Friday 27 November 2020

The Mystery of Manly House

Free PDF was on my Patraeon long time ago
I was probably wary of mass release then but care less now
It might seem timely but the truth is based on a Popey cartoon. In the adventure like the cartoon their is a excessive masculine club where muscle bound brutes work out do manly stuff and have a test area full of automated death traps for the truly manly. Though in the module that was years ago and locals afraid of the ghosts of those who died sealed in the house itself a giant deathtrap test they failed. Time to explore for the manly treasures and toxic masculinity so thick you could carve it. Love it? Hate it? Feel Dirty and wanna fess up? please comment

Link was broken i fixed 3pm sat 28th

Manly house PDF LINK

Thursday 26 November 2020

Curse Fetish Clubs

Revising my link page done 3 years back now only 5 more
I think its improved and listed several categories I ignored before.
Go have a look. I've forgotten I did more d100 tables than most table makers have done tables at all. So boost in readers got me working more here plus covid. Whole-time I'm working on my EMO rulebook now on 100 pages and I have added some very strange features. I'm making some of my race classes vaguer so you can reskin them easier to make toadlings, androids, trolls, orcs, minotaurs, dryads or whatever much easier. So now I can help have fewer furries and more weird Jim Henson/Bryan Fraud muppet faeries and plant people.

One of my dungeon generating tests from post a few days back has been stewing for days and in my dreams a good sign.

Those same cultures that use fetishes for luck and as portable shrines also use shrunken heads but curse fetish clubs are more commonly found among any tribal warriors. Orcs and goblins love them and they can help monsters capture victims. Maybe stun or other cantrips could be used one use too. Oh and mostly they get used up in first round and players dont get rich beating these guys up for magic.

I noticed the Polynesians must have cleaned their bantha teeth too and required the same tool as Starwars sand persons.

d12 Weapon Types
1-4 Stick d4 throwable, often used to trip animals
3-9 Club d6 throwable, large club to throw or melee
10-11 Mace or War Club d8 large club often studded in teeth or obsidian
12 Maul d10 huge club or hammer

d12 Weapon Property
1  Evil Eye - blow reduces next save by -1 during next turn after, one use
2 Sickness - blow reduces one attribute by -1 during next turn one use, strength is common
3 Fire Club - blow causes extra d3 fire damage use once (other elements possible)
4 Great FIre Club - as fire and d100 charges
5-6 Strike - +1-4 to hit and damage, each hit it loses one plus
7 Harm - blow reduces HP by d8 and -1 to hit and save for next turn one use
8 Great Eye - as evil eye but and d100 charges and effect cumulative
9 Great Sickness - as sickness and d100 charges and effect cumulative
10 Plague Club - blow to victim causes disease if the fail a save, one use
11 Curse - blow to victim causes curse if they don't save, blindness or cripples is popular
12 Great Curse - blow to victim causes great curse if they don't save, the whole family infertile popular

d12 Decorations
1 Fierce carved face
2 Scary supernatural being
3 Elemental symbols
4 Carved with skulls
6 Studded with teeth or tusks
7 Studded with obsidian
8 Sharkskin grip
9 Rune engraved
10 Thong through handle decorated with teeth
11 Feathers on handle 
12 Painted bright colours

Most are wood or bone but some made with stone heads or carved from stone entirely
Shamans and fetish experts spend weeks a year making these for their heroes and war chiefs

Dig for Glory 1: Open Cut Dungeon Mine Adventure

This will be part of my expansion for Thrice Cursed Ruins book from my Patreon but is suited to any sprawling ruined city area. I'm going to add a location on Exile Island like this my next campaign as the game features government and private dungeon expeditions some using a military or engineering approach. Possibly a few years after adventurers thought they already looted the place. Inspired by Pompei and how looters since after the disaster to the present day burrowed into the ruins and found open spaces in cases and often the tunnels left by other thieves.

Long ago there was a great city buried under ash and fire from an exploding mountain in ancient times. People did dig the ash looking to rescue people and loot but the area has mostly been empty scrub where shepherds dwell. After some finds, the locals kept as trinkets town folk and scholars took an interest. Years ago adventurers camped in the area and cleared out some ancient tunnels under the earth. The adventurers moved to a new site not too far away and many sold in a new shantytown near a place with many dungeons. Meanwhile, the scholars and townsfolk came to see the empty tunnels with some guards to fend off vermin and kobolds. A year later the first such scholars started a new dig site with a camp and adventurer guards. After exiting discoveries new teams arrived and digs went from seasonal camps to permanent mine like operations.

Each team has their own areas they have exposed and some expeditions have met in underground networks of tunnels. Creatures burrowed here and humanoids came here to too and brought fungus and their pets. Finally, the Royal Dungeon Engineering Corp operated by a revolving door of eccentric nobles sets up the biggest operation, a military camp with vast open-pit excavations with teams of scholars, convict labour and military teams of dungeon invaders. 

d12 Expedition Origin
1 Vile Murder Hobos 
2 Profesional Adventurers 
3 Amatuer Adventurer 
4 Feral Child Gang 
 Inept Looters
 Wizard Scholars
7 Church Scholars
8 Excentric Rich 
9 Demihuman Adventurers
10 Non-human War Band
11 Royal Dungeon Engineer Corp
12 Ultraterrestrial Visitation 

Vile Murder Hobos (Chaotic Evil)
Gang of veteran adventurer mercenaries and professional tomb robber set up a squalid sprawling camp with followers which will evolve into a shantytown or just a very dodgy frontier town. Mostly just greedy alcoholic men with short tempers. Only camp the welcomes berserker. Many end up with a junkpile as they grab every piece of furniture or scrap they find and even mine bricks to sell. All kinds of vice and grog will be available here but so is violence. If strangers even humanoids join the camp nobody cares.
Professional Adventurers (Lawful Nuetral)
Professional licenced adventurers often sponsored by a patron who smooths out the law for them. They are considered heroic and decent and they have dined with many nobles who want to meet them. They have followers and servants and might build a wall or cabins. Efficient and methodical and take few risks and may in fact have a secret purpose. Will leave but some followers may stay on to sell scrap and junk and gleanings. Their structures might be scrapped or bought by another expedition. They will deal with competent legitimate groups.
Amateur Adventurer (Good)
Youths bound together by friendship or fate with dreams of wealth and glory and escaping their families or life as homeless bastards. They are a good team but naive and inexperienced at campaigns. Some recognise their labourers from generations of tomb robbers know a thing or two (some hire goblins or orcs who also seem wise in these matters). Some are foolish and take risks and their workers may leave. They usually camp in tents. About half these groups evolve into murder hobo or professional camps, the rest fail often with TPK. These camps might have workers griping about unpaid wages looking for a better job. Wary of strangers and how to tell good from bad.

Feral Child Gang (Chaotic Nuetral)
Often a thief from the city came here with his trained filthy urchins hoping they could be sold as miners who can fit in tiny holes and eat less. Whatever tragedy brought the first few here now kids from far away have heard of this paradise and have fled here. Living like kobolds in old tunnels left by treasure hunters they often find and dig for new items or lairs. When they can loot an area they sell as trinkets to tourists for scraps of food. Others are beggers or steal scraps from camps. They often look for work anywhere as guides, bag handlers or translators. Some offer to serve as torchbearers 1cp a day or pole boy 1sp a day. Many are thieves and adept at picking pockets while offering to sell a shiny bauble or fake map. Many in ruins hate these kids, others look out for them. Many urchins dream of joining a proper camp with food and less giant rats. Some lookout for monsters and all the urchins are good with rocks. Possibly the urchins are really all halflings or have been trained by them. In the future will be absorbed into a thieves guild. Mostly hate adults and most adults hate them back.

Inept Looters (Chaotic Nuetral)
These camps are makeshift tents and strewn in rubble, garbage, holes.Half groups are formed by men who left jobs and abandoned families to get rich and escape problems. Many heard wild stories and think they know enough to start an expedition camp. They gather together because nobody wants inept losers in their camps. Many survive to get jobs and join other camps. Many come from specialist craft or farm backgrounds. The other half are family camps with some children and elderly who will shun single loners and strangers. These clans often come from desperate urban poor or backwoods heathens and don't allow outsiders in without marriage. They will trade but also get into fights and are territorial. If there is another clan like them they will be traditional clan enemies. Non-humans and vermin will be attracted to their abandoned camps. The dangerousness of these groups and their many wrong choices confound other camps who will avoid them. The camp just resent snobs in return and want to outdo them and blame them for problems with paranoid fantasies.

Wizard Scholars (Any)
A wizard of at least 5th level with four apprentices hired adventurers and half a dozen labourers who have worked together for years. Some come as lone wizards hoping to get spells or some magic. Some are university-funded expeditions who provide superior halberdier guards. These clean organised multi tent camps are often protected with magic and intruders might be killed by spells. The wizard is strictly in charge with a second and they may trade or identify items..Each wizard will vary. d4 1=comical twit loner 2=academic truth seeker 3=dandy art lover 4=
evil cult leader seeking evil stuff. Sometimes also a magical shapeshifter in disguise or possessed. WIll identify or translate items on the side for cash and may wish to share notes on discoveries. Leave a blasted heath behind tainted by alchemy but sometimes an apprentice will stay on earning cash to detect magic. Prefer educated and civilised people.
Church Scholars (Lawful Good)
A church expedition with clerics, monks and possibly a paladin come seeking magic and ancient texts for the church. Unwilling to share with others unless their god would approve. Many churches deal openly with authorities some are hidden. Some will heal others for money especially later in the day. They will also perform burial rites or might visit other camps offering healing and looking for desperate people to convert and help. Workers are all pilgrims labouring as a tithe. Churches may vandalise things they don't want so nobody can have them. They prey quite a bit and many are silent. Often recruit some local farmers and shepherds.  Over time they will gain pilgrims and converts and build a shrine which might be a church community one day. WIll listen to anyone and may offer aid with conditions or promise of servitude in return.

Excentric Rich (Lawful Nuetral)
Private noble or guild leader or merchant has retired and is deeply interested in d4 1=crackpot scholar theory 2=grab and sell treasure and art 3=trail of fabulous treasure 4=forbiden cult lore and relics. They have hired a team of adventurers and brought some of their own wretched peasants to labour. They get along with authorities but might hide a secret. The more social ones have guests they show of their discoveries too. Often will have a bard or an artist on hand to document everything. Mostly mant fancy stuff about lives of rich and ancient religion leaving a dump tor other rubble and possibly building a small fortified building from ancient tablets and broken carved walls. Will often take fittings and mosaics for own homes.  Often leave behind a good building and camp others will quickly occupy or buy. Mostly only deal with wealthy looking, powerful or famous.

Demihuman Adventurers (Any)
Either d4 1=Dwarf 2=Elf 3=Gnome 4=Halfling or a mixture of several. These are on a quest and want one thing and they have an inkling it was here long ago or were told by a seer. Wary of humans but will be civil and offer and accept hospitality. They may be of any alignment but humans can't tell apart. Most will have not had dealings with humans and vary in behaviour d4 1=evil greedy nasty jerks up to no good 2=busy on a desperate quest against a secret evil 3=friendly and seek a great treasure for fame and glory 4=aloof and on a quest to forge an alliance together. They will set up a comfortable camp and strip it when they leave. Others might occupy the site after for cleared land. They have minimal contact with other camps but will parley with authorities. They will accept those who speak their languages.

Tribal War Band (Chaotic Nuetral)
A tribal band of wild peoples often come here to stop intruders digging up the cursed dead. Often will settle to hunt the other explorers they see as breaking taboo. If human d4 1=cave tribe 2=nomads with herd 3=barbarians 4=crazed berserkers berserker. Tribal humanoids include d4 1=goblinoids 2=orcs 3=beast abhumans 4=monster humanoids like ogre, troll or giants. They shun other groups who will regard them as a menace. Some may have a talent for communicating with these angry tribes. They will often have domestic monster pets living among them. They leave very little behind but if long enough might use some ruins and will build a stall for animals and a watchtower. 

Royal Dungeon Engineer Corp
Eventually, the kingdom armed forces were called in. A force came and built a wooden stockade repacked in wagons. Veteran soldiers guard the camp and dig trenches. There is a priest, a wizard and a team of experienced adventurers part of the corp. They will later bring in convict workers to dig even more and beasts mining machines. Sometimes they drive troublemakers in a hole to explore and may earn the right to live. Important dignataries come and visit and a new commander is appointed at least yearly. A number of scholars help examine any documents or magic items found and the commander has a safe for treasure. A weekly convoy brings food and fresh workers. If the operation is long term rubble will be used to build a military fort to watch the site. They maintain friendly relations with superior adventurers with papers and licences. Scruffy types might be pressganged into exploring something.

Ultraterrestrial Visitation 
A strange magical fortress if her and strange occupants come out to explore. They are unfriendly and wary of natives. Possible types include d4 1=faeriland expedition with elf and goblin troops 2=changeling expedition seeking some relic 3=alien wizard her for loot and wizard battles 4=evil priest agent of the outer void with undead minions seeking a relic. When they leave they take their planar tower with them.

d12 Camp Features
1 Stockade where captives are sold to slavers. 
2 Cages where dungeon beasts are sold or butchered
3 Smithy 
4 Shrine
5 Trader
6 Tinkerer
7 Grog Shop
8 Brothel
9 Wizard
10 Storehouse
11 Kitchen
12 Stable

Dungeon Engineereer Corp
Forge, storehouses, barracks, officers quarters, mess hall, sorting hall,  target range, barracks, watchtower, armoury, workshop, shrine, stockade, whipping post. Drinking is forbidden on duty and drunkenness not welcome in caomp so some men go to other camps to spend wages. 

Next time I will work on what's underground. My sewer geomorphs might work well with them.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Dungeon Generator

I don't know why I have not explicitly done this since my Long Stairs days (which probably got me into blogging and gonzo retro dnd). I have updated this somewhat. I have juggled the portfolios of my dungeon zones. Ideally, each zone was to be a book back when I dreamed of publishing 8 years ago when I started. So here are a bunch of tables and checklists for dungeon designer for my Exile Island setting which I should probably update. Possibly I could just use Exilon as name and distinguish ancient and modern Exilon. So a few reasons for this project partly inspired by rebuilding my destroyed blog index. I had forgotten lots of cool stuff I had done. So If I wanted to make a dungeon on the fly from the ground up using my tables this would be the first port of call. I might do for a one-off for a Patreon adventure. Also in the Long Stairs game which (I will rebrand everything I did for that) you could wander between zones. I originally wanted to cover most kinds of adventure. 

Also can mishmash these and make multiple rolls. one of each d12 good for lair or a simple idea. Rolling two each is harder but helps make weirder stuff. Then go to my links page of my EMO stuff on this blog which is being rebuilt but has many dungeon zones d100 tables that might help. Rolling a few villains might help. I could rill up say five dungeons and link in a mini campaign perhaps with travel in between in a campaign or just place on maps. I have places no player would visit in 12 years of the current setting. Names have quite an effect.

My most recent idea has been inspired by Pompei doc about all the people who mined the ruins in years after the eruption. A thriving industry of plunder that would work well for a campaign. People digging, finding sealed air spaces and undead and possibly some high level wizards survived by magic or awake once opened.

d12 Dungeon Zones
1 Red Brick Dungeon - kobold built brick dungeon complexes are the most common type
2 Gothic Ruin - haunted mist-shrouded ruins of castles, churches & graveyards
3 Goblin Mine - goblins have riddled the land with mines now homes of humanoids & monsters
4 Strange Manor - haunted mansions and sprawling estates of time haunted decay
5 Castle Grim - sprawling titanic ruin built by giants and trolls, only degenerate giant kin remain
6 Desert Temple - great haunted ancient desert temple complex buried beneath cursed sands 
7 Lost Jungle City - sprawling ancient ruins in thick jungles full of dinosaurs and cultists 
8 Eldritch Age - prehuman alien ruins of things from the void and their vassal monster kings
9 Glacial Cavern - prehistoric ice caverns where great beasts and monsters of past survive  
10 Sunken CIty - great ruins of flooded civilisation in a terrible reef full of wrecks
11 Elderwood - faerieland forest where creatures live among the roots, inside trunks and high branches
12 Underland Chasm - mighty cavern and tunnel system with lost and fallen forgotten kingdoms

-----------------------------optional d20 bit-----------------------------
13 Shadelport
14 Exile Island
15 Hell
16 Xor
17 Planet Psychon
18 Broken Hill
19 Experimental Operations Command
20 SolSaga SF

I did have a castle kingdom war setting in mind but it never happened. I do want to focus on a more Pendragon type game set up the have land invaded. Was a gonzo time wastes zome with random mythos and Bermuda triangle 
junk. Had one inspired by native Australian content but I axed it for reasons and not my story to tell for other people to misrepresent. I worked in communities with clients and as an artist so it's probably hands-off. Most treatments in comics and RPGs are terrible.

I might graphic it up with some lists I can tick.

Dungeon Defence Condition
Green 1in10 on a d10 per Turn
Amber 1in6 on a d6 per Turn
Red 1in4 on a d4 per Turn

d12 Dungeon Ecology
1 Full of vermin and wild creatures that have occupied it, remains of failed inhabitants 
2 Humanoid tribe have occupied the dungeon and are still clearing it out
3 Humanoid tribe have occupied and modified dungeon and tolerate some other inhabitants
4 Humanoid force use this as a camp or a base but areas still untouched of abandoned
5 A party of adventurers are plundering the place as their claim but still mostly wild 
6 A gang, slavers, smugglers, pirates or some other criminal reprobates have taken over
7 An evil cult has occupied the site to find something or just to hide in past glory
8 Inhabitants claim descent from builders but have left areas untouched
9 Degenerate gibbering inbred remnants of the ancients live here now
10 The complex is haunted by undead remnants of the past
11 The complex is influenced by beings from another plane
12 The complex is partly on another plane and influenced by some spirit or planar being

So now I have a crumbling haunted otherworldly wizard manor built on a goblin mine complex to make. Cannibal creature descendants of the wizard guard the house and perform strange rites and hunt goblins below. A party of adventurers are trapped inside and have not returned


Slave plantation manor is overgrown by vegetation - but it is haunted by an angry deity of a buried axolotl folk ziggurat under the hill the house is built on. Thick vegetation, killer plants, animals and damned undead 
conquistadors haunt the ruined house and keep people away from the entrance to inside the hill. Strange creatures and people from the past come from the otherworldly tunnels inside the hill. Long gone creatures and inhabitants appear as spectral minions and illusions of the old wold.

or 2 die rolls but one a d20 for first one

Desert temple on another planet being looted by visiting humanoids

or 2 dice on each

Ruin of the elder ones  in a landscape of fleshy things and shoggoth life 
Adventurers are camped here to plunder treasure 
Degenerate creatures and animals many non intelligent smaller alien beings

Sunday 22 November 2020

d100 Dark Lord's Commands


Thanks for this recent vid. It spiked my hits to a high point and made me bother to d100 again. I had the lowest posts and ratings in 12 years so this and the swell of interest in this page has encouraged me. Comments encourage me. Telling me what you like and sharing how you use my content encourages me. Reading it quietly is nice but some useful feedback helps everybody win.

Remember when EHP was a normal abbreviation for EVIL HIGH PRIEST? Sorta hardwired into basic d&d with reversible spells. Also, EHP do bad things so look out for naughtiness ahead this post. I'm getting a bit more into reading 5th ed (not playing it). I have a dmg and monster book in the post to me and will try and pick up Volo's, Xanthar's guides. Tasha's book looks good and the magical environments is very me. Like like lots of stuff in this new book and the puzzle section has me interested as I hate puzzles. Morkendainens foes book is more lore Im not into as much but probably may get. It all started with Theros and Saltmarsh I got partly for the maps.  Considering some old-school modules I never had lots of the mid 80s modules and never sow some of these so looking at some pdfs to see if i want to hunt hardcopies.

Anyway here are some commands for that dark lord invading your world or up to no good. It might even just be some evil priest in a dungeon in black plate with a mace who dreams of being the dark lord or his servant. Or why not a dark lady with amazon orks in black with whips that carry away all the barbarian men. These are the sort of things orcs and evil templars or adventurers get to do in the lords service. Or perhaps these are the order the dungeon priest has been given. Or those orcs on the way somewhere who didn't want to fight. Or if your players need to have witnessed sone naughty acts so they can wear more black and be edgy you could roll here. Is edgelord a character class yet? 

d10 Dark Lord's Command Types
01 Take care of someone

02 Gather this material
03 Gather these experts
04 Muder these trouble makers
05 Recover these relics
06 Visit these wizards
07 Aid this agent of darkness
08 Spread hopelessness
09 Attack the state
10 Apocalyptic plans

d100 Dark Lords Commands
01 FInd everyone of this bloodline and kill them

02 Find this orphan and kill them
03 Find this person and drag them to me in chains
04 This old person is speaking against our interests so kill them
05 Find a certain pair of siblings, separate them and bring them here
06 This bastard child of a house may prove trouble so kill them
07 Gather up a dozen orphans for the priests to perform their dark rites
08 Go give this corrupt drunkard courtier these fell drugs
09 Kill this investigator sent by the d4 1=church 2=king 3=secret society 4=guild
10 Snatch this baby with a sign on them born under a constellation
11 Capture a mine and work it with slaves sending us all the ore we need
12 Go set up a lumber camp in the woods but beware elves finding you
13 We need slaves constantly, go fetch more for glory
14 Go take slaves and quarry the ancient black stone from the dark mountain
15 Go build a watchtower and cistern for when a great army will pass your way
16 Go dig dams and canals to channel waters to our lands and starve those seaward
17 Gather the rusted iron from the drowned army in the vast foul swamp
18 Go topple these ancient stones and bring them to our lands
19 Take idols from temples and demand tithes to keep their god fed
20 Gather the dead, keep in salt or vinegar and bring them to the dark cathedral
21 A scholar has possession of ancient texts, go get them
22 This smith knows a new method of hardening metal go fetch them
23 Theses men have the secrets of black powder and guns, size them or kill them
24 This priest has certain knowledge unfavourable for darkness to prevail
25 These adventurers may prove to be a problem kill them and bring corpses to us
26 Go give these magical gifts to these important leaders 
27 Go carry this gold to these guild masters
28 These priests have a map to a tomb where something we need is hidden
29 Give this gold to the wererats under the city as a gift 
30 Take these to wizards trading in items, let them buy them and think they it profit
31 Murder this young noble youth as they are idealistic and will be mighty
32 Murder this magistrate who acted against our schemes
33 Murder this mayor for refusing to accept our request
34 Murder this bard singing songs of hope in the most public and horrible way possible
35 Murder this wolf hunter who has killed hundreds of wolves and my werewolves
36 Murder this vampire hunter who has destroyed several of my servants
37 Go to this tavern and kill everyone and burn it down
38 Kill these guards so we can replace them with weaker more compliment ones
39 Kill this noble who can see through our agents lies
40 Kill this adventurer spy who is reporting on our agents to the crown
41 Recover these evil weapons from long ago in the crypt of this church
42 Open this great warriors grave and have them made undead to serve us
43 This famous weapon is kept by a trophy by a foolish lord, take it and kill some of the household as a lesson
44 A priest has been keeping a great treasure of ours hidden go find them
45 A champion of darkness lost this relic of evil in the deep go find it
46 A great lost treasure of mine was stolen long ago, go find it as it has called for me again
47 Knowledge of me is in a great hidden book in a ruined wizard tower, fetch or destroy
48 Go find these wild sacred beasts alive to me so all their kind will serve us
49 A body part of a great servant of darkness is hidden in a monastery go fetch it
50 A vial of blood from a god of darkness is sealed in a secret vault in a tomb go fetch it
 Go kill a wizard and bring their books to us
52 This wizard has refused my service, cause them harm and scare their loved ones
53 Go spy on this wizard council meeting when they discuss us
54 This wizard has something of mine from long ago in their tower take it
55 This wizard has given men hope and knows how they may obstruct me kill them
56 Go to the magic school and collect a book then give this to this wizard who vexes me
57 An arrogant wizard has sought to unite others against me they must be killed
58 Poison this sorceress so she does not join the coming resistance
59 This wizard who disappeared is really in hiding from me, find and bring them to me
60 Burn this library of wizard lore, it offends me
61 This bandit is an agent and needs help to destroy law and order in this area
62 This lord serves me and needs agents in a scheme against the crown
63 This guild has some trouble with the local law, give the law some other enemy 
64 This agent has been caught and is on trial as a witch, save them
65 These well-poisoners need fresh poison supplies behind enemy lines
66 This wizard serves me to go help them recover certain evil relics and watch them closely
67 This king has a servant who bends him to my will, go aid them this servant from court enemies
68 The master of assassins is running out of assassins and you are being sent to serve them
69 This vampire agent needs minions to help them operate in daylight and business
70 This lich needs some living servants to awaken barrows wights across the land
71 Attack farms and burn houses

72 Burn temples and smash graves
73 Take spawn of monsters to set free in civilised lands
74 Spread animal diseases to ruin farming and trade
75 Go murder people and horribly mutilate remains by crossroads
76 Plant seeds of evil trees and plant monsters and wicked spores
77 Capture and torture victims then set them free mutilated mutant wrecks
78 Deliver these hellstone gems to jewellers who will not be able to resist their influence
79 Enter the weakling kingdoms and raid behind lines as bandits and stockpile food
80 Take this wizard with you into the kingdom, make orcs or undead and build a force
81 Go break out prison population recruit them into a mob and recruit kings enemies
82 Target tax collectors and take their wealth in my name
83 Foul wells, burn fields and wreck fences to terrorise the country folk
84 Recruit kingdoms dispossessed and persecuted into a fighting force in my name
85 Go to the deep caverns and recruit an ancient evil to my cause
86 Suicide squad attack royal event just to warn them they are never safe
87 Take these carts of alchemical waste and dump in their cistern or well to make mutants
88 Take these scrolls allowing mortals to call demons and devils and sell them in city cheap
89 Sell these addictive cheap healing potions and the recipe throughout the kingdom
90 Get drugs and robes and unholy symbols to my secret cultists in the city
91 Go and slay these two giants prophecised to signal the end times when they die
92 Go take this volcano seed into the sewers of this city so we may destroy it and ruin the land

93 Go take this horn to this port town and use it to summon a great leviathan to ravage the coast
94 Go take this offer to this dragon and negotiate how much gold it wants to serve
95 Go attack this sacred tree that is guarded by druids and elves and walking trees

96 Help this mad wizard call down the fire sultan of elemental evil with this relic
97 Take this potion to the rat-folk king under the city and they will know what to unleash next
98 Open this forgotten Hellgate with this relic and allow hell to come forth
99 Take this book to this cult that they may summon their god to this world
100 This tablet has a true name of a demon of the deep, go drop it in this secret places they arise

Friday 20 November 2020

Spot Reviews: Castle Amber, Cthulhu & Apocalypse

6 days of bonus extra heavy lockdown because one person was a superspreader. So I'm blogging plenty, watching youtube, model making and reading. I've finished my moon room and hoping to work on rest of venue with some stencils. (Busted a guy lying so 3 days off this lockdown! cost the state billions but still hunting a cluster)

Call of Cthulhu:
Cyhulhu Dark AGes, Chaosium

This is pretty good and I felt it was a bonus that it didn't make my 1st ed feel obsolete or useless. By focusing on a corner of England I suspect many will find more digestible than a book covering Europe and more. Also probably easier to slide from dnd to this. No news of sourcebook. My only cranky thing is compared to other books in this lot are my 50-year-old eyes find it harder to read tiny serif font on toned paper. I've never been a fan of the texturised paper look and I thought Chaosium did it well. I like artists from other books work that helps fit all the times together. Nice adventures which is a must in a new setting and overall a good package probably better than the original and bonus for not deleting the past volume.

Darwins World: The Lost Paradise
Im still trying to grab Darwins world stuff and im a bit unclear about editions and versions. Still a few things I would love. It is one of the big three to me for post-apocalypse gaming with Gammaworld and Mutant Epoch. As usual figures in the art are wooden but functional and at least we had one. The insect race goons vs their queen made me cringe but creepy humans probably did engineer them. Expands previous books to cover north-west coast American continent. Its less wasteland and more green than all the stuff I've read through to date. More on indigenous people and local crazy factions. Consistently good and dense with lots of ideas for any post apoc settings. If my GW players ever get off Beaver Island and go west Id use lots of this. Gammaworld 2nd ed gave fantastic campaign detail for a year of ruincrawls and its a shame they never added to that first ruin setting every module in a new area. So probably Mutant Epoc would be the only other world-building in the mutant apocalypse genre. Sor some reasons more are coming out. A dnd5 kickstarter looks nice but still a bit glamorous and magical to me. Many new ones coming out fail to replace past efforts or ad anything new. I dislexicly read the name wrong until I wrote this and had it wrong about a year.

Punkapocalyptic The Roleplaying Game
So i got the KS as I thought it was punk and apocalyptic. After a look through I thought it reads more like a tabletop miniatures game. Then I looked online and found it was one. I also wondered if it was a boardgame for a bit. is the page for it and it has more atmosphere than the RPG. Art says miniature game which i thought was ok and grungy but other friends instantly saw as a turn-off. Physically the book is nice. The layout is fine though I'm not sure yellow paper is so great for everyday use (vs the coffee table hardback book world). As an RPG of an interesting looking skirmish game it possibly works. As a gonzo post Apoc genre RPG that fans of that genre go there is not a lot new here. The mission focus on an adventure makes sandbox structure surplus while exploration and survival is a feature of many games. Killing cool mutants and cults and nazis is a fun part of the genre too but this game focuses on that and the world-building is simplistic. It has pretty mutant monsters but not lots of resources for decorating or colouring the world. Looting is not so much a feature. If anything the setting feels like the Cursed Earth and Judge Dredd in lots of ways - high tech cities secured and fortified by the mostly ruined world. I get a sense of fun on the web page I dont get here ( It has more swearing than almost any RPG 16+ but it doesn't follow through on much more of that or earn it more than a cartoon. It does have a short adventure and lots of guidelines on missions and a bit of in-between tables. It has many elements I like but its probably not for me. It did get me interested in their minis products and model making. Not sure If I will keep it yet might try a few more times to get into it.

Castle Amber Goodman Games
This is the5th volume of the original adventures series and probably one of the best. I had some people say they don't get or like Castle Amber. This was Ravenloft before Ravenloft, it feels like an ancestor of Maze of the Blue Medusa and has ties to Clark Ashton Smith. It has ties to gothic genre haunted houses and Edgar Allen Poe but it is not a dungeon really. Its a big drug coma dream haunted house. You can avoid conflict and even help people or kill through everything though It would be deadly to do so. The adventure would take more than one session with the otherworld treks and could easily be run 3-4 sessions. I did a bunch of tables for genre stuff like this which I have had to rebrand for reasons so It has always been an interest of mine even though I never owned it till recently but had read it. If you read something 35 years ago and it influenced you Its worth a second look. So as one of the reimagining series it is one of the best. So only one edition of the module so only one copy of the original. Includes a gatefold. Adds extra floors and rooms using basic d&d monsters which I thought was a nice touch, Family tree and the section on a family with portraits was a great help. Its a good read and I gobbled up half in one day vs dnd5 mad mage I struggle to read any without passing out (which is good when my sleep out of wack). This book has nice big text and i can read easily without glasses in poor light so that's a plus I'm growing to like more. Id probably tie it with vol v then 2 then one with barrier peaks as the poorest of the series. I want to run it and look forward to being inspired by it again.

Sandy Petersen's CThulhu Mythos
As my players have got to Lv 12 and are starting to act like demigods this book will get used (I used in 3 days of getting it for a shoggoth stats). Its a bonus I have the Cthulhu Wars boardgame and lots of the minis as illustrated here which is a bonus. Wow its a good read and enjoyable and dense. I doubt Id use the races but I like ghoul the most. I do like the dnd5 race and class mods and It had me imagining dnd5 characters which I seldom do even reading dnd5 books (which im trying to grok again). Most of the book is monsters really. So I was surprised I would enjoy it and kinda would like to play a deep one sorcerer in the saltmarsh. I got 4 of the Ghoul Island books from their quarterly subscription service too. I was barely convinced by adds for these but I saw the 4 and the corebook in a bundle and grabbed it. They are not so amazing value. As they repeat content in every book and reuse art assets I'm unsure if even edited into one book would have impressed me more - about 30 pages of content per hardback a bit steep. They are pretty but have not grabbed me like core book did. Id likes to see the next series but I'm on hold for now. If you use slimy elder gods in your DnD this is a pretty good book for any version of dnd.

I also recommend Realms of Crawling Chaos for Labyrinth lord also. The mythos magic item tables are one of the best d100 things ever done an apparently I am an expert.

Thursday 19 November 2020

d100 Tavernkeepers Adventure Tips

d10 Tavernkeepers Tips Types
1 Local loner adventurers
2 Local shopkeeper jobs
3 Common farm jobs
4 Local crime
5 Troublemakers
6 Local news
7 Kingdom news
8 Old folk stories
9 Local mysteries
10 Strange stories

d100 Tavernkeepers Adventure Tips
01 That feller over there is a drunk town guard who got fired
02 That black-clad edgelord over there thinks they are a master assassin
03 That priest over their is after money and ive seen him beat people up
03 That old wizard doesn't say much but he often needs funny stuff delivered
04 That student owes lots of money and probably needs work but he does good research
05 That old drunk used to be a dangerous murder hobo is keen for drinking money
06 That bard is always moaning they want inspiration, they have enough money
07 That guy is a creep but they know where lots of humanoids lurk
08 That woman over there seems pretty angry and has a weapon, she might want a fight
09 That weasel-faced guy got rejected by the thieves guild and needs work fast
10 That big stupid farm lad could totally be convinced to try adventuring
11 Butcher wants some help with a special meat order
12 The blacksmith has a big order and needs workers for a few days
13 The stable keeper has a missing animal he needs to be recovered
14 The healer needs some herbs gathered in a bad place
15 Thefisherman is having trouble with a giant frog
16 The baker has giant rats trying to get in his storeroom
17 Local storekeeper has had trouble getting a few items locally
18 Local brewer found a cave with spring and wants it investigated
19 A passing theatre troop needs some extra hands for carnival
20 Woodcutter has been complaining of something terrible in the woods
21 Farmer needs help steering sheep
22 Farmer needs some short term labourers, food and board provided
23 Church needs some help with roof repairs again
24 Something has been trying to steal chickens and a farmer wants it stopped
25 Sheepherder says there is a new odd coloured wolf taking over the local pack
26 WInemaker complains some evil person is turning his wine to vinegar
27 A farmer found a cave in his field and a few boys and a dog said it was big inside
28 Quarry workers found a buried old ruin or a tomb and stopped work
29 A builder working on restoring a house has had workers flee the site several times
30 Many seasonal labourers have fled their camp claiming some kind of harrasment
31 A famous highway robber on horse with pistols has bee seen in the area
32 A gang of highway robbers have been stopping merchants
33 A thieves guild have taken the area and have a few spies around
34 A robber knight from another territory has been robbing travellers with minions
35 Humanoid robbers have been operating in the area
36 A troll has been charging a toll to pass
37 A goblin has been taxing vegetables from farmers for using the road
38 Murdered body found on the road in the morning and an investigator has been called
39 Several trinkets and coins have been stolen and have made people wary
40 A man is selling wonderous tasty potions that heal all ills affordably
41 A recent unwanted drunk has been threatening to stab people and they ate a stray dog
42 A seasonal labourer has been stiring up trouble demanding more money, sort them out!
43 Thug at the lumbering camp has everyone afraid of him
44 Farmer with three 
oafish huge lads has been picking fights, would love someone to humiliate them in publc
45 A mean merchant keeps price gouging locals on certain goods and blames bandits
46 A trapper who comes to town rarely was seen around the same time someone vanished, hope they can find them
47 Old couple who look after murder hobo orphans have been getting harrassed by someone at night and starting fires
48 Someone keeps vandalisind church breaking rooftiles and windows
49 Magistrate needs to meet with some outsiders for hire, must be some big trouble
50 A cabin of berserker have settled in a hut and are farming but paying no takes or rent, village want them out as they have beaten village bailifs and sherrif
51 Two clans of rich farmers are fueding and both are hiring muscle 

52 A child fell down a well and said there were tunnels down there
53 A great beast has been eating people preying on loners
54 Something has been howling in the forest of late
55 Something in the woods has sabotaged traps
56 Lads saw some kind of faerie woman in the woods and old people are worried
57 Some locals report a huge thing flying about at night
58 A local noble has been ill and the family are gathering anticipating a struggle over inheritance
59 The mayor has been acting strange of late and has been paying people for all kinds of deeds
60 Their is a cheaper healer the church dont like if you need it living in the woods
61 A war has broken out and men are being called to arms
62 Shortages of a certain item due to political tension
63 Kings men came through looking for a fugitive
64 Someone attacked tax collectors in area and the kings men investigating
65 A traitor is in hiding from the nobility and their is a reward
66 A new tax hits the land to pay for excesses of the rich and all complain
67 Nobles seem to be falling in with one of two factions over an issue
68 Smugglers in the area have huge bounties for whoever catches them with goods
69 Slavers are bribing nobility and operating despite the law
70 A certain monster type has been attacking more often and now all can see it is part of a plan
71 Old timers say they found some ancient tunnel under the village

72 There are standing stones nearby they locals say are best to avoid by night
73 Some of the local hills are actually huge tombs the old folk say
74 Some of the farmers find odd idols buried in the fields even ruins
75 In the old days some sort of evil camp was in one of the hills and shun it still
76 A great massacre in a hall happened long ago, nobody can explain who man or beast killed all at a feast
77 Old folk leave out offerings for some forest spirit who protects us from some evil
78 A thief with stolen treasure disappeared in the hills years ago
79 A robber knight and his band were killed in a cave and some say it is haunted now
80 A building in town was built on top of the old folk burned ruins
81 Lights have been seen in an abandoned biolding
82 Someone has been stealing cake and pie around the village
83 Children say some goblin has been trying to talk to them
84  Piles of dead meatless fish remains have been found near the stream and nobody knows what
85 There is an old mine shaft covered up, best avoided they say a few died down their
86 They caught the local bandits and hung them all but never found their stolen treasure
87 Someone has seen demihumans in the area looking for something
88 A mysterious traveller came here a few days ago waiting for someone
89 A scholar has come poking around old ruined tombs looking for something
90 A priest came here looking for some adventurers they were certain would be here
91 Best pass through this town, there is a phantom by night scaring locals
92 We have one room we cant rent because its haunted so we just store turnips there

93 Faeries dance on one of the hills at night but those who see them go mad
94 If you hear weeping by the stream at night just run away dont look back
95 Dont go near that old witch house, we had a terrible time with the witchfinder stopping her

96 Long ago people said there was a sleeping dragon who demanded a tithe long ago but it sleeps inside a burning coal mine abandonedlong ago
97 There are footprints of a devil near who came from a hellmouth long ago
98 One of the standing stones different to others is said to be a bound demon
99 The gravekeeper has been drinking lots, they say the graveyard is too haunted to sleep
100 A phantom woman has been seen at night perhaps she is some spirit

Wednesday 18 November 2020

d100 Treats offered by Imps from Hell

All you need is to sign a blood pact to the imp and you're ready to go with free magic gifts. If you want to renegotiate you will have to prey on the souls of others and perform tasks for the imps. Imps are happy to help you refinance these deals. Imps for a laugh might trick your desires and interfere with your joyful use of the gift and pop up to remind you all your prosperity is because of hell and nobody really loves you like hell does 

Devils being legalists do this the most and trade in souls and enslave them. Demons prefer to fight over them, eat them or use to make demons for minions. Demons prefer to not use trickery and law to get souls. Demons are mercenary and are often sent to snatch those breaking contracts with hell and occasionally demons try to earn a buck getting mortals to sell their souls. Such souls are low value usually drained by succubi and near worthless but it happens. Daemons collect larvae from demons and devils and it is less certain how night hags became the planar traders in damned souls in larvae form.  

Imps might be jerks with rewards and enjoy engineering ironic slaghter. But sometimes they might observe a candidate for a while as the greater the level the better the tool and the tastier the soul. Long games often require imps visit a hellcat who delight in advising but occasionally move in to "convert" a delightful victim. 

Sometimes when an adventurer is alone in a dark hole a hellcat might offer to help them and make a pact. A hellcat will follow around adventurers giving them twisted information to promote hell. They will happily aid you in reading those blasphemous texts or help locate a demon cult or minions of chaos. Doing the devils work can pay.

Use this on players when:
You visit a town full of cults imps just offer you stuff
You reach the first level an imp finds you
Resting alone after any recent extra horrific dungeon crime
Playing with cursed or evil stuff like books or relics
After spectacular grubbing for wealth or power that increases worlds suffering
After subnormal ignoring the suffering of others they could easily help 
After using the law and rules to be a jerk that results in death or tragedy
Use these for how the cultist got involved in a devil cult
Use this for some local trouble maker with problems in any village

d12 Things you can sell when you've sold your souls
1 Regular human sacrifice d4 1=monthly murder targets 2=innocent victim per year 3=bathe in blood once a season or become hideous 4=join  coven for a 
monthly sacrifice
2 Join a coven and aid the master's desires
3 Help hide a monster and cover-up its excesses
4 Always aid cultists in trouble
5 Murder a priest or holy person and defile corpse
6 Steal holy relics and surrender them to forces of evil
7 Go move into a dungeon serving master or become its ruler
8 Burn down a building once a month as instructed
9 Deliver messages from imps to people in your local area
10 Protect an evil location from meddlers or intruders 
11 Rob graves once a month as directed by imps
12 Recruit others into making deals with hell monthly to save yourself

Treats offered by Imps from Hell
01 Free beer every day for life, call a jug twice a day (jug vanishes when empty}
02 This tiny silver coffer full of gold worth 360gd!
03 This awesome fishing rod that will always catch 3 fish a day!
04 This spyglass that lets you see people as if unclothed!
05 This pair of crystal goggles that will reveal to your spirits and things from beyond
06 This ribbon that whomever you give it too will be charmed and marry you
07 Prayerbook can detect who has not preyed before eating or bed
08 Deed to a house (probably haunted by some monster)
09 Chance to spy on naked witches having a devilish orgy
10 A magic poodle that can get you a duck every day
11 A magic hat that makes everyone find you more charismatic
12 A magical tablet, if you throw into the sea, will call fish folk to do your bidding
13 Letter exempting you from all taxes your lords will acknowledge
14 This fully paid off home that could be yours (was owned by cultist in past)
15 This magic lamp gives you visions of wonders from across the world
16 This book the Diabliconomicon is full of secrets of the universe that will solve all your problems
17 We will grant you arcane powers and a great purpose in this world
18 Can send you devilish lovers to do your bidding once a month
19 A servant imp that can help you get many desires and teach you secrets of power
20 You can have huge muscles and fear nobody
21 Bring you hot stew every day and ham once per week
22 This slave brownie will make shoes and crafts and you can keep in your cellar
23 This donkey that will never tire or eat or age and haul goods all-day
24 This cat will spy on your neighbours and tell you their secrets for only a little bit of blood every day
25 A sack of rye from the fields of hell every month for life
26 This big fierce dog will protect you from any who wish you harm
27 This pig will increase your herd (turns meddling humans into pigs)
28 This pretty youth will serve you as long as you live in sickness and in health
29 This hat will let you take the form of others and live their lives for a time
30 This bottle has medicine that will make you stronger and fear nobody
31 This monster will be your friend if you feed it and let it kill your enemies
32 This spinning wheel practically works itself as good as having a skilled slave
33 This ticket and fine clothes will let you in this secret trident club for the rich 
34 This coffin holds a vampire who you can use against your enemies
35 This cultist will be your lover and bear you many powerful offspring
36 These three witches will advise you on all matters 
37 This sword will make you a famous swordsman (some weird property)
38 This monster head in a sack will make you famous and help meet noble connections
39 This letter proves an important person is a traitor, present them to the law and you will be a hero with gratitude of the nobility
40 This hulking golem will labour day and night for you
41 This harpy witch will be your ally and take you on flights by night where you please
42 We will aid you in matters love assured you to gain the one you most desire
43 This magical grinder lets you grind human flesh unto immortality medicine
44 This fast magical horse needs no food and will come when you call him 
45 This musket from the forges of hell will make you feared by lesser men and beasts
46 This shiny red gem desired by others will always return to your hands
47 This stash refilling tin of exotic drugs will give you pleasure and make you rich
48 This scrying ball lets you see the sufferings in hell of an enemy that you surrender to the power of hell so you can see the good work you do
49 This witch dagger can steal the life of another to make you heal
50 This egg will hatch a beast that will make you feared across the kingdom
51 This book tells you how to talk to dragons who will teach you secrets of the universe if you feed them

52 This portal to hell will have imps bringing you gold for wicked victims your bring in, think of the good it will do in the long run
53 This zombie will serve you faithfully (often use enemy or a family member)
54 This box of delightful candies will refill every day and make wonderful gifts
55 This small piglet may be eaten each day and will be reborn from bones the next day or just cut off what you need and the pig will heal the next day
56 This delightful orange cheese will help you sleep and make every meal better, it grows a little bit  each day and the red wax coating has the seal of hell on it
57 This werewolf will serve you and kill your enemies by night and as a servant by day
58 This book of hell teaches you how to avoid the lawful gates and prisons and escape, really handy if you go to hell when you die, which you probably are
59 Book with the names of attractive youths in service to hell around the kingdom you may call on to do your bidding 
60 Letter of scandalous secrets of the nobility if given to them will make you a trusted person and will be rewarded with many favours
61 Family tree showing you are to inherit a title  with a ruined castle and land 
62 This book has a way someone trapped in hell may be freed
63 These family members in hell will be given less infinite suffering if you comply!
64 For every cultist you recruit you get 1gp and you get to be big in local cult
65 This horn can call undead from hell to aid you when you are in trouble or need some murdering done
66 This dagger will restore your youth if you ritually sacrifice them to hell
67 Smother people with this cloak and gain some of their might for a while
68 This gold ring plane shifts you out of any danger in the world 
69 This awesome mirror has a trapped wizard inside who must answer your questions
70 This painting has a garden inside with a beautiful spirit inside you can visit and avoid the worries of the world if you use the special word
71 These beans will grow a great plant reaches up to the sky where you can just nab some sky gold, the plant won't last so be quick to get a king's ransom quick  

72 This pot will heat your meals without fire!
73 This contract is for a fortune in gold you will receive when you evolve into a noble devil in a few incarnations in hell from now, its a great deal saving you thousands of years, look you'll be thrall to one of the dukes of hell!
74 Help out this secret necromancer and he can help you and has lots of useless old treasure
75 Come and become a wizard! We think you can make it and we have low low only one soul in fees for tuition and fees. Think how cool it will be to be a wizard!
76 This map and letter will get you admitted into the service of this cult, go meet them, your business will do better and you will have strong friends 
77 Take this key to the old crypt and you will find a great treasure, take it and make up a good story of how you found it
78 This bottle has a bound succubus who will dance or tell spicy stories on command, whatever you don't let her out no matter what she says
79 This skull has the spirit of a wizard who can teach you some cantrips in secret
80 This rod can make you command others and here is this book that teaches non-priests how to do it
81 This wand can make potential lovers go to sleep so you can kidnap them easily
82 Shares in a profitable orphanage and position on the board
83 Shares in a profitable private prison
84 This ancient crown and where you can take it to the monarch, they will be grateful and give you power and prestige
85 This pack of dungeon supplies, armour and weapons will allow you to be an adventurer who nobody can tell what to do. Also a map to a local dungeon where your fortune awaits
86 This magic eeltrap will catch all the delicious eels you can eat
87 These magic clogs always keep your feet dry and cannot be stolen
88 This magical nappy means you will never need to go to the toilet ever again
89 This portrait of you will age instead of you and make sure nobody stabs or burns it
90 This magical dog pisses beer, the best you ever drank!
91 This magical bucket fills with water three times a day saving you lots of work
92 This magical potion will make you an ogre, no more pissing about, everyone who ever wronged you will pay

93 This magic potion will make you reanimate as an immortal zombie after you die
94 This magical wolf skin pelt will make you a werewolf. Wow! Nobody will talk behind your back then!
95 This wooden mannequin in a box will be your lover by night and can appear as a fair youth

96 This beast in a box can be set up in your basement and you can use it to get anyone who wrongs you
97 This baby crib keeps child from crying and whispers sweet nothings to them teaching ancient wisdom
98 This magic hatchet makes slaughtering animals easier than ever
99 This axe helps you cut wood and resist certain charms allowing you to chop any trees you please often protected by various pesky forest spirits, comes with a map of special trees to target in your first month
100 This magic seal will make your home repair free for a decade!

Pets & Peons Progress

Orcmaids & Elephants Elite Monster Mods
This is some stuff for quick start followers and improving them
Charisma and Class derived followers are different
Charisma could be anything or critter you try to befriend in play
Class followers are guys that turn up to serve you just for being mighty
-it's ok to settle your Fanclub till you call on them or make them
-its ok to run a business or a household with your followers off screen

d12 Typical Common Zero Level Pets for 1st Level Characters
1 Dog AC3 d4 HD Bite d4 Mov12 skill d4 1=track 2=guard 3=attack 4=+3 Mov
2 Goat AC3 d6 HD Butt d4 Mov12 skill d4 1=milk 2=guard 3=porter 4=climb
3 Donkey AC3 d6 HD Kick or Bite d4 Mov12 skill d4 1=alarm 2=attack 3=porter 4=flee
4 Cat AC3 d4 HD Shred d4 Move12 skill d4 1=catch vermin 2=sneak 3=hide 4=evade
5 Bird AC3 d4HD Claw&peck d3 Mov3/18 fly type d4 1=owl 2=hawk 3=parrot 4=crow
6 Monkey AC3 d4 HD Bite d3 Climb 12 skill d4 1=dance 2=throw rock 3=alarm 4=theif
7 Huge Spider 
AC3 d4 HD Bite d3 Climb 12 venom does d4 damage and makes silk
8 Snake AC d4 HD Bite d3 Climb 6 venom does d4 damage silent and sneaky
9 Large frog AC3 d4HD Mov 12 Swim 12 act as an alarm if fed and set down for the night
10 Giant rat AC3 d4HD Bite d3 Mov15 
Skill d4 1=steal 2=track 3=messenger 4= alarm
11 Rabbit AC3 d4HD Shred d3 Mov 15 very alert
12 Ferret AC3 d4 HD Shred 23 CLimb 12 good at hunting vermin in holes like rats and rabbits

d12 Typical weird Zero Level Pets for 1st Level Characters
1 Halfling AC0 d6HP Throw stone d4 Mov 12 zero level youth cooking and eating skills
2 Dwarf AC0 d6 HP Hatchet or light crossbow d6 Mov 12 zero level has mining skill 
3 Elf AC0 d4HP Shortbow d6 Mov 12 zero level has spot skill and one cantrip Lv0 spell
4 Gnome AC0 d4HP Crossbow d6 or hammer d4 Mov 12 has survival skill
5 Ratling AC3 d4HP Knife d3 Mov12 Climb 12 sneak and hide skill
6 Frogling AC3 d4HP Javelin d6 Mov12 Hop1 Swim 12 has fishing and swimming skill
7 Brownie AC3 d4HP Tiny Bow d4 Mov 12 hide and sneak skills
8 Goblin AC0 d6HP Stick d4 Mov 12 Skill 1=shroom farmer 2=servant 3=labourer 4=miner
Kobold AC3 d4HD Mov12 Skill d4 1=pit fighter  2=sneaky 3=crafter 4=servant
10 Gremlin AC3 d4HD Mov12 Climb 12 +1 on any save if carried and eat lots
11 Animated doll AC3 d4HD Shank d3 Mov 12 doesn't breath or speak, tiny golem
12 Larvae AC3 d4HD Bite d4 Crawl 6 malicious evil human-headed worm from hell

d12 Typical Common Zero Level Followers for 1st Level Characters
1 Shepherd AC0 d4 HD Mov12 cloth, club, sling, spot, beast handling skills
2 Servant AC0 d4 HD Mov12 cloth, staff, grooming and etiquette skills
3 Sailor AC 0 d4 HD Mov 12 
cloth, dagger, sailing and climbing skills
4 Squire AC4 d6 HD Mov 12 leather, knight shield, spear, sword, backpack, grooming skill 
5 Bandit AC3 d6 HD Mov 12 leather, shortbow, staff and survival skill, sack, tent, bedroll
6 Guard AC4 d6 HD Mov12 leather, small shield, spear and club and spot skills
7 Archer AC3 d4 HD Mov12 leather, shortbow, survival & spot skills 
8 Minstrel AC3 d4 HD Mov12 leather, dagger, instrument, music lore & begging skills
9 Farmer AC0 d4 GD Mov12 cloth, club, farming and plant lore skills
10 Scribe AC0 d4 HD Mov12 cloth, dagger, scribe and calligraphy skills
11 Priesthood initiate AC4 d4 HD Mov12, first aid skill, staff, one cantrip and bottle of holy water and holy symbol. Idealistic, preachy and a bit judgemental but means well
12 Apprentice wizard AC0 d4 HD Mov12, read ancient, staff, knows one cantrip from a book with clean, candle, brimstone, ignite. Desperate for spells and tuition and a new master

As you level up to pick one of these for your mooks without character classes
+1 Mov
+1 AC
+1 Art or Arms or Language skill
only choosable once
-bump damage dice up
-extra attack

Humanoids, Abhumans, Demihumans
So your typical 9-12 squaddies are green with a veteran and an elite
Two squads get a Sub-Boss to command them
A boss will command at least four squads or a level

Heroes require 50-100 mooks to support them
Champions require 200 mooks to support them
Superheroes require 1000 mooks to support them
-often are tribe war leaders or act as independent adventurers
-often will declare they are king of dungeon or area
-might wonder with followers visiting various dungeons or on quest

Basic HP per d8 HD - orcs, goblins, hobgoblins
1-3 Noncombatant immature, old, feeble, sick or injured bump damage down one step
4 Trained militia or basic training, some fancy regiments might have no experience
5 Green  trained troops have seen action a few times
6 Seasoned has served several battles and been on a campagn
7 Veteran adult with experience in war for many years
8 Elite the best elite troops a force can produce
+1 per die from 13 CON Tough
+2 per die from 16 CON Hardy
+3 per die from 18 CON Durable
Also, have better morale 

Hobgoblins have a +1 Con bonus/die
Goblins have a -1 Con bonus/die from being puny but veterans or better lose this
Bugbears all have +1 Str bonus and 15 Str (+2 and 17 Str if Boss)
Ogres often have +3 Str bonus
Sub Boss 
min 2HD 
13 Str & Con
+2 arms or art skills
+d4+1 languages
+1 follower or pet or bodyguard
+d3 Potions
13 Str & Con & Dex
+3 extra arms or art skills
+d4+2 languages
+2 followers or pets or bodyguards
+minor magic item usually a weapon or armour +1
15 Str & Con & Dex 
+4 extra arms or art skills 
+d4+4 languages
+4 followers or pets or bodyguards
+d2 minor magic items usually weapon or armour +1
One score 17 rest 13-15
+5 extra arms or art skills 
+d4+6 languages
+6 followers or pets or bodyguards
+d3 minor magic items usually a weapon or armour +1
One score 18 two at 16 rest 13-15
+6 extra arms or art skills 
+d4+6 languages
+12 followers or pets or bodyguards
+d3 magic items usually a weapon or armour +1
+1 fancy magic item with name and legend

Max Boss followers = HD
Max HD/Level up to two less than leader
-Followers mostly loyal kin, family, lovers, specialists or magicians
-Pets include mounts, hunting beasts, messengers, guards, etc
-Bodyguards exotic elites or allied monsters like ogres or thouls or troll

Monster Saves (for stat based saves)
Any “strong” animal gets full Str save
-weak animal might have only half or none
Any “Quick” animal gets full Dex save
-slow animal might have only half or none
All get full Con saves
Int saves to detect threats or natural hazards but not solve problems
Normal animals and creatures get half Will saves
Only very pretty of cute animals get full Cha benefits 
Magic beasts and planar monsters get full stat saves