Wednesday 14 November 2018

Cosmology and history for my setting

Some possibly tru setting stuff for my world...

Una the great dragon the old one existed before space and time in the darkness exploded into emanations which unfolded into the universe of darkness, then came the titans of light and void then matter. Then came the elemental titans, then came the moral principle (alignment) titans who slew the elder generation in turn and used their blood and flesh and bones to make the world where the proletariat and vassal gods would toil.

Angels, archons, devas, demons, devils and elementals build great worlds of their own from left overs. But newest gods of beast, plants, monsters and giants and trolls and goblinoids, gods in turn made mortals and beast and more petty gods and spirits and changelings and demihumans to serve them. There were many wars between the too many peoples. These gods drove the titans away or imprisoned or killed them.

Humans were made to replace all the older races and to dominate bringing the end of the dawn time. They were a big surprise and changed the world. For some time great wars raged as men drove off the older races and defeated the great orc armies of the wizard lords. Then a plot of the traitor gods ushered an age of darkness where beast men tribes and their thrall species unified as the monster empire. Eventually human barbarians with aid of demi humans and spirit folk rose up against the empire and the good gods prevailed. The dark empire finished the races tried to re populate the world but humans prospered the most by breeding faster than demihumans and being more advanced than orcs. Orcs were said to be the last race and were made to wage wars. 

Before metal was even common there were wizards in crude stone towers (later buried under glaciers and mountain caves). Some developed necromancy from the black lore of the old dark empire

The elder age or eldritch aeon was post the monster empire. It was the age where the first cities began in the rivers of the great wastes. Thee age ended when wizards brought back the missing oceans flooding thee civilized lands and driving everyone to new regions on the edges of the world.

Three great empires have spanned much of the world since then who speak the common tongue most recently. The first was a bronze kingdom who unified refugees from the old civilizations. It fell when barbarians all turned on them again after generations of depravity and debt. The second empire of Iron fought multiple wars in many lands. It fell when the capitol was destroyed by a volcano. The new empire of steel spread knighthood across the world crusading against chaos and outsiders. It has been in a civil war with seven factions for 30 years now.

Orc Trivium

First orcs genderless but people assumed they were male
Made from dead elves then living elves
Old orcs all male intended to taint and exterminate other races with taint of orc blood
Made from dead humans then living humans then from alchemical mud by wizards
At the end of monster empire significant female orc numbers appeared
-some wished into existence by orc heroes
New orcs bred by natural reproduction not magic and had males and females
They were no longer irredeemably evil and hostile
More likely to be shamans or druids than priests or wizards

Current Orc Earth Goddess was created late from a minor earth goddess to help the later
Other gods gifted Orc Earth Goddess with powers and old magic secrets
Pure born new orcs fight their older kin who were transformed or created
They serve their earth goddess ho gave them orc women and freedom from evil wizards

One old Orc god killed his sister and mother that he gave birth too
Orc just get mad if you mention incongruities - heresy to say it

Many oldest Immortal orcs made from elves became demigods

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