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The Creature That Ate My Village

So reader Michael Lee asked in a comment (bloggers love them apparently)
This sounds cool Chris! You mentioned a basic template that allows you to generate critters and scenarios involving them. Is this generic chart/generator going to be included in the books? Thank you as always for the great works sir!

Was not quite what I thought but wow!
See what feedback does, it gives me help making more cool shit.

Have a test version of book on Lulu for moment it might change - tried to make cost but after changing one character on front made me not set min price on item. Possibly don't buy yet unless you want to be a collector.

I know some ppl struggle with my unprofessionalism and sloppy mess "products" and I welcome free editing. Ive had 3 proofers so far on this and welcome more. Just email me a PDF with your mark ups and how you want to be credited for your free but appreciated work. I prefer UK English and am making my stuff metric too. Now you can save me from dyslexia you know you want to. My stuff is mostly free but I do it for me not obligation to anyone else and am better at quantity over quantity.

I can do maps or graphics or something in return possibly or a d100 something you can have some rights to use. I have worked in comics and magazines for years and I enjoyed having 12 sub editors and a hundred volunteers go through my stuff so yes that made me a better professional writer for over 5 years years.

Print and PDF Stuff
LuLu paperback (dont buy it but if you do send me a photo) above artwork
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Stuff you can complain about or praise as i do it
Monster Book In Progress
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One of older versions of my stuff
and another one more like first version
i wrote in one of my non mobile year from memory of BX while playing Temple of elemental evil which gave me my taste of 3rd ed which ive never played.

I came here for monsters Dammit!

So I have long held truths about monsters reflected here

1 Monsters are the bitter venom of the gods
2 Monsters are divine beings sometimes their is a price for killing and robbing them
3 Monsters often guard not just treasure but great secrets or benefits
4 Monsters guard the best things kept from man by the gods
5 Monsters might be part of structure of the world and contain left over energy of creation
6 Some monsters are not for mortals to kill and harming them is hubris to divine
7 Some monsters just cannot be killed now come back later
8 Monsters are not always evil or malicious and might even have a use like keeping worse things away
9 Monster might have destiny and breaking it's fate might damage creation or require fixing
10 Consequences of monster killing drive more adventures than the killing of them

Then there is mating with monsters but that's for another day

Well in my current setting Exilon anyway.
I could do other versions for Psychon, Xor and Shadelport.
If format works will do a series on it.

Killing some monsters is a bad idea but at least a mini campaign could come of this.
If character owns some land or a home near effected are will take more personally responsible for later actions. Perhaps a friend or ally or follower might accidently cause the problem. Tragedy often spawns a monster or results from their death. Greek myths and Arthurian curses and gilgamesh are good references.

Flesh of the Beast
1HD per total Levels of Party a good start
Starting AC +1 per party member including followers +1 per 2 over 10
Move Max of 12 minus one per party member including followers min of 3
1in6 can go beserk also but otherwise moral at least 10
Some monsters might not be evil, they might be too dumb or even lawful

d6 Attack Forms

Dice pool closest dice to number of total HD. 8HD = d8 100HD=d100
Feel free to use lots of d6 or d4s or a +number for higher minimum damage

1 single attack equal to total dice pool
8HD = d8 100HD=d100
single ram or bite
2-4 three attacks one attack does half pool, other two divide rest
8HD = d4/d2/d2 100HD=10d4+10/2x d20+5
bite plus two claws or wing buffets or stomps
5 one does half dice pool with rest in as many d6 as possible min of d6
8HD = d4 & 4x1HP 100HD=8d6+4 and 8xd6
bite plus tentacles or creature heads heads or crab claws or spines
6 five attacks each 20% of dice pool min of d3 each
8HD = 5xd3 100HD=d100 5x 5d4
tentacles or multiple heads or crab claws or spines or stomps

Locomotion, possibly transforms to use d3 or choose

1in6 can fly at 12 +1 party member including followers
1in6 can burrow at ground Mov
1in6 can swim at ground speed
1in20 can teleport twice a day (perhaps to lair or healing spring)

Defence take first d6 abilities or choose

1in6 can regenerate roll 1HP/Round roll extra d6 for extra point on 6 and another roll repeat
1in6 can needs +1 to hit roll extra d6 for extra point on 6 and another roll repeat
1in6 immune to d4 1=fire 2=lightning 3=cold 4=poison
1in6 every hit on creature sprays d4 acid unless with blunt unarmed attacks
1in6 every metal weapon hit causes d3 damage to user
1in6 can detect invisible
1in6 anyone who killed by monster save or arises as zombie or skeleton servitor
1in10 can turn into a hill or lake or cloud or natural feature
1in10 damages non magic weapons on contact d4 1=rots or warps wood 2=rusts metal 3=weapons stick in hide if fail STR roll 4=weapon inflicts d4 on holder from heat
1in10 immune to all magic and spells
1in10 any struck by blood in melee save vs charm to love the monster,  it might claw itslef or spit bloos as an attack form
1in10 every injury drawing blood spawns a 1HD creature or warrior ready to defend it's parent 

1in10 vulnerable to be harmed by 1=one base metal 2=one type wood or herb 3=holy or blesses weapons 4=one element not already to resist to, double damage +4 to hit
1in20 resist weapon damage d4 1=edged halved 2=blunt halved 3=missiles ignored 4=unarmed ignored

Offence take first d6 abilities or choose
1in4 Breath Weapon 1 range coneand d6 per HD breath once per turn max 3 times a day damage=1/2HD save for half d6 1=fire 2=lightning arcs 3=cold ray 4=acid spray 5=poison gas 6=steam
1in6 has fold out teeth, toungue or tendril in main mouth can grapple range = HD
1in6 biggest attack or multiple smaller attacks are poison d4 1=d3 per HD if fail save 2=paralasys if fail save 2d4 rounds 3=sleep for an hour 4=lesser mutation if fail save
3=Lesser HD beings under 4HD make morale check every round in HD range
1in6 swallow victim on roll of 20, 1 extra chance per 10HD
1in6 surrounded by huge insect swarm, bugs live in monster
1in6 radiates d6 damage within 1 range of skin d6 1=fire 2=lightning 3=cold 4=acid sweat 5=poison gas 6=steam
1in10 can fire a d6 arrow like barb per round per HD range as long bow
1in10 anyone near it in combat saves vs plague
1in10 anyone striking it save or cursed as spell
1in10 can control weather once a day for an hour
1in10 if killed haunts as a ghost or spectre or invisible stalker
1in20 can call an eclipse for one turn terrifying locals and animals into thinking the world ending
1in20 can once a day call a fireball from heaven with a d6 damage per HD
1in20 intelligent 1in6 of those a spell caster of 1 level per 3HD can split into several classes if needed, needs no symbols or components but sound

d12 Body Parts take d6 creatures or one for heads, arms, legs and tail body 
Heads: roll once for one to three heads or once for main head and again for all lesser heads
roll for attacking arm type limbs and locomotive and tails separate
1 Fish d4 1=shark 2=eel 3=cod 4=pike 5=whale 6=deep sea angler with lure

2 Bird d8 1=owl 2=vulture 3=falcon 4=eagle 5=peacock 6= parrot 7=chicken 8=goose
3 Reptilian 1=Dinosaur 2=lizard 3=snake 4=turtle
4 Humanoid 1=human 2=humanoid 3=demuhuman 4=formarian or mutant
5 Omnivorous mammals 1=rat 2=pig 3=bear 4=bat
6 Hunting mammal 1=lion 2=wolf 3=tiger 4=weasel
7 Herd mammal d6 1=ox 2=pig 3=deer 4=goat 5=elephant 6=rhino
8 Slimey d6 1=green algal 2=transparent 3=blood clot 4=yellow puss 5=plant or fungal 6=shoggoth
9 Cephalopod 1=squid 2=amonite 3=octopus 4=nautilus 5=cuttlefush 6=kraken
10 Arthropod 1=crab 2=insect 3=spider 4=scorpion

11 Amphibian 1=axalotl 2=toad 3=crested newt 4=salamander
12 Mythical creature like d4 1=dragon 2=unicorn 3=demon 4=salamander or elemental

Story of the Beast
d12 Why Does The Village Have a monster problem 
1 Someone killed the monsters mate or children out of greed or cruelty
2 Wilderness fouled d4 1=water ruined 2= trees murdered 3=overgrazing 4=hunting  
3 Sinners offended a god and ignored warnings
4 Someone committed a great sin and offended all the gods
5 Something sacred was robbed, killed or destroyed
6 Terrible leader has attracted monster with malign influence
7 Someone offended a powerful magician
8 A hidden non human race was wronged by someone or communities 
9 Someone had something bad happen here and cursed everyone
10 A vile cult with dark practices unleashed the monster

11 Some idiot found a baby monster then dumped it when it got too hard
12 Someone had baby with a monster and now it is unhappy

d12 Locals Response
1 Offer reward and send heroes to deaths
2 Ignorant about monsters cause and keep angering it
3 Sacrifice victims to it to placate it
4 Sacrifice treasure to it to placate it
5 Sacrifice food to it to placate it
6 Appeal to nobles or king to fix
7 Prey to gods for forgiveness, try to find out why
8 Summon expert sages and prophets to find why monster here
9 Try to make a trap for the monster with bait
10 Offer terrible villain job of eradicating it in return for servitude
11 Put up with monster until gods give them a sign of penance

12  Sent a dream of prophecy to end the monsters wrath (possibly include adventurers or a task for them)

d12 What is the monsters curse that must be overcome?
1 The monster returns from dead if a great curse not removed or a wish spent
2 If monster killed, one of its creature kin things seeks revenge
3 If monster killed, it's patron god furious and wants revenge
4 If monster killed, gods furious and send a greater beast to punish the land
5 Killing the monster spawns a new species from the corpse who scuttle away and hide
6 Monster corpse sours the land and mutants born in area forever after
7 Killing the monster spawns a great disaster like a earth quake, flood or magical explosion
8 Killing the monster poisons the land bringing years of famine and sour land
9 When monster killed ground drops into crack, is swallowed up forming a canyon or lake or mountain on the surface and a titanic cavern beneath the earth
10 When monster killed area grows rampant with d4 1=vegetation 2=fungus 3=crystals 4=glacier

11 Monster when killed sinks into the earth and becomes a dungeon full of monsters
12 Monster melts turning region into a chaotic swamp that spawns horrible creatures and attracts evil cults and wizards

d12 What Secrets does the monster keep hidden from humanity
1  Books of long forgotten magic d4 1=lost spells 2=map of great relic 3=instructions for a artifact 4=secret of god or royalty
2 Books of forbidden lore d4 1=true name of planar being 2=necromancer book 3=elementalist book 4=evil cult book
3 Lost holy text d4 1=life of saint 2=lost holy text 3=true name of divine servant 4=location to reach mythic world
4 Legendary Item 1=magic engine of destruction 2=egg of a apocalypse kaiju 3=relic of a saint 4=artifact from pre human age thought lost forever
5 A great vent deep into the earth leading to a long hidden kingdom
6 A gate to another world or plane, without a guard only a few seals keep closed 1=world over run by demons 2=giantland 3=underworld 4=hell 5=faerieland 6=goblinworld
7 A great nest of eggs or cocoons or frozen warriors for some future event
8 Monsters organs can grant miraculous powers and strange a mutagen taint
9 A cursed relic awaiting a mortal to release 1=plague of critters 2=vile disease 3=vapours that turn locals evil 4=creates or summons monster
10 A great egg or sleeping being even more menacing than the monster awaits the apocalypse

11 Release a horde of monsters long banished from this world d6 1=giants 2=mutant dinosaurs 3=demons 4=faerie 5=formations 6=trolls 7=snakemen 8=undead 
12 Awaken souls of spirit folk who reanimate trees, rocks, water bodies

d12 Monsters Lair
1 Volcanic vent
2 Stinking sulpher cave
3 Well, lake, island or body of water
4 Crater of something that fell from the sky
5 Sinkhole connected to the ancient depths
6 Ruined castle of fortress or town
7 Ruined temple or tomb or graveyard
8 Ruined quarry or mine or non human underground ruins
9 Partially flooded cave behind waterfall
10 Frozen ice cave
11 Ancient cave filled with prehistoric art 
12 Crystal cave

d12 Monster Lair is also

1 Ferry stop on river to the underworld
2 Magic fountain
3 Location of famous horde of treasure

4 Sealed tomb of some great hero or villain
5 Entrance to the great underland cave trade routes or waterway
6 Home of a grateful spirit imprisoned and abused by the monster
7 A graveyard of ancient possibly cursed dead
8 Prison of of some trouble maker from long ago of great power
9 Node of elemental power populated by elemental's d4 1=fire 2=earth 3=air 4=water
10 Holds a magic mirror or artwork is a gate to another world or time
11 Grave of some great being from mythology perhaps who might arise again

12 Volcanic vent that leads to hell

d12 Inside the Monster
1 Sleeping mythical heroes from long ago
2 Community of survivors inside body
3 Horrible parasites live inside corpse like giant leeches or maggots
4 Vermin live on skin like giant rats, fleas or mites
5 Horrible shoggoths burst from huge boils and tumors
6 Swarm of insects and vermin darken the sky
7 Horrible odour and vile smoke, all in hex save or lose a CON point
8 Horde of treasure in stomach
9 Glowing magic organ that granted power fit for god
10 Everyone eaten by monster is whole and returned and naked

11 Intact waggon, chariot, small bridge, well, cottage or other object somehow intact
12 Broken fragment of weapon from aeons ago that could be repaired 

d12 The Monsters Nemesis

1 Antipathy and anger to one kind or d4 1=animal 2=colour 3=a holy symbol 4=flag
2 Fear d4 1=other monster 2=deity 3=small animal 4=wizards
3 Spell vulnerability 1=Invisibility 2=Illusions 3=Ventriloquism 4=Fear
4 Dislikes sunlight
5 Requires waggon loads of food stripping area bare
6 Monster has a baby or egg it cares for 
7 Monster paranoid about thieves and spies
8 Monster knows how dangerous humans are and is wary of them
9 Monster vulnerable to holy water or unholy water, halves AC
10 Monster hates particular herb and wont bite it or eat it 
11 Monster has a weakness for a treat found only among rich and civilized
12 Monster eats treasure of one type it needs and will raid for d4 1=pearls 2=gold 3=silver 4=semiprecious stones 5=precious stones 6=weapon and armour grade steel and iron

Sample Beast
OK here goes
Party of 6 3rd Lv adventurers + 4 1st Level henchmen = 22 HD total

The thing from the sea
Plesiosaur Head, sea blue
Goblin arms with ugly fingernails, green grey
Snake for legs/lower body
Octopus body all squishy changes colour and shape
Leonine tail and butt

22 HD
Mov 3 ground or swim

Attack bite d10+1 Clawx2 d6 or Lamprey tongue 2d4 bite then sucks a d4 blood per round


Regenerate 2HP/Round
Every hit on creature sprays d4 acid unless with blunt unarmed attacks
Immune to spells and magic

Anyone near it in combat saves vs plague once a day
Lamprey 22 range it drains villagers in sleep through chimneys

Local Links

Terrible leader has attracted monster with malign influence
Monsters organs can grant miraculous powers and strange a mutagen taint
When monster killed ground drops into crack, is swallowed up forming a canyon or lake or mountain on the surface and a titanic cavern beneath the earth
Lair has a grateful spirit imprisoned and abused by the monster
Ruined castle lair
Intact ship somehow intact inside monster
Sacrifice victims it to placate it
Hates daylight prefers deep sea or caves or night or it's ruined castle lair

Orkara is a titanic 22 meter long beast that once menaced the sea lifting whole fishing boats and swallowing like a snake which gives its torso a boat shape. One third of it's body is neck while the tail is only a meter long and hangs flat on flanks mostly and does not count on length. At night it  sends a lamprey tendril into peoples homes and kills several unless it get sacrifices. It is not very bright and thinks it is a god who deserves worship. It approves of the cairn of stones with a sacrificial post with chains on it neat it's castle home.

Characters might get asked to solve mystery and locals wont talk. The cult elders will draw the creature to a strangers inn room by throwing the chicken down the chimney. At first players may not think the lamprey tongue thing locals fear belongs to a brontosauraus size beast hiding in the trees or some water.

The lair is a ruined castle it occupied when the current lord killed dozens of peasants for not paying tax and tortured their families until the tax was paid. The fortress is scarred and pitted by acid and dead adventurers. Heroic captain of the castle is a phantom who cannot rest until the creature is dead. He may manifest and help or advise others. He will warn that if the monster is killed before the bad nobleman the kingdom will be sundered by the monsters death. Villagers have been burning monster dung as fuel that has rainbow coloured flames and sparks but burns for a week. Those in house for a week save or get a petty biological mutation. A monster poop sells for 15gp and one can make 6 torches that burn for 24 hours worth 6gp each. Monsters stomach can be removed and kept alive to still makes poop daily if fed a human or medeum size animal daily. Alchemists are interested in the body and mutant cultists seek to brew it's flesh into fermented meat based mutagenic potions.

Orkara was living beneath the sea for an aeon but offended the western ocean octopus emperor and kidnapped his daughter. As punishment he was made more hideous and banished to human lands by the octopus gods. As a favour to some human gods who wanted to punish the wicked ruler Orkara was loaned out like a mere vassal. While he is on loan the gods don't want to owe the sea gods and will punish the land if he is killed at the wrong time (before the noble). His job is to help people rise up to fight evil nobility and the monster. It could result in a new order, a religious state or give adventurers the chance to take over a region.

The wicked leader acts with kings approval and they are kin. He is a traitor supporting robber knights and bandits and has a secret police force replacing the criminal guilds.  A few rebels believe the beast and the noble are related. Priests who speak against the lord have their gods banished or get accused of being heretical. Evidence in nobles fortress would ruin him. Some omens will warn adventurers not to kill the monster or let anyone kill it. Various gods will warn locals. Perhaps evil minions of the lord or a army might attack the beast and need stopping. Greedy adventurers might crave the beasts treasure too.

I would hide the beasts true form for as long as possible and have them freak out. Perhaps they can return in a few more levels time when the omens are better.

So as a test of monster generator with story generating potential Im happy. Seriously half the game monsters could be like this. Id be happy with this and dungeon crawls with city shenanigans in between. Orkara might last 3-4 levels of adventure.


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