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Cool of Cthulhu: International Order of Esoteric Gentlemen

So after six months of this game and for one player 4 deaths, the oldest characters have semi retired while new recruits take the field. Some exposure to lesser books and some museum evidence then some shotgun lessons and recruits are ready to go. Two new players on team a catholic priest from a poor background and ex convince pus a alienist to replace the party semi retiring one whos player now has a boxer employed by Enzo to watch his Mamma. She is back from her rest but already regretting it after seeing monsters.

Arrive Hollywood and saw Fatty Arbuckle!
Recruit crazed actor to join them
Party in Devils Canyon
Exploring abandoned movie set
Nonna killed a celebrity gossip columnist (Why you gotta kill people Mamma?!)
Almost killed crazed movie star in ruined cliff pueblo
Stalked by invisible things on ruined film set
Broke two lenses that allowed you to see them
Car tyres slashed
To be continued....

This is what the international  International Order of Esoteric Gentlemen have so far....

Made lists for players to use resources better and to hothouse new characters and use allies better. Six months is a lot of mayhem in cthulhu to keep track of. I should list spells in each book. Note I found various versions of books from various editions of the game and some vary from book to book. 

Neophyte Field Agents
Veteran Field AgentsAdmin, coordinate organisation, agents and the board
Researchers, mind library and collection
Procurement, obtain goods, money and materials
Assassination, terminate cultists
Demolitions, destroy locations

-Serpent Man Head In Jar (0/1 SAN)
-Snakeman Skeleton 2000 years old  (0/1 SAN)
-Brood of Eihort in a jar  (0/1 SAN)
-Slime from a burrower beneath or cthonian in jar
-Shoggoth plasm and eye in jar  (0/1 SAN)
-13 sets of cult robes
-Photo of rat thing (0/1 SAN)
-Photo of Shoggoth  (0/1 SAN)
-Photo of Eihort  (0/1 SAN)
-Photo of Burrower Beneath  (0/1 SAN)
-Photos of rat thing and serpent man bones next to human for comparison
-Magical Brass Head that can talk, possibly dishonest and untrustworthy
-Strange Cube with chilling effect from deep one cave in safe in basement

-Serpent Man Death rays 2 with 2 shots one with 6 shots
-Gold Disk of Relyeh
-Enchanted Broadsword d8+2
-Elder Sign
-Thompson Submachine gun two drums two stick mags violin case
-30 sticks of dynamite and fuses and plunger
-.45 Colt Pistol x4
-2000 rounds .45 ammo
-12 Gauge double barreled shotguns
-200 shells
-AK47 x4 8magazines +1000 rounds ammo
-Cultist daggers d6 x3
-Trench Knife d4+2 x4 with knuckle duster

Store Room

-Tents and camping gear
-Wet weather and winter and tropical clothes
-Cameras and dark room in a trunk
-Surgeons bag
-First aid kits
-Dozen Torches 50 batteries
-Helmets with lamps
-Climbing gear

Standard Library

Knights of the Silver Gate Manual of Silver Twilight KOTSG (+3% -d4 x1)
The Zanthu Tablets (+3% d6 x2)
Revelations of Glaaki Vol IV Eihort and his Brood (+3% -d6 x3)
People of the Monolith (+3% d3 x1)
Prodigies in the New England Canaan (+4% d6 x0)
Cultist Notes on sea creatures from Brockford House (1% -1) and (+d3% d8 x1)

Secret Collection

Revelations of Glaaki Vol XI - Ygolnac (+3% -d6 x3)
Knights of the Outer Void  Manual of Silver Twilight KOTOV (+5% -d6 x2)
True Magic (+6% d8 x3)
Cthulhu in the Necronomicon (+6% -d6 x3)
Liber Tenebrea The Book of Darkness in German (+8% d8 x3)
Nameless Cults (+9% 2d8 x3)
Cult of the Ghoul (+10% d10 x3)
The Necronomicon in Greek (+17% 2d10 x3)
Sons of Yog Sothoth  Manual of Silver Twilight KOSG one copy (unread)
Photo of Resurrection spell (x3 no recipe to create essential salts)
Making Gate Boxes by Carl Stanford  (x5)

Spells Who and What

-Black binding
-Call/Dismiss Nyagthoa
-Call/Dismiss ShubNiggurath
-Call/Dismiss Azathoth

-Voorish Sign
-Contact Cthulhu
-Contact Deep One
-Space Mead
-Call/Dismiss Star Vampire
-Call/Dismiss Byakee
-Call/Dismiss Servitor of the Outer Gods
-Contact Ygolnac
-Contact Eihort
-Balk Brood
-Exile Eihort
-Enchant Gate Box
-Contact Ghoul
-Enchant Brazier
-Conjure Glass of Mortlan

Creatures Encountered
-Rat Thing d4 SAN horrible huge rat like things once human
-Ghoul d6 SAN horrible corpse eaters live in sewers
-Byakee d6 SAN space demoms can carry wizards to stars-Serpent men d6 SAN advanced wizard snake creatures
-Cthonian d20 SAN huge burrowing squid horrors with telepathy hard to hurt
-Shoggoth d20 SAN huge tentacled gibbering horror hard to hurt

Hypothetical Creatures
-Deep One fish men implied in books in Maine
-Space Vampire invisible horrors possible to summon but nobody has
-Servitor of the Outer Gods
 possible to summon but nobody has

Gods Encountered


The Warren 1920
Silver Twilight Lodge 1920 1922
Look To the Future 1920
The Pale Gad 1921
Mauretainia 1921
The Coven at Canich 1921 1922
Mystery of Loch Feinn 1921
The Auction 1922
Devils Canyon 1922
Brockford House 1933

Other Shonkiness

-Using Eihorts maze to gate booze and guns across world
-Byakee used to bomb cultist lairs
-Been buying cult items at auctions
-Secret collection and museum and lab are behind a door with a elder sign they stole from the Silver Twilight summoning room Before setting fire to the whole lodge
-Using Frigid cosmic cube in cellar safe as freezer for meat in basement


-White Russian Mob contacts, know two counts
-Boston Italian Mob contacts-Austrian Occult Auction House
-History Professor Alvin Morley Paterson from Harvard 
(Mythos 39%)
-History Proffessor Felix Fuda from Miscatonic University (Mythos 52%) paranoid
-Hargrove Thorpe Felix's student 
(Mythos 52%) scholarly
-Richard Block
 Felix's student (Mythos 5%) athletic and large
-Dr Edward Call rescued from cult and very rich and grateful and vindictive
-Wentworth household butler (Mytgos 5%)
-Zebedee Silver Occultist and Hypnotist ally (Mythos 26%)
-Nelson "Happy" Caprossi with Boston Italian mob, provider of guns

New Recruits "Pawns"

-Dr Sergei Oszustwo - Parapsychologist (5%) 
-Butch Codidy 
- Fighter for boxing events and occasional crime
-Father Eliot Miller - Priest to poor Boston suburb (3%)
-Frank Worchester - rich doctor amateur opera recording artist idle rich (3%)
-Professor Alexander Botlerov, Chemist
-Wayne Ditcher - mechanic

Agents "Knights"
-Enzo Albero - Gangster (9%)

-John OShea - Hobo (7%)

Senior Board "Crowns"
-Angella Albero - Gangsters Mom (9%)


-Doctor Bertie McMillan (9%)
-Joseph Freeman - Brush Salesman (6%)

These names i need to update as i didnt have access to some documents
I will update this page posibly

Wednesday 30 May 2018

d100 Remnants of the lost Empires

Remnants are scrap monuments from ancient times, mostly prehuman times when men were wild animals. Sprinkling these around can give clues about ancient civilizations in the area, That stone wall in the store with funny writing is actually a talking point and good for dropping clues about the area. I like to make it obvious the local planetary crust is thick with dungeons.

The Seven Monster Empire Races
1 Arachnid Empire of the nefarious Spider folk
2 Amphibian Empire of the croaking Frog folk
3 Ichthyoid Empire of the underwater Fish folk
4 Reptilian Empire of the cosmic Serpent
5 Cephalapod Empire of the vile Squid folk
6 Carrion Empire of the fiendish Vulture folk
7 Chiroptera Empire of the horrible Bat folk

d12 Elder Empires of the Dawn Ages
1 Arachnid Empire of the nefarious Spider folk
-scorpion, centipede, segmented worms
, solifuge and ticks servitors
2 Amphibian Empire of the croaking Frog folk
-Newts, salamanders, frogs, toads, axolotls and olm servitors
3 Ichthyoid Empire of the underwater Fish folk
-Eel, shark,catfish, barracuda, lamprey, ray, various fish folk servitors
4 Reptilian Empire of the cosmic Serpent
-Serpent, lizard, dinosaur and draconian folk servitors
5 Cephalapod Empire of the vile Squid folk
-squid, octopus, cuttlefish, nautilus, ammonite crab, lobster,  folk servitors
6 Carrion Empire of the fiendish Vulture folk
-vulture, hyena, crow, condor, jackal and stork folk servitors
7 Chiroptera Empire of the horrible Bat Folk
-vampire, ghost and common varieties of bat folk servitors
8 Fallen Empire of the Insect Swarms
-ants, bees, wasps, mantids, beetles, dragonflies and other servitors
9 Fallen Empire of the Walking Worm Folk
-slugs, snails, worms
10 Draconic Empire of Tiamat
-wyverns, drakes, various types of dragons
11 Jotun Empire of the Giant Folk
-ogres through to titans and jotuns the foes of the gods
12 Elemental Hordes
-sometimes unites sometimes separate tribes of abhumans and cultists and monsters

d12 New Age Empires since the Dawn Age
1 Elven Empires-Various tribes and races, plant beings, faerie folk, goblinoids, lycanthropes, changelings
2 Dwarven Empires-Various tribes and races, animal friends, automatons,
3 Gnome Kingdoms-Various tribes and races, animal friends, tree folk, automatons
4 Halfling Clans-Various tribes and races, animal friends
5 Goblinoid Empires
-kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, nilbogs, norkers
6 Troll Empires
-hedge trolls, cave trolls, hill trolls, chaos trolls, arcane trolls
7 Orc Hordes-various tribes, often lead by a wizard or warlord, will have many vassal monster races
8 Demonic War Bands
-various cults for each demon noble or alliance, favoured beastmen, mutants and monsters
9 Diabolic Empire
-various cults for each duke or noble of hell, orcs, humans, monsters, damned souls
10 Strange Elder Cults 
-various cults for each elder god, beastmen, mutants,
11 Necromancer Empire
- makers of undead and death magic, the first human civilisation
12 Beast Lord Hordes
-elder beast spirits, lycanthropes, beast men, cavemen, barbarians, nomads

d10 Common Monuments per hex
1 Old shrine in hidden dark place
2 Carved border stone
3 Remains of deceleration carved in cliff possibly vandalised
4 Old stone well with carvings opens into a built cistern below
5 Large stone block used in the market place or years
6 Jumbled up carved stones of destroyed building
7 Remains of broken statue
8 Foundation slab and some walls intact ruins
9 Foundation slab and some walls intact rest more recent in other style
10 Ancient headstone remains

d100 Remnants of the long ago Monster Empire
01 Stone slab depicting lizard king executing tiny humans on knees
02 Broken black column with centipede patterns
03 Giant stone bat head cracked open on side
04 Rows of horned goat statues  
05 Black glassy pit left where wizards battled once
06 Stone snake head half buried in ground
07 Worn sphynx or shedu statue
08 Ruined ornamental archways with pattern
09 Crumbled but functional remains of a bridge
10 Foundations of an ancient manor house
11 Entrance to basement of old manor house
12 Long abandoned tomb with hieroglyph carvings full of garbage
13 Ornate water trough for beast of burden with dinosaur carvings
14 Trickling ancient fountain covered in slime decorated with snakes
15 Stone beehive like structure sometimes used as shelter
16 Stone bull headed statue carved into rock outcrop
17 Reclining serpantman 100 foot long statue along rivers edge
18 Stone cliff full of marine fossils with carvings of fishmen priests
19 Huge vulture god statue in cliff face
20 Carving of a horrible giant eating thrall humans
21 Carving of a beastman holding a struggling human in each hand
22 Crude carved monolith of a squid headed demon gold of the olden times
23 Sacrificial altar worn by thousands of years use
24 Vaulted crypt stuffed with non human mummies locals fear
25 Stone circle with sigils of the great monster empires and their gods
26 Arachnid carvings on ancient stone cliff face
27 Border stone with web and arachnid writing
28 Stone of scorpion man king eating someone with alien writing
29 Black squat toad idol worn with millennium of worship
30 Row of ancient pillars with remaining patterns
31 Carving depicting ancient pact to feed virgins to dragons made long ago
32 Carving in rock of men fighting a headless giant with a mouth in it's chest
33 Depiction of giants flinging humans into a volcano in carving
34 Carving of One eyed formarian god king smiting all with his eye 
35 Draconian troops paying homage to Tiamat
36 Huge skull carved into hill top 
37 Dragon carved into turf of hill where dragon was killed in final battle long ago
38 Crumbling boggy mud patch with reeds once was a ziggarutt
39 Broken and ancient small pyramid tomb 1in6 looted long ago
40 Row of several small broken pyramid mostly looted long ago
41 Huge stone spheres, 1in6 cracked open by failed treasure hunters
42 Row of frog statues where water once flowed
43 Giant stone frog fountain in good working order
44 Art depicting parasitic worms being implanted by priests
45 Carving of worm father in the underworld feasting on corpses
46 Statue of a troll carved into hill face
47 Carving of trolls leading humans by chain into the underland 
48 Huge rocks were once giants or trolls
49 Hill known to have been where a giant buried
50 Boulders chewed into troll faces by a gnawing troll
51 Huge Stone sea creature carved in rock

52 Hundreds of fish symbols etched into rock
53 Thousands of loose broken bricks with squiggly marks on them
54 Statue of serpantman with hidden speaking tube for a priest to talk through
55 Carvings of plant creatures and the cosmic tree
56 Carvings of prehistoric animals 
57 Crumbling and vandalised code of occupation from some forgotten empire
58 Huge ruined fire altar where bodies were burned for thousands of years
59 Huge stone bows with lilies and a naga statue and shrine
60 Great stone cube with stairs to top
61 Crumbling ziggarrat with badly worn upper layers
62 Eroded hill half exposed remains of a ziggarutt
63 Stone chamber under a hill with carved scenes of humans paying tribute to seven monster kings who came by ship
64 Creepy old cave with paintings of monsters and humanoids fighting
65 Ancient dirty pit where sacrifices thrown for aeons but now mostly garbage
66 Pond where swords and bodies thrown for millennium
67 Carving of world tree holding constellations in branches
68 Huge relief carving of dwarvern warrior
69 Carvings in hillside stone of faerie orgy
70 Carving of hill gnomes meeting with forest gnomes with pets making friends
71 Carving of the goblinoid gods being carried by worshippers on thrones

72 Carving of great orc king on the stinking throne of a pile of human heads and skulls
73 Amphitheatre with carvings of reptilians and dinosaurs eating apes
74 Huge stone plaza with arachnid designs before a collapsed tunnel entrance
75 Sinkhole opens into cavern temple of the bat goddess ans sacrificial altar
76 Vandalised statue of a crowned lizardman eating a baby whole, looking happy in rich robes
77 Ruined ant castle mound with twisted tunnels and mounds of dirt
78 Carving of fire newt men champion in regalia of long lost empire
79 Carving of humanoids 
80 Huge stone legs on a plinth rest of statue missing
81 Mounds that were once fortified mudbrick walls  around a settlement
82 Great stone steps carved showing primitive humans and others bringing tribute to a monster king
83 Remains of three giant mill houses that would have made flour for a city
84 Strange ruin of great building with copper boilers and metal pipes people come for scrap
85 Strange iron structure and huge chunks of a once giant glass disc that once was here
86 Huge riveted iron frame building and tonnes of shattered glass
87 Huge mound of rubble and remains of tower at base carved in prehuman script
88 Rows of carved rat beastmen statues holding urns of unholy filth
89 Rows of statues of undead from remains of necromancers ruin
90 Vandalised carvings of a gaggle of chaos mutants in a cliff face
91 Carving of a ancient demon who menaced this area made too look very powerful
92 Huge circles carving for summoning ritual in ground

93 Huge drawings on ground from high up illustrate great monster kings
94 Great rune carved into mountainside often demon or devil symbol
95 Carvings of ancient halflings execute human prisoners with some decapitating apparatus

96 Painting under cover or cave of ancient wizards who first wrote on walls
97 Drystone low walls in strange patterns over large area
98 Elemental god symbols on ancient borderstone
99 Ancient stone where beastmen and barbarian kings were crowned long ago
100 Great circular tiled building where once there were inter planar gates built by the elemental heretic wizards ages ago

Tuesday 29 May 2018

What’s in that Container? part 3 Magical Substances

These are mostly in potion form but sometimes powdered. Pretty much this can be used as potion treasure tables but has some unpleasant ones also. I prefer most potions being a few ounces but some might be a quart or even a gallon.

d10 Potion Forms 
1 Small medicine bottles with only a few ounces or liquid, one round to use
2 Glass or clay bottle or sealed jar with a quart of liquid, one round to use
3 Powder can be eaten, one round to use
4 Powder or vapour can be inhaled, one round to use
5 Medicine bottle of vapour to inhale, one round to use
6 Pill, usually large and foul tasting, one round to use
7 Candy or cake, one round to use
8 Eyedrops, one round to use
9 Ointment can be rubbed over the body, one round to use, d3 if clothed
10 Liquid requires a syringe, d3 round to use but 1 once your hooked

Sometimes potions are made with mistakes or the alchemist or whoever can make inbuilt weaknesses for various reasons. Making batches increases risks of side effects. Sometimes they arise from substitutions in recipes or poor aging 
(that powder was a liquid potion). A potion pusher might cut the potion with some other ingredient like opium. Such potions might be slightly cheaper. A potion maker can take longer to make a pure potion and use better ingredients and can be an extra 200gp. Some side effects are an improvement. A fireball potion that only harms chaotic evil people might be handy. Potion users often carry a identical healing potion and injected poison potion tegether to stop enemies using them. Some users might resist the negative effects eventualy or have a antidote. If your addicted to a potion you can substitute alcohol or other substance to abuse instead.

d12 Potion Side Effects
1 Only works for one alignment (stops enemies using your loot)
2 Save each use or your addicted (makes users slaves)
3 Mild Poisoning save or -2 all dice for a hour after (stops people being greedy)
4 Mild Poisoning save or lose 10% HP (stops people being greedy)
5 Numb -d4 Dex for a hour after (second potion makes you save or go to sleep)
6 Weakened -d4 STR for a hour after (helps see who nicked you potion)
7 Slowed -d4 MOV for a hour after, speech slurs (its funny)
8 Melancholia becomes morbid, depressed and fearless for a hour (makes more uses wary)
9 Can only use once ever from that formula (1in6 any similar potion you find)
10 Save or tainted with a petty minor mutation of some type (its an experiment)
11 Potion is bigger and longer to apply or drink d3 rounds, is at least two pints
12 Tastes revolting CON save to keep the potion down without vomiting a d3 rounds

d100 Magical Dungeon Potions
01 Sleep Potion tastes pleasant, save or sleep for d4 hours, mixes in food 100gp
02 Poison Potion can be disguised in food, save or die 100gp
03 Plague Potion can be disguised in food, save or helpless and fever for a week then save to recover or die, 300gp
04 Contact Poison Potion, coat square foot, burns and poisons on touch 100gp
05 Lycanthrope Ointment, infects drinker with lycanthropy, 400gp 
06 Madness Potion, save or inflicted with permanent madness 200gp
07 Blindness Potion , save or permanently blind 200gp
08 Deafness Potion, save or permanently deaf 200gp
09 Mute Potion, save or permanently unable to speak 200gp
10 Hair Restoration Potion, applied by touch, if drink grow hair all over 100gp
11 Speed Potion, lasts ten minutes 300gp
12 Polymorph Potion, adopt form of species chosen by maker for one hour 400gp
13 Oil of Slickness Potion, 1" area slippery pool lasts ten minutes after oil puddle first contacted with victim, 100gp
14 Undeath Potion, become a zombie on death or sometimes some other type 100gp
15 Fog Cloud Potion, obscuring mist fills 3" area with fog for 10 minutes if not windy  100gp
16 Feign death Potion, enter a sleep for up to 12 hours with all symptoms of death 100gp
17 Grenaide, light fuse and throw at target 2d4 damage over 1" area 50gp
18 Incendiary Bomb, light fuse and throw at target 2d4 damage save or lose d4 HP per round for d4 rounds 50gp
19 Smoke Potion, fills 2" area with choking smoke for 10 minutes if not windy 200gp
20 Night Vision Potion one hour 100gp 
21 Vial of Holy Water, 2d4 damage to unholy beings or splash several for d4 30gp
22 Minor Healing Potion, cures d4 lost HP 50gp
23 Healing Potioncures 2d4 lost HP 100gp
24 Extra Healing Potioncures 4d4 lost HP  250gp
25 Protection from evil Potion, +2AC vs a particular alignments, lasts ten minutes 100gp26 Invisibility Potion, lasts ten minutes 200gp
27 Stone to Flesh Potion, to cure people turned to stone 400gp
28 Antidote Potion, cures any poison 300gp
29 Panacea Potion, cures any disease 300gp
30 Sweet Water Potion, purifies 60 gallons of bad or impure water to make drinkable 100gp
31 Climbing Potion, climb like a spider for ten minutes 100gp
32 Water Breathing Potion, lasts hour minutes 300gp
33 Free Action Potion, cant be webbed, paralyses or slowed by terrain, lasts ten minutes 100gp
34 Gaseous Form Potion, drinker becomes vapour that can move by floating 3", +4AC cannot attack or cast in form, lasts ten minutes 200gp
35 Levitate Potion, move 3" or 1" across by floating, lasts ten minutes 200gp
36 Fly Potion, move at normal speed in the air, lasts ten minutes 300gp
37 Shrink Potion, Shrink to 10% size x1/2 Mov, -4 to be hit by bigger creatures, lasts ten minutes 100gp
38 Growth Potion, Grows over 10%, most 1 foot taller +1 HP per HD, +1 STR, +1 Mov, -1AC , lasts ten minutes 100gp
39 Heroism Potion, lasts ten minutes +1 Lv for ten minutes 100gp
40 Super Heroism Potion, lasts ten minutes +d3 Lv for ten minutes 300gp
41 Fire Resistance Potion, x1/2 damage from fire or heat lasts ten minutes 100gp
42 Acid Resistance Potion, x1/2 damage from any acid lasts ten minutes
43 Lightning Resistance Potion, x1/2 damage from any poison lasts ten minutes 100gp
44 Cold Resistance Potionx1/2 damage from any cold or ice lasts ten minutes 100gp
45 Poison Resistance Potion, lasts ten minutes 200gp
46 Strength Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
47 Dexterity Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
48 Constitution Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
49 Wisdom Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
50 Potion of Charisma +d4 Potion, lasts ten minutes 200gp
51 Oil of Durability +10 HP for ten minutes
52 Beserker Potion can fight in negative HP but lose HP/round blood loss, +2 hiit and damage ferocity, once fighting cant stop killing anyone till expires in ten minutes or dead 200gp
53 Ointment of Healing cures disease, poison or heals 4d4+4 lost HP 500gp
54 Regeneration Potion regenerate d3HP/round for ten minutes 400gp
55 Stinking Cloud Potion, throw as as spell for ten minutes 2"area 200gp
56 Mutation Potion, save or develop a petty mutation, mostly cosmetic 100gp
57 Poison Gas fills 1" area with poison for 10 minutes if not windy 300gp
58 Plague Miasma  fills 1" area with disease effect for 10 minutes if not windy 300gp
59 Acid Vapor fills 1" area with d4 damage acid fog for 10 minutes if not windy 300gp
60 Acid Potion 2d4 if hurled, save or take a d4 damage for a d4 rounds 100gp
61 Detect Silver 
Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
62 Detect Gold Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
63 Detect Traps Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
64 Detect Treasure Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 300gp
65 Detect Enemy Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
66 Detect Water Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
67 ESP Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
68 Detect Invisible Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
69 Clairvoyance 
Potion1" Range per Lv, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
70 Contact Other Plane Potion, and ask a question of a spirit during hour trance 500gp
71 Charm Person Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
72 Charm Beast Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
73 Charm Monster Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
74 Charm Plant Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
75 Charm Vermin Swarm Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
76 Charm Giant Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
77 Charm Dragon Potion1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 500gp
78 Charm Undead Potion1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
79 Charm Devil Potion1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
80 Charm Demon Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
81 Telekinesis Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes, 30lb/Lv 400gp
82 Remove Curse Potion, 400gp
83 True Sight Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
84 Detect Secret Doors and Panels, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
85 Teleport Potion, one person can go anywhere on plane they have been before 500gp
86 Contact Dead Potion, enter hour trance and speak to corpse spirit for 3 questions 200gp
87 Fireball Potion 6d6 damage save halves over 2" radius area, explodes when breaks, 300gp

88 Doubler Potion, mix in another potion and get a extra dose of that potion 400gp
89 Neutralizer Potion, dispels effects of a magic or potion 500gp
90 Extender 
Potion , ten minute potion lasts hour, hour potion lasts two hours 400gp
91 Invulnerability Potion, +4AC for ten minutes 400gp
92 Etherealness Oil, travel through ethereal plane ten minutes 400gp
93 Astral Form 
Oil, travel to astral plane on trance for one hour 500gp
94 Love Potion,1" Range per Lv, as per charm person spell but lasts a year 300gp
95 Sleep of the Ages Potion, save or sleep for 100 years 300gp
96 Restoration Potion, restores a lost energy level or stat point 400gp
97 Total Healing Potion, heals all but a d4 damage 500gp
98 Longevity Potion, reduces age d4 500gp
99 Ambrosia, divine beverage of the gods, forbidden to mortals, glow and +d4 CHA for an hour, 1d6 years younger per drink 1000gp
100 Plane Shift Oil, most have a pre determined plane or can throw at someone to banish them to a specific plane, most not labelled 1000gp

Monday 28 May 2018

d100 FTL Navigation and Warp Accidents

More stuff to mess up space peoples lives

d100 FTL Navigation and Warp Accidents

01 Missjump d100 Astronomical Units
02 Missjump d100 Light Years
03 Missjump d100 Parsecs
04 Missjump d100 hours lost
05 Missjump d100 days lost 
06 Missjump d100 weeks lost
07 Missjump d100 months lost
08 Missjump  d100 years lost
09 Missjump d100 centuries lost 
10 Missjump to other galactic spiral arm
11 Drive misfire core burns out d100 of planned distance
12 Drive melts on return trip arival
13 Drive melts instead of activates
14 Drive explodes entering hyperspace
15 Drive explodes returning to space
16 Drive cracked making x1/2 chance to operate until replaced
17 Drive fails in hyperspace need to repair to get back to real space and lost
18 Drive explodes sending wreck through time and space
19 Drive explodes sending wreck into another dimension
20 Drive explodes wreck is burning trapped in hyperspace
21 Collision with debris in hyperspace of some kind 
22 Hit object and damaged in hyperspace
23 See something else moving in the warp field
24 Something in the warp on collision course requiring crew to manually avoid
25 Bumped something in warp and need to correct course or lost
26 Something in the warp following ship but that should not be possible
27 Some organic slime residue on ship hull
28 Some small slimy remains of an organism from beyond
29 Collision leaving some alien wreckage inside
30 Collision leaving an organic hostile wounded horror from beyond
31 See blurry ghostly figures running and yelling on the ship in panic
32 Visions of accident from ships construction in shipyards
33 See some figure on ship but it disappears if cornered
34 Calls for help heard around ship
35 People hear whispering activity
36 Petty poltergeist phenomena, tapping, doors closing
37 Petty electrical faults cause failure such as lights or doors
38 Petty computer errors and system reboots and blackouts
39 Strange signals, calls monitor static
40 Tapping and other regular sounds where shouldn't be
41 Crew see strange auroras
42 Crew have nightmares
43 Crew member hears voices from beyond tormenting them
44 Crew prone to nose bleeds as if under high preassure
45 Feels like something or someone moving around ship
46 Feel like being watched
47 Have weird collective dream
48 Crew sanity assaulted, some require therapy or restraint
49 Crew member goes on serial killing cannibalism spree
50 Crew overhear each others thoughts
51 Crew members head explodes

52 Ectoplasm found bubbling around 
53 Hull marked by overspace biologicals
54 Hull scarred by something grasping at ship in the void
55 Otherworldly spirit stalks ship with petty poltergeist activity forever
56 Otherworldly spirit seeks a weak or dead host to occupy temporarily
57 A vampire alien entity takes a crew members body and changes it for a murder spree
58 A demonic alien spirit takes control of a body making it perform hostile or violent acts
59 Crew members having panic attacks and halucinations
60 Crew dream of long dead people they know or killed
61 Slimy small creature crawling on ship
62 Multiple small vermin crawling on ship
63 Ectoplasmic foam and bubles bloom flooding area
64 Ectoplasmic slime slobbering everywhere
65 Mood reactive ectoplasm pools
66 Creatures form from ectoplasm pools, melt when return to normal space
67 Ectoplasmic tentacled horror goes on a rampage
68 Demonic entity forms a body from ectoplasm and goes on a rampage
69 Phantom in form of someone who died menacing crew
70 Succubi/Incubus entity uses a crewmember as a host to invade normal space
71 Crew extreme rapid aging effects, normal when return to space

72 Crew grows increasingly youthful then into children, normal when return to space
73 Dreams that beings in white searched the ship and you were helpless
74 Crew member devolves into gibbering primitive beast person
75 Crew members possibly receives petty mutations 
76 Ship boarded by advanced civilization dwelling in overspace
77 Protoplasmic slimy ecoplasm spawns hostile slime humanoids
78 Single advanced intruder enters and goes on killing spree
79 Single alien entity enters and goes on killing spree
80 Alien race grows from slime spoors with biological weapons
81 Saucer beings from hyperspace board ship to kidnap crew
82 Tentacled blob starts to grow into a spawn behemoth consuming ship if not killed
83 Alien mind parasites from beyond infect a d6 passengers
84 Witness huge moving things in the void
85 Witness several huge moving things interacting in the void
86 Ship collides with another ship both fall into real space lost damaged
87 Ship collides with alien vessel and both need separation to escape
88 Ship collides with ancient advanced object in stasis that opens after impact
89 Pulled into a huge vortex and travel vast distance and time
90 Collide with habitat of advance race living in overspace
91 Crew member touched by otherworldly spore mutates into mass of plasm that inturn spawns more creatures and it needs food or being to fuse with
92 Ship drawn into pocket dimensional maw and stomach of cosmic entity 

93 Collide with a fused raft of ships accrued over eons, mutant life forms inside waging war
94 Ship drawn to and crashes on biological planet size being that devours the ship
95 Titanic overspace entity snared the ship compressing it into a infinitely small point

96 Mental presence intrudes on minds of crew will try get some to call it a physical form
97 Entity invades ship computer system to invade normal space
98 Advanced hyperspacemarine in advanced suit enters ship to hijack for a civilization in ancient void hab
99 Advanced civilization make contact and want to take your ship on board theirs
100 Sucked into a great maelstrom storm eye of some great cosmic entity