Friday, 1 November 2013

Psychadelic Planetary Romance

Cinnimon Moontree is  my female name I will write my gonzo romance novels under. I might put a short story I wrote ages ago here too as pointless sitting in a folder unread - my token cyberpunk vampire graffiti story

Revised my psychon hex form and will produce some zines of 15 hex designs with encounters, culture and outre terrain. Plus some notes in my new 2 page hex description format. Might do several volumes and a competition one as some people have been using my culture gen stuff allot.
My Sydcon Module will be out early December when artist back from overseas.

Upcomming Psychon Stuff
Space Gods and aliens
Elder Gods and pre human horror
Mutant characters class
Robots and synthetic characters class
Spaceman characters class?
Organisations and other creeds of psychon...

Psychon New Hex Form 

Now with more space for everything and more encounter so i can do ones for more terrain types and locations. I could do Citadel, Coastal, Marine, Alien Ruins, Citadel, Mountains for example. Print double sided plus one single sided to make a book to doodle hexes in spare time. Better hexes scream some injustice or problem to fix with a few diversions and good for a few sessions of play.

Best hex designed by reader (you!) using free version of planet psychon hex generators as a basis will win a 36page colour version of A5 zine (booklet) of Psychon hexes, some crashcorporation zines, stickers and badges and a adorable free standing octopus cardboard figure. email to konsumterra at - use as a layer and add text on top or just type out fields with minimal formatting as a RTF text file - keep your art simple so i can recreate all in same style. A readable hand done entry with simple colour filled hexes scanned fine and i will re-create on photoshop. File to create these is 13 meg - i could email you a photoshop PSD if that would be easy for you too - send an email with "psychon psd request" in title.

Select entries are to be used for a not for profit and with attribution publication. Creator retains content ownership and may use as they please elsewhere. I will put up for public access as a downloadable pdf zine. Feel free to ask questions in comments.

Space to credit self on above line far right top edge, name of the hex top left

Free PDF

Examples from old sheet

An example of using new hex sheet
This hex had some horrible war long ago which created the desert and the crystalline forest. The crystalline forest was halted by priests and shamen. Dogs worship mostly Colossus but some follow the shamen and some secretly contaminated by the liquid evil one from below. Dogs holy people are Cyan men who the dogs are wary but friendly towards. Ruins, mutant hunting and exploring crystal forests all worth while stuff. Just saw my typos but I will amend later.

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