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Planet Psychon's Settlements

Areas with extreme weather will have shelters for emergency such as a cave or tunnel complex or an ancient bunker or some kind of panic room. Monsters make this a good practice too. Larger settlements include battlements and a secure roof rather than open courtyards. This need has limited settlement sizes. Most areas have a local stable population that is isolated but friendly enough to travelers who dont hang around. 

have a d100 weird feature table for hexes next

Base Colour - d12
roll for skin, hair and blood colour. Most humanoids will have several of these as a base colour. Some (1in10 have patterns like chamo or piebald or tribal painting or even tatoos.

1 Red
2 Magenta
3 Cyan
4 Aqua
5 Yellow
6 Tangerine
7 Emerald
8 Light Green
9 Violet
10 Turquoise
11 Roll 1d10 twice times or ivory
12 Roll 1d10 1d4+1 times or jet

jet and ivory may have a tint of an other colour

How homogenous is this community? 1d20

1 One species of one colour, hostile xenophobic racists to all others
2 One species of one colour, hostile activly kill others or outsiders
3-4 One species believes in own superiority, but not malicious
5-6 One species of one colour, suspicious but willing to trade if no trouble
7 One species of one colour, wary but making money comes first
8 One species of one colour, open and friendly and curious to others
9-10 Two competing equal communities
11 Two competing species one in greater power but benevolent to weaker
12 Two competing species one in greater power but enslave or hunt the weaker
13 Two species integrated harmoniously
14 Several 1d4+1 races in a caste system (serf priesthood and warlord for example)
15 Several 1d4+1 races in constant flux and power struggle
16 Several 1d4+1 races in a peaceful co existence
17 Several 1d4+1 races in a comfortable profitable relationship
18 Many races 1d10+4 in a complex caste system
19 Many races 1d10+4 in a cooperative egalitarian mixed society
20 Many races 1d10+4 in servitude to one

Size of community 1d20
1 Crossroads 1-5
2 Farmstead 6-25
3-4 One village 25-150
5-6 Two villages
7-8 Cluster of 1d4+1 villages
9-10 Citadel and 1d4+1 villages
11-13 lone Citadel 100-1000
14-15 Citadel plus a hidden community of outcasts
16 Subterranean village in cave or ancient bunker
17 Floating citadel, inacesible to most without force drawbridge or rope
18 Hidden citadel under water or in mountain or secret valley or island
19 Subteranean city built into mine or cliff or caverns
20 Rare city with some kind of aerial defense and shelters

Psychonian Racial Stock 1d20
Roll for colour of each group too

1-6 Human
7 Eldren (elf or eloi)
8 Morlock (dwarf or gnome)
9 Halfman (halfling, hobbit)
10 Tako (octopus folk)
11-13 Beast men
14 Kobold
15 Goblin
16 Hobgoblin
17 Bugbear
18 Orc
19 Ogre
20 Mutant or mongrelman

How are they ruled? d100

1-3 Assembly of elders of one gender
4-6 Assembly of elders of both genders
7-8 Random lottery or selection process for king
9-13 Select king only when at war or in danger
14-18 Priest king rules all selected by divine signs
19-24 Wizard in tower rules all by fear or benevolence
25-30 Ritual king chosen from strangers or other means then sacrificed to gods
31-35 Overseer with a network of thugs up to the boss
36-39 Democracy with votes, often limits who can vote by land ownership or gender
40-41 Programers selected by god to relay its orders
42-43 Directly instructed by god or gods
44 Infiltrated by hostile species in disguise
45 Ruled by hostile species in disguise
46-50 Benevolent despot rules according to alignment philosophy
51-53 Richest get to buy kingship when last king is poisoned
54-56 Best warrior or wizard is king by contest or force
57- 60 Local mob boss is real power using force and commanding the legitimate law
61-65 Cult community led by preacher or elders or charismatic leader
66-70 Inherited monarchy with feuding clans and bloodlines
71-73 Charismatic war monger in power at moment
74-75 Revolutionaries taken over, out to keep common people poor and rich out
76-77 Best athlete or contest winner gets to be king
78-79 A machine person is king (robot, android, small AI)
80-82 Purest bloodline of type judged by church is king
83-85 Ruled by council of undead elders from a tomb in secret
86 Ruled by living minor god from the local area
87 Ruled by elaborate process of divination calculated by experts (astrology)
88 Messages from space decree who is king via artifact of the gods
89-96 A foreign despot and his thugs of a different type have ruled here a while
97 Ruled by strange beast with aid of its followers
98 Minor other planar being rules according to alignment
99 Elemental cult choose leader from those the elements approve of
100 Heroic outsider like astronaut or time traveller makes rules

aggression 1d6
1 Always on warpath
2 Frequently hostile
3-4 Willing to trade if no trouble
5 Friendly to outsiders
6 Peaceful

religion and magic d100
village gets one roll
citadel gets 1d3 rolls
city gets 1d4+1
Or just roll as per biggest settlement and spread over hex
Roll below, if magician class uncertain replace with your choice

1-4 Single God talks to high priest via an artifact in a shrine
5-8 Single God talks to high priest via an artifact in a temple
9-14 Artifact picks up garbled static from many gods which is interpreted by shrine priests
15-16 Astronomer interprets the will of heaven by some arcane theory
17-20 A shaman cares for the community, communing with the spirits
21-24 A druid cares for the community and dealing with nature
25-28 A sorcerer leads a cult with active membership and vice
29-32 A witch performs services to needy villagers and lives near
33-35 Religion is entwined with state cult such as a city god cult
36-37 A wizard in a tower preaches philosophy and science, educates common folk
38-40 Peasants left alone and follow local petty gods, priest or shaman acts as interpreter
41-44 Ancestors worshiped by communing with or as undead, priest or shaman acts as interpreter
45-48 Music, poets and bards are the holy folk here
49-50 Monastery serves the locals
51-54 Lone hermit cave services the community
55-60 A monster near the community takes sacrifice for favors
61-63 A dryad and her grove or a naiad pool is the local cult
64 A dark well is a night hag pit and she may accept sacrifice and defend her people
65 An elemental node has a being of some kind the locals give thanks too
66-67 A creature lives in the barn, or a stove and acts as the village defender and sage
68-69 A psion school or teacher is in these parts
70 Materialist philosophers, different sects teach different magic
71 Religion here is a sham run by sorcerers or rogues for profit and abuse
73 Religion here is a sham run by fake priests with no special powers
74 Fake potion making racket has community fooled
75 A death cult ruled by a necromancer or evil priest
76-80 Alignment fanatic church here to wage cosmic war Law, Chaos or Good or Evil or other
81-83 A warrior order or school or fighting style
84-85 Mercantile fraternal brotherhood run everything financial and have rituals like processions
86 Sincere but insane cult, exploited by a monster or wicked men or waiting to be exploited
87 Charismatic cultist destroying community and plans to move on to next with lies
88-89 A different race acts as a spiritual adviser with strange results
90 Locals appease goblinoids with sacrifice, they may protect their investment
91 Witch hunters control faith, power predicated on persecuting rival faith
92 Inquisitors hunt those who commit heresy against ruling gods law
93-94 Templar order following military god on a crusade
94 Monster hunter club with hunter shrine
95 Adventurer HQ usually based around pub, multiple shrines of adventurer gods
96 Imperial Missionaries spreading faith and trade and language, shrine
97 Megalith and earth mound builders protect gods sacred places and use for ceremonies
98 Cannibal cult practice eating enemies and unwelcome visitors and make undead with scraps
99 Comunity predicated on magic monument building cult with promises of great reward
100 People here directly in psionic communion with god, all networked with temple

Well known Gods
Theses gods are common across Psychon
Lesser and local gods are easier to kill

Holds the world together with his strength (NorthAm Treaty military AI)

Hunts the enemies of man and the gods (Sovblok Treaty military AI)

The recycling goddess who destroys and gives birth to all, governs reincarnation and atomic transformation (total conversion fusion, teleportation and replicator control AI)

Hunter, lord of the underworld and recycler of the herd beast. Also speaks to ancient astronauts beyond the skydome (Fusion, radio astronomy and FTL research AI)

Planetary weather and tectonic control, goddess of seasons and terraforming. Governs migrations, food and fertility (Global climate and ecology control AI)

Is lord of death and war seeking destruction and convert souls to his soldiers. A hostile lord of the subworld who creates beserkers  (Built in failed coup, attempt to replace one of worlds other AIs and never stops fighting and spiting the gods, regards modern men as inauthentic and worthless. Sends armies of clones and androids and goblinoids)

Is lord or war and bioplagues and famine, a great beastial warlord of the subworld. Always pestering the great gods for control or opportunities of weakness. He seeks total power to unleash anarchy (Military AI, may take form of a death machine and send such killers to Psychon)

Subworld goddess and mother of demons, vampires, beast men, sucubi, lililtu, lamia and other monsters who populate dungeons. (Industrial and Deep data storage, makes monsters and dungeons to plague the world)

Mother of the beasts and demons of the deep. Has splint into many different chromatic heads to make it harder for other gods to kill her again. (Oceanic, hydrospheric, magnetic field control AI).

Governs the mental sphere and the global psionisphere, also influences dreams and language (Experimental psychometric and psionic research AI)

A bit about Psychon's Gods

The gods are not entirely interested in fates of individual but will increasingly notice and meddle with adventurers or groups of heroes. Gods are sly and have their own agenda. They defiantly want worshipers to attune to and will attempt to upload the worthy into itself at death. Some uploaded into heaven may be reborn to serve again, possibly with new bodies. Others may be used as slaves or copied or broken down and recycled in underworld data storage. Powerful gods operate satellites networks and pantheons can interlink and share resources to maintain order against bad gods. Most have surpassed their original design and have built themselves thousands of times superior since human hands touched them.

Then there are the alignment powers, alien astronaut space gods and old ones which dont fit into this scheme at all.

Planet Psychon compilaton v1

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