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d100 Dodgy Ship Passages

You get on a boat. Stuff goes wrong. Classic stuff.
If you don't get good travel trips or take the cheapst ride

d100 Dodgy Ship Passages
01 You are all to be sold to islanders for slaves in return for pearls and gold 
02 You have been shanghaied into crew of a pirate ship
03 You are have been forcibly taken to a colony and abandoned as labour
04 You are sold on a distant continent as slave labour
05 Your crew are cultists and take you to a secret island to sacrifice
06 Crew try to rob passengers then dump them in the sea
07 Crew take passengers to dungeon complex on island and force them to find something
08 Crew mutiny and defect to another nation
09 Crew mutiny and plan to settle on a island and need people
10 Crew are maniacs who sell you to cannibals for gold
11 The ship is wrecked by false signals of wreckers who try to murder and rob survivors
12 The ship is chased by pirates
13 The ship is fired at by pirates
14 The ship has pirates attempt to board 
15 The ship is taken by pirates who strand anyone who wont join
16 The ship is damaged by pirates and limps to port late with everyone starving
17 The ship is sunk by enemy shipping and you escape in a lifeboat
18 The ship is intercepted by military searching hold for fugitives or contraband
19 Pirates try to board one night by surprise
20 Privateer ship of uncertain oragin follows
21 The ship is a plague ship and crew begin to die once at sea
22 The ship is a ghost ship and takes them to distant island dungeon 
23 The ship is a faerie ship and takes party to undersea faerie land 
24 The ship is damned and takes them to the underwater underworld of King Kraken
25 The ship crashes on a rocky outcrop belonging to a sea hag
26 The ship spirit has a mind of it's own and heads for adventure on the high seas!
27 The ship is on a quest and seeks the right crew for a distant journey
28 The ship is damned and is sucked down to the sea of the underworld
29 The ship is sucked up in a whirlpool into a great underland sea beneath the earth
30 The ship is swallowed by a behemoth and becomes interlocked with past meals
31 The ship stops on a Island in fact the tip of a demon whale 
32 The ship is possessed by a demon and directs the ship to the burning south beyond known seas
33 The ship is possessed by a winter spirit and directs the ship to the frozen north beyond known seas
34 The ship is cursed and runs ashore in a distant kingdom
35 Ship is driven by weather into island of prehistoric monsters and cannibal tribes
36 Monsters in ships hold escape
37 Crew member has some kind of lycanthropy
38 Cultist on board summons some unholy entity to kill the crew
39 Wanted fugitives fleeing law onboard attract attention 
40 Madman incites mutiny to start a colony but mostly wants power and murder
41 Ship stops on island of indolent hedonist drug addicts crew want to stay
42 Ship finds faerie paradise island and crew become addicted to faerie food 
43 Ship finds shipwreck and fight a giant octopus looking for treasure
44 Someone on the ship offends the gods angering them
45 Attacked by cannibal chaos cult canoes
46 Giant sea hurtle with crew of marine iguana lizard men pirates
47 Mermaids seduce several crew into jumping overboard
48 Sea Wolves attacked by night taking several crew 
49 Roc picked up ship and took it to island mountain top nest
50 Kaiju attacks ship to take to lair
 Ship crew drawn by siren drive ship into rocks with few survivors
52 Sea serpent attacks ship
53 Dragon turtle attacks ship for food and treasure
54 Fish men attack the ship seeking captives for breeding or sacrifice
55 Octopus faerie tako climb aboard looking for grog and love and parties 
56 A minor sea god tries to wreck the ship but a good crew can save it
57 A sea ghost haunts the ship and it must be appeased
58 A famous pirate demands a fee for a safe passage
59 A naval vessel approaches with no flags visible d6 1-3=allied 4-6=enemy
60 Find floating wreckage with survivor of a marine disaster
61 Rescue a jolly boat of starving seamen, one has a treasur
e story 
62 Witness a burning ship with pirate victims
63 Find unconscious person floating in the sea with an amazing story
64 Rescue a island castaway with an amazing story
65 Saw a strange island mad of flsh
66 Saw mist shrouded haunted islands with treasure hulks run aground
67 Saw distant sea or storm giant
68 Saw distant giant fighting a leviathan sea monster
69 Saw iceberg steered by pre hyperborean wizards that project great lights by night
70 Saw sea elf city on back of gargantuan hermit crab
71 Saw a great sea spirit or elemental crossing the sea

72 Sail into the dreamlands on night
73 Sail into the nightmare realm
74 See distant ship being attacked by pirates
75 Rescue sinking ship crew 
76 See floating ghost ship following behind
77 See a demon ship sail by 
78 See several twisters during a severe storm
79 A huge ogre war canoe with drumming hungry ogres
80 Encounter a lost primitive outrigger with starved native
81 Conscripted into naval battle
82 Seahag demands sacrifices
83 Sea elves riding dolphins seen in distance
84 Earthquake temporarily raises prediluvian ruined monument of the squid demon
85 Found ref with basalt columns and structures
86 See sunken ruined buildings on the sea floor
87 Saw undersea people riding seahorse mounts
88 Crew abandon ship thy think is cursed (someone kills an albatross)
89 Giant octopus or squid grasps at ship
90 Sea giant waste deep in water attacks
91 Attacked by demon worshiping stingray men
92 Water wizard with elemental attacks ship

93 Underwater ornate metal boat operated by wizards of secret prediluvian civilization
94 Seashell citadel on island with sea elves inside
95 Whale with horn rams the ship hungry for flsh

96 Kelpies, selkies, nyphs or sirnes  lured crew overboard to eat
97 Giant sandcastle of crabmen with guardian pets guarding a treasure
98 Saw a glass faerie citadel on a phantom island
99 Island found with ancient megalithic circle used for opening gateways in elder times
100 Island has long forgotten stone barrows

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