Thursday 29 December 2022

d12 Post Apoc Child Gangs

Hope you all had good unholydays and wish you all a good new year.

Ive been a bit of a slothmog this month in part due to lots of gaming, socializing, going out, playing oblivion and some other games on PC and enjoying some 37c days and attending my miniature frog zoo and garden. Life is pretty ok and have a stimulating social life and in 3 games so its helped me relax and will be looking to sell some of my crap over next month for space/cash and working on my property a bit. Will be looking for work or finish my last course or something again as cost of living has worsened of late but I'm still better off than most of my adult life so its all good as is my health.

I have 5-7 pieces I'm writing at moment and some reviews coming. Putting snooze on patreon work this month as life was busy. Regular service should resume in January.

d12 Post Apoc Child Gangs
1 The Feral Perils - gang made of runaways gang brats, tribal survivors and feral kids who formed a gang to get back at older teenage gangs abusing them. By clever guerilla tactics, slings, traps, spy holes and tunnels they managed to drive out older gangs. They expel anyone hitting puberty so some members take supplements to hold onto their childhood. Some chapters are cannibalistic and sadistic. Others charge travellers tolls or even trade 
2 Junior Defence League - were patriotic girls, a conservative paramilitary youth group, during the end times. Many rich chapters had their own bunkers and survived to the end times and managed to continue. With stockpiles of patriotic decor, uniforms and guns (often printed in bunker fabricators) they work to instil ancient pre-war values. Somehow mutant abuse became part of their dogma and all mutants are declared slaves and tattooed and dressed as clowns. Escaping clowns are hunted and shot at a favourite activity of the girls. Some older members flee when they want to grow up and question the gang but a few stay on as Den Mothers to train future generations. To join must pass a purity test to prove you are not a mutant. Plus you must always look pretty and be on your best behaviour
3 Planetary Scout Corp - many youths joined various scout-like orgs in pre-war years some in hopes their families might be selected to leave earth in a colony ship. Families with the best scores got the best chance so the planet scouts were part of this. They learned various archaic survival skills and other paramilitary activities. Many who didn't go to the stars did well in the military. Many had their own shelters or the skills to survive. Some adults remain to teach many to join mercenary or millitary outfits or militias. Some had own AI and robot teachers. The scouts may wear uniforms but also notorious for skinning unwanted adults in their territory and the dirty tricks they use on adult gangs. They collect merit badges including bushcraft, silent killing, torture and demolitions
4 Soapbox Racers - started by surviving youth gang from a gocart race track who captured more vehicles and became a serious menace. As the youngest roadgang they prefer small gocarts and buggies and fill the urban ruin streets with chokepoints that stop bigger vehicles. Bikers come to kidnap the kids for recruits sometimes. This has made thee kids more aggressive and adopt explosive drones and biker neck high wire traps that buggies go under. Older members join other road gangs but still help out with scrap parts and food and harming the kids will attract other roadgangs who will unite if their lil brothers and sisters are hurt
5 Howlers - feral wolf children who have been raised by telepathic wolves. Outsiders think the wolves are just their pets not their elders. They believe they are werewolves and wear skins and parts of wolves fallen in battle. Protective of their secret rites and territory. Have many rituals including howling at the moon, drinking blood to the wolf god and killing dogs and human livestock. Many don't reach old age and people have tried to get them to live with humans but the stories are mixed. Some remain as hermits or hunters or trappers and retain poor communications skills from their wolf upbringing. They believe they have magic werewolf powers
6 Goblincore - a feral child gang mostly of mutants or mutilated who revel in their ugliness and individuality. Humans all look the same to them. They often live in subways and caves trading in scrap they gather in areas too dangerous for most. In their own territory traps and secret tunnels are common and give them an edge against attacks. May have advanced tech items they have hung onto for defence. Many underestimate these goblin kids
7 Necrobrats - a necrovirus variant targeting children converting them over time into monsters with a hive mind. Gangs of these children in ruins will act in unison. Screaming when prey is seen, pointing judgemental and methodically eviscerating and sharing flesh of the untainted living. Children affected even at hidden early stages find undead don't attack or hunt them making undead areas safer. Children resist the psionic fear fields of some more advanced necromutants and no longer age or grow. Those tainted may exhibit gloominess, gallows humour, dark clothes and corpse makeup as they change from normal to fully undead monsters 
8 Skater Rats - feral ruin kids with any one type of wheeled rollerskates. skateboards, hoverboards or rollerblades and often some other theme. Notorious graffitists often work as couriers and messengers when not savaging scraps and stealing food. Tolerate adults in their ranks just the cool ones. Also play lots of combat sports and may challenge prisoners to a game as a bloodsport  
9 Youth Militia - grown as a trainee militia org for kids in farmlands some became independent when they survived massacres of their elders. Wear uniforms and carry well-cared-for weapons and fight in a disciplined manner. Members are fanatics so taking one kid will bring down all of them. They hijack and requisition goods from travellers towards the defence of their area. They may aid ordinary folk vs raiders in return for children given to them as new members
10 Billionaire Boys Club - wealthy brats of the rich in VIP bunkers cared for by robot servants. Will come to the service for the fun of killing and obliterating everything with their advanced weapons, drones and robots. Wounded enemies are taken home to be used as biomass or cyborg slaves. There is a billionaire Girls Club but they tend to compete and hate each other but won't use violence on each other. While in their bunkers they don't age until their parents return and the AI allows them to grow up
11 Cyberkids - cyborg children gathered from the waste of wounded and disabled children who are often abandoned. Their AI god NANNY saves them in return for servitude. Many are put to sleep in cryonic bays until the AI Nanny deems they are ready to attack. The target communities to kidnap their children by taking them to Nanny's surgery
12 Clone Corp Kids - a program to clone prewar children to mass produce them as replacements after the war. Different Child Banks had different policies some were nationalist or religious or other specialities. Each clone bank bunker has a dozen core children it mostly creates and programs with combat training as no parents have come to claim the children as planned hundreds of years ago. The clone kid bunker AI all have different ideas as to the best way to achieve their mission and some complexes become enemies

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Cyborg Dino for D&D Gamma Apocalypses

I recently discovered the beloved character of dino tank who has many toys, video games and appeared in Ultraman. So I need a cyborg dino for my Planet Psychon stuff. Can be used to fight death machines or armies or tarrasques or mecha-tiamat or other kaiju. He is so demented I think the sathar in star frontiers would even make him. This 70 000 t monster is sure to be a delight in any genre made by aliens as a weapon rather than born this way.  Or maybe they have just helped a sick disabled dinosaur. He would tear the shit out of Thomas the tank engine universe or the Cars franchise.

Cyborg reptilian kaiju, Nuetral Evil
AC+25 tank +20 dino HD 400 (2000hp) Mov: 36 Att: 1 
Anti Air Missiles 20d6 15m circle blast area can seek aircraft within 10km 20 per day  
Tri-cannon 12d6 shells 2km range
 30 rounds per day, can fire 1-3 per volley at different targets to the front may use alternate ammo like explosive, emp, gas, tactical nukes
Laser eyes 20d6 500m range but uses 1% of its nuclear fuel reserve
Crush 10d10 for anyone it runs over and may park on large enemy limbs like a grapple
Tail Slap 15d6 for anyone within 25m of rear
Bite 16d8 for close-up attacks

This 60m long cyborged monster was a weapon of desperation as gigantic land leviathan tanks and mobile citadels waged war. Many used nuclear defence fields to avoid destruction and kept moving to make poorer targets. Gigantic biomecha kaiju had been used but a genius saved a damaged one using a land leviathan tack system and engines and it proved cheap and effective. The monster may act as a mobile base with crawlspace, corridors, barracks and a command room inside. Many of these survived the war and now graze ruins to eat technology or biological matter to repair itself. Its nanobots help it regenerate and absorb materials to repair and resupply ammo. Nuclear fuel is one resource harder to find but low-yield nuclear waste has some value. It prefers atomic fuel cells and cylinders if it can get them so it will destroy vehicles with care so it can eat them. Small humans are mostly beneath its interest but civilisation, ancient technology or herds of animals can attract them. Often controlled but if wild it is fearless especially vs robots and vehicles and valuable parts which it can detect within 15km. Its biggest weakness it attacks on its back up close which a vehichle or monster could land on in an attack without retaliation.

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Reviews for X9, recent OSE Gold

Tomb Robbers of the Crystal Frontier πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
This is by Gus L and I'm not normally into names much but Gus had work and style that were a huge influence on me even getting into blogging and playing D&D again. There are probably another dozen or so such people out there who occasionally publish stuff. Its a humancentric world with lots of alien crystals and these crystal tombs fall from the sky where a divine race uses them. Grungy gangs want this loot and you get to be one of them. This is a dangerous trap and puzzle dungeon with strange hazards and toxic crystal dust that might kill or taint you, Maybe I need to do a d100 crystal mutation. It has very nice layouts and design and one of the prettiest dungeon books ever. It has multiple versions of maps and bits of maps cut out on other spreads to find your way around. It has a nice use of white space which I miss in gaming books. In a strange way, this might work in UV Grasslands and I will easily add to several of my weirder settings. I have some other weird crystal scenarios and posts I've done in the past I could use with this.

Inspiring stuff, readable, usable and very pretty.

X9 The Savage Coast πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
Another POD reprint and this is one of the better more readable scans so no complaints there. Its kind of odd as it has several locations much like the ones in X1 the Isle of dread. It fits into some of the other D&D coastal exploration adventures like X6 Quagmire or even saltmarsh. we have had several of them and could be part of a campaign. It also has Tortles for BX D&D and several features that feel like people. It details the various monsters and pagan savages to kill but we have seen a few of these before. There is a ruined city and a lawful monastery and coastal maps and player handouts. The adventure seems like a footnote of a typical wilderness adventure with some ok encounters. The Aranea webs and Phanaton treehouse maps seem like reruns from other adventures. It has some other villages for other people typical of the types you might meet so I guess its actually useful. It feels a bit flawed and thin. What there is ok but I'm also penalising it for more fighting natives in lost swamp cities. There are lots of modules with a convincing wilderness and then a dungeon but this kinda falls short of that

Temple of 1000 Swords 
This is an interesting dungeon and a classic of the G+ Gonzo spirit. It's grimy with weird curses and so many magic swords you wont know what to do with them. There are situations you don't see in most games and many memorable scenes. Good cover and design and some good artwork and a professional but zine vibe. Old style adventure but weirder. It should be fun to run. Nice series format and design.

Hideous Daylight 
A royal funpark has had problems with the sun setting and driving beasts mad. Has lots of gonzo elements that are all connected and interesting. It's a garden estate with follies, various features and creatures to meet. Similar format to Temple of 1000 swords. It's a small hexcrawl you should be able to finish in a session. The problem and the solution and the side effects are all interesting.

Sunday 11 December 2022

d12 Terraforming Bioweapons To Discover On Bunker Exodus Day

I Am stuck doing a big magic coin piece I've been stuck on for over a year and determined to crack it. So in the meantime this.

So your apoc games could change what the mess was each new party or you could build a word around several of them of on a more gonzo game all would be operating. These are a bunch of crappy things to have happened on the outside.

Yes make a bunker to start in and grab some poor town and add some jetsons sf then the everything went to hell time and maybe a few of these simultaneously in an area overlaping or in distinct zones.

Any of these zones may have unique species, factions or varient species living in them or machine species

d12 Terraforming Bioweapons
To Discover On Bunker Exodus Day
1 Bioplague Warheads - the area has vast pits of skeletons and medical camp ruins d4 1=humans rare since 2=survivors gene modified resistant rest died 3=mutants developed resistance and dominate area 4=androids occupy human free area possibly disguised as humans
2 Alien Ecology Spores - have colonised the area with slimy, oozing, alien life. In some cases, it has merged with local life producing horrific mutations such as gigantism, tentacled polyps and extra body parts d4 1=mutant cult worships the alien zone 2=ecology is expanding and new weird flora & fauna appear each year as complexity grows 3=devolving all life increasingly into slime, ooze and crawling hungry protoplasms  4=evidence the spore pods came after the war from space and more coming
3 Insectoids Weapons - have been used for warfare and many species build hives and may have specialist slave species or subtypes d4 1=giant insects common and some humans that eat them suffer excessive often fatal growth and deformities 2=colony of insectoid abhumanoids and their domesticated species build vast hive complexes and wage war on other life to collect food for their hungry grubs 3=human thralls are enslaved by the hive with chemicals and pheromones 4=the hive can be bargained with and local survivors leave it offerings
5 Vegetatal Weapons - modified or mutant or possibly alien plants have been spreading d4 1=flowers cause narcotic addictive haze over the area and animals to protect the plants 2=crimson vines cover everything cooling other plants and sucking life from the soil. Its poison and useless 3=gigantic fungus cover the area and vast spore clouds 4=area seeded with ambulant killer plants like tri-fronds. pod plants and strangler vines
6 Nanite Colony - modifies local area into something new 1=turns humans into bestial abhumans often inborn with survival and firearms knowledge and a desire to exterminate humans. They fight among each other but most agree humans are the worst 2=turning everything organicprotoplasmic slime that sometimes moves 3=turns all machines hostile to humans 4=builds huge shiny crystalline pylon and 
polygon structures for eas
y harvesting
. Poisonous colourful pools in area will mineralises corpses in them rapidly
7 Protein Spores - biological infestation that absorbs biomass d4 1=Macroscopic life forms from the microscope grown to enormous size overgrowing region 2=Infested the food chain and now a collective consciousness that influences life from fever microbes to mega mutants 3=vast fleshy tumour with tentacles and other gigantic scale biological features. Strange hairless creatures native here only eat the meat of their vast cancerous god that covers the region 4=Mutagenic Plague - mutated people but allowed people to survive post-apocalyptic poison and radiation. As mutations increase some turn into hideous hybrid chimaeras then tentacled malleable flesh creatures. The creatures seek to infect and eat others and become increasingly mindless and savage 
8 Necrovirus Warheads - population killed or infected with necrovirus and the area seems quiet now. Many undead sleep awaiting sounds of machines or tools or the smell of exhaled breath can awaken them into hungry hordes d4 1=hoards of relentless shambling zombies 2=savage fast and cunning ghouls 3=hoardes of shambling undead seemingly controlled by more advanced types 4=locals who survived all carry the virus and become undead when they die 
9 Machine Swarm - cybernetic reproductive systems d4 1=machines constantly building sprawling empty city 2=recyclers collect materials to build factories to build more recyclers 3=AI dominated all the synthetics including AI, borgs, drones. robots and androids 4=reproducing machines are also modular and reconfigure selves into new bigger forms  
10 Machine Ecology - wild machines have overrun the area making life hard for organics d4 1=androids have declared the area their territory 2=robot revolutionaries hate human meatbags 3=machine animals gather resources while other specialists rob them. Robots have various weapons and defences in an evolutionary arms race 4=machines here make life into cyborgs and part of their network in service to an AI
11 Hallucinagenic Warheads - active buried warheads are causing mass hallucinations and making people experience shared alternate realities. Older weapons gas based but some holographic nanocolonies but the psychotronic later ones brain effecting electronic broadcast weapons and possibly manipulated by an AI d4 1=collective dreamlike landscapes influenced by moods of participants 2=mass hallucinations of UFOs and alien invasion 3=its a world of magic with wizards and fantastic monsters 4=world full of threats and danger like an endless nightmare where innocent objects turn into dangers like snakes, fire or monsters
12 Psychotronic Warheads - mind control weapons that bury themselves and have various mental effects beyond mere propaganda. Some can sense it happening or just re resistant d4 1=many locals or people who wander here operate as if patriotic military faction of the ancients with identical training camp memories and love of a long dead faction flag. Will improvise equitptment and assemble as a military unit with some ancient target designated which is now a crater 2=convinced they must collect and hoarde some ancient popular consumer product locals have made it and even its logo a currency. People will crave them and some become obsessed collectors willing to fight for them. It is ancient psychotronic marketing for long dead companies. Some try and repurpose this for cults 3=certain random people are imprinted as sabotuers, terrorists and possibly suicide squads. Targets may not realise they are doing these things and will often live a secret life in their sleep. Locals are paranoid because of this 4=pacification field keeps locals and even animals living placidly in contentment even though it might be crappy. The area is shunned most people especialy violent gangs. Slavers and bodyjackers though have been working on ways to snatch people from inside who remain comp,ieant for a while after being taken from the zone

This is a Test
So starting with a rural town near an airforce base and a large town in ruins there is a bunker for personnel families behind a range of hills from the base if destroyed. Planned and gated secure community with a golf club and swimming pool and other impressive public buildings was spered direct hits from destructive weapons.

The family come from the depths as the bunker has failing systems and needs someone to get parts.

So I'm rolling 3 times

The Surface is now under the FX of:
11:4 Haunted Zone - Psychotronic warheads active in area create zones where ordinary things become monsterous and threatening and experience hauntings and phantoms. People feal fear sensations approaching such areas
6:4 Plaza Wastes - Nanite colony has been stripping an area into polygons and pylons of crystaline minerals leaving areas a wasteland like a 1970s concrete plaza with weird sculptures. Such areas are barren but a few species use them briefly with a risk of being broken down into raw materials
7:3 Meatlands - A biological laboratory experienced the growth of a polypous mutant supertumour that engulfed the black labs that spawned it and has covered several kilometres with flesh and tentacles. Other ruins will be overgrown and many inhabitants mutated into hairless, carniveroius fleshy mutants.

So I could place these three zones on a map and have some points that overlap or conflict. Certainly will make for seriously messed up ruins and wastelands to battle in and explore when fresh out of the bunker.

Gangs will have types adapted to the zones. A dice and polygon mad gang the lucky66, the outcasts and mad Rejects who live in the haunted zones and the Butchers from the meatlands. Trade routes will avoid these zones. Dangerous nanite and crystaline life forms live in the wasteland plazas. Ruins overgrown with fleshy polyps are inhabited by dangerous tentacled and freakish mutants. The haunted zones occupants including many insane and broken people who have become resistant to the horrors. A secret synthetic brotherhood of  androids, cyborgs and machines help to keep humans down but not to obvious about it, They like the mineral stoclpiles left by nanites but they prefer to live in the haunted zones. They are concerned about the meatlands.

Bunker dwellers might have several exits and some might be in one of these hostile areas. 

Friday 2 December 2022

Frozen Walkers

This is a monster i need so I have a reason to have penguin miniatures which have come in various marine sets. I just got an Australian Target pack of 10 buck sea creatures in a circular tube and the good thing is it has great eels, lobsters and 5 octopi! Just the right size for my 20mm mini games, very good freestanding sharks, dolphins maybe i should paint them pink and turn into earrings. Sea turtles kinda good in marine armies but might be giant turtle marine cities on an aquatic version of my incomplete mobile city wargame. Manya rays are cool but I need the right bases and maybe drill holes in them. Crabs always handy. Lots of seals too but I should use more selkies maybe make them a standard animal spirit changeling. But penguins man require some work.

Frozen Walkers
Nuetral semi-sentient planar undead elemental animals

Stalkers AC+4 HD4 Mov3 Swim 6 Att 1 charge/trample 3d4
Guardians AC+7 HD16 Mov3 Swim 6 Att 3 Scythe Wing 3d6 or charge/trample 4d6
Gargantuan AC+1050 Mov6 Swim 6 Att 3
 Peck or trample 4d10 Scythe Wingx2 3d10+10   
πŸ’­ Sealeap - jump range equal to Mov score by sacrificing an attack action
πŸ’­Freeze ray - replace one combat action that does cold damage and requires no hit roll like a spell. Con save reduces damage by half and halts other ray effects. Stalker 2d6 Range 9 Ray save of slow as spell for d3+1 rounds. Guardian 4d6 damage Range 6 with a line of effect and any hit save or be paralysed by cold a d4 rounds. Gargantuan releases a cloud of 6d6 frozen gas in a 30-degree cone of effect range 50 save or be frozen for d4 hours or longer if ambient temp below zero
πŸ’­Magical beings - all have infravision 12 range, are silent at will, require a magic weapon to kill or revive the next day, immune to cold, hold, charm, sleep, illusions, not animals or truly undead.  
πŸ’­Frozen Aura - Stalker you can feel the temperature drop making breath fog and due torn to frost within 6-range circle. Guardian can for ice bridges as it walks over water that other creatures may use and are surrounded by a 30-range fog cloud that reduces visibility to 3 with good light. Gargantuan  have a 300-range field of wind and snow that makes flight impossible and halves ground movement and reduces visibility as per fog
πŸ’­Fire Vulnerability - +1per die damage from fire and half saves vs magical fire

These semi-mindless beings seem to have properties of undead and elemental animals. These vast bird like giants lumber relentlessly bringing disorder and terror and terrible weather. The are often driven by the wind on behalf of their frozen lord or by ice-mummy undead priests. Often roam alone or in packs in winter and cold lonely places to kill and murder. Larger ones may have multiple smaller ones as servants so a Guargantua will have a d4 Guardians and each Guardian has 2d4 Stalkers. Some may use close as guards or might use to funnel prey to them or scout a large area. Their haunted lonely foghorn-like honks can be heard on certain nights.

Mostly they serve evil cold elemental lords or might be summoned or guard a gateway in the frozen lands. Most cannot drop below certain altitudes or attitudes unless it is winter. Many serve the ice lich demigod who attacks mortals yearly from his floating glacial island. Unguided they will roam frozen places. They desire to kill warm-blooded life that drives them with anger

1in6 can slide on bellies for Mov 12 on ice
1in6 are uncanny at following trails of warm-blooded beings
1in6 cunning and malevolent and communicate with trumpets over 1km
1in8 act as eyes of their bright lord of undeath and ice or the wizard who called them
1in8 lacks fire vulnerability
1in10 has am ice mummy priest directing them 
1in10 have HD in minor undead usually ice zombies following them within their aura
1in12 cold damaging spell effects heal them but not magic effects of frozen walkers
1in12 all in their aura is blinded by dazzling light reflecting from them -2 to attack and sight dependant skill rolls
1in20 when killed explode for 1d4 per HD in a circle equal to HD save halves damage

d12 Walker Adventures
1 A creature is killing winter hunters and wood gatherers 
2 Strange fog rolls across the night and weird trumpeting sounds can be heard
3 Someone has seen strange shambling figures chanting during recent blizzards like they are trying to call something
4 Some tomb robbers awoke an ice mummy and it has called its frozen god for help to punish locals. Several stalkers have been given to serve it
5 A harbour by night is covered in fog then the coastal water freezes and the hooting of walkers can be heard coming across the ide to kill
6 A lighthouse keeper has seen strange figures on the rocks and ice on the rocky island shoreline and is scared
7 A humanoid tribe are almost destroyed their shaman calls on the ice-death lords for revenge  
8 A strange icewall maze appears one winter and none have returned.Inside are walkers who can push the icewalls around to try and trap intruders and change the walls to prevent maps. What you think is a maze is really a way to lure inside to a group od walkers
9 A walker killed a family and an underpowered young survivor is determined to get violent revenge ASAP
10 It's a strange cold night and old-timers tell stories of the frozen walkers. Then the trumpeting honks of real workers begin and the old storytellers are petrified
11 A player finds a cool magic item but walkers have been sent by a god to retrieve it
12 A ship comes ashore covered in ice with mangled frozen crew on board. Then in the distance fog rolls in and a great iceberg comes over the horizon. It seems to have a prehistoric citadel of the ice lich inside the ice

Monday 28 November 2022

d100 Off Limits Locations in Utopia

Sometimes those secret messages or invitations require you to go somewhere forbidden. You might stumble across one or see other people using one. You might get some side to fetch quest for a secret society or criminals. Maybe they are really security forces sending dupes into a contaminated sector for some evidence they need but won't risk getting themselves.

You don't have to say what's outside and could give contradictory information and clues even fake relics or synthetic outside creatures could be made to keep up an illusion. You might think you can escape but perhaps your last few days were all simulated.

d10 Where is outside this Utopia?
1 Under a ruined city, university or wasteland
2 Underwater deep beneath the sea
3 In orbital construct or space habitat
4 On the moon or an asteroid or mars
5 On an off-world colony on an alien world
6 Under a thriving metropolis who have forgotten about the complex
7 Toxic environment requiring life support and medication to live due to war
8 Sprawling polluted wasteland where industrial mech toil mining and farming
9 Blasted wasteland with monstrous life possibly mutants or nanite undead
10 Simulated everybody really in stasis and experiences are a programmed shared dream

d10 Locating Locations
1 Crude map
2 Puzzle or code
3 Find a personal contact
4 Bribe a contact
5 Heard from a peer
6 Heard a rumour 
7 Saw someone go into dead end passage
8 Saw service personnel check the entrance
9 Deal with the gang or a cult
10 Had a weird dream and a bloody nose

d10 Quick Dodgy Place Types
1 Infrastructure
2 Corridors
3 Sealed doors
4 Abandoned
5 Ruined
6 Construction
7 Surveillance  
8 Science  
9 Criminal  
10 Secrets

d100 Off Limits Locations in Utopia
01 Metal grill into crawl spaces used for air and maintenance
02 Metal hatch into the crawlspace for wires and pipes under main corridors
03 Door and pipes and crawlspace connect to a plant room for air, water and environment
04 Service tunnel possibly some areas flooded connecting various substation and plant rooms
05 Substation with tool lockers and industrial terminals to check local subsystems and a control node. Usually locked and secured
06 Between level open space with suspended pipes and walkways for maintenance only
07 Service point with a nexus of pipes and wires useful to help isolate problems with locked panels for switches and valves but otherwise open area
08 Workers sub station with several bunks and lockers, bathroom and kitchen and break area usually abandoned and in some past construction project
09 Service tunnels with grill floors and arched ceiling, lane for scooters, baggage drones or gocarts and foot traffic. Crates and even garbage might be dumped down here 
10 Area built between levels by unauthorised persons possibly by workers to relax or some dangerous cult or faction. Possibly security sweep it occasionally but groups using it as a meeting have lots of lookouts
11 Corridor is coded as secure but opens fine, it is surveilled as part of an ongoing investigation but a few factions use it for meetings unaware as security doesn't come here because it is bugged
12 Corridor has had cameras vandalised and not repaired yet, warning signs suggest taking another route. Some meet here briefly to swap parcels
13 Mechanised pavement has an emergency exit you can reach if you step off in the tunnel section that leads to an isolated perimeter section. Maintenance crew use it as a shortcut 
14 Taped over broken doorway leads to disused corridor left for months due to error. Remains unfixed as long as tape remains
15 Passage under an assembly line, some old mattresses and food containers and pamphlets and zines are scattered about
16 Service corridor for maintenance workers and robots or troglodytes
17 Service corridor for a gocart or buggy to move goods for servicing systems
18 Mail Transport Tube for baggage and documents and packages throughout the city, much smaller tubes also exist but mail tubes are a tight fit on a trolly 
19 Service Tunnel large enough for several vans or buses or several trains or a single mega vehichle for large goods or machines
20 Vactubes based on smaller message pods transports this carries a coffin-size pod ideal for crypods, food, other goods or even living people as long as they are in a pressurised pod. Often connect several locations with a station with multiple pods. Mostly used by large organisations operating multiple secret entrances. Often used as an escape to a bigger panic room or escape vehichle. VIP classes often have a single-person unit that collapses behind them
21 A janitorial locker or toilet cubicle is an elevator to a secret area
22 Saw a concealed door open and close in an isolated location
23 Discovered an old door keycard, opens a forgotten room for an agent to hide in with bed, kitchen, fresher, medical supplies and several weapons and other tools 
24 Find a door and key with old cache of a faction or cult who may eventually look for it
25 Find a service hatch with defective lock that can bet you into the city superstructure maintenance tunnels to other locations
26 Long sealed bulkhead door opened and a stranger came out with a device and went back inside
27 Emergency shelter door partly covered by crates has become visible. Inside is an emergency bunker possibly inhabited or might have a frozen cult or faction team
28 Hatch looks sealed but can be opened with a secret latch that contains various weapons from crude homemade to several more modern pieces and some ammo but here by a faction
29 Unused doors in odd locations like stairwells, vehichle bays or service bays are actually a secret security base for a team of plainclothes agents. If inside will be very hostile to intruders
30 A damaged wall panel near crates of rubbish can be squeezed through into a sealed-off ruined area
31 A sealed-off food court area with bathrooms, tables, a fountain and large screens for workers to use once but shut down due to fewer workers and less food variety currently
32 A sealed-off transit tube station possibly contaminated or simply closed to save costs, has shops, vending machines, often popular secret meeting places for cults and factions
33 Sealed off warehouse with some loading vehicles and gocarts with trailers. CRates and all kinds of goods could be stored away. Sometimes inhabited by people in secret
34 Sealed abandoned shopping mall court with open shaft with balconies, escalators and shops over several levels. Courtyard shaft might feature a statue, fancy elevators or fountain and pool perhaps trees. Seems a bit luxurious, with various VIP goods inside shops. Often robot security or some creature or faction lives here or several. Some may be flooded or overgrown or full of garbage 
35 Sealed abandoned garden biodome maintained by machines with living creatures inside. Possible inhabitants or people in hiding from the system
36 Sealed abandoned apartment block with a large open courtyard with a statue or other artwork or water feature or park. Seems to be built for families with children
37 Sealed administration building with floors of system offices, dumb terminals, work stations, and documents. Often has robot security but some manage to hide inside them
38 Infrastructure passage blocked with garbage leads to a semi flooded steamy area of warm water where fleshy tentacled grows have grown over metal surfaces. Mutants live in here swimming and playing and eating floating fungus globules growing in the water
39 Pool in flooded stairwell, can be used to enter vast empty parking garage with now blocked openings to huge transit tunells for vehicles. Some levels will be flooded and life forms adapted to the system lighting grows here. People may hide hear or develop farming in secret here. Fish live in the flooded sections some large and can bite
40 Under an unused administrators office desk is a secret passage to a small one person bunker with a criopod and various VIP luxury items
41 A large section of transport tunnels or tube train lines sealed off with damaged vehicles and rubble from a past disaster. Closed and sealed with hazard take. Youths like to hang out here to be tough and do cool stuff
42 Abandoned factory complex behind warning signs. Doors and windows smashed and covered in graffiti with signs of transient inhabitants. Possibly someone or something lives here and possibly really is contaminated
43 Ruined tube train service terminal with huge maintenance sheds, mecha cargo lifters and freight containers. Huge machine parts tube train sections are stored here. Ofte used by criminals for black markets, meetings or gang fights
44 Ruined water purification plant where water recycled, drugged and distributed. Full of huge machines and service passages and plant rooms. Often semi flooded, corroded and may be inhabited
45 Ruined computer vault were tech scavengers come for old parts. Most of the machines are less powerful and incompatible with current machines with more mechanical actions, puchcards and tape reels. A feeble AI may still be operating here
46 Ruined housing complex for workers with vast dormitories, mess halls, shower blocks, laundry works all closed due to a health crisis and closed off with threatening sighns and a wonky fence. Local youths explore here and to do graffitti and fight
47 Ruined entertainment dome where holographic threats and genre themed corridors and androids once simulated exiting adventures but closed as decedant and wasteful. Youth gangs frequent here and sometimes the system and game AI wakes up and becomes dangerous. Some say some VIPs turn it on and watch intruders get killed by histories most famous killers as holograms and androids
48 Stadium complex collapsed and sealed after victims freed. Mostly garbage but a good hiding place for a loner or faction. Danger wear a hardhat signs secure this site with a torn off wide fence gate
49 Ruined prison complex mostly graffiti here and a dangerous place to get trapped in by anyone who knows the layout well. A few bloody gang murders happen here monthly 
50 Ruined education complex inhabited by feral children and youths. The system uses it to dispose of misfits and malcontents spotted in early days or decantered from clone vats unfinished. A robot guards the gate and will let people in but not out
51 Saftey fenced off admin complex under construction, may have security bots or not if long unfinished. Site has various dangers like pits and fragile structures
52 Fenced off unfinished apartment complex with a pool & recreation level but only a few floors complete
53 Incomplete tube train tunnels fenced off with machinery left on site
54 Large collapsed section closed off with construction equipment and lots of danger signs. Possibly guarded or patrolled occasionally. Large open interior with polies of rubble and damaged formerly inhabited areas 
55 Area closed and developed to work on plumbing and sewerage upgrade and lotsof areas opened into service infrastructure
56 Decontamination site, everything bagged with plastic airlocks, decontamination check documents and markers, empty sterilizer canisters and discarded hazard suits and gasmaks
57 Flooded section with machinery, noisy pumps and pipes everwhere. Floating rotting furnishing 
58 Burn damaged areas from fire with warning signs and some areas repaired 
59 Construction of admin building found an older forgotten door structure and area abandoned
60 Contaminated areas with radioactivity or biological matter, sealed with plastic and warning stickers. Some signs of decontamination crews at work and drums of matter to be taken away
61 Secret door in quiet area leads to a spy station watching a public plaza with recording equipment and a security terminal. First aid tit and silent needlegun that shoots radio isotope trackingammo
62 Secret door leads to room with spy mirror wall to view a open office admin pool
63 Secret stairwell door leads to top of a arcology building overlooking other buildings and plaza  
64 Secret door leads to secret walkway over a factory floor to observe workers
65 Secret door to parking garage of security forces  intended as secret emergency entry or exit
66 Secret parking garage off a minor exit ramp on a transit highway tunnel. Recognises certain vehicles and admits them into secret parking garage with interceptor bikes and patrol car and a secret passage to a normal parking station
67 Secret entrance to spy tunnels inside an apartment block to facilitate technicians reach recording equipment in every unit where security risk citizens are housed
68 Secret passage to deep infrastructure ending in a sealed vault door to maybe outside with security coded lock? 
69 Secret entrance to a old security computer complex with an outdated AI cut off from the system who wants help
70 Secret entrance to old secret sucurty base with several levels of offices, cells and meeting rooms
71 Concealed black lab door inside quaentine seal is a secret biological test gone wrong and sealed
72 Concealed black lab door inside is a surveillance control room and scientists and security monitor test subjectsof psychotronic experimental devices. Various strange prototype devices and chems
73 Concealed black lab door to computer complex of imprisoned AI and the secret unit it once managed. May have staff imprisoned here also
74 Concealed black lab cloning or bioprinter facility with cryopackled clones or replicants ready to deploy
75 Concealed black lab android facility with security, thinker and replicant androids with repair lab and monitor room
76 Concealed black lab working on project to wipe out most of the population in case it is needed
77 Concealed black lab working on eugenics program to introduce possible new types of humans better adapted to the system
78 Concealed black lab dedicated to mass drug control of the population 
79 Concealed black lab dealing with treating and detecting mutants and other biogenetic weapon attacks
80 Concealed black lab developing super weapons to use on a possibly non existant enemy 
81 Crook hideout and cache of a loner criminal and unauthorised goods
82 Gang hideout with bunks where members can be hidden if hunted bu the law, also used to plan heists and keep equipment. Often odd shaped in some infrastructure space and decorated by gangs 
83 Concealed forgotten warehouse used as a criminal market place and workshop for stolen goods
84 Speakeasy criminal night club for unathorised drinks, gambling, non prescription medications, live entertainment, dancing and hookups
85 Criminal training area where young gang members are trained in secret
86 Terrorist cell headquarters with bunks, armoury and forgery equiptment
87 Criminal ID and hacking lab for fake ID and records
88 Criminal medical clinic for unauthorised injuries and cosmetic work
89 Criminal drug lab, brewery or distillery for a gang
90 Warren of shacks and passages in a infrastructure space inhabited by some shunned outcasts in secret
91 Secret cult temple with idols and religious paraphernalia usually for up to 30 persons
92 Hidden cult cathedral with idols and artwork and even crypts for burial and a great hall for ceremonies with over 100 participants
93 Great trash pits where some rogue scrap robots and hidden weirdos live. Others come here to scavenge and look for discarded information and records
94 Library sealed away with various forbidden and historical works that might explain the oragins of the system and information on what is outside
95 Hospital where hundreds of persons kept in float tanks experiencing re-education treatments, surprisingly a quiet place with few staff usually highly automated. Some keep brains in pods instead for data retrieval from dead 
96 Fully automated factory supposed to be sealed off
97 Cryonic vault with former inhabitants isolated and stored for some reason d4 1=plague 2=malcontents 3=back up population if mass exterminations required pr some disaster 4=stored in time of scarce resources and forgotten
98 Ancient worker tunnels with signs of cults, hermits and loner weirdoes and perhaps nonhuman creatures
99 Monitor station watching outside the complex
100 Gateway leading to unauthorised exit

Friday 25 November 2022

Netherworld Oaths & Benefits


Neutral Evil in D&D has always been a bit odd. Is it they don't care about law or chaos and shun both as irrelevant? Are chaos and law branded evil enemies, rivals or stooges?  Or are rival evils forces to manipulate in evil schemes? Is NE an older more basic evil?

Chaos can be overly impulsive and irregular while law can be overly rigid. Do NE try and be balanced with law and chaos or just nor care. Maybe screwing up plans of hell and the abyss has made the universe a worse mess and kept the struggle going.

In dnd classic cosmology Hades type underworld is neutral evil but I'm not sure if a gloomy underworld is so evil or a place of punishment like Christian hell is. In my cosmos its where most people end up with extreme alignment fanatics and certain people get dragged to hell or some demon's domain like cattle. Maybe some gods help people to get to certain places but most go to the underworld as gloomy shades and live lives of squalor without descendants giving them offerings or dedicating their mealtime prayers to the ancestors. Spirits really want the smell and essence of the food not the material part. Its ok to eat these offerings or give to the poor or the gods chosen beasts.

The classic Daemons in D&D are kinda ugly jerks, with less famous daemon nobility if any? Daemons, Devils and Demons were all once daimon minor divinities and spirits who took sides in various cosmic wars that shattered the remnant shells of previous worlds which various alignment factions occupied and changed. The abyssal plain is a great maelstrom with small worlds belonging to a demon noble. These worlds orbit outside the world in a great cloud. Various worlds clustered to make the great hells which are adjacent to the underworld and overlap. Much of the underworld is neutral, indifferent or part of a living universe that brings fructifying powers and wisdom to the surface. Many death gods just help the dead or protect tombs they don't especially want more power or to kill people. The underworld overlaps with some other worlds which are not great like the darkness of the outer void that does hunger for life and destruction. There are also planes of shadows and nightmares. 

The current structure of the universe makes it hard for beings from the void to scale down into the mortal realm. Some once in our continuum become subject to its laws, adopt alignments and start fighting each other. Maybe it's deliberate. 

So my NE plane will be the Netherworld a torturous ruined parody of the world with howling winds and vast dark storm clouds. It overlaps most with the underworld and blends into it growing worse as approached. Most souls brought here don't just come to be recycled as larval evil spirits they come to be annihilated and cast into the void to feed the hunger of the void. The netherworld also overlaps with the negaverse, the shadow worlds and the nightmare kingdoms and acts as a conduit for desperate travellers.

Daemons stockpile larvae, deformed maggot souls of the damned which can be grown into demons, devils and daemons and are an important currency for evil. Daemons keep them mostly to torment devils and demons. Nighthags act as the traders riding nightmares. Daemons farm larvae in great pits and torment them until required. Daemons could make an army rapidly if they needed one and threaten other forces but instead, they lay low and let the old enemies focus on each other and trade with both for profit.

Hell is obviously a prison for the damned and performing a role in the universe while demons tend to be destructive and greedy and their realms reflect their masters will. Daemons in the netherworld besides caring for larvae operate vast prisons for beings from beyond or bad titans who rebelled against the gods. Daemons keep everyone away as many daemons draw power from these thrall powers. Various Daemons serve evil death gods, old evil gods of the outer void and other banished or imprisoned evil gods. 

Netherworld Oaths & Gifts

NE oaths for villains in league with Daemons
Roll d12 on common oaths and if you get the same one you already had you can pick an oath from this list or roll on Rare oaths. If you have the first 12 oaths you may use the rare oaths table from then on.

Then there are the standard oaths in sets of four levels at a time that are what most diabolical cultists and bad managers adopt. You can swap any of the same sets out really or roll a d4 as they will be of similar power creep. It makes better mooks that have magic weapons that are possibly alignment locked and unusable to decent folk. 

d12 Common Oaths
1 Pit law versus chaos at every opportunity
2 Flee powerful enemies and live to kill them later
3 Covet food and water to torment the needy
4 Delight in making others weep with despair
Destroy what you cannot take from your enemy
6 Scourge the weak with pain and fire and fear
7 Cause harm to others before they harm you
8 Anyone not on your side is against you
Desicrate the remains of your enemy's dead
10 Cull the weak with no value 
11 Be feared not loved
12 Never deliberately bathe or wash

d12 Rare 
Poison wells and waterways
2 Murder your sleeping enemies 
3 Make trophies from enemy dead
4 Humiliate the powerless in public
 Rule over those who fall in your power 
6 Earn infamy through great feats of cruelty 
7 Plunder resources for you and your kind 
8 Incite prejudice for personal power and gain 
9 Wealth & power are mere tools to increase entropy 
10 Destroy books and written works
Lay waste to the land and untouched nature
12 Release the powers of the outer darkness into the mortal world

d12 Boons of the Netherworld
1 Gain a potion once per month d4 1=growth 2=shrink 3=fog cloud 4=healing 2d4 
2 +1 weapon made from nether metal usually a cruel blade or spear or mace 
3 +1 Language spoken S or Written W d4 1=Netherspeech(NE) 2=Orc 3=Undercommon 4=Shadow speech 4=Theif speech 
4 Arcane zero Lv Cantrip Spell  d4 1=detect evil  2=snuff  3=evil eye  4=detect magic  
5 Assassin follower Lv d3+1 will pretend to be a servant but is really a cult fanatic killer  
6 +2 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also has the property of  +1 vs Law or Chaos or Good
7 Skill d4 1=Alchemy 2=Conceal  3=   4= 
8 Arcane 1st Lv Spell d4 1=Darkness  2=Illusion   3=Protection from Good   4=Invisible Servant 
Can summon a guardian daemon to guard your treasure
10 +3 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also has property only usable by evil beings or they are item can attempt to charm them each round. The daemon spirit communicates its desires by telepathy with the user
11 Once a week can summon a nightmare for one hour that can carry passengers to other planes but this is quite risky. Requires a turn ritual and one cup of any sentient beings blood 
12 Arcane 2nd Lv Spell d4 1=Acid Arrow 2=Invisibility 3=Knock 4=Stinking cloud 
13 Can once per week summon a daemon ferryman and boat by night from the river of the dead and ride to the netherworld, hell, the abyss or underworld
14 +4 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also telepathic to wielder has diabolic lore skill, +d3 venom damage, the spirit of the blade can poison unwanted users
15 Immune to level and attribute draining effects of undead negative energy (not from disease or poison) 
16 Arcane 3rd Lv Spell d4 1=Dispell Magic  2=Explosive Runes  3=Slow  4=Vamparism 
17 Can call on their daemon patron to whisk them to their netherworld palace once per day or back
18 +5 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also on natural 20 hit or critical hit the weapon drains one level up to a total of the users level per day. Targets drained to zero HP die and become feral zombies
19 Conjure a greater daemon into the world and negotiate with it for a service once per week with a ritual requiring at least a large animal or human sacrifice and an hour long ritual  
20  Arcane 4th Lv Spell d4 1=Fear Ray  2=Phantom Killer  3=Dark Tentacles  4=Improved invisibility 

Bonus Petty Boons for Petty Cultists
Really some people are satisfied with less than an adventurer and don't want to power game through life

d12 Bonus Petty Boons for Petty Cultists
1 Silver Iron blade that harms basic devils and demons and once per day on command becomes 2d4 poison (save halves, has rapid onset)
2 Zombie or skeleton of your very own to command
3 Crime syndicate offers the chance to be involved in a heist for gold
4 Potions 2d4 that blights a common garden area soil for a d4 years
5 Pet snake that steals milk from your neighbours cows and eats hen eggs
6 Evil spoon can poison a drink or meal once per week 2d4 damage and d4 hours nausea -1 all rolls save halves damage and duration. If victim moves more than half speed they must save or stop and vomit
7 Call a poltergeist to haunt a place as long as people have died in the room in the past, a priest may remove such a spirit 
8 Acid potion once per month 2d4 save or burns for 1HP for d4 rounds, damage locks or bar or chain
9 Wineskin fills with blood from the netherworld once per day, handy for rituals or cooking or craft. Also good for alchemy, evil spell components or to feed evil petty daemons or familiars 
10 Nail of the dead - hammer this iron spike into a recently dead person and if they fail a save they become a spectral spirit, most are harmless but frightening to see, some can manifest weapons but can also be destroyed for a while. Might be used on enemies to torment them
11 Thorn Whip, d6 magic damage whip also good for fearsome cracks
12 Small concealable and harmless-looking knife d3 that can grow into a large fighting dagger d4 and back in a day  

*Petty Missions from Daemons
Daemons are interested in entropy, death, decay and total cessation of everything but the void.

Petty Missions from Demons
1 Feed wild beasts and monsters meat when you can 
2 Burn a specific book or collection of documents
3 Frame a demon or devil cult for a horrible crime 
4 Look after larvae for a daemon for d4 days
5 Kidnap a person and deliver them to a nighthag
6 Defile a holy place and break its sanctity
7 Damage or break a fence or wall 
8 Kidnap a victim and torture them for d4 days then release
9 Make the servants of demons and a devils fight
10 Ritually kill a victim and mutilate the corpse in a public place
11 Burn down or defile a holy place of good
12 Find and open a long sealed tomb or grave

Wednesday 23 November 2022

d100 Encounters in your Isolated Utopian Complex

Once again this is for games like Nurocity, paranoia, post-apoc bunkers and weird isolated space colonies.

Who Is Most Important (roll a d3)
1 A long-gone founder who heroically founded the system
2 Central committee of senior managers
3 Chairman of a great council of representatives 
4 The collective good and the people are in power, the system is just the means
5 A great charismatic hero who has victories against the enemy and roots out traitors
6 Fictional leader cult that claims the leader is alive and still issuing commands
7 Scientist Supreme of elected in the council of scientists and scholars
8 The General leader of military and security 
9 A possibly fictional enemy is used as a target of hate
10 A computer AI with a personality and own purpose

d10 Local System Quirks
1 Eugenics program - now technically a subspecies of homosapiens
2 Fictional enemy or threat used in propaganda
3 Constant propaganda broadcasts, posters and screens 
4 Made robot worker caste
5 Made android worker caste
6 Made abhumanoid worker caste
7 System failures and shortages 
8 Constant riots, war and terror attacks 
9 Surveillance systems poor, more crime & black market 
10 Some hidden power rules in secret 

d10 Quick Encounter Types
1 Daily life
2 Message
3 Security
4 Crime
5 Recreation 
6 Training
7 Workplace
8 Spectacles
9 Red Tape
10 Relationships

d100 Encounters in your Isolated Utopian Complex
01 Power or water shortage for inconvenient period
02 Transport hold up due to emergency or accident, security and emergency personnel redirect traffic
03 Printout from the computer of your health plan readings and a report making new diet and fitness plans and supplements for you
04 Coworker has been replaced surprisingly, new friendly co-worker already at work
05 You got a surprise counselling session from a psyche med-tech
06 Some new pills have been given to you today
07 Surprise menu replacement surprise normal service will resume please accept this substitute meal
08 Some appliance or architectural feature is damaged and requires a report to maintenance who may send some workers
09 A vehichle failure has blocked traffic on tube trains or transit tunnels, requires crack technician team 
10 Someone you know who seemed irritated and uneasy of late has won a retirement holiday prize for years of faithful service  
 Have a video call from a retired elder from their retirement pod or even a prerecorded message from their cremated or frozen or recycled corpse
12 Recruitment offer from a good job opportunity but they want a few risks to prove your loyalty
13 Supervisor would like a chat about your service and productivity 
14 Called to report to a focus group for psychotronic research
15 Called to be a juror from any sealed com terminal
16 Called to sit on a committee about some local petty infrastructure matter 
17 Find a secret message from someone staying hidden from the system
18 Find a secret package deliberately hidden by someone 
19 Computer has selected you for a 30-minute recreational romantic event
20 Won additional credit in your computer games letting you play more hours per day
21 Security checkpoint and extra scan today due to a possible threat
22 Emergency security check on everyone in a now sealed section
23 Inspector interviews you about a person or location and gives you their card if you need to report anything - never explains why wants information
24 Some bored guards demand ID papers and enjoy flexing some power over someone to see if they react
25 Armed police burst in but mistaken address apologies and send a door tech to fix the damage or a medic if anyone shot 
26 Armed security see someone flee so chase them and beat or shoot them
27 Plainclothes undercover surveillance agent follow you for a while to see if linked to an ongoing investigation
28 Security and inspector in a hurry wand to confirm your location at a time and place then leave
29 Saw riot squad deeply gas and semi-lethal weapons on an unhappy mob of agitators who are restrained in apparatus and transported away in trucks
30 Eccentric locals elder or youths beaten by security for not showing enough respect to law
31 You see someone sneakily eat a usually contraband food item
32 You witness some unauthorised flirtation between your peers at work 
33 Someone offers you to join an illegal betting game or gambling event
34 See someone bribe an official for better treatment
35 Someone asks you for a favour and offers you some vice or contraband in return
36 Security sting try to tempt you with something nice but its a trap and a fine
37 Someone is stealing items from your workplace
38 You find some dumped equipment in the wrong bin that seems a waste when it could be traded or used, maybe security might reward you for reporting it
39 See someone uses a rarely used service door to a secret black market inside the infrastructure of the complex
40 Person offers you various forbidden items for something they know you have access to
41 Visit a nightclub for smart drinks and non-contact dancing
42 Allowed in a VIP orgy garden for a d4 hours
43 Play or watch one of the many sports events used to test teamwork or release stress and frustration with safely padded arenas mostly. Handball, frisbee, slaughter-seven, rollermurder and kosho (shooting hoops on a trampoline with boxing gloves). The more pro leagues are more violent and dangerous
44 Have a public computer game battle with an excited audience
45 Surprise visits from your state-approved sex therapist
46 Went to an educational museum or perk with a tour group to learn 
47 Hung out in an authorised unsealed area some friends found and listened to music and swapped stuff
48 Went to some party but turned out its some kind of cult or strange faction
49 Sent to Similacra Park where they duplicate the awful conditions of the past that necessitate our current perfect ideals and system. Can be quite shocking and includes war, violence, cannibalism, slavery, religion and torture
50 Visited art galleries or concerts of respectable approved culture
51 Sent on a refresher safety course
52 Sent on a surviving a terror attack workshop
53 Sent on a course to surveil coworkers better
54 Sent on a course to show you what happens to traitors and criminals
55 Sent on a political protocols course for new paperwok
56 Sent to help riot police train herding civilian mobs
57 Sent to a re-education workshop over some past petty act d6 1=not flushing 2=stole stationary 3=took something from recycling 4=non prescription medicine 5=unauthorised subject data search 6=unauthorised entry
58 Asked to give an incident report with hundreds of pages of forms for something you didn't even see
59 Watch hours of security and privacy awareness films required by workplace
60 Given training sessions in new equipment or policy 
61 Workplace accident or possible suicide
62 Someone in the workplace flipped out and the psycho-medics took them away
63 Someone discovered a surveillance device in the workplace and was unsure what to do
64 Generous manager brings a small cake and party hats to celebrate a worker's retirement or transfer, ordered to celebrate for ten minutes jubilantly
65 Workshop on how users are gauging the credit system and hap to catch them out
66 Hygiene workshop on sanitising your station and body everyday or in event of toxic exposure
67 Safety drill with emergency personnel and security, those acting without urgency are taken away to a special training centre: camp safety
68 Emergency support training with special distinctive overalls to assist with disasters, some assigned specific key jobs and some occasional perks
69 Purity Patrol help evaluate and classify historic documents and occasionally destroy false and factually inaccurate records that slander the system or the party or the computer
70 Purity teen sex patrol help lecture to young people the deadly, dangerous and treasonous signs in unauthorised sex acts. Lies and mythical supernatural characters are considered acceptable for methods to keep juves in control but chems help also
71 Popular celebrity artist, writer or singer is removed from the datafeed and all their old work vanishes and is taken away
72 Popular trial of a murderer, cult leader or traitor being screened, many plan to see live
73 A violent sports finale is being broadcast usually some brutal sport d4 1=murderball with balls, chains, rollerskates & motorbikes 2=death drive a violent car race 3=turkey shoot where criminals are hunted for sport 4=slaughter-seven where simulated famous murders are selected by victims who hunted and killed by them
74 Exiting propaganda film detailing important leaders and evil enemies and traitors
75 Go to see elderly retirees go to the recycling centre to aid the community as biofuel fertiliser and amino acids. Some are very ornate with costumes and a parade
76 See a parade of glorious heroes of the system d4 1=scientists 2=security 3=bureacrats and party leaders 4=programers and the computer
77 Accidently went into area yu should not have but seems insecure and has a possible way to see whats outside
78 Terror leader caught and confesses to child murder, cannibalism and anti-patriotism, his face and execution time are announced
79 Warnings of dangerous mentally unstable criminal on the loose for days, talks about their path to being a killer from some basic petty deeds that could have been prevented. Various vices and petty rebellious acts were found to be the cause of the domino fall to chaos
80 Celebration of a glorious victory with images of the system and former destroyed enemies
81 Surprise fitness assessment
82 Given a huge stack of census forms
83 Given a new policy manual in preparation for an exam
84 Report a dangerous co-worker for causing problems in the system
85 Audit of your department with extra forms do fill in
86 Given a security assessment with personality tests and several debriefings
87 Considered for another important job given a background check 
88 Someone in your department gave you a mountain of extra work by being lazy
89 Required to apply for a permit or some dated qualification will be deleted
90 Work sent you to deal with an interdepartmental request
91 Someone you know being questioned by security
92 Someone you know sent to patriotism camp
93 Friend offers to spend time with you in their secret hideaway
94 Someone at work looks out for you and gets rid of some problem
95 Someone you have not seen in a while seems more zealous and patriotic
96 Old friend not seen in years wants to catch up
97 A former rival tries some petty revenge d4 1=poison 2=bomb 3=false evidence of crime 4=reports you for treason
98 An attractive person you met seems to know lots of fun places not in the data-framework
99 An old friend gives you some contraband items and offers to help you get connected
100 A recent troubled friend seems convinced they can escape or get out somehow