Friday, 24 May 2019

Free one sheet dungeon pdf

Handy for when you have a wizard to hunt or visit...
Link to print and fold zine below (this image just front)

Wizards Cave


  1. heck to the friggin yes, brother

  2. Is there like a procedure/alogrithm/process you follow for your random generations/generations of random tables? I ask because between these d12 encounter lists and your general d100 lists it feels like you come up with every outcome there is to come up with on the given subject/>?

    General tips on how you do things would also be appreciated

    1. I use tables to paint a picture of something. I use to reskin dungeons when revisited. Mostly do sandboxes with lots of improvising using ideas from tables. No fancy theories behind tables.

  3. I'm kinda drunk so please ignore if I sent that comment twice

  4. toooo linear. not even ONE loop? for shame.

  5. Printed and pocketmoded. Thanks Chris!

    Hey I'd like to talk to you about publishing one or more of your d100 lists. Would you drop me an email at (my first name) @ (my last name) dot com? (Or the gmail address is it shows up for you.) Thanks!


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