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d100 Thieves Guild Missions

Sequel to my wizard school post. Guilds often give members missions but may also hire outsiders for some matters like not being seen to have members involved. Missions about more than stealing to somebody. I'm thinking of putting guilds, schools, temples companies in my setting with various benefits for members and 10% tithe.

Possible Benefits:Free training for level ups included
Access to libraries, craftsmen, magic item sales, specialist hirelings, expert advice
Pay your ransoms but you must serve them for 7 years if you cannot pay back
Loans with periods of service for those who cannot pay
Legal and medical aid

d100 Thieves Guild Missions

01 Beat up a night watchman by the docks who bothers lots of members
02 Take days earnings from a shop refusing to pay guild protection
03 Break into second story of a bankers townhouse and steal a letter from his desk
04 Find pick pocket from another gang in guild territory and punish them but don't kill them
05 Rooftop burglar from a rival guild has been lured to a rooftop robbery in a sting 
06 Find a way to enter a building possibly an assassins guild
07 Deal with the beggars court and negotiate working with the guild and not with rivals
08 Give a bailiff in the way home from the pub a warning stab but don't kill him
09 Hold up a wagon just outside of town with contraband brandy
10 Shoot an arrow or crossbow bolt and the sewer inspector to scare them when with family
11 Help kidnap some drunks to sell to desperate ship crews
12 Hold up a merchant on the way home with a knife just to scare him
13 Kill or kidnap a magistrate's dog, usually with him or in town house
14 Trick and rob wealthy youths for their dandy threads then leave them gagged and bound
15 Steal a horse from a nobleman who rides daily
16 Steal payroll of a quarry or building site
17 Seek in sewers for who killed some guild members in their secret sewer hideout
18 Cross a body of water at night avoiding the watch with a tax free cargo
19 Replace a minor nobles weapon with a copy by a certain date
20 Burn down a cottage at midnight as a warning to some one
21 Threaten various youth gangs writing graffiti over your guild gang signs
22 Thief not in guild operating in Hay street, picking pockets, robbing houses and shops
23 A rival gang has taken one of your gangs concubines and the boss wants them back
24 A rival gang are meeting ours in a alleyway to discuss turf, we need extra hands
25 An artist needs kidnapping and minding for 4 days then release him
26 Burrow into a cellar through the sewers for another party to enter a townhouse
27 Infiltrate a work prison to break someone out
28 Silence all the guards in a watch tower by a certain time and date
29 Scare a town councillor for his safety so he votes in a way the guild needs
30 Infiltrate caravan guards then help bandits take the goods and merchants prisoner
31 Recruit a youth gang to operate in a area and drive out non allied youth gangs
32 Capture a boat at the dogs and replace crew with guild allied one
33 Raid country house of a noble and kidnap him for ransom
34 Set fire to a pirate ship then recruit surviving crew into the guild
35 Raid a rival gang controlled bar, stab the rival gang members and scare the patrons
36 Leave a dead goat in a local councillors bed as a warning
37 Beat up a restaurant owner in front of customers and family
38 Monks are moving a relic, perfect time for a holy heist, disguises provided to get close
39 Strongbox of gold and bank records being moved on a armoured coach needs robbing
40 Kill leader of upstart new gang as a message
41 Steal a wizards book and familiar and hold them hostage
42 Black mail a city wall guard using his family so he helps guild schemes in future
43 Kill a bounty hunter who has been interfering in guild tasks
44 Kidnap a bard after their show and throw them out the kingdom
45 Steal the poor box from the bishops baggage when they visit another temple 
46 Kill several rival gang star members and leave evidence to blame another gang
47 Test a trapped tunnel section in sewers protecting gang territory from rivals
48 Inter-gang skill contest needs champions and stewards for contests
49 Dig into the castle dungeon to free a gang member
50 Steal jewels of a visiting noble woman from a far away land
51 Break into ancient tomb in castle walls
52 Exotic cult pleasure dome is full of treasure and guards all high on drugs
53 Steal load of black lotus from a drug gang house and bring them to the guildmaster
54 Rob some pilgrims carrying petty relics from travels
55 Orphanage guild low on orphans for gang sweatshops, go steal some healthy children from countryside
56 Rob a gang of boasting adventurers drinking since return from a dungeon crawl
57 Break into a wizards magic murder maze and steal the hidden treasure
58 Steal army payroll from commanders tent while they are on manoeuvres
59 Steal the baggage of a knight including armour, horses, supplies, tent and more
60 Free slaves from a merchant and bring them to the guild underground sweatshop
61 Rob the tax collector by some means and deliver to the nobility and take cut to the guild master
62 Enter a alchemists basement through the sewers and steal his recipes and priceless ingredients
63 Steal they eyes from the idol of a god deep in the sewers from a dangerous frog cult
64 Wipe out a clan of smugglers in territory gang want control of 
65 Snake cults keep a great treasure in their snake pits and their priest annoyed the guild master recently
66 The old haunted house must be a cover for a rival gangs crime, go check it out
67 A foreign group in the city have their own crime guild now and needs to be brought into the fold for the good of all criminals. Recruit or destroy them
68 A drunken retired adventurer lives alone, ripe pickings for thieves
69 A cult of rich dandies gather for parties, rob the cloak room where they keep their clothes during meetings and busy
70 Spy on a noble for enough time to tell if they are a traitor to family and secretly dealing with enemies
71 A senior gang member is rumoured to be solidifying support for a take over, go and murder them pronto
72 A secret society have been meeting in city sewers, infiltrate and report on their activities
73 Murder a clan of bootleg grog dealers in the gangs turf
74 Gang member has defected to rival gang, kill him and a few extra gang members 
75 Arrange a accidental death for a noble preaching to town about getting tough on crime
76 Spy on one of the city guildmiesters collecting any information on their secrets or vices that could be turned against them
77 Provide false witness at a murder trial to help nobility frame a reformer as a robber knight
78 Capture some interesting dungeon monsters to loose in the guilds new training tunnels 
79 Steal the secret ledger of a foriegn noble gambler exposing many locals of being secretly in debt
80 An assassins guild has been found and refuses to deal with us, raid them and kill as many leaders as possible to show the folly of their lack of respect
81 Steal a monster from a noble mans private menagerie
82 Steal a pearl from the grotto of a sea nymph, daughter of some petty sea god
83 Milk some wyvern venom for the guild poison master
84 Take some new recruits out and drive out the creatues living in the gangs sewer territories
85 A dragon's horde has a long lost relic worth a lot to the guild who want it
86 Infiltrate a nobles feast hall and pick pockets of the wealthy gathered there
87 A noble wants a gold clan signet ring back. Was taken by bugbears as treasure when they killed a kinsman a few years ago and it seems to have been used recently
88 A priest has been getting locals exited about being tough on crime gangs, murder the priest horribly as a lesson and leave in public
89 A older guild master has been wasting time with drugs and lovers, time to retire them with a surprise stabbing
90 A rival gang has a secret coin clipping operation and counterfeiting ring, find both and destroy them, kidnap any specialist criminal craftsmen we could use
91 A rival gang boss keeps maps of their buried treasure, steal them and rob the loot for our gang
92 A tomb of a great master thief has been found in a sewer, loot it before rivals do and for glory
93 Recruit a noble bastard into our secret brotherhood to spy on nobles for us
94 Disrupt rival gang black markets and auctions, make patrons feel unsafe
95 Dig into a temple crypt and rob the ancient noble dead buried their
96 A rich jeweller has lots of stock at the moment taken from dungeons and bought cheap for adventurers beer money, help lighten the owners burden
97 A complex trapped and thrice locked door has been found in the sewers
98 The guild master wants to retire alive and needs their murder faked
99 Some guild members have been tainted by were rats, find and destroy them before we are all rats serving their rat ruler
100 Guild master wants someone to enter a gate in a painting and rob the lair of a demon prince to get the souls of their loved ones back


  1. I was looking for something like this for some thief characters in my Tegel campaign. I think it would be a good idea to give them a mission to go along with the leveling up cost.

    1. there is also a lowlife carousing table for criminal characters also somewhere.

      Glad you enjoy it and always like hearing weird things people do with my tables in game


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