Wednesday 29 January 2014

Marvel log: Getting Started

Started running this game and hope to do more. Better than my last session wich left me cold from characters jerking each other around and being out of genre. This time had better set of players and i used the superhero code of conduct from Martial Law comic on them. Emphasized need to be publicly decent for survival. I added several items to the code.

Section 3 of the superhero code of conduct - General standards
(1) A heroes costume should not violate standards of good taste and decency. Therefore they must not: a) bear lewd and offensive messengers, b) exaggerate physical attributes c) feature built in weapons
(2) Heroes should treat members of the public in a courteous and respectful manner
(3) Heroes should never use their powers or weapons to take advantage of members of the public
(4) Disagreements between heroes should be resolved though discussion or arbitration, without recourse to violence
(5) Superheroes must not accept or request gratuities from members of the public or for profit organisations in exchange for services except for donation to authorized charities
(6) Superheroes should seek to minimize damage to property, collateral damage to bystanders. Superheroes in public should use minimum force to apprehend and make citizen’s arrest. Superheroes do dot deliberately seek to kill and should minimize the use of force
(7) Superheroes should be a good example to minors and not expose them to harm or recruit them as "sidekicks"

I added last three. In game were introduced in 1950s  when heroes under scrutiny for various activities. So having given the set up better we started.

Will repeat superhuman test treaty ban later.

Andz playing with Stormwing and her sidekick sparrow (aged 18). Got her telekinetic powers and meldsuit from aliens who abducted her and sidekick on a plane trip. Owns a national airline. Form fitting simple design body suit and flight helmet. Generally hangs back with TK powers, while sidekick looks after injured. Kid brother Sparrow 16 is developing powers and tags along but says he is 18 on TV.

Olaf playing Magpie, actually a middle eastern daughter of a Hittite god. Has even a pocket dimension home through a mirror on her farm property. A Mediterranean garden and house.  Has power to animate matter and has wings. Also uses a a sword and likes to turn foe weapons into restraints. Has a gatchaman style bird themed suit. Learning to shape weapons and armour from available matter. Likes to turn your weapons into handcuffs.

Rob playing Doctor Drake and agent of Australian Paranormal Intelligence Agency who is actually a exiled dimensional space dragon. Mostly hides powers as just super martial arts. Is strong, invulnerable and telepathic. Hides flight by skipping on objects like martial arts hero. Chosen form of asian man wearing a suit. Tries to get others heroes to register themselves and work with spooks. Has lots of crime and agency contacts. Monitors heroes and cuts red tape for them.

Skinner plays a guy who has come in contact with subterranean atlanteans who have given him enhanced fighting and intellect, power to transmute simple elements, and a cyborged body. Has returned to build a corporation and a basic black and green battlesuit. Named self Tank. Has very awesome armour defences. Likes to turn things into inert gas o form solid carbon from air of flamable gas

Party met on a rooftop and discussed plan to start a new team. occupied and refurbished previous team bunker under asylum island. After a few weeks began looking for trouble. Drake had contacts warn of a gang hit on a lab making mutagenic compounds and staked out building. Skull gang in masks and SMGs escaped buildind and piled into van. TK lifted van while Tank and Magpie and Drake charged in. Moste heroes unharmabble but they dealt with gang. Discovered robbery cover up to hide lab giving drugs to gang for months. Located gang pad and raided. Top floors of abandoned hotel on Diablo Island slum land. Spied on gang briefly before attacking from multiple directions and hit them hard. Most went down but one had taken monster drug and hulked out. A huge battle ensued party dropping to ground floor and carrying out battle to empty lot outside. Got to enjoy some punching people through walls and learning team work. Monster thug got to punch Tank into Magpie and into a car. Monster went down and party helped clean up and bought woman a new car. Sparrow worked to remove wounded bodies from scene. Party got positive press and attention of mutant gangs.

Stopped two more mutants by hiding in safe as monsters broke in through bottom. Learn joys of fighting two strong freaks in a metal drum. Remnants of gang after cash in Chinatown.

Mobsters found behind scheme and police request heroes aid (cheaper than risking cops). Magpie burst through room confronted mob boss and got into fight with his ninja mistress. Tank disintergrated wall to face a crowd of guys with auto rifles and AP ammo who could hurt him. Dr Drake and Stormwing went into lab and nabbed a scientist before two mob robots popped up through floor. Stormwing began developing forcebolt. Magpie developing armour. Tank developing flight in his battlesuit. Dr Drake developing psionic radar. A few thugs punched through walls later and situation contained. Heroes using teamwork and powers effectively.

Later on Two players over for some extra adventure. Mopped up a gang surgically modified into 50s frankenstiens in a purple armoured car. Ambushed on bridge and saved cops.

Later Stormwing heard from her parents that Gina Rienheart billionaire miner was fussing over some mine disaster that she tried to keep lid on. Flew to WA in private jet and Magpie and Stormwing and Sparrow flew down. Heroes told APIO and reported to absent hero Tabloidia a known gossip.Found media camped at fence and crowd of security and rescue crew around minehead. Also Sandline International mercenaries. Heroes land and declare here to fix everything. Mine exec asks them to sign a nondisclosure agreement over secret mining company tech. Miners on verge of riot.

Heroes ignored red tape request and flew dawn into depths and through blockage to find a crashed saucer. Defence borg got hostile and started shooting. Heroes missed but recognised worst case energy beam they had seen. Magpie tried to scramble robot but it was a liquid metal in a forcefield that resisted. Still kept him busy. Stormwing threw iron beams at robot who shot them down. Tried to wrap him in plate and he shot that too. Sparrow meanwhile sneaked in saucer and Stormwing flew inside after foolish lad while Magpie kept up trying to break up robot.

Inside met knob headed aliens and fight ceased. Aliens explained they took 8 miners and as one of their kind was taken by humans. Robot had disintegrated mercs and collapsed shaft. Heroes found aliens civilization not responding after 300+ million years so they were happy to help. On surface confronted suit. Eventually got alien location and returned him and hostages. Angry mob outraged over company secrets and threats from heroes to expose illegal extraterrestrial contact. The miners let media in so company caved in claiming they thought it was an animal.

Team helped move saucer under the sea where they could spend months on repairs. Also offered to help heroes in future.

Back on Asylum Island Bunker found Tabloidia in base eating their food.They had a row and he sorta agreed to play nice now. So let him have a training battle with them in huge empty underground warehouse size of a football field. Dr Drake and Sparrow watched from TV.

Tabloidia was a dirty journalist who found artifact that gave him costume and changed him. Can lift 10 ton, teleport and fly and is a awesome martial artist. The artifact in his hands is a camera that bonds to his chest and covers him in a suit with large glassy disc on chest. It has X-ray vision, flash attack and can record everything. He is kinda a jerk more like spiderman than a frontline brute.

Storm wing forcebolted magpie before he could armour up and flew to ceiling. Magpie got up armour then worked on making a wall. Tabloidia teleported up to Stormwing and flashed him. Stormwing forcebolted and flew further away while magpie finished his wall then made a psuedopod of cement wall grab Stormwing by feet. Tabloidia ported to Stormwing and grabbed him. Stormwing forcebolted him in face and magpie tried to collapse a few ton of rubble on both and missed. While stormwing crashed he bolted Tabloidia again. Tabloidia rushed towards stone wall intending to ram Stormwing through it. The telekinetic fired a force bolt through wall destroying it so Tabloidia smashed Stormwing like a club through wall and was declared winned.

Glad to have running again - a good fill in and drop in game for club.

Will get more supes stuff posted here now and some tables.

Psychon Log: Citadel of the witch hunters

Iggy the Iceman with shiela the halfe ice woman and zombie cat of the ancients
The Rogue hemaphrodite with his lady friend and his hired gang of 3 first rank wizards
Snake eldren psionic rides a pink ponyoid, has a lil modrom familiar and a sheild maiden

Party joined by a new freaks
Eldren sorcerer with  some handy pocket monsters and familiars
A pair of unrelated Morlocks, one a blackpowder pistol fiend
A robot with a food processor allowing him to eat and make food like recycled sewerage or soylent green - am working on robot spell lists now. Guy did a great job of talking and arguing as a robot. One of thoose cool 50s ones like Robbie.

 Newbs recruited in village as the party with convrts scout out town with detect evil. Found witches in the tavern and bakery and party own allied witch hunting priest and  priest of Virgil. Convinced village to join party cause against the underworld bioplasm they call the witch water. Sealed local mine and prepare to flee as charmed witch tells the a beastman horde from a subworld under a mountain is preparing to wipe out humans. A frontline warborg beneathe the mountain serves the great evil also, and rules the beastmen. A red chrome demon godling, surrounded by crackling power fields and covered in demon chaos runes. Sort of like a robo-Balrog who shoots nukes.

Party leave flunkies and priests in charge and go to caves of the witch cult following his lead. Through the robot cannery where they managed to convince the robot to pass with cult robes party had. Later they came back and smashed him and party robot and snake eldren robot expert stripped the chassi bare. Informed party to try not to kill. Moved into throne room and used two sleep spells. Then saw goblins and kobolds and zapped them too. But a hidden bugbear ambushed them but didnt last long. Snuck up on water weird and killed with holy water. Zapped two more rooms and actually killed two guards with ambush. Found cult master in sensory deprivation float tank in evil grey ooze and killed him too but he did paralyze a few with a spell. Had grey skin and huge grey veins and head.

Party helped block tainted wells and cleanse water and bring in village to hide. Party go to citadel seeking contact with their allied priests and speak to rulers and supreme witch hunter. Got to explore the ghetto filled run down scared and pitted wonder. Or at least lower levels the party allowed in. Spent up in markets and discovered they could get secret entry to sub levels. Explored leaky cisterns and sewerage tunnels, old sub roads mostly collapsed in quakes.

Inspected the supposed elites survival vault and found deco doorway like partys base bunker. Huge complex for 100 active personel and 4000 cryo pods of old race - the rock men. People who built citadel, bunkers and were destroyed by witch water hundreds of years ago. The race was thought long gone. Party nabbed some shotguns and carbines returned to citadel inn. Talks with leaders went well, rest of party to meet rulers next session. What to do about beastmen legion, grey witch water and other matters.

Robot rules inspired by ideas from anomalous sub surface environment. Im building a spell list of gadgets robots can ad as they increase in level and has worked well. See that. Robot Spell list. I cant wait till a 4th lv robot becomes a wizard.

Gamelog: Treasure Temples and goblin markets

A few weird player issues of late. I have had one player ask to be not named or mentioned in posts so I have removed his name. A bit of a surprise that reminded me of ppl demanding my negatives when i did lots of event photography. A few of my DnD games are throway like a boardgame so they dont matter. For my serious games blogging is a way to record what happened for future games and some are pretty unique. It feels like pure documentry - to write a character out would require effort and make them fictional accounts of our fictional adventures.

I also get sense that they prefer the video game reward sequence - treasure, combat mods fight repeat. I have read of others with this problem. Story is some thing I want to inject more of this year. My marvel game even more needed to record stuff and may have many sessions with no dice rolls and dozens of recurring npc's and conspiracies.  Planet Psychon and my long stairs game benefit from record keeping too. So much random gonzo deserves documenting.

Not everyone into game session description blogs but I have followed some others out there. I know there are some readers of this blog who like them best. Some games I like having action oriented gamers and Im probably more action than some players I know. I guess I like a 80s comic mix of 30% violence and rest soap and drama.

Did play some risk the board game but very difference to one I remember 30 years ago. Nice to win with my allegiances vs build one big hoard and go tactic that makes your neigbours hate you from the first few units placed. Got to play DnD, another boardgame, Planet Psychon and TSR Marvel for long weekend for Australia Day.

Exiles Island
I continued from last game where party was stranded with gnomes in top uf underland, below eight levels of dungeon. Gnomes eating fungus blobs and pancakes bot them pretty down about being stranded and being odd jobbers for deep gnomes. Staying in tavern with drunk silent off duty workers and guards party accepted mission too.  Party included a cleric-templar, a sailor hobbit, a dwarfy dwarf with an axe. Joined by a underland dark elf druid of a different clan who adopted the freed elf slave the party bought in a underworld slave auction. Party and flunkies and their amazing donkey accepted a trip to the goblin market. I had players want more magic. On way found 6 human cultists trying to catch an elf girl. Culties were killed and girl saved. Considered selling her in market but no. Elf objected but did find another dark elf at market and handed her and some cash over to send her home. Not very evil of him but racial preservation over rules code of evil. Found lots of crazy cheap items and dwarf outraged by lack of weapons. Got a magic spanking paddle that smacks kids for you. Singing nightengale. Doll that sings songs and tells scary stories. Flatulence and VD inflicting wands.  Traded all currency and trade items to surface money. Saw some magic flaming skulls and a bought some angel tears. Took care of business and forfilled shopping list of herbs for gnome. Someone tricked a goblin to climbing in a chest and shoplifted it.

Part of the deal the party was given a a bonus map to a nearby cthonic temple of the pre human races. Within the bleak black-green glass outer wall that once held a ceiling was a well. Of course something with tentacles was in the sacred well in front of dread Cthulhu. Party detected it and dropped masonry and arrows on it killing it. A hidden circular stair case was on inside of well. A tight fit for one, more some steps and handholds. Opened door and into sacred initiation level, untouched for 20 000 years.

A series of interconnected test chambers with traps and monsters. Found a dream intruding chalice. An anvil that contacts other planes if beaten for ten minutes. Faught a giant snake, a troll trapping in atiny box he had grown into for 20 000 years who every round popped back into shape. A giant slug in a sarcophigus. Got some saturnium glowing coins too.Talked to a modron in mid evolution who traded magic artifacts for boring old +1 weapons allied to cosmic Law. Ofered to take them to live a life of eternal perfection and dicapline on his world and all party declined but they all thought about it. Party got floor done and returned to gnomes. Got a level up and got map instructions on secretly using secret wizard school elevator. Just sneak and hack through 8 levels of apprentice wizards and back to the surface. So some hope of return to above.

Saturday 25 January 2014

Gamelog: Underland below Devil Hills Dungeon

Got to play 3 DnD games, one as a player. 2 as DM. Considering for my DnD games having cross overs. Well here is the basics... Ive had five players take STR sores as lowest stat instead of CHA so they can get followers. Also wanting retainers and knowing CHA needed to get paid flunkies to work. I guess this is an achievement of sorts but seeing someone make two hits with blades and inflict 1hp

Friday Dragonlance
My lady elder ogre shape shifter druid wizard got to hurl around a few spells while outdoors, with some huge area effect druid spells then went into undead infested tight tunnels and had to sit back. Most of my spells not safe or usable. Did lots of healing and  flew about on my new broom and didn't even get to try a 4th level spell. Had to send away my pet warg with the dwarf heroes dead warg and a bard through draconian territory to get raised. Well I got to heal half the party and help a bit by ferrying about ppl over walls. I guess she can now try out her dreams by polymorphing her lovers into dragons.

Saturday Exile Island
The gang from last year got shiny new characters and went to check out my megadungeon. Hell mountain has a goblin mine, several multi leval tombs of other ages and two  schools for bad wizards.

Nick playing a Templar priest who follows the whole pantheon and fights evil. Came to island because of a lover sending him on a quest. He is from empire but wrong and creed and race to ever get ahead and keen to fight evil. Sure Hell Mountain is the location. Has invested in a teashop in Shadel Port. Wants to build a proper temple and recruit. Is a donkey master and can make his donkey do stuff to put any great TV dog to shame.

Another guy is a deadly dwarf bastard from mainland whose clan allegiance in empire succession war had them slaughtered. Has been sent to island and has teleported back on escape attempts. Needs to get a powerful priest to help him so maybe dungeon trekking trip will raise cash or merit. If he moves into local dwarfs will need cash. Is a deadly axe freak of course.

Andz playing a hobbit first one since a few in 80s and my version pretty good. Has a demonic tattoo on his chest that his mom has tried to remove many times with painful failure. A cult seeks him as a key to the demongate to release the sleeping dead god at the bottom of the hell mountain dungeon. Mom and dad moved allot and dad disappeared taken by the cult. He is hoping of stopping the cult or die trying. Mom took him to a mad flesh sculptor and the cult wanted posters of him are now all wrong now.

Party all in chain meet in Shadelport and treck outside through a few villages and some nice meals. Had a wine tasting with a country priest and arrived in Froghop. A tiny village only a few 6 mile hexes away from the mountain caves and tombs and black schools of dread wizardry. Party rest and go visit the miller who lost a limb there years ago and retired. Recruited a few men at arms mercenaries who were looking for adventure and cash. Visited Miller and recruited one of his sons.

Marched through the woods up hill and saw the distant caves. While marching spotted a draconic like being in distance. Party ran and found a crevice and they lowered donkey down and all went in crevice. One mook stayed up and ran and party saw wyvern fly of and stab him with its venomous  sting tail. They found a hidden tomb attributed to a paladin. Broke through clay and found a hungry albino crab man who nipped the dwarf and priest before being bashed. Party asked priest if edible but priest ruled if it has language and tries communicating we don't eat it. Went back to town and gave condolences to family who all cried. Priest gave awesome liturgy and family comforted. Recruited younger son and headed back to hole.

Inside found fancy door in complex and went straight for it. Unlocked huge bronze gate and saw huge throne room. Got closer and throne spun around in well revealing another throne with a robed skeleton. Heroes went for it. It pointed and hobbit vanished. Hard to harm when it stood up and pointed at priest who resisted. Dwaf scored a big blow but two mooks gone. Priest who before resisted the teleporter of the crypt keeper realised party was split and needed to unite so let himself walk into attack and serenely vanished. Others did same and party three levels down  and lost. Found three stair cases, two down in diferent directions and one up. Looked about found shine to paladin horse with barding on statue which they considered for donkey but rejected out of goodness.

Found another room with nice statues of beggars with an shrine with six coin filled bowls. Halfling couldn't resist and nicked some as did a few stooges and the Dwarf. All got bizarre curses. While robbing shrine to charity, a dark cloaked goblinoid cut the head off a mook. Was spotted by priest who charged but was lost in the darkness from the beings cloak Thing escaped and party chased. Recovered head and went down. Attacked again on crossing to nomad khan tomb and lost another mooks head. Chased the wounded bleeding creature into its hidden cave shack off the back of the khan's tomb. Killed it and robbed it and rested in lair. Travelled on and found lake and saw city on lake under the mountain. Crossed three dungeons and 8 levels in a very short time and no easy way back. The hobbit swam over and stole a boat then ferried party over.

Multicultural town ruled local underland area in name of Sorceress in tower. Party go to pub and look around. See gates of pleasure garden. Use streetwise to find a pad and got a room. Got some slaves through trade Nobody batted an eye at them but they did pretend priest was a captive. In bar bet a human from surface ten years ago. They tried to lure him upstairs into room then attack him as they believed he was a spy. Didn't work as ambush but was forced out window. Cops came in heard dodgy story from dwarf. Eventually talked way out of trouble and flee. Crossed the lake and into huge cavern kingdom with tower on ground reaching to top of of chasm. Lead to wizard school according to slaves. Could reach surface but tricky 6 levels of wizards. Met deep gnomes and took a job seeking crashed airship spell core engine. Chased of a dark elf and killed a lizard eating dead crew. Several shiny silver suits like +1 leather. Escaped back to gnomes and rested and trained up. A long way in only a few days. Gone from megadungeon to underland crawl.

er will do Psychon sunday shortly

will be running 3 dnd games for a month and funnel results

Friday 24 January 2014

d100 Witches

Some very nice ideas for magic items here i will use..

Local witches are a must go to stop in any village they are allowed by the law. They perform healing, divinations, sage consultations, sell love potions, abortions, prostitution, secret women's rites and other practices.

What are witches good for?

Curse removal

name table a bit lazy but handy - can use either order but a roll of each works

d50 Descriptive Witch Name Generator
1 Mad
2 Crazy
3 Crooked
4 Bent
5 Black
6 Grey
7 Blue
8 Red
9 Green
10 Old
12 Screaming
13 Cursed
14 Dread
15 Nightmare
16 Crone
17 Hunched
18 Touched
19 Haunted
20 Grim
21 Bloody
22 Scary
23 Old
24 Wicked
25 Awful
26 One eyed or milk eye
27 Foul
28 Ugly
29 Wizened
30 Wise
31 Magic
32 Cunning
33 Toothless
34 Shadowed
35 Crafty
36 Forbidden or banished or caste-out
37 Tortured
38 Burning
39 Charming
40 Crooked
41 Saggy
42 Hollow
43 Grinning
44 Cackling
45 Iron
46 Silver
47 Little
48 Big
49 Sharp
50 Bent

d50 Witch Name Generator
1 Molly
2 Mandy
3 Jenny
4 Judy
5 Meg
6 Mimi
7 Cora
8 Agnes
9 Alice
10 Sally
11 Mildred
12 Mother
13 Polly
14 Bridget
15 Pat
16 Mary
17 Hag
18 Granny
19 Maid
20 Woman
21 Holly
22 Dora
23 Nettle
24 Bane
25 Bitch
26 Mildred
27 Beth
28 Betsy
29 Crissy
30 Thorn
31 Thistle
32 Daisy
33 Bonny
34 Lulu
35 Blossom
36 Cassy
37 Claw
38 Kelly
39 Milly
40 Sandra
41 Sousie
42 Nanny
43 Auntie
44 Cousin
45 Sister
46 Wife
47 Harlot
48 Dorris
49 Sapphire
50 Ruby

d12 Local Witch Welcome Table
Might not suit every witch type but useful in some cases

1 Witches are part of public code, needed for state ceremonies and consultant to leaders
2 Witches common at public and civic ceremonies and events
3 Witches are not a big deal just another job like farmer or dairyman
4 Witches live in secret among village, people dont believe the stories
5 Witch popular and liked but dwells in cottage on ringe of community
6 Witches rule in secret and wary commoners fear their powers in silence
7 Witch tolerated and lives on fringes of community, public embarrassed but still rely in secret,
8 Witch shunned and lives somewhere dank and unwelcoming
9 Witch lives in secret outside of town, only a few know and use her
10 Witch lives partly in otherworldly faerie dreamland only some believe in
11 Witch hunters visit and spread anti witch doctrine, mobs persecute any one acting witch like
12 Witchhunters common and on the prowl for anything suspicious, public whippable into frenzy

Witch lives in a ...
1 cave
2 run down shack
2 cottage
3 crude nest or humpy or lean to
4 house under a bridge
5 in a well
6 campsite
7 caravan or cart
8 abandoned house
9 burial ground
10 ruins possibly castle or temple
11 house inside or under a tree or in a nest
12 roll on weird sub table

d12 weird sub table
1 yummy edible cottage acts as sedative
2 cottage is mobile with legs or teleports or has wings
3 inside belly of great mostly buried passive beast
4 underwater cottage
5 up a ladder into clouds has a cottage
6 doorway in cliff or tree shrinks down to tiny size complex
7 in a giant boot, butter churn, kettle or other domestic object
8 built inside skeletal partly buried remains of great beast
9 underground burrow with old mines or caves connected
10 inside a run down shack or cupboard but opens into a pocket dimension or dream land
11 witch really lives in faerie realm and her cottage travels back and forth at will
12 witch really lives on another plane through a door or gateway to a room

d12 Witch house defenses
1 gate and fence heavily warded and magically guarded
2 spirits on site protect and warn witch
3 carved idols, golems and fetishes come to life to defend her
4 other planar beings watch her and will send aid
5 booby traps with poison and curses
6 animals of local area defend witch and property and warn her
7 a monster protects the witch but mostly it hides
8 witch has a mount like a broom or a nightmare or
9 witch has stockpiles of potions and charms ready
10 witches home and tools are alive
11 witch has children, followers, adventurers or coven chums visiting constantly
12 witch coven detect her peril and come to aid

d12 Witch reactions
+ CHA bonus
+ per alighment step same
- per alignment step apposite

under -1 Witch seeks horrible doom or death for party
0 to 1 Witch openly hostile on sight
2 to 3 Witch suspicious, will use, evil eye and other magic
4 to 5 Witch will deal with part but wary
6 to 7 Witch will deal with party and trade
 8 to 9 Witch will deal kindly with party
10 to 11 Witch impressed and will aid heroes on quest
12 to 13 Witch will offer to aid career of hero
14+ Witch loves hero

1d12 Witch Alignment
Summary of witches of d100 table
but 11 and 12 not represented by table
enlightened, none, balance and middle are forms of neutral in my setting
you could ignore this bit

1 NONE uncommitted and uniterested in such matters, not reflective or judgmental
2 LE diabolic systematic domineering and power hungry
3 CE demonic bloody destroyers of everything
4 EVIL deliberately cause suffering and harm, selfish and greedy
5 LAW servants of discipline and obedient duty
6 CHAOS servants of disorder and random impulse
7 BALANCE neutrals who maintain the balance of cosmic forces of law and chaos is needed
8 MIDDLE neutrals avoid cosmic conflicts of good and evil and just happy to live in natural world
9 CG Arcadian wild guardians fight for life and freedom
10 LG Angelic healers and helpers who serve order and goodness
11 GOOD - live to help life thrive and help others
12 ENLIGHTENED - balanced and middle together form a philosophy of non action pacifism

d100 Witches on Exile Island
01 Witch likes to potter about and is a bit nosy about other affairs, offers unwanted aid
02 Old woman begrudgingly provides various services to locals, curses any who cross her
03 Witch woman provide prostitution, healing and divination for men hated by local women
04 Witch has a monster child of a god other world power, protects hers son and shunned by locals
05 Witch is broken and crazy from hard life but could with kindness be entreated to help
06 Witch looking for ingredients possibly might require traveling companions
07 Traveling gypsy witch on the move looking for next meal, lover or thing to steal
08 Witch has a potions and charms shoppe where mostly minor colorful potions are made and sold
09 Witch has herbal garden and hut built in old tree stump, sells herbal remedies and medicine
10 Witch pottering in her garden does not want to be disturbed but does want roof fixed
11 Witch serves lords of hell aids schemers, corrupts heroes with misinformed quests and bad relics
12 Witch has devil companions who aid her experiments and slay her coven enemies
13 Witch strong influence over civic leaders having had many for lovers, lives in secret among them
14 Witch has orc spawning pit and various versions of ork making rituals, plans to be a witch queen
15 Witch acts as a torturer for wicked lords and gangs, who provide her with victims to enslave
16 Witch marries ruler corrupting the court with devils and her coven mates
17 Witch converting sacrifices to degenerate worm things planar outsiders value as larval evil souls
18 Witch run slavery operation training victims for market, has coven guards and some monsters
19 Witch distributing gifts of gold from hell to rulers promising more if they sell their souls
20 Witch cooks up addictive drugs and her coven are a gang dealing to local urban or trade place
21 Witch serves demons and had many for lovers, often a few around her lair aiding her
22 Savage witch with werewolf lovers attacks villages for slaves, women and food
23 Witch deals in potions and poison, willing to sell charms and drugs to any for cash
24 Witch plants frozen chunks of troll in fields, barns and drains, then charms the strongest
25 Witch worships elder giants long forgotten and killed by gods, she calls giants to return
26 Ghoul queen a cannibal and grave robber with a coven and ghoul assassins, has great wealth
27 Dead defiler uses undead to terrorise a village, lives in old crypt with prisoners and slaves
28 Bestial witch queen with horde of beast men lovers roam about seeking victims to rob and molest
29 Goblin witch covorts with goblins, sharing forbidden secrets and acts, seeks to aid their expansion
30 Witch has a clan of servile ogres, some are her initiates, uses to lay waste to villages and travellers
31 Night hag daughter working on ascension to nightmare realm, in meantime does best to be a hag
32 Cthonic cultist fish hybrid seducer uses power to control small comunities and has a coven
33 Priestess of blind idiot god, runs a coven of important comunity members at a pagan elder circle
34 Dream hag riding a nightmare menaces good people for spite in dreams first then waking world
35 Witch breeds with monsters and uses powers to create monsters to render area uninhabitable
36 Swamp hag lives in marsh and is amphibious with many pets, has many strange lairs about swamp
37 Cult leader helps bring otherworldly evil into world seeks relics and gates and monoliths
38 Beauty thief steals life from youths with artifact and torments young lovers in area
39 Cult witch uncovers elder ruins, raises islands and encourages explorers to visit these dread places
40 Witch heads a coven of bacchanalian excess into pub fights, orgies, riots and drinking and drugs
41 Witch serves demons of law who demand truth, honour and order, she now trains knights
42 Witch is a witch hunter, persecuting sisters who use power over the community
43 Witch protects locals from chaos and has trained hooded vigilantes to identify and kill chaos
44 Witch is local healer who encourages hygiene, clean water and sewerage treatment
45 Witch is a school teacher and has influence over locals after several generations, extra civilised  
46 Witch turns wicked into zombies that serve their victims, some she restores to life after a time
47 Witch guards hidden depository of pre human wisdom and its outsider librarian
48 Witch is local judge and punishes of wicked trusted more by locals than official laws
49 Gold masked witch in ancient robes of lost order, has bizzare artifacts and texts
50 Machine spirit witch communes with systems of civilization such including urban urban space
51 Male witch assassinates enemies of local coven stopping development and changing area
52 Mad beggar woman often in urban settings, curses and blesses those who help or persecute her
53 Witch is working to stop sentient minds attempting to mould and missuse true chaos
54 Chaos cult witch with sister champion and bodyguard with heavy armour and weapons
55 Cult witch with several chaos heroes and beasts and initiates following them to their dooms
56 Chaos juster witch pretends to be a fool but really pulling strings of adventurers destiny
57 Leader of Coven to duke of chaos, shambling mutidimentional god of a higher dimensional plane
58 Worship toad like chaos demons spread disorder, cosmic instability and devolution
59 Drug crazed serpentine leader sacrifice cult enemies or to serve local interests and hidden agendas
60 Insane grey sister advocates madness and breaking tabu, acts as adviser or enemy or lover
61 Witch of the cosmic balance with a coven of staff fighting sisters, serve to maintain equilibrium
62 Witch plays strange instruments in tower ruin containing gates to other places and times
63 Witch is famous public figure essential to local magical affairs and, cult includes civic leaders
64 Guardian of sacred place, prevents defilement or settlers with curses and summoned beasts
65 Midwife witch knows everyone's mum in district and well liked even if not noticed by rich
66 Consultant to local elders preaching balance and freedom from strife, struggle and the gods
67 Plague witch carries horrible plagues to reduce populations and strife, repeats every 3 generations
68 Astronomer witch with mountain stellar observatory (possibly a stone circle) ponders cosmic fate
69 Astrologer and card reading gypsy witch lives in caravan she moves about the region, many lovers
70 Drunken poet lives in grove, tell fortune and removes curses for grog, mellow irresponsible loner
71 Coven dedicated to great goddess and her aspects and servants, wage war with esoteric enemy cult
72 Guardian woman of a magic relic or gateway with coven, keep world safe from possible harm
73 Adviser to local ruler is tolerated and lives outside town, call local lord if harmed or threatened
74 Sisters of local coven who work with local druids performing some official rituals
75 Old witch lives near graveyard making magical talismans and golems from bones
76 Witch sisters live in foul grottoe and are hideous but advise heroes and provide them with potions
77 Witch lives among commoners in mostly secret and many local evil doers are curse struck
78 Prophetic witch lives in cave visited by all manner of persons for divination, exempt from tax
79 Grey witch Indiferent to human afairs but aids local comunity who respect her gloomy pressence
80 Rides in couldron with menagerie of familiars cackling and chasing people for fun
81 Conjured magical hybrid pets defend this wild healer woman, often drunk and grumpy but good
82 Love mad witch wants to try exotic men from foriegn places as many as possible
83 Crazed wild maid basicly good but unpredictable and prone to outrageous behavure
84 Hairy wildman leads coven of beastmen and were creatures and defends wilds from evil
85 Wild unpredictable forest witch moods vary with the seasons and omens, intolerant of evil
86 Rides a exotic hybrid beast and wages war on evil and authorittarians especialy devils
87 Sky chariot pulled by cats transports this witch who is intimate with faerie world and love goddess
88 Idylic holy huntress witch with sacred hunt beasts punishes intruders into wilds and developers
89 Wild feral witch lives with beast in the forest, filthy and naked, snarls like a beast, defends wilds
90 Animal friend lives in treehouse surrounded by pets who protect and inform them
91 Hunts evil witches and unlwful spell casters with holy powers, very proper and sctrict moralist
92 Heads a secret society advancing womens defence, in league with local matriachs
93 Snake worshiper serves enchanted great serpent of life and knowledge, public healer
94 Old woman talks to angels and calls spirits may get instructions from divination to kill evil
95 Old man with staff and huge beard guides young adventurers to path of goodness
96 A short old woman with her daughters heals heroes and important persons and offers magic shelter
97 A healer lady with a shop of herbs and vegetables and preserves, accepted as local medic
98 Operates sacred fire altar of supposed long dead religion, uses purity of flame to destroy wicked
99 Alchemical hermaphrodite magician enlightened being wages war on demons, devils and dragons
100 Old maid in white with some faerie blood, likes to bless bqabies and good obedient children

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Psychonlog: Secrets of the Witch Water

A horned Ice man with a tail (product of relabeling beastmen into abhumans) with a half human half iceman heritage (Shiela the half ice shiela). Was human from a bunker and has been an ice pirate on the para-elemental plane of frost last few years. Doc Greed an twenty first century rogue time traveller now with green fur over red skin. A scallywag theif who claims he has been everywhere before. Has a assistant who is an archer. An Eldren snake woman who can parthenogenicly lay eggs and has mind powers.  Has a pet snake, a tin pyramid mini-modron with one eye and wings and a bodyguard warrior.

God Virgil had taken them from danger to the cold yellow snow covered mountains of  Huon. A land with with dozens of united human types in grip of witch mania. A great citadel surrounded by lowland orange and cream forests was surrounded by the yellow ice peaks surrounding the hex. Party went through small mountain village and met priest of Virgil and witch hunter who was offering witch hunting courses and workshops for cash.  Suspicious or reality of witches they went to a deco tech era bunker with some witch hunters. Found vending machines, offices of a older rock men civilization who built the citadel. Battled a ghoul, a mutant and a beastman and witches to find they really were possessed by evil grey water from deep under the crust. They managed to liberate several with holy water exocisms and recruit those freed.

Into the Bunker
 Bakelite, etched styled art deco steel, valves and radiators with advanced mechanical electric computer. The amazing structure had two more levels. Upstairs was restrooms, apartments for families and a cafeteria. Horde of possessed humans former operators of a secret brothel that had been here until water claimed them. Heroes managed to get caught on two fronts. One side received a few nicks and witch hunters fell back with crossbows when one hurt. Other flank got in more serious probably till a hero called out for help and reserve new flunky wizards came to rescue with sleep and charm spell and a magic missile witch almost crushed the attackers. Aloud party to mop up. Managers office got a revolver and a safe full of gold and silver. Went to village for more holy water and purged the unconscious sex traders from the witch water (as players dubbed it).

Found computer but level had flawed power so next stop was Lower service level and plant room. Went down and were confronted by fout guards and witch hunter senior priest. Players battle and at one moment hold person spells almost creamed the party before they got upper hand with those wizards again. Dr Greed the money monkey man was glad he had them on his payroll. They were very impressed by what a great guy he seemed to be.

Inkitchen found x-51 a 4th lv robot who defended its station with punches and lightning bolts. Party managed to take him down and the snake woman eldren used her robot lore on it an had it functioning and friendly. Robot friendly and not prone to witch water effects. Just culnerable to a possessed programmer.

Inspected the plant room and found a few more cultists they dispatched then a great water elemental who most of them couldn't harm. The micro modrom really earned his keep with his magic ray beam. Sealed well and repaired pipes rerouting base water through filtration plant. Purged the base of bad water. Started pouring flammable liquids and setting alight on the water when it leaves a body.

Party decide to stay here. Speak with the purged witch hunter and with party start a heretical sect and recruit all the prostitutes and drove out the pimps. New order of witch hunters dedicated to eradicating the grey witch water bioplasm deep beneath the crust actually growing and uplifting the mountains and plateaus. Creed decided to smash patriarchy while at it as that seemed to fit into witch waters plans. Had charmed cultist left infected to learn about witch water. Collective evil intelligence aware that agent has gone bad and may kill him. He speaks of waters plan to destroy multicultural idyllic society with corrupt idiot witch hunters then try to control them. Believes will eventually get Lord High Witchunter of the citadel who advises the king.Got village priest of Virgil to join them too. Repaired the bunker and learn about water from records. Some hint of a biological weapon in the citadel being developed at civilizations fall.

Party keen to go to citadel or take the village. The local caves they passed near the bunker they ignored earlier were deemed best target to stop cultists retaliating. Most of other players left at this point. Theif had a late train so he went to check out caves. Went very well he got to pap them, learn the cult were out kidnapping converts to attack the party. Had some goblinoids under thrall in caves and several ritual and throne rooms and barracks. One room guarded by a robot running a cannery. When robot out of bunker picking fruit from the Forrest of forbidden valley, Dr Greed the thief stole its recharging spare battery. Also stole human clothes from store room.

Party zealousness inspired me and was a great back flip from being against witch hunters entirely. New acolytes trained in holy water exorcisms and destroy escaping grey water. Should mop up cult cave and check out citadel next time. Abhuman replacing beast men has been good. Ned to robot class ASAP. Players all sacrificing STR and putting CHA ahead. Average party in my games gets about 12-18 members with all followers. I've created a setting from this hex and with upcoming citadel for 2-4 sessions life which is longer than any hex yet which is somewhere new.  I have been letting a player choose hex pregens from a heap ive done. Has been entertaining now players accepting of Psychon and its weird tasting rituals.

Sunday 19 January 2014

1d100 Evil Kids

Exile Island is a nasty cursed place and one of the greatest weapons of evil is to hide evil n the form of an innocent. This makes it hard for some enemies to find them. Killing an evil kid might get locals to lynch you if they don't understand. Mostly adventurers dont realize the kid they rescue is a force of evil leading the monsters. Often don't know till they return to civilization or have them around a while. Some are redeemable and just a bit naughty. Some are so good they kill anyone who swears.

1d100 Evil Kids
01 A 12 year old plague carrying witch girl who leads a gang of foul beast men
02 Vampire twins, normal by day monsters by night, cursed children of underworld goddess
03 Young boy offers strangers poison candy with slow delay effects, shares his treats with sick and old
04 Tween half demon child kills any would be parents who restrain him, has a talent for magic
05 Girl with woodland pets actually imps in disguise teaching her ways of evil
06 Boy arsonist likes to seal doors and burn buildings and sabotage fire carts, likes to loot remains
07 Fish boy found near coast, feral and hungry friendly to those that feed him but has cruel streak
08 Wild boy lives in forest steals from locals, is actually a werewolf under a full moon
09 Boy with demon tattoo that opens a gate, hunted by cult, all those who adopt him murdered
10 Boy is a shoggoth in disguise, babbles crazily and hungry, turns inside-out when eating people
11 Frost child cool and emotionless likes to freeze living things and smash them in secret for fun
12 Child really skin full of gremlins, seems a bit crazy and spreads gremlins where ever he goes
13 Rat girl found in sewer gone feral with pet rats, actually were rat will change on puberty
14 Talented serial killer likes traps and hates being told what to do, has lost many guardians
15 Diabolic child instructed by imps in summoning and dark lore, plan to call more devils to earth
16 Incubus child, acts soppy with women but hates rival males, seeks to surround self with women
17 Succubi girl lolita affectionate to males who she tries to charm into servitude, seeks new daddy
18 Cambion demon child seeks to get adopted by someone in power, shows of his brute strength
19 Beserker child seems innocent with handaxe but fights as a mad beserker if angered due to curse
20 Baby vomits green slime, found abandoned near dungeon, child of evil slime god
21 Demon baby uses telikinesis and pyrokinesis to entertain self, current caretakers in dispair
22 Horror baby fights as a troll but no claw attacks, found in ruined camp among eaten corpses
23 Baby will fuse with an adult who fails a CON save, tries to take over body becoming dominant head
24 Baby gives off sweet smell and glowing light, preaches corrupting philosophy that evil is really ok
25 Baby is really a shape shifted evil baby dragon enjoying easy life being protected by humans
26 Child is sneaky thief and hates light, if disciplined will go on garroting spree and flee to caves
27 Cannibal child misses family meals of home clan, caught eating dead bodies happily
28 Baby has gem in belly button is a living key, welcomes demons and cultists who want to use him
29 Flesh eating baby lurks in sewers loves to sleep in bed of ruined torso, plays innocent to hunt
30 Child is a giant and grows rapidly and eats lots, will try to find real parents and kill impostors
31 Child eats money, steals purses, wallets, breaks into strong boxes, blames others for theft
32 Child eats small animals and children like a snake, wants to be taken to orphanage or farm
33 Telekinetic girl fixates on adult male and uses powers to help them, but hates his friends and lovers
34 Child full of parasites that don't harm them but highly contagious, brought to earth by demons
35 Child talks to creepy dolly, is actually communicating with duke of hell parent
36 Child has invisible friends (poltergeists), friendly for a while but enraged if disciplined
37 Child tries to attach itself to adventurer, secretly kills any other children, turns into sadistic brute
38 Child with single fang, unwanted and needy, has brutish tendencies but could be raised properly
39 Baby sprouts bat wings and flies off in search of grisly food and toys when not watched
40 Child seems wise reincarnated monk but actually preaches tolerance of evil and monsters
41 Tween girl desperate for family but prone to pyrokinetic rage if she thinks she has been wronged
42 Baby of evil god, attracts monster rescuers to take to forbidden evil dungeon for its destiny
43 Telepathic child with  mind reading abilities uses to create mischief and sew dissent, spread secrets
44 Fireproof baby part spawn of evil fire being, as grows starts to summon lesser elementals
45 Child very interested in weapons, cant wait to stab people and try hand at murder
46 Child doppelganger smarter than it seems seeks own kind but likes to cause mischief
47 Child with ugly toy doll that grows into monster and kills, child calla mr fluffy if upset to kill
48 Witch child gives evil eyes and curses to anyone who crosses them
49 Killer child likes to drown animals and people, as grows older can summon water elementals
50 Child with sweet tooth demands treats and candy, will resort to theft then murder to get treats
51 Devil child encourages other kids to do evil and keeps recommending soul pacts with devils
52 Child is really possessed by spirit of hunger, foodstuff near child spoils rapidly
53 Child is possessed by spirit of wrath and makes encounters more likely to turn bad
54 Child possessed by spirit of plague and has no idea they are a plague carrier and immune
55 Child is really an evil elf in disguise and communicates weaknesses to evil forces
56 Child calls down evil shadows against any who they think wrongs them by night
57 Horrible boy likes killing small animals, tempted by familiars and pets of others
58 Leech child drains a HP from people near them every day, weak and invalids often die
59 Child knows zombie raising ritual using libations of blood on graves, likes to make friends
60 Child whispers party flaws to invisible angels who pass on to gods for permanent records
61 Child if crossed will tell lies about party, accusing them of being witches or cultists
62 Child is a spy for evil forces in return for toys and candy, already betrayed family
63 Child raised by dark elves tries to lure adventurers to death with tales of treasure in depths
64 Child has tentacle that implants lethal grub eggs secretly on people
65 Child is a mutant and believes others are enemies, using strange powers to inflict secret suffering
66 Child is really a gang member leaves trail of signs and messengers for allies to kill party
67 Girl is a were fox witch and uses party to conceal her evil deeds, only harms party if exposed
68 Child has a swarm of invertebrates living inside body which they send to skeletonise enemies
69 Child is a drug addict always stealing to score drugs and corrupt others with habit
70 Demands to be centre of attention, will run into dungeon with goodbye note if ignored
71 Cursed child makes cross country navigation fail when present, ran away from home years ago
72 Claims is haunted and hunted by evil monsters and sends adults on fools errands
73 Evil mastermind dungeon boss infiltrates parties and gives them maps to bring into gauntlet
74 Kid loves knives and backstabbing, already a thief
75 Innocent but jinxed attracts danger to others near any at any road crossing, vehicles, equipment
76 Witch child hunted by coven who does not know their origins but attracts various magic troubles
77 Innocent mutant child produces stinking cloud if scared
78 Child is spawn of an elder god, when near artifact flesh bursts open to reveal true form
79 Child pretends was kidnapped by evil priests, will try this on party when meet other adventurers
80 Beloved of goblin king will army to recover and lay waste to anything in the way
81 Child rescued but has become a dark changeling whose powers awaken over time
82 Kid infected by contagious zombie plague, seems ok at first,
83 Kid loves to draw on walls, at first provokes fights with gang sights then
84 Rust monster kid, destroys equipment accidentally but doesn't really mean harm, criminals will seek
85 Psionic kid floods emotions of other with own in area, if afraid all in area who don't resist feel it
86 Loves playing with weapons and always trying to clumsily play with, runs with scissors
87 Group of children given powers by demons, sek adults to protect them from paladins hunting them
88 Kid with efreeti friend who grants his evil desires and encourages him to do evil
89 Kid with bound genius uses to grant his selfish desire and punish any who cross him
90 Imaginary friend is ghost who is over protective and kills anyone who scares or harms child
91 Child is a resurrected from a mummified ancient king and has great magical powers and bad attitude
92 Child remembers past life as great villain and slowly uncovers dark secrets
93 Child was a criminal reduced to child by curse, seeks to rob party blind with gang
94 Kid really a evil thieving hobbit with a ring of invisibility
95 Possessed by evil necromancer ancestor
96 Zealous child of gods, cannot tolerate any bad behavior and calls fire elementals to purge
97 Child turns others into dolls which she torments in her dollhouse or sets rats on them
98 Soul eating baby, waits till night to suck energy levels from victims
99 Twins one is saintly roll again for other child, uses sibling as a dupe
100 roll again one d4 times, multiple personalities and abilities

Saturday 18 January 2014

Psychon Citadel Silhouettes

More Citadel Silhouettes to put the citadel generator to work. JDJarvis suggested a huge castle with a citadel at each corner and a mutant filled city in between. A extra huge citadel in the middle would be very hard to get to or could be heroes homeland. A setting like that could last forever. Will do some specialist citadel descriptions -some might even suit standard fantasy like the one below....

A cursed decrepit tower populated by monsters and undead where an evil lord might seek to control as a power base. Filled with dread secrets and killers that could make a deadly army.

Surroundings: Ruins of ancient city or abandoned town sprawl around city with unwelcome residents
Surface: Scared pitted ruined appearance from battle and environmental damage
Additional features: Zombie virus infects many who become undead when they die of any causes
Event: Ghost seeks help or revenge from strangers so it can rest

Sub levels
Catacombs - Artwork depicting gloomy afterlifeDungeon - A huge maze of torture equipment and cells with imprisoned victims in appalling conditions
Dungeon - A cursed series of catacombs overrun by undead and supernatural evil

Storage - Huge cellars filled with bottles and barrels of wine and alcohol

Ground floors
Defence - Gatehouses with massive doorways and mechanisms possibly murder holes and traps
Defence - Barracks where troops eat, sleep when not on duty
Foreign - Slavemarkets where foreigners can be bought and sold
Ghetto - Horrible area with decaying buildings and disease ridden starving inhabitants

Mid levels
Middle Housing - Decrepit high rise apartment with decaying walls and failing infrastructure
Middle Housing - Decrepit high rise apartment with decaying walls and failing infrastructure
Middle Housing - Decrepit high rise apartment with decaying walls and failing infrastructure
Middle Housing - Subdivided decrepit old palaces size of city blocks turned into hundreds of units

Stadium - Huge gladiatorial arena for blood sports with men and beasts
Stadium - Fighting pit for lowbrow dirty blood sports many illegal
Ghetto - Crime filled gang turf neighborhood where lawmen and other services avoid
Ghetto - Controlled by local gang who charge tax and act as officials and run best black markets
Ghetto - Cruel police suppress this area due to constant riots. Brutality drive resistance underground

Manufacturing - Gremlins, gnomes or goblins bound in sweatshop with enchantment
Manufacturing - Huge smelting facility with men or androids or golems or morlocks toiling in horrendous heat

Merchant - Market square filled with barrows, pushcarts and wagons with small stalls
Merchant - Huge junk heap and plies of goods tended by crazy old man with big dog
Church - A hidden shrine with disguised entrance to secret cult chamber
Church - A mausoleum with hundreds of interred dead and a chapel
Library - Huge collection of dusty tomes in a maze of enormous shelving
Greenhouse - Overgrown with toxic slimes and fungus and inhabited by unwelcome creatures

Upper levels
University - Arcane school teaching secrets of science and sorcery
Museum - Black museum of hidden lore, well guarded and filled with alien relics of the elder gods
Garden - Zoological park where beasts many lands are kept for educational purposes

Palace - Palace for elites with hundreds of secret passages and rooms hiding some awful secret
Palace - Ruined ancient palace long sealed with unwelcome animals and monsters
Palace - Harem palace for consorts of elites and their children heavily guarded

Palace - Fabulous throne room for leaders to impress the common citizens with processional stairs

Crowning Feature Corona or aurora of energy (plasma or magical) visible over whole hex

Hacking the Classics: Flumph You! on Planet Psychon

Secret Flumph-core Action
Weird monsters have a special home on Planet Psychon, with their Fiend Folio 1st ed kin, Post-Earth era world makes them look normal. Planet Psychon has traditionally many colour versions with altered basic powers of any species.

In my fantasy game these would fit in fine too. I make use of the flumph in a barrel as a standard trap, even better with hidden hobgoblin archers and poison arrows.

I often refer to them as aerial jellyfish or skyjellies

Chaos wizards and sky goblins surf on wind with them as mounts in storms

Bigger ones can act as skyships or menace a city or deploy swarms of normal flumphs

Bigger ones have more HD and bigger area effect and damage

Intelligent flumphs are possible with wizard ones or some as cult servants of horrible forbidden gods

Flumphs make great player characters in a all flumph campagn setting, try running Dragonlance but replace all humanoids with flumphs

Flumph cookery is a sometimes useful art

Flumphtastical tales of anti flumph sentiment made me write these items in sympathy:

d12 Colour Variant Flumphs

Abilities replace standard stink clouds of normal ones. Occasionally a mad wizard starts a breeding program

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon) Flamejelly often nocturnal spray napalm 1d4 damage for 1d4 founds or can stop with a DEX save if spend whole round putting self out, morale check, can be harvested for fuel
2 Magenta (rose, pink) Lovejelly infects everybody who fails a WIS save of loving the flumph and each other and makes them keen to protect it and any charmed friends, makes good charm potions or quality incence favoured bu love goddess and whore houses
3 Cyan (sky, light blue) Standard skyjelly being creates a stinking cloud and can be made into a potion if cooked properly
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine) Aqua regia damages armour and equipment that can be harmed by acid or 1d3 for 1d6 rounds on a creatures (dex save to wash off if has some liquid and a spare round) used to make acid for craftsmen and alchemists
5 Yellow (gold) Shoots 3d6 gold pieces then flees, always wither and die if captured, need sunlight. Some follow herds for a living
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze) Hallucinogenic gas all make a CON save or spend 6d10  rounds tripping balls. Flumph will feed off your dreams
and depart before you recover. Their corpses makes drugs and are banned
7 Emerald (olive, forest) Forestjelly sprays sleep gas CON save or fall asleep for at last a turn, zero or first level characters get no save, resemble mossy bark and make excellent sleep potion
8 Green (lime, light green) Slime jelly sprays dead bio-hazard corrosive slime cooked remains make a potion that neutralizes slime into algae
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender) Desert Jelly makes every victim delicious smelling and tasting and atracts creatures getting their scent, even herbivores want to lick you, lasts 1d12 hours at a time or can wash off with vinigar and wine. Jelly flies away up if possible. Makes a delicious sauce if killed
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy) This nightjelly has a glowing auraura effect prevents spells or magic items functioning or spells to be cast for 1d12 rounds. The deep blue jelly has gold flecks that sparkle when flumph is scared. If cooked into a potion makes poison that prevents spell casting for one hour if fail WIS roll
11 Ivory Corpse jelly can reach its tentacles into burried coffins and if disturned it sprays zombie animation gas typically creating 1d12 per use, some effect skeletons instead which are weaker but more common. Can be used to make animate dead potion if cooked
12 Jet Doomjelly drains one life energy level with touch and creates a cloud of silent darkness which verbal magic cannot be cast within, potion made from corpse restores lost levels or stats as restoration spell

d12 Other Variant Flumphs
Can be added to any above flumphs

1 Invisible
2 Elongating tendrils streach up to 100 foot
3 Blink effect when in danger
4 Magic resistance 1d8x5 as % score
5 1d4 Re spawn from remains if left intact 10 minutes later
6 Phased matter exist on more than one plane, need magic to hit,
7 Dissolve non magic metal cannot be harmed by it and ruin metal
8 Squishy, take minimum damage from blunt attacks, ignore criticals
9 Paralyzing tentacles save of paralyzed for 1d6 10 minute turns
10 Swallow if 1d6 bite attack hits 4 better than required engulfs for 1d6 per round acid and asphyxiate chance
11 Cold tendrils CON save or slowed for 1d12 rounds
12 Poison Tentacles
CON save vs poison,  or 1pt damage per 10 min turn till dead. Antidote is a properly cooked fresh flumph of same type one flumph serves four if corpse in good condition must be prepared by cook or poison expert or alchemist for best results
"You know you want me" Lamentations of the lonely flumph trapper, 20gp book with B&W title page art, 180 pages, banned in seven kingdoms

Psychon Citadel Sample Designs

These are some quick citadel designs and bits to make new designs. Go hard. Ill do some new ones with different ethos from time to time. Been imagining an adventure in burning or ruined or corrupted tower. Could take years to burn out. Hordes of beastmen, orcs or zombies sieging one would be fun - repair the towers death ray from parts scattered through tower perhaps.

Friday 17 January 2014

d100 Doomed Immortals

Immortals are cursed or a curse on the world. If they come into your life trouble follows. While some immortals are just long lived these are doomed to live by gods. Some are reborn again to a new womb human or otherwise, some simply awake somewhere else if disintegrated. Many can be imprisoned or buried alive and await release to return to their quests. Some are of any gender you need.

D100 Doomed Immortals

1 Prince Dorian Cursed to complete quest for evil relic someone else destroyed already, melancholic wanderer sometimes helps adventurers and villagers
2 Maranep Tonari Cursed mummy able to seem human by day constantly trying to recover items looted from his tomb hundreds of years ago
3 Samari Tollardan a lady Vampire seeks to kill creator and dead lover uses adventurers to aid her in finding and killing her ancient enemy or any other vampires in area
4 Tremina Dezoras gypsy girl cursed to be forever homeless and alone, occasionally hooks up with adventurers who can resist menaces the curse sends to ruin her life
5 Karsad Terranigor cursed berserker who kills all his companions and always wages war, tries to help various causes but mostly spoils everything by entering battle frenzy at wrong moment
6 Kostachichei the immortal necromancer keeps his heart and soul hidden, kidnaps princesses and often becomes involved in great world shaping events, may sometimes aid hero
7 Makani Thessalard a trickster thief who loses everything he steals and compulsively steals again and again, may team up with adventurers to loot great treasure
8 Makath the Wanderer doomed traveller who if attempts to settle down the place is stricken by disaster, miserable but willing to adventurer and travel for a time and tell stories
9 Karaman the Pauper, a miser cursed by the gods, loses any money or possessions other than his stick, bowl and tattered robes, warns others against greed and selfishness
10 Mirannah the Prophetess comes to publicly warn people of danger but doomed that her warnings never listened to by populations, she may convince adventurers to try and avert a disaster
11 Talarja the Plague Carrier desperate for company, brings a plague wherever she travels, tries to make friends but they always die, may be found imprisoned in crypts
12 Tarnakki the Miser only eats gold the more he finds the more hungry and fatter he gets, in times of poverty he is skeletal, always scheming and plotting for a feast, might involve adventurers
13 Sir Ravemorn the Hunter of a questing beast he is doomed to pursue, it leads him through dungeons and often forces him to solve local problems, often runs into adventurers
14 Karakas the Undying a Lich who longs for love and deluded to believe he can find it, even when he finds a mad necromancer lover he usually kills them by accident, likes adventurous girls
15 Jaritha the hunted, constantly hunted by monsters always on the run. Occasionally meets a poor fool willing to try defend her, only to face a monster at least once a day
16 Gartham the dwarf killer, doomed to life until all dwarfs dead, used to hate them now has come to pity them, he is hated by them as a monster, always reborn if slain again
17 Sulia the elf killer, hated elf lord for not loving her now kills brutally any elves she can find and tries to rally locals to hate and hunt elves, also includes druids and rangers for being too elfy
18 Gamrantz the halfling killer, hunts and eats halflings and cursed to persecute them till all gone. Saved some from an evil god and he cursed her to this monstrous conditions
19 Malastra the lover, seeks true love and ever willing but lovers all attacked by monsters and eaten, she mopes about until she finds a new love interest who lasts a few days at best
20 Kratan the Seeker, quests for lost lore trying to finish his book but new events keep making task more impossible, follows adventurers and records biographies, has hidden library
21 Trakas the plague bearer always hideous diseased mess then dies and returns to life intact only to catch every local illness again, offended a goddess seeks help in finally dying forever
22 Lord Parnac the orc slayer, cannot rest till all orc dead and secrets of creating them destroyed from minds of mortals, often works with adventurers but will not flee
23 Gargax the Troll hunter, gruff brutal thug who is devoted to killing trolls to the point he breeds them and lets them loose, seeding them across the world for his future hunts
24 Horad the hunchback, hideous ugly malformed man always persecuted, exploited and hated, tries to do goods so gods will restore his form or kill him, often hides in sewers or ruins
25 Tarmar the Insane, famed wandering mad person wanders world often following adventurers, known that mad rants often contain hidden wisdom, sometimes imprisoned by exploiters
26 Kaliras the drunkard, wandering ugly drunk with power to turn liquid into grog, has some useful knowledge and he might even com on adventure but unreliable mess
27 Tanikas Larzarian, eternal drug addict always looking for fix of any drug or potion he can get hands on, has some knowledge in sober moments and will join party for all potions found
28 Elmarond the lover, a sleazy seducer who repulses women and is obsessed with sex, cursed by love goddess, may stalk women around and returns from death when inevitably killed
29 Trezipag the Jester, annoying not very funny comedian who follows heroes often causing trouble and offending strangers, difficult to lose until he finds another poor victim
30 Kanan Gelharod doomed to fight minions of an evil god who destroyed his kingdom, may aid heroes especially those defiling the temples of the god 

31 Karzahad Dhuun fights minions of a good god, brutally murdering and torturing them, can be imprisoned but not killed unless a virgin sheds tears of love for him
32 Morgizad the blood lord, lead a evil sect and is reborn from a sacred blood well beneath his kingdom, only its destruction threatens him. He seeks power through fear
33 Tsi Ksaan lead a conspiracy of criminals and drug dealers from beneath a mountain where he directs his assassins to kill enemies of his organization, master of sadistic traps and torture
34 Grandmaster Kritann leads a bloody cult of assassins for hire from a secret underground city who menace rulers over a wide territory spreading war and dissent between kingdoms
35 Tenlorus Malnast battles a widespread conspiracy and is doomed to live till the order is destroyed. They are well aware of him and manage to seal him in sealed crypts every century or so
36 Morag Crowthorne, a bit of a nag and annoyed a god, now follows parties pointing out their flaws to help them do better, excellent nurse and medic with many many cantrips learned over time
37 Mirrana Peledron hunt demons menacing human kind especially those controlling leaders in secret, running cults or ruining innoceents. Often teams up with adventurers on missions
38 Karraz Garran hunts were beast infiltrating societies, highly suspicious he may test many persons before finding his prey, often teams up with adventurers but his methods are flawed
39 Dr Pariusz Grungozer vampire hunter wages eternal war on undead but will recruit assistants and considers them cannon fodder.Many undead hate him and assume any with him are enemies too
40 Marizza Pelinghast, undead hunter wanders the world supporting undead hunters and cleansing nests of evil often recruits adventurers for her cause
41 Pelzorg the limbless, a human torso bitter beyond belief often tries establishing strange cults to care for him but his bizarre unwholesome cravings are his undoing
42 Dr Menorgus Clusterbion, golem maker extraordinaire has turned his own body into a magical construct and always making golems to guard his labs where he works on creating magical life
43 Sir Mariuz Carmunger, defender of the empire, works in secret to eliminate threats to the empire and recover lost artifacts for use in the dynastic civil and foreign wars
44  Kalanz Franzo, Chef who longs to cook and eat every delicacy imaginable.Seems nice and jolly but may want to eat party monster trophy or dragon egg or an elf child and do anything vile to get it
45 Dernona Colombarg, works to close gateways to other worlds or planes and destroy artifacts responsible and destroy knowledge of otherworldly communication
46 Korag Drublezorg alive since the stone age seeks to destroy civilization with fire and war, convinced old ways best he ferments war and disaster and material shortages
48 Master Arsung Griel, weapon smith extraordinaire spends hears making incredible famous weapons then goes on pilgrimage to learn new techniques of weapon making and fighting
49 Saramung Delthrun, wizard killer seeks to kill magicians and cleanse world of magic. Burns scriptures, magic books, beheads wizards, burns sorcerers and incites commoners to do same
50 Culung Drong, moronic idiot barley aware of anything going on likes to follow interesting people often gaining employment as a baggage handler, lantern bearer or servant despite his idiocy
51 Soran Drunn blind sage has survived many fallen courts and doomed civilizations, manages to work his way back up and move from court to court hiding his identity
52 Karlan Serraris a mute witness to history unable to speak. Often works as a scribe or royal servant, seen many secrets of kings and wizards over the aeons
53 Katora Mindlebast immortal child always on move as her lack of aging gains suspicion. Often a witness to disaster and fall of royal houses, usually flees when she sees warning signs
54 Korran the Ever-Witch, immortal coven leader travels the world spreading witchcraft in isolated communities and cursing witch hunters. Some practices questionable but will unite vs common foe
55 Emorgan the Gardener, travels the world collecting samples of plants for his hidden gardens. Teaches  arts of horticulture and spreads useful food plants. Some evil forces try to stop him
56 Tolmar the Librarian, collects lost books and takes them to his secret libraries in the clouds and deep beneath the earth and under the sea, often joins adventurers on quests
57 Zoran Kadel follows disasters and tries to warn common folk to leave without getting noticed by authorities, gloomy and despairing but tries his best to help commoners
58 Tarian Zrolot eternal explorer, driven to travel and map and trade within the kingdoms and beyond, may seek helpers on difficult journeys

59 Hezikia Zordan makes undead and teaches necromancy in backward places, then moves on. Her many times copies primer spell books are frequently found in undead creators lairs 
60 Kerrigan Herzan the cannibal preacher, father of thousands of degenerate cannibal clans. Discovering one of his clans in the local caves better than finding he is your ancestor
61 Organg Dromung, child napper and murderer often killed by lynch mobs and buried then he revives and moves on.  He dreads being found out and punished in some way he cant escape
62 Trellingbar Slamthrung the recorder of heroes deeds, follows adventurers and records their glories, might help a bit if things seem desperate or meddle behind scenes for story
63Torian Dearan cult leading sorcerer starts bogus sects, conspiracies, fraudulent cults, fake healing springs and holy relics. He usually gets lazy and decadent and has to move on
64 Ramzan Ramazman must eat soul of someone they truly love every year to fuel his immortal life he wont discard and so he continues and feels guilty constantly. Charming, handsome and eager
65 Monduer Casitini seeks an alchemical formula which will allow him ascension to divinity or at least a form of it. Also nabs philosophers stones and can brew dragons in glass vessels
66 Zardan Mundelzhan hunts dragons across the world but focuses on ones that bother humanity. He does it for the sport and has become a well known hated enemy of dragons
67 Varakan Mangonar seeks extinct species and cannot rest till he takes it to the great hidden ark of the sea god. Has been searching for aeons and has tried breeding and alchemical recreations
68 Moinen Vaadrahsi proliferator of dragons spreads and aids dragon kind, preserving bloodlines for a secret reason of cosmic significance in the end time. Uses horrible dirty tactics on monster hunters
69 Varda Konraiden demon master, always seeking power over demons, trying new formula and spells to influence demons for a goal in the end times, doesn't care about innocents or leaky gates
70 Vodran the soul seller, buys and sells souls to desperate needy people, granting them petty or even wishlike effects in return.  May appear to tempt desperate adventurer
71 Tarjan the mariner, can only live on water so constantly avoids land if possible. Disaster tends to follow him driving home ever on and preventing him from settling down and enjoying lifespan
72 Jaana Karun immortal gender changing shape shifter. change gender but tends to live military life always at war but occasionally carried off by warlords, knows locations of many artifacts
73 Doran the Reptilian breeds dinosaurs in isolated places by his use of Druid magic of a long lost ancient school. Often forms armies of saurian abhuman races and has summoned a primordial reptile god on several occasions and triggered a swarm of dinosaurs to war against locals
74 Kizraa Mortishead, former caveman seeks to conquer world with superior experience and skill. Has spent decades asleep under lava so is wary of attempts to stop him, ruthlessly strikes first
75 Kralshalzezzer, eternal warlord, raises and usurps armies to wage war on the living for the dukes of hell, encourages victims to seek rescue from devils to spread corruption, imprisoned in a dungeon
76 Master Therasmard master abbot of the golden monks, monks spread law and goodness and are wiped out every three  generation or so but the master returns to re make the order anew
77 Caria the witness of kingdom dooms, a innocent maid who cursed the gods when her kingdom and family was destroyed, now she is witness to endless fall, wrack and ruins of kingdoms since
78 Malangar the imprisoned one cursed the gods for his unfair treatment from lawmakers in a early city and since then keeps finding his way into prisons and rescued by do gooders
79 Shebalbaz the glutton seeks exotic food and drink for he has grown fat and bored on most mortal food. Constantly craves new foods like cooked dragon heart or or ambrosia of the gods
80 Marlax the hunter seeks trophies and new creatures or human victims to hunt, only the fittest and best are worthy. If beaten to a great beast to slay then he hunts beasts killers instead
81 Satharion of Calreax, protects own family from threats and menaces but never reveals identity to them as clan founder. Often employs adventurers to cause against threats to family or estates
82 collects loot must keep on person
83 Kirigor the fire born,mad arsonist cursed by the gods, burns houses, orphanages, castle gates, palaces whatever he can and willing to burn with them, but always returns again
84 Summersazan the restless can’t sleep same place twice and as ages roll on and civilization retreats options grow smaller. Even the same boat in a different place is unacceptable
85 Himarax Donderstaadt seeks decadent novelty experiences from drugs to human sacrifice if vain attempt to stimulate self. Occasional experiments with being virtuous but mostly end in depravity
86 Meeklethrast the collector gathers trinket collections and is always seeking novelty teaspoons, ceramic cats, wooden elephants, erotic flutes and other endless crap he keeps hidden
87 Coorias the gambler is always scamming, chasing gold dreams and losing everything and still looking for a break. May pretend to lose to party with some other agenda
88 Leisteran Golgan immortal child constantly on the run from mortal would be parents, dodgy priests, demons who want her blood and many other horrors facing a doomed eternal child
89 Kasamas the truthful cannot lie and suffers consequences constantly. Constantly hunted for past misdeeds arising from his condition, blurts out everything no duplicity possible, may wear a muzzle
90 Kogerath the Chaos spawn, constantly mutating and changing with a new form each day, his own hordes and followers turn on him. When he can pass as human he enters civilization to sew disorder
91 Markan the Dungeon Builder, mad wizard who builds dungeons with his custom spells and kobold servants. He can just teleport his crews in from afar spending little time in any dungeon
93 Mother Karas immortal mother always pregnant and on the move, gives birth every nine months, even differentraces, some mighty heroes of the past claim descent from her
94 Karanaganth the spawn master seeks to awaken elder gods with acts of ritual murder, uncovering dark relics and unspeakable acts of depravity. May dupe adventurers to recovering ghastly relics
95 Volupus kaxingor wolf lord, lead werewolf covens since stone age, keeps recruiting and teaching various means of lycanthropic power. Delights in betrayal and eating screaming innocents alive
96 Volaria Thesperia a great beauty who longs for mortal love but must return to the sea in the form of a sealion, compelled to return to sea every 24 hours or suffers crazed fever and unconciousness
97 Andraz the bloodletter, requires innocents blood every week to be sacrificed, victim must be betrayed and surprised. Has become adept at charm and finding gullible victims
98 Coorla Vrastentard documents the lives of common folk, especially those doomed to death or mass extermination, travels as a scribe seeking to record ordinary lives before lost forever
99 Zaardan Kandaril must anoint self in human blood every full moon , usually establishes a coven tempting mortal stooges with powers like his that he cannot grant
100 Karzuul Vrangastard hunts and kill other immortals especially those who prey on innocents or cause mortals trouble. Spared some immortals, most he decaptates and throws heads in volcanoes