Thursday 18 July 2024

d100 Petty Urban Problems

Ok more of last post but more urban flavour

also these are good to get to know a town
many offer a coin or some produce reward

d10 Quick Types
1 Errands 
2 Chores
3 Messages
4 Poverty
5 Crime
6 Vice
7 Violence
8 Questionable
9 Guilds
10 Magic

d100 Petty Urban Problems 
01 Take this basket of goods to granny's house
02 Buy these ingredients and I will give you some of the final product
03 Find these items in local junk shops
04 Take this bag of vegetables to a member of the guard's wife at home
05 Take this bag of kittens to the ferryman
06 Take this old pony to the knickers yard and bring back the money
07 Go buy these ingredients for dinner
08 Take this crate of empty beer bottles to the brewery and bring me a new one
09 Go find my impudent child and tell them to come home
10 Deliver these pies to my customers my delivery boy is sick 
11 Please peel these vegetables for a feast 
12 Butcher this pig, please. I think I know it too well
13 I need to sand and varnish these boats by tomorrow for a bog client 
14 Can you watch my lazy apprentices for me and carry this stick to look more authoritative
15 Can you mind my shop while I quickly nip into an alley for illicit sexual encounters
16 Can you carry those bales to the merchant please our donkey was stolen
17 Can you search the muddy low tide for a valuable idol my mother threw out
18 I need this wood chopped to cook all this extra food we have
19 Please help row this boat to market
20 Can you lead this horse to my stables
21 Take this letter to my sweetheart
22 Take this letter to my wife at our home then escort her to this house
23 Take this letter to this wizard tower
24 Give this legal notice to this merchant from the guild
25 Take this bill to this storekeeper
26 Take this order for goods to the guild house and get a good deal
27 Take this note to the guardhouse captain immediately its urgent
28 Take this will to the priest so the church can stop other heirs from robbing the estate
29 Take these legal documents to the clerk of a guild
30 Take this letter to the guard captain so he releases this person
31 Urchin cries that parents gone and they are hungry

32 Legless toothless beggar has an expensive tattoo of the party on chest
33 Chased by the sick asking for medicine or healing or money
34 Starving man offers to do honest work for food 
35 Starving sick parent tries to give away or sell child
36 Child catcher chasing feral kids or any children really
37 Beggar king asks you to guard this alley and don't let gang members through
38 Beggars want a youth gang of bullies scared away for robbing local homeless
39 Recruit some workers from the homeless but don't start a riot of the jobless
40 Man offers to sell self to slavery to adventurers as a debtor for upkeep
Take this bag of coins to the shifty goblin on the southern road by the gibbets
Visit this person in prison and slip them this lockpick
43 Carry this bag to a sailor at the docks, don't let anyone follow you
44 Help these masked vigilantes frighten this official to drive them from town
45 Help these men start a bar fight in this tavern, here is some beer money to start
46 Keep this berserk barbarian drunk from coming here, nobody understands them and its unclear whether they know what our business is
47 Guard this public toilet from teen vandals for a few days
48 Watch for pickpockets playing the market and start a hue and cry against them
49 Stop these thugs threatening shopkeepers for free goods
50 Help a man out of this drain and then out of town past the guards
51 Creep asking about a missing sex worker hiding a few days in an area offers a finders fee
52 Deliver these packages to the strange old man in this apartment address, avoid local gangs who would kill for this
53 Take this man to a bathhouse but don't let him out of your sight or let anyone touch him then bring them back
54 Take this potion to the son of the bathhouse attendant by nightfall
55 Get two sex workers of a specific type and put in this lords carriage unseen
56 Get my son out of this whore house and spending my money
57 A gang of vicious dandy rakes have taken over an underground club and need to be chased away before more gather and they start abusing prisoners
58 Gang members trying to recruit prostitutes for tours of frontier mines and locals want someone to stop pestering their kids with wild promises of pay in gold nuggets
59 Go get this priest out of whatever drug den or brothel they are saving souls in this week
60 A terrible wizard pimp has locals terrified and he has killed a few attackers. His apprentices on the street use illusions to fetch higher prices and undercut the honest traditional workers from their craft. If only someone would take him down a peg or two
61 Go start a fight with this gang who beat my old pa
62 Get in a fight and get in lockup, give this lockpick to this prisoner, then all escape
63 Find a pit fighter and sponsor them in a match against Killer Makgruder to teach him not to pay debts
64 Take this horse to a fighting match and bet this money on it and return
65 Go to the gladiator arena and cheer this fighter, bonus if you sway the whole mob to cheer for them
66 Vandalise a cultist shrine then flee
67 Burn down this old building
68 Beat up the squatters in this old house if they don't leave
69 Distract guards with a fight while men sneak past
70 A noble has a hired duelist to defend him and he lords it over everyone, someone teach this noble a lesson, best distract the duelist
Take this crate of rum to this particular tavern, whatever you do don't let a taxman stop you, if they do say it for yourself
 Go tell the urchin catcher there are lots of feral children in the park today
Deliver a bottle of grog to this guard but don't let anyone see you, pretend to be a drunk if anyone does
74 Throw rocks through these windows and don't get caught
75 Beggars complain of foreign ascetics begging for food and looking more sympathetic, need to scare them off beggers turf or get them to join the guild 
76 Take this poison to the Goblins-Out society who plan to reduce goblin numbers and offer coins for goblin heads 1cp each. Claim goblins are weakening human vigour
77 Lecture to orphans how adventuring is dirty dangerous and full of murder hobos to scare them off the depraved lifestyle
78 We need a good fighter to fight a duel for its rich young bigmouthed fool
79 Drunken soldiers have been threatening locals and live in a townhouse. Someone need to make them use manners
80 Rabid dogs and giant rats in the area need killing
81 Warn a merchant he is selling non-guild goods and may be banned from town
82 Collect these horses from a merchant who owes us or get the cash they owe and an advance
83 Fisherman not paying guild fees and breaking catch limits needs his boat sunk
84 The muleskinner guild needs this new donkey cult stopped. They recruit with free beer and meals and ignore guild rules
85 Wizards guild needs witnesses that students are drinking and having wild parties against school rules of purity and devotion 
86 Torturers Guild Here a crime guild has been hiring out interrogators and need to be warned off the legitimate torture trade or join the guild
87 Merchant Guild has a spy leaking caravan information to a bandit
88 Fishpackers guild and fisher guilds are feuding. Someone get their leaders to sit down over some beers and negotiate
89 Shopkeepers Guild claims urchins are robbing market stalls and to help urchin catchers round up the pests into an orphan workhouse
90 Leather Guild need to dump some waste, take this cart and dump the barrels probably away from water
91 Test this magic potion
92 Fetch these weird ingredients for a rare spell scroll ink
93 Recover a missing student spell book
94 Fight this summoned creature a few rounds to evaluate their eficacy
95 Feral kobolds are in my master's basement stealing magic potions please stop them
96 A wizard's favourite pointy hat or staff or familiar is missing
97 Priest has a thief located who took church ritual items, get the items back before he sells or moves them
98 Alchemist wants to know what monsters are in sewers, don't take any risks identifying them is plenty. Especially mutant ones
99 Orc shaman wants ancestral skull back from rich merchant with a collection of orc body parts in a cabinet to impress friends
100 Priest suspects a cultist is in the district and wants sinister night travellers followed until convinced just regular criminals and drunks and perverts

Tuesday 16 July 2024

d100 Petty Good Deeds & Are Adventurers Social Workers?

Vol 1 and 2 of Chagrinspire will have big updates this week
1 will have art and fonts fixed
2 will have the room entries for 200+ rooms done and some spot stuff

I have been prepping for new homebrew EMO game and playtest and need stuff ready for that
I have a 6-page PC sheet and will do 1 page version for starting out
the idea at 1st can have 1 sheet once you hit 5 use 6pg a5 booklet then a4 booklet when that gets too small

I am still overlooking the whole basic sheet and wondering what to strip
Id like to have another bash at EMO lite for Xmas

My Automaton class rewrite (formerly 50s robots now being redesigned to make fantasy golems or scarecrows or other weirdness). I have mostly Zero 1st and 2nd Leval app lists done and might publish them here soon. Mutant revision after that and alchemist class.

These bigger projects are a bit harder, and require more attention span and editing (yes i can be worse). I make big frameworks to fill and then have to maintain the effort to finish possibly stupid or overreaching. Doing more of this stuff does cut into my Blog making time. I also need a break from these projects too thus today's post. Possibly, I will make a frog book as a break compiling every frog post.


So what is the opposite of a murder hobo?
Do you help every villager with fetch quests?
Do you help solve the love problems of every peasant who asks?

If you're good and more roleplaying less murderish more chatty players. The village of Homelet in the Temple of Elemental Evil is full of them. They may have some risk but they make you get to know everyone and help you get a level ahead and even some magic and handy NPCs or love interests. 

These sorts of adventures are a bit wasted on high-level adventurers.

"Help find my goat Miss Nancy she is my favorite"
"Take 100 gp and by a bunch of goats or retire"

Actually, your followers can do some of this stuff and help your reputation 
Maybe your party could have a bunch of followers to clean up all the problems of every town 

Maybe build a monster orphanage ready for that dungeon you're going to cleanse of evil

What happens when villagers become totally dependent of players and don't want them to leave to another dungeon. Encouraging marriage and buying property helps adventurers stay. or come back. A village might understand departing heroes off to save the universe or some worthy cause but will all make a public spectacle of remorse.

d12 Dependant Village Plots
1 Get someone in the party involved in pregnancy and marriage in the village,. villagers might present youths to villagers like cattle or hold a dance. Older but still hot locals are waiting in the wings with booze if the youths fail 
2 Offer bar tab and local service fees to party and amas a huge debt, offer everything on tab and avoid saying prices and offer outrageous luxury items even vice. Gambling might be another angle
3 Report any local monsters or other local adventurer locations in the area in hopes party stay longer. If desperate will fake it with giant fake feet or costumed elders in folk costumes
4 Leave fake clues around of a cult near adventurers, turns out local cult is uncovered or troubled by this evidence. Locals beg adventurers to save them from this peril before witch hunter called in
5 Give party members official jobs or party without much responsibility but require notification to leave. Sherrif or Millita captain or church roles might help. If no local wizard declare a party member the official one. They might even offer accommodation and other perks like a bar tab and a horse
6 Local priest tries to convince the party and to set up schools and businesses in the local area to keep wealth safe then go adventuring so you have a safe home
7 Villagers build a monument or shrine for adventurers and sing songs about them, if adventurers leave will wail and throw themselves to the ground begging
8 Give the adventurers a huge key for the community making them official key holders with official civic duties but including lots of good food and drink at meetings
9 A dedicated local is a spy for locals and is helpful to adventurers seeking to become close or even travel with the party. Will sing nostalgic songs about home to make adventurers nostalgic
10 Local judge declares adventurers are witnesses in a court case and must remain in area and report lodgings. Judge will stall and write up court warrants demanding they report to sheriff daily. Badly injured adventures will be helped and imprisoned for their safety and brought food by attractive eligible locals 
11 Secretly someone afraid of chaos taking the village tries getting heroes addicted to drugs in a mad effort to get them to stay. The drugger accepts fate tearfully apologising and many locals are tearfully sympathetic. Drugs from bottles promising to keep husbands at home from the city sold by travelling brush salesman
12 Offer them an abandoned building at a low low price, d6 1=haunted by poltergeist 2=home of giant vermin 3=brownie lives in rafters 4=stove troll lives behind stove 5=invisible imp lives here to spread evil and find people to sell souls 6=used by a cult for murders in the past just untidy with cult stuff and some blood

Villainous forces will not like problem-free happy people and will plot against the character's schemes for reform with spies and saboteurs. 

d12 Sabotage Plots
1 Infiltrate an agent within to spy and select targets for sabotage
2 Threaten suppliers with violence or market massaging
3 Bring in a bandit gang to cause trouble, find them a hideout 
4 Infiltrator joins workers and sours morale and slanders good guys
5 Encourage a cult to move into area and cause trouble
6 Fund a criminal guild to be set up and profit
7 Poisoning d4 1=beer in pub 2=water 3=animals 4=VIP food
8 Find an abandoned dungeon or cave or ruin for monsters to move into
9 Encourage a cult or necromancers to raise dead in the area
10 Spread disease d4 1=fleas and rats 2=taint food 3=taint water 4=livestock 
11 Infiltrator damages equipment, storehouses and building projects
12 Bribe away skilled labour with an agent specialising in this

d10 Deed Types
1 Find stuff around the farm
2 Recovery of lost stuff
3 Locate stuff on land
4 Witch Mania!
5 Charity
6 Haunting
7 Crime
8 Beast
9 Love
10 Weird Chores

d100 Petty Good Deeds
01 Find a special herb or food from the forest
02 Gather this mushroom only visible in the forest at night
03 Catch me a turtledove so I can give it to my sweetheart (possibly in a pie)
04 Find what creature got in the barn and stole grain 
05 Poison these vermin-infested locations
06 Some creature has been sucking blood from animals at night
07 Gather a load of firewood for cold elder
08 Find a missing farm cat  
09 A favourite chicken or duck or goose has run away, save her before foxes do she may have babies
10 Some sheep panicked and fled a shepherd offered cheese for each beast returned
11 Get my garden tool from my neighbour
12 I dropped my stick down a drain please find it
13 A goblin took my departed lover's ring please return it
14 Please get my goat back from another farm, it keeps going there
15 Help move this huge rock out of the way
16 Help dig up this buried stone with writing on it in the garden
17 Go and kill some vermin in the basement
18 Help demolish this old farm building I think something is living in it
19 What's in this huge hole in my garden?
20 Help beekeeper raid a giant bee nest without hurting bees
21 Find what is down the sinkhole a dog fell down
22 Locate any unusual altars or shrines in areas possibly used by cutting close to the area
23 A child lost a trinket of parents and searched desperately
24 Look for burrows of giant vermin nesting in the area
25 Find out who has been stealing sheep
26 Find out who among seasonal workers is stirring up trouble
27 Who keeps stealing our border stones? 
28 Some say a creature lives in the local woods that explores the village by night
29 Several people say one of the village goats can talk, think of the attention our village would get with a talking goat
30 Find out if any more of these strange meat plants are growing in the area
31 Did a villager cast a spell on someone or their livestock? investigate quietly please
32 An elderly loner with pets has been accused of witchcraft go find evidence
33 Villager is sure there is a crazed feral man cannibal living in a cave
34 Some report a naked old person in the woods possibly a witch or lunatic
35 Villagers report a mischievous child did a crime but nobody can identify which child and people cause each other wildly. If only someone could find which child. Or is it a witch child?
36 An agent of the witch hunter is passing through and some ppl need to keep an eye on him in case cultists attack him in our area
37 Is that old ruined house in the woods a witch house?
38 Someone has seen hooded people with lanterns by night and is afraid
39 A local man has made wild threats about witchcraft. Magistrate needs someone to interview sworn witnesses for court to support or denounce the man
40 Strange petty pranks around the area, confirm if it is supernatural
41 Elderly person with horrible feet needs medical treatment
42 Blind beggar with sad story asks for charity
43 Village idiot tries to get people to look at a hole he found and locals just mock them
44 Drunken old war vet begs for a job
45 WIdow and d4 orphans begging for a place to stay willing to work
46 Old person seeks a good lodger who can help her with household chores and pay
47 Child has an accident and is badly hurt and cries for help
48 Orphan whos parent was on an adventurer has not come home is getting hungry
49 Old drunk survived years as a slave to evil dwarves too traumatised to do much except drink needs some sort of help people say
50 Some cold monster children were seen by sides of road their family killed probably, maybe someone should help them
51 Find out what is in sealed crypt under church so priest can re-sanctify it if needed
52 This place has a horrendous crawling undead hand that nobody will face please get it
53 Who has stolen several bodies?
54 Human bones have been found near an old graveyard, see if their are any disturbances
55 A slow plodding thing has been stalking around houses by night upsetting dogs
56 SInister figures have been seen in an old forest burial ground, go see if haunted
57 Spend a night in the spooky old house to prove it is not haunted d4 1=mureder house 2=demon house 3=ghost house 4=witch house
58 Travellers have seen a rose creeper vine-covered skeleton with a sword and shield searching among bramble hedges for something and I'm scared for my children
59 Several people say they have dreamed of the same spirit is it true?
60 A haunted old mine has had noises come from within, go take a look to see if it is serious
61 Who stole my goat
62 Someone in the tavern is a pick pocket
63 A robber rook my arm bands from my grandfathers time please get the theif 
64 Sherrif needs some able bodies to find a gang of robbers and catch them
65 Bard from the crown reports information on smugglers and tax evation is worth a reward
 and gives a wanted poster for some old adventurer who don't want to pay
66 A horse thief has been menacing the area please catch them and bring back the horses we need
67 A money lender from some gang has been in tavern and is getting lots of locals in trouble drinking and gambling, please drive them away, locals cant be seen to do it 
68 A bailiff and his beadles went to get a man summoned by the judge and he has been resisting. Please help them catch the man holed up in this old crypt  without anyone being hurt
69 A guild spy from a non local crime syndicate has been in the tavern, if only we knew why?
70 Some locals are sure someone local is a secret policeman in disguise looking for traitors, finding them would be best if we knew and could make use of this
71 A tall humanoid was seen in the forest watching us what was it?
72 Local scholars looking for stone monuments with writing from the old times, needs help talking to villagers who might have dug up the odd stone or statue
73 Man wants guards while he meets some non-human species to trade in the forest
74 Catch an unusual lone wolf stealing chickens and small pets
75 What is that howling creature over the stream we hear at night screaming?
76 Hunter needs some helpers to kill a dangerously wounded bear foaming at the mouth
77 Trapper wants some help checking traps as he has seen humanoids in area
78 A boar wounded a man and someone needs to kill it
79 Giant frogs in the creek needs catching, man from city pays 40gp a live frog
80 Some kind of huge flightless bird creature scared some children please find out what it was
81 Take this love letter to my forbidden sweetheart for true love
82 Help me write this love poem im having trouble with a few lines
83 Young maids want help getting into a bards room, can they get your help getting into his room or to get close to him, offer flattery and a kiss on the cheek in public 
84 My dad hates my lover could you help show him what a wonderful person my love is
85 Ive become obsessed by goblins could you take them this letter for me, don't make any violence, its a map to come to my house
86 Help me win this contest to impress my love
87 These two old grumps would be great together if they only could make up their old beef
88 Find the father of this unborn child, the mother wont talk talk to her widowed father who is trying to press charges or get money 
89 Please convince this bard to play at a wedding, we have some savings
90 Young lovers fled the village please stop/help them
91 I need someone to collect all the beer or potion bottles in town for the brewery that is running low
92 Old man knows the place to catch magic fish, if you could just fetch him one, don't take too many of the water faeries get mad
93 Could you clear out my attack, It is full of my amateur alchemist grandfather's rubbish
94 Could you recover this book taken by a former apprentice
95 Place these secret chams on every house to keep away monsters and spirits, if people know they don't work
96 Scholar wants accounts of various spirit sightings villagers had years ago, maybe someone knows the truth or if the spirit is around
97 Take these bottles of bound spirits a ghost catcher left and get rid of them somewhere outside of area
98 Could you go to the woodcutter camp and check they are not all werewolves
99 A potion was stolen by someone and the owner needs it back for a specific person
100 Dropped a pamphlet that might be illegal can you get it back? d4 1=treason 2=demonic herasy 3=porn 4=slander of nobility


Friday 12 July 2024

d12 Chagrinspire Packs

These are some loot bundles you could buy or find in the field or on the corpse of your victims

d12  Chagrinspire Packs

1 Tribal Pack
Leather sack with fur cloak with hood, hide skin clothing, flint knife, flint scraper, stone hand axe, fishing hooks and line, 6m rope, week of dried meat and ground seeds, wooden bowl, wooden spoon, waterskin 4L, sling, 30gp tooth necklace, d4 12gp animal skins, bag of tinder and charcoal. May include leather armour, clubs, flint and stone weapons, often a preferred missile weapon like javelins, bows, blowpipe, sling
2 Scavenger Pack
Canvas backpack, patchwork old clothes full of pockets and straps, week of dried beans and dried meat, string bag of d6 items of scrap metal, groundsheet, small one-person tent, sleeping roll, waterskin 4L, prybar, small spade or pick, knife, can opener, d4 gold teeth (1gp each). Cloth armour. clubs, hand axes, machete, light crossbow or light d6 musket with bayonet 
3 Trooper Pack
Cloth backpack, millitary uniform of cloth, mess kit with cup, pot, spoon, knife, folding trench tool, bayonet, hooded mask or gasmask, first aid kit, sewing kit, cigarettes, 5 tins of beef stew, two kg of army biscuits, 2L canteen, boot polish, rag, bottle of rum, d6sp. Musket and bayonet, officers have a cuirass, sabre and a flintlock pistol instead
4 Crusader pack
Canvas backpack week dried cheap rations, bottle or wine, bowl, spoon, rain cloak, holy symbol, garlic, a box of candles, book of common prayers, holy water, knife, dagger, lantern, d6 cp. Commoner has light armour and a spear or staff, and possibly a bow or light crossbow. Noble wears a chain, shield and helmet according to rank and wields a sword. some holy orders use mace or other weapon instead
5 Mutant Pack 
Filthy rags and bandage clothing, dust mask, cloak of garbage for hiding in wastes, d6 sacks, seven days of swamp cabbage and dried rats, glass bottle of water 1L, knife, rabbit trap, glowing luck charm, first aid kit of filthy bandages. Wear cloth and usually carry a dagger, 2x javelins, a spear, club, hand axe
6 Bandit Pack
Cloak with hood, cloth pack, weevil-eaten beans and smelly old meat for d3 days, 4L water, knife, wooden spoon, tin plate, wanted poster from the homeland, 3d6cp 3d6sp d6gp. Wear leather armour, carry a dagger, bow or crossbow, shortsword or spear 
7 Mercenary Pack
Cloth backpack, cloak, fashionable clothes with rips and bows, bottle of beer, pewter beer stein, mirror, hair wax, shaving razor, tinderbox, pipe, silver knive & spoon, block of cheese, loaf of bread, week iron rations, 4L skin or wine, six torches, purse with d6xd6 gp. Wear an iron chest cuirass over cloth or plate armour, helmet, use a two-handed sword or pole axe, flintlock pistol, dagger, sword 
 Knight Pack
Cloth pack, court clothes, travel clothes, a tankard, a bottle of wine, ball of cheese, leg of mutton, a loaf of bread, an apple, knife,. letter of introduction from a noble, 3d6 xd6 gp. Poorer knights wear chains and carry a shield with a spear and sword. Richer knights wear plates and will have another favourite weapon like an axe, flail, or mace. Typically a squire and horses carry camping gear, more weapons or a lance 
9 Barbarian Pack
Hide pack, hide clothes, fur cloak, helmet d4 1=horns 2=brush 3=beast face 4=beast crest), knife, dagger, hand axe, wooden cult figurine, dried rations for a week, 4L wineskin, wooden beer stein, d6-1 mummified wizard heads, six torches, 3d6sp. Most wear leather and carry a spear, sword or battle axe. Some tribes use a composite bow, lasso, lance
10 Explorer Pack
Cloth pack, rain cloak, two weeks dried rations, 4L water skin, a bottle of rum, parchment and scribe kit for maps, d4 maps, compass, telescope, 100cp in bead trinkets to trade, 3d6sp d6gp. May wear leather but mostly cloth, carry sword, dagger, bow or light musket
11 Cultist Pack
Cloth pack with hooded robes, d4 days of army biscuits, water flask 1L, knife, ornate sacrificial dagger, unholy symbol, small evil figurine, crystal, astrology chart, incense, pipe and a d6 hits of lotus resin, blasphemous pamphlet, 3d6sp. May carry a sword and a crossbow or musket, and leaders carry several flintlock pistols. Wizards carry a +1 dagger and d4 scrolls
12 Black Sphere Pack
Cloth pack with uniform, sleeping roll, tent, week canned rations, can opener, knife, spoon, fork, pocketknife, trench tool, gas mask, 2L tin canteen, 3d6 black sphere script credit notes worth 100sp each at approved stores. Most wear only a steel helmet but officers, sappers and cavalry may have a curias. Most carry a bolt action rifle with a bayonet, and officers carry a sword and a heavy revolver. Sappers may have pole axes, maces, flails and shotguns. Other firearms exist but ammo is rarer 


13 Secret Alien Pack
Seamless survival suit with detachable pod pack, hand scanner, wrist communicator and computer. Wear a 10HP defence shield pack that lasts 10 rounds per hour, an invisibility field pack lasts 10 rounds per hour, a teleporter pack used per hour 100m range, a 
crystal tuning fork stun pistol or chrome laser pistol (all tech items last a d4 days without recharge)

14 Rocket Trooper
Leather flight suit, compass, one L water flask, binoculars, radio pack, binoculars, handcuffs, chocolate bar and pack of cigarettes with metal full helmet, dagger, medium automatic pistol, often use rocket flight packs, the submachine gun with two drums, two smoke grenades

Thursday 11 July 2024

1956 Marvel Weird Investigations

Chagrinspire vol 1 and 2 up and getting more revisions
over a hundred gatehouse dungeon rooms in next instalment 

Recently game heroes have been taking up cases of UFO investigation that the government has had problems with, So this is for these situations, Will use ideas from previous tables in this series.

In my campaign, Russia and USA had a handshake in space as a response to the constant UFO activity and alien infiltration. Aliens are helping humans develop mass media, suburbia, supermarkets and freeways. Nuclear armaments and power in space is classified as high priority with capitalists and communists operating but the USA wants 3 nuclear warships in space. A nuclear orbital interceptor is being built for 4.7 billion dollars to chase UFOs. 

Found a Venusian heretic colony and a ruined city of the old ones with a mega shoggoth. Blew up caves and almost got lured through a time portal by some starfish-headed elder race gone feral looking for dinner. Shadow shot found an alien orb that drained his reason and added to his strength. Plans to recover from this with karma earnings in the game as its a saving for strength at the cost of being thick for a while.

Increasingly humans find aliens helping and hindering their efforts in space travel. 

One player divided aliens into these 4:
want earth kept a reservation for poor simple human interests
want earth kept 
a reservation to keep humans ignorant savages
want earth an open world and humans to join the galactic civilisations
want earth an open world and its species available for exploitation  

Also This Table

d12 Alien Soldiers
1 Cloned or surgical composite human soldiers
2 Cyborged or implanted human soldiers
3 Mutant humans with strange powers, most hideous 
4 Zombies or shambling reanimated human corpses 
5 Super soldiers who might be living among the superhuman community
6 Replicant synthetic humanoids to infiltrate, kill and replace humans
7 Humanoid machines or androids using human equipment
8 Space mercenaries or alien star legion of varied species
9 Changelings liquid shapeshifter infiltration unit can adopt human form, melt when exposed
10 Cyborg or robot soldiers

 Alien clone infantry in power armour 
12 Alien clone soldiers 
in mecha battle pod or tripod

d12 Alien Soldier Kit (common kit, better exists)
1 Marine Armoured space suit Ex armour with coms
2 Gd Flight pack
3 Gd energy pistol and gd energy truncheon
4 Ex-energy rifle 
5 Rm heavy energy weapon (area explosive blast)
6 Forcefield projectors or shield drone start from Gd 
7 Rm energy grenade drone
8 Ex paralysis grenade drone
9 Gd gun drone some are Ex
10 Gd energy truncheon or force sword or energy whip
11 Smart Missile Tube In often 2 shots & armour piercing
 Heavy Rm power suit with flight and Rm energy weapon

d12 Alien Minions
1 Humanoid 6m tall Rm robots with heavy energy beam
2 Pack hunting quadruped scout like d4=raptor 2=cyberwolf 3=robot panthers 4=
3 Monsterous alien animal with dangerous super power d4 1=rhino shoots lightning bolts from horn 2=laser eyed space dragon 3=acid squirting giant space slug 4=
4 Flying drones d4 1=energy sphere 2=hologram 3=robot bird 4=crystal orb
5 Wheeled robot with energy weapons and tentacles like an indoor tank
6 Swarm of insect like drones can attack shield, build and other tasks
7 Transforming mecha can absorb machines and vehichles
8 MIB - hybrid, cyborg or changeling agents for dealing with humans with human tech
9 Mutated Monster with powers possibly once human and highly varied from creature to creatiure
10 Non material entity from overspace can possess targets and use bodies as tools, humans damaged by such beings unlike superhumans
11 Dimensional beings from overspace can teleport and pass through walls
12 Kaiju monster awakened or controlled as a weapon 

d10 Types
1 Disappearance
2 Heists
4 Mob violence
5 Mad fiends
6 Disaster
7 Espionage
8 Paranormal
Close encounters
10 Invasion

d100 1956 Marvel Weird Investigations
01 Jimmy Kribble child of the Agate 
family jewellery estate has been kidnapped by mysterious persons (its heir-jumping relatives)
02 Ace reporter Sylvester Newton on the crime beat has been missing for 3 days 
03 Criminal accountant Donny Canelone is on the ru and several gangs looking for him fearing the feds might make a deal with him
04 Quirky orphan Buster O'Brady has not been seen in days by anyone and other urchins are asking if anyone has seen him
05 Starlet Lana Leopold has been kidnapped from a film set by mobster fans for blackmail
06 Charity fund manager vanishes with fortune
07 Radio news gal and everybody pal, Monika Sellers was snatched from the studio live by masked gangsters
08 Gang tried kidnapping jury members on a case to help their boss
09 Government investigator of air crashes disappeared from own home
10 Guard from top secret airforce x-base has gone AWOL and must be found
11 Gangsters have been on bank hold up spree, several times a day
12 Casino has been robbed and gangs searching town for the theives
13 Someone dug into a bank vault and took all the gold bullion, they used some kind of machine and had tiny feet
14 Daredevil masked motorcyclists have been raiding criminal gambling houses
15 Thieves tried to steal a cursed Egyptian mommy awakening the monster 
16 Crooks steal a robot and use it for raids on technology labs and supervillain evidence lockers 
17 Secret files stolen from the research lab and safely opened by mysterious means
18 Criminals raid a retired superhero base for gadgets, vehicles and weapons 
19 Thieves steal a mysterious relic found in prehistoric alien ruins
20 Super criminal thief dares heroes to stop them by a certain deadline on television and radio
21 Killer shot a police prosecutor and mayor wants the gang responsible stopped
22 Foriegn assassin rumoured to be in town for a hit but people only know the killer's trade name and nothing about them
23 Killer shot an airforce general working on X projects
24 The Puritan Killer, a vigilante killer tried to kill swinging new sensation and heartthrob Seymore Jones. and all the hip-swinging devil music pedlars
25 Drug crazed beatnik with knife stabs several people on the street
26 Gangster who shot a cop in the back holed up with a hostage in a gas station
27 Mob boss killed starting gang war as accusations fly wildly, was started by a ex mobster wanting revenge. If heroes on trail frame them for gang murders
28 Drunk driver on rampage hits pedestrians
29 Drug addict nervously holding up people with zip gun, and will shoot if anyone sets off paranoia
30 Mob hitman attacking bouncers of one crime syndicate, who sent him?
31 Gang of angry locals chasing a teen mutant see in area
32 Teenage gangs brawling some have improvised weapons
33 Teenage gangs racing hotrods and dangerous driving
34 Mob enforcers wipe our rival gang wedding
35 Armed gun battle in street between rival gangs
36 Car chase with rival armed gangsters battling
37 Strange new theme gang of psychopaths increasing violence and territory
38 Anti communist vigilantes meeting in street to burn and smash anything fishy
39 Racist secret society in hoods marching proudly in bizarre uniforms with guns
40 Local vigilantes have caught a possible criminal and plan to execute them
41 Cabbie Killer murders a cabdriver and takes their heads somewhere
42 Canibal Hobo a serial killer roams the streets and preys on the homeless or anyone who looks funny at him
43 Procrustes killer makes deathtraps in people's beds on a vindictive killing spree. People say has a lair where he makes and tests the killer beds 
44 Paranoid man shoots people convinced they are secretly aliens, sees more the more he looks
45 Clan of cannibal farmers on the run after Horror House raided
46 Corpses disappearing all over city theories include cannibalism, undead, cults or scientists
47 Super powered madman has been attacking people who they think wronged them
48 Influential commie beatnik cult leader has been kidnapping and drugging attractive teens and killing people who try legal action on them
49 Sinister murder house strikes again police sure its a serial killer 
50 Gang of bikers raiding small crossroad country roadhouses and tormenting locals, kidnapping and robbing them
51 Arsonists starting fires near defence docks
52 Cargo ship was sunk and cargo stollen, fishermen claim it was taken by Davey Jones 
53 Aircraft crash and mysterious men in black investigating wreckage looking for something, the plane saw some strange lights before crashing
54 Bushfires in hills around city and volunteers are helping efforts and even crime drops
55 Power failure and gangs loot shopping districts
56 Research lab sabotaged and creates a superhuman freak that goes on a rampage
57 Industrial accident activated a victim's mutant powers
58 Truck lost some isotopes and some creatures and people have been maimed and mutated
59 Scientists have created or released a monster or some strange life-like force
60 Someone tried to steal parts of a nuclear weapon and managed to walk through walls and kill with a radioactive touch
61 Spies on the run from authorities with secret missile plans
62 Agent killed trying to sabotage a cargo rocket, more are expected 
63 Plastic surgery duplicate infiltrators of a foreign power have targeted science, millitary and government
64 Foriegn spy was meant to meet a superhuman agent and died before naming them, now the spooks wanna know if a mole super human is at work
65 Foreign agents running a brainwashing camp in secret disguised as a camp or 
66 Superhumans are being questioned for unheroic activities in public hearings
67 Delegates meeting to plan future alien defence were attacked on the way by a saucer, someone linked to the project had an alien implant that could be used to trap the enemy 
68 Clinic has been brainwashing victims to be unwitting spies
69 Secret spy school for freelancers has been established in secret by a former disgraced spymaster
70 Scientist who was wildly speculating on some madcap idea has been kidnapped and whoever it is probably will want to move him. Now the authorities are interested in his work
71 Cults chased by police sacrificed a lawyer
72 Students performing a strange ritual from an old book claim to have summoned a star deamon that is now murdering the summoners one by one 
73 A gruesome seal hunter ghost from colonial times has been murdering and killing people on the coastline
74 A paranormal presence in the city is agitating supernatural beings and spirits increasing in recent sightings. Mad street preacher warns the end is coming
75 A ghostly astronaut has been seen at the space centre scaring personnel
76 Shambling slimy creature has been seen by river docklands, some say it is th ghost of Old Hamish McGruder
77 Hell house home of a former devil cult seems to be somehow, lashing out and killing people mysteriously and newspapers are sending in journalists for the night. The cult of the demon have started a ritual nearby to help the journalists
78 Cultist unleashes alien space demon on enemies
79 Someone finds an ancient creature imprisoned in secret and accidentally released it
80 A cult have placed monoliths around the city to summon their dark lord or some mindless cosmic behemoth from beyond. The cult is rich and have uniformed goods and a villainous champion who leads their raids on museums and libraries
81 A psychic on TV claims to talk to aliens
82 A lighthouse has reported lights at sea
83 Airliners have been buzzed by strange lights
84 Someone saw a saucer with humanoids inside looking out
85 Farmers saw a humanoid in a strange breather suit appear during the mists their town has been getting
86 Strange fog covers town and every adult woman has a miracle pregnancy
87 Alien seeds grow from a meteor and terrorise several people before the horrors of weakness is discovered
88 Astronaut trying to land being buzzed by flying saucers
89 UFO shot down by airforce needs to be held until the army arrive
90 Antarctic crashed alien saucer found under the ice
91 Alien pests, growing masses of alien fungus or vegetation, giant bugs, robots, monolith crystals or vermin grow out of control part of alien terraforming. Possibly are tests or a on sentient invasion
92 Aliens operate apartment complexes to farm people for their babies
93 Saucers attack civic monuments and kidnap earthlings
94 Alien super humanoids come to test how powerful earthlings are in a battle with the greatest champions of Earth
95 Alien troop exercise with infantry with support mech or assault vehicles 
96 Aliens arrive to build a portal for their invasion fleet
97 Mass exposure of aliens in disguise in infiltration missions or hybrid colony
98 Alien predatory hunters come to blast humans into bloody splatters for fun and trophies
99 Saucer lands and demands leaders surrender, it works sometimes 
100 Alien giving people superhuman powers 

Wednesday 3 July 2024

Extra Kobold Kill Carts

There are two PDF books of Chagrinspire on my recent patreon page now

The entrances of Chagrinspire are huge concrete ramps making a great place for waves of rolling kobolds who live for speed and wheels.

Extra entries for what started here:

I'm thinking of a beer and pretzels battle game of Kobold kill cart colosseum for mobile gladiators with some obstacles to jump over and something to score points.

Kobolds often have pets with them, especially goats dogs and chickens. They don't like hogs and trade them to local orcs if they steal any from humans. More forest-living kobolds use deer or boar or wolves. Kobold berserks will climb onto a goat or the yoke to attack enemies also.

The goat-using kobolds here are more barbarians but some of these will work in a dungeon

Reports of various Chagrinspire wasteland peoples raiding civilisation have been commonplace and sometimes explain why civilised soldiers travel the doomed wastes. The kobolds who use the stuff here only attack places with nice roads and footpaths. Flail and chain-wielding kobolds are not allowed inside chariots.

Many chariots have support skirmishers and pets surrounding them to keep away infantry. Mostly chariots hit and run. They also carry troops sometimes to the front of battle or to help withdrawals. Chariots vs fleeing opponents are very effective. Berserker kobolds may replace another troop type on a vehichle. A priest or spellcaster may replace the hero and cast spells but is usually trained to lead the crew and cast while mobile.

Skill manoeuvres
for roller skaters, sk8boarders, scooters and other vehicles 
Charge - move full Mov and attack
Speed - can increase +50% on level ground, up to double down 45 degree slope, +sign on Mov rates below vehicles indicate may use this
Jump - can jump an extra d3M and get +1 damage on melee attack if jump at the enemy
Swerve = +2 AC or agility save vs threats
Survive a crash without stopping
Stop without destruction or damage at above half speed

i need to add a turns rating per vehicle type also and revise all these in the chagrinspire pdf book 

Acrobatics, tumbling, wallrunning, climbing (for assaulting vehicles) and other skills are common with skaters, scooters, etc   

Roller Bomber/Suicide Skater
AC +3 HP 2 Mov 12+ Bomb 2d4 Morale 11
Rollerskater with a cast iron black powder bomb with a fuse and a clay pot of charcoal. Will coyly approach looking cute and harmless or charge so even if dead might get close. Many wear a loincloth and holy symbol and many scream devoted prayers while attacking. The bravest in advanced kobold groups will last attract a rocket to the back and are called roller rocket rangers. These double the kobold speed for a d4 rounds but they require a skill roll to survive the acceleration without crashing and exploding.

Skate lancer
AC +3 HP 3 Mov 12+ Javelin d6 Morale 8
Rollerskater with a javelin or two, may throw one while charging, x2 damage if charged with a javelin into a target. Most carry a knife too. Some carry a d8 longer lance instead they call pikes but really just a 2-h spear but the reach is handy but loss of ranged attacks.

Roller Gladiator
AC +5 HP 5 Mov 12+ By Weapon Morale 8
Roller gladiators were ugly heavy spiked armour with knight-like visors they open to see better or yell abuse. Gladiator types d4 1=2x d4 dagger attacks 2=d6 shortsword & buckler 3=d6 flail and buckler 4=kobold size 2-h halberd d8

Skate Blader
AC +3 HP 2 Mov12+ Ram Morale 7 
Skateboarders who charge close to ram (2d4 damage) or stop and use boards with both hands to club enemies for +1 damage. The boards have axe like blades for hacking and ramming.

Common Blader free hands are for: d4
1=d2 throwing rocks 2=d3 throwing knife 3=burning torch 4=bolas
Gang boss or champion hands are for: d4
1=crossbowpistol with poison dart d4 2=small flintlock pistol d4 and knife d3 3=incendiary 4=grenaide

Female Furies
AC +4 HP 2 Mov12+ Weapon Morale 8 
Female skating team who specialise in capturing enemies and taking the fallen in battle. In garish leather studded uniforms, they use the following weapons d4 1=net 2=lasso 3=bola 4=mancatcher and all carry knives d3. They use teamwork and if one snares a person others will help hang on and dogpile the target. A trapped target will be bound and carried away or stabbed

Light Goat Chariot
AC +3 HP 10 Mov18 Weapon and goat ram Morale 9 
1mx1.5m wide
Goat chariot with room for two, the driver who may hurl javelins or uses a whip or make drive rolls and a hero with a kobold bow d4 and light mace or axe d6. Mostly wood and whicker with iron axle, Mostly they pepper the enemy while mobile and the hero defends the chariot from borders. This size work well in a dungeon corridor and has a fighting footprint of a human in battle. Goat AC +3 HD 1 HP 4 Mov 18 Butt d4(x2 charge) Morale 7 (if not controlled). May carry two extra skirmishers for short periods to retreat or deploy.  

Heavy Goat Chariot
AC +5 HP 10 Mov18 Weapon and goat ram Morale 9 
1.5mx2m wide with wheel scythes
Goat chariot with two goats, a driver, a hero archer, two fighters who may dismount, throw javelins or use them to make charge attacks for double damage. All crew also carry a shortsword or handaxe. The wheels have sword blades the driver can use to attack for 2d4 opponents close to the sides. The goats have extra armour +1AC and the crew all wear leather. Such a chariot often has a dozen skirmishers. Goat AC +5 HD 1 HP 6 Move 18 Butt d4(x2 charge) Morale: 8 (if not controlled)   

Heavy Battlewagon
AC+6 HP40
 Ram 3d6 or Trample 2d4 MOV 9 8mx2m wide   
Six goat powered rear drive under covered shutters yoked behind an armoured cabin. The battering ram smashes through doors and the crew can fire from inside until abandon the vehichle and release the goats. Working goats (AC+3 HD1 HP4 Mov 18 Butt d4) can be taken to safety or could be armoured battle goats  (AC+3 HD1 HP6 Mov 18 Butt d4 x2 with charge). Crew use non-gunpowder as it is too cramped so most will use repeating crossbows d4 or shortbows d4. All crew in leather with a hand axe or shortsword with shield and will form up in a turtle formation while a few may even ride goats. This thing does not respond to fancy driving but parking and steering the ram require a roll.  

Kobold Seige Tower 
AC+6 HP20
 MOV 3 Various
1.5m x 2m wide 1m tall base with a 2m high 1.5 x 1.5 tower in the front 
They are pushed by 8 kobolds on the ground floor in leather with shields and shortswords if they evacuate, with four kobolds with repeating crossbows inside and a commander on the top who often throws javelins, grenades or incendiaries and wears plate +7 armour and carries a small flintlock pistol d4. These help kobolds get superior fire arcs over a battlefield. Can be pinned to a location with iron spikes so big people don't push it over and you can stab them

Kobold King Steam Tank
AC+10 HP 40 Mov 3 Cannon 4d6 & Flamer 3d6 2x3m
Smoke belching clanking tracked war machine. The gun has various shells including d6x smoke (12m circle), 2d6+12x standard 4d6 or 2d6x explosive  (4d6 and 3m circle area, save halves damage. The flamer is a 30 degree cone 6m long and has 10 shots. A hatch in top for the commander who carries a revolver pistol and a shortsword. There are 4 gunners, two drivers (L and R), an engineer plus 12 infantry with muskets with bayonets and gunports for them.

Kobold Hang Glider
AC+0 HP5 Mov 12+
A single kobold skirmishers often carry a grenaide or incendiary, unskilled pilots make suicide dives and often die landing or making basic manoeuvres. Kobolds tied to giant kites evolved into these which experts use to make surprise attacks or bombardments. The more advanced sort include a leather flight suit and helmet, and carry a rocket to double their speed for a d4 rounds but require a skill roll or lose control the whole time

Kobolds might hijack gnomish machines like airships and mole machines or armoured cars

d12 Kobold Heroes (X = HD equal to PCs}
1 Prince Krull - chariot hero with a belt of ogre strength 18 and a +2 Returning Hammer, lives for glory and challenges worthy enemy hero to a duel or one on one battle, AC+6 HD X Mov12 Hammer d4+5 Morale 11 +2 to subordinate morale Command Radius 16
2 Boran Dorkmoon  - Goat riding hero of the waste and his dozen kobold berserk thralls +1 sword and shield can summon a dozen magic 2HD kobold elites from kobold Valhalla. He is on a typical barbarian mission to kill wizards and destroy literacy AC+3 HD X Mov 15 Battle Axe d8+1 Morale 11 
+2 to subordinate morale Command Radius 17
3 Finn McFishfingers - Hero of the Lakeland clan with amazing fishfolk like powers somehow. Has a +2 trident that user can speak to fish when holding. In water dangerous as can breathe water and move freely. Often has a marine ally or mount but on land usually d4 1=giant crab 2=giant cave lobster 3=Tako octopus fairy 4=giant otter.  AC +3 HD X Mov12 Swim 12 Trident 6+2 Morale 10 
+1 to subordinate morale Command Radius 11 to marine creatures only
4 Lotta Thornsthigh - harlot heroine who rewards heroes after battle and who makes lusty threats at human size enemies. She leads a team rollerskating of female furies who finish off downed foes and kidnap some for BBQ or torture. AC +3 HD X Mov 18+ Jump 1 +1 Phalus club d4 or her poisoned whip d3 Morale 11+1 to subordinate morale Command Radius 15, carries a knife and slave manacles and has pendulous breasts. Expert kobold midwife who can double tribes reproduction and survival rate
5 The Five Wise Guys - quintuple siblings who travel the world helping kobold technology, alchemy, guns and koboldium. They meet rarely anymore.  Each carries a double barrelled blunderbuss and has six small flintlock pistols d4 and fast draw. Often uses incendiary and grenaides and often command a vehichle. Levels as wizards AC+5 HDX Mov 12 Silver dagger d4 Morale 9 +1 to subordinate morale Command Radius 9
6 Captain Scourge - pirate leader and expert with cutlass d6 and dagger style d4 and carries a brace of six small flintlock pistols d4. Has a kobold heavy battlwagon shaped like a ship with a swivel gun 2d6 on top deck. Is very flashy with gold teeth and nipple rings and a big hat with a feather. Will poison blades and has rogue levels. AC+3 HD X Mov 12 Sword d6 and Dagger d4 Morale 10 +2 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 18
7 Kavnar the Ratlord - is a druid with an affinity for rats who rides in a pulled by giant rats and carries swarms or rats instead of spearmen. Will summon more pets and buff them with spells to fight better. Weapons carry disease taints. Has kobold berserkers following as bodyguard on foot AC+4 HD X Mov 15 Sword d6 Morale 11 +1 
to subordinates morale  Command Radius 12 of rat like beings
8 Zordan the Blood Master - is a murderous maniac in a chariot pulled by giant weasels while he carries a +1 knife of wounding d3 is a priest of a blood god and may command swarms of bats or leeches near water
9  Drakar the Airlord - has a pet wyvern raised from an egg, carries a crew of 8 kobold archers, while he throws javelins. Will use as a flying missile platform and drop off archers to strategic points. Has two javelins of lightning and a ring of shocking grasp one use a day AC +4 HD X Mov 12 Shortsword +poison 
Morale 17 +2 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 14
10 Korbar Vulcrum Goat Lord - has a max HP riding goat and leads goat riding lancers. Carries a small flintlock pistol d4 and hurls frag grenades AC+5 HD X Mov12 Shortsword d6+1 
Morale 10 +1 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 16 
11 Princess Stone - rides a velociraptor she raised from an egg and also has other pet dinos she can summon with her yodelling. Her giant pterodactyl is also frequently used but a siege glyptodon pops up sometimes. Has a throwing bone +2 club d4 and magic +2 leopard skin armour. AC+6 HD X Mov 15 Claw d4x2 or club d4+2 
Morale 10 +1 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 13 
12 Queen Crow - necromancer-priest who uses powers to conjure zombies and skeletons, the dead kobolds are treated as honoured ancestors enemies are defiled and used as cannon offer. Her raven feather cloak gives her bird and back form three times a day. Her chariot is drawn by ghoul goats and are ravenous for flesh. AC+4 HD X Mov 15 Staff d6 Morale+9 
+1 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 9

d12 Kill Cart Arena Hazards
1 Bonfire best avoided or jumped d6 damage if passed through
2 Pit 3x3m opening with 10 foot drop and d4 1=spikes 2=rat swarm 3=owlbear 4=green slime
3 Ramp adds 3m to jump and +d6 damage on ram or crash damage if fail skill roll
4 Cage if anyone comes within  3m releases d4 1=wolvesx4 2=2d4 stirges 3=rust monster 4=flailsnail
5 Surprise jack springs car d6m in the air requires drive roll to take minimum damage. Low ceiling rooms may have 1in6 chance of +d6 spikes on the ceiling
6 Pop up wall d3m high triggered by 3x3m square in front cause cars to crash
7 Pop up spikes triggered by 
3x3m square in front cause wheels to take 2d4 damage
8 Hidden trapdoor pops up if crossed releasing a d4 1=gelatinous polyhedron 2=salamander 3=giant gekko 4=ogre
9 Mud pit looks normal dirt on top but is quicksand, strength roll to escape or aid from outside
10 Teleporter pad  3x3 square if crossed will vanish and appear on a second point at a random facing (d12) often placed near a ledge or other hazard
11 Water feature 3-9m with 30-degree slope that can slow vehicles and hides a special hazard d4 1=shoggoth 2=angry chained fish folk warrior with trident 3=marine zombies d4 won't leave water and hide in the muck to draw people in
12 Fear Circle any passing needs a morale check or panic wildly and make driving check 

Playing Kobold Kill Cart Colloseum
I recommend 2 players buy 30 points each = 1 HD of heroes, kobolds, pets or vehichle crew or +1AC of a vehichle

A referee can run monsters, crowds and the hidden hazards  

maybe i need to make a bunch of wargame tokens