Sunday 30 October 2016

Gamelog: New Adventures in Shadelport

So i wanted to test two new core mechanics for my current rewrite of EMO DnD. Also my last week working in Sydney for the year. Will be in Canberra for a few weeks then Adelaide to plan for my Dads life expectancy of 2 years. I could live anywhere over next few years. So for this week I have 2 games of this new DnD, a last session of Planet Psychon (im thinking a Gamma world death machine-Tiamat hybrid) plus a session of road wars.

Ive been teaching pre teen delinquants DnD too. A story gamer said dnd to complex and I should run some game where ppl without imagination are penalized. I have found kids allready know all the tropes of DnD fine from computer games.

Im struggling to get into gaming in Canberra but will try again. Three possible clubs. One club uses Yahoo which seems kinda lame. Sydney clubs all FB saavy and very chatty. After this weeks 4 games I have no idea when i will play again. Still need to get a buddy to show me roll20 online gaming.

So with the New Adventures in Shadelport Im using my new alignment system and new save/stat/skill resolution system (all discussed recently). Will mod my character sheets soon.

The alignment system with alignment scores and possibility of being tainted was received well but my players chose to be awful characters and reveled in the temptations of evil in my setting. The stat resolution system worked fine but putting on the sheet will help.

Anyway here is what happened...
I dont prep i just write d100 tables and tonight i used alot

New Adventures in Shadelport
So the adventurers consisting of a teenager giant and goblin were fed up with boss monsters keeping their loot so decided to visit Shadelport where monsters can live their dreams. Young giants of the mountains dump their young who can pass as humans for a while near humans to look after them. The goblin lass had trained as a thief but dreamed of being a wizard but the dungeons evil wizard kept her making fake treasure maps to lure in adventurers, a dead end job.

The goblin ruled dungeon had two sub levels, a sealed crypt and a cavern. But like all dead end dungeons the goblin chief nicked anything good found by minions. The tribe dealt with bandits and the local villagers were well prepared wit a stockade and guard goats. So they had met humans and were interested in Shadelport where men and monsters mingled.

So the pair with meager possessions shimmied down the mountain through ghost wood. The goblin girl had leeks, pickled centipedes in her sack and her bow. The young giant had a small tree he used as a maul, a mallet, a chisel, a chain and a sack of dung he used for first aid and fuel. Each had a pet wolf. The Ghostwood had a bad rep but was faster than the direct mountain route with rival dungeon tribes.

Early into the woods of ill repute they heard sounds. A gang of enemy bone goblins were dancing after a all night party. A goatman was sleeping and a drunk chaos faun was playing his pipes badly from exhaustion. So our heroes set upon them, killing them rapidly. The giant dragged the goat into the fire to cook and enjoyed the burned and raw meal. The goblin snacked on some left over rabbit and collected the merry revelers paltry loot. She was always curious about the albino bone goblins who never mixed with other tribes. One goblin they saved and put him in a sack. The giant spotted a huge black squirrel dragging away a skull from the camp. The goblin shot it and they found a gem in the skull. Actually it seemed to grow from the skull. They also got some coins of the lost kingdom the Ghost wood smothered mysteriously long ago.

So they marched on after a feast and a nap with sacks of meat when a pair of evil monobrowed halflings surprised them and demanded everything. The giant whistled the wolves from their perimeter patrol and the halflings shifted demands to food. Eventually the fight broke out. The older halfling was torn apart by wolves and the younger was tossed in a sack. The goblin took his smart outfit.

They entered the peaceful grassy lowlands where humans ruled. They found the highway and headed to the city. A nomad horse archer tried to harass them from long range but the goblin shot better and scared him off. Within site of the city they saw a wagon and caught u to talk with the friendly child catcher. He had 4 children he planned to sell in the city and welcomed friendly people to travel with. The giant found humans couldn't tell him from their own kind but orcs and goblins were not fooled. After a while they found a village festival where the giant came third in a strongest lad contest by lifting rocks, throwing a log and running up a hill carrying a old woman. He won a silver coin. The team ate some country food and with their new friend the child catcher went to the city.

He helped them get in faster by claiming they were his employees and showed them about redlight district and slave markets and sold their goblin and jeweled skull to a wizard. Halflings were high value slaves. The Giant and Goblin were loaded at last. They enjoyed street food, dodgy offers of vice and found a sly cannibal meat seller who invited the giant to his sewer cannibal shrine. In the in they dined on a bucket of oysters, cabbage and a steamed monkey. Rats on sticks. Mystery monster mince. Human flesh. The pair were in heaven.

Managed to sell of weapons and were very happy. Managed to get a job as a wizard body guard. He was kicked out of uni before graduating and had a third rate magic shop. He owed a drug dealing gang and offered the pair to live n his basement and teach the goblin magic.

After a week of fine dining they visited the bridges, the slums and the goblin ghetto. It was awesome. The bought some baby tako octopus faeries in a bucket from a orc. The giant ate one but the goblin kept two as pets. Giant got tattoos and his teeth filed by a orc doc. Goblin got a shrieker in a pot for the house. Most of the food in the area was more to their pleasing. Back in the merchant district the goblin got a taste for expensive candy by the box.

One night the giant heard a noise and peeked through the trapdoor in the kitchen floor. A sooty urchin had climbed through the chimney and was letting the wizards enemies through the kitchen door. Our heroes killed them except the child. The wizard charmed the boy and they interrogated him. A few days later the wizard and the heroes murdered the whole purple sash gang freeing the cowardly drug abusing wizard. They sold the charmed boy and looted the gang underground headquarters.

The wizard enjoyed the adventure so much he is interested in taking the guys to the cities elder ruins for more adventure. A few months of relaxing and gourmet dining the pair leveled up. Finally the goblin got a spell book of her own and a pet ferret. The giant got a big cold iron spike in his club and shot up a foot in height.

It was a fun game but moral corruption was hardly a problem for this pair. Otherwise new mechanics all worked well.

Players spending way too much time eating and shopping which surprised me

Saturday 29 October 2016

Planet Psychon: Under Pollen Skies

This is a revision of

The sky encounter tables in the original are fine but other stuff needs updating to true d100 and to fit in with terrain types more. This was from a time i hadnt trained myself to do proper d100.

D12 Base Colour 

As for everything on psychon use random colours
roll for sky, cloud, lightning and aurara colour

1 Red
2 Magenta
3 Cyan
4 Aqua
5 Yellow
6 Tangerine
7 Emerald
8 Light Green
9 Violet
10 Turquoise
11 Ivory or roll d10 twice
12 Jet or roll d10 1d4+1 times

D12 Typical Psychonian Weather

1 Hot - warm and dry

2 Cold - cold and dry
3 Cloudy - clouds in sky

4 Clear - sky is still and empty 
 Windy - blowing constantly
6 Frosty - frost, ice particles and snow

7 Scorching - desert like severe heat
8 Foggy - mist shrouds everything
9 Damp - everything is damp and humidity is high, often light rain
10 Rain - everything soaked
11 Stormy - strong wind, thunder, lightning or d10 twice results
12 Roll d10 d4+1 times or choose a exotic type of weather

d12 Exotic Psychonian Weather
01 Storm - rain, wind and severe storm types
02 Ice - featuring solid ice and suspended ice crystals
03 Fire - pyrotechnic phenomena including fires, meteors, ash and smoke
04 Quake - geological phenomenal from tremors to dust clouds
05 Chem Clouds - chemical agents often left overs from wars
06 Biological - made made spores, plagues and bio agents from ancient wars
07 Pollen - natural clouds produced by exotic plants
08 Auroras - coloured fields of light in sky, em feilds, lightning, magnetism
09 Mutagen - various agents to modify life forms
 Nanite Swarms - nano terraformers or weapons or buildings or mutagens

11 Psi Storm - telepathic infrastructure errors, mind hacking weapons
12 Manna - global or local magic arrays of the gods going crazy 

d12 Storm
 Sweet tasting coloured water rains in thin steady streams, nutrient enriching
02 Salty bitter rain, unpleasant but drinkable, just reduces your life span slightly
03 Flavoured coloured rain possibly effervescent or carbonated
04 Rad rain is luminous forming glowing pools of sweet radioactive water with short half life
05 Chem rain is most often poison and comes in a rainbow of colours that mix weirdly
06 Mud from ground water raising and saturating soil making it muddy
07 Flood raises water level covering coastlines, flood planes, dams and embankments
08 Lightning storm with deadly electrical arcs and balls of electrical plasma
09 Thunderstorm with deafening ground shaking noise that terrifies most animals
10 Rainstorm with heavy wind causes light damage to everything

11 Rainbows or halos and coloured rays in the sky
12 Cyclone or twister or whirl pool or waterspout sucking in everything in path

d12 Ice
 Hail of frozen ice pellets from pea to egg sized inflicts 1 HP per round to unarmored 
02 Light snow of fluffy white coloured crystals forming small amount of slush 
03 Heavy snow dumps d12 inches of snow on the surface of everything
04 Snowstorm area gets d12 inches of snow, visibility poor, temperature very cold
05 Frost covers surface of everything in shiny frozen dew, mud becomes slick 
06 Sleet with heavy rain and ice crystals covers ground in slush briefly during rain
07 Floating ice crystals sparkling in the sky like diamonds
08 Thick ice is deposited over everything over several hours of blizzard inch/hour
09 Icicles form on surfaces and overhangs during chilling winds
10 Ice is actually fire retardant chemical snow from a fire fighting nannite factory

11 Nitrogen storm showers liquid nitrogen everywhere freezing everything
12 Icicle storm showers huge spikes of ice from sky seeded by military weather nanobots

d12 Fire
01 Smoke plumes in distance, air slightly choking
02 Smoke clouds fill sky and partially block the sun, eyes water and air choking
03 Mirage shimmering in distance like water, rippling waves of heat 
04 Sky is filled with fire, every living thing panics
05 Flaming hailstones of volcanic rock fall from sky igniting some spot fires
06 Grass spotfires and smoke 
07 Bushfire driving animals into a stampede 
08 Volcanic ash rains like snow
09 Black rain a mix of volcanic ash and rain
10 Meteors fall from sky, distant explosions  

11 Fire Whorl is a column of fire created by fire creating a whirlwind, moves and very deadly
12 Firestorm is a raging incendiary storm that lays waste to everything above ground

d12 Quake
01 Dust clouds, vision obscured and sky coloured
02 Dust storm sky dark and discolored and choking sand covers everything 
03 Dust devils swarming across flats carrying dust and dirt
04 Ground shaking in short bursts alarms animals
05 Modest quake causing trees to shake and people to fall over
06 Severe quake triggers mudslides, avalanches, damages trees and buildings
07 Cracks open in the ground
08 Light volcanic rocks rain from the sky
09 Sinkholes open in the ground
10 Rain mixed with soil covers everything in mud

11 Quake collapses massive subworld of the ancients
12 Ground shakes causing h
ills and mountains drop in height

d12 Chem Cloud
 Teargas like irritant causes crying and burns eyes
02 Vomit gas causes nausea and violent retching
03 Iritant gas causes itching and skin sores and blemishes
04 Corrosive cloud damages leaves and plastics, burns skin
05 Severe corrosive eats stone, concrete and rusts metal, burns flesh
06 Dye stains everything for a d4 days
07 Mood altering cloud of coloured gas
08 Memory erasing nerve gas, victims awake from comas with memory loss
09 Blindness inducing nerve gas save or blind 24 hours
 Poison gas causes lungs to foam and horrible death if fail save

11 Hallucinogenic gas cloud with shimmering stars, surreal melting land forms
 Psychotropic weaponry gas clouds create a collective halucinations

d12 Biological
Mild bioplague cloud causes flu, sneezing and nausea
02 Fungal spore clouds rot cloth, leather and hair
03 Fungal spores sprout giant fungus everywhere
04 Clouds deposit floating seed pods with new breed of plant 
05 Skin colour changing bio agent if save lasts a few days if fail is permanent
06 Clouds drop millions of spiders with tiny web parachutes, harmless but creepy
07 Plague spores cause severe respiratory illness and death in 3d20 hours
08 Plague spores liquefies flesh in d6 hours if fail save
09 Spores turn victim who fails save into ambulatory fungal horror
 Zombie plague, any infected and fail save become undead d20 hours after death

11 Undead plague strain transforms victims who fail save into zombies
12 Exotic undead plague save or transformed into ghoul or more advanced undead

d12 Pollen

1 Coloured fuzzy fluff blows from sky, edible and nutritious
2 Coloured dust clouds cause sneezing and sore eyes
3 Coloured dust causes hysterical laughter and increases appetite
4 Coloured dust temporarily changes gender if fail save for 2d20 hours
5 Coloured pollen causes vegetation growth spurt of several inches per hour
6 Coloured pollen causes skin colour to change for d20 hours
7 Coloured pollen implants symbiotic vegetation on skin or hair
8 Coloured pollen dust covers hair or feathers with lovely flowers
9 Coloured pollen dust causes carnivorous plants to sprout over region
10 Coloured pollen dust infects system, if fail save turns into a plant
11 Coloured pollen dust infects system, save or turn slowly into hostile mobile plant person
12 Coloured pollen dust infects system, save or turn turn into free willed mobile plant person

d12 Aurora
1 Coloured glows in distance flickering pleasantly
2 Sky swirling with coloured auroras across the sky
3 Glowing fireballs float in sky and flaming auroras flash across 
4 Hypnotic lights observers save or stare into sky hypnotised by beauty
5 Neural frequency energy fields cause fits and stuttering if fail save
6 Radiation clouds glowing in sky, rains sweet water and causes burns and hair loss 
7 Auroras and magnetic fields light the sky scrambling radar, radio and navigation
8 Auroras flickering across skies make electrical technology stutter and malfunction
9 Auroras pour electromagnetic pulses damaging electronics and shutting down tech
10 Auroras effect gravity fields, making everything lighter and some objects float
11 Auroras effect gravity fields, making everything heavier and flight difficult
12 Auroras effect gravity fields liftijg land masses into the sky which float away

d12  Mutagens
1 Coloured dust from sky enters cells and becomes new organelle, various purposes
2 Coloured dust from sky lands and grows into short lived tentacle polyps
3 Coloured dust alters skin colour possibly in accord with some ancient faction
4 Coloured dust from sky inflicts cosmetic minor mutations
5 Coloured dust from sky infects plants, become ambulatory, sentient or carnivorous
6 Coloured dust from sky infects animal life making amorous and hybridise species
7 Coloured dust from sky infects dwarfism on many species
8 Coloured dust from sky infects gigantism on many species
9 Coloured dust from sky infects animals with bio weaponry and increased aggression
10 Coloured dust from sky makes animals swell up into huge imobile sacks of nutrient
11 Coloured dust from sky reduces intelligence and make hyper carnivorous and aggressive
12 Coloured dust from sky infects animals turns into amorphous tentacled horrors

d12  Nanites Swarm

1 Huge liquid crystal cloud displaying images across the sky often from the gods 
2 Fine coloured monofilaments rain down from orbit, dissolve in 24 hours
3 Bubbles rain down from clouds cover everything in bio degradable edible soap
4 Coloured slime rains down from heavens, breaks down rapidly and eaten by animals
5 Nanites construct barriers like walls or bars separating areas
6 Nanite rain incorporates cybernetics into various living organisms
7 Grey goo nanites rain from sky dissolving areas into pools of grey nano slime
8 Nanofactory cloud rains fish, frogs or other small animals
Hammer storm nanofac cloud dumps rain of hammers, rocks or knives
10 Nanite cloud assembles new major terrain type
11 Nanite cloud assembles a ancient ruin from nothing 
12 Nanite cloud constructs a village complete with inhabitants and history

d12 Psionic

1 Strange aurora makes everyone feel uneasy and nervous
2 See strange lights, phantoms and hear odd noises
3 Strange somnambulistic waves over region save or go to sleep
4 Mood clouds over comes area with strong feelings like lust, hate, hunger, peace, etc
5 Fields induce flashbacks to previous lives before gods recycled you
6 Weird mental fog cloud scrambles memories, fail save or obtain strangers memories 
7 Strange field of psychic hostility drives those who fail save berserk and crave flesh
8 Field over area inflicts unwanted telepathy causing everyone to over hear thoughts
9 Psionic mind hack weapon gives urge to kill soldiers of long forgotten faction of the past
10 Collective consciousness floods brains with past history and ancient language 
11 All in area mindhacked by will of a god to destroy a rival god
12 A collective dream pours over all minds in area, all experience several hours of unreality 

d12 Manna

1 Satellite falls from orbit, burning fragments of material scatter over wide area 
2 Sky sparkling as magical arrays haywire, spells work strangely over next day
3 Land bathed in rainbow rays from above, gods are scanning for something
4 Orbital lasers rain from sky destroying thinks the gods are offended by
5 Swarms of insects fill sky include flies or locusts, devour everything
6 Escope pods from orbital colony rain down from above
7 Sparks rain down from sky igniting dry flammables and starting spot fires
8 Floating islands drift by, beings from islands possibly drop down for visit
9 Clouds islands with buildings and vegetation dreamily drift by
10 Swarms of flying creatures mass migrating, include birds, bats, tiny dragons
11 Gigantic floating sky jellyfish swarm over sky, some crash or get tangled in trees
12 Teleporter arrays beam down several fully intact temple arrays

Friday 28 October 2016

New Types of Fire

New Types of Fire

Because your old fire is boring

Mostly useful as exotic dungeon decor or when on other planes

d20 Types of fire
1 Mortal Fire
2 Oilfire 
3 Wizardfire 
4 Witchfire 
5 Balefire 
6 Ghostfire  
7 Dreamfire 
8 Dragonfire 
9 Primalfire 
10 Forgefire  
12 Angelfire 
13 Faeriefire 
14 Demonfire 
16 Frostfire  
17 Darkfire  
18 Hellfire 
19 Soulfire 
20 Elderfire

Mortal Fire
Normal fire as named by otherworld beings, all the propertiesatributed to normal fire, short lived unstable, requites fuel, non magical

Typical lamp fuel fire, effective but weak and short lived typically 1d6 and +1 for d4 rounds. Commonly made from vegetable or mineral oil. Not as effective as most people wish and easy to extinguish.

Alchemist made fire with fuel typically 2d4 +1 for a d4 rounds with a flask or 2d6 +1 for d6 rounds if fired from a piston like tube, often made in shape of a dragon. Made from exotic rock oil, naptha and bitumen it is harder to put out. A splash of water not very effective but imersion with water, sand or a wet blanket work better. Usually this is a military secret and recipies not commonly for sale. 

Supernatural fire that will keep burning and harms any magical being. Ingrediants include many exotic herbs gathered in a swamp. It is yellow and smells of swamp. Witches make pellets of magical fues for fires or attatch to a stick to make a torch. Such a torch can harm magic creatures or spirits. Fire burns a long time but does not spread or start fires at all without special fuel.


Haunted green flame seen in swamps, warns area haunted or fairies, hurts spirits. Burns naturally in magic swamps. Secrets of gathering fyuel and swamp gas allow a bottle of bale fire to be made portable. Burns for one turn and flares up if spirits or elves or faerifolk and possibly other beings in area. Ghost hunters employ these. 

Spectral pale fire burns but cant be put out by anything in mortal world. It is remains of a luving fire killed which haunts a location. It might burn in a wizards fireplace or under a witchs cauldron. Produces light but no heat. Sometimes torches can be found and are very useful light sources.

Illusionary flame only effects living minds but injures victims who dont make a save roll. Mostly used by illusionists. Some magical gems with a few yours of dream fire for light have been found.

Stuff the universe is made of, breathed by draconic beings. Equipment hit must save or be destroyed

Living inteligent self fuelling flame. Intelligent and can fight as a monster, bigger size more HD, harms magic things and equiptment.

Flame of dwarves that can melt any metal including mithril, adamantium or orichalcum, uses secret alchemical fuel and furnacess humans dont understand

Flame of heavenly light that burns evil or undead or magic beings. Hidden from mortals and forbidden to them. Some angels might provide a item to mortals for a single use often in form of a gold sphere with a timer

Used by elves, cool to touch but sterilizes water and food, cannot spread fire, makes dim yellow light and uses secret long burning fuel.

Burn wounds dont heal naturaly but medical skills or spells will heal. Mostly used by demons fire attacks it is fuelled by demon life force. If fire spreads or ignites it produces normal fire only. Demonologists might bind a lesser demon into a lanters for a light source but the deomons hate it.

Elemental cold made to parody fire by the lords of cold, burns carbon to make cold, burns in ash heaps or dead fire pits. Cold dim light and does not spread without burnt fuel like a house burned by normal fire. Elemental cold and supernatural beings might use it.

Shadowy negative life draining shadow flame ire that drains attributes, levels or life force, unholy life eating flame. Different samples harm diferent attributes with worst draining levels. It is fuelled by life force and brought into this world by necromancers. Sacrificial victims keep it alive. It does not spread and casts no light burning only where evil symbols engraved.

Fire that burns body and soul and leaves victim afraid and demoralized. Mostly produced by beings from hell, fuelled by the life force or magic in a relic. Thesre are forests in hell blazing etenally in helfire. This tree resin might hold secrets to utilizing hellfire. Helfire causes morale checks and fear checks in the stronger form.

Fire that uses souls for fuel, used by arcane beings, only hurts beings with souls. Souls are refined by unknown means and used in lamps, candles and torches. Souls are left ashen and utterly destroyed by being burned.

Dark purple fire that eats HP permanantly (can be restored by spell) to feed the elder gods

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Captain Coquettes Explorations

So the captain has discovered how not to let a crewman die every week and can sail further than ever before. So he finds islands of tattooed humanoids and seeks to trade with them and possibly establish a outpost. Adventures are explorers and junior officers. Players should be able to influence outcomes but struggle against the crew and officers to do the right thing.

This orc island is having a holy festival when visited and the orcs seem friendly. They are forbidden to fight in this season of the fertility goddess and greet strangers with feasts. If the explorers return they will be killed and skinned.

This land of orc tribes subjugate goblins and will trade a goblin for anything made of metal even some nails. The natives seem friendly and willing to trade so the captain wants to build a outpost and leave some crew here for a year when he will return with ships to build a penal colony. Once the ships leave natives are unimpressed by strangers overstaying welcome. Explorers need to make natives respect them and earn a place or they will be eaten.

Eventually colony arrives and those who remained will be allotted land and convict slaves. Now the natives are really unimpressed at humans. Plague devastates the natives before they can raise a army and exterminate the alien humans.

These islands are ruled by bugbears and are dangerous but willing to trade land. Colonists or outposts can be negotiated but some tribes wont recognise any deal and will eat any humans left behind. Bugbears ate other goblinoids years ago and welcome human settlers.


These islands are occupied by brutal pierced orcs who bloodily sacrifice non orcs to their demon gods on pyramid mounds. Dominated goblins can be convinced to unite against orcs and the orcs do have lots of gold. Officers suggest a small force are left to deal with the orcs, take their gold and turn island into a plantation colony.

This island is occupied by tropical flower elf tribe who are very friendly and amorous. Your filthy rat infested crew rapidly degrade island, introducing disease, weapons, murder, jealousy, gambling, drinking, etc. This idyllic paradise was fine for thousands of years till you guys turned up. Might meet slaves from here years later.

A foreign power has almost finished building a gold storehouse and fort by working native hobgoblins to death. The power has brought in orc slaves but but about a fifth of slaves native hobgoblins. You should probably attack or rival powers will gain influence. You might have to clean up the mess here.

Wizards have been testing magic here for aeons

War like hobgoblin islanders suspicious and hateful of outsiders. File their teeth and do best to look savage and horrible

Warrior tribes of orcs vs goblinoids, battling to exterminate each other. Keen to use strange visitors to help them win. Treason and theft is a virtue here.

Shipwreck stranded colonists but one took control and turned population cannibal. Now the personality cult leader will try to hijack any ships while some colonists will try and warn visitors.

Inside the volcano fragile crystal lattices containing the last knowledge of aeons old catfish folk. Any sailors from ship will want to smash them for salable trinkets.

Thursday 27 October 2016

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Bereton

The Apocalypse is coming....
Become name level without leaving your village

Twenty years ago a age of invasions, migrations, plague, famine and war ended. A decade of dark skies, bad crops and volcanic fumes ended. Since then everything has been green an people are happy. Conflict has ended as resources are common. You can still find ruined villages, tools and all kinds of goods in the woods. Most young have never known hunger, but the old are scarred, bitter and wary from past trauma.

Kings have started rebuilding borders. sending out tax collectors and establishing households of knights in every inhabited area. So far there is mostly peace.

But cultists, witches and monsters lurk in the woods and are working in secret to corrupt certain places. Ruins are thick in places, undead haunt old battlefeilds, shattered castles and ruined villages. Haunted abandoned houses are common near every village.

Players start as young eager adventurers who have lived in a time of peace. As economy grows people crave more than just sustenance and markets are growing. Adventurers get to deal with local mysteries, petty creatures and old wells and caves before discovering a conspiracy.

There is only a good market in each capitol. Most goods are made by request and not in stock. The capitols have more conspiracies. Cultists seek to corrupt local leaders and communities. While action of setting seems local actually a cosmic struggle is brewing. Demons are being called and re inhabiting underworld fortresses. The seek to open elder gates and release more monsters. Imps and gremlins are becoming more common. Terrible war machines of old gods are being found and restored by cults. Cultists are increasing and becoming more blatant. The apocalypse is being called and draws near. the universe will be drowned in cosmic creatures from beyond then turn inside out and be rendered into raw chaos. The gods are weak, recovering from wounds and battles decades ago. Nanny Binx the wonder goat is doing her bit to revive earth cults to help the world resist. A few other beings are trying to help but the faiths of good and law have declined since peace broke out.

Eventually heroes battle demons, and enter gates to seal them. The more gates and plane shifting and chaos taints the 
worse world gets. Demons might even provide adventurers with magic items that really make the world worse.

The point of this setting is to start looking petty and local with very little civilization. At first they get to know area and locals outside their village. The capitols wont hold much interest and nobility wont accept party as they are low born. Non humans are rare but increase as apocalypse draws near.

The Village
Is shit. Has communal sheds for produce and animals and a ale house run by millar, blacksmith and a 1st Lv Cleric in a shack who uses a barn for service and has a few religious nick nacks to sell tourists who come to see sacred rock of St Branagh. Population under 50 scattered over a fair area.

d10 Phase 1 Adventures (0-2 level challenges)
1 Giant rats in the orchard and in the barn and in the cellar - kill them all
2 What happened to Mrs Muggles pussy? - did it fall down the well?

3 Shepard's Hole where farming lads rest from the sun has never been explored
4 A goblin has stolen a pie and ran into the woods - follow his trail

5 A shifty man has been planting strange urns around the village - cultist marking area to attract evil
6 A fancy youth came seducing folk and ran away with stolen goods - doppelganger?
7 A old barn has Stirge Owls and people are upset they will breed - did someone plant them?

8 A creepy old house has a spirit - defeat several undead and meet a spectral adviser
9 Someone stole the holy rock and shitted on church altar - priest offers a reward
10 A goatman has been seen eyeing off the village sheep and has everyone scared

1d10 Phase 2 Adventure (3-6 level challenges)
1 Sheep all stolen by a band of goat men who wish to mate with them or eat them or sacrifice them
2 Woodland goblins up to mischief and stealing metal tools, live in a woodland village
3 Well has been inhabited by something! d4 1=water weird 2=giant snake 3=giant toad 4=fish man
4 Charlatan visits, tries to get rid of party on goose chase with fake maps so he can work evil

5 A villager has been charmed by a cultist and is tainting graveyard with chaos potions
6 Currupt officials from king come demanding things, cultists use to spread discord and resentment
7 Someone horribly murdered in home - ritual or random monster hard to tell
8 Sherrif has been kidnapped and his beadles want help getting him back from who has him

9 Bandits in area attacking tinkerers, traders and clergy and villagers have had enough
10 Smoke has been seen from the old tower where wizards made orcs in the war

1d10 Phase 3 Adventures (7+ level challenges)
1 A Knight comes to visit and wants some youths to help find a monster seen in area

2 A regular coven site of worship has by identified by locals, cult will prepare a trap
3 A great dungeon door has been uncovered in hill, inside evil tries to restore a great chaos engine
4 A cave has been found by farmers - beast men, orcs and goblinoids serve a planar visitor inside
5 A bubbling pool of chaos guarded by monsters is tainting the area with mutants
6 Elves, dwarves and other old races seen openly and willing to talk about problems in area
7 Stairs in ground with magical chaos maze of magic traps, treasure and trauma
8 The graveyard erupts one night in zombies of dead townsfolk of last 40 years
9 A monster randomly attacks the village randomly to eat people and then wanders off to start a lair
10 A famous cultist hero comes to area to destroy it with occult powers

This is all based on a friends game. No matter how great and cosmos shatteringly weird we got, everything stayed local and mostly in villages. Many actions degraded the universe. Evil tries to trick party and frame innocents or left them tainted artifacts and spells which did cool stuff butt added to the mass of chaos in the universe each use. Players learned strange cosmic secrets which made them seize artifacts from demiplanes but in fact chaos wanted the party to open more gates and bring in more artifacts to weaken the world. All this cosmic stuff over about 6 villagers. Players might have to be creative to get fancy equitment or salvage goods from abandoned places. Military grade items not for sale outside a capitol many days away!

Chaos nearly one and burnt out much of the magic in the world and the gods have slept since. The more dungeons and demi planes are opened the more chaos wins. Getting that cool weapon or destroying that magic relic often only had short term benefits.

By phase 2 non human races turn up and are allowed as characters. They often bring clues of some of the wonders hidden in the area. They also bring new enemies and problems and are competative as to what race survives the apocalypse.

By phaze three some villages will be gone,many NPCs dead or tainted or undead, ancient horrors walking. Chaos gates bringing in demons and pools spawning creatures more common. Lead cultists seek to spoonfeed heroes to open more gates and release more creatures using spies, planted evidence and fake documents. Eventully the universe starts bursting at seams and gods start dying.

Eventually it involves attackin devils and demons and elemental lords on their own plane.

Some useful tables

A bunch of my tables could build most of this setting
Low level Challenges


Chaos intrusions

Village life and decline into Chaos

Village Idiots
Nice Village Encounters
Mob Violence
Villagers mistake adventurers for...
Mildly suspicious village happenings
Weird village happenings
Rampant chaos village happeneings

Evil Commoners
Evil Frontier Farms

Wednesday 26 October 2016

d100 Village Carousing

Carousing So Far

1 Red Light district
2 Social climbing in Nob Hill
3 Scholarly pursuits
4 Holy Endeavors
5 Rambling in the Wild
6 Shore leave
7 In a dungeon
8 Underland exploration
9 In Prison

This is one of the safest of these tables.
To fit in with other village things from recent work

d10 Quick Carousing Type

1 Festival
2 Tavern life
3 Simple life
4 Rustic Law
5 Opportunity
6 Meeting
7 Romance
8 Feasting
9 What a mess
10 Strange stuff

d100 Village Carousing
01 Wedding gets the village singing, dancing and gorging
02 A seasonal harvest dance leads to drunken revelry
03 Old way festival with fertility rites, nudity and burning a wicker man
04 Dressed up characters in local revelry pick you to be king of parade
05 Villagers get carried away and perform bloody sacrifices and make a mess
06 Violent drunken fight breaks out over sports event
07 Local competitions for petty prizes, you win ugliest face trophy
08 Beaten with sticks by villagers in costume for festival
09 Late after festival you saw a spirit haunting the village green
10 Masked villagers you danced with turned out to be spirits who disappeared

11 Spend time drinking, telling stories, feasting and vomiting
12 Poisoned spent time ill and feeling vile

13 Had a huge tavern fight and not welcome there again
14 Got a horrible disease like groin rot, parasitic crabs or worms
15 Got into a fight or duel with a local spent rest of time drunk
16 Played various games and contests with locals
17 Got drunk and went hunting, got gored by deer or pig
18 Woke up in another village naked covered in tar
19 Woke up married with local in family home
20 Hear stories of local possible dungeon or lair
21 Sitting by river or pond fishing, found long lost silver item worth d100 gp
22 Tranquil watching sunsets and nature, feeling at peace
23 Helping farmers with their chores learning about common life
24 Relaxing in cottage, put on a few pounds eating constantly
25 Saw a mysterious creature on nature ramble
26 Found top of stone gatehouse buried on a hike
27 Saw sylvan beings dancing lewdly in woods
28 Befriended a small hairy barn troll (or stove troll or bush troll)
29 Met some elves in the woods
30 Met a dwarf tinkerer offered a bargain
31 Parents upset you have corrupted their child demand compensation or a marriage
32 Spent days in sheriffs cell for drunken disorderly
33 Man claims you scared his horse in accident takes case to magistrate
34 Spent days in stocks villagers pelting you with rotten food, rocks and shit
35 Old man leaves you his treasure map
36 Chased by a bull and had to appear in court
37 Called on to decide on matter between two farmers, one now hates you
38 Witness for a street cart accident and had to testify in court
39 You caught a thief and the law beat them and drove them out of village
40 A angry mob chased you out of village
41 A village drunk talks about strange caves full of treasure in hills
42 A old wise woman gives you a d6 healing potion
43 Hunters offer to initiate you in their secret lodge dedicated to the wood god
44 Someone shows you where wild magic mushrooms grow in a field
45 Offered a patch of good land and a shack
46 Offered a old house cheap possibly haunted
47 Sheriff thinks you are a hoot and lets you do all kinds of rotten stuff
48 Hear about old man with several dungeon maps from his youth
49 Help a messenger and kings men send you 30gp reward
50 Meet travelling scholar or poet who has information on a dungeon
51 Made friends with a gang of bandits who all think fondly of you
52 Met hiking nobility and joined them for tea, later learn how rich they are
53 Made good new friend with same class and aspirations 
54 Meet a witch hunter and narrowly escape being burned alive as a test
55 Village head mans family take you in and treats you like kin
56 You meet a local spell caster who offers to cast a spell for you in the future
57 A noble passing through needs your help then  invites you to their city house
58 A village idiot decides will follow you everywhere
59 A secret policeman makes friends with you to assess your loyalty
60 A bard befriends you and wants to follow you a while
61 Wasted money on a cheap prostitutes
62 A dryad or nymph or elfmaid kidnapped you and luckily you were boring and set free
63 You had a romance but it turned sour at the end
64 You had a romance and they are waiting for you to return and marry them
65 You had a romance and got engaged
66 You had a romance with someone outside your station and it must remain a secret
67 You had a romance and your lover has followed you
68 Your lovers had a public fight, now whole village hates you
69 All the village thinks you a sleazy and loose, possibly a prostitute  
70 Someone publicly declares they have your baby you paid them to look after
71 Ate at a amazing feast with awesome bards, flirting, dancing and heavy drinking
72 A riddling bard at a feast told you in front of all to beware the weird apon ye
73 A witch came demanding hospitality, she gave you a potion for your respect
74 A stranger came to feast challenging all to wrestle, turns out was a faerie folk
75 Famous bards had a battle at feast and the story of this spread across land 
76 A bard lampooned the local leader, since then secret police came around
77 At the feast some one proposed a marraige to you (probably a parent)
78 Village idiot saved you from poisoning by drinking your beer
79 See an important local leader humiliate self shamefully while drunk
80 A grumpy visiting officer of the court threatens whole village for mocking them
81 Fire starts and village blame you for destruction
82 Sheep got out and a few didn't come home and they blame you
83 Villagers accuse you of bringing bad luck and making milk go sour
84 You get into drunken fight with tax collectors men, now they have eye on you
85 Huge wolf attacks you in bed but escapes (you think it was just a wolf)
86 Attacked by a dog which you killed but villager mad at you
87 A horse fell over and died and farmer wants compensation
88 Sexually harassed by villagers at every turn
89 Villagers tie you in sack and throw in river but you survived
90 Some masked villagers drugged you and tried to sacrifice you
91 Heard weird creature howling on the moors at night
92 Met a shady friar who escaped after ritually murdering someone you knew
93 Haunted by a thing scared you by night like a undead severed hand or ghost rat
94 Chased by a phantom while on way to inn from lovers house
95 Groped and whispered to by a lecherous phantom spirit
96 Spent night with friendly local, find out later they died years ago
97 Saw faerie lights dancing in the woods but you resisted temptation to join them
98 Attractive stranger flirted with you, later saw them fly away in their faerie form
99 A Imp or witch familiar threatened you demanding you leave area for good
100 A friendly child who ran errands for you turns out to have been a faerie

Tuesday 25 October 2016

d100 Diabolic Mutations

Mutagen Links
Reptilian Mutations
Xor Mutations
Necro Mutations
Lawful Anachronisms to be revised

Im considering other mutation lists including plant, machine (law), elemental, plague, ice, whatever for future.

Devil mutations could be signs of taint, rewards for devilish deeds, sign of a damned soul evolving to devilhood, curse or product of being reincarnated or raised while in hell. Devilish features could be dangerous and unpopular.

This could be a handy table to make new devils with or for unique devils or for rewards for helping devils

d12 Taint came from...
1 Cursed by evil ancestors deeds
2 Family witch cult mated with devils for aeons
3 Family had witches till only a few generations ago
4 An ancestor served hell and all now bear taint of crime
5 An exotic bride/groom appeared and married clan leader a few generations ago
6 An adopted child or slave brought taint into clan
7 Some ancestor battled creatures and rescued victim from them and married them
8 A family member married into the cult and for several generations intermingled
9 Clanmember read a diabolic tome and gained the taint
10 Clan member gained mysterious wealth and taint at same time
11 A child of clan was saved from illness by mysterious person and then carried the taint
12 A strange traveller in area had illicit affairs with many local women spreading the taint

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

Extra faces might be capable of speaking or biting but most often on cosmetic versions are eating lower body parts so it looks like chest face eating another being from waste down.

d100 Minor Cosmetic Mutations
01 Ass or goat ears
02 Shell like ears
03 Bat ears
04 Coloured pupils
05 Glowing eyes
06 Long pointy nose
07 Bestial elongated snout
08 Pointy beard
09 Bulbous fat nose 1in6 functional penis
10 Scaly like a lizard

11 Bristly like a pig
12 Hairy like a beast

13 Slimy like a frog
14 Bright colour change
15 Coloured body parts
16 Devilish tattoos
17 Hard chitinous skin like bug
18 Chunks of rotting flesh dropping off
19 Skeletal or mummified corpse looking skin
20 Resembles ornamental armour
21 Face on chest
22 Tiny wings, flap when exited but not functional
23 Hunchback
24 Spikes down spine or from back
25 Spectacular boobs
26 Saggy flat witch tits
27 Many boobs D4+2
28 Insects or vermin live in folds of chest flab
29 Leonine mane
30 Eyes on chest
31 Face on stomach
32 Small tail like a goat or pig
33 Forked tail
34 Reptilian tail
35 Enlarged genitalia
36 Face on genitalia
37 Snake like face on genitalia
38 Flabby gut
39 Face on buttocks
40 Enormous buttocks
41 Faces on shoulders
42 Faces on elbows
43 Faces on wrists
44 Claws on fingers d3
45 Bird fore arms
46 No thumbs
47 Tattered flaps of membrane from arms
48 Spikes on arms
49 Crab claws d4
50 Hooks for hands d4
51 Faces where legs meet body
52 Faces on knees
53 Faces on ankles
54 Large claws on feet
55 Hooves for feat
56 Scaly bird feet
57 Webbed frog feet
58 Backward bending knees like goat
59 Bristly hairy legs
60 Spurs on feet or spikes on legs
61 Tusks d3
62 Pointy teeth d3
63 Beak d3
64 Foot long red forked tongue
65 Doglike mouth d3
66 Cat like mouth d3
67 Goat like mouth d3
68 Horse like mouth
69 Sphincter mouth
70 Lamprey tongue
71 Small d4 animal heads like cat, rat, monkey, puppy, lizard, bug
72 Tiny crown
73 Stubby horns on head d3
74 Curved ram horns d3
75 Goat horns d4
76 Long curved ibex horns d4
77 Single horn d4
78 Cockerel like wattles
79 Fiery halo
80 Cyclops
81 On death explodes into 3d6 brimstone blast 2" across
82 Organ produces gold, pass out 1gp per day in feces
83 Chronic flatulence at least once a turn
84 Flaming farts at least once a turn
85 Internal body heat can be used as a food warmer
86 Smoke emits from mouth and nose 
87 Regenerate finger, limbs or organs over a week
88 On death smoulder away into mess of charcoal
89 On death body breaks into swarm of lizards, toads, bugs, rats
90 Sulfurous egg gas odour reeks from flesh
91 Cry tears of  d4 1=blood 2=mild acid 3=unholy water 4=vinigar
92 Become legal pedant, argue about interpretations of rules
93 Desire slaves and servants
94 Desire conspicuous wealth and money
95 Desire glory and social climbing
96 Detect poison
97 Detect chaos
98 Detect good
99 Detect magic
100 Diabolic alignment shift to lawful evil

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Major Mutations
Fly head with compound eyes can eat rotten garbage
02 Sonar vision bat ears can see in absolute darkness
03 Eyes emit light in a 3" cone at will
04 Long thin proboscis nose can suck d4 blood per round once stuck with first head 
05 Snake mustache
06 Flaming hair and or beard 
07 Frog face hold breath CON in rounds under water
08 Goat face eat anything and a beard
09 Extra face on head, whispers demented lies
10 Glowing eyes provide night vision

11 Leathery hard skin +3 AC
12 Hard metallic scale plates +5 AC

13 Warty leather hide Immune to natural fire -1/dice other types
14 Blubbery skin Immune to natural cold -1/dice other types
15 Rubbery skin Immune to natural electricity -1/dice other types
16 Immune to energy level draining
17 Slimy rubbery skin cannot be grappled or constricted
18 If skin punctured or bleeding stops after one round of bleeding
19 Only harmed by silver or magic weapons
20 Skin reduces melee damage by 1 point per attack
21 Tiny bat wings, can hop 3" once per Lv/day
22 Buffeting wings +3" speed with a straight charge or can make 2x d3 hits
23 Gliding membranes can glide across as far a height off ground at 12" speed, silent
24 Functional wings can fly at 12" speed noisily
25 Face on chest can talk and huge mouth can bite for d6
26 Plastron turtle like shell +4 AC
27 Diabolic skeleton +d3 STR
28 Barrel chest +d3 CON
29 Huge +d8 HP and 1 foot height
30 Spitting chest face fires fist size darts d3 twice a round 
31 Face on belly can talk and huge mouth can bite for d6
32 Revives as undead being d20 hours after death
33 Urinates acid that can poison plants (they save or die)
34 Acidic urine 2d6 roll to hit save halves extra d6 5th Lv/HD and every 5 Lv
35 Immune to poison
36 Immune to disease
37 Vomit up nauseating bilious spew, victim saves vs CON or nauseated like stinking cloud
38 Shits flaming hot coals that can be thrown like a rock for a d4 and might ignite flamables
39 Shits bitumen which can be used as seals, fuel, building and all kinds of uses 1gp a day
40 Prehensile forked tail 2-3 yards long, can hold things or swing from
41 Huge slashing or crab like claws d6 extra unarmed attack
42 Detachable hands can be sent on missions and reattach, share HP with both 
43 Cast a Burning Hand spell once a day + INT Bonus
44 Cast Protection from Good spell once a day + INT Bonus
45 Cast Protection from Chaos spell once a day + INT Bonus
46 Cast Detect Alignment spell once a day + INT Bonus
47 Cast fireball spell once a week + INT Bonus (some cold devils cast ice storm instead)
48 Cast wall of fire spell once a week + INT Bonus (cold devils cast wall of ice instead)
49 Have a a magical rod (part of souls) can cast Monster Summoning equal to HD or Lv once a week + INT Bonus. Rod appears and disappears at will and makes a d6 club
50 Pitchfork can be summoned and be made to appear and disappear 2d4 magic spear
51 Huge toenails or spurs +1 d6 kick attack
52 Skate with toenails moving on ice with ease
53 Firewalk can climb and walk up any fire like stairs or a ladder, immune to normal flame
54 Wallwalking with knife like toenails that stick into walls or ceiling
55 Can leap +3" inches like a locust or flee
56 Waterwalk can walk over water
57 Levitate can walk on air at a leisurely pace 1/2 speed max
58 Featherfall feet can fall ant distance unharmed
59 Diabolic Speed can run 50% faster
60 Charge +d6 damage +1 to hit if charge at least 1" in a line and make single attack
61 Forked tongue immune to detect lies 
62 Track by tasting with long red tongue 
63 Dog snout extra attack d6
64 Pig snout d6 tusk extra attack
65 Cat face extra bite attack d6
66 Snake tongue immune to detect alignment
67 Cast Command spell once a day + INT Bonus
68 Cast Charm spell once a day + INT Bonus
69 Cast Sleep spell once a day + INT Bonus
70 Immune to charm spells
71 Extra horn attack d6
72 Huge horns or single horn d8 damage
73 Magnificent gold crown grows from skull
74 Flaming halo aurora at will d4 damage to any in melee range 
75 Extra head, can talk, help cast spells, each can take turns to sleep
76 Skull glows at will or if angry, 6" radius light
77 Armoured face plate +1AC 
78 Cyclops ray eye 2d4 heat damage 3" range one beam per round
79 Fold out crest or frill +1 AC
80 Extra thick skull +1 AC
81 Regenerate 1hp per round unless silver or holy water used to cause wound
82 Rancid stench when angry produces a troglodyte like stinking cloud to all within same 1"
83 Flesh is poison to any who bites
84 Grow gems inside organs or on skin 100gp per HD or Lv
85 When killed body burns leaving mas of charred ash and gold 100gp per HD or Lv
86 When killed d4 lesser devils or imps crawl out of body when killed
87 When killed insect or vermin swarm attacks all in 3" 2 dam/round a round/HD or Lv
88 When killed a non corporeal evil spirit is released
89 When killed a similar rank devil is summoned to investigate death
90 First bottle of blood drained from corpse is a magic potion
91 Superior internal balance +d3 DEX
92 Diabolic intellect +d3 INT
93 Diabolic charm +d3 CHA
94 Diabolic strategist +d3 WIS
95 Cast Planeshift spell once a week + INT Bonus 
96 Cast teleport spell once a week + INT Bonus 
97 Hellfire, any hit by a flame attack make fear check also
98 Terror cloak, any under 4 HD creatures make morale check within 3" or flee
99 Cast unseen servant at will and uses like simple telikinesis
100 Cast contact other plane spell once a week + INT Bonus