locals
1 Highly unionized workers of shipping and transport, highly organised and corrupted by crime
2 Highly unionized factory, power, mining and construction workers, strongly communist
3 Religious common folk with cottage industry or shop or from church work house
4 Government new enterprize job scheme, housing and dole food are provided for pointless busy work
5 Homeless dwellers in the ruins, usually most desperate and have other problems
6 Petty criminal wheelers and dealers, many with records from prison or state homes
7 Organised gang district residents working directly for gang enterprise
8 Pensioner living on benefit often with health problems and retro stuff
9 Drug addicts and most wretched alcoholics living in hovels often supported by crime or charity
10 Nomad clan or refugees with road fleet renting accommodation from gang slum lords

"Crikey it's as dry as a dead dingoes dick out here  today"

d10 Occasional Locals
1 Major criminal organisation with international mob ties with own style for every clan
2 Military vets, many cyborgs most insane and disabled hold down a few blocks with gang barracks
3 Mutants are unpopular in city but human looking ones get by and mostly stick to themselves
4 Aboriginal block often with ruins, tent towns, modern cultural centres with thriving community
5 Students living in communal squats fighting the system, often from privileged families of inner city
6 Cult or strange sect of religion with closed community with fanatic self defence codes 
7 Corporate suburb gated community with cleaner streets and strong law
8 Convicted felon with explosive tag collar on home-work detention scheme housing program
9 Infiltrated by law officers or government agents or social services investigators
10 Family of alien hybrid infiltrators seek to control area for secretive activities

"Careful the dunny door doesn't hit ya bloody bum on the way out mate"

d100 Quick slumburban bogan antics
01 Petty crime like d4 1=black market 2=stripping car 3=beating 4=mugging
02 Vandalizing public or private property d4 1=graffiti 2=smash stuff 3=looting 4=arson
03 Party time d4 1=BBQ 2=drinking goonbags 3=sucking down bongs 4=live band 
04 Working d4 1=fixing car 2=brewing beer 3=demolishing building 4=roadworks
05 Domestic life d4 1=couple fighting 2=family shopping 3=walking dogs 4=feral youths
06 Chores d4 1=dumping garbage 2=harvest drug crop 3=dumping corpse 4=butchery
07 Violence d4 1=gang brawl; 2=armed robbery 3=lynch mob 4=street shoot out
08 Road crime d4 1=police chase 2=hit and run 3=collision 4=drive by shooting
09 Games d4 1=footy 2=cricket 3=dog fight 4=drag race 
10 Public gathering 1=riot 2=protest 3=charity sausage sizzle 4=car boot sale

"Crikey mate, are you short some kangaroos in ya top paddock?"

d100 Slumburban encounters
01 Elderly biker walking teen girlfriend
02 Crazy lady chasing her cats
03 Swagman with train of shopping trolleys of belongings
04 Busker with guitar playing d4 1=Cold Chisel 2=ACDC 3=Icehouse 4=hunters & Collectors
05 Street prostitutes d4 1=with pimp 2=beating up customer 3=in tiny shacks 4=with cop
06 Preachers with pamphlets and bibles
07 Card shark with portable table
08 Man with rifle hunting cats and rats for dinner
09 Man trying to catch stray dog

10 Man walking dogs d4 1=attack dog 2=terrier 3=greyhounds 4=cyborg ex drug squad
11 Corner drug dealer
12 Takeaway delivery scooter wary of ambush

13 Delivery drone, wheeled or flyer
14 Emergency vehicle with sirens d4 1=ambulance 2=police 3=fire 4=STAR force
15 Construction vehicles guarded by machine guns
16 Ice Cream Van 1in6 drug dealers
17 Take Away Van d4 1=sandwiches 2=pizza 3=kabab 4=soylent green
18 Biker gang convoy
19 Drunk driver in rust bucket
20 Drug dealer dealing to junkies on way to methadone clinic
21 Prison chain gang working road with guards
22 Armoured riot and star force police searching for escapee
23 Crawling bleeding person d4 1=run over 2=beaten 3=trap 4=zombie
24 Strange feral animal d4 1=odd hybrid 2=escaped from lab 3=mutant 4=undead
25 Zombie homeless person ignored by locals
26 Cyborg veteran on the edge goes kill crazy if offended
27 Bogan kids with rat tail hair cuts, home made shanks and .22 zip guns
28 Crazy old man selling rat on a stick
29 Pack of dingoes adapted to ghetto life
30 Kids with air rifle or sling shots shooting at strangers for fun
31 Rich kids from uptown having a car race, happy to run down pedestrians
32 Police robots from up town hunting armed fugitive
33 Multicultural youth gang taxing cool brand shoes from the weak
34 Racist gang abusing non whites or refugees
35 Islanders cooking a small horse
36 Indigenous folk having a bonfire BBQ dance look deeply resentful at any whites
37 Christians marching and singing warning about the apocalypse  
38 Gang of zombies chasing people on the street
39 Zombie control team on the street
40 Biker funeral with hearse and biker escort (half price drugs today)
41 Building or car on fire with bored locals watching
42 Piles of wireless powered TVs without off switches in street
43 Dogs start fighting crowd forms and bets placed
44 Kids fishing from drain
45 Rival sport team or car brand fans abusing each other
46 Angry kangaroo, emu or mutant goanna chasing someone
47 Armed and heavily armoured bandits charging tolls with road block
48 Kids on BMX bikes, skate boards and rollerblades doing stunts
49 Police executing a homeless person for recent unsolved local crimes
50 Women screaming abuse at each other, crowd of locals gather to place bets
51 Gang of youths paying homeless people to fight
52 Locals drinking beer and BBQ while watching graffiti crews paint
53 Gang diverting traffic away from street cricket match
54 Homeless mutants being driven away by mob
55 Over a thousand sheep being herded to slaughterhouse through streets
56 Scouts cooking hotdogs on burning car
57 New Zealander gangs performing ritual haka at each other
58 Gang arguing who drank last of the goon bags
59 Kids playing in burst water main
60 Locals washing and polishing muscle cars
61 Car size sinkhole collapsed in street from burst water main under ground
62 Drivers fighting over parking spot
63 Teenage house party sprawling onto street trashing everything
64 Swarm of mutant cockroaches covering d10 square metres 
65 Huge gang of feral cats chasing a dog or child with hamburger
66 Hobos fighting over ciggarette buts
67 Homeless collecting cans for recycling money
68 Police riot squad and truck using water cannon to disperse food riot
69 Locals pelting fortified shop with rocks for running out of ciggies 
70 Locals burning a child abuser
71 Armed crew defending truck load of beer from mob
72 Cyborg war veterans without meds rampaging with heavy weapons
73 Locals planting bombs on road to divert traffic past their businesses
74 Kids taunting a basking sewer croc with sticks
75 Giant sewer spider snatches a stray dog
76 Road covered in cane toads, locals playing golf with them
77 Hobos spit roasting a screaming zombie to eat
78 Angry man tending his yard abuses any bloody wogs or strangers that pass
79 Hundreds of rats swarming in streets
80 Angry crowd with torches surrounding a fortified cult house
81 Bogan gang of car enthusiasts enraged if foreign made car in street
82 Teens doing doughnuts and making skidmarks for fun on road in cheap cars
83 Locals furious over electric car in street trying to roll it over and burn it
84 Gay pride parade blocks streets for d10 hours
85 Kangaroo court with locals holding illegal trial
86 Locals building a meth lab and getting ready to cook a batch
87 Kids racing shopping carts down hill for thrills
88 Film crew antagonising locals and on way towards becoming a riot
89 Politician giving speech to angry crowd
90 Locals with guns debating what the dead mutant thing was
91 Building collapses or blown up, large dust cloud
92 Burst sewer pipe street flooded with feces
93 Locals looting a crashed plane or airship
94 Helicopter overhead angers locals who start shooting
95 Thugs wearing Aussie flags roaming about attacking anything too foreign
96 Locals tormenting something in a cage trap d4 1=zombie 2=mutie 3=animal 4=drone 
97 Nazi protesters meet anarchist protesters head on riot ensues 
98 Blood collecting truck, free beer and sausage for every donation
99 Cyborg war veterans marching and easily offended 
100 Local conspiracy fan market selling ufo parts, cryptozoological samples, alien urine, photocopied books of "classified" data, angel feathers, templar relics, elf skulls, etc

"Dazza I'm having your baby call me!"

"Make sure you spend your baby bonus before dazza blows it all at the track or casino Shazza"

Image above from actual tv show
look up Fat Pizza, Housos and Dumb Criminals Webisoded on youtube for more of their work