So I'm making this page where my sf posts go as they went down well and im gonna do more. Shadows in the Stars is my universe. Ive been replicating eras of it with various games. BRP was my main game for this in the 80s and 90s. I used a system that was increasingly more like BRP in the 80s that I totally abandoned it in favour of BRP. Start Frontiers was my game of choice in 80s rather than traveller which i love and hate. TOP SECRET SI and GURPS were influential too. I always wanted to do A pulp verse with a flash gordon type solar system or a steam punk solar system one like Space 1889 game. Larry Niven and Ringworld game a big influence also. Ian Banks has probably more influence last 20 years. My old cyberpunk game fitted in too and was mash up of cyberpunk game, autoduel, cyberworld, BRP and Dark Future. I liked some ideas in dark conspiracy game but wanted humans alien contaminant free till a century away from today. Dr who is also full of one off utopias with different tech. 2000AD comics were awesome for twisted antiheroes and insane graffiti covered grimy future worlds.

The final incarnation or version of my sf game is not set what game system I use but modified BRP with hit locations and stun damage system may feature. Humanoids will make 95% of threats worth shooting at so locations easier to manage. The odd starfhish or or shoggoth shouldnt be a problem.

Gamma World
Some of my SF ideas and post apocalypse stuff converge and strapped onto 2nd ed TSR Gammaworld I first owned in 1984. My gamma world has some stuff from my sf verse. Gammaworld is kinda a more exiting more gonzo everything at once mess. Both have my Brian Aldiss/Gordon Dixon creepy human evolution. My own apocalypse era had more undead necrovores and less talking animals.

Call of Cthulhu in Space actually the project that got me gaming again hardcore in 2012. Metropolis and utopian writing since Plato are an influence. So my cthulhu-metropolis although deco punk has many themes of utopia vs dystopia. Metroplolis is also a cyberpunk transhuman work about cyborgs, replicants and transferal of of conciousness. Android Maria is a 1920s termanatrix. Dr Who vs cthulhu is pretty much a real thing (Image of the Fendahl).

My d20 Gunboats and galaxies
My game inspired by starships and spacemen and kinda fits in with my Shadows game. Im also using spaceship combat like buck rogers but mostly Star Frontiers Knighthawks by 80s TSR.

Spacemen and space marines some basic classes, colonists and basic tech and alien ideas

Spacemen and space marines 2 spacecraft, colony creation and FTL travel and comerce

Simplified Eras for my space opera

Planer Gann - turning my setting into a anime mecha horror space opera

Simplified Eras and Tech Templates

SF Timeline
game notes for space session - asteroid hab map
Initial ideas
High House in the stars

Lotsa adventure ideas and space location table 
Basic Tool Sets

Wrecks of the Space Sargassum Sandbox
These could be used in Psychon, Gammaworld, My SF Setting, Metamorposis Alpha any space wreck or post crash gen ship or space station

Urban Hab Modules
Infrastructure Modules
Inhabitants of flesh zone
Factions of post crash ship
Maps and generators
Eco Hab Module
Space Loot
Tech Bugs
Patrons for Archaeology
Space Crates
Space Undead
Undead & Necrovirus
Gyrojets and smart ammo for all tech levels

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