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Return of the Reptilians

This is a guide to lizard folk around the world. Some have exotic abilities.
My generic lizard men not as amphibious as standard dnd ones.
Might do a reptilian warzone post. Done reptilian mutations.
As my new setting im working on has reptilian remnants everywhere I thought this would be handy but it does overlap with my beastmen project.



Marine Iguana Folk
Green-blue warty hide with dorsal spines, some with red colour or with algae on skinHold breath for up to an hour, swim at normal movementThis ancient tribe live in basalt islands covered in ancient ruins they may have once built as slaves long ago. They are naive about affairs and people off shore but slavers have been kidnapping them to use as pearl divers.  Some islands are more wary. Some dwell in underwater caves often with pre human ruins in them. They do eat meat and shellfish but mostly subsist on marine algae, seaweed and cactai. Many think them hideous and monsterous but they are one of the friendlier breeds who can be convinced to help with underwater exploration or investigating ruins. They prefer tridents, nets and obsidian bladed daggers and war clubs but these are mostly stored in secret caves or used for fishing.

Thorny Devil Folk
Tan, some black and yellow or umber
Covered in thorny warty spikes, survive with 10% water of similar size creatures

This desert race look devilish but are mostly peaceful desert dwellers who make sand art and desert topographic art which they use as maps to locate tasty giant ants and water. Well concealed in desert areas especially rocky outcrops. Will eat other giant insects and people if given a chance as they waste very little and carry few tools. Most use throwing sticks, clubs, small wooden shields, boomerangs, javelins, darts and atlatl (woomeras, also a club, digging tool and bowl). They weep tears of blood if sad or wounded.

Gila Folk

Red and black or yellow and black mottled patterns
Large +1-2HD, with a venomous bite save or 2d4 necrotic damage over an hourLarge feared monsters dreaded by neighboring peoples but actually they are peaceful and exploited. Slavers enjoy their reputation and size as harem guards, pit fighters and gladiators. Some people recognise them as peaceful and respect their preference to be left alone. They often use spears, shields, huge war clubs and mauls. Some lick their weapon edges before combat.

Frill neck Folk
Tan, yellow or grey, some turn red or pink when angry
When enraged a large skin frill becomes erect making them look huge

Live in forests and deserts and mountain, they are quick runners on all fours 15" or two legs 12" and skilled at hiding. When defensive their frills erect, some change colour and they hold their mouths open and hiss. Mostly live in small families and use simple technology. 

Chameleon Folk
Often green but can change colour to hide, communicate or depending on mood
Independant moving eyes (being surprise 1in6) Stealth (Surprise on 1-4in6)

Sneaky forest and jungle hunting tribes some are quite civilized and also use magic with illusions being favorite spells. All types enjoy bows and blowpipes and prefer skirmish tactics to harrass enemies. Up close they use carved wooden war clubs for melee or throwing. Some use bolos also or javelins with atlatl.

Various colour schemes depending of environment, soft skin, some partly transperant
Large padded toes  to cling to any service (Surprise 1-3in6), large eyes (surprised on 1in6)

Peaceful insect hunters often live in caves, cliffs and forests. AC one point worse than most lizard folk. Very nocturnal and hunt by night. Some more civilized ones enjoy wizardry also but thieves are quite common among them. Javelins, nets, clubs and atlatl most common weapons but some use blowpipes also. 

Often coloured for camoflage in forest or desert,Expert trackers using large tounges, Diseased bites save or half STR and Mov for a d3 days
Often quite large +1HD. Mostly injure victims with bite then follow them by tracking when victim grows weaker then tear prey apart. Clubs, javelins and throwing sticks main weapons but also blowpipes poisoned with their spittle for smaller ones.

Blue green scales some with algae for hair or shellfish growing on plastron
Plastron shell AC15, Swim at foot speed, hold breath 40 minutes 

Turtle folk can often be hundreds of years old, are very wise and patient. They can be a bit crabby and crotchety and absent minded when old. Some breeds are more maine oriented but tortoise folk are less aquatic often living in deserts and anywhere far from humans. Both types often live on islands building stone citadels where they keep their ancient knowledge. They enjoy singing but most other races don't appreciate it. Often use maces and spiked clubs.

Mostly brown often with yellow or green diamond markings
Venomous bite, some breeds can spit blinding venom instead

Cobra men are a tropical serpent man race notorious for cults and their ancient jungle ruins. They are despicable vile evil creatures who unlike other breeds crave human slaves, cultists and hybrids. Like to use swords, daggers, bows and javelins.


Varied colours from region to region some bright and colourful others are chamoflaged
Non venomous, large +1 HD, very strong 17, surprise on 1-3 

Python men are muscled silent killers who served as the muscle of the serpent empire of old. Less malicious than their kin. Feared as wrestlers who will eat humanoids their own size and sleep it off for a week. Use maces, flails and spiked clubs and javelins and bolos.

Viper (Horned Snakemen)
Various colours blending in with local climate with horn like thermal receptors
Venomous bite, thermal heat sensing vision Surprised only on a 1

Horned viper men were great wizards an priests and less sadistic than their kin. While they had human cults and subjects they preferred to be loved than feared and kept their subjects dependent on them. They acted as healers and prophets and providers of underworld wisdom and fertility. Like to use swords, daggers, bows and javelins.

Green or black some are more blue tinged 
2d4 bite, 17 STR, +1HD and AC13 Swim foot speed and hold breath 40 minutes in water
Huge lumbering creatures were greatly feared and used as elite guards and shock troops by ther reptilian empires of old. They would gobble up their enemies after battle and sleep for a week. They are not very bright or malicious just hungry and they serve other reptiles as troops because it always leads to a meal. Some worshiped them partly out of fear but also for fertility and their aquatic links. Prefer two handed weapons like mauls or long spears or axes.

Various colour schemes depending on environment, some feathered
d6 bite and d4 claws, AC13, good trackers 

Aggressive pack hunters who enjoyed serving other reptiles, acting as scouts and elite troops. Very agile and ignore terrain while in pursuit of enemies. Like to us javelins, spears and darts.

Various colour schemes depending on environment
2d4 horns, +1HD, AC14 

Placid and slow to anger but when guarding families are very aggressive. They also act as guards. Stoic and peaceful grazers if left to own devices. As soldiers they are elite phalanx troops with shield and halberds. 

Various colour schemes depending on environment
2d4 tail attack +1HD AC7, Beserk +2 hit and damage
Mostly peaceful but easily angered by violence or threats to their children. Often act as individual elite troops and guards and gladiators. Like to use axes, flails, mails, bolos and spiked clubs.

d12 Common Mutations

1 Albino with infravision
2 Dwarf x1/2 HD
3 Huge +1-2HD
4 Two Headed, one always awake, could cast two spells at once
5 Metallic Scales +2AC
6 Shapeshifter from humanoid to beast form 1in10 human looking form
7 Magical with spell casting class abilities
8 Degenerate idiotic savages
9 Prehensile tail, useful for grappling or climbing
10 Hybridise with humans
11 Giant +2HD
12 Regeneration 1HP/round but not fire or acid damage


  1. How about some that are crossbred or descended from dragons, especially black and green, since lizard men often in swamp and forest

  2. i considered this but the dragon rmpire and reptile empire had a split in my setting. dragons predated them and snootier.

  3. Some other weird lizards:

    The Tuatara is a primitive lizard-like reptile with multiple rows of teeth and a third eye. Ancient psychic mystics?

    The Mexican Mole Lizard has only front legs, burrows through the ground and pulls its prey under before starting a meal.

    Draco is a genus of lizard with collapsible wings which they can use to glide. I like to imagine that the humanoid version would be a fan of extreme sports.

    1. all good ideas
      you win comment of the week
      sent you dungeon link on G+


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