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Exilon Hex 006

Crazyivan067 did a hex for my hex land giveaway...
Big fun and thank you very much
Hoping i get some more submissions....

Hex 1:
Shrine with Attendant: The Shrine to the Honored Dead.

Shrine Consists of a well built cut stone building with a gate leading to a small stepped zigurrat. The Zigurrat is topped by a relief wall of Heroic Warriors striking down Monsters and Evil Wizards.

Attendant: The Nameless Warrior. A Warrior Champion from the Free Cities Warrior Cults, he cannot use his name, nor monetarilly gain for the full year. Is replaced anually by a new warrior cultist who ceremonialy defeats him and becomes the new Nameless Warrior.

While on Duty, the Nameless Warrior arbitrates disputes, battles monsters, and upkeeps the shrine. He is fed by votive offerings from around the area.

Hex 2:
Border Town: Population 955 permanent residents

Leadership: Ruler Appointed by Holy Folk: Governor Nikundri

Civilized Wood, and Brick Town

Town Features(4): Protected by a Pallisade Wall, Earthworks and Moat. Famous Market Place: Border Market, Famous Craft Workshop: The Border Cart and Wheel Makers Shop, Impressive Temple: Temple of Ningishzida and Azimunda, and A Garrison of Well Equipped Proffesional Soldiers( Lizardmen Mercenaries under their own chief and a Skakasine Chariot Squadron led by a Noble and accompanied by Chariot Runners)

Terrible Omens: An Eagle was sighted devouring a Two Headed Serpent on the Very Sight of the Founding Stone.

Somebody has been moving border stones: The White Stones that mark the edge of Town and the beginning of Tyranian Territory have been moved east. This could cuarse an international incident. A new senior priest, shamen, or wizard required: Venerable Father Orzodock has fallen ill and has been recalled to Skakasis to recouperate and his successor Father Nikampru has become impotent and unable to perform the duties required as the Husband of Zminzu Priestess of Azimunda. We need a new one Desperately.

Feuding with Torbel town over rights to irrigated land and grazing land.

Dangerous Cult: The Cult of Spider Women has been growing in secret, and have started to breed with young men and boys of the city, spurning their husbands and having already birthed some Spider Face Goblings from wandering Mercenaries, these raise and protect their mutant children in a dissued warehouse outside of town. However the Mutant Children grow at three times the rate of normal Children, and the Cults Matriarch has begun to Mutate Herself.

Raiders have been attacking and stealing livestock: Baboon Beastmen have been causing trouble and started stealing Cattle.

Hex 3: 

Military Outpost: The Red Cloak Braves Camp.

Garrison: 140

Leader: Centurian Cissera

Outpost Features: Protect by Walls, Trenches, and a Watch Tower. Has an Armory and a Corps of Elite Archers.

Red Cloak Braves: Wear Fearsome Wooden Masks, Red Cloaks, Wristbands, Greaves, small Pectorale Breastplates, and Carry Large Shields, Spears, and Short Swords, Arms of Bronze

Elite Archers: From an Allied Wizard Kingdom. Cover Faces with Striped Cloth, Wear Spiked Arm Bands, Leggings, Similar Pectorale Breastplates, Carry Iron Hatchets and have Iron Tipped Arrows.

Hex 4:

Shrine with Attendant: Shrine to Ishtar Venus with Sacred Protitute.

Shrine Details: Brick Building with Sacred Baths and Bronze Image of the Goddess. Off to one side there is the living space of the Sacred Prostitute.

Sacred Prostitute: A Woman chosen from the Cult of Ishtar. Position Changes Monthly, with food and votives delivered by clients as well as the Cut itself. Current Prostitute is very busy caring for the sacred needs of various tradesmen, visitors, Red Cloaks, and the guards of the Archeological Society who have suddenly found religion. Three additional novices have been added to the staff to handle the increase in clients, and there has been talk of expanding the shrine into a Temple.

Hex 5:
Savanah and Grass Land. Acts as Common Grazing Land.

Hex 6:
Torbel Town: Population 135

Leadership: Leader Appointed By Holy Folk: Adjudicator Merwak

Civilized Herders and Farmers in Mud Brick Houses

Village Features: Protected by Trenches and Earthworks, There's a flock of Guard Geese at Every Entrance, Everyone is Trained in Slings, Village is famous for its large herds, There's a famous food and drink here: The Torbel Plate is a combination of of Bread, Sliced Peas Cake, topped by a mix of Beans, Lentils, Broth, and Boiled Beef with Cream and Onions, often drunk with a local beer.


Barbarian Raiders Taking Livestock and People: Water Elemental Women of the Red Wave Tribe have been using their Horses to steal from the flock and even take girls and young boys. This is forcing herders onto Border Town Lands.

A Greater Power Trying To Sway Village To Join Them: Denkili, an adventurer from Haderad attached to the Archeological Society, is actually an agent of Stormhome, and has spent much of his time lobbying townsmen and even Merwak and the village Matriarchs to cease paying their taxes to Sakasiss, who clearly can't protect them, and instead swithc to Haderad, promising a Storm Tribe Garrison, and an expansion of the population. A new slave and mule for every Townsman.

Someone is plotting to Take Over: Sarod, The Leader of the Mercenaries escorting the Archeological Expedition has been taking liberties with local women. They have filled him with the idea of taking over the Town by force of arms.

Someone Dug Up Something Best Left Forgotten: Ekir, son of Baruk the Herder, went with the Archaeological Society and in a dig found a Ceramic Jar with a Serpent Head. Hoping for a reward, he tried to clean it up first. Accidentally cracking the Jar he released the power of the Brain of Zarkiss, an ancient Sorceror. He now stores the Brain near his Father's home. The Brain acts as a draw for Serpentmen, Mutants, and Cultists, and has begun to Mutate Baruk and his Family.

Witch Cult Operating in Area: The Cult of Spider Women from Border Town have spread into the Torbel Town Area. Under the influence of the local ruins, the Spider Women have added Diabolic Rites to their unspeakable and lascivious practices.

Merchants have had a problem getting through: Due to the actions of the local Baboon Beastmen, Red Wave Barbarians, and just plain rotten luck, Merchants from Sakakiss, Haderad, and Tyranaea have been stopping more often in Border Town rather than coming further to Torbel Town. This Forces Torbel Town Residents to travel to the Border Market, and pay the often exorbitant duties there. Also opening them to raids on the way their or back.

Hex 7:
Serpentmen Ruins

Condition: Broken Down buildings, with the foundations visible.

Built by the Serpentmen

Population: Expedition of the Archeological Society of Sakakiss led by Professor Adrukar, with 8 Graduate Students and 25 Mercenaries, plus 50ish laborers from the sorrounding comunities. They are here to loot some relics.

Buildings: Apiary, Oilhouse, Warehouse, Manor House, Taxhouse, Watchtower, Tents of the Archeological Expedition.

Other: On the Manor House Grounds is a Pleasure Dome, still undisturbed as yet by the Archeological Expedition. Beneath the Watchtower is a Dungeon Complex, built to house the fragments of Zarkiss The Dark Sorceror. The Dungeon has a malevolent dungeon spirit, that upkeeps it. Since the Awakening of Zarkiss's Brain, the Dungeon Spirit has awakened the Tomb Guardians; Serpentmen Mummies, Skeleton Warriors, and a Bronze Serpent. It also attracts the brute things of the world: Snakes, Lizards, Baboons, and Savanah Apes.

d12 Hex Encounters 

1 Carravan of Merchants, with Camels and Mules.
2 Porters Heading from Border Town to the Serpentmen Ruins
3 Baboon Troop (3-30)
4 Ritual Duel Between Fetility Cultists
5 Local Priest Blessing Fruit Tree
6 Tyranean Braves Securing the Border
7 Healer Tending the Sick
8 Dryad Seeking Lovers
9 Spider Women Seeking Victims
10 Procession to the Ishtar Venus Shrine
11 Disguised Spider Woman Seeking Lovers
12 Red Wave Horse Raiders

d12 Serpentmen Ruins Encounters (Day)
1 Archeologist and Grad Students 1d8
2 Mercenaries 2d6
3 Grave Robbers searching for loot 2d6
4 Baboon Beast Men 2d6
5 Serpent Cultists 2d6
6 Dire Rats Scavenging
7 Giant Snake
8 Dryad
9 Savanah Ape
10 Lion
11 Feral Mutated Onager with a taste for human flesh and poisonous fangs
12 Spider Woman Cultists 2d6

d12 Serpentman Ruins Encounters (Night) 

1 Serpentman Mummies 2d4
2 Bronze Serpent
3 Spider Face Goblins 2D6
4 Tyranean Braves Infiltrating 2d6
5 Spider Woman Witch with 2d8 Charmed Lovers and Attendants
6 Ekir and d8 friends and attendants attempting to unearth more horrors
7 Savanah Apes d8
8 Baboon Beastmen 2d8
9 Baboon Troop 3d10
10 Serpent Mutated Onager
11 Serpentman Centaurs 1d4
12 Ghosts of Corrupt Serpentman Nobles and their Lizardman Attendants ride through town on the chariots, and Lizard Horses

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