Saturday 11 August 2018

Ruins In the Wastes of the Eldritch Aeons

Scattered across the great wastes of the Eldritch Aeon are many ruins. Many are in high places from before the seas disappeared which helped destroy the ancient empires of the fish men and the amphibians and the empires that depended on sea travel. As the monster empires shrank and lost their grip on power the human barbarian hordes finished them off. Necromancers had a go for a thousand years but barbarians came and finished them off too. The current age restored the sun fully and released the gods. Many surviving horrors went underground and still lash out at humanity from their dank caverns. Barbarians are suspicious still of the civilised city states and watch them for signs of curruption.

10 000 years ago
The Dawn Age was when the newly formed world was contested by the old races and gods, Giants, dragons, demihumans and trolls
4000 years ago
The Dark age was when the monster empires conquered the world
1000 years ago

The Necromancer Age the first human empire using black magic
400 years Ago
The Eldritch Aeon is the current Age age

d10 Ruin Condition

1 Barley visible and mostly buried and worn
2 Visible foundations and some broken walls
3 Intact outer walls, most ceilings and interior walls gone
4 Badly damaged walls, no ceiling
5 Some ceilings intact 10%
6 Intact roofing and walls 30%, some holes and damage
7 Roofing and walls in serviceable condition 50%
8 Roofing and walls in good condition 75%, some paint still on interior walls
9 Roofing and walls in good condition 90%, intact paint still on interior walls
10 Eerily intact and well preserved with paint intact inside and some outside

d20 Settlement Builders
1 Arachnid ruins of the nefarious Spider folk
2 Amphibian ruins of the croaking Frog folk
3 Ichthyoid ruins of the underwater Fish folk
4 Reptilian ruins of the Serpent and lizard and dinosaur men
5 Cephalapod ruins of the vile Squid folk
6 Carrion ruins of the fiendish Vulture folk
7 Chiroptera ruins of the horrible Bat folk
8 Ruins of the horrible Worm folk
9 Insect folk ruins
10 Demihuman ruins
11 Giant ruins
12 Dragon templar ruins
13 Demon or devil cults ruins
14 Elder god cult ruins
15 Necromancer ruins
16 Wizard tower ruins
 Elementalist ruins
18 Beast Lord ruins
19 Troll Lord ruins
 Recent human ruins

d10 Who is hanging out here?
1 Cultists on a pilgrimage camped for rituals and recovery of relics 

2 Shanty town or camp of adventurers and a traveling merchant
3 Expedition from a civilized kingdom sent to loot relics
4 Wizard here to loot knowledge with students and guards
5 Barbarians here to kill any suspicious evil that might emerge from ruins

6 Beastmen seeking knowledge of their ancient empires
7 Demihumans guarding location from evil cults and races
8 Criminal gang of looters here to rob the dead
9 Goblinoids have moved in ruins out of laziness 
10 Orcs have moved in to set up a war camp using old fortifications

d10 Type of Ruin

1-3 Outpost
4-6 Village
7-9 Town
10 City

d10 Quick Ruin Types
01 Religious
02 Administration
03 Defence
04 Water feature
05 Residential
06 Mercantile
07 Agricultural
08 Industrial
09 Recreation
10 Monuments

d100 Ruins Buildings
01 Ziggurat
02 Great temple
03 Medium temple
04 Small temple
05 Shrine
06 Necropolis
07 Mausoleum
08 Tomb or crypt
09 Sacrificial plaza
10 Pyramid
11 Throne hall 
12 Courthouse
13 Scriptorium
14 Forum
15 Public square
16 Royal court
17 Harem court
18 School
19 University
20 Hospital
21 Fortress
22 Castle
23 Gate house
24 Watchtower
25 Prison
26 Watch house
27 Dungeon enterance
28 Executioners block
29 Wall
30 Barracks
31 Sewer entrance
32 Canal with weir or lock
33 Sacred pool
34 Bathhouse
35 Lighthouse
36 Boat yard
37 Harbour
38 Cistern
39 Huge bridge
67 Sacred pool
40 Aqueduct
41 Palace
42 Apartments
43 Town house
44 Hotel or hostel
45 Poorhouse
46 Orphanage
47 Ghetto
48 Commoners houses
49 Mansion
50 Homestead
51 Caravan house

52 Market place
53 Guild hall
54 Ware house
55 Work house
56 Treasury
57 Mint
58 Tax house
59 Slave market
60 Shopping mall or arcade
61 Granery
62 Brewery
63 Winery
64 Mill house
65 Oil store
66 Slaughterhouse
67 Bakery
68 Apiary
69 Stables
70 Cattle yard
71 Smithy

72 Foundry
73 Lumber yard
74 Pottery workshop
75 Weavers workshop
76 Glassblowers workshop
77 Brick yard
78 Quarry
79 Dyers yard
80 Tannery
81 Mine
82 Garden
83 Zoo
84 Museum
85 Arena
86 Colosseum
87 Hippodrome
88 Theatre
89 Tavern
90 Brothel
91 Circus and carnival grounds
92 Monumental archway

93 Memorial park
94 Public plaza
95 Monumental wall with carvings

96 Colossal statue
97 Sphinx statues
98 Column, needle or obelisk
99 Huge fountain
 Processional road

d20 Bonus Arcane Wonders & Magic Monuments

1 Alchemist Workshop where alchemists make potions and life
2 Wizard Tower where wizards study and live with students
3 Pleasure Dome where sorcerers guzzle drugs and have orgies
4 Hanging Garden where druids manufactured herbs and tended rare plants
5 Oracle where prophets, seers and soothsayers gather at a great temple
6 Gateway where demonic legions and gods were called forth
7 Gateway part of a long range transport system across the continant

8 Gateway to another world or ancient times
9 Floating building 1in6 tethered to ground
10 Colossal statue is actually a golem
11 Settlement was mobile once but mechanisms ruined
12 City is haunted by undead, spirits and any who die here join them
13 A network of underground tunnels, lairs and caverns
14 Entrance to underground kingdom where degenerate survivors or ruins dwell
16 Remains of a collosal magical murder machine
17 Great dungeon complex which reconfigures itself and repairs damage
18 Dungeon complex with intelligent malicious spirit magically repairs the dungeon
19 A sleeping army of ancients is here awaiting the right time to rise up
20 A great crypt containing a slumbering ancient evil god, kaiju or demon lord


  1. Some really awesome stuff here. I like your past and pre-human ages.

    1. cheers
      i am considering slipping in a age of evil elves like melnabonians

    2. Evil Melnibonean elves always make a campaign better!

    3. i have a race the Rowanac ive used like this and i need to re import them into thi[s[ setting

  2. Awesome stuff!! This is instantly going to get used in my game.


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