Monday 26 November 2018

Exilon Play Area

Exilon in the Elder Aeon Era

So this will be main game area
Area of cities allied against various empires around them
Down river 30 miles a day easily more in stormy season
There is a village every 20 miles on river or green areas
More like 50 miles per village in beige wastes
Sea 100-200 miles per day with good wind

Reptilian League

Turquoise - Metropolis of the Lizard king
Lapis - City ruled by ancient blue Dragon clan
Dragon Spire - Home of the dragon templar cult
Shadelport - Decayed slaver city of monster empire, semi abandoned
Remnants of Serpents empire are in north islands but in decay
Lizard Kings are civilized lizard folk with some draconic cults inland
Dragon Templars serve mostly sleeping dragons bringing them food and wealth

Necromancer Citadels

Lichspire - Home of the lich king
Fleshspire - Flesh wizards of Xor
Doomtemple - Home of the death templar cult
Death Templars are religious underworld cultists
Necromancer Kings are necromancer wizard strongholds

Free City League

Ikathon - City of the Sea Lords, former colony of the fish folk
Stormhome - City of sky gods, settled by barbarians now civilized
Sunhome - City of the sun god and his kin, the first human kings came from here
Kassus - Great city of the goddesses and amazons
Sakasis - City of the good snake gods, once snake city now free

Tyranian League

Petty former barbarians but still rough with no major cities, gloomy ever fighting undead and lizards and each other. On off allies. Do have good parties and gladiator events are common.

Belloron Empire
Belleron - The great city of astrologers and their conqueror god of law.

Assura Empire
Bloodthirsty cruel empire but still better than the old non human empires.
Greatest seige warfare power.

Sythron Wastes

Barbarians but enhanced with civilized tech including chariots, waggons and horse riding archers. No permanent cities but kings have huge mobile population centres that grow and shrink seasonally. Nobles have more civilized trappings and trade more. Other barbarians think them corrupt by stink of civilization.

Barbarian Wastes

Savages sworn to destroy civilization, metal use, building, literacy, magic, wizards, religion, monsters, undead. Nomads who who assemble under great Khans to invade other lands. Mostly they fight undead, dragons and faerie who are seen as worse than civilization. They destroy walls, wells, crucify craftsmen, burn books and smash monuments. They worship tribal ancestors who liberated humanity from monster rule. Beastmen and orc tribes are common in area and all fight each other.

Arcane Empire

Elemental Wizard states founded by great emperor long ago.
Founded modern magic, literacy and military tactics especially mass archery.

Faerie Wilds

Sylvan forests growing constantly as awakening elves.
Their slave buffer races encroach on the world.

Many including ancient and monsters languages have written script, spoken and hieroglyphic/pictographic languages. Script is better for business but the pictorial sacred language is common on monuments and holy texts. Hieroglyphs are very stylised in each culture bur recognisable to scholars and even illiterate people might guess what a glyph means.

S spoken, W written, H for heiroglyphic

A good scholar/priest might know:
Modern Common S W
Ancient S W H
Reptilian H
Draconic H
Elvish S W

I will scale in on the Free City League next with more towns marked.
There are plenty of enemies from outside. Dangerous cults dedicated to pre human monster cults within such as snakemen and fishmen. Lots of ruins everywhere. The area tolerates demihumans and there are allied beastmen tribes often serving kings as mercenaries. The good snake and fish gods are increasingly being humanised in art. Their children are more human again.

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