Wednesday 31 March 2021

New Dungeon PDF Done + Reviews


Big kobold dungeon on my Patreon Now
Bigger and slower to do but done

It is a misery crawl about slavery and colonialism possibly, that lost me a subscriber already

Will be revising murder hobo book next month

My fees for some US post have doubled so glad I have most of my dream loot now.

I have recently got versions of 2nd ed Darksun and 1st ed Spelljammer as box sets. Spelljammer is amazingly good value and dense. Darksun not as good - feel layout more spacious but it is easy to read without glasses. Compared with spelljammer it is not as good. Id like to mix darksun and the middle eastern theme adventures stuff. Lots of overlaps. Will see as later TSR stuff I disliked looks of and layout.

Reading lots of mystara gazetteer stuff and some adventures Id never seen in 80s. Looking over dragon issues to buy but I wish Id gotten dungeon mags long ago - less adds more content. Have compiled 9 pages of notes for spell ideas while watching digital remastered original star trek. Wow its aged and i miss the model making effects and paste paintings. The digital effects sometimes feel cheap and text is pixelated on a big screen. Still I am liking it, 

:Also some LuLu Stuff

Got Mutant Epoch adventures and hoping new stuff comes out cos I have it all now. Its a nasty brutish setting with slimy wet puppet monsters and everything wants your meat. 

Its pretty huge but hideous layout and inconsistent clip art. Squigly borders of text like blurry 80s phone cords annoy me the most. I have not had a good read yet but I wont use as is and the Nightland section is the best. Its easy on eyes for font size and space but ugly and wasteful that I cringe a bit, Will write more on it later but on first glance Im underwhelmed vs say Raiders of R'Lyeh which is intriguing.
Fantastic Heroes of Witchery
A good retro-clone full of spot rules and ideas to steal, well laid out and illustrated. I won't use it as is but It is well done. 

I also got to print and look at some stuff of mine from the downloads page here and my Patreon. 

Housing Project
For my broken hill post apoc stuff on Patreon
Wow full of typos and even a repeated table
I deserve a paddling for letting this out there.
Will merge with my broken hill book next revision, useful stuff despite flaws
12 pages

Redbrick Dungeon Zone Book
Aged well and was a project i started in 2012 and finished for patreon 2018
It is a mass of tables aimed at generic dungeons and I might try and roll up some stuff using it here - lots of geomorphs for sprawling complexes. Probably mistakes but it looks nice and is more usable printed properly vs my other older books. Over 200 pages. Im tempted to roll up a dungeon with it again as a post. 

The Big Fat Book of Salty Semen
From last year this one is functional and pretty compiling my sea-themed works. I could double this size one day but I am pretty pleased. My last serious compilation book. 128 pages

Shadelport & Exile Island
To be revised some time and this print based on flawed file I have never amended but it is dense. 142 pages. I have updated lots of the city blocks and when the whole city remapped in fake detail I will redo and make poster map of the city. This is on my downloads page

The Thrice Cursed City
Another megadungeon mess - ended up bigger than I thought 48 page adventure setting on Patreon. It looks pretty and is usable and dense. Id like to run it properly.

Looking at a pile of my work thicker than a phonebook is nice.

Some rewrites in my homebrew describing magic item making, poison, acid, other making stuff all under skills. My encounter - combat stuff is written up. Planning on making simple players book at a5 for players and a4 book full of waffle, more stuff including sf stuff for weird fantasy..

Sorting out minis. Think i will house hunt at end of tax year for permanany place with a shed. 

Thursday 25 March 2021

d20 Basic Curses

So spell revision got me re-reading spells in detain and seeing mistakes made over 30 years of gaming. 1st ed PH has so much verbal diarrhoea and not just the quaint kind. I have wondered if blindness could just be a curse and limited deafness seems a low threat. Also, I like the greater and legendary curses in other books. Basic common curses are presented here for my game. A few spells I'm doing this for....possibly cause disease and cause madness might do like this.

Some cults will have preferences. Also breaking cult oaths could earn a curse.
Yeah i did a d1000 curses but i regretted starting it and finishing in it and will never do a d10000 again.

d12 Common Curses
1 Lost Muscle - Strength reduced to 3, muscles waste away
2 Lost Vigor - 
 Constitution reduced to 3, health shattered by illness
3 Lost Agility - 
 Dexterity reduced to 3, shaking hands and limbs
4 Lost Will - 
 Strength reduced to 3, overcome by despair
5 Lost Talent - 
 Intelligence reduced to 3, drooling senility 
6 Lost Charm - 
 Charisma reduced to 3, vile pustules and odour
Butterfingers - drop weapon or item if you fail any rolls while using 
 Vulnerability - minus 4 all saving throws
9 Nemesis - minus 4 all to hit rolls
 Lame - movement is reduced 3 (-75%)
11 Confrontation - double chance of random encounters
12 Antipathy - animals hate and fear you and attack more often
13 Sterile - lose all desire or romantic feelings
14 Mislayer - thieves (or animals) will pickpockets and steal items
15 Unwieldy - if fail to hit roll, roll again to see if hits self or ally 
16 Reversal - alignment becomes opposite or set to a specific one
17 Decay - armour, clothes or equipment falls apart item per hour
18 Bravery - insist on being first travelling, using doors or opening containers
Exposed - plus 4 to be hit by enemies
20 Haunted - undead encounters more likely, if appear on encounter table will always be undead, extra undead encounter daily even just spirits ruining sleep

You can reskin the explanations for these
Charisma loss could be bestial features, pustules, scars or just everyone repulsed
Some curses might not bother some people as much.
A curse cast in battle will be what a caster thinks will be most effective.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Some More EMO Spells

Spells are pain to write and the biggest thing slowing my homebrew EMO clone.

Started buying dungeon magazine and realised they would have been a better buy than dragon but I guess pre-internet colour fantasy art was exiting at the time. Counts of useful non add pages I think dungeon mag won out. Id brother a monthly adventure mag than a dragon revival.

Got me a POD version of 2nd ed Darksun as a hardcover. Part of me grumpy at huge borders and one of the scanned booklets they left huge white borders but the old man needing glasses part of me enjoys reading without glasses. Also Questing Beast reading DMG got me looking at that book again and started a writing frenzy. In 4 months broadband have found quite a few vid bloggers burned out and slowing or quitting.

Noble Knight post just doubled for me in Straya - thankfully I have most of what I want now but if other retailers follow I probably won't touch. Drivethrough still good. 

Also thinking when my homebrew book did i could do a more conversational companion explaining stuff more and extra detail lacking in the bare-bones book. Thinking as my current version bloating I might go back to a basic A5 book of mostly tables and then a bigger a4 book of full waffle version. Think just include simple skills and spells in basic book and then include Mutants, Robots, tech stuff in bigger one with huge spell lists. Probably more attainable goal as current version is proving to be work. 

Will just add stuff here as notes for my book.

Spell Ranges (R)
S self caster only effect
T touch     requires touch to effect*
L line 10cm wide line in range 
P point         affects point in range**
C30            30 degree cone 
C90 90 degree cone 
*unwilling target requires hit vs target ignoring armour or shields but includes magic or Agility bonus if unwilling
**target object or person in range, some spells area of 
effect centred on the point such as fireball

Spell Area (A)     
diametre of the circle of effect in range units 1=3m

Spell Duration (D)
I instant or one second
R round per level
T turn per level
H hour per level
D 24 hour day
P permanent

Save (S)
H halves - reduces damage
N negates - resist effects
S special - outcome varies

Level Zero

Ardour [R1][DI][SN] target notices the caster in a flattering light for a second, often in form of a glistening smile or wink.   

Banger [R3][DI] create a loud startling bang sound that upsets animals and causes distractions 

 [RT][DI] create spectacular bubbles from hand or mouth or a pipe or use to suds up a load of dishes or laundry

Elfdart [R6][DI][SN] inflicts a stinging pain for d3 rounds of -1 on hit or attribute rolls, more effective on animals who may flee or be upset. A cow wont give milk and a chicken wont lay the next day

Fart [R1][DI][SN] subject releases loud embarrassing fart (belch variant possible too) 

Knot [R3][DP][SN] tie a knot in string or cord or rope. Can attach two items together like shoe laces if the target has footwear close and still. A skilled rope expert can untie the knot easily in an action, others may struggle for one whole round 

Stink [R1][A1][DR] invisible smelly cloud of gas, if used on a trail will confound creatures that track by smell making their track skills more dificult 

Wart [R3][DP][SN] target gains large wart on random body location requiring a surgeon to remove and week to heal

Level One
Colour Shift [R6][DP][SN] permanently changes colour of a person or animal or object, save to resist if unwilling, another casting and other spells can restore original colours. One colour per level can have hue and saturation shifted

Level Two
Smoke Cloud 
[R6][A2][DR][SN] save per round while in smoke, once failed -2 all rolls and 1hp/round damage vs living living things that lasts while in cloud, will drive away insects and many creatures

Level Three
Arcane Strike [R6][DR] casters melee weapon can make ranged attacks, wave the weapon and if hit wounds appear on victims body 

Alter Body [RT][DP][SN] make permanent cosmetic changes to appearance of target permanently changing skin colour, hair length, ages, sexual characteristics and species characteristics. The effects are cosmetic only and height and weight are not effected. Can be used to disguise as an orc, lizardfolk or other species but a humanoid cannot be made into centaur or a mermaid or radically non humanoid form. S
ave to resist if unwilling, another casting and other spells can restore original colours. 

Level Four
Corpse Eater [RT][DR] horribly devour one human-size corpse per round healing caster a d3 damage, smaller creatures only give 1hp each but only one per round can be eaten still. 

Dream Sending [DR] send a dream message to a known sleeping person or a person seen my magical means like a crystal being. The dream can take any form the caster imagines and can include spoken words, images, sounds for the duration. The dream is obviously supernatural and some might believe the vision is divine or from spirits. A person who is familiar with receiving these messages knows it is a spell.

Level Six
Arcane Decapitation [R12][DI][SS] under 4h lv no save, higher level save negates. On fail the targets head explodes in a cloud of gore and blood geyser splats everyone in 1 area (Varient Exploding Heart spell tears out victims exploding heart that flies into casters hand)

Monday 22 March 2021

Perils of The Pit Ponies - Dungeon Cart Beasts

Psssst hey buddy, got too much loot to carry out or the dungeon? Too many situational magic doodads and equipment you need what I got! Every murderhobo needs a secret supplier for practical but unpopular animal helpers perfect for dungeons, caves or difficult mountains, All these are as big as a human at best and if you need to carry them over an obstacle or lower them down a pit you can. Many are edible and be extra rations, but best you turn back if things that bad. Don't show normal folk your beasts, most won't understand.

d12 Dungeon Cart Beasts

1 Pit Pony
 30gp - small horse
, blinded by miners it tolerates darkness and -2 to hit in dark or lights it is use to sightlessness. These sad animals have lived in mines for years and this one has a good season or so left, with old tack and harness and a small cart, you'd be doing it a favour to take it into a dungeon  AC+1 HD1 Att bite d4 or kick d6 Mov12 Morale 6

2 Zombie Pony 200gp - small horse killed, kept in brine or vinegar and its holes sewn up to stop flies getting in. Follows basic commands will attack what attacks it. Has infravision. Same defences as undead but a bit slow. Good for several years or longer if looked after, also used in evil mills and paddlewheel boats 200gp AC+1 HD3 Att bite or kick dMov6 Morale 12

3 Cliff Goat 12gp - smaller than a pony, better at climbing, horns for butting anything that gets close, can be vocal and uncooperative if mistreated and good at escapes.  Can be loyal if treated well and get +1 morale. Good eating if needed AC+3 HD1 Att butt d6 +1 with charge Mov12 Climb 6 Morale 7

4 Pack Dog 4gp - a hefty work dog carry a pack or pull small carts or sled. Can be loyal and defend themselves, good teamwork and alert versus threats. Good for meat and fur. Work in mines, hunters or explorers AC+3 HD1 Att bite d6 Mov 12 Morale 8

5 Cave Worm 70gp - a giant caterpillar will pull loads, usually, white or purple or grey or albino depending on what they pupate into when read in d4 years. Skilled grubbers know when to sell them to idiots before they become less cooperative carnivorous beetles. Some insectoid beings find this practice offensive AC+1 HD1 Att bite d4 Mov6 Climb 6 Morale 6

Cave Lizard - a huge pack lizard used by reptilians and Sunderland folk, will live off mushrooms or flesh and love eggs and bugs. Slow but steady and need a nap after feeding, if attacked will defecate and flee. A good handler can keep them calm 80gp can live for 80 years, also edible AC+3 HD2 Att bite d6 Mov 9 Flee 15 Morale 8

Pack Bird 65gp - flightless bird feeds off-grain or rodents or bugs can carry a backpack. Aggressive to the small creature they will kill and eat, work as a pack if bothered and may att attack a poor handler. If reared by the handler as chicks they consider them to be a flock leader and and +1 morale Pretty smart but watch your back if you have several AC+3 HD1 Att bite or kick d4 Mov 15 Morale 7

Cave Beetle 40gp - a huge pack beetle, quite used to being underground and quite, may react to smells of giant ants but mostly they are inevitable and graze on fungus, wood or compost. Trolls like to bite off their heads and suck out their guts. They climb up rocks well and are hoppy to follow in a row and need two feeds a day of 2-4 kilos and get water from their food. They are just big dumb bugs you don't have to worry about them they don't feel nothing  AC+1 HD1 Att bite d4 Mov12 Climb 6 Morale 8

9 Ambulant Pack Toadstool
 145gp - a walking immortal fungus, fill its pockets with compost and it goes all day, even eats human waste. Dislike light and cant heal if exposed to sunlight that day. Sometimes a new one falls off but they live for thousands of years and only but once a century. Carry a pack and communicate by a rattle or drum chamber inside and will fo;;ow a leach or a human playing familiar music. They are bling but smell and motion-sensitive. Some carry a shrieker to alert a group in the wild. If killed they fragments might come to life growing into several new ones but takes years AC+2 HD1 Att butt d4 +1 with charge Mov9 Morale 7
10 Cavern Crab  225gp - cave crabs lurk in the depths often near water but as long as given water and fed they are trainable. Each can carry a pack and can swim or climb fairly well. They also have large claws and can kill with a nip if pushed too far AC+5 HD1 Att claw x2 d4 Mov9 Swim 6 Climb 3 Morale 8

Pack Snail - 80gp - Eat fungus and algae and vegetation but will eat meat, indifferent to light as they taste, smell and hear through their skin. Can hold breath underwater for an hour, can carry a pack or pull a wagon or sled AC+5 HD1 Att bite d4 Mov 3 Climb 3 Swim 3 Morale 7

12 Lobotomised Bugbear 300gp - a certain wizard has bee operating on bugbear brains and conditioning them as strong silent slaves. They can carry a load and fight and too dumb to flee if you dont tell them. Comes with a conditioning manual and whip 
AC+3 HD3 Att punchx2 d4 Mov9 Morale 8

Small goatcart 15gp
Double goatcart for 40gp
Saddlebags one or two 20ENC 2sp each
Tack and harness 2gp
Pack 1sp 30ENC
Day animal feed  1ENC 1cp 
or 1sp for posh nosh
Water Bag 4enc 6sp

Sunday 21 March 2021

Into the well of Byatis

Stoneage game continued (14thLv) with the party of Sourberry lord of the twilight elves, Boron skylord of the Ziggurat of Red Ape Valley with two clerics and a warrior and Lanos the giant with his biggest best magic dog lord.

They had flown across the world in their flying giant cloud castle to the island at the centre of the world. Hunting a wiked lich lord of the destroyed necromancer templars they went to the great ruined slaver city of bones, where intact necromancer towers were still common in the worlds greatest ruin. They battled some demons in the air then backed off and contacted dwatfs and researched a secret underground passage to the wizards tower.

So the heroes wandered after 30 minutes into a zone of magical influence and most of them forgot why they were here. A leric and a dog remembered and the term moved on using a augry to test best directions to find their enemy. They heard a screaming man and rushed in to where six fishfolk warriors led by a catfish priest torturing a long-haired man chained to a wall. The fish folk proved a bit tricky and the priest blinded the elf with a curse but he still managed to shoot the priest by the sound of the torture and the priest's voice. The man had no idea who he was but grateful and his torture wounds began regenerating, Creatures had been eating and torturing him for so long. 

Found the entry with a magic proof door and wards but scared of the dreamy forgetful aura and small. Went back home thinking they knew the way and an aboleth attacked and managed to turn Lanos and a cleric into marine breathers. So the elf teleported everyone back to the cloud castle and trapped the cursed victims into a fountain in a courtyard. With various curses and restored to air breathers the party planned and used divination and communion spells to investigate how to slay the lich.

So it turned out the elder god Byatis was trapped in the tower basement in a web and the lich had his soul in a crystal crown in the snake bearded gods prison pit. Also stopping Byatis wold aid the strange rescued prisoner and help remove one of the cities curses. The man was a immortal wanderer curseed to live and everywhere he settled was cursed with disaster. He was keen to help and was a petty god.

So they marched back after 3 days and the immortal broke the explosive ruin, destroying the seal under a sound nullifying spell. Then the destroyed the door frame and entered the chamber of Byatis. The god partially crawled out with huge tentacles, a beak and a baleful eye that sealed the open door in a force wall so it could feed and grabbed Boron. SPme sytruck the god with spells and weapons and Boron got gnawed on before cutting off the tentacle holding him. It spent some time planting some idea in the immortals mind. Finally, the battered tho god and the elf flew in the pit as the Lich teleported inside. The elf destroyed the crown holding the lich souls and they destroyed the lich by smashing it to dust then burning it .then turning the ash. The found a sealed door up a staircase into the tower and smashed through th be attacked by an Iron Golem that almost slew Lanos with poison breath and several blows (60hp lost in 2 hits). Smashed an ancient witch woman in a crystal column and all her magic stuff and found later was lih wife. There were illusionary pleasure rooms that were good to rest in and found several corpses and magic items. 

Several magic rings including a ring of three wishes that was really a delusion so the elf fke[t talking about being smarter and others doubted this, Comunoion revealed it was a curse and got a ring of weakness. Found rod of a striking, helm of comprehension, necklace of absorption, magic figurines and some other magic loot. The fights were not too bad but a save vs instant death poison was tense. Everyone got some loot, I forgot to add loot from three dead adventurers who starved in an illusion pleasure room. Pine elf +1 shortbow, +1 iron chain, +1 bronze shortsword, wizard robes of resist fire, +2 bronze hatchet, wand of burning hands d3+6 with 23 charges.

The immortal warned of the dangers of godhood and how to do better at it. Then left to wander the island, his memories returning and unknowing of what Byatis planted in his brain.

Possibly keep exploring world or visit giantland or the world tree in their flying castle    

Saturday 20 March 2021

None Shall Pass

Like a former post i did on a crossroads, this is for rural and borderlands or former inhabited frontiers/ Bridges are natural chokepoints for all kinds of troublemakers to restrict travel. Ive always wanted to map my giant city bridges.

The oldest bridges are prehuman made by dwarfs or reptilians or long gone civilised trolls. Some might be from ancient lost empires or magic. Making a bridge is a big deal, some take years, some included sacrifices in the old days. Travellers often rest at a bridge and take on water. Many old bridges are holy and undead and certain beings cannot cross them but might be carried over in a torpor. If you can trick a demon or undead to this state of helplessness you can seal them in the bridge.

Most cross water but some cross ravines or canyons or worse.

d12 Bridge Description
01 A water crossing where water shallow and affordable, used for millennia
02 Huge tree or rock makes a natural bridge, someone may have helped
03 Rickety irregular wooden bridge seems fragile, only one person wide
04 Wooden plank, even bridge, two people side by side or small cart fits , 
05 Solid wooden bridge with huge beams, suit large wagon or oxcart
06 Crude small irregular stone bridge, one person wide
07 Crude small irregular stone bridge, two-person or small cart wide
08 Well made a stone bridge, two-person or small cart wide
09 Well made a stone bridge, two-person or small cart wide
10 Huge stone bridge, suit large wagon or oxcart 
11 Huge stone bridge, suit two lanes of large wagons or oxcarts 
Huge stone bridge, with buildings like a gatehouse, towers or interior structures

d10 Bridge Crossing Types
01 The Law
02 Commoners
03 Criminals
04 Animals
05 Humanoids
06 Giantkind
07 Magical beings
08 Monsters
09 Planar
10 Eldritch

d100 Bridge Crossing Types
01 Knight challenges any nobles to joust, lets others pass 
02 Tax collector and bailiffs find this spot good pickings
03 A cleric collecting for the lepers or orphan home or other worthy cause
04 Soldiers camped here investigating missing fugitive possibly in disguise
05 Inquisitor or witch hunter and thugs looking for evil impure villains
06 Bailiffs here on magistrates orders to nab someone to take to trial and collecting bridge toll to pass the time
07 Secret police looking for traitors to the king
08 Priest looking for fighting folk for a church mission (often claim to see adventurers in a dream)
09 Soldiers on way to a base or on patrol
10 Knight awaits fighting folk needed to deputies for an urgent job for a crown, will be rewarded eventually with some honour 
11 Drunken lecherous friars looking to party 
12 Shepherds crossing with hundreds of animals often sheep or ducks
13 Farmers with wagons on way to market
14 Caravan of merchants
15 Pilgrims with a cleric guardian on way to holy place
16 Priests or monks and/or nuns on way to a church event, possibly with a relic or idol
17 Guards transporting slaves or convict labourers to some project
18 Locals on way to the local festival area, all jolly and happy
19 Locals on way to execution of a criminal 
20 Anxious merchant needs help, goods stolen and hostages taken by bandits
21 An armed flashy highway robber with d4 sidekicks demands a toll, possibly with guns or crossbows
22 A dozen forest bandits with bows, members of oppressed minority or former regime
23 Escaped criminals desperate for anything they can get while on escape
24 A dozen scruffy beggars with clubs and rocks demand food and more 
25 Notorious bandit gang, a boss, his sub-boss and twenty men with spears, hatchets and daggers
26 Shifty bunch of hooded cloaked city gang. Guild thieves blocking trade-in area to annoy and block rival gang of local investments, shortswords, daggers and a few short bows
27 Youth gang of hoodlums causing acts of drunken vandalism and violence often demand a toll
28 Men in official uniforms collecting toll, actually criminals risking a death sentence 
29 Shifty guy with coat offering drugs, vice and forbidden goods
30 Shifty hooded men trading goods mostly out of sight, local seasonal black market
31 Wild deer, goats or other medium grazing animals within sight of the bridge 
32 Majestic winged beast is seen flying lazily overhead, might snatch small humanoid d4 1=eagle 2=vultures 3=owl 4=
33 Wolves attracted by small groups here to prey on
34 Aquatic giant d6 1=lizard 2=frog 3=turtle 4=croc 5=snake 6=newt
35 Old desperate hungry bear or lion has turned to eating humanoids
36 Giant wetland mammals d6 1=rats 2=mink 3=beavers 4=otter 5=platypus 6=marsh walrus  
37 Behemoth herbivores can get cranky as they have children a herd may systematically search and destroy threats in a way smaller herd beast don't. A lone bull might just guard the bridge as some mysterious beast that needs slaying d4 1=mammoths 2=brontotherium 3=brontosaurus 4=auroch
38 Feral dogs follow yapping and attracting more, beg for food start biting. Abandoned by travellers here. Some catch puppies here. Some dogs 1in6 are rabid and go berserk in a fight and carry disease. They attack in packs of a dozen or a score and half will die for the pack. Smaller other dogs will watch from afar yapping to cheer on their fighting dogs but flee from harm or if half fighting dogs die
39 Horrible slimy critter from the water guards the bridges d4 1=green slime 2=grey ooze 3=ochre jellies 4=giant marsh octopus 5=carrion worm 6=slug 7=snail 8=leeches
40 Arthropod giant nightmare critter has moved in d10 1=spider 2=scorpion 3=beetles 4=dragonfly 5=ants 6=bees 7=wasp 8=fly 09=cave lobster 10=ticks
41 Gang of kobolds infested the bridge living in small passages and chambers inside
42 Goblin raiders riding d4 1=wolves 2=huge bats 3=cave lizards 4=tiger beetles
43 Hobgoblin squat on scout manoeuvres happy to live off the land that includes eating humans, led  by a boss a sub-boss and a magic expert
44 Orc soldiers a score grunts led  by a boss a sub-boss and a magic expert
45 A small group if bugbear scouts who can't help but collect some human heads and scare some human children if possible and might try banditry or charging a toll if they feel confident
46 Lizardfolk demand toll as they owned all this land before mammals
47 Evil dwarf bandits hate humans and rob and kill them and defiling corpses and making into warning signs
48 Nasty redcap gnome gang who dip hats in blood and eat human flesh, like prisoners for cruel sadistic sports before eating as sad broken people taste the best
49 Elven trouble makers fire a volley of arrows and spells then flee
50 Halflings fearing some menace trapped the bridge and have watched from an observation post for their secret village hidden close
Ogre or several live here now and demand food or lives for a group to pass 
52 Troll or several live here to eat travellers 
53 Ogre magi loner human form join then ambush travellers
54 Ogre magi leading a band of large humanoids as bandits
55 A moronic giant with a stone club lurks here demanding food or death
56 A  stone giant stands still and seems to be a statue watches the area
57 A frost giant guards here and has spread snow like winter here with a magic relic. has a winter wolf and some ogre goons
58 Cyclops catching and keeping prisoners they plan to use as cattle in a faraway cave
59 Etin with pet lives here now for good hunting d4 1=cavebear 2=sabretooth cat 3=brontotherium 4=wooly rhino
60 Fire giant with fire lizardfolk or Salamder abhumans with a dinosaur pet d4 1=-allosaurus 2=d4+1 raptor hunting pack 3=triceratops 4=stegosaurus
61 Abhuman barbarians in skins with stone axes, let all pass but kill wizards and mock priests
62 Abhuman cave folk moved to the surface world and live in bridge now
63 Abhuman goat folk serving an evil priest trying to block commerce and civilisation
64 Abhuman hyena folk raiders seek victims to capture to eat and sacrifice to demons
65 Water nymph or local spirit or river god demands tithe to cross or regular offerings and worship
66 Lone lycanthrope tries to join travellers and kill by night d4 1=werewolf 2=wererat 3=wereravens 4=devil swine
67 Lycanthrope gang here to eat and infect others
68 Goblin market here most stay away 2 days and know goblin food and magic is dangerous
69 A trickster changeling lurks here in form of the attractive innocent who needs an escort. They are a d4 1=dryad 2=doppelganger 3=animal spirit 4=ghostly spirit
70 Fariefolk claim bridge this day and all kinds of sylvan beings including faerie, elves, gnomes, sprites, sylph, dryads, tree folk, centaurs and more drinking merrily, humans know to join them is a great danger you will be stolen by a faerie and become a slave forever in faerie land
71 Griffons have a nest they see bridge from and will always attack horses, a lone griffon will snatch lone person or straggler

72 Several manticores camp on bridge sent by a evil force to block the place
73 A sphynx asks a riddle to pass and has divine gift for who solves the riddle but it eats any losers, the wonderous item is lost forever if sphynx killed. The sphynx suicides if riddle solves
74 A foul basilisk dwells here and its presence is poisoning the water
75 A chimera has taken the bridge killing anything that comes near and was sent by a wicked deity
76 Harpies have taken over and stop travellers, eating some and throwing diseased feces and abuse at the rest
77 Haunted by powerful undead and lesser undead minions who rose from innocents killed here. May have taken over tomb in bridge or be result of angry unburied dead, a curse or a spirit demanding justice d4 1=vampire 2=ghost 3=spectral minion 4=death knight
78 Dungeon monster moved into the bridge d4 1=mimic 2=roper 3=rust monsters 4=cave fisher
79 Reptilian horror d4 1=Wyvern 2=fire lizard 3=drake 4=behir
80 Dragon has lair in bridge or can see it from a distant lair, it demands gold and food if intelligent or just takes it if young or dumb
81 Elemental cult summoned a planar thrall they use to demand tolls from travellers
82 A demon or devil demands a soul for anyone to cross and leave this plane
83 Chaos warband of mutant berserkers ca,ped here to destroy order of the region
84 Angel guards bridge until some mortals take care of a certain local evil
85 Imps torment travellers while invisible
86 Witch cult stop travellers as part of some rebellious plot against the law
87 Chaos cultists need lots of sacrifices to call a evil god
88 An evil cultist killers travellers here and turned into undead that now haunt this place
89 An archon of law will only let people pass if they take up an oath to battle a chaos cult
90 A devil tries to buy a soul for a wish, at first they seem a bard or a traveller until exposed, has prepared contracts ready and hoping for promotion
91 Shoggoth came from some ancient vault (mostly smaller 6-8HD but any amount really possible)
92 Strange voiced invisible beings offer gifts and power if you perform a deed (involve killing an elder horror in a secret place), the gifts are strange alien technology and surgical

93 An outer spirit tries to possess a victim then when gets the chance will summon shamblers from the beyond to cause trouble until driven away or exorcised
94 Fish hybrid cultists from a deep cave come to gather sacrifices and slaves, with a giant albino horror mutant thing from the deep
95 Serpent folk wizard in human form seeks adventurers to join in hopes of finding forbidden lore, promises knowledge of rich local dungeons puny backward humans don't know

96 A wicked cult have called a thing from beyond here and the chanting cult are performing a long rite to allow the outre god to remain, cultist killers keep intruders away
97 A chaos cult wizard here with abhuman minions and a summoned demon, use this as their base and plan to destroy the crossing before they leave. If the force defeated the last few will try to activate the bridges doom. Magic, release a horror or some natural disaster like an avalanche 
98 An evil cult are within chanting and guarded by shadows of murdered travellers, if they continue they will release a horror of the elder darkness
99 The barriers with another plane have weakened and the environment has developed properties of another world and some creatures guard it, any crossing are sent to the other world, such effect is temporary when the stars are right or if a cult are responsible
100 A petty god lurks here and generally jerk travellers around or want to travel with the party a while until bored or something urgent turns up, may let slip some secrets of the gods or how to become divine

Wednesday 17 March 2021

d12 Quick Kobold Cults

Do Blogs Still Do Usable Retro Content?
Sorry, no hexflowers here. Seems to be only game stuff in my feed at the moment. Though they might be nice for gammaworld tech id flow charts. I guess like other subcultures of weirdos I belong to most people have gone semi-pro and not posting much usable game content. I'm under-inspired and I remember when articles came in as fast as I could read them once. Now it seems product oriented. Please prove me wrong and put any blog links in the comments

DnD5 The Furry Edition
New Furry options for dnd5 are interesting. I guess they needed more because every DnD5 game I played ended up with no humans. I just let ppl reskin halflings for small beast folk and my abhumans for big ones (but basically are barbarians with some animal abilities). I'd rather some race building rules or generic races to reskin than races with elaborate culture baggage I might not want. Kenku having to speak by repetition is so uber annoying - some dms strict on it and I make them pay by recording every dodgy phrase at a table to add to my vocab list. I don't know how I could be a communication specialist by repetition. Saying they like repeating phrases would have been fine.

Current Patreon
I'm writing a big kobold dungeon and village module for Patreon and it hopefully will be finished shortly. Its another I way did not plan for the amount of work required and its already twice as long as I thought. Will be done this month and revising all my tiers. Mostly all money from here has to buy artwork for future stuff. I should probably attend to job offers and some other paid work but whatever. This project made me do this....

Kobold Campagn Canon
I have a preference to not use any cannon monster mythos from dnd the same as I don't use canon settings, many monsters or gods. I do like the Petty Gods book though and would like to use it but right now I'm playing my Planet Psychon-Broken Hill mash-up and trying to finish my cave campaign when I get enough players. There are some public holidays coming up so I might get some game on. I don't mind kobolds vs gnomes and while I have lots of kobold types my default type is 1980 TSR non-dragon kobolds and they are not necessarily evil.

Kobold Cults
Kobolds are a diminutive goblinoid race from the earliest times. As one of the oldest goblinoid bloodlines, they became mixed with various other creatures bloodlines and have many sub-breeds. Never part of faerie kingdoms they chose other paths and especially came to conflict with gnomes and humans. Each cult has a holy month and a holiday for them. Typical kobolds long ago were more like brownies and goblins but the kind rampant in the current age has traits of reptiles like egg-laying and scales and horns and dogs

d12 Quick Kobold Cults
1 Korgan
- the first king kobold, at any time he has seven sons acting as champions in the world who aid kobolds in trouble, he rules a great underworld cave where faithful kobolds  come to serve him forever on death  
2 Mordran - the kobold fertility goddess who helps kobolds give birth and keeps storehouses safe from decay or harm and likes shiny stones
3 Oorbos - the hunter who makes weapons and traps and uses cunning to kill larger foes 
4 Vurku - the miner who tunnels eternally making tunnels and digging up treasures to hoard, jealously guards wealth against enemy miners and plunderers
5 Boloros - the builder, who first made bricks and taught metalwork and built the first dungeons
6 Kibos & Elros - the twin heroes, cunning, tricky and brave, stole many good things for clan
7 Belorg - the cave goddess, hag mother or witch queen keeper of secrets and drastic magic necessity, the cult will resort to summoning, poison and undead when kobolds are in a weaker position versus enemies dwells in a labyrinth her followers dwell in after death where enemies cannot find them
8 Klarsh - kobold who first allied with reptilians and hybridized with them making kobolds distinct from other goblinkin who didn't really help kobolds anyway, Klarsh could be male female or both in there mission and depictions vary wildly
9 Barbaleth - goddess of wine and feasting and fornication, always holds a jug and her cult are drunks who brew alcoholic drinks from anything even other races garbage
10 Zordin - the god of silent murder, darkness and fear a master of disguise, he could split into multiple bodies and change his face with magical masks to trick others
11 Balagas - kobold who tamed beasts and each tribe has a chosen beast ally the god is portrayed with, dogs are common but goats, cave lizards and bats also happen. Such animals have a treat through this god so kobolds may eat, ride or keep them 
12 Tegas - the gatherer collects tasty edible treats from the wild for her eventful basket of plenty, beetles, roots, worms, slugs, bugs, ticks fungi and all kinds of food other races avoid are her delights

Many petty gods of food like bogrump the turnip lord or beetle and worm petty gods

Sunday 14 March 2021

Outback Settlement Problems for Gamma Oz

Every crappy town, crossroads, farmstead and camp in the wasteland mysteriously is not a peaceful utopia. That would be batshit lame and boring and adventurers don't want that. So here are a bunch of god awful problems that adventurers may blunder into. Lots of local adventures and sidequests for overland travel in my post apoc Australia. These could be used in the settled areas of Broken Hill too.

Broken Hill Book on patreon on this will be raised with more art paid by patrons and still stuck on cover, better contents and a character making section. Will be a big kobold dungeon module up this month and some benefit changes. Thanks to the ten or so readers who gave me feedback over months - sole reason I keep bothering (vs the 5k ppl FB says read me on a good day).   

d10 Quick Problem Types
01 Nature amok
02 Dangerous wildlife
03 Unsolved crime
04 Medical crisis
05 Outlaws
06 Gang 
07 Cults
08 Resources
09 Drama
10 Strange Mysteries

d100 Outback Settlement Problems for Gamma Oz
01 Strange weather patterns recently old-timers cannot explain
02 Mysterious plants growing in the area recently have become dangerous
03 Mysterious large holes and mounds of earth appearing in the area
04 Ground has been shaking and strange noises coming from the ground
05 Sinkhole opened up and is growing
06 Something has contaminated the water supply
07 Something has been eating local crops and food stores
08 Animals are spooked by something and wildlife has fled the area
09 Swarm of insects invade the town and everyone tries to fight them off or shelter for d3 days (d4 1=locusts 2=flies 3=bees 4=huge scorpions
10 Strange vapours around town have made some locals sick
11 Giant bugs have a nest in the area and are menacing livestock and local residents
12 A giant lizard has been snatching and eating pets and has a burrow
13 Pack of dingos lead by a huge mutant leader dingo who loves to eat babies
14 Hundreds of emus or kangaroos turn up and drive locals inside for d3 days
15 A flying mystery mutant has been menacing the town by night
16 Strange creature hols are heard by night terrifying residents
17 Some locals acting strange, they are being influenced by mutant mind control or parasite
18 Some creature has been digging up local graves upsetting locals
19 A strange mutant beast has been seen by locals and has them up in arms and fortified houses but no 2 descriptions match
20 Locals preparing to hunt monsters who have moved into the area
21 Someone has been stealing from local homes and has locals angry
22 A murdered local was found shortly before adventurers  arrive
23 A valuable weapon was taken from someone local
24 Strange noises from a ruin have locals afraid but it's a scheming old local man with a shame to make locals leave to dig under their houses for a lost treasure
25 Someone has been killing prospectors and locals speculate one of them found something
26 Locals looking for missing people and suspicious of strangers
27 A local monument has been vandalised strangely and people are bewildered 
28 Someone has been stealing food and locals on edge
29 A local was found as a skeleton stripped of most of its flesh and locals believe a cannibal is in area, all are wary of each other and strangers
30 Someone is dealing bad drugs to locals and parents outraged by low quality and being cut with chemical waste and a few deaths
31 A sickly old person needs medicine but the family member never returned and the nearest town saw them heading home
32 A fever hit area and a healer knows a dangerous mutant plant that can treat the problem
33 Local healer has some recent deaths but the gravedigger has vanished - at the graveyard the digger and former patients are zombies
34 Locals want to know where local drug addicts keep getting drugs from and to it
35 Someone in town carries a hideous mutagenic plague but shows no symptoms, local brother wants this person found and killed
36 Several strange bloated corpses have been found and the local healer blames a melon size mutant parasitic creature that attaches to the hosts. Healer wants someone to find the parasite but not alarm the community 
37 Several locals have been seen walking away from town in same direction and never returned. Healer wants someone to follow them
38 A drifter stole the healers medicine as some locals in need, someone needs to return the meds 
39 Doctor of town kidnapped by a gang the town cant pay and need the doc back
40 People in area hearing strange noises and having odd dreams and the healer wants some helpers to help explain
41 Family of outlaws in a distant homestead have been stealing local livestock
42 A lone gunman on a bike has been holding up locals and travellers but they are too fast to catch
43 A cannibal mutant gang have been snatching locals and leaving remains of bbq feasts on the roadside
44 Bandits have been robbing local prospectors hurting local traders 
45 Masked bandits riding giant d4 1=lizards 2=bugs 3=blowflies 4=emus
46 Notorious bandit couple hiding in area and reward offered dead or alive
47 Escaped convicts in chains have been stealing food and trying to take tools
48 Canetoad abhumans, deserters from their clan have been robbing farms 
49 Runaway teens have been stealing food and clothes and locals concerned
50 A flash bandit leader has been terrorising ranchers, stampeding cattle and killing farmers. The gang seem to be more interested in driving locals away for some scheme rather thanwealth
51 Gang of maniacs in buggies camping in area and murdering farmers and travellers for fun

52 Strange gas masked gang with buggies have a hidden lair in area and locals terrified, some old prospector thinks they are mutants living in a mine
53 Gang of psycho clown killers in area kidnapping children and eating homeless 
54 Gang of savage biker freaks in area terrorising road travellers and leaving tortured corpes nailed to fences
55 Gang of motorheads plundering local wrecks for car parts, several getting bored and drunk and threatening locals
56 Gang of abhumans bikers robbing and eating travellers
57 Gang of cyborgs with hidden lair have been harvesting brains and organs from travellers
58 Gang of punks staying in local ruins drunks are drinking, getting high and playing music locals dislike. Locals want them gone and fear they will corrupt youths or kill and eat someone 
59 Gang has set up a drug lab in ruins and has been attracting troublemakers 
60 Gang have been hunting for someone in the area and while not trouble yet locals dont like them searching local ruins
61 Mysterious black robed templars with swords riding in pairs on motorbikes seen travelling by night
62 Mutant cultists have found a toxic waste dump and are building a shrine and locals unhappy more mutants will come
63 Strange blank masked cult have been skinning humans and have a secret lair
64 A cult in the wastes has kidnapped several people and later these people have been seen as members of the cult who refuse to come home when confronted like they have a strange hold on them
65 A group of robed settlers have occupied a ruin and they seem very strange, They don't speak and have a leader they seem to worship
66 Strange mutant flagellant cultists have occupied an old mine, some hear their chants and smell incensed their priests burn 
67 A charismatic stranger came to town and worked for a while then left with many youths. Parents are distraught and have spent days searching 
68 A priest of a strange new cult came and performed healings on the sick. Many locals healed became followers and the other locals want strangers to kill the prophet and end the problem influence
69 A cult worship some mutant creature and have been kidnapping people to sacrifice to it. Its lair is some kind of ruin 
70 Cultists came in a bus with escort vehicles and have begun chanting and sacrificing animals to a giant altar of bones they have built. They are releasing strange coloured smoke, using laser shows and amplifying chants upsetting locals
71 Locals are searching for a new well but the process attracts burrowing monsters so the diggers need guards

72 Some pump parts are needed and town mechanic needs guards while searching a ancient dump for parts
73 Crops are being targeted by a pest and a expedition to ask for advice from tribal experts are needed. As the town has had problems they want strangers to visit the tribe and negotiate. The tribe might have their own demands like return bodies from som past fight
74 Locals power supply is failing and currently only good for a few hours a day. A new system is needed. Some locals know a ruin that has some power and explorers are needed to find it
75 Crops were all eaten by mutant bugs that dont taste good but locals believe a ruined bunker has ration packs but is inhabited by undead
76 Raider attacks have used up local ammo stores and a someone needs to fetch more from a bigger town. If raiders find out they will do anything to stop the ammo reaching the needy
77 A brothel keeper has had all his prostitutes run away but wants someone to break into a sealed sex shop in a zombie filled ghost town and bring back some sex bots or androids
78 The hotel is out of beer. A giant cane toad got into the brewing vat ruining the current batch so a quick beer run to other nearby towns to buy all the beer they can on behalf of the town before seasonal workers leave  
79 Bored locals know of a ruined regional tv station occupied by mutant horrors. The station has a trove of ancient vid files on databases they want explorers to recover
80 Settlement is out f building materials and send some explorers to a ghost town to gather a wagon load of scap 
81 A local wants a romantic rival disposed of, open to non lethal plots like framing or kidnapping them
82 Local teacher lost students, please find before parents worry 
83 Two lovers families dont approve, they want to travel away from town and find a new life
84 A poor worker thinks a racist local leader hopes to create a caste system that only benefits there own kind, the worker wants someone to kill or shame the leader so their influence stops
85 An old prospector wants help finding a lover he left decades ago, he wants help to visit an isolated farmstead. Then he wants help making him look important to impress her 
86 Mayor wants a political rival removed or shamed
87 A commoner has been forced by law to battle to prove innocence and needs a champion
88 A local wants help killing a monster that ate their family
89 A scholar believes there are valuable data records in a shunned ruin and no locals will help for dumb books and learnificating
90 A woman wants help to escape her brush husband, a local law officer
91 Weird shaped footprints have been seen around town and noises on rooftops by night, all are afrain 
92 Frightened prospectors drinking beer complain a ruin is full of ghosts

93 A strange repeating radio broadcast has started and locals curious about the source
94 Someone found while digging a burrow complex under the settlement and locals bewildered about what dug it
95 Several locals have seen someone spying on town, initially alerted by glint of sunlight from a scope weilded by mystery spy

96 Explorers looking in a ruin found a solid steen bunker door
97 Several local robots owned by locals for generations marched off some day and locals want them back
98 A distant light at night has been seen flashing and locals inventing tall tales and placing bets on what it is
99 Several farmsteads on fringes of settlement have become isolated and shunning townsfolk and nobody knows why
100 A traveling freakshow send some clowns to town to put up posters and drum up excitement. But it never came and the wreckage of wagons with cages were found on road. Nobody knows what happened or where freaks went. No bodies were found

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Wasteland Trade Road Encounters

Have a few more outback tables to do.
one for farming outback areas, greener and closer to coast and ruin cities
one for troubles in tiny towns of the apocalypse

d10 Quick Wasteland Trade Road Encounter Types
01 Distant sights
02 Distant noises
03 Merchants
04 Wanderers
05 Factions
06 Road gangs
07 Tribals
08 Animals
09 Mutants
10 Strange

d100 Wasteland Trade Road Encounters
01 Dust devils gather strong dusty winds grow for d4 hours 
02 See distant smoke far away from a fire
03 Buried vehicle wreck or ruined shack in distance from road
04 Ancient artwork by roadside d4 1=stone 2=welded trash 3=metal 4=holographic
05 Aircraft seen d4 1=scrap ultralight 2=scrap biplane 3=airshop merchantman 4=high altitude flyer too high and fast and distant to identify but leaves a trail
06 Glinting light in distance possibly someone with binoculars or telescopic sight
07 Glinting object in sky especially by night, something in space 
08 Strange auroras in sky, spectacular by night
09 Huge dust cloud turns sky red and reduces visibility, dust gets in airways and eyes 3d6 hours
10 Huge flock of birds by day or bats by night or possibly insects like locusts or moths for hour
11 Distant explosion
12 Distant gunfire
13 Big black crows watch and caw at strangers, picking over bones
14 Sounds of digging equipment in distance or underground
15 Dingos howling in the distance
16 Distant revving engines of some vehicles
17 Distant tribal music and chanting carried by the wind
18 Distant shouting or scream from some fight
19 Someone crying for help or sobbing from tragedy
20 Crying animal in trap or stuck in fence being attacked by preditor  
21 Wagons 2d4 of farm produce d4 1=hay 2=fruit and vegetables 3=grain 4=wool
22 Wagons 2d4 of scrap, metal, parts and other junk 
23 Cattle or sheep d100+50 with mounted stock drovers
24 Passenger wagons d4 1=idle rich off to race or festival 2=slavers transporting prisoners 3=contracted workers 4=mix or prospectors, mercenaries and other scum
25 Bus with d4 escort scrap vehicles of settlers travelling to new life
26 Scrap built trucks with d4 escort scrap vehicles with salvaged trade goods
27 Trifrond plants d100+50 with mounted plant drovers good for food and oil
28 Pack insects or lizards 3d4 with mixed goods with nomad tenders 
29 Mutants with battered push carts and scraps found in wasteland
30 Slaves d4 1=human 2=mutants 3=abhumans 4=zombies carrying trade containers on heads or backs with armed guards with whips
31 Limping wounded warrior gasping for water d4 1=caravan guard 2=gang member 3=mercenary 4=tribal
32 Feral child with pet d4 1=dingo 2=giant bearded dragon 3=zombie 4=crows
33 Swagman looking for manual work who has wandered for years 
34 Lone highwayman with gimmick d4 1=sniper 2=mounted 3=traps 4=pets
35 Prospector scrounging for scrap and lost tech
36 Lone but deceptive maniac really d4 1=cannibal 2=cultist 3=serial killer 4=
37 Old holy wanderer d4 1=tribal elder 2=priest 3=nun 4=mutant wizard
38 Humanoid horror uses a disguise to get close d4 1=undead 2=lycanthrope 3=dopelganger 4=infected mutant
39 Robotic wanderer d4 1=Infantry robot 2=scout drone from bunker 3=robot suicide bomber 4=free willed scrap robot looking for parts and fuel
40 Synthetic wanderer d4 1=replicant spy 2=android assassin 3=Cyborg mercenary 4=cyborg killer
41 Warband of mounted xenophobic templars hunting mutants
42 Healers caravan on a mission to aid the sick
43 Mutant cultists with strange beasts and a sacred collection of mutagenic waste samples
44 Motor cult trucks transporting vehicles and fuel to a base
45 Transport wagon or trucks with troops of faction on way to battle
46 Restoration cult transporting relics of the ancient to museum
47 Bus of ferals operate mobile kitchen and rave sound system and selling drugs
48 Plague carriers turning into undead on pilgrimage to a more dense population area
49 Beast abhuman horde on way to battle enemy faction 
50 Psionics sect wary of outsiders travelling to a foretold hidden place of safety with mind enthralled guards
51 Strugling desperate on foot gang ambush possibly blocking road or traps

52 Cycle gang seen in the distance approaching fast
53 Scrap built buggies approaching leaving huge dust clouds behind them
54 Concealed persuit car with several bikes and buggies try to surround travellers 
55 A gang with cars with scrap army and gang members being transpoted
56 A truck with a escort sedan, d3 buggies and 2d4 cycles d4 1=transporting resources 2=transporting gang members to battle 3=blocking road charging toll 4=destroying everything in path
57 Ultralight drops some pipe bombs followed by bikes and buggies to mop up
58 Pick up trucks with armed rednecks 
59 Gang or robed cultists in vehichles covered in occult symbols
60 Law officers in convoy of police vehichles planning on wiping out road gangs in path
61 Abhuman tribal warriors d4 1=ambushing humans 2=hunting 3=camping 4=on religious journey
62 Tribal camp where two tribes meeting to discuss a treaty and trade, both reluctant to deal with interuptions
63 Tribal hunters after d4 1=kangaroos 2=emus 3=giant lizard 4=hideous mutant horror
64 Tribal cook off with large gathering of clans
65 Tribals battling racists gang members
66 Slavers chasing tribal peoples, some already prisoners
67 Farmers shooting at tribal camp
68 Tribal mutant clan in scrap shacks wary of travellers
69 Tribals chasing creature that has nabbed a child d4 1=giant lizard 2=huge mutant bird 3=giant bug 4=giant snake 
70 Tribal dance and ritual for big tribal ceremony, wary of visitors
71 Giant snake hiding in vegetation

72 Giant diprotodon running through bush, plows through any obstacles in way
73 Someone walks near a trapdoor spiders hidden burrow
74 Huge mutant feral cat hunting
75 Feral mutant goats, males aggressive if does or kids scared 
76 Giant desert worm attacks anything moving over sandy patch
77 Feral thri-frond plants living among vegetation 
78 Dimetradon hunting giant rat quickly looks to any bigger snacks come near
79 Mutant neofox tries to steal food
80 Pack of hungry dingos unafraid of people
81 Underground colony of morlocks hunting for humanoids to keep as cattle
82 Shoggoth oozes from hole seeking protoplasm to absorb
83 Grass goblin colony ambush from bushes with secret woven nest
84 Psionic mutant seeks thralls to dominate, hides hideous face with illusion
85 Giant mutant blowflies snatch people to feed maggot pit
86 Sand squid or land shark snatches victim
87 Chimera mutant horror hunting
88 Giant scorpions chase anything moving 
89 Giant ant colony taken over road
90 Giant canetoads keen to gobble whatever fits in mouths
91 Wind storm for d4 hours uncovers d4 1=building 2=vehichle wreck 3=bunker entrance 4=
Remains of a sacked caravan with possibly d4-1 survivors and tracks to where prisoners and loot taken
93 Lost confused person in jumpsuit escaped a bunker has wandered for days
94 Canetoad sniper reports traffic to command for order to shoot
 Cyborgs seek victims to be cyborged at home base my secret master
96 Advanced persuit interceptor car zooms past at extreme speed, no idea who is driving
97 Dozens of shambling undead seek living to infect or eat
98 Cyborg t-rex with laser cannons controlled by evil satelite
99 Aircraft crashes d4 1=scrap merchant airship 2=orbital escape pod 3=orung abhuman in high altitude spy jet from Orung kingdoms of the north 
100 Beam from orbit teleports down d4 1=eldren agent 2=replicant spy 3=