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War With the Undersea Kingdoms Part 2

Have been reading goodman games big fat book. Mostly i got it for McAuslan art and maps. It is a better book than the fist vol. I kinda did a first glance review before but enjoying looking at it for my own. DnD5 sure wastes so much room with stats, just puts me off ever DMing it even though I play weekly. I think It would work fine near Hotsprings Island. The above Islands was done for Tenkar's landing (which a huge amount of book of is me). In my setting im thinking of putting between Exile Island and the Southern continant of the third Empire where Im currently writing up my 3fold land and Sour hill stuff. Climate is a bit off but I already have magic cimate zones using reptilian magic. Possibly the Amazon citidel Island is the same as the one in my Exilon setting several thousand years earlier in pre flood times. This means via underland you could walk to exile island under the sea.

These are harder than some of my other tables and slower to do
Might try some hell stuff again too

Found this unofficial warhammer sea army

Possibly these could be some aquatic plane or hell too
Have a bunch of sea themed stuff done now and hope to do a book

Still needs sunken city dungeon zone revision and plans for these posts:

the deep dark and undead chaos mermaids
sunken city dungeon zone
d100 Ships officers
d100 weird odd and nonhuman sailors
d100 sea undead
d100 weird ships
d100 pirate captains and ships of shadelport
d100 Pirates
d100 Maritime Criminals - smugglers, pirates, wreckers
d100 treasure islands islands
Part 3
d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion
As I have done several sea loot tables will 
recycle  possibly from both former tables but include human anti sea items and prices.

As usual in first stages of war use d10, then d20 then d100 when full raging.

d100 Encounters (mostly near coasts and rivers)
01 Shifty robed travellers who walk funny, fish folk hybrid spies and sabotuers
02 Crab men eating washed up corpses on the beach
03 Sharks in huge numbers where seldom seen before
04 Shipwreck survivors dazed with tall tales of disaster and monsters
05 Barnacle encrusted zombies from the sea
06 Shark folk bandits gorging themselves on innocent travellers
07 Sea elves unseen for aeons travelling wary of evil surface folk, scouting
08 Sea dragon and seagrass spirit servants in human form scouting
09 Giant crabs roaming the beach chasing fishermen
10 Sea otter folk bard visiting surface before it is all destroyed, quite friendly 
11 Islanders from far away arrive in war canoes, 1in6 hungry cannibals
12 Sailors and fisher folk with meager belongings fleeing to high ground
13 Friendly mermaids entice you to play with them (it's a trap)
14 Giant tentacles destroy a human structure then vanish
15 Shipwreck scattered on beach, dead all arise as marine ghouls
16 Marine Iguana riding a tylosaur arrive and plant a flag
17 Long necked pliesiosaur grabs a poor victim near waters edge
18 Starfish men with coral war clubs march from sea to kill and eat
19 Fish folk warriors march from sea with war banner blowing horns
20 Witness a boat go under rapidly from something unseen
21 Weeds growing from water overgrowing land, crawling with life 
22 Coral reef where was none before changing currents and sea access, guarded by urchin and anemone folk in coral huts
23 Eel folk raiders on killing spree
24 Marine giant leading marine ogre servants
25 Dolphins come up to laugh at land dwellers cheekily, kind of hear their squawks and clicks version of common insulting you all "haha die, two legged creeps"
26 Sirens charming men to turn on other humans
27 Tribal islanders raising zombies from people they have massacred
28 Harpies flying overhead shitting diseased filth everywhere
29 Flying fish folk drop from sky, aerial shock troops
30 Squid folk  eating living human brains with starfish folk guards
31 Hideous pale marine worm folk with huge jaws on surface murder spree
32 Sea elves riding sea horses
33 Cowardly tako robbing travelers using magic, will flee if pressed
34 Merfolk with javelins, firing at land dwellers then moving on
35 Dragon turtle lands with fighting force of sea grass changeling spirit folk
36 Sea dragon flies overhead destroying structures and ships on the way
37 Tako being carried with charmed human thralls, looking for new human lovers 
38 Lesser sea god with personal retinue of sea creatures, marine beast folk and sea elves marches ashore looking for slaves
39 Fish folk barbarians greedily devouring live humans they have captured
40 Fish folk human cultists sabotaging human efforts of defence and killing watchmen
41 Guargantuan lobster horror 50 foot tall lumbers from sea to destroy human civilization
42 Nixies playing jokes on human beings for fun
43 Selkie spies sabotaging human structures and defenses
44 Sea otter commandos seek to go up river to destroy water wheels, locks and dams
45 Marine iguana troops with dinosaur pack and war beast
46 Whale destroying a ship
47 Killer whales playfully tossing corpses between them
48 Demonic cultists serving sea demons looking for sacrifices and food for msasters
49 Sea demon cultists led by a lesser sea demon
50 Sea demon devouring fisher folk while others flee screaming
51 Dozens of seweed and barnacle encrusted zombies led by a greater sea demon causing havoc

52 Spirits of drowned sailors marching ashore to attack temples and churches
53 Irregular horde of fish folk human hybrids gibbering and devouring anything they can on land
54 Fish cultists pretend to be pr human but seek to betray and murder
55 Fish folk riding war lobsters
56 Hideous lamprey men sucking blood from captives gleefully
57 Trilobite folk marking in strict formation with pikes
58 Giant nautilus landing with squid folk wizards and starfish folk troops embarking from shell
59 Giant squid attacking boats 
60 Kraken with magically enthralled humans marching into it's mouth
61 Tako having huge orgy with charmed humans
62 Tako robbing a trader, greedily grabbing treasure, flee with loot if possible
63 Tako disguised as rocks ambushing travellers
64 Seawolf lycanthropes in shark or wolf or hybrid forms terrorising refugees
65 Were sharks in human form, pretending to be friendly but hungry murderers
66 Sea serpent writhing ashore
67 Sea serpent folk with cultists fighting land serpent folk
68 Marine were crocodiles basking after a meal but willing to try more
69 Giant marine crocodile with croc folk warriors on back
70 Evil pirates attacking human refugees for loot
71 Undead pirates looking for victims

72 Mixed party of sea beast folk pirates and zombies serving a sea demon captain
73 Marine trolls roaming for food
74 Giant fish folk ancient with hoard of fish folk, hybrids and cultists marching
75 Gargantuan lobster creature destroying and devouring land folk
76 Fish folk burying a relic, one of many to help drown the surface world in a global scheme
77 Fish folk erecting stelae with human slaves commemorating the second land empire of the fish folk
78 Strange foreign humans, arrived to help unite surface world but have no common language and look strange, have valuable information on sea invaders under sea bases
79 Lizard folk seek humans to warn them of fish men secret base but so far humans too scared to talk
80 Orc pirates saving human captives from fish folk
81 Gargantuan sea serpent writhing ashore to swollow whole oxen and herds alive
82 Land elves battling sea elves
83 Dwarf cannon artillery bombarding giant sea monsters offshore
84 Poisoned meat with hooks inside left out for sea creatures to eat
85 Alchemist guild workers pouring chemicals into water to poison everything
86 Human military rounding up all able bodied humans for war, execute any who don't join
87 Human knights battling trilobite folk riding giant crabs
88 Gargantua hermit crab with crab folk army disembarking from shell
89 Suspiciously moving island really a giant monster whale transporting cannibal islanders
90 Reptilian gargantuan horror breathing fire, leaves glowing footprints visible by night
91 Water elementals flooding area and drowning straggling humans
92 Fish folk and squid folk wizards summoning demons and water elementals

93 Water spirit folk led by nymph who slays enemy men with her beauty
94 Sea hag with marine trolls, sea ogres and aquatic beast folk (all her sons)
95 Pirates helping refugees escape fish folk troops

96 Human soldiers fleeing to up lands, convinced it is end of the world
97 Squid folk with humans in nets and cages transported on backs of giant pack isopods
98 Deep sea fish folk wizard with glowing lure, glass like teeth and hideous face summoning a sea demon with hybrid followers
99 Water level rises as shore flooded by huge waves running overland
100 Squid headed demon prince strides the earth with fish folk, lesser demons, sea zombies, spectral cult sailors

d100 Wonders
01 Animals flee, a turn later hear noise of a tidal wave, then huge wave destroys everything a hundred yards within sea shore
02 A huge coral reef is growing including fortifications and other structures
03 Life size sand castle appears on beach occupied by undersea creatures
04 A sunken ruin from the depths has risen to the surface
05 Rivers run backwards flooding kingdom and acting as a highway for invasion
06 Huge storm where some witness sea god battling sky god on horizon
07 Great whirlpool swallows up whole ships during a storm
08 Huge storm creates several water spouts wreaking havoc
09 Huge tentacled horror of the deep crawls onto outcrop of rocks blocking sea traffic and spawning monsters
10 A great black prehuman sunken city arises spreading madness, a swarm of demons and fish folk pour forth
11 Towering gibbering gelatinous horror shambles onto land spawning slime monsters
12 Bearded water god causes area to flood and rivers to block up
13 A distant eerie song has swarms of humans marching int the sea in the hundreds to disappear under the waves
14 A great iceberg fortress crashes into the shore releasing demon worshipping undead wizards and their undead hordes
15 Hundreds of cultists dance around a gargantuan fish folk ancestor, feeding it sacrifices 
16 Gigantic sargassum of seaweed chokes the coast, trapping ships and bringing up ancient ship wrecks and crawling with sea creatures
17 Mass of fused sunken hulks off shore crawling with monsters but promising ancient sunken treasure
18 Whales pulling a giant shell driven by a sea god moves along the coast
19 Demon whale battling a fleet of whaling and war ships
20 Kraken wrestling with a ship offshore, slowly pulling under the sea
21 Hundreds of cultists chanting opens a crackling gateway to elemental water bringing through elemental and other monsters 
22 Water weirds swarming in waterway drowning those escaping a sinking ship
23 Dozens of writhing sea serpents mating in water, hostile to anything if 
24 An erupting geyser blasts a building into rubble spreading boiling steam and fog over area
25 Heavy rain goes on longer than anyone remembers, flooding roads and causing havoc to land folk but aiding invaders move overland
26 Heavy rain allows swarms of giant lobsters and eels to cross land easier and move into wells and pools
27 Titanic sea hydra climbs onto a rock overlooking water and menaces travellers
28 Underground river increases flow opening sink holes into the underland, some big enough to swallow houses or villages
29 Titanic sea turtle with city on back moves down coast  
30 Majestic fleet of ships of several nations clash with sea alliance if horrible battle
31 Thousands of squid and fish beach themselves, rotting away making area stink but attracts giant crabs and other monsters
32 Millions of stinging jellyfish fill the sea making swimming impossible and preventing fishing and covering beaches
33 Colossal quivering man o war jellyfish blocks harbour, and chokes sea with stinging tentacles 
34 Seashore glows with luminous gelatinous egg mass from some creatures 
35 Millions of squishy slime gelatinous eggs wash up on shore and filling the sea
36 Millions of starfish wash ashore covering beaches 
37 Mist from seas rolls over the land plunging everything into darkness and damp where sea armies march in secret and remain moist
38 A  crazy old prophet is forcing family to build a colossal raft to survive the coming great flood
39 Area flooded and people on roofs of houses with belongings and animals
40 River bursts its banks flooding area and destroying whole buildings and carrying some wooden ones downstream
41 Floodwaters carried multiple river boats or sailing ships onto land and left them stranded 
42 Hundreds of human corpses wash ashore killed in some great slaughter
43 Waters retreat to cause havoc somewhere else revealing long ago fllooded ruins ans strange sea creatures
44 The earth shakes and a new island arises covered in seaweed and deep sea monsters flopping about gasping
45 Millions of crabs pour ashore swarming over everything
46 Hundreds of Tako octopi faeries come ashore with worldly goods migrating to surface world in rejection of deep sea demons increasing atrocities in the name of the war. Seek land to settle
47 Hundreds of attractive mermaids basking on rocks, will smash the skulls of any who approach to eat their brains 
48 Fish folk soldiers rounding up humans into pens ready for sacrifice to a great sea monster
49 Colossal sea serpent writhing over land and water, constricts and destroys ships and buildings
50 A great column of water is sucked into the heavens causing great sea monsters to flee
51 As sea level rises and black storm clouds pour from above, a god from heavens opens the jade plug in the bottom of the ocean for a while, draining away excess waters

52 Titanic shark swallows a ship whole
53 Sky darkened by clouds of flying fish
54 Thousands of sea birds swarm and attack in several hours of chaos, after dead birds everywhere
55 Gigantic rocks fly from the sea launched by some underwater foe destroying buildings
56 Fleet of undead vikings land and march towards settlement
57 Undead pirate fleet land and march ashore to set up forward base for invasion
58 Coastal settlement abandoned with meals on tables and money left on counters in streets
59 Huge section of coast falls into sea leaving unstable cliff
60 Earth shakes and a land bridge rises from the sea leading who knows where
61 Strange island thick with vegetation moving in distance
62 Huge floating raft with a whole village on it with fleet of war canoes appears near coast
63 Giant wooden arc lands and a down the gangplank march long extinct monsters from the dawn age including dinosaurs, pleistocene mammals, and various hybrid horrors used by gods in long forgotten wars
64 An advanced human army with latest gunpowder weapons prepares to fight army of fish folk but theirs gunpowder has been ruined by magic, the fish folk destroy them easily
65 Giant shark folk from the sea marching onto the land
66 Hundreds of coastal druids meeting to summon a marine army to invade the land
67 Huge dust devils of sand forming and sand folk forming on the beach amassing a fighting force
68 Huge rocks arise in sea making boat travel hazardous
69 A refugee camp of miserable people resting, panic breaks out as were sharks among them go berserk
70 Flash flood from river sweeps downstream causing chaos
71 Crops and orchards rotting in the ground, salt rising from ground forming crystalline deposits like snow in fields and building foundations

72 River water salinity increases, caking shores in salt and killing plants and most fish
73 River turns red with blood attracting hundreds of sharks upstream
74 Dead whales beached on shore attracting thousands of birds and crabs, millions of flies and fouling the air
75 A great tower of seaweed grows from the sea, a sea elf wizard uses it to direct her army of sea creatures to control the coastline
76 Swarms of flying fish fly over coastline scouting for the sea army
77 Flying army of squid, manta rays, sharks and others magically swimming through the air on way to aid battle
78 Giant hermit crab army arise from sea marching to wage war
79 Hundreds of cultists and fish and squid hybrid folk chanting with hundreds of captive sacrifices trying to summon a elder sea demon
80 Titan from the sea with trident strides forth with army of sea creatures
81 Strange eerie mournful songs heard all down the coastline of some unknown creature
82 Sea titans riding whales move down coast waving tridents at land lubbers
83 Thousands of chanting fish folk saluting their general giving a speech
84 Hundreds of squid folk and their human cultists shaving the tops of human prisoners heads ready for big brain eating feast
85 A giant kronosaur modified by marine iguana folk as a submarine like vehicle landing near shore meeting cultists in a boat to pass on human defense secrets
86 Giant horeseshoe crabs marching ashore attacking settlements
87 Mermaids milking matinees by the seashore, feeding it to baby orphan whales
88 Fish priests speaking to crowd of human refugees telling them the benefits of serving the fish folk empire and serving them fish and seaweed
89 Fish priests baptising humans refugees into the fish folk religion
90 Sea elves and forest elves meeting on shore, their royal leaders are divinities
91 Whales battling a great kraken clinging to rocks as whales tear it apart
92 Witch hunters and soldiers rounding up hundreds of fish cultists and searching them for signs of fish folk hybrids they can then burn at the steak

93 Alchemists with waggon loads of chemicals dumping them in water killing everything living as rainbow hued slick spreads
94 Hundreds of humans with nets, clubs and boats slaughtering small whales and dolphins they have trapped in bay, waters red with blood
95 Grubby laughing humans with mermaid prisoners in cages taking them to sell to circuses and menageries 

96 A great meeting of sea demon cultists listening to sermon, demon priest congratulates them on plan to make land and sea war to bring about a demonic apocalypse
97 Huge exotic fleet of enormous warships of foreign land arriving to help local humans seek audience with local king. bring gifts of black lotus resin, opium and maps of undersea kingdoms
98 Sea elf ships wrecked and survivors crawl on shore only to be attacked by human fishermen who argue if the elves should be burned or hung
99 Glass castle on island appears in distance with sea elves exiting and launching boats to land troops on sea shore
100 Sea dragon and land dragons in human forms in royal clothes meeting to negotiate with spirit folk minion soldier guards, mortals are not to hear secret dealings of dragons mostly but they might hold humans and have a use for them as messengers


  1. Under the Sea, under the sea~
    Down here its wetter,from the blood letters, take it from me~

    How about some references to some more obscure water creatures or maybe a write-ups for some legendary sea beasts.

    For every Ahabs, there must be a Moby.

    This is just a suggestion though, I love this list either way. And I finally understand where the octopi in the blog's name comes from.

    1. Cheers
      stating stuff not in scope of series
      i adlib most monsters or reskin them, seldom use monster books
      are some whales in there...


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