Monday 25 May 2015

Roadwar Vehicle Add Ons + My thoughts on Fury Road

I liked Fury Road film but it made me meloncholic. The action is great. The world mostly hellish. I wouldn't actually change anything. Probably see again and try not to blink and miss things.

Yes i liked it but would have been happy if max died - i find it depressing because max is miserable, suffers, has no autonomy, driven by mental illness, lives in a state of despair and cant share victory but slinks off to continue his wretched existence in a world that might as well all die - many fatalistic statements in film - if you feel righteous about not being one of "those men" but enjoyed the spectacle of violence and murder and suffering i think your missing point of film.

He is heroic to extent he suffers but he is a broken leaf in the wind - only his grief and flashbacks drive him to do any more than survive, ultimately he wont find relief.

I found max's sanity to be more fragile and damaged than what even modern revisionist westerns like unforgiving do. Max
 isn't really a hero in sense of most of the history of action films.
As for guys whinging about film too pro fem, yes the bad guys in the film are you. Monster misogynists who value women on their terms only and find women having freedom a threat.

I find claims film not about max or lacking in character development flawed. Actually the world is a psychological reflection of max's inner life - he is in hell - a burned out shell of a man and mostly a victim. The core of why I found it more sad than thrilling.

He still is closest thing to an Australian super hero. For the record it is one of best car chase action films ever. Lots of references to Australian film hidden away too. Its probably cleverer than most realize. A couple of seconds among most beutiful on screen moments ive seen. Mutants remind me of late medieval surrealism of bosh and brugel. The lil guy in wheelchair at base with beard is my old bro Quentin. After being a thorn in side of many Sth Australian film makers he will get to outboast all of them now.

My flatmate just made a film to piss on the mens righters response to this film - post apoc fem nazis harvest mens tears.


This is fragments of stuff for my game. Feedback welcome as i know nothing about cars really. I have mysteriously been drawing them better than ever before with three shades of grey markers and a black fine point but it's not like I can draw what I imagine, I can just fake enough they accidentally look OK. Will do body mods for drivers too. Weapons separate too.

Ablative armour blocks damage once and is then AP destroyed
Composite loses 1AP ever time it is breached by bullet and resists lasers and fire fully without harm
Military armour retains it's integrity but is half vs lasers

Ablative bullet proof (vs bullets, ram, kinetic)
-light kit +6 AP -1% accell, decell, speed and range +5% Cost
-medium +12 AP -5% accell, decell, speed and range +10% Cost
-heavy kit +20 AP -10% accell, decell, speed and range +20% Cost

Ablative fire proof (vs fire)
-light kit +10 AP -1% accell, decell, speed and range +5% Cost
-medium +20 AP -5% accell, decell, speed and range +10% Cost
-heavy kit +30 AP -10% accell, decell, speed and range+20% Cost

Ablative laser proof (vs lasers)
-light kit +10 AP -1% accell, decell, speed and range +10% Cost
-medium +20 AP -5% accell, decell, speed and range +20% Cost
-heavy kit +30 AP -10% accell, decell, speed and range +40% Cost

Compasite Armour (vs all but loes AP when kinetic weapon breaches)

-light kit +4 AP -2% accell, decell, speed and range +20% Cost
-medium +8 AP -6% accell, decel, speed and range +40% Cost
-heavy kit +12 AP -12% accell, decell, speed and range +80% Cost
-reflec composite x5 cost and -5% accell, decel, speed and range causes blocked laser damage to reflect back on target, covered in mirrored tiles

Military Grade Plate Armour (vs bullets, ram, kinetic or 1/2 vs laser)
-light kit 6 AP -5% accell, decel, speed and range +10% Cost
-medeum kit 8 AP -10% accell, decell, speed and range +20% Cost
-heavy kit 12 AP -20% accell, decell, speed and range +40% Cost
-combat grade 18 AP -30% accell, decell, speed and range +100% Cost

Hardened Armour vs Armour Piercing

-reactive layer -5% accell, decell, speed and range, 
 first hit on any facing stops AP fully+10% Cost
-hardened armour -10% accell, decell, speed and range, stops AP fully+50% Cost

Ram Plate Armour
Ram armour is front only military armour plate and reinforcements that stops you taking damage when ramming front on
adds +1d6 damage, +2d6 if covered in spikes (+1% cost or 5% if pop up), can apply twice for front and rear ramming
Allows armour to stack to protect vehicle and passengers from impact

- Basic Ram Armour Plate -5% accell, decel, speed and range and acts as medium military grade armour +8AP from the front  +10% Cost
- Heavy Ram Armour Plate -10% accell, decell speed and range and acts as medeum heavy grade armour from the front  +20% Cost
-Detachable mount can drop the ram plate in a emergency and improve car efficiency +1% cost
- Grader plate -5% accell, decell, speed and range, can raise to cover windows or lower to graze road surface, used to clear mines, spray dirt or road surface everywhere, or even smooth surface for other vehicles and catch cows +10% cost

Location Armour
Available for gas tanks, engines, cabin only counts as two weight classes less for modifiers and cost
Front or rear armour two weight classes less, or one less if front and rear
(classes as follows in order -40 -30 -20 -10 -5 -3 -1)

standard - first hit cracks from 1 HP damage, second hit or 4HPs damage shatters +0 cost
Shatter Proof 1AP tends to crack, shatters into safe fragments if location destroyed and visibility poor but can be kicked out +1% cost
composite armoured glass 6 AP but loses AP every time pierced +10% cost
Hardened armoured glass 10 AP +20% cost
Steel armoured shutters 8 AP if open or 12 AP closed -10% drive and spot if closed without cameras +10% cost and -1% accell, decel, speed and range or +5% cost if welded on plate with slits as if in shut position
Cage windows stop unwanted entry even if windscreens gone +5% cost
Sealed Windows fully uses car body armour value all over +10% cost, -6% accell, decel, speed and range, blind without camera
Tinted +1% cost
Photosensitive +2% cost
Solar Collectors +5% cost can run most vehicle appliances but not lasers
LCD opaque at will +5% cost
LCD monitors make windows act as computer monitors +10% cost
Camera System +1% cost

Trailer Accessories
trailer mount 100 small (bike to van) 200 large (trucks) 800 (semi trailer or construction)
trailer explosive release x2 mount cost
trailer quick mount x5 mount cost

Hull Defences
Radar proof hull +10% cost half chance to detect or get missile lock via radar
Advanced radar proof hull +100% cost as car rebuilt with low signature parts, 1/5th to detect
IR proof hull 10% cost half chance to detect or get missile lock via thermal imaging
Advanced IR proof hull +100% cost as car rebuilt with low signature cooling -5% range, 1/5th to detect
Paint Resistant hull +10% cost paint clouds and fluids bead off and are repulsed
Fire Resistant hull 10 AP vs fire -10% accell, decel, speed and range +50% Cost
Fire Control System puts out internal fires +10% cost, ten uses (stops 1d6 burning per use)
Automek Damage Control System repair 1d6 damage once then need to replace parts +50%cost +2% recharge
Nanite self repairing hull re grows 1 HP or AP per hour up to 10 points worth before needs recharge +1000% cost +5% recharge
Sealed System +10% cost for life support and 1 hour air tank
Atomic Biological Chemical proof +10% cost needs sealed system, includes air filtration
EMP shielding +20% cost
Roll cage - protects occupants from crush and crash acts as 10pt armour vs crash, protects from being crushed -5% accell, decell, speed and range +30% Cost
Solar collector hull +10% cost charge batteries and appliances

Hull Decor
Off the shelf Decals $80 per facing for car $200 for vans and small trucks $1000 for semi
Custom Decals $200 per facing for car $500 for vans and small trucks $25000 for semi
Custom colour scheme +5% cost basic colour +10% cost fancy art +100% pro custom
Chamo paint scheme +10% cost harder to spot in native terrain
Night paint scheme +10% cost harder to spot by night
light show kit makes you look like a sci fi space ship by night +5% cost
LCD variable hull can change colour and act as a monitor displaying graphics +30% cost
Chameleon hull as LCD hull but used to become near invisible +100% cost

Hull Anti Personnel Devices
Anti personnel flechette pack one per facing per use or multiple, 3d6 damage 3m radius, can harm self, $100
Plastic Anti personnel flechette pack 2d6 damage won’t harm armoured vehicles but harm flesh, $200
Electrified hull with a tazer touch +10% cost
Flame Jet Defence, 2d6 dam jets of flame around sides of car, one meter 10 uses, +10% cost
Spikes and blades +1% Cost and +1d6 damage to ram per facing
Pop up spikes and blades +5% Cost and +1d6 damage to ram per facing
Buzzsaw blades +10% Cost and +2d6 damage to ram per facing
Pop up buzz saw blade +20% Cost and +2d6 damage to ram per facing

Hull Services
Car Wash $5
Carwash and polish $10
Sexy carwash and polish $50

Hull Mods
Spoiler +5kph +5% cost
Air Dam +10 Handling when over 60kph +5% cost
Aerodynamic styling -1 space, look like a sports car +10 Handling +10kph +10% cost
Carbon Frame reduces weight +10 Handling +10kph +50% cost
Sealed System +10% cost for life support and 1 hour air tank
Atomic Biological Chemical proof +10% cost needs sealed system, includes air filtration
Amphibious, -1 space, x1/4 speed in water, +100% cost turns into a boat
Amphibious Submarine hull, -2 spaces, x1/4 speed underwater, +200% cost 1 hour air
Ultralight kit, folding wings only suited to subcompact or bike, -1 space, +50%
Gyrocopter kit, folding rotary wing only suited to sedan or smaller, -2 space, +200%
GEV kit, skirt and jet motor, -2 on compact or less -4sedan to van -8 van to APC +50% speed -50% range +500% cost
Vector Thrust Kit -3 on compact or less -6 sedan to van -12 van to APC +100% speed -75% range +1000% cost
Jet kit -3 on compact or less -6 sedan to van -12 van to APC +500% speed -90% range +5000% cost

Breaks, Suspension

x2 cost for trucks and larger
Anti Lock Brakes +5% cost
Independent motorised Wheels +10% Handling +10 Break +20% cost
-improved +5% handling and +5kph breaks +10% cost
-heavy+10% handling and +10kph breaks +30% cost
-off road +10% off road otherwise -10 on road +10% cost +10%
Balanced +5% handling +1d6kph break lasts for 1d6 months till service
Improved handling kit +5% handling +5% cost
4x4 huge wheels as heavy+offroad use larger tyres and _20% cost
Extra Wheels any two wheels can be doubled , more durable +5kph break and handling +5%cost and extra tyres per set
Advanced breaks +10 break +20% cost
Parachute +20kph break +5% cost, one space
Jump Jacks assist in jumping without a ramp for minimal jump range, +5% cost
Gyro Stabilizer +10% handling +20% cost

Wheels and Tires

Tires for trucks are double with +50% HP can mod cars to uselike on a 4x4
Standard tires 6hp $50
Slicks +10% Handling on dry pavement -10 wet 8hp $200
Racing slicks -10% handling first minute then no mod next minute then +10% rest of race $400
Steel Radials 2AP 10hp +5% drive on road % $200
Heavy duty solids 1AP12hp $100
Variable tyres 1AP 12hp pop out off road spikes for ice or rough conditions +10% all times +10kph brake $1000
Morphic Tyres 10hp multiform memory plastic tyres +5% handling all conditions +5kph brake $600
Off road tires 1AP 12hp +10% off road $400
Puncture proof +2hp +$100
Solids tires +4hp +$200
Armoured solids +4AP +6hp +$400
Fireproof x2
Snow Chains $50 per wheelWheel Guards extend body armour over tires -2% accell, decell, speed and range +5% cost
Chrome hubs $400 or $1200 for extra fancy
Armoured Hubs -2% accell, decell, speed and range +5% cost +4AP on tyres

Scythe Hubs +1% cost 10hp can cut near pedestrians or tyres +1d6 as ram but sythe takes damage over car
Pop out Scythe Hubs +5% cost

Interior and safety features

passengers usually 1/2 space
operator with control system 1 space
Cheap passenger seat $50
Comfy seat $100 with cup holder
Crash Seats $250
Cheap dashboard $100 often used for gunner or radio/sensor ops post
Fancy dashboard $1000
Ejector seat with parachute $10000 (without parachute only $500)
Basic all weather heating/cooling +%5
Deluxe all weather
 heating/cooling +%10
Sealed System +10% cost for life support and 1 hour air tank
Atomic Biological Chemical proof +10% cost needs sealed system, includes air filtration
Fire extinguisher $50
Fire extinguisher system +%5 cost
armored bathtub cockpit extra 10 AP abdomen down $10 0000
sealed pod all over armour for driver 16AP $30 000
Winch +5%

Diagnostic computer+10 repair skill $10 000 
Breaking Computer +10kph
 $10 000 
Engine efficiency computer +10kph $10 000 
Mileage computer +10 range $10 000 
Steering computer +10% handle $10 000 
Autodrive computer  $10 000 
GPS  $500
Autonav  computer 
 $10 000 
Threat ID system 
 $30 000 assesses threats 
AI $1000 000
Combat computer  $10 000 can use multi weapon systems same time for a operator
Satellite uplink $4000
Basic radio/cb $100
Advanced radio $1000 +10 coms skill
Radar detector $200
Basic Radar $1000
Advanced radar suite $10 000 +10 sensors skill
Searchlight one space can have swivel, external or turret mount $1000 can dazzle drivers
Spotlights +5% can dazzle drivers fixed forwards
IR light and goggles +10% lights invisible to non goggle viewers
IR searchlight one space can have swivel, external or turret mount $10 000 
Lowlight optics $10 000 or can get set of goggles
Cheap sound system $100
Loud sound system $1000 also can use as a public address system
HUD targeting +10%  $10 000  
Advanced scope +10% on a single weapon  $10 000 
Targeting computer +10% hit  $10 000 
Auto gunner computer
-40% skill basic  $10 000 
-60% advance  $100 000 
-90% ultra 
 $300 000 
Camera system  $10 000 all over, needed for windowless hulls
Weapon link weapons fire/aim together $1000 per link
Smart link controlled by implanted data jack $10 000 can remove normal controls
Stuttershot - wont harm friendly painted targets like allies with burst fire misses  $10 000 
Remote control car with remote  $10 000 (can get cheaper hand sets or control by computer)
Bumper triggers $200 fire a system if impact

Light -20% load -10% handling -25% cost
Medium - standard
Heavy +20% load +10% handling +25% cost
Offroad four wheel drive -75% off road speed and -20 on road +20 off road +30%

4x4 allows use of truck tires - could include other alt systems like 6 wheeled cars or wheels in pairs +75% cost

Electric Power Plant
electric models are quiet and have low signatures half chance to detect by sound or heatmost require recharge takes 1 hour
Lasers draw power from batteries light 1% medium 2% heavy 5%
Lasers require extra ammo purchase on fuel models for 10 shots but some electric cars get laser ammo anyway
Electric Plant Batteries
-Basic Battery -25% Speed, accell, cost

-Standard Battery is normal performance
-High Performance battery +10% accell (slightly more explosive) +50% cost
Solar hull recharges 1d10% of battery per day depending on weather +10% cost
Solar windows add +2% to daily recharge +5% cost
Improved Solar hull recharges 3d10% of battery per day depending on weather +50% cost
Fast charge battery +10% cost takes 10 minutes 

Fuel Engines
Light -10% accell and speed -25% cost
Medeum - standard
Heavy V8 +5% accell and speed -10% range +20% cost
Super heavy v12 +10% accell and speed  -20% range +50% cost
Fuel Injector +10kph -5% range +5% cost
Improved timing service +1d6kph lasts 1d6 months before next service +1% cost or DIY with a advanced workshop
Improved Air intakes +5kph  +5% cost
Turbocharger +5kph speed and accell  -10% range +10% cost
Supercharger +10kph speed and accell  -20% range only on heavy or better engine, requires high octane fuel +20% cost
Performance Kit +10kph speed +5kph accel cylinder heads and camshaft and ignition +30% cost
Improved Exhaust Headers +5kph speed +5% cost
Jet, rocket and atomic engines are custom only mostly for salt flat racers, should be expensive

Nitris booster 6seconds +50% accell +20 max speed -10 handling, luck roll each second overtime or blow engine +5% cost
Inbuilt single rocket booster  6seconds +100% accell +30 max speed -20 handling,+20% cost (+5% refuel)
Inbuilt double rocket booster  10seconds +100% accell +40 max speed -10 handling,+50% cost (+10% refuel)
Strap on disposable single booster 6seconds 50% accell +30 max speed -40 handling +5%
Strap on disposable pair of boosters 10seconds 50% accell +30 max speed -20 handling, +10%

-high octane needed for supercharged improved engines on other engines adds +2kph speed and +1 accell, x2 cost
-discount biofuel - stinky x1/2 price
-standard biofuel - normal price
-low signature - low chem, smoke and heat trail - x2 cost
-safe non explosive fuel x2 cost helps high octane fuel explode less often
Extra fuel tanks (can switch between) +10% cost, doubles range
Biofuel plant turns organics (roadkill, people to low grade bio fuel in 48hours, requires culture) +10% cost
Grinder turns organic scraps into form ready for fuel plant 1 space $1000

Biological components have appeared on market including air filters
Necrobion virus has effected some of these making them zombie parts
Weapons next time

I may tweak his in future

Sunday 24 May 2015

Vehicle sheet for Roadwar BRP

Will do vehicle mods next speed and stats in kph

Name (+Passengers) Price HP AP MAX Accel Decel Handling Space Range
Bicyle (+1) $100 5 0 56 6 16 +20 0

Moped (+1) $500 10 0/1 50 8 20 +20 1/2 225
Vespa (+1) $2000 12 0/2 136 16 40 +20 1/2 322
Light Motorcycle (+1) Kawasaki $1000 15 0/2 225 60 90 +20 1 560
Medeum Motorcycle (+1) Harley copy $4000 18 0/3 190 50 80 +20 1 400
Heavy Motorcycle (+1) BMW $6000 20 0/4 176 50 100 +20 2 550
Dirtbike (+1) $1500 16 0/3 130 50 50 -20/+30 1 640
Policebike (+1) $10000 20 0/4 193 50 80 +20 2 400
Super Heavy Motorcycle (0) Honda Akira $30000 25 0/6 243 70 100 +30 3 500
Lt Trike, Bike & Sidecar or Quadbike (+1) $2500 20 0/3 160 35 50 +10 3 460
Hvy Trike, Bike & Sidecar or Quadbike (+1) $6000 25 0/4 144 30 40 +10 4 400
Sub compact Car or Buggy (+1) $5000 25 1/4 160 16 40 +10 4 480
Compact Sedan Car (+3) $8 000 30 1/4 176 20 60 +20 5 330
Light Sedan (+3) $14 000 35 1/4 144 12 40 0 5 440
Typical Sedan Car (+3) $18 000 40 2/4 168 16 40 0 6 440
Heavy Duty Sedan $25 000 40 3/5 177 20 50 +5 6 600
Police Cruiser (+3) $30000 40 2/4 193 24 60 +10 6 510
Police Intercepter (+1) $60 000 35 2/4 209 30 70 +20 5 560
Sports Car (+1) $60 000 35 2/4 240 30 70 +20 5 390
Luxury Sports Car (+1) $100 000 35 1/3 266 40 80 +30 4 600
Super Luxury Sportscar (+1) $250 000 35 1/3 300 48 97 +40 4 800
Station Wagon (+3) $20 000 45 2/4 185 12 40 -10 6/2 590
Light Utility truck (+1) $22 000 45 2/4 144 16 30 -10 5/4 480
4WD Utility truck (+1) $36 000 50 3/5 144/97 8 30 -20/+20 6/4 480
Limosine (+5) $80 000 50 3/5 185 12 40 -20 8 640
Light SUV (+3) $30 000 45 2/4 160/80 14 40 -30/+10 6/1 260
Range Rover (+4) $50 000 50 3/5 153/103 16 40 -20/+20 8/2 540
Hummer (+3) $80 000 55 3/6 144/97 16 40 -20/+20 8/2 600
Van (+1) $25 000 50 2/4 185 16 24 -20 8/6 640
Delivery Truck (+1) $30 000 60 3/5 129 14 16 -30 10/10 400
Dump Truck (+1) $50 000 70 3/5 113 9 16 -40 12/12 400
Semi Truck (+2) 5 ton truck & 60 ton trailor $80 000 120 3/5 177 16 16 -50 14/15 800
Semi Truck (+2) 20 ton truck & 160 ton trailor $150 000 160 3/5 160 8 12 -60 18/30 800
Motor Home (+6) $30 000 60 2/4 144 9 24 -50 10/4 560
Minibus (+13) $25 000 60 2/4 129 12 18 -30 10/2 400
School Bus (+30) $30 000 70 2/4 113 8 16 -40 14/4 560
Coach bus (+46) $50 000 80 3/5 185 12 16 -50 18 800
Tractor $8 000 60 2/6 48 3 16 +20 12 400
Caterpillar Earthmover $40 000 80 2/6 16 2 2 +30 18 800
APC (+13) $1.6 Million 90 18 64/6 6 32 +40/-20 12 400
Tank (+5) $7.5 Million 120 30 72 6 32 +40 24 340
Light Hovercraft - land/water (+1) $8000 30 2/4 112/60 14 30 -20 4 360

Friday 22 May 2015

Games currently on and Prep

Ive been run down this week watching vids again but will get more stuff done this weekend and next week. d100 magic umbrellas coming soon. Domain tables for FRP being researched. D100 Requests as ever welcome. Thanks for guys who rated me top10 of late again. Remember ive done plenty of road war theme posts last year if your going mad max.

Real True Detectives
Ive been running Call of Cthulhu 1920s again - as I did no prep I just ran adventures straight from Robert Chambers The King In Yellow which I did in the past. Has been very enjoyable and players flinching at doors being slammed with pretty much nothing happenind. On player finally got King In Yello manyscript and locked in a safe kind of stone walling story a bit. Basicly players are poor detectives investigating a artist who has been seeing the clients daughter and detectives paid to research him and look for potential scandal. Players have developed enough side sub plots to not even need adventures. Had a squabble about players mortgage for 10 minutes which ive never done in CoC. As a major player leaving on trip soon I will probably cut this game soon and reschedule later. Next session will turn up heat.

Crikey i need to get roadwar design process done today (mostly done). MADMAX fever might renew interest in the game as im a few players short. I have collected 130 toy vehicles and now have lots of modern 172 scale terrorist and special forces minis. Some more terrain and tokens for mines, oil needed. Will compile all my roadwar stuff shortly in a PDF - only a few more d100 tables.

Exiles DnD
I find high level dnd more tedious - more rule book checking, more dice rolls (30d20 hit rolls in big combats for the monsters sides) more paperwork for treasure and harder to kill. 10th lv party but i still get to kill some followers regularly. Mostly anything they fight lasts under 5 rounds - trying to challenge without killing all or making easy gets harder. Gods will be getting involved more. Subjects for my d100 is getting harder to find. Looking for more monster minis for my 1/72 minis and looking for tiny octopus minis to put weapons in tentacles.

Just read Gurps Rome - a lot more readable than BRP one. BRP one is awesome but heavy. Will be reading more history and im reading and looking at mass tactics more. Will get a big set of 1/72 roman army I have plenty of ancients and germans and celts and gladiators. Im thinking of setting in either Augustus/nero/trajan period. Oddly all the gurps and BRP books both slowest items i bought online both took 3months.

Viking Rus 920AD
Have had two sessions will blog soon. Have two big hardcovers of fine line art of everyday life and settlements of Vikings and Slavs - very good guides. Enjoyed the history research. Some reason my rare copy of RUS game from 80s australiam missing. Think last landlord chucked some of my stuff while i was moving out. Had great magic and folklore. Have several sets of vikings now and more coming - got some Rus peasant militia too all 1/72. Running as kids of last game and hope to use lots of modules i never used. Also a LOTFP module set in a monastary i might use.

Weird War One
I have ordered airfix german/french/british/american infantry and will get extra sets of germans and russians later. Have a diecast tank and plane and will get more. A7v german tank ive seen at ok price. Hat brand pack of 2 small french tanks a good price too. Will start game as seemingly historic and get weirder. Sucker Punch ww1 sequence was nice (only babydoll was good looking rest were dogs). Will be a bridge between steam punk age and diesel punk. Was a PC wargame that did ths too but i dont rememer name - so many building/tech tree wargames around 97. players will be pilots. Possibly will muster out for global adventures by time martians defeated. Lots more reading and digging up stuff from popular mechanics and other sources. WW1 seems much more horrible to me - everything crude and ill conceived. No idea when I will run possibly will do a con game in NOV. I got Dawn Partol TSR gam a while back and was inspired - I was a big fan of WW1 biggles as a boy. Shame hard to get cheap diecast SE5 and albatross fighters.

I was a big plastic plane kit fan as well as 1/72 mini fan as a kid but kits too fragile and harder to store. My family big plane nuts and another branch train nuts (trains suck withou guns on them). My moms family from a long line of techies with flat feet who dodged war but got medals for making better guns. Carpenters on wooden ships and fitters and turners most of 20thc and lots of mining middle managers and tool makers. Guns were family sport for generations but all got out now as hobby full of dickheads.